Crest, California


first Edition

January I~th, cOlO

a talented San Diego Artist


An exciting year has just begun and we have so many interesting things to do as well as new dreams. One of them just became reality. We created our first newsletter which we want to share with all of you. Marie's Painters started as a small group of artists with only the desire of continuing the teaching ideas and legacy of Marie Wordell. She taught us to be spontaneous, think outside the box. She challenged us with new techniques and themes. Experimenting was her first rule and of course, have fun while you make art. Thanks to her classes new friendships grew and new ways to see and make art came and still will come.

Lets this be the beginning of a great and creative year!

Nora J. Clemens


Jad1ie Grace: 619-~~c-IOIB

DESIGn: nora J. Clemens

PHOTOS: Georgina Clemens, nora Clemens and lillian Schuler

COARECTIOns: Sandy Garman, Georgina Clemens and Jad1ie Grace

mEmBERS: lillian Schuler, Georgina Clemens, Jad1ie Grace, Ed Bertin, Jane Swan, June Schilling, Sandy Garman, nora Clemens, Gale Vavra, Sherry Irorr Hey, Jan Triley, Edie Olmstead

such passion for art and creating that there was a new idea presented every week in her classes. Sometimes the idea was to do three levels of depth in a piece, or three different fields of focus. A lesson might

t!I!!!!!!!!!!II------. be to paint a subject in mono-

Ed Bllrtin Painting chromatic to test our ability

to see value. Another was to vary the surface with egg shells or coffee grounds. Sometimes we would use saw dust to create the texture we might add to a landscape. The ideas were never ending and we all appreciated the effort she put forth every week, year after year to keep us stimulated and our minds moving. We are now carrying on the dream of Marie to express artistically and individually as well as uniquely in our class.


By Jane Swan:

A group of artists congregate every other week in the Crest Community Center in Crest, Ca. They come for the opportunity to continue with the ideas provided by Marie Wordell.

Marie was a teacher passionate in her own expression of art. Marie wanted very much to assist every one of her students in finding their own expression in painting. Her specialty was in ideas and techniques. Though I know Marie herself did many styles in the years she painted, her favorite was abstract art. Her colors were bright and alive and expressive. She had a way of bringing out the best artist in everyone. She had


...................... Coming events······················

It's a showing of the work that was done at Georgina Clemens House. FEBRUARY 17 & 18: Batik workshop at Crest. Information with Jackie Grace 619-442-1018. Participants are limited.

A few tidbits about Crest Club House where we paint

teer labor over a period of 3 years.

Board members are the responsible parties that keep the center running. They do this by memberships and renting the

building out for special events. There are town hall meetings and many fund raising events held here. The different clubs in the area meet here also.

JANUARY 15th: Art show of Collage Paintigs of several artists at Del Cerro Gallery. Dr. Grosmark's 6498 Del Cerro Boulvevard. Reception will be from 5 :00 pm to 7 :00 pm.


By Jackie:

Crest is a small mountain community in the unincorporated area of EI Cajon, Ca. and this is where the Crest Community Center is. It is a new building that replaces the original one that perished in the 2003 fires. It has been rebuilt by all volun-


r\\"(\8. ~,y .

~v .. __ .... _J

I retired from teaching Art for

San Diego City schools I joined the art classes taught by Marie Wordell.

I thought it would be good for me to be with other people who like to make art. It was. I looked forward to my Wednesdays with Marie. She used

our interest and talents to inspired us to create, develop and present our art in so many different ways.

~~..,....,,___ Even though I had an art backgroung I was

encouraged to build on that, resulting in me showing my work, intering shows, sometimes winning awards and occasionally selling a painting. All of this I most likely wouldn't have pursued if not for 22 years with


When Marie was no longer teaching I didn't want to lose those weekly sessions with my art friends. I offered my studio for a working place, but Jackie Grace who was on the board of the Crest Community Center arranged for "Marie's Painters" to meet there on

the first and third Thursday of every month.

So I am still painting, keeping Marie's legacy and creative ideas alive. I'm still working with watercolor, acrylic, collage

and a favorite batik-on-paper. However now my focus has changed from always having to produce a product to spending my painting time experiencing the pure joy of the process of making

Georgina E. Clemens



Beautiful uiorh came after our first BatiN uorhshop at Crest Community Center

As followers of Marie Wordells creative ideas, our group felt we had to organize a Batik workshop. We held it on July 17 and 18th, 2009 in the community center at Crest California. Our friend and fellow artist Jackie Grace made it possible for us. We had a positive response from other artists as well as our group. The working days were Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. While we were working we took time to enjoy our lunch and chat with artist friends. The participants in the workshop were:

Bob Rhodes, Jan Triley, Jackie Grace, Jane Swan, Jennie Bottoms, Sandy Garman, Luanna Schwartz,

Lillian Shuler, June Schilling, Georgina Clemens, Joan Allisol, Gale Vavra and Nora Clemens.

Marie's Painters are organizing another Batik workshop for February 17 and 18th, 2010 at Crest. For more information, please contact Jackie Grace at the

Phone number 619-442-1018. Hurry up because the space is limited.


Lillian Schuler Art was at foothills Gallery

The exhibit of Lillian Schuler at Foothills Art Gallery included wood cut prints of western landscapes, acrylic paintings of forest landscapes and "Tall Ships" paintings, many of the Star of India. The show closed January 6th.

Thg artist lillian Schullllr

first Christmas potloch

, . ,

The December 17th, 2009 meeting at Crest featured our first Christmas Potlock party at Georgina Clemens house off the Crest road. Fabulous food led to good conversations after the painting session. We had such a great time, we want to do it again!

Directions to Crest Community Center: Fwy 8 East to Greenfield Dr., Right at Greenfield Drive and go to the 1st light. This is La Cresta Road, turn left (the only way to turn). You will go 3 miles up the road before you get to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill is a fork in the road. Please stay to the right, follow the yellow line on the road past the store that will be on your right. Continue on this road until you come to a street called Park Drive. It is the street that runs on the right side of a park (Nancy Jane Park) Turn right on this street. The community center is on the right side across from the park. There is a wrought iron fence in front of the building. The address is 113 No. Park Drive.


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