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3 Abdel Khalek Tharwat Street, El Hay El Motamayez, P.O. Box 23

6th October City, EGYPT.
Tel.: 202 3837 1000 / Fax : 202 3837 0006


15th Edition of the Orange CAF Champions League CL 2011 / 15ème Edition de l’Orange CAF Champions League CL 2011
Draw of the Group matches / Tirage des matches de groupe

Group A Group B

Club Letter Club Letter

Enyimba (Nigeria) A1 El Ahly (Egypt) B1
Hilal (Sudan) A2 WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania) B2
Raja (Morocco) A3 MC Alger (Algeria) B3

Coton Sport (Cameroon) A4 EST (Tunisia) B4

Group matches / Matches de groups

Group(e) A Group(e) B
1st Day/1ère journée - Date: 15,16,17 /07/ 2011
Enyimba (Nigeria) V Hilal (Sudan) El Ahly (Egypt) V WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania)
Raja (Morocco) V Coton Sport (Cameroon) MC Alger (Algeria) V EST (Tunisia)
2nd Day/2ème journée - Date: 29,30,31 /07/ 2011
Hilal (Sudan) V Raja (Morocco) WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania) V MC Alger (Algeria)
Coton Sport (Cameroon) V Enyimba (Nigeria) EST (Tunisia) V El Ahly (Egypt)
3rd Day/3ème journée – Date : 12,13,14 /08/ 2011
Enyimba (Nigeria) V Raja (Morocco) El Ahly (Egypt) V MC Alger (Algeria)
Hilal (Sudan) V Coton Sport (Cameroon) WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania) V EST (Tunisia)
4th Day/4ème journée - Date: 26,27,28 /08/ 2011
Raja (Morocco) V Enyimba (Nigeria) MC Alger (Algeria) V El Ahly (Egypt)
Coton Sport (Cameroon) V Hilal (Sudan) EST (Tunisia) V WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania)
5th Day/5ème journée - Date: 09, 10,11 /09/ 2011
Hilal (Sudan) V Enyimba (Nigeria) WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania) V El Ahly (Egypt)
Coton Sport (Cameroon) V Raja (Morocco) EST (Tunisia) V MC Alger (Algeria)
6th Day/6ème journée - Date: 16,17,18 /09/ 2011
Raja (Morocco) V Hilal (Sudan) MC Alger (Algeria) V WAC (Morocco) / Simba (Tanzania)
Enyimba (Nigeria) V Coton Sport (Cameroon) El Ahly (Egypt) V EST (Tunisia)
½ final (First Legs) (Matches Aller) Date: 30 /09 or 01,02/10/2011 ½ Finals (2nd Leg) (Matches retour) Date: 14,15,16 /10/2011
2nd B V 1st A 1st A V 2nd B
2nd A V 1st B 1st B V 2nd A
1st finals/1ère finale Date: 04,05,06 /11/2011 2nd finals/2ème finale Date: 11,12,13 /11/2011
st nd st nd st
Win. 1 A/2 B V Win. 1 B/2 A Win. 1 B/2nd A V Win. 1st A/2nd B
N.B.: The club mentioned first, plays at home. / L’équipe mentionnée en premier joue à domicile. Cairo, 15th May 2011