BEHOLD THE FISHER OF MAN Woman throws the fishing net of love on !ns!

s"e#ting man Man li$es the attention even tho!gh the o##asion wasn%t "lanne& With the o#ean of feelings &is#ar&ing !nfavore& emotions in the san& E'#ite& man ret!rns the fish net of love to woman with trem(ling han& The favor ret!rne& to woman will she re#eive it with o"en arms She e'#e"ts the offer (!t with a g!ar&e& heart rea&) for an) alarm Enti#e& feeling the "assion mostl) () mans en&earing #harm Woman along with man feeling the emotion as love s"ins another )arn* A!thor+ Timoth) B* Tha)er ,-.//./,00

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