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Th@ as tronHi,'lme,ES a.Jr.'e W!:'"O:I'MJ., The' 5C len t,1,:s:ts, a:I:"e WE"'Ollg ..

Tiley a~e, 'hliB'lf'e ," nu t we CafnnQt see 'ithe~; be~a,'Us,e t'ib:e~y' ,hid,~""

T,h..::,y :h,id~ 'Ii' iii .1,p p,l ;a.tn, s iqbt ~

'We ar.e the,i,r se:rvall;~,its ; \lie are ,t hei r 5 tatves , :we a,re tbe,i r ~\n)pert:r. ,," ~ ii we a.re th.e:1 r5 ..

~1!:n. t irn.~ ~ th.~ Sta.r g'IE~.:i.mg 'wo1iJlld GQirn~ ,to t:r.u:s't ·th,e six '"' e"

'iii~, ~ n 9 Ei, ~:ma illl e~ "i ~nt ~! to c.re·,~ t.~ j_ mag'e:s ~' t irnJo' V 1. ~ i t.O,J; b~:gQ~ ,to

~- -m ~1 t- ·.~.L· C 11~ h" ~'h· ~~ - ~~~

'I;.oorn .. u~~",ca, -,e' W'J.'~ !,!Ii "",ii~'e YO'!1.nlg irn,e:n,~ a,.~ ~ ,~,ng_ 1,m ',,"",Ie '-'- ,,;.aE' ~..Ii.l!Uter.,.

'th,e 'JOIU it h s sat ~,t ,t:tu~:- k,llfu~e~ o,t' 't,he~ 1:lf;" f"r i erJld " e'xil'ml.n109 ,it 11 g,f'

't.Ch~ ~-v.t'al"~~~ .-~hD~ -1·.k ~~-~. ~~~~ n·A-~-g ~~~~,t~~- ~L~

I ,~ i~,~ I;" a ,"' ~ .... ,II![Iil~' ..lI.,.IrI_~D .. ~~al w,~~ ~1:LIi .~.II!.,~D.ll1. ~IHlJllo."G~~ t-""L'G'\;,r..JiLI .. l ~ b~l':!;ljl..:r. I ~~IG:. !b~QI

Jl 'il,(:1';'e dll ,ble hi 5; tor', '!D.l OQ.J!:' ,SQ1,~.~· 5'fS It.em a,n.d ,M1a:nlk i Did .i ,t S~I.l I' "',

,st~ I!" ,Eld~:~ J ~ ,me is: 5:s,ag'e wa S ~ i,:rntpl.@· ,,. st: ;'3i"l" Be',;i:n 9'5 h a. ve' been. here s·,t nee Ea,!' ,t h 'wa:s a. ba r:r.e iii; zee k " Tth,e'y ~e re h,e'rel '~he n ,M',a n ~as cEeated ~nd have been ~ere thro~ghout bis evolutlo~~ l~ :i,em Iii! ca se s th,e' 1.:l" .t.:nv,ol V~m~ m,t 'w',as bein.'e~o.ll e'lIi"II t." .i In S o:rn'e 'ca:!;H3 15, II! 1 t, w,i S tn,o,t ~ .M,~'n h.~ s bee'n g~ ,ji d;~d ~ .. ' ~ ,BIi.i:iI.d h,~' :ha:s, bee ill m.i 5, -l. ea, Tbe :St;,a,I' Deing's have belen o~,n: God~·,,, ~,~ an.a o'u,;[t' ;Oe'vils; ~

'Ihe'y' 'ha,'I.l'e. - ,al~ay's beeim :!H:~,r'e" ,a,nd t.be:, a,re sti _llJL h,ere':I1~w'~ Nhen pre~s~d to explain his presenc~ an Earth~ t~e ~Sta~

:11 de ,I,'- ~ ;~ 't 'Uin ~,16Nl th e s i. x ,~ Th e t"e '!ii1'I8J:$ ,a 'w,a r i in tJ~I~ s,:k. i. e s ,;aJ')Q'III1e: Ii'

h.i ~ fSl ~ i ~ h~.d be e n dO'~',nled by e r:H~.IIli'y fo,~,e'~,s ~

I', ,:;-,'m ..... <i'ri Ii Ji@IA'iMo'F"FII'.;O'l1JiiCrgb Y~'. ,:!Fii:obnlrilf- ,M,O'IIFTai ~ :00- ,~k w ~

~.p.!1 '!r ~ _ _ y . ~ ~~ ~ ~._ .~ _ A .ill- ~ ~ Ii - - - ~- ~ ~. ~ .~ .~ --- ~-A.. _

Ml 9zandfather ~a$ ane ~f the six young Indian rescuer~~ \-:"jJ:H~n I waiffl, yau,ng " m,Y' Ig·r·,~.;fil.d:f atih"e~ 'told me' th,e story a'bc,ut, hi,s Star vl$ltor~ He and bi~ fri~nds called him ~Star Elde~~~ a nA~e ,1v~n out of r@sp~ct~ But a~ tim@ pa$$ed, hi~ fi~~. was reve~led to the yo~ths~ He W~~ called~~~~Bek~Til~

This 1~ his ~tory~~~and ~ine.

In the lat~ $iKt1es, I was .nroll~d at a Uni~er$ity in a R~' JL i g' i01!J sSt ltd i e:s: p:!:,"CHJ,r'eJ,m,~ T'~wa.r c1 s the e ~,d 1;;):1 n'!1;r ,5 'to ud,ll e s , I Slutm'l;,i ttcd a paiP'e,r that 'br f.eti J :5j,'!..1lmlt'l,;:Ut" 1.zeo 't,he n .. lii,5, ee rl" of Man and Ea,r·t,h as tol d ~iy Bek ~I Ti ~, .. 1 t"i t It@ Q, t,b~ pa,pe r , ~I T,ERRA ,. a ~1dden Rl~tgry of Ple~@t Eartb~~ I W~$ ~Ure 1 haa p~~~~nted ,itl w\€!,]1 ,~e~ ~,~,;t ehe-d and we 11 doc U!11'e~n t,ed ~'~.r k .'

It was immediatel, labelled a work of outrageous, if not bl~,spnemo'us" dis'to'I"'t,ion, of ,hi:sito,r-lc'al rE:cord;s a.n .. d ",Oit ,of 'the cal, ibe r' >0 f a :s'e r1 0\1.;5 s:t;'ud.~f:!j,t, '0 f lit,el i-9'i'00,,~ Th-e TERRA P);P'ERS i!' ,tn.e: ~:ii'to~'r Q:f Be':k. I T\i", !'I.e,ar'!y 9',ot, :m'e th'I'iow:n O~ t ,olf .s c,truool ..

I no f .l"'a~ t~ ~I,'t, i QWl" I app'roa .. ~h@d a, U,FO '0,1' ga oi ';z a ti'!iliH and so~:e l~FOi I:f!iis'e,a,17'c':her',$, r'e1aJsoiIi'Jia.b1ll.y cO,1lJ,£'1de:nt 'that, t'he'y WQ!!iiJlld he mOiSt 1. mrit,e':!:'e :s:'te,d, .1 n 'my' s to(t:'·y' ~ TOI m~/, ,~'U~'P:f'i i5:fii ~ l' \'"i'a,s :l:"Ei,j ec;::tod of f,_., ha,nd, '!i I w,e, fiji, ~ d:vi s@d 'b,y one: :re,:!~we~~G,~re!r t.~,a t. ~IF:O' I' S we,re qu.1II, te: c 1 ea r.1'y ,a. p'~eli.~\m,eJl1Jja red:' a 'lte'cbnolo-gy 8J'nd, ,NOT t:be wOE',k s, .olf thel lD(y'th1~'~,1 be,ling's 0« 'pr:':ii:mii.-tiLv'E 'E?eoeple's' ~ (Cu,r"iofos,ly f :he i,s: nOw a ~e 11, .... E'eis,pected UFO ,a:u't:bo,r' ,a:liUitJl ha.s ,re,cent 1.1' :r.e~lea.se(], a boo,k,

'an, 'the er'l:N'a.-t"il,v'e ,b/e(r,i!c'aQ COliin~,ct,f,on, .. ,' .

FI@l" 't'h,1rt:y y.e~~,s " ! :h8'V\@' ~'vot .. ded. te!J..l :i1;n'g' the s tor,' '.. 'T,be

.:lin 1 t~.·"'l r;g,G'iJ;oI"!i,o;s,e; tiD. 'lnU' -f· '·f· ..... 'Il"':t'::"'" 'W;:;'i.., .Ai1" ... ' ........ i"~r· ... ;il'!II'1'""'n'.. '~i"~'t. 'I' 'k_~." ... ,'U.~e·-,

__ , __ '~J~l_" -~&IF~-'- _' _ ._J_.' , __ ,..". ~, , .~. [~~ -_ ~~ ~, ~""''Wly~ lllliiiiii;~j, I!Ijjli·;;I!I. ~'!Wl. .' "~Lg T

,~eele-~t ly beeln, peir s'Uaa,e.d, 't,o try aglSl.1:n ..

'i'he -:h i:Bt()~:r 0;£ Ma:n. atnd Ea r' tAil, prege~:t~d .by Be'k; '11~1 .1 s :bo.:th le_:;cci,tlng ilnd :f'~1gbfte~~;ng' '!!. T.,he~ [Cl\l'lea,tlo:~. o,f' Ma:n, ,and m is, DI,a~e :i.-II 't:he ghai,a,xy :I",s ,maid,s: cl,e,a::r' b~.'t In 't:he p;E\OiCe~s;s: :h1rs, nobil.i't.y fI' ,a Inl d, h.1s pr,:il;i3e ," w:l.ll be i!l'lj ur,;ei~J.;i T,ile abd'u;c'tl0'p 'phe:w~mtenp, and.

'It''".... "",,i- 'iii- -,.., AIi';iIl .... IFT n; .... -u '1:.. .... '1 ""r";i'·lh~ ... -""" "'\Oii~~'ea 11,,,,,,,.;'1 ,,",_ 1M.. 'a,~'~lii!i;, 'Il....,.,,,,",,,,,, l' 1IiiII'.,...:. ~,-['- ojj;, 1

.~:~~ ~'~~g~.~g.~~~~ i:II'4 ~j'. ,I$~.:. aJ~~~' ~UIIn~· _'IM~· ... ,;;.a..::;;~. ~'~ ~.L~l·~~ U";!'!ir·!tillj ,I ~~!liiiiiiir~l~ ~. 'J

par'its ,o.f Han ~ ,s ,histo'ry' 'truJ'it ,a,r,e~ ,ex:p,l.a.ined. ,9lgl',ai'A5't, the ,fr,ame ... work Q:f 't;,hle 'pU::rpOfNii: 5 IClf t'he ,S't,a:r B1!i:n9\5 fo:l'" ,Ma'aki:(:ldi"

'Th@ s au I"C:Ef;NS, '0 f ~';a.n Ii s r@ m is'! ens a,:r!lQ t.:h e Ol':'i gin,s: 0. f 1@9 @n'-' dary fl;ur~5 like Zeu~~ the Minota~r~ Osiris and Is1st and a nu:nd'.le:r '~f lo'the,r '. m:y'tbo,:i~g'ica,ll' be.i~v3'::S, ,~t"~ e:xp·lai'p,@!d ,a:n.(]l al:~Q pl~c~d into the framework af the His~ory of Pla~~t E~rth~

,An,d.; 510 'too, upcom,i.:ng· e'~',eNnt.;s can .be' :pE'edicrl:ed ~ !Not f:r>Oim .a,n', ps."ch!c ,a,~>:ll:i 't1ens, oir ch.a.n.f:JiiB·.l1:ngl',1f :b'Uli'1: from p,a,'t.'ter:n.5 0';[ ,/iiI.:n. on~9fQ'1m9' '~:,f:f(n~·t to dl:i.r~c't Plalnl~"t E·.2I .. t"'t'h"

,Ma fill 'W il..l ~ O(Ni: be, S,lJ,l)l" ra,y:n.dh!d wi th i..rn~ g'G:~, lo't a s ,t~:,f'o'i d 5, and, f a II i ~'g' f ji Ie r'ycom~ t ~ ,~ B 1 ae J~ pi 9's 'iN' i 11 :be :~ @~':iiI. e w,e.~ :ywlu~ re' aJ :~: wi 1 m. ,A'n;g'lel f iq~;r.e::s.~, Di.iiLc'5"G!l~r':s ~,i 11 bele~ome ,clail.d,re'll iIi;5, h'~llrlD~~ amd \l"1o,1.iiliD,ce W 1, 11 Ib'~ 'tJ~II8: :f',oiiJ:n d,a t i Oln, o,f 'the ,i ,[" pl ,a.:Y ~ Ne'w,~ i :~= oo:t'lle Idl i ~ea ~ e:~ " j m~:un@ tbo e)i;: i, ~,'t,l,:ftg t,!:',ea, 't,me:n t: 5 it 'w,i . .11 s ~ r f,il:,M:~@ .. tiI'ASA ~ 1.11 ~,~ ~~'n,de're:~. "'ire\ak a nd .iLm~olt,e'n,'t ~ .1 f' nQ,t tie'r'mi,'liIlladted, ,"

A 9,~:Jl a crt i ~ 'W'~ it ~,:f. c\cm~~'ue !pt r~g@"s o,ve t" '()'U! r lli1l,e,~,d s, ~ iii Earth~~~and Man~~~!s the pri~e~



~i~n ~


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,~~>:;;~~'''-.:': ... ;.~ ': "~'" -';~'~':'!iJ",'ii(~"~'~'\l!O!~~",!:; ;' ;'. ' ... : .: ,":',,: ,: "", ~i:'

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!~he e:x p,l OIS: i,on ~ock,ed th e NIO't;Jll i p:gi:n,e ~~, ~f the 'V'Oljl a ~

P1; .i mo~d,i.,a 1 'I' ,es s;'enc',e I ~~ s: th,1':'O'WWol vi Ql@n-t,ly OlU t,ward ~ L,i k!~

a :p,Jt''i:rm.~'Val '0 CE!'aJ,n." w',IlV'e ai'te,r 'wa,ve: c,raLs,h,e,d '!Clut ,in,to 't;'hle; bl.a.cd<. 'pI t of t.hei 'Va,i,d., Nc;rt:h i ~qn e 5,,5 behe:ld Cha'Q,5 " 'Cha,o'5 pou:red, ,ou t

inte Nothtn,n~99~ - -

_ ,!,5 the' :p'rj,.Qiif!1!J",a,l, w~t!~~'~ ;stl"ie~Jmed ou,t'iW'a~d:S!" ,~i ve~$ of ClJ!l~k '~e's':SieQ'Ce I' siwi,riea itID;g',ethe'r. ~ fornlling h;uli!J'e 'W'hl,r.lpool:5'1l A,s 'thle'

'wJ:rl:rl~ol s spun .i uW\D::r,ds: ,F 'this' ,I es s'enlce:' ,cc(l'UHd'e:nsed lIill'lbo c,bJluds 0':£ g,as.. Su~r..hela,ted :f'.r,eml t:he C',om,pres s.ion, f'olr,ces, :i[,Q the cor.e

"""f ,iiI.'Ii., .... ~!1'.'1, .. :_'i ;iI!!j;'n,....'...,' ...... ,ii5 ,.tlil1"i'-"':'iI!e'.-~ C-',b-- ;~-:'-1~1',t1-1,.c. ... ,11,~.,' .. Alii!O ~ ... nl"'"'i'I""iil ..... "'",

","", ILJJ,IG; D w,4,~ .II. ~ iOO!!'IFB~ J!i!.~' .I!.~ ~I!!''''', ~I~g '. ~;~@'I!'.aJ, . 'g, _ . -:_-.;o ~'Vg!li.l! ... 0Ii' ,nA.r-\ ,'Ij"j! ii;!I',lI!;""",~-~

,aft~:J; 'e~p~~'s,1'Cln f\o'rmed, eno.r.mo'!Ji3 ,b~ll ~ 0,1 f Jtr~!, 8Upe[EtlOV'~~; 0,1:' llr.illi,a::ni: ::r.ed and, df'!t!l1\arf' :Bta:r'~ 10lf bla,z:i:ng' :blue i!!l :tlkie, .isla;nd:s in thei w'a.tara 'of !i essence: I , the, s'ta.!:!;; f,o,rImed f'ro,m the ,Bwi'r,l& f;o th,e s;pinning' 'gala~i.'e fiij, ,i' Ti~IU! ,af't~~ t,l~e I' 'the 'p~~ce~,~, 'W~s :r-.e:peated:£,n, 'the 'Yoid, .. ,j; 'Ill ~i;m,e lIi.f"te:r t,fme", ,ill, 'g,a 1 a:xy' va B bo,r,~, ~

. En. t.lme'F OD'e lOf' 't'b,e:e;e 'g,al,Blx:l.es 'would COlDS 'bo be ,k;nDWI'iII. ,as

I' :D.lDUlUS Ii !O '~hl:5, :iI..:s ,a, :b,i,s:tlQ'~" Q"f one: sma 1,,1. pa~'t. '0"£ :BR:IDJI.NU,S ~ ;; ~ ~:na. ,0 't,:trli,Y ~~~ ld, :k~O~;il to '~:S as £MtTIIL ..


Ji: n th e :~v~ i]rl i n g' pr i ~Q'r.-d,1,u 1 ~ w,at"e1"'~' I '~lf' :ER~r.D,Mf:fJ$: IJll ma fiJll" 'G't' 'tbe :5l ,ta rs g,~ ~,~ b i r th to ''W'~r Id,s 00 f th~ i:t ~f,o;I'n,~ 'Irr'om t ~"H~: 'ga ~,e s ,~,nd dU:$t th,r.ow'n ,o,ut f,["'om the 5U:n.:EI:~, 'the 'plancet,s cQn,dJe'n~e.a a.nd '0001 ~d,~ El emert't,e, 1 'g.a,,~,~ E o~WIlb 1:[il!~'d to f o:r'lEm mot :s't uJ-e " t:h e r'a.! n f'llll to fQ~1m oe,e€:!l n,$ '.' T.l&l,u~dlel"s t:Q,r,iii)~ ;t'a9'e.d ,f 't,:h,~ QC'€l~,~~, 't,Q:s s'ed ~ Ild turned I' 'i:lra, s,h ,il ~g' o'n "thj'~ s nor~:$ 0 f 'tt h@' ~ I,.U,'" ,f ~'c.e la:nd S ,. In the midst of the lightning ~nd fur" a single spark fla~hedf c,r ~'i!l t 1, ~1:g in ene 1m i e r,o ... 5,e,e;on,C1 a s.1 ~t9'1 if.!: CE 11 0 f 1. i :f e, ~

S.ili rN~' It e ce 11 ed 11 f.e f'or.rJ.ll~, cOf"l]:b i;ii~d to c.r~,a" be, ~riJ 1 t i - c@11 @o. 'c:rea t ure's J1 mu"ll!. t..i ·~,(:,e ll,ed elt':'@,~'t Ilre s b~'c:am@ com:ple'x b@ i, "9'S 'wi't,h bl11Soas of c~ll~~~~flsbes~ In5ect~~ bird~~ rQpt11e5~ plants Q ntl m,a,mtlng 1 ~i .. ' A,3 mci'l [l "t di t f'er',ent Cl"'E!!lllit:. U:I' e,!:!! a~, 'th,en:' e a. re' ~ iSl,'ta,1r'~i Ln th e~ ~',a, l,~,x 'if , cam~ 1 fij,t'G' ~~.1 s, it, efii.c,e ~

.. ~nd in ,t1.:~l\HI~;~, I ,Humanoids ~ evo.u.'lJ",~'d,~ :F'i.~,h hi!.Hr1j~,:""cdds~, 01 l"d :iu;rrna,noi.d:$: .r, ,:til! p.:t i 1 e: h,:!lurtanoid S, ~ malm~ 1 in umana id:s and h uma R,~d clhs o,f ,e;'VE!!::ry' k i n,1tll !" be'ca,me tt he eOi:ll :5:,1, 5: t en t Q:u'tcoome ,o,t e'Yo 1. u t ,)11,0':0 ..

A,~ P,!,'lmo'rdi"al Ei;1'D~U:S ~ d~'v'~10,p~di' lMd.·!;j! C"6,tq~~ qav'@ 'wa~ to huts '" g'l);'t,he,j[ i,ng'5 of hlu t.s :b~'c,~ffi:@ :Sll!:t t,l'~:rn:e';n't:s I' ~i~\H~rt. t.l,emt!'Q,t~i be'!i:,i!J'rne ,~,jj_ tj:8S.. The t,t,a[p:pin'9 ~'rnd h:untJ.ng' of ,a"f[,inUlls qa;we 'W,~':i too :fu~' 't:r.a,dlin9~, f~.u:: t:~adin .. g 'gal,Vle w~y ,to ma,r"k,lets '. Ga'th,e:rl:r:h] 'g~ f$~ bi r t.h 't'D' ga roden, t f;lg' ,t.' '91~,t~'.a,e:nJLn;g ~'~.e~,Jl.ded: ~t:o, :f a,,f,rn i!:l'9 ~' Tll,i, .fu~'eds: 0 jf EI,I ~uS: MAN be.c,am6' de 5, i ~@ $1 'Ii' ~ ~ d'~'5; i" 1["!13'3, be:c,a,fl!I~iB: 9 I',ee,d, .. C-empa:s ,S; i ona t~ ;rm:en b~,c~m:e .1 e ~de:t ~ " le:ade r s bec,iij,rn,El' c.onqu e,ro]r':S;: :f .and a _ I, Pl"'i rni ti .. v'e~' '~o'r.ld b,~:c'~Im~ i' C i v i.l i ~,ea ~: ,~ [).i ,f f e'ren,ces o,f' 'opt iIiiIi,~!.)iil b~:e'&me a :it"'gl'umen, t,:5", ,a: :t"qume fll!'t,i5, :be;c,illIIltmE:: W,~"r'5:,~, [C1ill'.'" i'lO$ i t.:y

~n(l: nece'~s1'ty g:QJ,""~ b.1~th 'toO' t~eh~~le;~ly'.. 'E~rl'y 'mtlm1MtU;: MAN'

h~d ~:nl,'~ ue red h,I:$, WOE 1 cJ .. .

A:nit1J - 'ith'a" EitI',VANUS: MAN 1 co,ked up; u:p i [Jtt:[U 'th e $.k.~,~ Sl ii' And

tHli:: ,., ... \..1' 'I,.';;: "" , ............. "" m~.rli. .... 'ii"'".:.: ... ~ • .I!!I'.:J; , .... 'iJ..iil"fl,,;:; t.... ....: .. '"..' .... 'U 'i:.._ ~ m ..t;o,'It.;,..;.~._;,:::u,,,,,Al ':::. ..... ..Ji

I '_ ~,~ ,I~~ ~_]~' ~1l'1!W~lliIJ I~ l~~l~ ~.1Ii. ~m :~~,g I~,I~U· ~ ~I l ~I I ..... I~,~.:II-.J'! ~:~ t&1~~!' ;gt,~~. '!tI'!~,~ I~ .,. ~ ~,~g

:til i~ lco~qu,e:s ~t, cidI" '11:; h e OO'QC>.'i'm Ib~ga.n,~ ,A3 ,h,e ,s,toea on 't'b,e' ,rnlGOril, It, ,a:!l, h~ sTIrve,y~d th@ ]1,1);Ul.aE" ,c'li 't,i@s, ;' he: looked ~l) liiJl:iIJd 5,~ ~ t.~l,e :srt,a,r:5, a lbQv~ oJ: m ~ Se:e:k i 'ng mo,re! " h~: mov,e cll ~kyw'a rd a9a 1 n, ';' T~ ,1 ,s time flEi'i, g:n:bor i nq WOir 1d s we ~~ d,l s:c@;w@,t'I~d ill' :~lDA.NU'B; ,MAN c'O':fiqt~,~:r~:d,

'the ,e.n ~ iron m,'"il.fi't-- A 'f' "" '11;;.,["", """"""W' w .... rl,I?I, ,"'":~'d '+ ~".,." ~'!IlI' ..... ,:.... i.. ..... ~ ... , ~ .I:ii,,rn'" 1." """

~ ~ ", I.,. . __ ~ ~.,_~,lgi _'~" ~.u;. t.3,~-lI!; '~'I ~ _ - __ ~ 'Ii.Jl ,., !laitIJ!I.· [,-ill ~ ._ Jf '!i.! [~.!pCii U"!i:Z,l~ ~''''iI!! IB.·~,~, ill 1111 II'

An,~ SO it 'w:a~, 'thol,i,'l& DtIDlUf:I'JS ,HM meet b.Ls - ~Ie.la'tlve:s. i,n t'h .. e 'g~J"QX~F.' .. , D:lllmm"S ,DiaD MAN' ~~,t, ERlI~8 M1\MMAL, MAN" BRIDlUftllS :REPTI:LR MAN ;1liI,et EB;I:DAmlS: l]i'SECF HM'j I~U~d: an ,D:m:nUIUS, ,Rmfl!:wt.ILE H.lH' gl"~\~t~,d theIfIj ,all~, 'The' mU!DY' ~volvea be,i:n,g':!S '~f -r.be '~~r:'l.a,s of' ,0 I l'J.U i[l'13, 'U,13.'t:J:l.,e,red ,and 'ta 1 ~'Bd,~ Th,e:y t.r,a_,ded r th:ey da,n!~~d ," 't'h~::y' sbaz;\ed lEUli(J, 'they j ,olD!ed tog,t'Jnthe:[';; III ,It! me ,j' 'they ,l.e~rned

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,;::;,~ ~ 'Ini'~ C'CI""'iI:;. M'""~ ,,,., . ':I>""~ .'~'. f' " [1','","· , 40, 'i. '".' ill ~'19'!6 I~ ,~,~ '.:: 'Ii'!! ;i"j,,~ iI' ,~ "'C',.. o!li ]Ii '1,' J"J;.·d' [t-. ........ ~ j;'~ ,"'" ,,,,"

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'Ql:f it h[~ Ill! ~"s,i ra:g~ ,$,Cfun(i t;,:h!'e, yl 'mag,e iZU~; 't'b:~:lI' S p~k.'~' " ,;' W1e,D t;,he:red '~a :r,' ,a:~d. [eli ae S 't,o· s e Ii, :~,e: a.:nd ,:tie t.ad n a. ,;5: 1 z,a bl. e' p,c,:r"t, i on o:f t ~,e ~N i !O.'t~

'~~f:~lC~,~,~, I" ~l . t:~; ~~'~ ~'~:~:~,;I -c T,~?[~,g'l~,<[~~,~,g~~:~:~,[,~.::~ ~ r~,'~~ld".~[~,~,e~l~r.] .,~:i.:,~ ~

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~o~erl" . 'Tbe ''ll',e:'~''~ namlie' f'o'1ii"" 2!i '~'l:n:Q,nle~, 'ii J4ST [I ~ '~oQ.ld be ciru]i,ll.:i.nl6:

r" ~ . , , ~, ,."".~ .. ~ ~ ,;Ii' .' '~ .. -_"'- ~.~. ,",' ., .. " .. , .. e .... , . ~,,- = ,!!' .... ~ ~. ~. . _ "';ii'

'i<- ~. ~i '~.},'I 'I~..... ' ... ~,~, ... ~::~ ,.:i'~, ~,,'":~ 1, { ''''I~ s· ~ '''"'" ",",' ~ ;"'["":, .:,...~c:.t: 1.1 :t a in [ ...... U oI!!ii:'i2ifi S ,.

~liI:!o ,n.[IU!~ ~l~l ~~ ~,~*~ Yl~g,Y. ~,~,I,~~ __ ~ ~fl., '!i.ill,£~ WJ .~~ ~ _ ~ ~"~~ w __ ~ ~ __ ~ __

,m'n, a q,$.l.a:!<:, [C!J.:f eha:o:s [~'in.'d !W'~:lf ~ ,t'h'~: :SSS be·ln'g:s, :I:ru,a.[~, lnlG 'pee:it7'

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C,~i(jJi ~ 1 ,t,y ;. t 11,e BS,s , ... ";t' ,Oy @e~:S, we :r'e' ,b:r·_i 11 i.,~:f;] 't, 'pol i. '1:.1 e i aJ:\JJ S ,~]~d W[~~' S t:t~.:t'ie:~i S t, s " '~.:S ,1 ng [~'\!,la',lll,'t,:$ 't,Q ,~[C1.'!.!",a.:n t.a:g@ ,a,nd ,mlcU] :ili,'p:u.l.fa t,l :~'g 'w'~,r.$~ biJI t'he',~.r. ,~d'~·,a;Il.t,~,g~ ~,n.d. g',~"in ..

1<170;\1" i e::;1 :01[9 th.e: ~tQ:~"!a 15 'wi'th t.'h,e; po~e:,;r 't.o ~onq~y:~ \r-' ~.;rn:d ita i g:r.iJ OV'e:~ the~ i:!;' f"oe ~ [~,a.:~, ,e, powe:~:ft!, 1 ,m.l.l ,ii, 't,a,1r.'j" f[Ollr"cle: [I" 'lU:~lro~.'t,c:hed. ,i1 D;d: '!!l:~i~~l~a l.e,d by ~~n',' ,ot,h@!:r ~ rC'~{rnfj)r 1 :s~d Qf' 't,a ~1 Jl, lmpo;~; i:n·9' :f;,i 9 !ll.E'~S, ,if tJfiie ,SSS '~~ ~'ii-~;r:si ~tB::tJ~~ '~'~ld , .... b'1.oQd~t~ w,a: 4 ~ i.O·,t,:;;ii W 1 't.ll f',t·i,~:b:te:il.jl"ll;g' d:[",agt~~ "" 1 !,,~,'e f,~,,,e:s ,~ ''rrboi(lgh [~:'v,~,ll'~,:t i,oln b,at] ,1,Q(ng' ~ ,i [!l[ce - 't"'i!!\miO:~',ed, t,~'e i, t ,5[t'Jli lo'a iiiii, l jJtiEi: ;$k i.:~,s ~' tJ~!'e p.!,~,l:'e::Si 0(0 'tJl,e ~¢u'l:~' ,lij,~~,mQIE ,HI.'ve. an.

,:1,:~TI.:p:r[@:s:s, i o':n a"f' f ,i erc~ i1 OJ i n}o,s:al~ ~ b~ i ]19:5, '!i On 11 a 1Il,.Ofa19 :r! d:g~ Q:f

!bonia ,,..,Ii!: I';:; i 'no ~";p;;,,",,"m ,iif,.ib;;;'!;. ·f·· ''Ii''''a,IL...".;::.·.?Ji!5" .... d ,fie,'"'"'.!i?<; ~ l' ~ ""'Ei' ~c::. '~.. ."'" n~' ...... Vl""""'!i\'"' th~

"~ .. ~ .. 'VI,.. "", ,;I, '''''~ ~.!I!';::I' ,,ii,,, ,~, '~>I!~. ! .... :Iic~'§iii ,-' ', ... u '''':'~,I;IG1I~,y g;,~,!lt·'~~ i!i.,,,", ',.oj" .... ': .,~ !I!'~I~ 'iIi.'!';ono;, ,1!'i!; ..... ~,.~'!I;;t '"",, 'co' ~ "" _':_'!'l·._1

hie;~dl . :r;',e!m~,,1, fU2,(I: . t,o! b.,i,n't, a:t; 't; be i:r :r@p't,,11 ,i a,n, ,~,mCt~~:tl;~" ,ii, KnQ\;'~[1 ~,:s: thA ~u_.~ ~~ fw~~t" ~~~ ~~nA~.~~~~ ~. ·tJ~~ ~g~ W~~~i~~~ ~lone

'.~".~~. ,It !Ii ~ W_J l1j] ~ ,II ~IJi'~I'W ~~·,~·~l§P.l~ ~llloiil!~EIW l~,iI. '. "~~~ ~i __ .• ~ ~_el~"l.i Bl¥~ ~ ~,_,_,~,~,_

'.""en.", .".',.,. ...... ,~ii\"'iIii.., ,jj.,_ [fi'iIi.,~~,,"' '!L.~ ,~'oI"l'I.'~'~ ~ ~: '!mI'.......... ::!Iim ~[~ ..... ,... ... 'nt· Iii~, k - , ... '~t~

~'I;il:a' '~'~;~""'I~.~,~;~ ""''''-'' ,~to"l:' :1,,!!'i\;~' ,L,'~"""''&~ .til, ~:", !!.\,;.'.... i!;io)~ ~ ';.;i<it0,~""!1!~'~'~~': : ,~ ,U:~~¥::c- ,~.

C('M;ru:n:tll,~,ss 'W'a.r,~ OIVte~~' ,b!.l!.lji.'onis, 'fJif; Y~iU·t,S; had t.iiUl:g(h.t. t.be ,$SI Qti:eN~~:rl,S, at v i t[~ 1 1 e:,~ ~;O':O I' ,~n ieu.'e'Wii:1{' '~'.~ ')."'Iebe 1.1 i.QU ~ s ub:) e,~ t· 5 e,rvi~ s :fiO p,u:t:'po;s,e i"f iQ,:i([e:cu t,ieiCl 'OJ. !)/U t i:f thi8 b:r aiD '~'~:S; ,l'te, .... ,'(r.,o'~r1':·,ammied i' ,re,~ i.;9,[t,a n~~: '~'a1 5 ,ell mi~tJ~l~ t;.'~16 a:~d. a:n aJble boa·f' '~'a a :a.'dJdle~. t;Q' 'the.

1 ~;~;;o;;""". c-l?[ ........ ' .... 'n, ~ ;u: ,01; ' .... ,..::i. ..... ..... 'i'!;i'!". '!I+!'""",''Ii '11'>'!''n~, ,~ • .'I;..~ [~,~it!'''"''1it'!! '~;"J.ji ,m.iii'iiI,oRl·[rn, , .... ,;i:~ ~ 'kl~l':: "":,il:I; .

, ~I~~~l I&. ~_ ~'~I ~ ,!li11,~,!Ii[.[U ~~~~ l~,~ ~[~ ·n~ ~ I~["il~ ~~>hf [&.- ~!!iIr. [~~~ iIi'!&r.~' W,&'l ~[~f~~ [III.. lIzl~ !Ill

:lEje,f'e:l;'~'[~d 't;G' b:y ,crt h e;r:"' ,~,~,ce;s iil:i,:~, t~b'e ,_' ,,,:11.' '0,:[, ~ He,s. t;er:s !j [# :1 ~

~.'I:mm: ',j,;":i;..I[iito,'iI;Ii' ~~""':·'I'I;,iIi.:,:;i1 ~.H)i!"!Il""1'iIi;~. 'Ii\ •• ¥lil.,....~IJI~I!to:,~1 'ti-:!Ii-'[~: il'jj"Gll~' ill .... if::' ~' :iIi,;i!ii!li !~"itJi'.Eo.,~'ijj:~:rn:'" '~! ,

l~~[ .. _.cs:;; '!.I.iJ!J~'~,3: ~~u,~.Y ~~~~~Ii~IIl;;iJ ~~l~~jn~,~, ~~ i!L.ilJl~~ [~~_, ~" [ifI'Ur]l: ~,[nl!5ii!j~~I·!!1·rwi~~l,., ,

,..".ff" ,!I;o:~,~ !11 ::i!.'~,'!i" .... ::iI<'M·[! ~ iI'JI'I( .... ..,c~I'V,; ,:I. ~ ,." :n~''''''''''~''iI9i ,,,," ,,,", ,.t'liiQ'lF'ii"ilo'iD

~&l ~,IL~'_ ~~ ~~1111 ~ ,~~~~,~~, ''-- ~ ~ ~~liI~!'!J'~'lIJoII, .!iil.,~ U~uI.. U~"'l 'I!!!l

'l8i'i;ii'~ i"'·~~li';;inl·1,;., ,iii '!I- ~i..~"~ '~~""",""rfliloi!!ii, .,k.t'ii; ~'i"'!I;'1' ':'-:rim""" ,Iif'!;,,~ !i'"ii~w\l\':i;'ii'" '!ii:.",.,~ Im'~i,~':t~i',t·.' .',

~'~l~ i~~l~~~,:::itIllli~, ~ l14-1 ~;1I!}g'~1 U~~~IIr.!tP.~' ~\I[~f~ ~~. ,1!Lr.,.v- .. - ~ ~~, It¥'~~ .. ~~~, BL~~Yl ~..J!,~~~_,._"

~. ~·ymbQ·,l, o·,f ibr I,t,a.l x'U,le:rs;lidL:p and ~tJ!jr~l~n:t,:1.~,g' a}9'91r@l:~'~ l;o:~ " 'thel

'ff~'~je,LSI,~~~'~[~. ,'~:~,~.:~_~ j~ ,e~ ~'.;iLous'" ,t,;r'I~Llc:~, ""'~~[~ ,~I::,~ !i"l[ '( ... ":~'~.:I,'t~,~~ll;·~ .. ~~~~~::~~'

,-:O~ g,~,l,a;ct"iL'~ PQ~er ,t the. a~:SI-"f iN,~~~ll'" '" Q'~~ ,~,i~,Y.":j)~1t,~ tbe P,~,~,ajl',~,:e·

,j;,"~~" .. ~, " ',.:i ... -' .4t/- ~.~,. ',<li ,". , .,:;. !"",,.r1' .,.:Ii' , ... ..:::1: ." .... ~'''1 ,~.~, mllio..·, .'~" ."1',.,.,··. ". "1 ,~~"iI: ~b.A,Jtij1

'",":r."ela:s,~;r ~e~, 0"1,, ~I;~,'~:~ ~ 'Y,,,:,.c·,~ i,Il,;m'~,~eg, W'Q'r ~.'gi5' i!j ·~:.w,Je o.~,::..__,'!i;,,!!!J:r.~,~ :E ~;~I.~i!OIIJ

'~'f ~~(fiJi,~.e(_r:'ejd 'wo,r,ld,s, ~@l"'e pl,a~ed on ,4;1 lS,p:l,ay' i a 'th,e, m~:Ui;eums 'O:f Ul:,...,,MJ,, ,~~t,i~g 't;'ih,e: B:mpllr~: 't:be ,eent!e:~ iQf' U',i:n't'h ,S~l~ti~r. 'eul'tJdr.tG ana: w1sd.om!l!' 1ld:', ... A!I' h;e..ca:Ill€!: 'the, s(h.o,wca.se, wol)t'.1d "01:' l'GatEY amid,

U"'i '"""l.:~ .... 1 ~ ''it ~ t··, :!!!!i,M,A '!r'Ii!!i ;";,,, .... - '1: : '&.' 'ii';ji,a;i;'io' a" ... '&-:· .... /H ~ ·iL:.IA~.ijjoii'""""~ '~iil"',k''I!'i,''''ii:;,,;;: 'ii\"i,B: ~ ~'!lf."!if""

'~}"""~~'~',.' ,n.iL.; [. 'Y;!;iI,Q [i.;!!~~~,,,,,,,~I~ ,:.~ 'lI!'!I"IIOI!'iIt;;I" , . 1IlO!!,,",!!!;l;ItV"ir' ,gy.,,'''1;0'~'§'~ 1~i!'," .. ~~~."""!~,,...,!1!,~~," ,;,,;,_ ....

t'b.'E:' ~:volu.'t,;L.[~ilJl of t~m.'ier,~:n,ce~ ,1:0 't'ne, .S·, .. ~ 'psylclbi0,~


SS.C'·S:_' 11111'

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'i/he _'o11ow'i 1'11:2 atr.,~: A~~ie~ti.t BmtP,t,ia.:n'w'QIr.d!,s c,t M,-KI.M-G (lit" .lli;fJlJl..t

I~ - Nam,e· ·af ,i;!: ,crd,c,odi .~e M,AG' O'l'" ,M~' G E3 Croc.cdi Le

Met - Protectorj prDtectio~ ~ikh ~ Fight, to fight M j'g ";;' 'TQ slay,. h.GJ,ek in~o LPi,e·c'e~

IfD:Amc,1~li:liJ:. EI', .t, the $uff_Ji.~ =·u inQic1:l,t~s !iiO'ne' of I'.

]T"us- M-k-U ~ '01 M~K' and M-G-U ~ -Of M=G~~

MiKa - a,ra'w;e", ~']J- f,I-ih~i =. '1:'e' strite:@ fi'!lj,ht

.W! ~h.a.i.u ... .F1Ig·iti;rte·.rs it f'oe:;~, H ".iK~,a.u. - ,All a.:rn.i.mal

.M. 'I, ,K::], - T,o 'Pro t.ee t:. " iPI.':' 'c,t; e c't@.r I'll ,r,!I(:i 'U .. ~ P're t,e,c:b~.I'~,

Nek1 - Protector ~ega ~ Crocodile

1M! 'GA = 'C,r.:oil:odi]!.,e: M.! G',~ ,_, Co:mrn:aJ~:da!iilt" Chief

,~1; Ii G~ - TO, C'C!I(Gutta:nid;t .ir.l,:s:tr:uct Hgi"3 :Bra"1liery -

M,~,1'th.;i, - 'To beat; st.ri~'@" :fi,!,ht.

T',ne :f·oll,low.iI19 a~~ v.~"r'.i~'u~ \i1'O'I',clS of :M-!Kl.M·-I~ or'l'gin. :: ,H~9.h,~ ,~ 1M 1sbty ,,. G:r.-'~a t C\fiI'e (' 11' i ~uil[O

:Ma,k, .... G,["eat ,I' ~'Y::~lerio~ f. B'Y,me~l .' a JI

M,ac"tus - al,o}:"!:f :i,ed (' L~tim.)

M~~tabali5 - De~dly (Latin)

,M:a,'G to ,- :flnLa:w, ~m i 't,e ,. 1~'U,1'1 i s.~il, " a ,f i 1 i c't, ( La.'t;.1 n,) M.a.g:'i.ste:r .., ,Ma:s't,~:~',ji Ch.1ef (L~t,~.:~),

M,1l'9'~,tlJ s· - Gr',ea t j l.ar'ge " m.i gh t'" If e~e,r f'tl'.l ~ ta t Ln ) M~gus = Maglcl~n (Latin)

Tb'e _,f"olJow,i:n, ,a~r·e Bngl!,sh w,,?',i;d~. ,of ~:-,iK/,M,_'G ,o~i,g:,i.n,~

M:ak:e .... To f'OIl;.C1e: ,ltmo.k ,_ 'ChaQ;s", t'l(DI~m,0i11

M~,j'Q'r'- Htm:g'e!li qre,a,·t;.e!;t" Mag'a, ,_, H'Ug:e tet~o·rm.oiIJS

Maj,es't.)"" Maj~5:t.1~ ._ :ltQ,yatl,,' t'eqal

.Ma!giic - I,:U!.'iJsian fR'e.-:p.~og·~a.Qling· t.he :bEai.n]1 I~~,qe! -I llu.s;,io~ I{R.e,~piro,ra'm::l. D'9' 'thel bra.i n: "

!·ma,g'i.ne iii er<eatin,g)' ,111u:sdon ,('R~-,'tJ:,ogra~mlng' thi8: blra.in:) * MI-12 (Majestic 12, - UFO !~~~stigatiG~s iroup

( Be ... ,p.t:Qg.ra,ml.~.9· 't.b'e :bi:r::a.i:R)1 - .

ARI· ... ·M a1ilt!fl, ·the 5:8.$

!',b.e f~Q,l~l~!w'.in 1 are ',,"'ar'JLeus words 'i)f .UJ:-;AN and ,!;U;,S o~1'lin:= A~'D:~. ,~, ~lJ"U!I- :5'~pe r·, ... r,l2II:CiB ,6f- Aa,o~p'JliI~ -Hlit:-l'er ( AR I·-AN'~.

ss: ... 'T!l!e: el:lt;e ~ m:ll.l,l lairy 0:£' lldol,ph H,i t,le:r' (SSS)

A~l ._, M:a s.t·e:r ," JteepelE' ( E.g YP. t 1.i!n ,

1I,~i.z = !-e.:t",J;1:ble One ~ Heb:r,e'!!,dl

At;es· - God 'of 'W'a,r' { La.·t"i n :~


Ttti~l~gll 'the I:'le i,g,jI, o"f the SSS -T Olleei(ii 5, ,O,li t'~,e ,N',:l:f:iI t,h, Sec'tlor \'I,a:s, SHE!: 1 diom' cha 11 en,g'ledi II' c f g.re,a It canoe l"n 'ibol t: h e ,ARt "",Mil Ciue!e Ii'iIS' W'e.re: the QiO'VE!Jme:n,:I;:s and 1e:~!pan:s.igln,,5 Qf' ye''t: ~,:nQlther 1"',a,c-'e ca lledl II:iRRH, I' • BVQ]lv€!H;;l ;f,rom'l,l'iclo!IJJs; ,ml!rnmalianp::t'E!dJatoi:ts,!II' 'the II RD !' w~:t!'~ i!Still i.:n tl'1,e ,early s,'taq'Eis; of dev1elop,m:e1n't" 't'hleir tiblr:!:j;'iti;: £'011"' le,ii(:pa;n5,i,o~,.1 Srn lUlbu:rd1e:ne,d by' tbe s'o:f'rte'ri! 8g' tba 't, ~DFtI:ti. :n.'ua::l 'w,ars and 'ft"; ime b,ro!!l.gh It ;OirDI ..

F,or.i::t:JLe, RRR J"a~iI2l, 'WI'S!,:!'" ~a5 't:he entiE'E:,ty olf exi.~t,rer:u:;,e" €I,ll ,e,ls,e W~;~ m~,a,:nJ!, n,gl EH..,S ~, Li f e 1 t,,;5,eJ. f m,ea,q t abed ie,nee a na t,cl't~,l 'clgmrn:U:rn,e:n"t: "t:!o thel Rlm;Kl,ngs ~ lanyttilJ. ng ,lies S ~e~'nt (!J~,a th.. ,:So q Ili,clt l:y Id,ldthey Q:rea'tls t,liI!e i r Ern;,l,Ee t' so' ,1eurt~ lie S,:S 'we retJu)1r t:@,ctu~1,qulen51 tha,t t:he ,RRR ~!i!lll'!!ld :become :tnaw;n a,5 'II,ASA ~ or OYle,;[',.., tOl!:ds. III 't.he :~,il'litl~ ,Se,ctoE.',. t~,e 'w,orld~, of the ,mtR, '~!Ii!)ld be ki1~'Wf:i as II ASA""'RRJ:,I .'

Le d: ,by 'the ,f e a r.,5 erne, jlIKrJ' I 1il\~, rr-1.0l'S If g ,b a,r~a;f' i.e ,ar.my "II i 'th ,a, fl,ee't ,of deadly IS'ta:~ts,h1ps ,o.:f-' ,ov1e,l"'whelmiifl'g' f,:it,):'e,""p.Qwe,r, tbe ,Ii.~gs of ,A_:S~I.~,RD W,I"'EHI~ed b,~V'oc QfiI tbe wor:ld,s s'~~:~lg'Undi,[Jlg tb,e thIIlp't h p~ is :saqe,wla;:y I.. 'T,h,e, eli 'te, II' IKlI' I F,c'rc!~'s 'de'see:m,oe.d ,on thei~ u ijj1'5Y~ !p'e ct:i ng' t.2li,:r'gE!i t $ w.l'tll iIlllllime E'C! f'lI:JI,l .i1L!Utd Ui!] ral en t i:ng a tta,ck " c.l'eari,1]9' t,he ,skyway,s, o'f ~,ny p,ot,efit!a,lr'6lf3ist8nce ,;a,n,d to'ta,lJ.y de'cimating' Jlan,Q -bas;ed, st~ol[llj9',-holJ.d:5;.. '~i th 11:".1 mQm!H~:n.t~, W~~'riolr Ground, Fo~ce,s" the ISBB:! r mOiv~,(J .ill Ito a,iPinlttil,!a't,e ,a,;n:y ,and, ,all 1:'E:'l'Qa,1,n 1111900 i 1 jl ta,r:r tQ1rC'E! S ..Riek nOIl4.n!edi :folr, 't:'hrE;d r' :P1,l"'!ai,ctlce ,of' dev'D~rlng 'tbe ,fl,cl:!ifh, of thei,r' enemies, 't'h.e ,J:ltU ,~ul!d BEB becalme klPJiOlWT'i! a s, 'tih e !I D"" E.· or ii T .. ,I: ~" the .. T.eeltm I '0:£' 't;,he RRR,,,.,



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''IIi.,iI!T'l'II !i"\,iI!i,.S 6<11 V6 .. ' .... ,.:::11 P,_,"_,iiiIi;A,UC!i!io ,"~I-.iIIIi;lat"',t.1,- .. n '.' n, !,"'i..iiilll'·'", "'VrUillii!il.I~,!II .......

"'~':.'~'!II!;I ,~,£ ~ ~ Iml_&u .A~·I!!iiiiii~iI_-IIW.- QI, ~~¥~~:!I!'J --14, l~~~ I~!l~!§r.-. IlIIir.n\r--_1Ii_I~I .. i'-l'H"

,IIo'iI.,,- 'ftftin ,o!'il-. ' ,---',--, 'Kl-' ,', ,~,- .. - <I..'Iii'D sl;ii"W.;li· 11IIII_.''''_..::JI',011 ·'C - ill ';"';;;'~" ',,'

ILUS :nAin,. ~nqu.'e:~o.~ "'. Ilg:l, ~,.;:,an i!LrU'!I:!! '. ,- "W'!III! " 1I1'1III_ !IiEU~ca~ l~iI!ii.'.-D'~

,..eIl t:-'L 6 Ii '!I!Ii,~ H:elBii II ,fc M'l" _.'i. 'iiIIIISS:' tcIliIIiw.' V 11 I. ""'lI"'iIii,,,,,,<llaiil ,;j!I;lt,_,,... 'Ii" ""'iiIIi'e' ,

Ivli; I~;J.I~I I:';EiCla,~' '. _W 1101 ~.I.:HI ul: _u~·1!IIoI!! -,uJ:.'", !!lA, ~-""JU'!!iiii_,iL' JIl, g, '~;..;., J.H:I~. :i ... ,

S:ei Z1Qg' tbe :ra BsagEtWay' w(nlld 9'l.Ve \t'he ,UA, .... RRR, ,ICing B caatro:l IOtt '~r,avlel :in,to and CH!lt, ,of' 'the ARI' ... ~Enrpi:l'e, 8f1;d 'tl1a t, PO,S B-1 ,-,

'io.'1' .1 'i'.iII.,'U" IL'I',,..... -n'.... til--;6 'S'~IS' ,II'IIJ nli;. e .... n 0"" """o""l,,IJII n .... t RAP-m iii In,

,II. - L,;': ~~~: ~,. ~ I _ ~jl,~. '__:_ ~._ .riiiiii"";;L- 'W"1iI .~{~I g rI!.i!'i., ',.I!IiI.· y, ;.~ -: ~~!&.l __ ,J..b ~


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T,~:e DB ,o'r TAl{

'!,~e :f,oll..owi:r;g ar~ ,Anc'i-e,]!\!'t ,B,ypt]1,an wo'rd,s of' ID/",-,I: Q,1"'1'9'1:1] ~

T,e ~a _, T,o ae:s t,roy' T,a ,Aka ia' To d:e:s t~~:y

Ta ,1IItg - "T'~' de:~ t ~IO'" 'il£l,g'teg' - T@' a t ta,c~ " de,s't~ro!'

"e'k,h;~:~ - T,o ~l,a:it '" 'to ki,ll 'i~q ~ 1'01 cut" ,to s,l~.y "

'1,@!J(:~s: - To pie:rc@~, Cl!Jlt l:n:t,o Te(:li@ls'" To, ~.,rt of ,to ~,t,~b

Te"lJes: = S:l,a'ug!h:t:,e:~'!Ih.'DiiJse Tt~:kihi. =t: - :SlalJ:lig'~t.@:r

T\e:!(:nu _, ~'uman 'v',jl"ertllm T:eke,nng; .., Hurrua,1), v'j1cti!)1

Te:klll =, '!a he',a't: i'I Q,'~'er.t.browT."e:~b~,~ ""'" T.'~r~i.ble',~ f'1gbtenitlllq

i!ft~q"''''' T-- _ "''',1- - n - -- - - _~ i'iI'i._I.·,· ... ,_ ,t"II'""", ",'1"", ,_, !'1111, ""','_:, ~,',,,,, ',"': ,,',;&6,.: ',ii""' .... ,,_::', ... , n, ',' ",' I, ..... ";:_""_"'~' t""",_",

,;L!i:li"·' .... !I. ' ... ,.0' ....... ,·,s, ~QV€l':t"n jl'""'"":II"""'" ,,!I,'-"~'" ... II;. .... ...,.,~';;I'. ""'''':I'in ".:I

'fekh ,_ R,~,g u la:ti an, ,0 f ,j 1l.1 $; t i ee Tekl'l ~Jl ~, 'XO ,1':1:0 t'B~"t

T,e\km'~ .", ,[)\r.'awer:s 0':£ 5'Word:s, T,ekt'~ ,_ M,;ar,;a,"u!de;;: if :i,[lI''Y'ad:e:r

'~e:k, '"" 'T(J, ,1 nv,ad,€: 'T-'ek,~ ""', TO, a t't;,ack" to 1, rl.''II'ade

Tek: tie)::, - Too 1 iWV\~IJd!€1 j a't"ta:c:k T@gg;a..r<, T'Qr~Ji'nJ (U5'~ ,t~,~, Foot)1

T1@.'!l r '!'eg'ee!~i' , 'Toeg't,e,g i ,_ '~o' ',""iii l!k;" rna :E",eh ,f' in'v',ade .(' U,s,e 't: he F<~H:.dt "

Teka, , TE)lgioill. t '=' T" ;$ e e C' Use thie ,Bye,)

Te:g " Te,ig~,~ ;r,ega - t, " 'egl!l' ,,.. To l.ook, J' 'to' :::;Hs!:~' ( U',~ et he ,Eye: )1 ~e!a.a ,"", 'T,lmle: 'SE!He:r. Iii 1('U,ser- [{.llf' 't!h.e: Eye},

T'be, f:c llO!wj,,:ng a,r~~nc l;BI~,t :S,~:u~:st:r.i t WlOr,d 5_ 0,( Dd T, .. :K 'Qri'gj i,D_:,

,A~:takal ,.,. God of Dea;t.h _ ita:lil~ta~a\ -. "b,~,~, tc;u;"t,~

,'~h;e :~~:[lowiM ,arr'e! S'!anisitl 'wo~d,s of :D'(T-'~,_ 'O',li1,~:~:!

:De,c;!I"e:r ..., De'c:'ay' Delgolla:r ,~ C:I:I:t:, the th.:roat

De!:,C':a::nloi ,_, ,l)e,i)OOfi ni'e'it a:do.r ""', ,D'l,e tal.'to:["

DetCapi,tar" - Deca,p i~a't}e roiJll~~Q _, :DQk~

Dego,lliiltiJe:r.Q ,..., :5a,~,~,gbt!er":h,QJ,:jj:5.e: ,'!!i'te, :followin'o" .a~"e; ::Lat1n wo~d:s;

'!l ~




II7'If'1 • ,aoUl






,De:~Dll,l~, ""'!!' T"O bene,ad,

1J.eoC~junc, _, Tol dec',j! ma'te, 't:r:OQIPS l!h!ijQ~rta,t'ii:J,~ - 'M~,t,.1 ,1 at'red DedLlco ,_ To' 'ta~e ,a,\1la:r

,D!.c:il.o, "'"', "O'WEi'~ " a:u t:b.o.l:',1t,:y' ,~~'oo .... ' '''~ lead,", crhe~'t

DiIllix: ... Le:adre;r,,' 'CDmmandei:r,' !i&9ax ,"'" To :s'bea,)., The, f,€'"l.low,1ng ,ara

th~lcoqQQ' ""' To, '_ 'ei;S tr~y :b:y :h,e·a;t Deo.lI1r;:EI:~s - Attalic:k; ,eba;:!"g'el D~~~s: - ,liQllJO:tr, q l,~r;y

:Deg'@'~o ... , TOI C'8.l'xy 0,,11:':(

:I!),;:L,QQ' "", ,Devo;te, t,o the 'Gods:

D(gct~oz; ,_, Le~,de,~ ," Co,~ru!e;:t:' !''E!90 .... h' p~Qltrec't,

'Tcecb:na - A 'tric:t,

Eng),i,rs)], waras of: D"/T,-,I[ o,~i,'1u,; .

Dagger' :Deamn, Deca~i,tia:t;B ~Decay A:t,taet ~.aa,tlc's ~,all!;

:E!I;ii"cta.'CD:E' ,Dog

'",,;i:~t'-'jliili" ',n.....:-: .. t:nn, o!!Ij,

~,~l. - _:...ug. ~~l-"~

Dock, "TO, eu,'t.~ Da:r.k

DOctr.ine D~kle:

'T8L~e T,ectQf:ti,c

'Techn,ic,ia~n TiLe:k


~M:rt t hi Eli A8\I=RRiR :Ki,ng,~: '~et~ e, a. ,f o,l-l~'1d~bl ~ 'pOW1el!!:." ,;. Tl~,€:, '!W'~:fB

0,:£ ~,~:[' b,ad, ,!t}@en ,the (it; 1 Y'1 ing' :f'~rc e !@'jf' 't'h~:j;,r ~"~'Ql u tjl;oll... :if#)ve::r r :Kl:I1'9 had, ,dClmlBnd(iiJ(t m~,eh (\),f 'th e,i:r. mi]l ,:~,,'t'~'ry :fo~,g~ 5 .. T:I;M~; S't,~:t; ... $~~,ip p,11 ~,t ~ I 't; he '11:01 it- '~O~ s.ie~ SieiIl: :l,,~,g't.lrt b~'ii1Im.s, '~,~ i,(i',h, (il~u.1L d ,m~l,t, ,t,~,:tge,t;~, ~ ~tI,'t ''tbe\liri!, to ~iJl,~'e\€ljS Q'~ O1i::zli:1:~tieg'ra,t,e, t,hE(ml1~, if!be' e.!!'lb1l:' (j~Q!~,inJd, r'Orc'eis t 'th e il~U" !l ~'ed W'~a.;!PQn.~' wh,! c-:t~; ~~ tlil,~, errn i 't;, so~:",d~, t,ba,t, ~.'t:,Q a n ed: t:rh~J @,[ij;~l!!]fr " d ~ s i,~ t eg,:ra.'t&~ ~o,ll, 1a QtJij: 'e:~:t: s~ ~1r C i1J''l, 1 'd, ,be, u:s,e:d :I.: e t r'~j [J, ~,~!Ci,r't. ~~, o"b:;ll e:~ 't :f :rO(~' Q:Ill,~ ~ lie Cl to' ~nQ'Eh~,g;' '0;

A][,l ,1,0 ~.ll,~ tb'E iDU ,f@',~,ce~' had 'iL!], ~ ~~o\~~. t"it'!lle b,ec,~~e" an a,:lt:m,~' '0,£ ~,e''i1''~:5 t,a 1:,:1 ng p~~e,~ ,~ 'T.,ll'€: M~,~DR S ~:d.,en.c~: '0'£' '~'ar ~,a" i~,

Te~h:~om,og:r' o.f' 'D,~a,'th 'Ga,::Ul~d, m,A'r!!.. .lH1Q,t,:r'C1in tthis l'iI,e~ ~'c·~enc~,if'

'th~, '~1 't,:~Lroa t,~ w,~:n:~:h i;p 'w'a ~ is pa;lIoI;f,neCJ ~' A :lPlL1uwe:'t - ~ i ~iedl '91l1.,obe ~J. th

,the, ,a..t"m;am~'!'ii''''t!!, ;oo;,,~'!!:Ol: 'ffi ","," ... ~,:n;,'Ii""- ~j,;".!:Io.~'II::!1:h·~:n:s,.,~, ,.anA mo'!ii'i"iB:,~ 't,he W,:5i'fF:s:,h,'~.iII"i!

. ". .;;r~I!!'!ir.g ~,.L ~l ~ ~'!I..iI~iIi~ ..... ~i'!i.iBiIi,~ .•... 'ihF~_' _ .. _ ...... _ ..... Yl .. _ ~ ._. LP- •. .•. • .• ~. _ .•.•. ~~.

I 'W'O!~ (blb\tued t'he .:~ ~ o~ !i D'" ~ .A m:ru.,:~i,a'~u!,'\e 'IIi!i'~I",~d, 'C,~p@!]!:d!.~ of '~j ~,e'iS"It,:~'~;U~i't,;Ii. Qr:!Ii Iill:e lite,1: ,b~ t"~'li."',e' ~'e ~,f:IJ .~tfil, 'th~' :N'i D't'b Se,~'t;ar ~ "t:'h'e' D, (iff '1111.1 f 0 re'E3',~, W!,~,a e ,t,~ ~ E~~!#\:i Jre'Q ,',0 rc,e to be, ~e,cki~n'e'~, wit, t~, iI 'ThG' ra;lt~ ¢),f 't,hG' :~~.n ,gli,$:tien,,~!lg1 of'f' 't,h-e ~~,~',f~,~e' of t~~ :[)\~~roCl!:t,'h-,~lEt,1.:~'

m:5,.41 +; ik,. :JIi;'i'5; .Iio..'" 1 "I; '''_'. 'Ii.;. - .• 1i-';i'!I:-.;i,] . iIB .-." 0::". .j,.; n n "',k:t·.. 'Phf) 1'.,"- h""

~1 ...... j.Q;e :!i,;,~r:L~ ~, is ~iL',l.!f;I e ,',;';' ,i!'i,;,e ,~; ,!I;I r :lJ.,"::;,',!li4l!li; ~ il!,;,.~:~ :l, n. ''i...',,'" ~'" e,:s,,~ " e",.' " :"",,~,' 'Q

b,E"i 1 ,m :i a li:t ~ t,a':J: w,a,:s; ~:f't e n a p@ i: t:e'n t ,o'f' wo ~die'Eo~ s '~Jh i ngr~: ; 'tJ~,i s .;!.1l't~':t' ,!b:l"1~ ~:'9,h t (:]1~liaJ t h ~,fQ:C, de~, t,~I1;3,'~ t,j,o~ ..

11.;5, t h ~ dA-~ K i:~9~ (;~~," ~,:i:~:g,~~ "to, '~XPr~~ih' th,~ i 'J"" .. bo,l,(l:in,g,s iP.' ttib@, ,SS~: ... T 'Qi!l!2,(!DJ'S; ma Q e: a, ,~~:re:,f'~, ill "es't,~ re: ,~f;' iPe~c e' '~~~'~ ~1~ S 'I!!b~: ,o.oWcliqJl'~r,i:ng Ri.,(1l,g'$ :1 n' tile, ,hiQ'pe'fSi 0'£' r'e S'01'!1 i. f;l.'lJ' t:be di lel!mm:ai, be f"~r~' Wat~ !b~e.me, 1Die~€: 5 5Cil ltt: Y' ~ T,~,e 'bl 11.fu,Q:OJ5 ~,f' ~ea:'r:~ e,f e ~.~ fl ji,c t, na.'d tt,~,u"Jm:,t, 'th~ iSUS'!;l- T' ,~,fji, .i,H:v'a,l '!1~ b l; ~ ][ @~,Si(),~ " '\\I,at:f;' :bl1" ln9~' iil,lBia,tb, 't;Q' ,a: ~':Jinn-e:~' as, ~ell as a l~~iire;:t ,OJ T'li1'e;re; we:re' crt;ne'r 'W'alf'S ·t~; 'Tlti'n, 'tJl'8' C'onflit .. c:t '.. Vi.c't,(lj!]:,Y '!h'!',~~ ",1:n :SOjttl,~ ca,se:;5:; 'ga.:i,tillEi!:QL :lbt', "t.iak1n,~ the

,lCo' ....... ·" .... v' ;;: ,""'I. .......... ""', .... I..... ....~',i!n ~ ..... l'~l·d· ,.,. "I\fi(......... :i"ii'!it.'V ''''-'''''1',~ ' .... 'e··' '""~.;:...... .....".~,~'"" ,,ii',,,", :.-..i

~jloLl.e~~~ ..ft.~"l~~ ~~. ~ ~~ ~'~'!lill ~ W JL. .a.!iii .iii] l~liI G .1~P..u ~'U'!~ .~, '~" ~ rJ'!I!H~Jtlll ry' ."'. ~,~. ;L ~~ ~

l~!,~;re' e,levG'E ,an~, aeviorus ~a:li ,,.

'f'h,e O~!~~ ~~ !~:f ,ARE .... O i~a, l ,1:ie~ f'ait a ,m~!gt i'~,9 '0',£ 'R,o.'r~ ]i.;:s: ~ If 'I;:'be' :K.i:lrtlJg~ o:if ASA~':rRRR plelal;ged 'it 'h,e,i, r larlt m't', to ·t'h,e, SS;S!~T:i :H i gb Thl"'Qtn;~, ~:n,d ,Sl.tDIIti,i t,'t,ed 't.he{A'Hie'1l,v'~'5 tit;l)i :t.h'~ se:tv~,oe !),f' t.b~ 't~'x;o:n'e

~'b""""n t· ,1i.,' .... '!lJI' ,,,,,\F,!t"" ''iiI .,:::Ii '~; ,R' ..... ''''''" ",""ijo., - • ..:iI' ,·=· ..... n "'"'. ".''!Ii . ""~ ,ili-l!- d, ,=.,.!Ii,,'",' .... _ .eo!''''~!'''' , ''''''i,l:l iii.. i;..,otIi.

,!!;",u= ' ._,~-li~',,;;I!i ~""'!!!iI!,.il~! ,1I:,;i!,~ ":!!,.IIl..E1.",_~,,,8y ~""'i!!L!;"""r~,;!!l; ~,,,,,~ !!:;,_n~, '~'~~'>I!;;;;;i!!;, ,~ll,!;-~.L'~ ''401'£ II!;;n~

M'i 'nth, ~'e~ tel' OJ :R.ea"l.i z.i D:Qi' 't;:he m;a9~ ii:t.u~e' !O,t ,~owe:r :i,n 'tbQ 0 ff'~'~'

eix:t,ellll:dg~:,... ....'~,..".:, .:JIo'.i@_ ~''Q'D!1D: ~''';1 !ifIi'~:"" '1i"Ii'l'~i ,~; ~[i:... 'II ''!till.'. .""',Ii!l' .... ,..::;a.:.;1Ii1 't"'.il"1I '11"1\"',,,,,:7<" 1 ,'"1 <;>,TfI' ..... n; _

-.. _ _ __ ~ , I!.r.ill~~'!§ii; DiW!ifti ~ ~. ~~!I ~J!IiiiiI! ~ ~, .. ~~~,~ ~j ~.~ ~ ~[~y l~~ ~_JUJ~ a ~. _ ._~~1I~1~ •

:'h~, bU f',ott:Cifi!:S, ,a;n,d m:t'9'bA:y ,All D-e'a,th Pl!ane't 'wQ;te pla,CEld' i,n t:be, servi,c,e e,f t~·.H~: ,S:lS ... 'W Otl.e,e'n,~" ~'he' ~;.'t,oer H',:I, 'I)'t b, ,5h;~:~'ItOi;f 'W,a:~: :ntade'

E!!I:a:~ t::~":ii:;~~~i~;· st:;,~!a~Ui;~~ ,:e:!::"I:::~:~:~

.: ~ :mm,pire tl\f SSS·~ ~ .. "iRltBf!!l ~SIl liJ,~ ,_Pl ~e" bora liiJ,f the SSS""'~,it

'Id;J,1i:D'.9J' :fol:': thiE!: SSSi..r.CIJ!' ,', C!r '~sms, "RQft\iS;S' I (,::a.;~.i'r~u~ ,~i ,~,

':w!'tlll tIlls ME-JIB' ,;lll,i.iDee 'to' bacik 't.bem,,~ 'tbel M:A-:RHJR ,1:1,11115

',iL.~. ".,.' .... ' '1i1', tii'.·.\6t' .:, ,'iIll, ft.,', :,_.iI:ii,oi. ............. ,., ,~'f': ~"-. -'"""t·.' ,to ,:_".] ,_A'!!,·,-:.,H,ft1i1a:!I'" 'flliin.;o\1i 'iIi':,iiI!iI.' ,;;IiIiIi"iiF.i;.··· ',III"io,a. "~ ',a,"iij! ... ,\~',,=,jilllii .. ·_"ii!!II :,'.'

~~~. .,,- ~ !!liIl; 'l:!!';IIio; ~_,""'--"!!;JiIO, ~. ",,",''!!,oI'.iIi;, . '!!;;!I .... """"_'::III!i!I'~ M'II~Y, olbl! "'"" .... ""'~ ,I!!I.-"'!;'I!!!!' !'::!I,.., ""' I!!o ~ "

'l:'~~:;l~:~:; '::~l'~'Q a:~e~:':~:::-'Q'Q'S!~~!:!'.:"!:~ :::e::'e'i:::

o,f tb.~' iIi.',"':'Hi~'t.., '~ii!iii'n-'- ,i\"t,.a!i;,'lo~,U', ,j" 'L.i 6, eS'_;DiI!ii!,-'iI!~ :~Fii"I~"'6, ':-:""~: -I ;-:-Jiffi, .~~-om.~

1l'i<' ~~ £u.'","U li'mg sa:::!l'!!:!''''~.z' 'I '",",UII!O;!l ""'. iI1'!;.P/~""" _c\~I,;l; ... ~ IcliaY; '!;II'~''''~ ~1!iO!!""", _ '_ .. 'I!N!l

'Th'e, ,DI~UI ~eeM wat~!bea W,l'tb, _, '~~ry' e"e,,;" "toe, :mameft't, o"f

betl',a,ya.l mild t :be '~a,:tefu lly :plau.ed.. "

,1;11,(1, S~, 'fQ<~ ,p ,ti~e I' .. tenllU.7JUS ,pea,ce; ~.g~ b.) '~J(ls't be,t:we.oen 'ttl,a 'twa rbl"o,n.es", ,A,II W'ilia! 'we,ll i' um:til t~e el'a 'e,:£ ':the ,H€rRu,e~h klliO'D a,S! 't'bfe iGl:reat. ,u' .... ,u~rt- :t,b,@j :ErJLQ\e'['Ki'n~r c:f ,ASA .... R& iIJ



~. 'I

. '



. .

, ~~.,

I. 1 .. · ... '.1.







~ -.. ~

CO, ~~,. _


'IF.b@ :£"Q1.1,'o\\1,1"" ,a~,e ~nc,ie'rnt IE ""tia,m w,o.rq:~_~_ :IIi,Ft, 9;r'1:'ljn,:'

--~-- ---- - -

,ER I ~ ',R I' .... ~T.he !:R t :so:UJ'n..d ~,:~ :!,,~,pl'"e:5e:n,t~dI: by. a ,Di:5ik

A,~ ,_ '~up i.1 0 f 't, he E,1'e " t 0 :~ e'c I~ ~ U ~"~ t,he EJ~)

,AI' = iOe:a,t;h~, (]:e:!;!,tru:,c::t.io'D Ar - To ~e'rnov~" '[:r'CLili"s:p(l,lr,'"t

Ar. Er~ E~~, Ur, Urr - Superior Aar - A kind af bird

II: r, ~,;;u:' - To, go 'up~, 't,~, a,s; een d ,iJ!i,::E:"a,,;["' ,~ 8' i g'h " ,e:x'a J!.. t'ed:

AI':;;iI! ~' Tic' go U P'Ii! emt,.la:!r k i ~ a tu~~al t ,la it a,iiiJt~ ,,... H,e'~1Q'

,A:lt.'ar =, ~'O _ 90 'Up, '[:,01 ,faJs,c,e'lrnIId [Hal" =, To 'o:'Ppr(i';ss

',H:er" :H!:W,iiI'Il::r" ,_' An,' 3i111,ci,e:n,'t ,Sky 'Gio,dj !H',er',~ Har _, ~b'U-nt.ain

:I;!,e:r ... 1"Q 't.~~~i foy, to ,f.:f.iqh't'en, f.hz=,i[' ,._ ,M'e\'t,a,l :po't

Her = ~o ar~~ft'~f set i~ o~de~ Herh~r ~ To aemoli~h

H~;r;' Ars "" 1',Mountain o,f God II ,He~r ~ A myth'olQg:.i'c,a,[ bO.i;1t

Re,r - The ! EUack iP:i-g! R:e:ra =, Pig',j' bippO'po,t,am1JJ~

R,e:hre:n. " RU,l; U .... ' TQ br~::r'n 'Ua,h"t" ,.,. DOg ( C\AK "

:Rler a = ,B\t"a~'~,l'e't, f'The ,B,:is t,~:t'Q 1,od be:,]:, t ,f ol:med, by' 't.he~ C:r a.s b

Q,t ~tll e!!1 A:R, aI,pd T,I,IlHlA,T) Hu:~,h - P ~'@,tee t, of ~'a't.ch ove:t"

U;;I!a He,rr ,,... I, m~!"t,bo'logd cal, ,bOI~,t U1r =, ,Gr,lea t ,God

T,~@ f,ol~l,ciw'in!g' ,a,:r,e _iSume,rl,an, 'wor'Q;s of ~'R or.i'g:i:.Q,:~

:ru _, T''O ~1l!:i,e ~Pt .fly ,ft,'lll ,_, ~:,tQ,~'~ t'bat, fIles

TJUE!i :follow,i:ng' ar,!! L.a.-t,!." Wlo,I;'dIS 0:( A'H, ,o.:rig'in,:

AI',a, ,~ ,A,l ta:r'; 'p',!",o,t,e,c,tlo-rrn, A~'9ti s ,_ Gua~:d.i,a'rtJ;,

Ario '-';' T'O plQugh 't.ti.rou9~ the s,e a Itrlrna,~ 'W'ar' oj. sal,~li ers

Jj.,e.r.i,u:s _, Of 't.h,e :st·y I l'oft::f Au.r.~9a - Ch;a:,r;i'Q,t,eer

,A1"~ - F.o~t,re;~:,s t c'.itade,l ,1" he,,1\,gh t t' h~:a,(h3]'u.ait"te'I::,~

E~e;aldo _, ToO de,st:ro,y EZ:e''P.,io _, To 'te'a:~ o~,t

,Ere:pt 1-0 .,. T.oO' se12;e~, take by' f'o,;t"ce Er~p' t io, ... Ii, t ta,C'J"~,

Eruo .... 'l':o, ~g'~'~, d@mOlli:i!d~Er.~'O.r' ,,... ,lDe:ce,pt:i'Oiin,

:£t:~;~, _, ,Masitel", cw~:e'r',il' ,liiil~d, Ir,a, .-. Wra:th ,f! anqe!I:", :rage

,]\~:l:s, ,_, M,e:s, Se1\tg etE"' ,of' thel 'OOd:,s, ('J~b'l:s: .... , G:,)..obe:" (l,l:sk

''?,t'DU;S: ,~ IO,ljilB whlt,) de:pit'::I;Yes: '0;( PcaJ;e~'t,~: Or ,coi..,ld;t;\Bln

a,ro, 3<' T-'Q 'per,GU~dfe., 'persp,adeE' 'OECU'i$, ',,"' Goa of Death

Tbe f'o,1.1,ow1ng al"\8: En,l 19h __ '~Q!l"\d S o:f __ AR_ 'o,r.i_g1n; ,_

Ale.~Q .... ,hr.'ta.i:n:fn-g tlo the slk;y' - A'rrie:st ~ Je1\,:Z'E!:, :!;I,top'

,Au:r;cra .... ' • S:tel,l th 'I PDoqram War

Ho:r.roJ.i' _ liar,ri,Q.1':"

'The _ :f'ollo~ln>o' al,'~ A'FJi,C~1Efli'ili,'t_ :Er >0 '-it,i\,a;~ 'w,o!r.'d:s, ~of

~T ''':"' TO,- cU,' ," :s,ra::!Ii:h", s'taib A:t. _, D,ea!.t~~_,." 1.'JE:::S:'ti::.:r;"I1!,c't,jI,QU,

:T:t!e fQl,lowi:n," ~,re _ a;ncJl.'e'~t I:': i'" ".'t 1an '~g'~ds ,of ".1 ~,r1.' 'jl,n :.

'8,,:1..1' Bf'@' -


I~ th@ @!["s. ,of ·t.h~: 'G.res.t Elde~ ~i..[1'9 AN""'A·N~. Ii te O]l ,A,S,A,~ImR w~s g·aod,... Th,e liti:X:U.~!A,~:S ,and :b~:~~·:f.1 t:s ·tluai,'t b~:f 1 't tEMJ. a C·~'ll1iqu.e.ror ~·a~le' ~.~. s thJle) i r:~· ·to e.~lj 0)" ~J~,(l :t'eve 1 .i. ill .• T~,e ~ a l.l.i·;t nee 'IIiit i 'th '!;:,he 5gB .... 1" Em:p i :r'e: had made!!: h'e :1{ 1 fig S 0 fA!tA·_,Glt, :mO"!'·e· powe r·.f lill th,i!I.n, ,ev-er. be f Ol:"e a ~ ~.t1a d :perm i e ted the: ~H!.,apl e o.f .ASA-.rum. a [IJ opportunity ~D enjQ¥ a richer style of life~

But th,e pc·~·,er· of 't~iHa: TJU:'o:nH! also mad,ethe l~Lf'te of :the :l&i:Oi9' mo~··e :p:fi:·eca:ri.o,u.:s;", Trea.chery ;!li.le.s, ·Qlld

de!c'e' it. .51J.r:rr·'Dund,ed the' it.i ng • A.s s a.:e ~.ji nEIl It ;VCHl P 1 Qt~, I

mi .. 11 t,.a:ry !O'!!alp:Si a.ndl ,i:[:Illie.n. i.n,v.asi·cn:s "Wl1~rili!: 't.:ra,'e! e"ll'Gry day matters of th~ K1ng~ The Prince was .xp~cted ,t'Q' :p 1'0'1:;; f,o:)i' t:I i:s f,l!Il, t;.be.I'··~ ~ de'rn l.se l!' d Ls t,a:1l t b~~,th~r:g ~:i1d ilJl.igi t.i"ilb.a.'te ~~.l .ldren pre·te~~uied to tb·f:· ThrOD,'!!:

:Ki~9Ship~, Kim.gl Afj .... AN w·~:tchre,a: ·t.h~' ~:k .. i~'~· :f~'r €l!n·e~ly .fJl.~tack$~. ,~nd. p~~r~d ~'~refu:ll~~ OVer bi~, sho·ul,der· !!rt. rel_£'.I't.:l.·v·'!!5, and ~~mbers Qf the ~oyal CDurt~ Such ~~~ the 111$ Df a King ef A!lA·-R.RR -. , a.nd 5U'~.~\ wa3 tb~ l.~ f·,~· '\0'£ t.t1L'B ::e::ld,e~ ~it.l9 ~·-.Mt"

,S,e'Q'te,d in. ·tifH~ Roy~l CO'u.rt o·~f t.he Grea.'t. M·_·AH,

~;~l"'Il i tJ.gr a s ~iO~ta 1 Cu.p·", i.e,BJ.:t'EI ~~. 'w'a s his b.~ot be::!;" ~ It.he:

Gre!:IJ t AL= :emu ~ A;~ s ill. is ,t i n:9 in 'th~ glove r'n:[, H g·o.£' '1:; ~l i!' :Em[pi:r.a~. 'tba G'reart: AL-S~lVUlt. ~erv'~d f~.i't;hful.l'1' ~nd~~ hi8 brDtbe~, the Great Elder K1ng •

. P~:;a,c~ .. r1iitd·g'oed ~.t:.he .Emp.i:l"e,~'.r',o~ifH~re'~" u:nti 1 ,!;t.JiIi eu t ~ib:it:\f:a k Q f w.cu:o:· i fl, t.be ·C,e:nit;.:iI:",a 1 S t:·a:l':' S .~ ~ :se~.i e·s· of major c~nflict$, k~own a$ the ~Ga!~ctic Greae W·~i!." S 'I t. d.re:w ho th ·t h,~ D.I ~M :!mp.i re ·al ii'Jjd 'tJ~,e Emp1 ~··e

~f A~A: ... RR:R .iriA;:.a .i t,·s· folds~. The ·Q,reat. .. El.d,er· Ki:n:gl' .Al·-Al

i!j;ol'~~ ~.1i,]mmOfll'~d ·to 'th.e: 'Q.l'~II;·e of 'th.~ S,S:S,.,T t~ r.1~nd,er ~·e.~·iIJt iC'l5!.s ,a:Sl 'Clcm.trn,a.fI.d~·:£ ,~f the: ·eo:ntd:fl!!~d. M· .... :I a,r.i,d D-Ift: 'S!l·a,:iII:'.r.:i.~,.r,5 .•

'G~@.~tAL~,S'BAR.~ ,a"ct;.ing @~ D@·i'i!{l .. lf ·o·:f i.l·~:9 AN .... AM

:t"€!'mQin.e-d b~hind .i D the! .AS1!,;, ... MR Pal.a·~·~.. .S·~~l.~,g· ,~~

opipo.rturn1.ty 't·o,betl"a.y his: brQ,·tbeJr ~ l?'r'i'n'ca! AL-,S:RAR d,e'cideH:1 to se:tz@· ,c:on.trol ,~.:f :the: Cerutral ASA·-b:R FrQ,;r,c,e.s,", T'h,!!! .5ltcc'e·ssfu,1 coup compelled the P~lnce ~o further ac~1an~Ue immediately d,:ffi, spa :tctled: ,an eli t.,@ t, reap ·CI.t a,S·S,3S :5;.~:Il st:o .huWJ t. ,diown a:ndit.gte 't~@ lif·e 'Q<ftll,e .Eld,er X.:tng.~ l;[,ist,~·r:~ca.l '~loc:~;I'L~ent,s· w'o;uld 't,ell 'of t,he d~a th 1 n ba t t.1@) Q·f· - t.h€· ·Gr@:a.'lt: JJ'~l ... AH,. tb'eH:(;l:ro :Ki og' who 'g·aJ~~ hi::; Ii fa 'w.hi Ie in 'c()(~and of bi.:$ ,a~f:ld.es.. B'ut tb:Q$E:; who w,er·e i:l1 tll€· IOOU.r.-t '0:£1' .ASiA .... RU. knew' '~h:!.( thlO Ki~g bald '::l,f,ed., ~fj.d wboljj;,T.a~· rea:lPOiD,$.i bI'e:."

P:t'i.lilce: AL--SDU." Roy·!}.! OUl,p, ... neli;;u:e~ ,,·wa~ .now li.n,,; AL-AL~ L~~,a .P'J:;,i nee U·':",S;lI.U." ~'QI~ ~ Q·:f· the :tIl"~~OI :1:1 D·g AH, ... "U· iilnd he:i.J;'· appa,re~n,t'I' wa~ ~:a:.p'tu~ed ,a..nd plac\ed into ~:x:11e! n.", 'th:e new .K1:n.g 'Qf AS'I.-MUl!l' hi 50 el~1:m t~ tbe 'tb:rooes;:t;;:r·.i,p:p,e,a a "·IlJ f o,r·e!ve:r·,~

"0 lQ'~;~N b.t::;;;pe:rs!cna.l ::s.a,f,E,ltY·,fI ·the· Gl':ea.t Eing' iIL-',AL :~aae 'the 9:rla~a~IC\~, o,f tc.he lG,nu t .U'-MJ nl.s ,own. p'er:sc~a.J. Cgp ... :lea~:e:Ii.~ :1l)e~c\i5iedl :P~i~,~g Jill' ... U' lila;$.: beitk ba~'ta.g€l an·dj selit'v,,;a,Q:t to b,i:s :11:11'9

,lind Un ·11-, ~ il'-,V!~~.:;-- wa,nld. :h,a.v·e ,to w.ai·t ..

__ ~__ _ ~~' ;iI,i;,e.. ;l'!;;e ~ engre .. _ ~_ ~ _. _ _

F,@r n·~W' he! wCiuld .E!,e!li:Ve fa.i't:h.ftq;lly ~.~ cII!,b~.t~,e 'wOitl,d .lea~n,,,. ,S:Q'm~dartb~: 'T.~~o':!lle ·of .A:SA""·.Rim would :bre: bl~ ". 'it:;;t-,i,,1;s :b,~. VCiWe,(U

I n, 'I:: h j,:S: 'tlme<" 'ye] f anQ ill:. h,e r ,S i g:n,j."f i:caI n t ,e:'~'e,n t 'j,'i,I\Qlu,ld !CICCU r ~ ]OIIU~ w'hr~ eh 'wt:Hll d cha,J:I;gi e f OEeVE; r t hel ,fa lte of U~]e 'N'l,lf],th :$,e·c t'c1r' ~, A 'nruelw' 's"ta r ~a~· beg',i.'liiUl lng' to ma tu r'e, #( i ,t 5 JOU ~,gl wOir ld 51 c.?ool i. n9' dlow,n 'COl form i'nh.aJbl t,a.bl e' pla,n~ t,:s ~ K'i nq ,A;t,-,iIL f' ,r.elcoqn"t 2,1 n,]gi a, ~o'f en t,::!. a:1 f1@'~ u;~ t]a!pp~'Q !Pl'i'~ e i.o'~,s, C(l"1e s, a Wild 'the! ,pos.s i b i 11 t, ,of ~ strateqle military outPDSt, 'm~ediat~ly ~~nt a t~~sted a~d t.g,i"thtul a]dmlin,,f ~,t~gtQJ;' to .lay ci,a,,:i'm ,to '1:n]e new so'la~' syste:ITI,;;

'Lo;rd ,AL'=AL~TR, ,Ma~'t'eL' o·t Ge,n.l~~jj",~ S:C'i'~'n,c]e5" had an 1. mlpos i ,l1g ,t a s"k be: f eire, h i.rn If to ~Ol ell,i,:z]e a,na a e"e JLop a pl'" lm i t,~ v'e' plane t,a1" Y' 5 i,s''t'!ENirI ,~

]T:he' y'Ou-r~9 ,SUD b~d ():t;,1,giJ1~11'J fc!:"medi ~!m 'th ]only '1;''''''0 WQr.lds in. orb! t aJZ'lcH:!!nd i t., ~no 'tl,~y' ,1"i'il:n,e'~ plaJne1t" ~' now know,1t ,a"iS, ,H:e r'c !/JI,t"',Y]1 ,a,nd one ,]i,]arg'e'r pI a:nE!d: ;, i ,t ~ ,~,gme: t,g ev'en{ti u,itI; ill\' b~~ 1! T,lAKItfi ~I ..

'In time" s:ix mo::re' I!tr!I'Q;[',[,dSi 'WQ~ld f'()~.. IO,n,e :p,~"i~ of

,;; '","'II"I,o::::I;'i"'"' 'i,.' . .., ......... l..t.;i's- ]~ v' .... ',... •• ~ , ........ .,iI1 M ........... 'Ii :t'ILo,'I\..........,.. .... f., 11" a ~I !I"I'';:'' ''''!I]''' ~

~JII~.!I_nlll~~ !'JIII"1'--'~ . y,. ~ ~~II ...... la !I:iIl~iLl7.I; 1.~ .. IIiiiiI".w.1 ~ "''' _ •• 1IW'l ~!§r.;~hl ""... ,~ .~ 1!L!IiiiiIJ.-III-bla

(J'upi,te;K «!li'i!d S'8"t,Y~~1d],~ i!;'Ul.,c a :ps,ir of 'tw'in pl~n'e.t:Sj (Ne~tune and Uranu~l~

B,iJt it 'waS, T'I'AD'F" 'the t,,[,lopicaJL ~o,rltl, 'tha.'t would be' tn.e' f i 'r,s't, ~ 1 a ~,e it d ev~:l'D'Ped b~t LOI"d, ,AI. - AE-,_. Jn~ i:n hi 5] ,a, S,5] i g,n ttiJe'~t ~, Al rea:dy' i nhia'b]i t €';d b1y' ~H~ t t lEtt'S, 0 f

n ~ m~:;r;oru~ . ]9 a II a,e ,t ~ C :$ t ar :$i'y'$ te',msJ r 'Tl::ADo.T \'iI,a, 5; bc]t:,h ,a, naradl.is;IiGiII ]a1"'!~"] ~jIf"~:"",,"·'iie.· '.' ]-w·- ..... '""'lA, ,C!]4f d"'aJT!Ol@:][" "ne' l"'iiirB;S~Il'1!C'@! o~ ]]:1; I'll,

IF' - ¥ =llh~ .. U. g ~ ~ ~~~. ~..... ~ V~ Y _ ~ t __ ~ .l·~ _ ~ III! _ ~ II!] - .F __ _ _ _ ~ _ ~ g ~~

,A;S~,-RRR mi 1 i t 8,1:', ,con ~ i nlgenoJ' f,o'rIce., ,aJ'ftld a ,d i ~I"e c't. 1, i uk 'eQ Xl ,09' AL=AL ij!,ndi 'th!e Bnlpir,e ]oof ARt-AD was ~elA:QIf!;ed 'by 'the oo]]'oiD"ist,s, ,a nd 'I:Jl,e i~' farm i]l. ie,s, " :l~'l~\ot,E!) e t i'@:ri ~'~d. :0 e,c@'s s ~ ~ 'J'~ :~ Y,pp,]l, l,e::;, 'W'O'~ 1 d AO'w' be a va11,a.bl e , ]Tl,:AMAT' 'W\Q'!';!,ld be ClOme a fu,:lL 1 ... f]. edged. 'wtn~ 1 d ~

'" ,,...a 'Ii;,T' .... 'F I'u 'b'" ~ .. -.~, io_ ~ ' ....... ] -oll,~!- t··'· . ;11 ,-- ""'-'plooil ,.. ... .... e .... ' 'Yli ....... "1 .......

i,;! , t : ~ ... ,~- c._~, ~ @q'~Ul ""~ ~1~1~!!~BG,.:iI!",a ·,e:1I!; 'I ~,X,,· .- . .L l. i""'~"" ~~et"", ia'u,.I:, iI;Io"-

sy:s, t em ~ '7he ,S:iIJj n wa,st oa 11, e t\I !l Bad !;" I 'wTI ere De'i!l th: .i s 'I ;i. In the' ,~mmeQ i,a'ta :prox:! In i ,t Y ]o,£' t:,h Ell you;n,9 511.1 n " wa s It be 't i'lili ie,s t wor.ll d ,il' ,c;ii\,:t".isten'ed. ~ MUM-,MUrt" * ,€1I.7st !bfJ~~ t~'a.v,el"l]e~:"]! ~ ~~he ~ext, ]wQ~ld ''!III1\OU 1 d bE!iICQilIlb ii, mi l!.. iiary o}urtp~,s,t]~ Tn~l~qh ~]:il:~ e'~i sad Q f s .. ~pc~- ., hot SJu r ~'ace te~n1ipera't U,I:"e 5 " 1 ,Its :il nner ea lil'lern S g,ilJ,ve ~O\m f OE ta ble $):he:l t.e r 'f O~ t h~ I ]UJ I;i!,~.d BBM' :f']CrrC,iEl::s.. Th i 15 '!!;'lor ld would, :beoQme

p ,knc1wn, a,:s. II I,),AI:> ... &=,HO' II,;, t, '~l,a ~'B ().f 'the OAK :i ~,~, id~'~ ~,

, ]Th ~ Reid S,.,,[nJas ]i?]l,ane'f: " :nlex t ;i n ]L i ne , 'was ,a, 'W"o'r.ld w'i ,t hal t'

and 'wa:t.,er, 't,:re~;$ ,a,nd ,[!I,n, anv i ronme'n t :$ UJ:1 'ta,hle 'f,cr ,e:e t &1 ~,r 5 't'c i ah abi t ~ . A, qQod ,s i't,e! fo'r c'~1 oHi ~lt,S] r i ,t ~l !Si,O ~\l':"Ov i ded ,a m1l1~h

ft66~ ~~~¥~~~a ~~:nd- 'f~- ~ c·~n~·r··al m161.l.·t·a~v ~~~~r~~~ ~~~~ ~]Ig.-,s-

.I~!'!ii:ii~~ ~!:~ .. ill. g~l~ r.iIl..~1 ::- .~ 'I~~ :g :. '1I!iiir." ''-r. : . '. I - ~ ~ .iIl,. v_ ~. : §_j~~',~ .ill. ~.lil.j:.I:'" ~l'!liiiil.

t,he 'wo~ld 'Of: * DAK-"O , , '~lpl'BQe! of 'th.e: DJUr!',~

. d"

'fl ~'~ 1!13 • 'iil'-


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". ~ .. "~. ~; :~,:: 'OJ"~ ,', iI.


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~ '!liP. ~,.
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.~~yt;.;!lDJd: the, red '5,a]il,d,~: :iPi,"o;t':J;,Cj: was T-:![,~'l', t'h@, :c,c'riI,te.r of tt,hHa '!'LNb~l.nn :],~ art .m.on ~ f''f'@,rt,~' '~if ,b~!E' d, A;L ... ,A't""":rM',,,,

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tJN~, j' Gr.e~, it; r>B:~ '[; ~0'1i'@;4 I j or ,;a 11 t.~,e, pI ,~J]:e,t'5 :f 'th.e I R Ji,,~g e:d O~lH~: 'I 'iWhi~n;lll;@ P:f'Oi'V ~ t.h ~ :ffi;o s t da,ng,€!.1t>~'~,~,.,

"~ di's;t~n~e ,!:,aJi$ t 'T,D~,~G\~LJ~if!]l 'WF.tS, ,~ .1 ~,llt"ge' ~:,r;;'jld. '~'~'~l'IlP p1L-an~t t 'poJ.~'Q ne !U';~ g',a:s e:!ffi' i:n 1. t s ,s,k,1 e S: '. ;i! SBl!\NA~]ft~ i ~lOU 1 d be, i~Li. if' f.i ~ ul 't, ,it;>o c,o:l fiJr~ j., ~ e ibu'it wo~ l~, :~HE i de'a 1 t o~ G:e:f:l'B S j,~, '~,)l:'p,e:r i.!lf,l:en't,s ~ T.~,e, Ol!J it e'rMLl:5 t :war 1 d 1i1'aJ~li G,a·.ll,eQ, .j l~,"" U' I~, a n ea lit 'I: ~ 1Il,:m to ~' S 8',.N!~, ~

in ,sf z"iEj,~ 'lIE,:R,~[l1 w:as ~ ~~:t~nt''ll ''Iil,arld ~'~ tb !iit, :mi~ty ,c~:)'v~j['il1lg ,'",

T,ihio ugrh t,h e' 'ta ~,'k '~~~ di f :fi'c'l;i: lL 't;.' Lo;t;d AL-,,~t.-,IM '~o u]_ d, :p:r@ive £:'u,c,~@,;s,~i':Uj 1- T~lt'u~' e:~ 't: remeJ "1 ~ i g h :g1 ~'j!i "!J i t,y f(:lrr1c·e:$; 'OTa 'BAI ... ~A__l, ... ~l ~'i~nl~iiifie'dJ ,. th,e" ':~i3.:rnl"l't',a,e't,u~,e . of i- h'e~';'y'~ ,rnf~tla,l~,,, -U]l~:t,abl~ l'~a:~ e:Wlv'i.r,~ liU1Hi1:,n'l;. '"," i ,t~, 1 Q'!W!' 9 raJ,V i t,l",~, N i jtit,~,~'r ol;~,'ifu'Po,~,t ~ ~,n 'DJ.ij:j{,....~ ... ,MU

r ,~.n~ D'A'K,- It]]' ~rolv'ed s,'~,c;~,t"e' ,~in d s ,t,:r'~',Di9 +. Ex'~e r llllJ~:iI:i!i t,a 1 m: ~,:r:ms 'O:1'a

]:)qith ,SU'M'~ ,a:nd [HiD ':5:h~Jwetd, pr~m,:i.s,e ~ T.h,~ s~t't]lern~,~,'t.~, :©n, the'

'cn,Qo:n~ e f BU,;,;,BU ... U ,a OiitJj 'TM: ... 'GAU;ur WB'lJ'E:


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But 1~,l'Aifiom:~' wa'~ th'B: 'dJt'O:~Jti!,i.:rng' 9''l,o~:t ,to the, o,f :f,tf~t~ of' :Lfi~!($ g ... "I:L ... :IN,~ M',i 'it; h. ,th.~' ~,~ p'~e t:'t, 0 if :~,.i S ,Ki,n,g ,AL-AL bia'c,k htnni~ ~ t'hi~ ,Adroinistra;t!O'::rr 'w',as ,able, 't,O: (h~~'voel.o:p, TI,~,T in:ito a, ~(I!uradi~e 'far ,bero,~,tl eX"pi!e c't a:.t,:fO,f;':IJ,,, ,F,a"c,i ,)l,i't~. e is t~ le:)(,t,i¢"!a:l~t 'n,'~wl,J ,d i,;s,(:\~,v,el",ed,

~~,;:~:~~'~':: ,~:~~:~:c"::::,, :::'~i;:::'::~,::~i:~d~:!,lo.:~~,;~ C'~:: :~,~',: ::~~:'

rJ1jD.;r,'Eli ,sl.t~i.'t;abl e, en:v'i17llOn.rru;~':Dt ii, As- ,a, so~r,~e ,of' 'p'l:'e:~icn,u~ ic.r\E!') s ~.p.id a 5 t:r',;!j,t;,eg 1 ~ ,eant'J:'O'l po'1:rift 'o"f tr,a.ffl C oil tbe U:lnth :lPa;5 sag',away s'tat .lta~~s ~ 'the, :J;1J!@W S'v,s'tJ~~; ,f.'~rt:lmj_~lr.' s'tre'lli"'t'hie:O:'lZid t,]jru,e s tr,;t!l'Iiii,n,lre:

h,Qil,d iU.:ng n ... ,,1l:. held :;([1 "t.,'he Q'\tt:e;r ,tU;:H'th. 8ec:t,'O:I:',., ~

':III;, 'i.,>!C" oiil"'~". 1 '."{ :- .... '.""1'''- .,--.,iIi- 'I!'", ,0),1, :1II;;jr'""",' •. 'f' __ '7.'ll,1' I '. :'. i: ,i.,.. -,'11:;" "d. ,-._. .a,..,';l U

,~5i "~,iL ~ ,~ ,"'_ na" e, p.;ro,,.\!' .€ii~ ... I- ...,CiI\r!l:,l; ~ ,ft;iIU! ,IIdII, .~Qn,iS !.;ri!ll 'P iii,; e: '. a ![le,!;.!;"", ''''":iii

'pe~',:f"eet, ,a!.'~pl.iC'\iI:te Of ,tbe: P,a,la,ce, ,c'l 'tli,e, ,UIoI'-J!(RIt, ,K1:ng!5; ~ :ttnciW,n,

ill:!'!!' 'I' D III .:1:: ,"","'" ';"'i """m"'" l:'i'~ .... ",.,;::;" 1-- 'l'v me ~¥II t .. ID ,1Il.'~D :tit .... 4ii'rii6'~i~, .... 4? ~ !!!J!ij.. e

!._' _.!, '.:'.' ,if .£ t..-..:I!i ,IJllg; ~', ~~ ... g.",~ _ ,_,~;~",:,,:=, ._ .. _'~. ~EI~, .. ~~~~~:;~q~i~:g~,~ ~~ 'iii, ,~Q _]

'iffHB'1'd , .. ' ..... -1' ';..... ,",""", ... "t- ·, ..... m .... _f- ':no:i1i'r!i, 'IL. ""'1;'.:Ii, '~ ... _'l'ii, , .......... lII'"iifi'i'~i .. :"""e'..:Ii'.. 'Tn "';""'"""ii"':~ 4 "',ilii _;;;;;i

~~~''''-' ,g~ ~~ ~~: la:::l ~ ' ~. _; ~ ,1~~Il~.U] ~~!I;;~~_]~ ~¥~-~'~:~~~.'!. UJ ~ 1IiI..!_' "'l:~~W';:r.l~n~-!iIi l~~~~~,

'~f:_ :tbe; ~f::f,~~,tsof:' _ At;Ut~l:~t' _,the ,:~r~'5't,~~ _ wa,~ c~Jll:e"d'~,~I:,~:~U' I!

'- 't'h@ M;~~'teEedl ,pla,ce,., - ,IUl,d t,t'5, ,t!()1!rd 'w,~s ~ ... &L-,l~:f tihl:e, ~-iGl,it

~ - -- d -:f -, h - " ~ d -, - iii - t ". 'k -- -- - -- - f '-. - , ,- - ii

,Lo'I:':: Q, t"e WQ![" 1. : .tn,. 't.e',,--"l.' !@n@:s:s '0" AJSA-tm.B ~'

'~~ ,2

Under the pr~ml~~ of executin9 centrol of th~ star lanes of 't:.h e .N i n til Sl~ c t.Qr '~n. b~:ha 1 f 0 f the SllS:-T Q!';:N!~e:~l.s ~ At·=AL ·W~.S able to control th~ trav~ler~ who entered the 9~laxy thro~qb ·the: P'aJ S ~,age''W''a" .. e:y r,[e f'u sing .t; r~ VIe 1 en t tilll€!: ~. t a ~ 1. a n,('Jl~· .~. Ki n.'~ ,J\;ti-A·!L· CQu.ld pr'~v',e'l)t ~Qt.~nt.ial. a.l.l.i.~.I:iIJ'C1e.s wi t'h ·tJ1'9 MI=1\R .fr·~$II! be i ]1'91 f[@r.m'~Hj ." .N,eqtrt; 1 ~.~ i.on.s wi t.h o·t:h~.r g,a, lax.:iA~:St 1IIli<9.r.e ~'~bj ~.C t. ,to 'th.e· w'h i:m~ ·0 f :~\Li, iI1l9 AL'-~·[, eil ~ .:t n:t,ol·e:t'·a.bl e s 1. tU!3J·t .lon. fOr 'I;:be SSS:-:T QtI,re:em~;~. Th~ AS'A-Uf{ empil>~: co~ld d'el,il,~'., o,r' ~l..U:ildOl,,. ·all

......... ~, i! ... " 'D:e:!@'~'1lI!i 'n'" ~l ii' ,t'll .... n.l a~,·4' 1;i!!I; ...... ;ro;.'E .. I;,;;"i; ... N~.... :!"Ii 11' iii ::-0 n , .... In.·,,,, , ·U ~i ·""·n ~'1",_::a,'iIf

'!-oIIr. H d.e.,~ g~.g A F.',~~ ~. ,~,~,~ I -loljil,jU, ~"_'~,1I11~~~lniI,~ ~'" ,~,~tI!'."rll!r!']~ '!I! ,~,~.~l~~' ,~~ ,~ll"

h~d t.u:t n AH I ~·a~ :1 n'it.'@' a.n. t:5.l an.d. ou tpoS ,to 01.£ phe·nome:]1,a.1 p~·we.r~,'

Au,d ~' t.hQ·'U9h !It.h e Gr·@lJI.t .AL- ALI .n.gj.d! f'U r th.e·~ s tr·e:n.q; :the n'ed: t.b~

'jj. '~"!R ... fin·itfIi Tib'r . , .... b·. 'h" d . '!j: '. ". ' h .. ...!:i '1;.".. iI':"I ~ ~, ,j;,.i :-;. ~;-. ~ ... -" ·iF· Ik. .' . .- ·16· ii.. .

. A.~\l':Io, ~ . j.,1 ~ O:lil iii! (I '!i.i e' ,na' , ~..l..:50 we~ i!"!;,e;·n.ey. !I;.Il J!. ~ 1t'· S "'"' ',,",' ·on w 1. !fo,;., 1Ii:l D. I!.J;j,16:

.e.iil:.li eo _'m 'Ej'.'''''!IJ'."", l~ ,f"' ....... ·i·,... 'to ..... ,j? :Ii. n T' _ ,1,~~ ~ m·b "" i"" .;1. ~,,,,, ~'It,"" • .m ""1'11;. .'1I'l "' ..... "'·L· '. .... .. .,,;:".~, l'~ ...., ..... oj;,.

g ~Q. !iA. ~~.!I lia. . a L~ ~,~.~ y L. ~.~ ~'1J II!!I ~rf,1 ~,~ PI... b~,~~: 'Q~ ~!~, '- nAY - n 'Ii... ~ IWL . U. ... .. y~.

fore$ee, wbat he could ~ot suspect, w~s th~t his own f~ture, h.1.s; Ve :r:y 5 urv:ii. v,~.l ~ 'I"~',~.~ h 1 dd,@:n in tm·e: 0'1 s t.a:n t 'Werl d s A:t·~.lltL""·.IM had developed for him~

Lllu:ki~g b.a;·ck :i.n tbe :Roy.~l .P·~.l~.ce w·8,S· M-O'if 'the '~Nl'i!: time P~ince ~nd highl¥ d~sgruntl~d gr_nd$on of the [G 1t'~a t; AlNJ ... AM· ~. 'W'a i t .li:n.g pa.t. i.'~IlM;.JI!. ~. :f·QI[' a t. i me i irii. wh f.'~~h to :EIlQve· ,~.9,~.1 ,m.s:t: hi.s Une.l e ~. 'Choos! ~.'g ~. d'~'f '01:( H1 g',h

.,., -·11' _k.""' ..... 'I: or. _ ~ .... 'f i'j • ..:ril.·i<,f. ~~,~ ...",ji.'""" ...... ~ ~s ;;in b .. "j!;; "1"" ;c·,'k·elFl; :ti,T' ",.,..

\;.,e,.li..~~u.w;,~ ~.~Vn v.:~ L!:.At---;'Ui"!i. ·~·,.l£.~[Ii...VIIL -.ll;1~' ~l. '~~'L"'_;;: ~JI, '~1Il ~I=-~

'WO'll lid: no t. be ! n It he p·,a .. l,~c~ $' t be .!P'I' 1 :ru:·e· a.c·t:Bd 9 [T.h~: loy·a]!. t·ollow~w,~· ,of tlM:~! Gr·eat: .. U1"",AtI;, st.! 1.1 ,ang'r~' ~ .. t. A,Lo_At,II.S b~t:r,',!a'~~l ~' :j·o'iWII[~:1lJl wltt]] .Al4Y-·U·", OIV,e·.r.w]f!u;:l.lti;i:n:g f'o~'!i:ie~ aDd li'gn'tnin.gr .!!lpe:!i!.til ·~.~~u.E"~~ t.bll~ :P~i.~~'~· Qf a~ .immed.1. a t.,e suee e s ~ .. ' K i n.g At,,"",AL!r.' h@:ar.i n~' 0 f' 'Il:he W~ r in the P~lace, cbo~e Dot to fight tho P~ince~

'F 1 e e i n9' :f'Qi:1'" h i:~ .1 if e j 'the (I~@a 't AL-AL d·e ~ c,end·~d to. h..i s f·~.~ -,a w~ y :Pa l.,a[~e i iI:'ll tli:h:!~ All I ... ·DIO S·y.~ tem '11' H·e,re.".il

I, ,~ f 11 '~~~ ~--~. ~ •• ~ ~~~~~~A D~_~ ~B.k t'~~

_ [!O;ya.,I!" .• ~ 0 ,o.'w·4, ~,i'~, :~ ~·~·@.l.V~'i!.:r. ·1"'o!l.lL~ 'l,;II~:~'!i#:;,,;.'~'!i,iII .n.,L 'I.~ iii' .~ 1IL ~Ji.i. :' ol~i'"",

[e:n e h u s i,~ S.ut1J of th a ~ k fu! su b'j ee 't2 .~ .Re.:e ~.g@ wa ~ :fou:ndJ!

1 ~ ·t;:he i sland eu t.PGS t AL ... M hoSid dev1e l,@~ ed .~ He~r·e ,b·e~ 'wou.ld b~~ a Kl rtlig' If s t i 11 ,ad'or"!I:!d .~t'~d s t i 1.m. w~.ll clQm,~d '"'

lla'c:k ·on, ASA:~.RM.,· t.:he~ ,e:~:"'·fi1'r.i .. n~\e y .... I)l.j c··@l~:~l1"'at[ed hi~ lOj'i.'gl

.- "'J"I!!;'~ .~. ,·J:il , .... ., m'll..·" .tiio.. .' ' .. '. ir..~:.. '1..""" ,,' 'U'~'~ c '-.'1/1' I'll

,iii '!i.j""",,,. ",,[ey r·e:"II\E::ng~· .,., :,n".~ I ~ ilJl r.on.e' W'aJ.S ill"JIi, 5 ,I' u'!il!: w.!a.:s· ~ .. ng ilJU'III' =s 'II!;II'-o;


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.eU.e. ·Y·i'~:rt,"".:ry ~ai5: n;Qt f:.~,·!:tLl1,· cc~p'le·t,e~ ". '!'hEI l'iO,y.~l w·\~u;r1.Q·:r .f\oJt·[~e!$ () f th.'@1 Gr@'a't AL,...;,u, .he 1 d. f·a;s:·~ t,o :the :ne:w 5,Q,l,iiJ.r· s Y's:'t:em ~ '!ih ~ ~·f for·lltiS o.f ,AL .... J,L .... IM a l1ld ·t.he~ ,reso:'n:'ee'~' dEi~.jl,~g t~d. ~y AL .... J\L, to ~.eve~l opinq .~ nd ~,~ pl 0 i t i nq 'th e f,J.·ew O'U.:tPOSi t. W,!a.i;l!· ·to, ::n~t urn ·a h,a,:nd ~;Qme .~·ewa.r'd ·t·o tho '(;:rea.t. AL-·AL .1.~ tolle, end.. ·COll~ 1·~;'t'en,ey i.f'll the :p,.t'oduc.t i.on. e,! h.'e a v']! mettal lSi O,fJi BU·-:8AR-U' .~ n.'4 ~~l1!ft,i:n~a:1 ·d1s,cove:ry and e~p.l@'l'ti!;l t.:1-Qn to f :p:['iec.iou.s, or'8:S I' 'pa,rt ![~Mllar11 gin

-"'":b'~IIi'I'!i'd" ~ ..,., ..... ,n, .... f" Iff .... ·'II.~ 'm~' 'a~ ~A &,'I,.,,n ii<'ii .::.1<..... .05'j.",. Ii i3,.... ~''!I!!'!iIll''tiil!ii- 41 II!'iJA '~i .e;p·'Ii5H.[1i!ii :f:II, ...... ·l[ ....

'~! ~ I~~ _g~.~~~ ilWlir '~'~£~, .. ' , _._ )1WII'1!iii*l -~~lill~, ~:&l~·~· ,!I;Io'~~I~~ ~~"¥! ~_~~~I ~~~~~I~ ··.-~~!lil§~r~~ I5;iii ~

['fhe !d::.Ee:Q·gtb ·o.r AL"",D I .5: hel,o OH ·th.'e 5·0181: ;s:y:s:·tem ~ ,8 ·~er,. srt:.:tO.iIil.gl J ~i@·l')d,ed. eft,mm~Dlqu@ s~~t. .by 'the: .S;sS .... 'T Queens t ,~.skj,.[lj,S: I ·th,~ t a lei v-:t.l 'war. ,be aVlcdJ...ded;. a:nd ·t;h~, ",'.1 t~.l n,~UI'I~e:5: ]:),ro!l,g:b:t .:i'D .. by tD.~· n~\T1 ;s:r~,t~~;,. a.ll '(l:lOmbitlled ·'to 19:1'~: lCi.fig AL"",i:L1 ·i ~ ·PQw~·J;:h.l!. pos..:il:t.l.,o:n, .ft'·om whi,c'll. it,c' ~~gQ·t.i,~tIE!l: a t·ent,a.ti.v@: t.~.~:e., and; a .1"lepil: 1~·v~ ~

'Wl th t.h.e· BSS ... T 'Q~!u!:~~~~ l.oo,:k:t"n.g ,(O·ver' 'h i.s. .S:]j]rOt1j lde.:r: ,. AS\A .... :IRflR·

'U'1fii'1; - 'ltv 111'1' ·l~ -t' · ... 1' ~ ,-.- - ",iIonAI ..... "'- .. - .... ,n'_ ............ , ...... ,. 'f- - .~- ·t''',,,,,,, .. "hil .....

.i!;;" !!JiIlg' .ru,,!~.11!J r.~,~iI!l.~ ··a.nt""'._ r a.o~~:,ti't~."",,~ 1,..!J~:e~ ~~l!lil~~~~d'!1;ii!'~Ir;e.". .. ~r. ,u:e 'W' ,I .'''''':'iI''

FQr ,6. t im~ I' ,~: i iil~ ~"·!\A_t c'~:n:1;. i n:ued: t,o P:[r!;"'OV i.d~ ~ ,s'te'ady a'o,d

,~J}'Undlant :5tre:!!li~1 Q"f, , n»"""";""'!"~~:"":~I"'""' :,,",,':;.0:":"""", ";'1,!I"'t<~: "",":"";'~.""',~I",,,; ,b .... ,:rt'ii!!!':1t,_:R'~~',.. ,'~~:.:.,

_ _ _ _ ~4~J _ It''''·'~ '_Vl~~'~.~ ~,w.. ~~ ~!Io!l!U !l!l!lc-. ~tGIii.~J~ \r.~ .iIi,~iIj;'liJ ~ --'-- __ .~ _ _~lll~

a,rng'1rY' IoN,""U' i~ c~~:p'tlec~ thlB ~ bl:prn~:rn'lt;;.s on beha .1Il"f' 0 f' t,he ,Ett11p,i 1Jt'le 0:£

AS'lIi iH'R.R ,-- nm 't'~'~" !J!i;'H~' ':liu ~- - ,co, --- -, L,--"iIO' '·;'I'ii;. '1' "., ," AI '."" '1'" ,·'1'0.; '~", '-." ", H'

__ .~-_,.~ u-'~ '" ,EL,L ' .. __ A~J ,;lhU1!d!. =;',i1i~l'!l ,~!l'lJ':lr~]", .uGi,1.. ,CO,fcit!li.·. nue)~ ,.,.)0' ,.w.,QO"i!'Ii;, ,iI(, o,~ ,!ijn.:r

si,n, '0.:(:' ~ea,!k:fca.'e:S$ t ,~:!'lY ,tlf.'ollJble· 't.ha.t Q).:i'g'h"t;, q,iv€: (;~r!.1~Sl'~ to' :b:r',tn'9i lJmi,~; DAc'K arrna.d,a, dQi~~~ 'on, ,AL",',ALJ."

,A'N', .. JIl' 'in!-l!.a,eeAl ~"~; C!, ,~f~,nl;' ;i!3;,,"Ii . .I1 't:.,..... 'r'~j[!li ~t.:![i,,..._n"~: .1"':!i!".iC!',~ '~.hr.. :~' jir:K::l](Jl' ~ ,.'

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'ito I,;,'_ . ~···'11." Tiii., .. ' .. ...!:~,. c~·~ 'the Kili'iii-AlDm-~ 'iii;,1I'., ':IO'T,. W ,... ma:filiiiilf

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""""",',..."" :i\'] .... -._ ~,~~ 'mli-.,a nfl- .-'. --;m;1-' ' .... n ""il:..,;;j: 'n _....... ,iL,_~,.,'fIi 'U' 'O'ii, '~"""'!U""'1···--_'Ei,;ti·,;L

,1U~~t~L~, ~1r~~=Ji!l~l\~~'fi [~lJ~~ :::Ji~._:J@j:8'~· ~~-lIjr~' ~~~_l~IIf.J 'W!gl~ ~_~L!Ij;lIL~~· ,~, ~Y~:'[~:__:___: I~~~,~,l~l"

,B'~.t ;a~, ~lf!ijle'M~~'tl~,d, s:~~,E!K:t':"l;se ~.wJ~i.:t~td. 't'be: :iKiD;g"", O"'e:tw'be:l'lIi'n, t'hie: :Guards: as:s,lgnLed tiCI wa:tlcli ',~m~, tine YOU",g llU' ... ;~ ... :~i1 aflld hi~' l}ory~l :IIXi:I Iw[ .. r,r',:L:or~ ha}Bl, ~~p't;.w~ea the ,AI. IF.l,ag,sihip;,, ·XJW-IIAlt-·8m: wcr~lld .bav'e :hli:s ,1"~v~;n!J@ ,., ,As IJ\JI; ... ;U :moyed

!clQ~e:f., ~ 'tbi~' 't:.r-,!llP was; :m~,4e, read;y',,, ~ ...

m~t't. ,8, ,e;:y 'werlt)'t; ;C(u:t·,t' ,a W.r.R~iQlgr frG=i ~, 1,oyal AH 'u N~t"l,o~·.

::pj,~ 4;obl;;!!;;, 1: ,a- J ~\t~· _ 'ii!I'i~m-~!Ii'ii,~,_._;....,'n' ~,U!r""9d '~i ,,tt'l-t an, .-, 'i'KU .... -r:.,,'DI 'B:IltB!' ~~, .... ~,'ii\~~

·nlb ~jILI~, liL" l~~. II!W~ . ~1Ii_"Ji~[, iI'U,.. VI ,~~. __ ,~~ ... ~ .. ~' ._~._. & .~g~ ,iii I., ~~ [ • _ ' ~~_"L'W!I~~'

'(;r~,i,ekJ!,y·,; aa~.gi'.1:lli;' t'h,e ,!in"" 'of ·t:~e ,Kiag',,,,] Tbe :forceiS! ,o,f' g .... 'U,rf

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'Ihe b'at. t 1 e, wa s f.i eI"'C~ ;1 11 Ln 'te,n$, i t 'Y' , she,r't, :1 n ,d u ra t;;.i on ~ The :DAJ: El i.-Ii:; ~ Royal Q~ a.r'dh,ad ,ll;t, ,t t.l. e ~ ha n,cc of V'i etor'y II\' .all t,hey' c,on ld on Jl 'Y ,hop'!! 'to do wa ~ C:('e a.-t,e s,u 'f,f lci,ent ~t,b!]~~ to ,a ll,~w ,t he ,K i g'g' ,to e a,ea:p,e. • ,AS'-' AN-IIJ :f 1 ed i P ~o 't,h~ s' t a E ~ on (';I,n e SIC'c,rt ,$on iii', a f:i :na:, 1 ,e:xplo 51 i,C),n, and, fire -ba, 11 m\~U-; k~ d t"he ,J., a s ,t

,.". ,.. .... , n d· .... f-' 'i..:1 "" l' , .... fijt "" 'i; n:>o, iii" ...:II,a, t ... ~I·.,ala .... ' ...

~I\rl§ilj I·' ~ llJ~l .~, , 'l;;;;i!J."!f:iI!!~ ....,~ ~g ...-::~III"U~L'l~lii

Lord, p,~ lnc@ l:KU- MAIl,-,n(Dl' rnQv,~d, qUi'ctly ~ \'f .Ut h lay'a,l IKIK:I M'a,:t,":',!, i Q"ra ~t~, t'he s k y~a,;y:s a ~d BBO W,!1~ riQ~'s ,on 't;he pla:ne t 5 F th,e takeover of tbe $ol~r system ~a5 quick and decislv~~ P~lnce I,~U -MAR-ItEI f olln,d Ii t tl,e ,res i 5,'e.~ HOe ~ Th B i ~d~a,_b i 't;;,~nts e,;f the AJ.-!o.L K i n,gQo:m s u plp01:;' ted, '11 i:s' cl"e;be,lll ;i,Q(I1i ,r' 'they op,posed. t:he, ~~ Ie 'Qi,f the AS&,-,IIlR, e.mp 1 ~'e .. Sm~cl Jl ,po~ket: 5 ,g,f ,M'...," l.,clya ii,s,ts 'W\e,re~

.-.--, ","'0:;; nf-li" ,""""",.;.11 .:;II;:n Aii 'n,""n f';.' ..... .<:i;, " i..'I ''7.;e,.~ '10,.,.. t' '""'re' 'n I.i't' ... 'Uit,nl_,B'!DcEIl-' t,., o:;; . .ii ""~"","'" II

~! P\or.I .... ,~ '!Ir'~lIIi! '~~ ~iiI!!'~Y ~~ ~L~,,~~ ~ A. iL ~I~U !I!' r~~, ::.........,~.~. _!~ ~u ~ . .:._.n 0 ,l~la..IlUJ ''!!If'W .,111 •

:IP;, nd. 1'''-' 'L..,..1 ""'. 'vi-i t- ,..-..':0- 'ill' , '1n.;B 'L."",~, 'ir'1i;t· -.'U .... ..,;;;~ !is ... e, 'l'1I!~; eh ~ 'Y' All. I :F la;j"j ....

"' - - ~. ~I .. w: """" z ,'j! ,u... ~,~ .... }Y 1"'" . __ ..... u !!.;;H - ,., :::o-_'Ii;;~ -~ -, - - - ;;;I'

sJd p 'a,f' 'th e' '~'a,r a rmad,a '0 f ASA~R.RR,~ ~h e e r i eS c,f ee 1 e!'bra. t i@;i:lJj ~\E!:,r,e tUmu,l tu.'~rus W, Lon,g' 1 i'Yle th.e 'P,!':1 nCIe, :!: 'Long 1.1 ve H i'g;Ii'il'ty ZU J '!':tuz: P,l'::1 n'~e 'w'a's vi c;ttOl'" 1 ('Itu~ ,~ I,s, ,K:1,D,q Q f 'the :~ebel :k,i,~9dom

h@ 'W""~",l~' 'i.. .... , .... ~nI\.... k- > """",""\rt",,' ,'" ,',,, ':r.!' i. n,n' t ""I'I_ ZU. " ~ ""''''':' II '9"Ii',2, iii ; z,,,,,,;~,~·s ~ - The: 'I'

_ _~... II;;!, .Y_.............. ~~~ .... __ ,U ;ii!!" ~o~';;I' iUlIiiII.. ~ ....,"", ;g .... _ , __ . ..._. , !II' _

cap't.JJ~'e 0 f the AR. o.:f ,AN '1jJ WOiU Id 'ea't'n ZTJ."" ZU~ 'ye/I: 8iDot;,be:r name"

iii ,AR: ... IU' 1:1 ! S~p~eme ,LO:l:'d 'QI:f, 'it. he AR. ~ ~, rn :~onor' _ 01:1:' his v i.,c'tory' iI" tJite P,al,aoe g,r hi G, gr,and;f~ld::;h'e\l' I' pre'\\i',,1.'ol!!Js 11' c'g.lled II, Alto, ,UBIJRI'1ii W,i;i,S: l"IsH,a;nu!d, ~ A.L ~ lUll o'r ~,&-I!lBA_ZOi ('Olyf'!:!,pus:~, 'Plac,e"" ~If' ISa ther l:ng of' AI... ~ nQl lU" "!!

T-he, 9'l()~y' Qf 'tll,e: t'!u:-one of' UIDO W,IIS hif5'~

" " ifbe, :Ba t'tle of U .... u and ,]{UKAlmi i, ,lUl, a~~:i.'ent ,1 egen.C1 f'c,u'r:t,d Qn labyl(u::a.i,an cIa,!" tablsit,s" des,cE',lbe.!i a ,ro1yal bii!;i/t;tl.e :L,'I) Uie skies, I'D whicb P,~ Ji. n.ce IJIJ!tUtBI, ,f,l,g'h ts, 'til tJI, al1d defe~:tB ,JUag' ,ldt',-l,li, 'who fl!eGs into, Ilea,'ven, ~ co,

B~B- ~""'r,e .. Iio.,.,. ' ... _, ..... ' li;iii" '1 B -"iiiiIDr:·'·, 'iifji'i'iiiiili;.~'iti:l Ij ' ...... 1 i'"'a;e 'I 1i..iD .... ifii in

., •. ':L,' .... , I li..lb .. " ,lUG,!!;",,,,", ' .... ' _, ..... , • ...." ,1I'!o1~., ~""I!ioo~1!O!I ,non 'r..!II ,_~~

the: gen,1,t.al B " huz:'ting hI:im '.'

'!:hQ' i,t~ry rea ~~y SilI,YS Ku\~D\I, I used n i s '~ee'th:' < D,'AK)

.... n ... , .... ' nil - t .... -1 ':Ii ~!&: 1I"W"iI.-_1 t"""iIi.,_ '!Ioon]1

~l ; ,m" -~I is :uS - - ~ ~,.L rn-~.Ja;, _. II "Ifll~ An.·. ~

1, 7

'K.I n,91 iiU'j.-:tU {Z,eu s ]1 '~,~~;'w :h,@: would n.~t. b~ ,~J~l ~ to 5;a:~I'o:r' :ttl $,

t:~ i. tlmph f"o,~ lon.g ,~ ,Ilt. n.'~~' '~a,:r w,~ $ ,a,b.ou.'t to b~9',ti:n~, a. ~a r wh i c:h. pitted his young sola~ .y~t~m and its lnb.blt8fit~ against an older star s,.tam tb~t wa~ the hcm~ of their .nc.stor~.

iSa . e kin. ASl,,~ RRR I ,K i ng AN -0 .s 't~,r'fEI,ed 't, hrou g11. hi:5: p~ 1 a ee' ~ T.h,e ,S[p'6Ci.':E'ic event ~,i: h,~.tl :p,]:iinlned to, QV'lO,ld ,f a revel t. l,~d by p;r i n,c'e ,I KU' ... KM.- BED~. ;h,~ d n o,t onI 'Y ha,PP,e ne,d ~' bu"t. h,~.d f'o,r'~~ d AB =·10 h.i m~,e l:t " t;Q f l'ee !:n h urn.i 11 at io n .. ,;IN-U l~.:$ b'ed iOU t, ,i,. ~ ~ n alm~',:l;-t 1~,UQ,CoP't:i"'o11able. ::r~'g'e [ii, Ih! 'o'h':'d,e:!r'!!.c his ,Si'e'c'@:ftl.d AFt: D~,~t.h"'"' 5 h 1. p .be OOIClde .i. mmed i a['t~ 1 y ~e,ad.y' f'Ci(!r 'w,a,l:",~ Tnle re bel,]' ,i@u~ ~o:t'd :p~ i n;c'~1 IKfJ. ... Hl\R .... ·BRiB 'w.cru:t'~ ~\ay ,d!EI:a r,l:y' s ,Be t,t! e' f·'~rc',e.5 Q'f. eli 't,e' :B~im: ~~r::r'jio:r;"9 w@:~"e l'o~,d,@d ,aboard: th~ AiL" ''f.h.~ f,iQ:@J~:t 'll:[' 5t:,,~,~ poll o,'t:~ ~'~ r'e au m maned (j,' a,nd, 'tt~,e AR: WS!; s a:[t"rnad~, Esc\o,r't'~d. b~{' B.RR ;S' ea r fig~; 't;: ers a no: Wa. r-s hli p~; If t.h;e, D.; a r'fi'I ada pa!ii,:5 ed ove,r the s,);; y abov@ the King~s Palace~ The ~i;ht lifted th~ splrit of the ,11':.1 ng' , 'V~, e t ~':t'y 'W~~; s u re 't,o be hi,s!: P 1" i n ee I']{lJ-.M'l~~ seq 'w~1!lld be :!.)~ n ,1,;5 he OJ for' .h i:5 b 1 >!! s,ph,emo U:5 beh i[t'\!":1.or ,!

,B~ 't. K i rll9 Zi[J,,"" ZIIJ wa s r'e,~,d:y ~ 'T.'be ,~,a iP t u;r,ed AI: w,a s ,tt 1 so ,mftd@

:~~a,gy ,~ Lc,~d K.fi; fig' n:= ZU :( ZiU-!U J a n.d h ,1:s loy,a.l I:KU p..l anned an 'iiJ~e:x.~~H!e't,ed w~l,efim~ ,t,o"t" 't:h~' ,~orni:n.'g ,i.nV,ii3i.~;iQ'J11 f,or~~.. 'ChIGo'~;inq :nIO'C ,to aw'~.:i 't t.he ·a:t'~i ViIl! ,of tJ~'e '~,:!rmada $ AR, .. ·:Z;U and: his :fQ,.~e'Q,S, ~J..a,n,n;~d to a:rnou.sn 'th,e: Deal'l::tu;,hi:R!> 01' ,M ... 'U ~hi le ,1 t ~a$ ~i'et, eue

of tbEl: ,M,IIDIO ,$,olar' s:y';s'te'mil'il ;.


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j.\,~, 'th e S t.a Jt"', f,l@!~t. t Jl:",o:m AS.A~ RRR ,a P!P'E"O~ en,eo t' AR~· z.u' 'w'a i 'lIt i!!d,~ '~h~:i'l h~' f'~l't 'th'e! :rm:l!:iimeu:t, ,""B,S r,i~bt, the IKlJ' ,a:nd mEG f'~lrces Gi,f it he re:be 1 hp.1 riEl: d'€l;:s c,en:~,ed. on th,~ a.t"rni3i,d~. ~ u,c:d'enly a.n:d. ~ ill. 't.:b ,~ :h.n:::1l" b~ f ,il t.'t i H:g' ~, ,ga"l,~,et,i'e 1 i ~h t.ni n.g: s b~'rn 010 "lh~: @SCOlj; t ~:tti p,~ 'tba:t ~le:t'e 'C,eMll,~b;t by i5!.1i,:ur'p,r! Si1e ,e:~iE'l~;declJ i in Ilug'e lOa 11,5 0 f fin J ''th@ b~'t:tl'~ 'W,ii'~, '~:fiIl,g,~!~ed,· ,fla~:h.,e,~, Qf: :nrllli,an't, 'w~:i:t,e ,a:lld, g~,een, 1 i..gb't c,r',1.s;~·'-I~I;a,ssed ·tJJ:r,ou,gb the Ibl~~'k:~~~;~,.;;;,

iJt"",,'ztIi 'wart'ch1ed 'tbe~ p;tiCgrei.&iS, o,f' the :ba't';,t.le 'Cl~,~erf'ully,~ Tbe mO'lllu~(~:t :fo(t' tDi:rllle,,a,s.'h.:t.D', ,hi,s ~ capt,.r,@d! ,AR maid, to, :b@: PE\Eiitd.,.siel'~ As, ,bi s a,t:t~,ck ,~;Ih j1,ps ,s:'t:ruei<: 'w'! tb _ d,ead l:y' ,a.c'!CU·l,"'illcy~, 8! s,u,dd.en bT,e~k appea'~ld in the E(.'tlt'1Dllos'tiona ,g't' ,AB-,Cj' II~, If;1;ViiiS jLo~ f!O:~,ee::s.. AR-IO' immed;1.atalllLy !$llmmn,Q·n,edl. tile capt,'Ured U, ~arth,s:h,jLp,i;

:Por 'One b~ie,t m,Qmoot,,;' 't'h.er.,e wa:5, s;!leQ;:QeI a:~ t'h-a 't'WQI ia!;~g'e M,al'is:h,1:ps f ~,ood @a.eh If).tbe~'!i! A:s, 't;wcO' mqhty ,b~ Ll:s, ''W',i tb 10'we~ed :h@\ads,; the p\I;u,se Ic(ol y prece,died ·the ,!he~d: ... l()n,· e'hmrge;, Chaos ,. t:h;uiIl.da:r alld llg·ht'm.i ~n!J f111'EMl'i t,he :3:td~ii.Y~ liI 'T,he: 'weapO'Ia!S""" f 1:[''8 'w'a,s, ov'~rw!n;e l'mj1,n'9 'iii' :LO'::I;1d Kin.go ,U· ... ,:zO· A!;!Jd '~O' t u~m ,a,w,ay 'fr:,ornJ, t:hs: 'blimd:~,n;g' ,11gh t ,arnd 't::t.te dea f e~ ;l.ng' :Q,Qi S~· ..


~"Jh~n t,h:e: ,:t:. go,t, f la, ~h S'S :~:tOip'ped ir' ,~lGr=, au 1 i. f e!~d itli:P ,~i;;;:

"r} '! $O~:' il~' 5, t'l;':aJ,ji, ~i~,d "~,o ;s'ee' t b ~oll~:b the ,Sm~D~,e ~ F:t::'at91me~n t Ii 'f l,e'~' b, h 1 ~ ~dlil,! P '", It$' '&h re, b!\),,~,~: cJL,[§I'if~f~~d ll' _',-,2r!lJ JE!€!'~,l..i ~ed, '~lilcttlJ ,to 'itt.lruQs(;!i, i' in~,!l ,~:)t pl0 ~',~ '0'11'$' :~.!I!:d .bee'~'!lii "fb,QW h~,d com@: :f::t:'OJQ, ~i ~ iC ~ p,t:n~~tl.

:iPj,;,D' '~:ft'iE'h!",'II:...'i', m"ii", '!!IIiil...: .... , , .... , ... ,"'i- .... ""iI"i;~'Ii~ "":M:nli,,,,,,,,,",'i'I;;.;,n, ,ifuJ:urrl'ij2;:;!!, rq.,i,ijE!,cli2,s of ii)ID!!i'If!"=",, iii

~~ ~~,-,,~~~;~ •• ' ~ -~-l~·~.~ uM~~IIIio.I~""'~~. 'IP. F'"- ~_~~~~c!i _. _ _ u ~. _ _ _ ~~llllilli

;1, n ~:~e:ry d 1 ~,e~t 1,0~, ~ ,S:h:~~ d,~ O;f t~,e! ,M o~t @l:" ~:ki,~ j!]'i[.n.Ul,C,~,d, e :f"f

,H~"zm 111 s . O'~i:~, ,s!fl,i:~' ~ T.bii!! :~i9h't:1 ,,]ag:sll.i,P ,of. IJlrl ... ,O h,:ad de::fead:.~d

U ... ~;:o ~i S [h~ a!,i;h.~ hip ~ nd, c~rrt,i n'U'~;f]j 't:o ~~\(8 5't ead,i l:r if o1':lItJa.rd,~

,';~,-ZD ~'~'tehe,d :in ho:t"~o'I,;" ~~ 'the 'Ci'yiD'9' OOd:y Q,;f' tb;~ ~$a.if'Jshj'~ b'~' . t 1 fe,d' . f,' ll~-"'l ,~~ .. do~~'w'a'r:d" in eo t'h~:' onc08l"i 'nn' '~a tJ1 . of t;b..m "WQ'~l cl

.. ," ....... ~n ' .. ~ " .. ".' '." ,,.. .'.' ........ , .'~ r". . ...

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~ Lo.,_ ,l "" ii.. - l' ~ i ,,", ij!.,'ii.. Il-..'~ "!~ V ".oi!:i ~U!iI'i'l':i'

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'SiH~,NM_MA 'w,a"ii 't; i :pped tCV'@:r "Oft ,il"iS, a,~ :ts ~ SimI;,!],dtle,rs 'pu 1 ,sed, a, 10 ~g t h,e ::1 ~:n~ :'117' Ci,~r'!j,i!'~,;r' ns 0 f!' 't:;h,~' ,p,l an:et, Ii' i t,:a. g'iil~Gi,~, i.:Jl'~ C.iIl jf:' e ~a,:s, :~'h;a k:;EMl

;PUle ,to ~,~ l d " Oll11 c. e, lHl un r'iL ~:tl't. ,'W,,~1t'1 d·. fu t, '[[H:]jjq '·1.aL'~ on i:t s ;S i,cle, ~

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Lo'~'d, AB,= ZU' w~ t'~h~ d ,h,~' ll'~ l~'~ ~ l.]f' ,~S h i:s, V',~ l,,! ant, tliilllo'~'s f e]11 ,:l"n t"o 'the d:~,:rk ~'Q:i~' 3,;~, ,t t:w.e: i~.jf ,in 9 ,Alit", 1t~e;, b it~: ,5tt·~ ~:k ~ !~:9~. til ,b]o~ to a), ,000 P.2IJF"1; ~f 't,~l,e, .i,~,'~,~s£oln :f,o:r.~'e~ b~,:t ~,ad, g.;l,ve:' 'tbe

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T~':r:n;dL~g' ,ii, w\~;;W :f'~~Ji!'Ij: ,~,,:ic"~l'~, if' AB; ... "SU rnl~n:uev<e![,e.d, ~,i.,a, s;~,i,f;' ,:iJ1~: ,~O'

,~,Ee tow,D,I'~S t!h e ~i't i]), 1. me'lI1 i'n'~' AB' ~ea:th $~'i,~i iO:£ ,g ... ,U oj; :]1 tti~S :i.'~'g' ,J!. n, .i"t~' '~1\,,~'~,~, 't~!~ e, 'w,a;5' 't:rm,]l,!' ~~,p,.1,f.,:i;,~e'n"t, ,~'~ l'ts h~(]:,~,o,r,~ .1;$,

"II<,'m, ZfI P"""fil,iI';;,i, '''''~i~''''~' ."..,. 'M!:III",",_"&.. hi- ~'''-'''''''';; Ci8,AII ,,,,":Iij.,~,,... ..... :iI;.,g ~,DI I't'i'n¥!§!~i ,,:i! '1i'iIJ an

~_l .. ~ __ .~. ~~~~~~~~.~IIi)~?~~1 ~wl '~'~II~~\!Il-~,t :~~_.~ ~i._~~!l~~ ... ~ •. ~.~ i~-~ •. ~ ;~. 1~!lJ~ __ .' '~l ~~ ~"'~ ~ ~t"_', • _ J

Qdd, ,fa'sbl,ic~,,# ,j,'t$ :P.~ ~~S' e:t',E~1UI,e:'ii !':ba, :~eali,za.!;l!s\~, S'lu~,'a;en'l, ,~,'t:r~~'t a"':llll'iIIi '!!P,ble d)e,5br:Pi~'t:'iO\A :~Nlm~ ~f' ,blis: DDrlI1 ~l,lD,ts lla:i!1Zid ~3:@1edj t:h~ m~a,th'~,bifH '!,b.'e 'O!~,'iH:J~ame c{f t:imJe, h~::t:tl(!i!::' 'wa~, 51;:,il1 .~ naje~~,d!~~ ! ,1it-'i,D' '~~~ld, ~ tl i 1 'w1~, ,~ v'i!a'~Dr:,jf!i

.',::il;tiJ, ,~ r,@b;siWedJ ,seQ s,ra 'of' :niii!ll~e,t" :~e ,~(["~ereai :~,is IfI,a':rs:hi'llS, 't:iCJ' ,diQ$cen'i an" the ,aB ~a;tJAiSlb,i,pi ,a.i~a;:i B,iI\' w:! tb. ,1& ... ,18 b,l'im,SJeJ!.,:f 21 n, t'~~: lead ~ 'lOsing S bl"'f,l'g~'li.~~ 'bo, ~=~P:l' Ue e~loo~'It, f't.!~CilellS"if ,U~I;I :~:D :hJ. s' O~; 9't~.~B,b,"p ~ v@.'t; ,aft;e~ ~~, ,~1Pr,~\[efl as, I' WI~;\l1e ,~fi!b~' ~a,ve' elf St:a1f,s"j1'P$' ,~ttia,ck@ia. ''th@ ~1i:lrmJ~J;,);~~d, :~;,Im,lp ai,'gaid, aJtd 8!1 a. 1 W"i" !l~ !l,'t. i~O:!mI't,in!li!ll,ea, 'tiro! ,~¥e i:~:to ,M ... 301' I S ,~)~ l,~tr' ,s~s'te:m~,

'With its 01''';;0 a s'2:nal 'Ol:'~ pO'Wl1e.rfu ~ dea,th :['ca,}ts ,; th:e 'W,a~:~.h:ip f,o''U,g'll t. its, 'FJ'~)f pa 51, t d, i s t,,a Iil1 t :j[~U' ,( ~ep:t,u ne· l a.nd ,t he no~ f >iii,' l,en a,no, t.i,ltita'tj 'wor,31d 'of K1U1DJt~, ,Sllg~,~

B~ 't. 'tile ,eon s It ant f' 1 r,e ba rr .ag,~ '0'( ,M,- Z!U ",s S t,,~,r·:18;.t1, 1 p~ ,~:u.~!:'q ~,n t .. [J t.a ke i't s : 0 11 ~, 1l.,s t h.,~ 1m! gn e "i ,n Jtl.ov',e;d t :~,t'o t h'Q P~IO~; t rrt! ,t y 0'£ T'AR ~'GJ\LLU { oS a tu:r n )1" t h ~ 't.,;(€:mendCMJ s g r av it 'i o,:f it h ~ r i'["'JJ9@d :pi an e!~ f ~,r."t..h ~ ~ pu 11 ed th ~ 5,hud~E:;r,i,n,g Dea,th,s h i 'I? a l'Ja r r .ro,m i 't:5, d i ~e,ct, p,a t h tA~~W'a. rG"i5 T'l~:~ ~ ~.l mO:5: t O'i1Jj t o:f ,con,'t 1"'Q JL ,i' t he s h.1, p strained to atay its COU~5e~

Lord AR -I~ a ,51 S"I~un b 1 @d :Ifl ,i s, .if c]rc'~:~, f,o,r on~ 1 a s tat, t a e k ,;, I,n, lOne: firna 1. ~~c'isi v,~ :at"r,:ii.k~:j; :[.CH''d AR~'Z;ruJ a.na, tdi,S ,fH:arsh, p's ga'lijI',~: 'the'l, t" ,~, 11 ~Jg a i ns t, II; thEi! AR~, - A~ @,~,c:r.~ S,'ta r f.ji. ~h t e r ,d'ei S,C-Eulde:d, - ,and tin lo~,de:d h ,i ,S ,ar se:;n,a! I' the ,0 s hco:k. ,a,i'!I:c1 s ~ud:d,'e,~e,a ,~ T'he, 9 :roa,n, and creaks of the lntern~l explosic~s so~nd~d like qho~11sb, a,eman,ie' $,c~'e,a,m,Si ," SUd.dE'1i..l'y' ~ I&be AR ,exp,loded in" lame: 03' E\II'~,I"'W' p\~,!t"'t of th~' De,ath p1.a.ne't, ,s~oo'k 'vio.l<e:~: .. t.ly '.. S'r:llQk,e ,~,nia :~'la,me~; erUJp'ted f.ro:rn e-v.e,,,", Y ~ crev!ce of 't:he ,s,h"ip~, St,r,e;,amJ..ng c'liQ;~d::s Q't. .b l.ac:k.n'~5:S, t, f'c;iI.11. ed Ibe,h, ': l::lI(3i 't:h,e s 'e.G] ~ger ,i. n'gl sh i po j 't. ib'e AR of ,~:.-u foo,ilas cry i "'9' ", M - :!iU' sat ,b~ c k ;i."n hi, S, :5 hip 'ii :ue ,had s,u c,ce,ss' U .1 "!I do@: = e~ te,a -t.:.h,e p:r.1 de 0 f the A~~A,-:n:R" F.i 1i2;@t. '",

B,y t 5 ud.d'e,:n.:L ":f , .he' !S,al 't, f,o]r'~,a,!:'d ",

'T1l'e Ya,li~~t IJtU p11}Qj·:t:s ot' At'I'-U i[r;:'CII0k ad_m at the pl,i!:m~'t, of' :if,I~,T ~.i it h ,t ~,e on 1 y ~e:,~.PO ~ t,l) e'y Jt~.d 1 e f"t ,r ,t.h,~ AR De,a, th.:!i!hl i p

i, '~.:;,s,~.l:f .I. N:~Ul,e u "II"e:r i n'g' 'thlf;!: t 1 ~jrn i "9' a,IiI,C), d.i ,~"li. n t ~'g ~ ~ t 1 n:9' w·~.rs iiIl ,1 p,~

• th @l':t :hu r led them s ~ 1 'V~'S d, i l"',e'c t,l,::r ,a,'t 'TJ[AI'lltT .!

'T'}~ Ie Gre,a, t P,a 1, a'ce' '0 f ,AL,-,MDHrJ.~, ~ U' W',~,$ thrown in '1:0 a 'pa,n.i c ,~ 'Th.e' ,SJ 1 a:~m ~'a s s,!~:~ t. o,~ t e. D(Eii,~ '1:,1) Wa;S; ~d;)C!,g t, to c r,~ S h C,1'Ci"Wr.ll f rii;!IDll the sky~ Star.hips, ~~r90 ships~ sbips of evez, ~ort~ were C:OrnIflm n~ e,~:r,aG f o:r 'th e - ~u rJ!'~,s,e;s, ,o':f' e 11 a'c'il a t,io'fi. ~, i1:J't, i ,t wa,s too 1 at.'~, ~ M1Q'th:i ng' 'COli 1 d b~ c'kn1,ii!' ,~, The.1 n;}, abJi 't&m 't,S, 0 f 'T:t~1\T h.~,d no ehaneef they cculd not be reseued~ it was tee late:

Lord ,M,.. ~uf C'~H.Jld :hea,~ 'ttM!~' screa,m,~ o.r h,i, 5, pea:pl ' IO]V"~:r 't.he

beam,$ Q,:[ (:'Qmm~:n. i, (:,tn t j)"on .. ' TU,E"'r:Jj i ]1,'91 h:i. $: :h,I~;ad a wa,y' ~ An .... , gU ,t:~,:r o"ed

O:lt'f' t,h~: audio] 1.1 ilk&'gH'a:~, u,-,~;~! i' S [pi - lots, ''!j,I!'lee'l'e,a, :n,. :S; s,~i..'P ~'wa',,~ wlr'd: U= ~o h.ad 't.o ~ e i,i,iiI1 ve,(:1j ,!: Th,e: C'Ci 11 j, s ion wra s flItOme'Wl,'i;, a, ,;I,,~,~y!.

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't.h-~' '~,1n',' ,0, D~,tb~h,lp' ,~'t~uck t'h,~ 'pl.~~lj,'~t ,f t.b~: :iP!llht P Q"f LO(oo ~:tg w,~:~, ~nY'~l'opeQ ,ji,]:!l; blin,'CJitrrug l,ig:b,t:;~, :ID m~el:lt:~;" t;he ,S,ihlOIC;'k. w'a"'v'e stt,rlW,ck th~; s;'hlp'". bouncing' ,:it ,ax:ou,i, ,a,~; if ,t,t were: ,a, 1,~a.:f e,a ugr~t '~p, In ,~, ~tll~aJI" wave: ~ T~mbLl In,g' ,~~,d tw1 ~ t,l tlig' ",' the, :~,hi:p, ,~,f L~!rd AB'", ;mTJ' 'W',9S 'tb:f\Oi(;;,ji,~ in the ai:r,~e'!t;; i ~,n, ,o'E. TAltGALL,Ii'1 nalltr'ciiily' :~jl"iEkS lng' th,@, ,s;'tJ~~e: r,l'IJl~:lT~i;o,



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It_eft .~:i I, pljJLei'~SJ rec9Ja,1~Derd: 'C;o:filt/t~~~ IQ!:f t'be' :s,p'inniiii:J" s~,lp,~· ilDe un;eas;r ·LordJAR ... ·ZU lJookQdbac-lt,towa:J:d~s; mls be·'!rG'Y\6d, ~l'AiIJ:";;,

:J::t 'W\1,_· ~nQ' mttre ,.

'T,b;8 ~olll£ll~cn. 11.1116. ~£"1'pp,ed! tbe P;!!)Xla,tU"S!ij6 world: ·8iJPI%"t.,tJ 'H'u:-gre';

'Ill -t.- - ~ , ... :~.- '-'1" n ~ ji,. -. - - -0 f' 'jI. .c:. ;I: . . .... A'.~: . ,,a:. ,< IUi':lii;A~ll-

CO,,;·\."Il~Q~Q' Q~. ~~,~epc'~L"el~ 'we~~:~\ ~ . .:L..,·.~.m"i ~ m le'v'ery' 'Q~l;'\e,e\l:o"l,Q(n '1" ~li!l,lll'1J.i;JJlia ,.

~dte't:al" if i,t'e! a~nal 3.. ilgtb't;1id"ogi ·m:J...x'Qd: ~totet"ber t.-o 'G:E:'e)atul ,;I :r'a,i n of; 'blll~nj,:fil ,d.illl;,th, 'N~e)t~, 'Dice 'tl!i:,e 'p~(tud l~hulet :ba(l! .stDOO'-, 'D8n.ly' ;~Q~k - de1biiS;,,~- ~ ;'o(OOik,e· ~~';Jd; ·i~iG~'t .l"~;aiited~; '? ~p:ie~e[$·~~Qtf .,1'_; ,;';f:tr's.

:Iltill :f],y,:i!,~r91 :by :tl~,m &,1 AI'~LltTm~'q"ed, in: to,~i!elll' tlJlIe' ,Clet.lti0!'fed\

·":-ll'.!iai·~~""'~.. ·!f.~:~n;'j.~~i~.::'; ,cil;!i!;,I10'~"" , .... \f..;t'I~';o;o;;.' .... '. ,a!m"",l.;',A, ,''''';.'':1: ,m".:,al .. -. '11'.~<",.)::Il :"':.,,..,'1' I·IL

Lr_~!I!oll!;~.l~"iIIi! ~J;L~~I!I!I:f"~'~J~{:S ~ '_. ~1M~ ~~ ~~~~,. l~_~=~~~ m~~~l '~lYlIlip.!J' lWU .... UJ ,...,.. .. Wlit

ibi~,;iJ~,g :f,e1l' the, best ., :m.:~~e'v\Redr 'to·wa;~a;s- !t;.bFI; p,lLace U_l.Hl;~ :ha~d:

,orn;c,e, ,C.11""'~O!d, .~;jjjj~ h.... .~. )'ill~~:"2.d 'OBit 'D,c '~bll!l ,~;.-k , .... ,.;;i : ... ,t~· Jill:!: '.- ~ki~ lii::'! .... iii ~~.~ rl:

= -= _ I. ~I~W. ~, ~~. _'Iii.I" ~._.~.. • _. _""_ _ ~ ~_=...- ~~,~~= ~l~ ' .. ~ l' I~~~ ~~_. ~ ~ ~I

'!!I!',.[, .iII/ .. ~.:IiiiI. ~ ~ ~ ,<i'jofc~ t~;'~~,"" ~ '~.!.'.illiil'S ~i ·,;:;,,'!!f.':t· , .... ~f: 'i '1:" . .

;4'" __ ._~i''' ~I l~ 'III!! ~--\._~ ~LiI~~-$IIi'~~ 'W~ ~~~ ',_ ~ r~.~Ii!!l

L!b,~ :h:u."1e 'p:ll~~ne't ,Ii' 'w;i:t,h ·a'ia~,pi~g· h.gl·e i, f,!, i,-t,s .s:.tg;,e.; a rsi~k,e' 't:~'lail lbe~1:t}a .i,t~} b.:~~,tlaa a ",a'!' f:tdlm l1:li~ 't-QiW\a;~rds 'r~re S:~:~., Tlbe :r~j~~Oleel tllJ!r:mi~d D:~Ma\,' 'ljgWlt~"., '!!if!lrl:!ll\~ '~",s; lPl.,'tI!m.,eU~a,g' t.o i,'t)~ ,d'.el,'th. iJm·tJ~' \t~.,e S'~f1i 'below Le K1;spe.opl·e 'W\fttt'te: rae'~ui!t,

..... ZlUi W{~il;$!:J!, :b!ij(~<t ~, as, hie l;oo;Ked, 'Du~t I I'd,s 'gl'l:, [I;.t!, ¥.;i· meet, :b;i' ra .!iil~,lal:' s'J'·[9,te:1n 't!:i;at;, baa: bee,'Q, :t@i.'~Talge'4 and df!ciJnlti,t.ed ~ ~ililJe, ~'I;:r:' lel't ;t~s; :m~Jr,k} Q:1l: 't:l,e :~t1'IIS '!II~nd: :p,lan.at:S' 0':£ AR1JIX'" ~,e! ~l.l,~le:Si·."

'~.' '~.' ftc n.-;::~ !tu. ,i! • 'il!Iiii, .... :_. ~iii;:"",~~: j,"!P..,~.- '~, 'iIIii."~:l- i ,!!i;;~' S--"iili'o:i".· :a-;ibi"'I.~ ~ \:j;,.II>'.!Plll I. ,~. M'iIiIi!"e: 1'Ii:;I!o;I }.~ .j"'. ~ .;lii~ iiIii,,"_.'ijIt' ..... rlii;iiijii;I,tiil.ii!,~i

~_J~~j_ ~~]~~,~ g~J~.U ;~fJ]~t ~~ g~ .--f.IIi,~~~]~ 4.!:_]l~~~ ~ l"'j~~ ~1IJ!ii-~ ~,~~j"iIj U.r'YI'~J·;II[~,",J

....... if:l~ ~e,e:.L~'.~b'lll'u _L~'iIi:", .... -\.e;.'I"'i.JiII'O;Iii~_~'i 'Q';I!jo,,,,,".~. - .

~= Jr'W lIr~'g'r:~ ~ ~ uiLI'e.if ~~ ~ ~.~ y,t-lji. ~_U£.~· o_iQ!!i~ ..

Lo:rGJ .&-,:111 l~,;H);~;·e-d rliirt ·t~~Je ·tr,a!1 of :z:ubb·l,'ji! ~e}t:w:eel!Jj,DJ;-,U", ·t,Jbr(!j red pla;ne;t a~:aa :t1'be gllaJA't, wo.:J:JtaJ G~,:€ IlI&It~_i,,",Uii

!!:r__S" ~IA', no m.~~:e :!. en,!"!: 't'lle '~9nj~e ~ !lJct,o.lI,ett8·~':ft~ided:~


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.I.h.e S;u c[ce;5 S 0 f tb e (Je'n,e,!) i ,5 s cie n tis t,5 1 i f"t,ed ,t he; K i n:9 "s 5 ~ i r i 1It:s ,ii H~ i.mmed 1 ~ be l.'y 'c,rd~'red tn.@ eons t ruc't i on. I() f ,p 1,a~'ge; :rnJonument", ,a, 'palac'E!l i' to oommem(),I;:',at!e the lQ:~t,al fa"ll[iI5!ln 'W,arr lor,s ,o,t. 0::I:,1)1j' 4' It 'wau ld a,I so be it :!J!Q~u;llen't 'to':h 1 S i,ta t:tU!'r,' a,no h.1:5i gr.,a,n.d:f,'ather,., :11::1:, t.he "~,ll o,E AL-·,ALi=11 '(Va,lrha,llaJ on, 'the world, r.ee,o,rn.,i:li-'t r lie: ted ~' the·y 'WQuld be hono~~d ~ ~,eV"e,:t' t.o b~ .f ~'.:rgot.'t e n ~,

For a t i:me j .t; be ,d,e.s t, r"l,li'(:: t.1 0':0 0 f tm@' AR a nO. i t .. s ~'It!U-:' 'e s co,r·t al'P,ng' 'w'i-t;b 'th'e q'1l:l1c'~ set zUX"e of' the tUrn th P,a,ss'~ge:,way a:nd i t:s QU.t:posts; held 'the 'G·l'~,at. ,Y-U ,8, t. ba.'y' ~ The ,srtroe:rl'gth ,c·f' :z,U";,-,·z,u

'-- ~

·a:n[!l3l ill,s .brill1an[t 'w·ar ta,c't .. i,[cs b,ad $ul'·p,r.l.s@d th,e ASA.-'R:U .. Kin,!

a neli 11 i:51 m i ,I i 't,a.r y {[c'ree,s.. It wou.l d t,a ~,e ·t i me 'to, ,re-'eva :tua t;e ;, to plan for another attact~

[r-:t~ fa Th-eoqon'y"~' ~ .. ' G~[€ ex, 't,e: ie 0 f " oi"cf~' ' .. re l~, 6e~!(' t:Jfe--' 'ta fe· of :Z,eus: -(' SU-ZU.~ a'no. the Olym.pu:s Gods, I[ AL-,M.BAHU-.z,i[J' ~ho batel~ ag~1nst th@ Olden God~ 6f Mount Ot~,r~$~ (. O,S: I R.:I S o:r S:l',R I US ]1

1'lbQ: 1heo.gony re vea.1 s :It.h.!! ,t 'w-he n. .z.'E!'U S WEH::Il t tOI 'w',a, r 'w[i t.h th e 01 a,en ,God s , Ty. phon ,I' a 'i I'ea t and :h Ji de OtU~ man ,5 't,[e~ r t .as sent by the 01~en Gods'to destzoy gRUS:

"'Wh[en. g,e'ii:J.5 v~nq'!lisn,ed (:"f'ypil.o':n,)., (Ty:plhon ,) 'w,a:s, it':'iul"l@,CI ,down, ,a c'r 1 p~l'ed: "':reck,~ Tbe .h~q,e [ear th qr.o.a,n.ed" A q.:raa t pa:r t 'o.f' h u~e: e:arth wa 5 s,corc'ned blY the~ te,rr i =

ble 'valPO,r ,. m,el t1n;9i as· ti.!'iIl m~,,:at ts. ~ 'OJ .. In t.h~' 91.ow· of a.

b 1 a:; i n:9i ,f l re a.i G: th,e e·a,r·t.ll mel t, d,own~, U'

trY',P:H'ONi was: a n~:(Irn:e lOt' ,~h@: Aft" 'Qf" :A:N ... 'l1' ~J,

.Su 't ~ i D'g1 ,ZU,,... 2HJ' kne~ th .1. s C\.~ifUJ .. d DQ't .:w..~.:s t :f OX·'E!:'ve.r .;,'

Kiilil9 M-U h,!;!i,(!! sU:'f:fra':rl$d. m~ch ~ He '",,'O~ld InO;t. remail~ 'q'~iet; ~ no t f'Q:r;" 1 CH19' .' AN -U bad: a u f f'Eu:,ed: ~e:r·son,l!, 1 a.-t ta.c kana .1 n j u:r'y ;, he h,,a. d lOIs: it his· ... Fl ag.s hip' ,~:n ~ CQi.,ilP t a It@ ·-ov,~.:t;,. ·a nd he bad lQ',~rt. ,a, se,con.d Death Pla'net tn ba ttle~, zo'-·au haUl e,a'u's,e[~ ,m'i!l'Ch, dama'ge ,and 10'5'S to ,kif -u [!i' and he: b.a.,d ta'ke n ,a W8iY 8i ,ke:y ,e 1 eJr!l@nt. of 't.hei :bp.i:r,e '. s be lid ·om the· tH. n:l:b Pas:sa:gew,ay .~, ,JLN ... ·u wou..ld, be unCle,rstandah.ly' ,!angry ~ .His Bm\pll.:re had: bee:1'.iI 'c':ha .. l.ll.eng,ed!

Bu t U'-II)' :had :m~'~h :mQ:r'@' at 8'bake' ~ t.be f\tt.~r@ C) f the: Ninth p'~ :S,iS,age!w~Y' 'wet,s 8;t risk." as 'wa,;s his hoI d ,Din the~ thro:De ~, LOs.s Qf oo-td:,rQ,l ,olf the: N1n'th Pa,ssa'q-erwa.y, ,!i,y,ste~, :mJl,g:ht g'1,v:e the Wa;r Que~:riu;i of ,ARI,-AII :;r.ea SO:~, to side; .~ 1 'th ,tile R,ebel :1'1-IU ," In1nlng' [of preeiCl,us 'or.'ss and the: prod:uct,i,on o:f J1eavy me'ta 18 was, &018,t;, ez j.-tl,ea 1, ;Ii, '~he Queens, 'w,'Ould ~ot. ·tol.'@ir.!!it,e to:i S 'vi'tal .::Ii,ndu.!irtry 1.nterfe:red w,!th.~· Cl.'early 't!lie Xl:ng' WQ'u,ld ba'v-e to act 'p,lekl,. he:f'O:[IQ til:!!! UtI.-IB' Qu.ea~.si dec:',l[d.ed t,Q a,llO'w IO-ZU' ,to re:mai,f;Ij :1,n :pQW8(J:' IuS 't;h.-ety' had, pe:r.,rn1'tted hi.s, g,rand,;t'a,'theE' ,AL-AL[,~,

And tha,t - 'va,a not ,a]Ll "that, 'C()llcern,ed O'-U; Pri:tu::e BN-:LZL", 11,160 :for:eed to f'.lee~ th,8 ARIDU uY.'bem I' bad returned to s1-t, 1:n, 'Roral Court, of .A:S'A ..... lUU1. ~be pobentlal tbrea·t :he~ polled colJ)ld not be, 1.'9lI.o'r,ed, e i tber ,.' [The .lag' fac-ed da:nger [eve:rywbere .. ,

D'utt :be ;f',or.'[f3; h,e (;:'OIU 1(1. act., the· ,King' .rec',e.i ved. 'word, tiba t th.e ,22,

~ i~,~, ~ eOQ;ld ~~, 't;t'lL'S K~gr ,r~e.:1!.,~ect W~~· :tll~t t;~, ,SSS:-~ Oru,~,efis '~~Ult~Q h ,i, s p~le,S,e noe in, tbe, A!ll:,=.jU~l :Pa la,c,e ,~ !h1 ~ "'or~ led AN ... '[f.. I',e :knew tifui[ey wou ld dle:m~nd ~,n ,i!![(:lQo~'n't ,i:~g' ," ll;L,G de fea t a'l;. 't:,h,e h,arild s; ,Q f t,~'e ~\e~be 1 Lo,rd, M-' :G;U' :n.e@th~d 'to ,ha'~[~, a I'e SQ,J[, u.'t;.i on, ,~,od ,a, :r~:c'en,:n;:,:s,~ f,o 1';" a, 1 I ,e'V,:t..a ti 0[11 •

M-,:IJ pre ~ en ~ed h i,flu;;,e 1 f be f'o~~ 't:h,~ OijJe,e~n~: [~ a pllt,n, f o~ 'the

coun t,e:r'=,ij]:1; it a,ct. Ib.a,d: been, d,t': Q ~m u:p by hi:5 VAX C'O\f.IUna"nae:,m;'!Sl ", Th.'~

a ~qulJt)e:n:t f'or i;mrnl~:d 1, a.'t~ ~(::t. i,C),n ~,~emed [obi\!' i ous t.e him~,

, 'r:b~ ,JUt! -,~~;~J Ou'e~'!ri~ ~ 1. i:6' t.e nl~.dl In, ~,:l1le nc'~: ~ s ,0 -JJ s poke ,~ I." .111:5; 'word:s 'war~ hili,s, a,r'~=p;Ul!lefrtrs, :f'Q;r; t,h,e cOD't,i:mlanc,e of ;a,,$,sa,ul ts U pom, t ~4le reb<L2'11 icn:ts -s ta r ~ "S te:im:.. (l!n (:Qt~p,l ~ t!1 on 0 f hi:5 t; ~ 1 k ;' M-~: fel:t con:f'id.'e~:rl:t ~e :ha,a Dl!~,ule' ,hi;S) IjJQiin't ~

1\,$; h,e ~~.'t .(I,QoWn, ~~~ t I!,l.r:n.eal ~to ~ee: th'8 eh~m~~r dQ~r s o:pen"" 'ro, ,h i. s cd 1 :9i]l'l~ r if til ~ :;r',ebe 1 K.i. iI:lg' 310= 20 ,elnJ't[~r@d 't,he [Co~ ~ t ,~ AR'"' U S t o1Od t.e pro/t,e s t 'bU'I.: w,as c"o1i'!Rila;~,d@lo, t.o 5,1, 'I;: qu :te t.1 'I ~,

,A,s t n e '!lll ps ta r t Rebe! 1 s p[ot,e' t!O t h@ 01:,li'~ ens ,r AH'- U [~o1ll1 d. ne 'I;:,

l7'(i!'!i!lod;.1 n s e SI, t ed .. Le,a;p,1 n9' t[l!j, his fee II;; * he \'i!'~ .. ~ ~,9 a i n, @,,~der:@:~ ,to

s i 'I:. d,o~n 'il

King tU-IU roade hi~ pos1tiQn cl~ar~ He was the riqh~fYl ~ 1, :119' O'E ,M,I:PU ,ana t h'e 'p~0'Pl'~ 'W'[~ n t'ed :Ii im ~ The' ,S"JI s te m ]~~d ncr!;, lJe,~n (h~:.$t;roy~'Cl~l p.t'odt~,et.1Qn 'of ID~t,~,:t~; ,~nd ,t:~u~ ~,t1PP 1 Y of' v,i tal. rnl",~f"~l:s ,ooluJ!..d con .. tin.lu:!: ~ T'he a"!rIE:;N!~e:nt wi th ,his G:lt"'~ndfath,~:r 'W'e;g,,n; d be £'u l' ,f llle:d ~ Aft,.. Z~ wo~ Id hCH10r .e'.,r'! ,i.e'if p-':rel~~!Ji S,~:$ ~ ",' '!E b~ t liIJ!THO'lJif the p'rE):'Su~;roc~ Qf' ,_'-u,~

,1\:5 he: f in,! :9;t.u~d , K1tili9' so"", ZU :s,~.'t dow~,~

''fhe Qu ee'n ~ d 1!i1l, n,(jtt;, s;pe,aJ.;:, a, wOtrd 'oO I:u'lt a f' t,er. ,GjJ Jiit'ome~n t, t' a,n,

Elde'r' (;l'UiE'.i,e:fiIl ~t~lii)d 'i;Wp ii' :H~',~ '~Ql,~ds, ~er.~ ~,'te;f"n". 1'h~: if,:'i v,it war if ~reqa,rtdl ~::S S ,c,f' 'e~u,s:@ ,t, h,a;(i ,ea,~ sod thr~: [d@,~ ,t::f~c't i-Oi'ih ,of TI1tM1kT", ,~, '~r<!l,d ICrlUl'~i,a 1 'to tb,e AJ:tIDD " ASA ... :[IRR, [;a ~d ,"'U:-,ul ERi;~ 1 ~',es .. [T,be: 1 ,ili v\e,~ 'of mi 1.1 i ons bad: :been. tl'u=e~~t,erued I! eeun t l,e,s 5 wa,:r;,r i or,~, ~,f be. tn 5 y 5 t,e';Im\~, had, d .. ~,~~, iii

'!'h.'~, :l8S:","T 'Qtwe~:f;iii;~, d;f.:ma r:.ided tb~~ 'ce,i!\i ~,a:t i[~n, [o~f ho~,t 11 i 'l~,i Ell'S: 1 Th~~~ wo~.llld b~ ne 'f'tf;'til.'e~ a~I~·t,~uc't,I:~n .. !, T~,e at'9rl"~,~~llt,i61 w':Ji .. th K i~g' R, ... ,AL", ,1,~ 'th,'~' g~.1 ~e tO"f It! 1:"" :11:-2,0, ~~14, ,~o~ t :1.inue:,~ ~b,o

'wa;~ 'w,a;~, OiV~:r.! "

To the h~r~o,E' ,of K:ing AH'""U, 't.ile Rabel wOiuld be iP'er,mi't't,~d t~ l,ji.v,e,,~ IOllce ,aqa,in f & RQiyal, mem'be:r ',""f tbe HlO\'i,S,e of AiL,...AL ..... II]' h3~, t;hw'art~a h1~ i

K,1~9 AR,~1JI1 ~\tIs ,fwr',~llimS,,.. fti:iIil: h,~: 'wo~la nOlt, 'p@r,mi t; ~ 'l.he~~' VOlt!d ,eOi~e: ,is lt1ar " il'i'iei VQw'eldl", Wtiie. 'tJj;e: :solaE' s;y:sitem W'OU!,t! be, ,n 'p.,~:t"'t; o'f tbe ,AD' ... :R:R1l ~W!"l,i:~~ ,a',ail1J'i-

And ~o ., ,~ ;0 the IGoldiu'Jj I~~ ~,f Zu- SO: 'W'O~ ld ,f'loYl",1 ~b , 1 f lOifil J :f@iJ:' a, sno'c"t:, it; .. ime,.

Tn e t.a 1 e.:S '~f t h@ W'O rId und e r. t hEI Ii a.nd clf K 1~, Z.tJ - .zu 'w'e r e 'many~, 'flh.cn,l:9:t~· a .savio'l' to, ills pe·Q.p:l:e" h'e· was· s t.i 11 a ~in91 .... ,~ a rrud :5 u:Oj e c·t: ·to arb.1 't;; t',8.ry wh!l~ 5, ~ 8 t i 11 ·t h.ltJNg':s ~l~f:t' e "t~ell;.

But the tat~~ .auld once again jnt~Ef~re with the f~tnEe 'o:f th.e ARli DO :$ ol,~~ 5,'!rI"5 'tern ..

~bortl, after th~ conf~ontatian In tbe SSS-T Palaee~ tbe HI .... AN Que~~,s wo~l1d fin.d the{~!lSelltv~s f~.(:i~g' t~l~ loomi.ngr sp@·Gtl",e Q f wa r:: w 1I1 th ,an ,aq~'s -0 :td e:nemr ~ IUln:li: Ql17·t Wi:n.:8J tel y f o·r :ZU!=·.r,: I)' ,. t.b~ t~rre·~t came f ~om a :nlf)'~·g·.hbo~·i.n9 s't:.taJr SY5,'t:'e~~~ mot 'f,a'l" froml hi ~ ARIDIlJ' s:clJlar .S,Y5,t~·rnl.

l\ld'~'1.sed of tih,~' 'tlu"ela't,eni ":91 :sit.ua.'tien, AN-U ~,ecQ9'ni2ed a,n.

QIPPO':1Il" t'ilJ fiIl:1 ,t.y t.o' ,l'er!i!1!Ov"e 1: be Re.b,e 1 f:t<Dm :POWE; r iii ,A PPl:"Oa c:hl"ng' th;B H.ll iIii\AN QliiJ ee ns ~ King ,M ... U roadie an a,rg U;1tI;Brt t ~f oir' 't; h~ ~'emG:v,jJ 1 ,g'if' 't;_h ~ 'you n:g1 K 1 n'~ ,:3 [1'= ,Z rJ ~ 'fh & 'N: 1 n th fa s s a q'(i!'wa 'I 'w';a:5, v i t~ 1 'tQ '~b,e ARI -,AN EiiIiI pdt ,re "" ZU - 2'0 ji 1 ~ h 1,~ Lambl t lo n ,to ~x p~ nd h.i s, ,~mpl rc6:' ," iIiD 19m t bEll' 'S'W,3 f,ed It:~, ~,ct;;,e'!l e ,s,u pport f',t'o~ii!l '&be ve~ "I' s a:l!!l@ ~ [1JJ@m.i ~,~ who· ,t tu:;,"e,a 'te~le.d 'tiO lba 't, 't, 1 e a.g a i _n,s:t; thE' ,S:S;S -!if ~Ig,ee n is "

:m f :Z1U-:Z,~ .ha d. re be ll'ed a gi,a i ns t 'th e ASA- RD Elrnlpd: llE:! W'IT~OIJ''!r.J aid, 'w:hy 'W<JlUld 'h'E!: IliN.'lt !:Ie:be 1 a,gai.n:st th,e S,SS:-T IOtu::~Jen M~TH 'the ~jtl'PlPo:t t g"f AlRI .... ,M ,e'nle'm;1 es ?

T~e' ARI -,M an eens paliJ ~@d , and ,ilIq~,~~d;" fho'y 'Wo~ Id, a,~'s.lii., 5, t t11e ASA~RRR, KJ .. :ng in ~ i '8, :E'@'turm 't,o, the :11[1, in'th P~uls,a9l@!w,a'::!f' ~,Ql~,jf S:"'5i It em 't,CI :s ~bd:lIle; K i in,'g ,IU .... ZU' ii, Lord K.ii:neg ,M"...,IlJ' w'_s e loa: ted ,! I'n thi~ yenture~ he wo~l~ mot fail~ This tlm~~ the ~ar armad~5 of both t.be S SS--."f a ndi t h,e ,ltSA- R$R, :ern,p,j!,l."~~' 'WO\llld j 'I;) i'~ fQJrce:~'! By marsha ll.i.ng' ,t()~'E1!tb,e~' h 16, :s,tar--sh[p's ana, War,r, !o:t.s alon;gi's"ide' 'th e for eel's '0 f . tJiI@ S,BS ... "f 'Quee,;n s , ,M',~U had as 5,elmb 1. ed aD ,armada su en !a,,~ ~,ad. o.i;!!Ve,!' be e n ,5 sen, 'be,f C),r.e !O

The' S k ie:s p,l the ,!j;lR:IAN 'w,o'r ld~, we re, :f tIled wi 't; III W'a,r slhJi.p;s

ana; S:tarsn,ip,5,., ''the ,A SA,' ... RRR. ~eo:ple I;" the ,ASA ..... RR ... .g r cbeer.ed. as

'tbel 'Klng' 1!i:5 ,m.iLgb t,y a rm'y 'me,de :;read.y i:t.:s: depal"tu,re 'I

V~: ....... ~':ru wa·s· 'w'r ~ t- 'ten 1-"" t'h-- ,...... i,.'e'av"""""rI,''''' II

,_. ~j"llil!J~'IIiI!'!' J'" £.... ~ '_,._. _' , Ii .. , 1_," _~ .hllL.. l '.:iii'.Hlj~ III!!!.

Lo,r;d, :ik'l'ng IU ~ZU v,a,B tJol d t]};!!. t lEt, d:il:plama'tic en tourag\e, was on Its v'a,:y bo !his, 501,.:[, ,&;ys,'t;em ,K:i,D.9'dom~ D,l' 'thel 'tflme :he 'w.as 'tOI l;ear.n Cl,t the t,~,i,'c'k~r'" it would 'be tOQ .!I.,a/tle II! tCl'oa;kJe.d, B;lld ,1'11, ,si lance.. 'Ute a~mill41A 0(( Wa~s'tljlpis: ,arr.,j;¥ed, at, the ouber· edge of 'tbel DIDO' s'r,s:t;em befol"ie! 'tbep" 'we~8 detecte(l'i!! ~nl,B 1IIl:li,stake WQull,a pt:':O'~' to be f~i't_al 'bO 'th.e, X.ln." ,.n,d hIs y'eliJDg EmiPl~el .. '

The ba.:t,t, le W'ai,S qu,l~lC and QBiCi si ve· ..

The invasion forces pour€d into th~ $ol~r syst@m~ 7KIKI ,a,:nJd. BEB ,f'.c:n;-c1e 5 Q:f AA- SU 'w'~~:~'€I: 'Qve:rwh~' Jl med, by th@ S h,ee~r:' n.ti,n;:be'~ of' ASA~R:RR, .Q.fu3 ARI,-·,M' 'w'a rS h i P'$. .. lill s,bo;('t t,,:l.f.j1il3! " the i:ntva.s i on ,fo:roe~ ~urroul'ilded the Wa:r Pl~,net" 8:ut t:b~ 'Q.ro,er's of ~,tt.acklf i:9 s,~l€!id by ,K i Iii" ,M ~ (J I: Id id QQ't ,a, 1 i ow f'ol" p~'i aene rs fI D:AI,=MrJ wa: S to suffer total ~~nihilatio~~ The Sta~fiqbter5 we~e furlQ~S in 1.: he ,1.r Id~,c i rna, t Lon ,o,t' eve ryt.h 1 ng Q~ til e - sur. f a,~e Q t.' DAK-tlU .. T.h.€!I ,f 1 reb.a 11 ,$ ,or ea'ced by' t he~ m..i :5:,$ i 1, e s -t r,;i ke'~; :~e-d y,c.ed e:vet' '1- 't,:h i. ng' " inc ,]; u;d! D'g S t.one bu ,11 d.1 n:g S I t,o, c. i ode r-s a nd, ai, S ~ .. F'i m,ll, 1 ~trike,s w,i th tbe d'B,$·t:!f'il~'t,i v,~: b@a;rn,3, Qf" ,11gh.'l:, and the' ,s,e,ar',ii:ng' heaJt beamliS y',a~,,:tlzed 'eV'eI':'y't,hi~9' th.at X"emaltned'ii W:r.a'l: w,a,5 noe b.1,o~~ ,~,:pcl'rt" wa's :tJu:r'ned and R'Ile 1 t ed be'y'ond r'@cog'n.1 ,t ,ion ~,


, 25



rv .. . .

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".::. : .... r I '1 .

This Pa.ge Appea.rs To Be ,Missing

Th'E=, s,t:,a 1:"5 h i P. 0 i ,'cr j" iilce' Eli. mOive,1/l slow II '~' Ov"s,r 'the, 1 ~,~d! '"

l~e e'xam,iJJleitl, - tlle ~,uW',fa~,~ ,c',a"re,fuI 1,~, 'Eno'r:mo1!JS gJlacial ice ~,h-e'e: t~, b.l ~'nf<.e t ed mQS t; 0'( th.e' 'opp~~' en,d. ,]_Qwne~r h.em! 5 p,ll e r,e~;s " an ,e,q~~.'tOi"'i,~,l ~rt.~'i.p w,a~: t:.hi'a' on.] 'f Ipa::f't, ][~:;ft U(;lft.,~,uC'bed. ..

'Tbe! Pr. i nc:e !'Jnd hi 5, C'l'e'W h,a;,d a,naJl y-z,@d th:~ ,d,;a, t,a e ~ r@~,fu 11 't~, the 1 ;a,n:d i, D9' ;~ i 9h.'1I: had al t'e'Lu2y bee:f.'i; $,e 1 iEMi.'te d ,~ AS 'thE' P :r,i nee eme::t;'g'ecl a:nd ~,Mri3J:L'[iJin~,d t.he Q:r~~; " 't;,hJe f,oi)Q,r-.aJ,s ()!:f' ~is f'a,the,r, II! K!.ng M,- U' t W'e.::r.e' c1 @a r -e :R'e~bu i 1 d 1t,f.H?; dev,a,~ t~ t ~ (a, ~ y~ t e:t1!i .r ,h,~ ,o.r(j,eiL~d P 1"7.1. DC e ,1Ei'A,.

':F:h e de 5 true t l;~,n ,o,£' it; he 'Woo,rld ,to) f ,Z,(I .... ,z:o :n gd 'bee n compl'E!ft,'i! 'II The P l.,atn~ 't, o:f :Red S~ nd:s wa s ::r@d,t1~le:d, 't,o [illllJls't; and 17 ubbl E: ,. ,li\JL 1 't.~',a,c[~$ 'of 1i f,e 'W'f!j,f'@ ,de:~rt['lc',ed '" '~'i t:h,'ou.'t 1 i,f'e and pl,artts iii the, ~ tmOI$ ~Ih,e:~,e' d.i ed ,~ I e,e s.he:s t,~, f o:lrilDed :f~·,om th[~ PQl.,~ s' ~,i:mo,,;s.'t ·:t;.o, ,t t~e eq~a 't~lr ,,. D'AK>-,Mi[Ji w.ra s f r02'e,n i.'A i t's, de,~,tb"" ,A,~d,1 t.s s ,1 ~ t~'i: fl<i!\O'i: Id , DAX."",Ii,""",NjI]', bad .b ee'D ,t r,',a_n.s farmed in t,'O, a plane t @,l' ,0 r. f.d iI ,s'c'o:£',cbe'li3l 1 a nd.s ~ nd, ij,e,ad 1 r IP'Q,1 :~'~"rnO~15 !U'cel;a:n,S;~, ,MIDD '" th,IE!' once ::re-b1lJ i 1. t ~Oiflli~' ;O,t 'U'a,e :R"ebe 1 I.'flj'- :2,0:, ow'a,iS ,alt, ~:O' .dj,eva 5, ta ted ~ 'On.l Y' litO I Tlg,GAL.[&J'" ,~nO: ~,,- UAR- U' fi@Dl!0; i ~,@ldl r.'el~,t 1 v'e 1 "JI' 1 ~'ta,c 't ~

T',h~ ,P;r.ine'@' [c~[uld n.~'t, ima,g!:ne: what i:lt ,[uu .. Hrt;. h~ve bEH~J;:n lik~ 'C'i:) ba 1, n th e ~'i dd l,e 0< fit. a l! if! i.'f.t the -c'e,[1J, t,'er c,t t,n.e ba t,,!;: 1 'e s 'Oi a,EIl ~ .1. i:1<; e his ,b,lr"lO:t:h,e:r,' " :h,~.d be,a:n :If orce(], t,~ :f l.,ee ~ 1J Ii! look:ed ~'p. ,ii:n t,o t,ih'e!' h e,~ Ve'ri 5 ';' Th'~ f'r, i n.~I~: kn~w' :h.i s b,~¢'t he:t wa: ~ ,~'vl~rhlea,d., 50mewh'e,r,e" on ,ian ,ot.'b,jjt.f,n'g' ~i 1.1 t~,itr":Y, [c1r'U,1~e,r',~ h~ ~,€l~ '~p ,i!\I.l~(.!!vle", l,oo~~ i 11.'9.' Q(rf.!l~ :~,.n h.ilm, ,'" P 1t."" i ~H::e. EN ... ,L::EL W'~:5, 'Lo,rd 0 f 't,h.e J\,i:rwa'y,~,,~

:R'e -,b~,i.ld !" ,P:t" i'[N:e U. 'w,a,~, 'cl~mman,d~d '", Tbe ,P,l" i I:N::e, lo@,ked ,a, t ,the de,s t~OYE~d. wor 1 d ., ~lbe ta~:k WQu ld be. q ~,~~ t I he W~{~ 1 d mat!e :9:UX"0 tiC' f u.l,f: i I ,l b i,:$ t',~ t~l:er [I s 'o~d@r~,~, He wo~,l~, :r'o;-])~,ll-d ~ an'~ :h~ 'Wo,u,l(J, ~:st,ab! 1 .. =b a m.i fiIl,1 ny' oper~,t.i[cn,;, ,ex:tr,ae'~ i eg' v,l ta,l c're'$,

a,nd P{X\ei:c-i,!O;u~ wi ner~ l,~i .. ru.!, w'Ou.lli a r,e: bu,ill, ld, 'tht!~ pSJJlr'a,dl,s:e! w'Or'ld

from ,;"':'~..,. 'w''-''r.· ,=t..,..: ... """ l1l"i;11: ·,,[..-.,""'t "'I""'~ n"'"r'~' ~:"", ii.:-' .... , ~\!.~u' ~I ,d ,.;,:il..... .... .,;!,~ 'i'"',ih"l''''''

'_~ '~~ _ ~-~-_ ~,~-I~ ~_ g," , - " "Y1~.Ij III ~JL~,iII[I'!IJIilr. '_ -!Ii i!i!l ~ iIfiiIiI,~tI!~ r-G [IITW.GII.,~..:it' [. ,nw"§jiii .~.~' _ ~. I !{;i!!gl' D, JIl.. ~ tl... ,-. "!U;.

,more ~, ,D, ~~V'e l~d, i.n ti~~ tb~~.'qh.'t 'j

And, ~Q t,b@:lt be'gJan" Princ'@ EA, and, ,his 'volunt'ei@!~ c'r,ew;t, 'tb~ ,U'HU~A..lI ,Ii' Th:e cb~Ii$;en, 5:,1 to for th.e in,,:ttia,l compo,und ha,d lot5:

Qf \1',~rt,e:t' a:nd ,f e,r-t i 1 e :~,ol, 1 ~ :St:~,d i[e:a ,bad re~~al,~a d~:~5,1 t:~; olf p.r6:ci'Q~:5 'Q,~e'5 fax:be low ,ii' I't. v,a::!:;; 't'llMe ,logie~l 'pl,a,oo t6 beg if1il, ..

Eac~ c,f 'th,e, member,s ,o:f t;he P,E',i:n,ce,!l is ,cret.l' n.,d been cb-osen ,be~a.use 'Of hi is ,o'r he;l: - :~:lPe c;l. all 5,ki.ll:s iD'E" ,abfl,1 tie $ 'I!l ,Ea!c!h DinS: lil~ ,b@e:fal a,i$l5:1'gn~d the ::r;:,~:~k gf L~J;.\d" e~~ih ,h,~,d be~n ,r,a~.'t'~d ,a'n, ,am-o~ot ,of proper:ty' i:n, UlDU'" ,D;DI!i3, each W'~;B 91 'V'@illl a ,f,al::.: :s:har~ Qf ,f,~:t~@, :mBDletaJ:J" :re,t~Q~ :f~Qm, th,e ,DI~W' 'QQ].onlea,~

Be, ~e,war,d5 W'e,I"e: 'ge'oeli'Cn.l5, If' 'tb,e uD,g;ers co:nl,i",dier,abl,e.,

_. !fb,@ ,,r'inee: :b~d tak@D, bllS, 't,ime .1~ :Sle;lef~toio1lig' k:ll.,:S C'l"@iWI" ,the

:s,ta'k.'eI~ \W~@: :hil,q'h, '!OJ ]9JiI;,1,'t, b~ 'Was 'p'~iU\a',f tll.el\" W~~8' 9~-OO ..

;rhe f irst a,s:s,:i9~l'ntep,t 'w,B,S, 't,:he' constr'Y:c't.ion, of the base of A~~~at"I~~~ ~L~ ~o'mno'~~:nd~ ~'o~~ld'~ ~B built ~n ~t'on~ natur~llv

~~~ ~ "_ , ~ '_ V~J~ ~l 'II' ~ "I,~ II!.I ~ t"- ... l!l..lil[ ; , '111.1'.' L~ . J U",.: '. I __ " '.~", ~,J ~ ~,. '.~', ,. I ._- . ....:_, _,~. . ~.

du:r~bl,a a:nd re8J[di 1y' a'V'a.il..a.bl,e.. Bu't. as 'It:,he AI~I:rUJNJII,'K'I be9~t' to :5Eft 'y,' the, C'U'lt:t; ,1ng' - II i'g'b t $: ~,nd sOiJlajn,d ea :t"I:"ier's Ii' t be: gen[era t,o,r,s ce,a sed to QP~,~',a t,@ '", The: na t g,r a 1. ,en,e"r'9Y 'gr 1"d 1.1 D[es o,f ene,["'gl'y ~ 'OQmmo~ to ~,ll wQ:r'.]Ld,s,,1!' ~er'e' f'1~c't:;u~.t,in.9 w'ild,1.y en 'the: p,jl.an:et, ~ The [! Great ceri 1,5.10n.' f t,b'e ~v,ent 'w'h"ich. had. c~,~,~,~ .. ~~ '~'~~'._ ~orld the "J' s toed on ,II' had c'a,'U3@d, t.h e 1, nn'er [core to, be,eQm@ un.s ta bl e" t hu $ (:,fji U S i. ng' ~ 'eons ta!D t, 'w'a, iY'e l".;i,:rng ,of l~,he e:ne:rg:y' 1 i ne:s •

;;1 To, proch.:! ce ,a, s t,a,b m e .s u,ppl Y' o:f P-OWIIE::,["" ,P r 1. [lee ,RA locl;i, t,ed: ,a

point ~here six energy lines naturally in~ersected~ He~e on tl~H;!' inft'e,r.sect ion,: t,he ~ P,r.in,ee ere!c'ted a .1~,:I'"g,e B~[e:r[gy ,"ou~e~, a ,f'Q ~'u:S11 n'g ,c@'nlt,err w.h i eh 'W'OiU ld '@itlt zac t s u f fie lent, e o [I! '1;' !i.U!' to, run, t hre cOQ s.'1;; r:o'c it i on [eql!ll.i p,me''Il t ~ :powe r 'c rys It a;,l S::I' spe'c: i a 11 Y' 9:~wn, fOr j 'u S t s Itl,~h a, p;u.::iiP;o:~'e: " we :~'e pl ace :1 n t:Jj[e Efi'B,:t'g"l Cha mbe'r's ~,

"h'e El~ ~ t'g'y' Henl,S'@ ''W'O!Illl d ;a, 1 so hol. d t.h e, Re!,~,an i:m,a t: :i on c@ 0 te:r within its walls~ Fatally injured technlc~a~s must be taken ~~ r~ ,0 f i mmed i,a te: 1 'Ij f P::c.1:n c,~ EA CQ'Ij] 1 d not ,a, f ford 't,o 1'0 s,e e:ve n one of his cacefuliy chosen crew~

A~ t~,e dr,~'~,d,@d; D'-K 'w'ere ~ ,Des,tro[y[e;,rs, o,f Li f'e,-.', ,SQ 'thle

[i - f - f ~ i

,ANUU~AKlm_-w~iE!:J:"~_--_-~n~'~.i'I' ~,:s f.,he it=,n, th,e [(;1 \",ers Q L~,~e-

And,,, oe:c,.a U se the! i r re'gru 1 a r 1:"/' pu 1 s a t"inq e.neI"9Y' I i n~,:s ma d'i?J s: t,~ r s hip 1 n 5: ,t rumen t S l!J:n re 1 i a bl e " th e, Enerqy H',c:Y"S e wi;I, s bu,j. 1 t with four highly reflective triangular sides that ~llo~ed an aerial o~lentatjon tor pl1ot$ high above.

s' :JI"ow 1 'Y' t,ne' 'poW!'E! r !,-',r,ob 1 em,s, beg',an t,o be: res'ol v'eo ~, ~il t, :f Q r m:u.en 'o,f th e t :t,:m,e , p'o~er' a fU'J'ma 1 i [e:s ,made: prcqre s s d iff i eu 1 tin. eV'ell"Y as pe e t Q:f t,h.'~ '~11 n,t n,9' and. cons truc't:; lo,n proj' E:ct S, ~ Pi e ld, techrtle'l.!ns we,re ,fo',rc@d, "t .. o pe,~·t'Qr.m 'Uln.e:x:p~c'te[d phy~i,c.!aJl. la,bo.r ee c'cmlPensa;te: for' fa,,i led equipme'nt ii' Tbe ,~AkI: ~e:re, f'e'v; 'the la:bQ~';s; :ItN~,~Y ~ Th.,e ,MNmU~XI com,p[laJin:ed, P'r.ince EA re·llayed the ~Q[l"ds to, :l(.l ng' M-'O'" burt t:he: JUi,ll!g' WO'U l:d ned!:; bear' of t,h,e'lr

p!f'ob.l[ems .. P£"odJu.'c't,iO'R WQiu,ld s t.111. ha,ve ,to In,craa,sa!:

The: AHNtDJUI' 'f',e:l1: ,o'venrorkeu, [aDd ig~'o:na I: tolley p'rote:8 ted a,nd tbl''ela tened 'to' cea,se t;he'ir 18;00£',& .. ' Pri:i,ce: B.A, pr'OlDJi.,sHed ,a:n .:i;nc',r"'8a,se Jl.n ,f"g,tflln' rQwa,~,as., GrUid,g1:n,qly" burt, 'v,l th add,i,tional X'eC:Ol!1!peDse 'prom i sed ,r t~he AlRfUltAKI ,1''EIi't:~:r:,ned, t,Q thel::r' la'bo,rs, ,I!'

C()',A:I!i,t:ru~'t,i.'OD mad mi.,nin" /'r'eoov'e!ry eE~iWS ,&w1 tcbed to, l-owe11"' oons'Wl:p;t:t'QQ. (:ut t,:j.,mq l1rgb;t:& and ,. soud wa,ve: moVMS. ,I:u't ~l,ow,e!)':' [co •• u.m,rp,t,i,o,ll _atilt lower crut'pu.'t '. Pr.od,uc;::ti.o:n 'w,a,g :s l,owed ,dO'Wn", 'ea,1JS t'ng 1.1:n,9' ,M'.... 'OOn.CUD... To, tihis a nil, , :Pr,i"nee :Q began 'the 'U:se ,of :b ea at,s of .bur,den t.,o 38::;:1 st t:be AIftnJrIHI.. proqi:"e:s,s i,n t_h[e ,o"pe'ra,t i-Q~ 61,O'w I' burt, 't'h'e,r'e wa~s, pE'Og-reS,s ..


But. in t iime 'I ·t.he: IQ·:pEn:'·,:a. t·.lQin. w·il;$l ~bl,'e to be.'gd n. ,5 e.'~di D'g t;h@: 'ga,la :sitit,i.:pmenlt.s on s ~:hedule ., :T.~~:ns~pot· t sh.i:p·:s, ll.a"na.ed. Qin ,AB:lI])I]!' a.nd de~~ilr't:;ed. w',1 t.ft [t:tlie,1 :t· vi talJ ce,r:.gQe,$·,~ Go1:d: w;a;.i$ iimroJed,ijl.il'it;.e 11

Q,~n:t back 'to, A:~JIO,,~ iD;~'n, ~ ,n,:t"":h"' ..... ..,.. n·r"""·""!; ,oil ,;,;..~~ - ,....·:>"',e··'~ !Mie'''''''e' ~e'lI'Ii ,;j;.,. ~r"'l:' ,~.'i.., ~ ',to ~~

,""o;..,",.~ , .. ~ .. "'~. ~,~ft, ~'j!' ""' .... " ,0;,." E:""" !!I1O''''''' '''"'''I'I;I ",""IL,· ,0 ''I!I!- .. &'.. ~ .. ~.II, •• II,., .-::!!,~.~I," .......

j,.he BAR_,'I'lfiPi.'D .... ,[fl' ."<>[ ...... ~ i!'I'!I::a,"'n;"""·~::r··'L~··Ii'I[ 'iO" ...... ~.,~ .._1 1""·'i·I "~J " ~'I~e:;.,... 'ih'~l["" "'''''i '1'''',;ji '.,.n; ",,'n,.d"

~,~,_l . ' __ "~ ~ y MiillljlF.lIIU!~ :~;ftAJ,,:r_~ u ~l~'.IJ;.~~l~!§;;iii[~lr-_ ~l~~ .L!l'W" .. _ Ii iii. ~\I;~~ !I.r-~". ~I£IJ~'~' Ig[llli ..

• '.' r t " I~, ,," :": '", "".' ~i' '1'.' ~:I '.~ 'V'Ijrj, 'Il'V':ii; '!i!ii, e'B"iIl'IiJI'!JI, uu·!Jij. 'Ii...., -,,". ,-. ;10 .. -. .-.'to" ,"," . - ... : .~",. . . ,~ -l"!'l '" ~,

e,!:' ra, !!;,; ,1 Ct $,'p.Jl. .. lln,,;lIl;.1i:Ii9 ~~~g[ Q,~~(t~~, !Y:ag.,~.r!: I~:O' 5,I:iI!OW ,~',!Ii..'9in;S, 0";11., ,"~.J.';.~

[Q,:n, 1. t,5 is;'.;nr·:f'a.c,e '"

Co~ S: t.r U,c't i on e r'QW'5 [campI eted 'the 5: t c'n'e [5 ,t l"'U e t 'i) r,e 5; 0 f t,h-e [~lompo:~:nd lr' ma:k i ng' 'the u~rn{ ,~,~ f~ t.if::r~~'~ t; l~~:k :~}O':J;'~' flJ(~,e a. ~-i t~ Y i!'

:::':~:~ ~.'~:~'G:~:h:~:i n."i_,~,[, ,~~~~' •. 'i ,~"n,~[,~,:n" ~',~:~ e',~:~'~[~:~ 0,; :t,b~ ",'~~m~~[;,~: r ,~:

. ~ " 9i ""~~"~ ~ ~t!L,J;, Ag _ l. C la,I t u ra..l ,B.1 0 ,1 Qg,l ~aLl ce rn. t e,r, ."" a)s f aJ S t, be CCL",:UiIlg

!t.he [~e\'nte1':'-n'i[e[ce ,of th@-t -: -~[~ ,c-t t,u ..

~.~~. ~~ ...• [ . ",~,""._ ,,' __'J__ ~ ~O~.~ ~'c~' "'~ ,~

T,h[e Pr.,i ~.ce b~d. don;e· 'weJl.l,~ t,!be 'Gt:;f,~ it AN ... ,ilJ W'~,~ p,l,e[~,sed ,~, P~i!Jl;c-e :E.A~'II s Ope:ra:t;lon. :had. all,QWled, ""~'U! -t,o, r,"et,a..:iL:n oon,t::i:olL 'Q:II t~@ ,AR:EDfJl' SQ[.1 .a i:' :s,:y';s't,@;m ~,nld. k:~e·p· b;l. s bo:1 d 0,:01 tbe' $'t,(IJ:.;J;<J,,;,trU';=·s

in t~[e P'a,;ss;a:i!'i"€iW',t1I,'it, 'Ei"liil, k"'I~1 "'!":~I .... :~",,:q~[e. ',f!: :L\..!~:v.'~""";i1u:l 't.b'B ,~·,x'r'lie'I"", ... :,,::!i;,:l:'~ ,;Fr;,ij'lIS,

~ " .~ - -l/J'!I ~J !ILluY ~¥l~~~'~Y .. U ~~j.-./i' ¥.L.~ -- _ ~~ _ ~~-,~' _ ~"-~'~~~!lI!I!-

[01 f b ,1 ,5· t a tJu~:r .. M'i:Sl taJt,'EUi"iJ t,;s a ,$, a Gen,e sis, ~lia.s.'t e r h,~,d: ,bee:r~i p-u:,t

to the ~~st and had e~e~ded the task~ .

'TIAMAT' W~,,~ it""e ... ,bo,r'rI [

:K,1 neg ,A'N'= iij i ~JTHii!id,i a 'te:ly ,$,Ii;l,llt. ,~, 10,.1 ,s,P"al,'[;ch ~ !. Ol,[Ql ,OI:DU 'i,; 't,h.'e'

[! ..... """rnii'"li~.'I,~ ..... ~,..ii 'p." ?1,a.[ .... :6 ![ ., ,'~~,~I.;i5. [a,n-"~ [I ,! 'D<n:If~llii II.. ":ikl[;o'!,, ~ '~'i";B:l:"~:!!iol'~~,.c.,A' [1'!I['lII,ro!i;r- '1_

~~ll!lll!~:~'Wl. ~~ [ ,;,W;" _ ~~ ., L~·gll!1P.li Y.J!r;;:[i.I,g'!IIi!' ,~_~U ~ '~,~;~~. Ib~I~'~ __ ~''''~U' r, ~,g.~e .. ~

[WaS a"l i ve ill No ,()!lte~ 'w:()·uld. eiv'[er [doul)t. this PQW'@t" ~ 't.~,a :m,1,g:h t ,CI:~d '!jJlenqBi nee o.f· t,b.e ,ASA, ... :1UtR Kl,n.g ,:a.ga.l n. :!: T,~[e :nallrnie [o:f 't~b[e QolQ'D;J'

w,....;I~l[A """e"·· 'v .... '''Ie ""1 ""'O!II;'m'': ..... A·-.".e, .-.~-= A ;:;. ~'"'''''''''o'''''oI: i:"illt'i' 'It"·[ .... ] ',...,...''I!il\ ....... ·e" '"""''''1'0''' ,~,.-..J'I~'"Jh" ,~,

. 'Vl~ ,"_ . U riiiiill'· -e- l~ '!liiI.~ [~ ,~'~I __ ~ ~l~}ye~ (iIi,nY.. g. W~~~!IJ~, ~~'~ ~,~ 1~,IJ~',sJ ~~l~.~l Wl.;~"·~ ~ uU':".;I!J [, "'".

,iio,. ......... 'io.l .... -1111 oiCi;,""'O'-=' ."",F R'i'ipiC;.,S-·'" ~ ..... '"0" ..... ·b··e m';;: i!'!I!ilkt"~ '0:-- If: ,;j;;"k1e" ,;o'.;''''''',o'r::.f:;. :aUI i'l~ t

~,_.. '_'\lj~~I" ~ ~'~']~''''"2-''!'!;;:: ~~, '~j y~j, .. ~'~I!\J.!'[ , ! ~'[ I' .: . _~'i_l~~J.L.l I ·····1 ~lll~· .. : ~~J ~if.i:!I,~. ~?!Ij~LU ~

'F'b;t:j, JI'" "A, "~' 'a IU' l:Ii' "" ''iiI .~ ']1 ~ 'b "" "- 'C'n"IlnU' ~,

.~, .. g. :.,,,:,a[ny. O'~, ,~,,,,,V WQU.I.,iYj ,iI :W,D'y!5i ,.e \I,pon. ~~.~.I,~

'F";'o.".··ml~· 'it;'!R-;r;"["I;[~~ ,""' ..... , .... ,... ,jo;'ke ';'_;'.iI'"'i"""~~,"" '~' ......... ' ·'!C:"Ji.'C!·~U... CE";: ...... ~loI:Io l ~.::;.-;...m-: ~,n , '""

,.IIir. .-' JG... '. ~ I~V ~~~_I.rIlJ.!I;; '~~~I... . ~-!\.II1~, U,~ ~ ~~ ~~_~ ~ ,I1IJ !I' . '.I~ y...;;;: 'II. ~~,,, .~ .-Y~~ II ",I

EiRDA ,. 01 ~ 'M)' '"n ~ ~ "~"" " "' '" 'T~. AI",,", I '1" "" ':II " "~,- " ''I. " ", . .iiI" t"" '10. ~

" " ,' .. ,,~, !\ I~:__ y. '.i~ l. '9 ~ ~ ~e~:rman, I ;: ~ OI:'ii;.u,.; [\,ce,,£,,a,ny,l, C i ; ,;h,;;&:', 17', l,!,;La.

'( i"'-"_"h"' ,'" .,... J .. " - ".::11' (~." -..: . ~c ... ) iI '~,. "h"' r "'~d' ·~r.l· ~. ,"ii ,~, iii.. iii

,[v ~C)~ ,"1."[';; [I'~f . _Q,ru, ~ ,;ai.l.:a.:n,.:-._~,~,~) i .l!i:i.!t"'_'b; ;JB: \,M,.]." lli..l:"c[9 ,~l'lig,.[Ii.,~:S~I.:'1

P,r"in:(:'6 ,n '~,a5 a,:s,s.i,g:med~ 'the: -t,1.tle' :EN',,,.,,Glt:,, "'~Lo:[ld, 'O,f' :!ERIDU!! ~ ':r:be d!@v,as'ta ted; wo[:;r; l.d 'Wta,,$ tai, ,1.,I'\I";1.o;g :p',l,~,~>e ag',a.i n, !. ,&\ [Q'[!),l':'e £"0.11.),' ma'l1,i, p!tli,l,a t~ed ,a.ll.d en9",1, nJeere,dj ,a:n i:m:aJL ,!lrDld. '1'.1 ant. 11 :f'e fo,rmS: tJu;d';.

,00'1l1 11. d [~ndi'Iii;''i''A '~i 'F:!! '~~'''''I ~ ~;'r"" , :L ""'n''''''''~i "r'"'o" riRn'iI'"~' .,~.ili P-" ,....,'~i ""'l ...... ""' ..... ~I .. ..:.; :-"'11"' ,.., p"""Oie"jA

'" .~".~ '"" .. ~ ... '"" " '"",,,,4-. ""'", ~ ,.,~. ~!U,!!IO; ,~!lilg" ~,I, '!I;;." Y .... , "" "",I L"I'I~I!;\lOiII,I,", !IOIO,.,.u . "'!J"'"o;I! ",","iIi/!;O!''!O;II,~ 11,10," !Ii.;,.&" """'~" .'!U~

""I,,!!it:..... ~'~ ,.."~,,.,. n'I .... n' .... ',., . 'Ii;""';m!""l~~t"iiii,;,e' ·"·r.·'~ , ... ~ '",,"~I!!ir.i:i;"~ 'iIIo: ~.rc'''''''';I'.:i:: '~~ "l~ I!!il ,oIi 'iIio'!iI!I' b"· .. ··;iI!i rI',i!IIl"I"il . t' ',"""'[

g ~ ~ ~L~ ~ ~I,I!I; ~·~'~l.".)~l ~I ~l ,~."S-- . _ ~ ~r~~' .. '. ~ ,~~ ~f~,~g~ lIS- ~,~,lJiIJ,~,,~~1 ~,~I~,~ ~ ~J '. _ ~l'~ ~.Ii~, 'V

,maJ1t;E!. the ,all;" b~Ei;att~&~\b.le~ ailJ!d: w'a~m~::r'i' O·f~te:n l\.aJ~{)~j .. ~.q t:·,o,~' roiU~Y

ti.-mel 'pallt"~;Q"·AioCl' .... .'h"·e" '~P':r"'1" ....... e-·· n'''''~~''''1 "[1,- ·t·"t"'''';·e" ' .. ;io. .... ~c .. ii"I;L.·t-" t"·"·o· re·,,,,,,·t""

___ l __ t._ .1"!IIP.:____,~,_:·Y,~l,;'1 !I.r-.:.' .. _. ,"[', iIIll!\.io:. -:JQ'V'I!iiiiii .Ai." _,._,.iIl. .. : 1~[Ullwl~"':J.~I~ ... :_., _::."I~I'_I'!!!I'

,:D,i""''':. ..h·.... , ... 1 .... ,P.L .. i" 'l!ilt'~ 1 "",,~ -'~'f. '".::"",:",,'''' <1"1: 0." :f' :~:-"·lc. ·n· '[~e', ~,.:I;.. '·".!i't;i5:r·:·6~ !ft, .... t lI.dH~'!ii- b·.,.....!·'.: ...

~~l~ .'_', [f!Wi !!.r.~ilJ~I~___!l[~~~,.~_!i[~':Ji ~,,,,, ,~,;I;;; ~l~ ,_.l!_ ~~l ~ _'_'~'. J ~ w~ __ ~ !!!!,,~~._ ~~.~ __ ,~ .. I~J

the! r 1':"W "-d - 0' ,-"" - "f"' 1i...I: - ~ ~"' ..... *' -" - "C"- j,;'L.. " " "·t " 'bl'~' ""'k~ ".~.' ~- ~ -

.~ .. '"[ ,,' ~:: c;" ,~~;"tiei .. ~,r, ~~5 .;" ·.ne [0," I,i,:~, s i~,Ul1!~',~i!i;.i.l;'O\llS t 'I;i,~~[e es·. -:a;,1 . ~,8·ume.l'l "'"' <J;~ a

Ce;_n t,el:" ::tIOt:t. :r.di, if e S~:i,efJ'u~ers ri' ,a,lI, ag~,i'Qu,l't,'~:r',allbiQ',l.'Qg',i'c·[a,l, 'Qi$!t:nte:r'., ''VtillS ,feiu;;'tUaJ,ll!' ,a eh,1'6VlSd. .... . A~ aboVt~ grou'nd l.oo:f,a, t,o;rJ' 'I t'he~ L~l fe, Cen:Cetr' ~pr:,oo'~,ced a;fiQ n.u rtlU red, t'bie b:rl)~',:l.d, &eed,lL:1:I],gllJ, - ,ana nrbrld. Cr'8at,lIE1e'S wl'it!'e:h would be~ tr'ans;pla'rilted 6':tQund tbe g'lo:hs" 7,he c~n,t.'r bee~~:e;"")Pr',l,llc~ ~ :D.'1 s: pr,l~iet~"'and,-~j;:~y'[~' ",B, '·'Ga;rd~~,~[~'o:r, " lit.f~, .... '

[Ol~t'Qe ag,a:.in.;· tn-e, wo:rld: beg'an 'bo, tltt,e on. tbe 1 ()o,k, a~d fee:l. ,of Ii' paradise w()r.ld ~ Qnce· ag'.in", t.ll. pilroet:, 'wa,s ,1,1,1',,",e ,I ~ But, -thoug:h, :BRlDU' V,IU' on,,,. a,lai'R a haz.b·t.gllr Q,f 1 ,:L.::fe:,_.' 'th, plan,et,s

"';'j.illJi' it'I>!Iii.'Iiii'~ ~':iu"iIii'''';IfIO 'it , .. :-..Ii 'i'IIii." .... : ...... g ~',~j: ~ ,'liiilfIi;ii;:iIi~ '~[ ~:--:- ,f.·[ .... '~<i:··I .. I..iI,;iii_M ~.... 'b".· •. 'liif'.a

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P:£'in[C'f;l!' EN-LiLli 'LD,it'd of the' ~[[o~ld'lf h~~d :mJjl~' c'h~]Lce';, ~in~, mald@ ,a. decls.:i Om, ~ T,h E!:'Ee [!:O !omS, it be' [iii 'ltru C'f! '.[ Me 'Il[elif. ,~Ig'a i [511 '~e,o 1 d he OI" ~ n y @inre: of it1 ::t~ ,~dm jL n 15 ,t ~['<!;i,'t,1 'On. t n tle:r ,f ere OW'll:th Lo rd EA I' ,s' dh.t t y " ithe deve 1. 0 pnH:~,ll t o.t ERID1lJ1 g.inildi all Q,f it is 1 i f e ,fiQ rlrl,s· ~ Lord ,ElIi had 'nel a.1 't@l£,na.'t i 'Y~ ~u t to re'it~.:£" tJlhi~ ,p~Qm i,~,e ~ :He ,a ad a 11 o[t;' t,he ,K:-'D/~':S WQuld ~e.v'@lr i~te:r,fe:L':l@ 'wi'tJi1l :Lol'iiJ :m-LrUI~ again ..

l\,5l a sign of hi'!s 9000, lnlten'tiot:i,iS" ,P,:r.iln.ee S'I-'Ll:L !gave ,h1:s b1"ot i'a,e'r' ~ 9 r t'o ul 'l::u r a '1 1 mpl,e!mt]~l'I]J't s flo [" 'tJiljJ[ei 'b~a's.'t" tool:s "for him SlO t ha t t hie' hea ~ t ClO~ Id 1 @~rn Iim()~ tiD· [91 ["()'wi '~:t S [ow:n f (;od.;;. T,Iiru[@i [Ge'n[~SI:i.s rl'in-coli w,as, 8 ur:p"ris,ed , bu·t g'.l:a:tef~l {,or [th .. e [gil·t, (,rom hiLs b:[£o th@1." ,,.. In e;x:c~ iai'l'ilJg e ir plr 1 Dice ,g prom i ~ed ,toO [@:nh anoa t ~}e sk i 11,~ a fu3 aJ,bi 11 ,t It.e,s o,f Ce,[' t,a"i n. ;5 pee i a 1 'l1'yb'r! dis U sle.d b~y La"rn ElH ... L,i,L i'n the a-Ci'D'IlJin,iS,ti;':['<1I!ti,orn of 'Dlli'JIJ'~,

rr:h ~r~, JI f or a '1;,', i me' !' t h,e :p~ace. on EJ[J! DU [c~m@ 't.O 'b@~; '8~a: ~ ts

we'~e all,o~ed to be1come educa.ted and, [ei wi,l,,:t:;zledrt, 'th~ Emp:i,re' of' BRID'U1 ~[fI'dle r ENI - LI'L 9r,ew' ,arliiidl plt"tOS pie: red ~[

~,e [JJ~'~ 1 G; ~ma't1 i PILlJ.1 a.-t i on ,Il\adi g' iv-en 't:h~! bela,s,t. th!e, a b i ]l ,;i. t.r for ml n i mal C'G:ro_m~,ml i caJt"ion [andl 'U1n;d.'e:r·s ta Iildi. ng ,. T,h rioruga [e'i'irug'i nleere,d ~"ha~c~emen,t F t'heIlDAP,[AS: w'ltruo remained int.i!1J.e Gard,elnl 'wer,e maC1le! ,~i 9 1'1, 1 f i [e'an ,t 1 "'i :5, t r~~[nge l;' in ,a,n.a ly t 1 C' t,hOll gh:t '~[r'O~@i'5 f!i,.1llg' ~ Tb ey !b~ca:rnI,e h 19'~ly i ~t@.llig·@'tll;t., eap1abl'!!i of s~~ll-i8,e,a,l'e ~e,~'i,~!Qn.~ ill' bu ,t :r[elm£t~ n,e;d, ,d,'ocC;:; i 1 e alltd :S e'E"'!i!\' i.le 'II t!,h':£'OUigh "five' l1 se 0 f ,~,A~ and :UmN,-'T ,~;H~'['Vii:Ul t's" :P ir i,n!Oe BN'·='LIL ,a l'iitd [Il: be! BKiIlN'HI were! ijt,ble ,to fmj~ k@ at: a.m2 t, i c prl!QlgJ res s .1 rn 'the: ,[F!R:IDU lOpe r a t.iQ'Il, ..

Tb~. AIl~trS be a S ':it 6· bow'eve'r.· u;nc!H::J. t lr'ol1L ed i ~ 't:hH~ i I:' '~'@'xya ilL a~'t,i'; t,t y" '9'~~'Wi' 'qul~'ki'~: ," ,i,n, fI'~~b:~';J ,~, " ":G~;~.@:'tic~a'~.i p~l ~:t.'lL'~in'~~~id,

:be :mO]t~; d!!t':flC'~l,t. ,in. 'P(r,~~~hjie'i..n,Ig" ~p~,1ffe, ·~:J.ra,it:s ill 'tJ~Jem", ,Piny '~~f~~ t.;mJ~ @jQhJ!U1IiC@IIO~'Q,t 'w;c u.1lL~, :~e su:bd 'El:C't 'lbo, :t~,~nd~~m b;r,~)~d,i'1i)l9 ,ill' 't'~'jFe: idii'!:~ji.::r @,(t, :t'le'~:i!!ll 'its: 't~i,r.'@ba:b,l" '~,a.:t,e':r.i~d ,tll(;fW,iiiii ~ ,lII;t .biEH$:'t iii" 'O!Q"ly' ,Si~m~ 'Ci"f' 'tb:~ berast,:~ 'wo~.ld :t"le'ta.im ·:th.'~ -(i:es,i.::ti@:Q ,dt't:,rlbu.'t,e:~"i!' 'moGt. '~:f tbeM '! .. ,H:n;ll;ld, JL'~'~:e 't:h'E: ]]:o'p·eQ ::r:'Q,;t. 'tE,~.i,t,~, ,e:rnllj't.i'it"~,;t~ ..

~BiI\i!'t th F"Of~j9'h iP'~',r:s,Of:'L~,]: c!@;n't,a~~t a:njd: :lidl. ~,EA,= SU' t, ~o,jf:d RA 'ga'\I"e, 't;h,,€:!: ,~~MillS beSili,$'t, w'h (J t t'h,~ ,~J~iIi.PA, ~~u,l,dl l11i1~~'~ e:r '!!3re'[;,.f. itl!l, ~h",~:f;ilJ~:e 't,Q' ,~PP,':t E;c,i,~'te bea:~'t.y",", ''f,ea,c']]' i Il:l~' th.'~, ,ib@a.st nOtw' 'b~l ~ ,e(li1f], gr' ~,nd :f!~e 1 tb,e '~unde:r,:5: (ii"t' ,a It '!:;, a:Jl;d :mils,l'c" 'ilj::'Inii!! ~m; ~ nc,e .fu nellll: llteda :$;E::r.Ii:se' 'o:f ,~,e,l:f a:~d ,at:l. a,w,~:["te;lrlle:~,~ +o:f 't:~I~ WQ~1,,~ ,a!C,o~:nd: b,i:!!~t,. ~n,tain'tBd, ib~l' ,a:n:y i,~:f 1 ~:@~nefe·Si, Q f' the AS!i;;"",!IUUt 'I :5:;';9; t,61i111, jl ," 't,he ,;A."IlAMi1J8 de'v,~ 1 (ijip:ed ,a :~ ~n:~,e of be l(J':rng'i fJ!g ,tro ,13l. f,st'ttr::t.lt't ii;Ii,p:d, a;, :5'~:nt5',e ,~<f :s'ba:p..f,n~: ,a;nd.

~~~~~IRft ~,~ ~ •• _ AA~.~_V

'5r.,~I!JI,'I!...I·~,i3.1,~. ~'.'~J Jj~.~ I~' ~'~ ~~ '~ .... ~ ~'!lI~jll,~:Wl~ ~

T~e' ~~'iQ:~ie; wa,:$j p"l~;'lN'-1l,~,e,d:,~, !]1"n:e ~'~'$·'tem w~u;l@l, HI@'t 'itak,@: h,o.lli,d",

n,0i!t 'oi!!!1l.ji..'t;:h '[, be: be a.a,t;, ,;; It, bad a (;;ha iillC@:,i" 'Olt 50 'h,e 'bo[pe,d, ,", ll:n ~,n, @ff:o(I'''t 'to :1 n~n,~,~ie 't:h~: :~\e,a:5dt lWlt)'!ll,d n@'~~:r a9',~ i n be: des 3i.:t"al~,.le '[:"0 tJ~'e ':8,1'5 't'@f:m ,j1 ll~glr,a '0 ~\o,t:dl:. i ~:ii;:l)'e(3, 't"o eil'l~:l:a:rwc\e 'the ~i~,:x'!.l,I3i,l itli:r-j1 v~~ o:f ,th,€! I~~@,~t.u,:r@, ~ lef' 'l#l~:ele:di!lJi a :5,1ii,t,'IJ~.''ltji.,on, o:f c'ho.i'~~ ~ l~b()lr:~ ip t;oh'a S,~,~°i;,il' i ~,,~ ~,f.' t.'h~' 8~l~t,eiiill, 'o'jf '~ru,~'~,'ij 1 t o,f' :~,e:x lJJ'a!li, 'pi ea ~'!jtr~, iji' t:h,§ ~~ ~:so,t ~~u ,] d, ,~l ~'a ~1':5 C'b@O~ie! siex- ,,. T:hi i S· WOiU Id' ,makJe t,il'e :be~ s't, ~,nf 'u~de:~d,,'r,abl!~ 1 :U], dl,e E'l",e:s, o::t' hil, S Brij)t,h~;:t :mlf'-L,Th ..

~C!i dj['~,eii!l1j~t beoa.~t:s,,, 'thie ,AD!A'l?'A a,Hld t:t:~,@: AllMJUS:m< we::ir'e, pa:l""'t, a,f' p,l,~,~m'lf:, ERIDIJ 4' ~(];~ld :P:!I;-:i,~'c~' E'A,~ a ,Nia:st!el':" GEifiilji~sl,~: ,~'ei'~:nce,S,r

'~,a::~"- 'I' l-io,::r,d ~' ,EL l ,o<f 'th'e Be~ ~t,~, II '~: lri..- :iW\, 0:(' :!t.1mo'~ ,~, p'~ i:n,c,e'! :EN,,..,:L,[L,

te~dl ,~,f the, Comm'aJ:~d, 'l!,II'a,$ 'i ,t,(u',d '~'f Obed ie;:a:lt;, .s~1"'V ~:n t,,~ II '"

')Ii;, "", ","...-., .... ...:::1' ..... 'f' n..,.. ,!: """,..;..'..... 'ifi!''ii,!' '"" '1 .... "","'", "'", "'", .,."F!I ..... ""',"'", ~: 't .... ' TN,";;" ~ 10' iL.:i-;. ..... ' .... ,:!: . ,C n .... ,,," .... , 'ri""'''''

a~ ~'~!~,IIj,j; 'u.1. I. J;.,;l!,;, dlillj~!\.,;rG' ~l l~ l~~"liE~lb~J~ ~i'~"Ih,~}~~UJ .1 fl!r.!1 ,~,iIJ~;4- ~'~~IJIIi~jr[~I~ ill.n·~l iiZljl~lQJ_,'~'

,a,Ddl graJ",i3l,~,J.,~,~, I: ,iti:lil ~,thE:,!r' g']iOi''I!J,~i ,g:f 'G;~:lIit'e.:$:,:lI, is,· ,LQ~'d,$ 'ext,'~f:i!Jd@Ja ~, 91 :f"t, 'It'o, 'Lor,d, itA ~ 'KbiO~, ~ s 't.he ~ AKR'~' ~ ,tb~ry' 'w1er'e' .a!ej:5c.:~nded, f::r'o:m a), bi~d ,_ :lll,:k'e, ~tnoe's:b~(;f' '!F l!'h:~ 'G~:IITII@!S 1,:8 :to'rd~ 'p,t"'e:$en;t,ed; :U ~'i.'tb 't;lfJj~: '~:fu,p',9'l,e ~$:t['~:rnd ,f@:f :D\N,~, :fi :iJL2!l;m~:r!d~ 't,h~lt:, pr'alllzy'id~B, :1~'p\a,:s~"t:q~,!!I" '''trtth t,n i~' (.)tn ~ 6J i n,~l"g ,e l:err~e'rn t 'iI' 'th'e i. nv 1,:~ ibl'e ni'@:t,lv'a:ti h'9' 'ft:o,:t;ce: 't'bat: ,g'a-v,1iZ: a boi'13~jtng'~ l:~'t'@:~sfe: :f'E3ie11~g:~ w'a,~ 'p,a,!Si,s'ed, ,Q'n, t,.oi -~l:J]:e :1b1ea,st,s: ,(;J" 'the: ~;r,ii,:il\I!i~e'~, ,~,D.d, Vi:t'tb th.i"s, '9i:f't~, t,h,,~ ,AD~ be'!a:s:t w~!~,ld b~v~ @V~!mIl, !ID~,r.e pa,5'5,i,on, I' 'm~lilt~ f'~:@!:m,,1 ~'lg' t tJ!MlJ;~ ~'v\~,n th.!Zi: b~i.:liJJg'5 '~if 'th@ AS~,~RR :bpflre tih:em$eLl:v!Et~, ,~, Ta.ik!en f]t.'\!O\l.u thee, c~~ III s .o!l. 't;'h,e ~ ~

'iIt'~!e 'o'f f,~r i "'"'.rnI" 'tu~!it:'am'€ii klmll'O'~''''''1 !!;; ,""",' IllI':i\'ti .... ;<!O, ,~:~' "i'"jii- ,~f·;' ,,"'Ii;."~ '~Z!.~, *":!I;-,~'iIi'" ~ ~

I , ~., ~ ,~, l_' . __ ~~o~~ ,_, __ •• _. _ _ _ • ,_ , ••• _- II-i. G,;a JIi. ]~~,5 ~~l'~ L!ir. '!ir.". ~ ~~t'W l~· EIir.!!2!l b~=~~~ !I!l

Tb.us 1" t;be 'patths, ()( tthe t.wo' b~as:t;5 ,~' 't'hiE!:~ ~,HmPa5: o,f' :aH.,;.J,JL., a:d, 't,'he: ,.lDIJMlI!S:~ 10(1 'Elt: ... Gt ia,t::: ,.'-111:,11' 'ooo:ttmo'ed, 'to' ,5:8'Pairat.~:,,, (~f 'it'h!e :lS,arme, ~~Qt's; I' ,1,!Q:;i"t..laJll,'y :f,o:r tme s,!!Ime P,U'E[pOiSe If t';'be; 'two' 'W\e~~,

:now' 'oft {:li:f'f~'rleb;t pa,rthrS:,,,, ' ~ ,

"'it'h, tim.e:. F'r'l,ne,!! :_ iu.~'d P~ln(;e lBB ... ,LIL, we't;@; :a'ble, 'w' maikie' ilo,t':b 'g,t"'Q~:S, W~iJi'k, "tI~;ge,'t:'h~r.. T'nel ,MNtPi& :heas:ts €:-ompi.le-tedi 't'b~',::Iir la:'~r:Si ,a,s: ilOtbe~!,'eJl'ru,t, s@,rvant's ,t 'th-e: mlJIiDS: :be.rs,t'$ i!l;:tlmDlettledl 't:b.ie

~::_.~:~!ne,~in,:,~oa,~,:=r i::~:a~. a:e &';::'!;5_ :.b~_ .t,'~Sb::U_ ,5 :;:.~;:,.'Gef~:

'~lom:mo;l!Iip,l il,'C!~: 'Q~I~~,r~n.'Cie~ t ,n[DlIlJ W,~5 ,~ 'wo:r-,l,g 'o,f labo,~jLng beiiilis, t,s ,oi

T:h:e 'W'a,:(s of. "t:,ihe' Royals ra,ged. om, ,f,a,l'thtu.l ADANAS, ser''Vi~g' O'tlJi t,he: bat'tl"e £',i,el[ds £,0£ thern~, ER'lDU K1,[t9,doms r'05;e' and fell en 'the tl act s a n,d 't't.~,e b,lood, 0 f t,he AD_u.ms .. ~ Ch i.l.d,re:n 'o.:I!:' LQ,~l1 :U,=LI:L and. L@rd, EA, eOristan'l:.l':i cha,l!eng-ed, rea'eh Ot.h'9:~ ()vel" the rights of dc~ain ~nd po~ex~

And so beqam t;;lil,e D'r.a that. wo~ld ,5,e;e the 'W',a,r D'f' the G;rea,t T:a k@'", OV'e'r ~' a nat It ~;mpt, b;y tl!1~:Mrd: 1P:t",i rh~~[e HARD1!1K j' SiOIA 0 f LOI;1d D", Kin9 of the eea6ts~ An accompli5hed Maste~ in the ~kill~ of the DAK War,tior's, ]?':rinc-e ,HMDUIK' wante,d t,o b~c'orn,~ 1\.1[19' of the '5 ~t$, t em o,f ERIDU.. Ch.a 1 ,:Len'9i i ng' o't he r Fto,ya 1 ,f is! m.i 1 y me;llId:;u;!l,r;~ for. the Tbr'o,:l1e" ,1,nC',:tud .. l~q ,hi,,~ '~n(:Jie" P'rin.c1e E,N, ... ,LIL" and e:'v'e~n, his fa,tbe,f't :LO;t,d. EA, ,M.MtOOX wo;gld use w',(j,\r,,' 'wo~'ks, of ,in't;:r.lg'O.e ,i;iI'I'td, ev'e:n tlu~ ,d,eadly' a:irt of be:'tra,Y',a_l t-iO t:it'y' to se.i,ze 't,!h,s Th,rQ'11:8' ..

His, :f a tbe.r , BA" :had bEiH;:fril, depr i'ved 0 f the t.h t"on,@ Q:f Eft 1 DU an:d ,ASA,=.RRR,,", ~ ~,~e. ~.DUKj wQ:t,lld no't ~sl!Jlf'f'er tlm[e same f.at'e~,

B,u t, :1 Q. It he~ :[Jd d,s t 'olf 11 1 s :( t '5,e ,to po~e ~ I! ,P:£."'i i(N:',e HARDmx: 'W'iiI,S w't'[OT.i;g. f oJ,.1 Y' a,c:e'~ ~sed o,f the as:s,a, s,ji lt~ t lo~ ,i 3, o'w',~ b~Q'tJu:!i'r. ~ :Lo,t',d :P-,ri :I1 .. ce [uJ!MUZZ I,", R,e f fill $: i ng t,o be im:pr i S O'!1E!l a !Ii' ~DIJK c;hos~ t,G fi9ht agai~$t his ~cc~sers~ taking refuge in a pyramid fortt,l"es s' ~ J\!hl~ S t,y 'CO:~HlC,11 \i";'H~ ca l.led j' 't; ~e d~ c 1:9: Lon made, 't.'o, 'end 'tbe: wa t" :0'),' S e~, 11 '1l9' ,MAlU)UK into ~ ,1 S ,s, t'o,:n, Q' s t:r \]lct 'U re ", Tr,D:ppe,,g, 'wi. tb i:n ~, P r' i:n c:e' MARD'l1K ~a s aoome,d to dea,th ..

But fortune ~as with him~ Several of his followers were ,albIe' ,to tQ:~n[el 'up f'r"Dm benea't;h 'the str.u.ctur.e" 'th.e:r'eby givi.n'g ,MARDfJJX ,an oprpor. t U fIiIi i ,t)l t,o e s,ca. p@: .. W i t~ ,a OOiU:iQ,t,y lo~n hi s 'h~',ad " p r 1. n'C'E!i ,MARD~,JI :f I ed 1 n to 'th,e; ~'ea'yen s "

And :f.al" a wh.11e ~ pe:ac@ once, ,a,91'-ain came' it,o' ERI:OO,. lI' '. but as is t,n.e: 'Woa y ,@f th@ ASA-,:R.RR :Em[pli re ,f i t W'Ou 1 d. n.ot 1a is 't. long 1I

,U1,gh, a,bov'e ~Ji'th1D 'th.e :s't;,a:r.s of the ,AB,J::-AH ElIp[i:r.e,,' MARDUK 'WO:~ l~ :f' :l.liiIld a n a 1 :l:y II ,ii, n ,a,gle:f!;, -,old e~eroy o:f AN ... Ii AfUJ' thE!!: 'Que ens

Af ,*", k.... 'S""'S M _ ... ,_ .... __ Torlfi - - ,On, ,-, . III ~,~:iir;_ 'mil I' ,I' 'i''''nA - - -'fi,AI - ... 6,e. 'I'

''YI' '!l.~J!IIQ~ . _ D. - _' &~ ji, UJL 'UI',I:I!I~ ... ol'!;. ,~QWO!!!II ,a,s 'iIiilIQ'A- ,~,n., 'I;o!i' ~_l,I.e~ ~,,.~ III.h!li1i,.!, ''I#,~~,'!;,,~ "

they we::("'Eii pa,r t 'o:f a r.ept,! 1. i an rebe 1 'gr''OilJ:P' 'w'n'o :lttbabi ted !itu9'E!

C i!iIiV@ ....... ""'w['1-"lIO-hoi::n-'·;i;.'e-'lb'I" ... rld-'sof'th·...lIIi,D'I.._U' l"'!I.-.. ...... t'a .. 't '1 w tii.. .......... ,..,

'_ [ , •• _'~ ~,,~ -_ ,-,~ J' ~t~. ~'WII .. '. I. _"_ .. _ ,~',~ __ -~!@II1 [~U.~~,~I< ._ I.IJ~. ,r~~'''J ' . .:_ ~llo~,~'Ig~I~

E!!:I1 .. i ng the Queen 5: 1n powe~E' " ,tbey 'UIIl;cea,;s 1 n,91 '1' sear,eb'ed for 'ne1W[ 'wa,y's, 'to, un(J!eI'Djt,n8' the ~ule ,of t~h.e Qu@:Et,:os.;.

De'splsed alldJ ~lreadea f' 'th-e~ SSA, ... ~a. reR 1 s '9'a'y'e a;u,d,ience t,Q 'th,e :Pl"'i,nee.. ",1'0,,18,1 n,t' O,tUI" g',rea.t: veal til ,ana - pave." ,amd :fu.ll, p,!i.'rt,;1,c1 patlan. i,n hi :115: Emp1,re 1:0 ,eXqnilnge f 01;' the,i r' 9UPPQJ:t:, I a da,untl:tlg KlmlUK e,llclted the.ir Guppo,rt '!!

Bager',ly, tbiJe ,SSA-r& sei.'l,ed, the, oPpoE'tunity to, 5UPPOr"t aD, 'lI!:;f'f'OE't, ,rag'8.iftS,t, 't'he: 1SA, .... 'IlD,.. B,y '.EIi.ken ::l'D19' th'iEII: -:OU ap:l.,E'\8:" ;80 too" tbe ;SSS·,.,T :au,eons wou,l,a, :be weakened,. Pe:r.:bap. Gnoug1h 80 'tbat, lcbel:r' Q'WQ t'iebel :110'n ~,:n DI,,'D' would :I ucceed ,Ii Sending' ,ii, co.t'!iIDull,lq:u,e ,tb~,u'g'heu t, 'the, AB:t ... AN' .btp,i re ,to 'tih!e,i,r a.ll.i,@u:Il", the SSA-!T:I., r.a,i,s[ed :bu'9"e, numbers o,f W,a:rr.1o:r:s ~ 'ea,~':h a deal t'ea ted ,and wi 11 j,ng' 'e:falemy ('J,t ~ tbe ,SSs, ... ,lIj[!' 'Q1geen,s;,~

By s·e.e t,e t 1 y :5 u'ppo,r t i ng ,MA;ROO,g: rI S'UC'C@'S,$ in t. he 't,a~ke "'" o'ver of th e E.Rl:00 c,ol'on 1. e~, wou ld q iv'@; 'the ,SSA-'TA rebe 1 s a tw.e!me n,dc'us; st::r·,i)'ng..Bi..ebold. on 'thee Ninth 'P,a:ss;,a'gew,ay'., ~'be S'98;-'T Que,e:n:~ ~ou 1 d. ha !'!l[C! to neg,o,t.i,a, t.e w.ii. th t hJem ., ,ShOiU l,d the: :rebe 1 ,1,.1 Of,) llot :5 ucce[iEMl " t.b~ ,dea ,t h 'c,:f ,NAltnOl( w()u.ld aa t.,:ti s fy be th the SIi:tIU8;1' a rna t h.e: [Qu,e:e:n" 'The' fa i, 1 u:te 0 f [a (:1 yJ I 'Wa,~ :f a.:t'. law'a y f ro:m the SS,S"...,'T 'Empl r,e W'ou Id be to l,e ra t,ed by ,t he: Q'i;i e(!i n ..

Once a9~ln the spectre of ~ War loomed on the hor1~on of t. he ER.I:DU' :5,01 a:r; s ':1 s 'te:m ;,

D;u t, the s ucc'e 5:5 0 f a.no th'e,if' ,r>eh-e.ll i.cH'aJ .i:n. :IBRIDIJ 'W'a s r',ernot.e' a t. be:5, t ~ '~he' (ire,a it ldi, .... 'U had g'oru~~ t() g·~·'ea.'t 1 ent'g It'll is t,o[ a S:S U re h:i;rnsel f 'tha.t Bn.o'ther War' of :Revoluti.O'ii. could not occur ,

'!ro :5 u(:'G'e.e:d " ,t he:l',e 'W-OU.][ d: ha ye, ,to be: ye't, ,("'10th e:t" g·:to;g,p[ 'wbo W"O~I1.d h~'¥e 'to 91 VEil a,~ti v~ $~P'piO'.:r't. t.O P~'ince~ MARDUK,; 'Olne U~,at bad ,a firm f oCft.hoi d wi ,It hi n th@ ERI.DU :slo,l a r SY:Sl t.em, i tts'e l:f and, ~a.:S1 pa.:t'''t of the integral EN..,·LJ!L Forc'e~· of Oomm;a,n.d"

n"",e·n ~ •. I ti... '!Ii.... ,It i..e, II!I'I i ""' .;;, n'l!",i1 , .... ne·'ra t~ oji: 0"'" s t L,B 1i.ii'~_T~:' :M-. v'b· ".. .[ . ..iI ... , 1Io.,"1Ii;..::I,

1."= I!'"" .~',,,,". In.:ll. .'1Il .1111 ~·IJ· _. ~,! .... , '~J """'.... . ,~ .. .I!. ~' .. n'l; H-""'" .,---, ,!,~,r' .", .. ~,U.~ ~h;iII,,",,

iPr[(~:rven. 't:tIiJ~jlms~ .I. 've':$ a.$ l[(),y~.m :S·e::r'va'IiII't 5, ~, Lo:ng be~f or,a the ADAtSU.s bad darN! :SQ't th.e .H'Bfi'-T hybrid bald .ri$en. t,o, a pc',sition as 'one' of the RO:ltal f[ami.11@s [o<f ER,1oo mo:st f,a.i,th .. fu .. l adlm,lIi..n1 S;Cr'll!rtOl[";S <IJ ,~:I1!,d ~ a 1 th.OiiJJ9'h rna n y ·c,:f 'to he Roy-a 1 Q f f = spr i n 9 fa 11':11 ,1 es had. '\l:51'ed 'the' ,All'it.KuS b~',a,s.'t a.s admi.in,ll ~,trat,or,s olVer. C)'tner be:8is:t:s", :P~1n,c~'

- L- I- '11" L. - A'--\ - ~ . .,~: ~~" .~ A .,..- -,-.- '11 ,41-,'1\ - 'izi_ .m . oi:d·" t-- h - -

JiioA'-' .a _,~, .J~a,'g, CO.nl'I!,;o . ..;.IilU,i@!!tII 'Il.'iO[ use 1iOf!, .... Y Ill,. , ~, .n.rall-ll'I' cons, ..... · er':Ul, '. ,~,eQl

,to be ,l.'e 5'S '0 f a threat ~.nd :'!lilJ:ch rilH):("e: obd ien,t ,~ j(,ey m 10 "" leYle.l a,d:m i n i s t.ra t :1.'0,:1\ pO',$ it i-on s we're ,a:5 :s,.ig':rI:ed. st.%" i,c,t-l', to tbe I[BII·,...T hybr.ids ~n.d ~-evet'" ,t[~ an An~, beast,;,

- :thl :n:.. i :k;,e ,t h'e ADMU'S b~~~, t ~ Lo red P .r,t ne e EA. had no'to a 1 t e:re,dl t

had not; mar!]! pu, 1 a ted t ~ e HEN --T to a hi gh ~ l"' i n.t~ 11! qenc,e i' thu,s mak.i ng' i't. morel ser'"" i 1 e a.nd les s of a, choi'ce: Pia,ke:~ ~ Du t mQre' C:~'U:C i a lL bl[ 'It ble pI a.nned Wa r [o,:f' D'a rk:nes s b~' Pr 1 nee: IMAlDO,tt~ 'the· .HEN·"'"TJ 'W',a.:s cr',eaJ:,ed .f:1"'Qm tbe c[ell ular ma'li:[e:rla.l,s, of Iii 2;.a:rds, .1 t 'Was. ·t,h,e,re:to:r'e a re,plt1,1[e ,!, A:s d! stant ,rel.a.tion:5 o,f t.he ,SSA-'TA, .reb!@!ls to 't he:~i' o.C,'NJ 1 d be' a,'pproa,et:u~:d. and PQS 5:ii b.ly pe:r s,~a.a,ed !!i'

N.ii th the' be~h lnd ,t be s'cene,s of the SS~·-TA f the P'.r i n.[ce: a.nd an ,a:t'm'y ·of Mii,S ter:s ,of De'ee! t :be.qarH their campa i 9:11 to s:educe t,he: l1lEH ... ,'F' :!;,ervan,t:5, o,t LoEd EH'''''.LJ:L .. , P,r,omlsin.g t,he tra4-T th~t t'he:y v~,u.ld. .be,come h.is ~dfl.1n1$tl"a,t·or.,s", if 'tih.,e 't,H:e,,",over' 'was, a, ,SU(:ICt!:S S t Hl:JtDJ1lII:. ,a:nd t:,h[B 9&1.-1'.1, used 'eve:~-y "t.~i.ck to :II'win9 't,l1te! :HEN-T' over' '00 't,be ~ebe·l side '. KI:IU)UI\ @!v·en. of',fe.redJ :s,bal."'e:5 :1.:0 'the 'w-e,a.l t:h. ·and rlch:8,S o,t· the: Em;p.1,re ,a:ntd f'utu:re t.,er~'!.'oot:r' :;f\o:t" ·their con t,rol 'ii' Their. pl.a,ee in 'the: Ellllp"l re o.f MARlIlU'I\ 'would, ,be !Second. tie :none btl t tbe P,rinee h i.;ge.lt' '",


,And, so 'tbe: :5B·c:["e:'t 'uk;e:-c;:r,,'er beg'an,. os lng'_-.;~ by:br ids, ~

,c'l"ea.t,ed, ·and de'va,loped bv the MU .... A!I sas ... ·~ f'or t.beir ,f)W,ft '0:8(;;:, 'tbe v'engei'-u.l M&ltDUE :sec17,et.l.y :mal'iiUeVered bis 8getn,t,8 d,ee:p .lrotto, t'h.e ,m1!i1'''1U:~ ~ t;hs: a,dm1:r.dL:s t_:r,_, t.i.''''l!: off.icea, and ·the: eo_nd Forc=ee o~f' :BB, ... ,Lm h lmse.l.f •

,~~ ·It;he: lEDlN'~T,' h:,ibr.id~ .ha·(I m@:~\ed: ~p t.n, 't"h!~ ;r~'u'a'k'Sj @If .iPr;~.:l:IIioe: ~EN:-,L][L" s ~ir;lm.in1 s:·t:1r·~.t, i'C!lll,.. frr:~l~iy 'ha d :beCOni!i~: k:~Q~j\ i~5 j·,TCHft .... T'1 "

'1 "1tI:J... ~." f' ,,01..." miF!lu-'E'ml :t·mb:. Ii T·;"ij' .' ' • .a ~ *,'!j.... ~'M - .. ~~~ :!' t...~,~~. '&''''T''Ii" "FT' 'ii'1ii

-.:ll!~i!d,~·e '0.; '~H:~ ... , "",,~~,~ 'Ii. ~ u€i:: - ~IOJ[''U r'" to; ''''-~:lie -~:@':r 1i,J!, ~\e: .L.rIi:g .Ellilll· ... ·Jljj.m1.lU,.; .II' ..

R'e:;f\e:t::t'ed! ,~,o I,!.t·s· tbe: t SU~·-<t: 'r (J!lIr ~' ,SHtB,T:!' ~Y' 'tb~ ii!I,dl~ ~i:lll:5, r"r il't j[ ~,n ~~~'l:H~i.~'~i o,.f' EN} .... ·.LiL if 'tb~·y b~'~',~m'€l: ·t lfU~ t,ed ~,~,:r: v~,n,t:~ 10 if ~Mlitb. LO(i["(i, ,l'i~'ln·ce:· EH-·,L!L .hjlmi~:e'lf ,~niaJ. tb,~ j:·oya.,l ,fa.ml1i-es::,,., T,h'e.i~' lioi~'a"lE;t.'~' 'lff.'I'~.:S 'Qi@!v,@ ~ i.n, d\~!~bt, ,i' no ,o.tD.,e ,snll~iS'p~ ~'t,~dl ,th~: be't l( ~:V,aJ"lIL ,~

'~~]iOl~-l "l orrilJd. ·~ui€:.'tlJi If ,'t;,he ~{Nl1~pira:c:y ~,elgi5l,rn,.. ~:h)e; '~Il-Q!'t '~'a~i

5:ii im,p,l e if ~,SA-~A. 1 i Z,HSjJ 1Ir~;g. it :It lL,~ i.~,€!:rl 'f Oillr ~l!'~:b.t e:,r f·Utgr~ j.' 'w,ould, l,n,~' i 1;". t·F,ai.t;!@ tJj;u;;~ ~&Ir.!lks· 0'( ·tbe'· U81'- Ti w~,~ker'5 ,"' 'T:~,'~~ '~O~ l.'d: ,~~~·,e~d. ,t h,e wo,:~d' ,~nd: r.oeic~('ui:t, t ~l,e.l.~· (11 ~ tl~.f[lrt CQU~ i 0':$ 't,l!g, the: re'bell.iQiII ,"', I:~ '~h(;ci,:t'·:t 't.imlie r 'tnell;;tifi ~\~!Ii:',e ,abjAl~; b;~ '~ri~:n,i3i,d!E: ,t'~~: ~EU'~.'T 1 i ~car~ .. ~ 'tJO 'ern'ter t:h.'~ :ft Q,lIL'~~, iO f the L,~:bel:s '~ iTb~j HIU~' e= T ~'~Q :j O:itll~(3, wi't.'h 'th,e 'p 10 t.b~'~~m~ ,k~O'Wfii ,~,~ !' ,$.lIft,- ,1~' r' ! 'th.,e ~i6::C'l"'e t. O~~lile S' 'j ,~.

:F';j;)]1 1,~~i :n~ 'iti;Jll e .:i:n.i ·t,i~ II i.n:!: i.l ,t r: .8l.'t i 'c~ C1:f t;ll€1\ .jr,·i;Ul:k,i:j; lc.'f lIB14:,~·IT· i ~ ,t liI,e: :1!J:n.d,e;rgrr.,(il!t.ili'~d apei:t',I!jj't; i'~fl!:S :f 'iIl;;'I~,e ,!Co,p.sp'i r,iaJGJ' :moy,ea tn:tlD t,h.'i2 vl~r:~' .l:n:i':t,~'I'" iCi10,r'E: of th-@: a dim iti:i:5i'it l:,a't, ion. ~,f' :Li01:r.d P:r..i:n1o@ :RN'-:LIL,,,,

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d'~p~,lr-t,m]~~ 1;;,3:; fio1e I"'e ~ li$'~' t,al' g)i~'b~d. ~l C,~ ~~ fu.ll '1' a md, de l i.bErra 'be,ly

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IiIii!i 'tim@,F ]p.;.E'i.no~. ,~llIl{, almJid. ,t'ho€ h:.!ddt€!tl!i. sumt=.:{ '~e·:re relaJ,d"'1', .. 'IkTO:J"o!l. wa,g gd:v~n: to :beq:i.)ru -t,h.'@ ,;a't't~'ck,~ I'rn!Jiv,~di:~g' :HRIDU w:tij.-th h 1.5 'w,s; rsh,:i.p,~ ". ;UJID'U,K' .a :t.-ta,ck,ed 'y'i,criIC!llI,i$:,l~ a;ndl. 'iIi.lJ:n'Rlierlc.i :fully ,~, ERlnU' DAE: a,:n;.d: ,B~B: f oi~',~e5 '~~~\e :~,~:fpr::i ,$~,d.~. B,IR-.'T' ~\o~'k,e'r,s i.:n earnm:un,_, i c'a;t il~i[i: :rQ;(](liiJiSi' d i :~,~ u'Pt,~d. m~s $:~·S~,s, 0,;£' ,th~ ,i.'~v-'~,~ i Q!~I ii' 'p'r.etv\~n't:li n;g' ,ef'iec't:;i'vG d~:f'~'n.~,t v~: ~,~t.iQiQ'i'

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.~... ~ rr= ~ ~ ~jrll~ t~ ~lrliii!JUl l~ y!5;iiililill, l~ IllilJY~ '~1::1 ~~, l, .ilJlI! ~la l_ ~-lJillit~~lrlu, ~ I!llli'~ f!:!r. ~~l¥ 8 ~W r7' .. __ w. _.

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c'C(li!um:!,l.'~i,e~ti'Dni~' s;y's't'~mi$ 'w~~,t. $i"l,~n,t" :E;N:~:LiL 'W,~"S 'tnt¢].'one:,~ The :~arm"":1 iii anj~. 'tb'e t lIll':n.- clO-al'; 'B!m1'-~ 'h,yblt,i,~SJ it it~,rt1 dOI~,e 'W'~ 1..1 ;0'

:iS8'I.DllJ'", 'tbJe! i s l.a:F:Ii,Q. 01iJ:t:P~)Sjt ,of' tbe: 1i;S~'-':mR :~lpi.;t;~: of' 'w\ai~j :n,o~' 'the is:e.i~ied IDm;p,ir,e ,~<f ,Lo;rl~. pi,r·i~.Cie ,nrm11rK,; ,:5.~n. 10':£' P;~irrJM:;;;;e; .',-It! ,!a;nd 9,~a,'njdi5 ~\O 'bo 1:..i:n'gl' ,Jdf'''''·ll~ :~ ... ,mn:: 'bad. bee'n '~.i'C'bDE'i'O:rQ;s ,f' tb,~ !i'~~:r' 'iOi,:f' t'g:k@-o:v,e;~·'il ,jiJ' b~,,~'ki@i~. b,y 'tl~@ ];eptll.:1,an :reb~tl,;!5i·" :had. belen

S~",~""~,oI!" .,....-£·' .... 1 b""'"'lIil!\~ .... ·d' . ~''''''1''''J~ ;o"!I,;jo, 'at.~ i· ~1I'Io~' ~ ~ iC!,+' .rn.,~, '~, ,-fI!o,'1I", ~ n..!ll , .... ·~i'io 'l-o..,4.,·oD-'f'ui"'ii'Ei!

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t~ e hi ad€:D d~;v 1.~I~_~:Be:sii5;" :b!~Ld. lPrE:v'e(~ltiedd;l:t\e,~t. c;:;o:nJfra:n:t~;t i:on; i!!'

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O~' d,ie·s't,~DI any' :t:e C'Q,~~ s ~i(b 1,eh ,a t.t:Ir',ii'b'~'t eel ,a,fili,Y b.cut'O.i c' O(~ :k li;~g]1;( ach ~ e'w.~Ht'iI~~:tiS ,t~, e,n'YC!ln!ei !o,t he!" tlh!~ui1, :~ 1;m~e l:f' .. :Stlone, mo:numlB'n't is,~ ~'be,:lIi,it"rk~ ,Qi],tI, 'IBdl,i'f !~e~ ~el':1e al t,e:~e,~ by ,~torne:-~u"t,te,r,s ," 'tabl"e;'t5 o:f :cla},' ~~ '1t~1'(~(H~l ~er'~ tn;i.~[u~~d ~:r d~,:s t:1:'o::r~>d ~ :N'Gi rrQe'~,r~ls: ~f '~,irIi~' o:t:f:M;:~;r' HiClIU~J :r;(fi;q, wou,:l!~, ~~Rli!!'\,i:n, ~ ,MA,RDllI'K h:~(J beCie'!i!iI~, t iil,e:' :t;,e9,i\, nn:i,n~ o'3!:nd t.'t,lIl,e' e~l~: iii) f ~ l::w. ,t h,i,n;9t~ ~ ,he ,~a~ ,a;prp~,i.~'~:ed :bJ tm s.,~ 1 ,f' :tQ~d 'GOO, ,aj'~d ~re ia'tc·r 10 f: ith;il!! tfm,:tve'r:s,e ,ii'

H'en,cic:f!Q'rftth. ~ h e '~,a~: t.h.B ~ ;SU,iri G'lad HM, iii ..

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a, ,iiI,@'~ fiili~Oii' '~'u't 'nu!iiill1o.'I"'1.'ei$i w'@l:e ler't ~ ,I':rs;j, rig 'the ,rn:m ndi~a,]:tie\t"~ ng' 't:@ji~:!mJn,~,q'iIi.:I es . ,o'f ~ :il:~, S'5A."..'T:A :r~'!p,t,i I i,:a;'~ !!l!li'illljj,i Oln'$ I' th,e WNijiW' 'K i,~ gr RD, iO~(j_.e r"E!!d, it.h e' :s'~',s:t;e.m&l t ,~,~, a! te~',!!';iJt i Q;fjj. ,t):f 'I;h @: ~i,nd,~, 0,' tt ~~,e ,b~,i ngs o:f :EAI.ll)ll ..

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,~, ~ ,~. (~~ , ~ '17' II:.!.. ,.::Ii' " . . '11' jjo.;,. ,~ .... Ijj.,., . ~1Il;, .. ~ ~t·

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.t:mpi a ntec, ,i T,tirue Sl,.['Cl GIQ"~ ,RRA, '~oilll.1ILd 'be 'ttii,e c,ma, .'Wlil ,e'D 1'", ,Goo e f ~"e:~Q,1'"d", t .tie: ane ,Q ~'G 'O:f;)Jl,~' ,Go,d, ~:f 'm'Eilmoury ...

:Oo]l,gn 1,:~,t;.:s O~' be:a ~rt ~ whea, .l'"[€i:,f ~:iS'~d V'iS!ll.u~;t; ~:l:;'l1" t..l."~'B,tma,~,t, ~er'e :s;e i ~,'$d ~ n.d f;(Jir-C,J[,:b 1 :"1" t~ket;li, i:n,ta, th.e: ,m,ettlio(t~r a 1 t;e~',~'~ ,~O\t:'i!, (;ha~tl,e~ f',olr ,adj: llls,t.:me~ 'I: ~ SClm!j:e1 D,= SOl :f l'e.d :Ln'lto 't~ha! \Ii i lde'roie"S),$: O':i£':' b iigb m,g~,fi:t~~"i.~~ ~ t~,e r,e ,t,C) . ·~n'l'.~~ve ,1 ~ .. ,5;'tone ~ ,c:lt~e.si :to 'il:h;~: . :~I~';re.t Q,f

,,,,,"'ilk.,",, Ii ,m ... iII~.;. ... ,,~ ......... :1 ,t,ili.,... ,eli ,,~ ... , ,jP!l·"",.ia1 ''mon'.. ,"",~, ... lI' .to • ..,. ii':i; ,PiOlJl'_ 'IfiI,~'Itl!""in'~ ,Iio,'b, "'" ,~; 'F

l~JIl~!~ ,~Q~~G=-~~'~'~,~, ,,1 . ~1~!IIiiiiii' ~llill!'~:~ ~~{~l ~ lli:il~JIJU~ ~_,I"~i~ ap~'"~ ~ 'iii ii ~~~'y~~ ~~L~'t;;~l~

,eep,.'t,ure ttf:u:l' ~,C -'pr~~!(a,mrni n~ il s.Qm,@,'~Q,w ·th.e, 't;;'JiU 't;'b, WQi~ 1 d eQ~e ,to

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I!ImnICO'lle'IEet1, ~milS ,if@,~a~H i,~,~d, .~\lf.' d"@ ~,:t'l'berea,~ ~, ~h,e ,f~~e; O,~ ,Ma 1:"9,

,an,(Ij ,tbe: ii: DClll'lAiE:MOJ. Ci t i !!:~i Of the H'!!il1lill ii ,ill E,e 'tWOi ,eixa~~dl'e's .. ]i

]["11) ,t i me ,. tbe SlIlef-,;I:: ,~)(O'mple't eQ 'thej;tr' 'I: ~:sk ,~, 'IE's, 'po\pu.ll,it~@:

0':£ 'EUDU had ~ f O:1i',o·t,t-~'D.,'~ '1!1 A~ ~e:y ~en't '~~'l,~ ~~,a r'8,'te: wa:~P'iS, f hOtWe:~er'" t'he,y ea'c::b, hlad, g V,(~;t9~)e ~liu~as i !Il!es Sf s'O\WQth.l ~,g Wg~ nat, ttJili,e~@ a;u,yno,re ," ,s!omert,'h i.,n~ 'W'!l!;S, m:i,,rs :s111.g '" oa ~iIQ,r i.iDU:r;;l y , ,t]i~ugb ,t;'biey is eemetll ,iD,ot to! :ba,v,e 'QQmmrHl ba~)('I:riOil\WDI5.; ~ elQ,dh tleme~e!EeilJ"

ea'cit :t~call.~, iii! ~ bl' 19~,t ligb't; at t;'b,e, Et~a 0'11" ,a 't'~'ooe 1, '@l' ,I;~d ,. '"

eaeh O:Q~ be~ tbJn;t. t,'bB,Y JW!e;t'e ,s!tllpJOsed, 'it'o, ,gu ''tai 'the l:lg'btt;, a:nil

E:'Bit.e'"'" ",,',,". 'ill ~ ~'k "" ~'" .. t'!;;.,"··· oii-,;1;;", ,.iii ":. 'ill t"· 1 ~. ···....,AI -~. iIj 1,,iiJa;.;i;I

~ '.'!~"_ ",' 'i~lie ,iIi:;II;'!'l:Ilil;i;',,-,;;; iii ... :.Ii"Qr \ ·'~~.eE":e, ,~~~~:.:..r .~;,., ',Diia.'IIi,Ji,'I;ij :re.'Wlil.'&,,'IWII '.'iI!!!I;I!'~~Y'!I

A;s, 1.tL&ln,;a'tl!~ t ,tae SSA-".A. ,t'(JQik; one: h;G!;,&. pteeau'ti,Q\b, ~

~ ,iD$.1iIi~.e, the • Passion 'Ii t.ft.s;til,lel ,lD, 't'bis, ~afi't, 't'he Gi,ft

o:r ~.'t.'ii"i' :~'n'iiiiiii'tI!';lI8.ifii""". AI;iII,.:iiI! ~'''''it,·' ::1'::":, 1·'" :' ,~" ,~, .. , ,-i..;""',1:1,..iI-Mi , .'~.6, r,e:bel

.... ~,'I!;I ~_i,",liI;o;;:;:,iI;, # U;iLU ,II!"'''''''. 9 .ve . 1mPe"",lI15 !,-(iII iII;,,!!!;!l!U'a ,!iIi;'I!!o!I\J'_I,' !!l..U __ .~.

,li:~.ros, !~:Sitrtlic.'rted, b~e,' 'towe'I;')S~' ' • .:bleb wo!"QJlLd, t'tanBm£,t :i. clO\:1'1 iaf el,ect~l·c, 's\:tl;g;nB Is: tteBitQe;c1 'to kee:p 'l'be 'Belilt ,i,ll, a, f'og if a

a ','1' 'III - , ~ - ... ' .~. '~Ih' ''!Ii- ',"",..., . ~ .... ~ '!I-..''II ."]L; .... t,'. '1-' _ , . Ai , aver:

. QiC·..w.@! :S1ij.ii!I,~e.. i"iII;li!8 e .... iII~,I!ioi4.-'O:~,.,.,'c ;u..:Ii.ii8ln~.:. is 60· 'Se",e}~ .9 'iI. e ..,~:

'~elvemt: in,g O~ ts ~ o.e ,$i,9D~,l,$ ,f:'~QlI, '!;":eac'bl:n9 t'h"e :Deap t '!!! 'N'Ci) Oft~'",

:flot Mli 'OOlCit,E6:-'&IL" nor' 'tbe ,U1[,-.U' QiMliee(ihS' .'Qi'U,ld: lie' ,eu~lil't,tedJ. t,Q, e;cD,t.a,ic'it; 't~e B8a.~:t ~


'~ !!ii~.,~ ~," ,R~ '~~ ~,~, II~'

- -' r - ~ W,~ ".iiii:iiiii::--- -A I' ,Q'i,rJ' 'I)Q; ~~,ft1~

-- --- ---

SHET -_ Croeodil.

~ De~p,f,,~t~ed1 by' a,t,~JJ1'et t .har:wd" ]lji~,a.l;,d, a,fi-d ,~t:ol(;odJil'e ~

S:fiET ... 'GltJl!Lir'-di ~UI; ," T~ ~ ~'t:~,'e ID~plct~d by a lizard and a bandl SU:E-'lr rfu~,an,'t, -II T,~ W>Ot",k in, la -g\UUi';r;y'j' S:HBTT' mean-t. ~ ~~, dI i-gr or eX"Ci!I."!la 't,e !~

~ V~'P'i ~'t'edl by' a 1 i'~,~ird ~' ,t wo' h~ IllUjj,$, ,~ntt _ ~,m'w, w'i t,h, '~h 1p']1 S;~:E,T'- Tl: me:ai n:t t [ljligge:r' II' OIr 'I' E:K,~~va t((!,r' ~

(DeplctGd by a li~ard, a band~ an arm with ~ w~ipJ ::;,iHTJ[, ,,.. P,i'lt: ," :~ol'e " ,e:M:c,a'~a.'t :i'on,

U)e~',i e't'ea: bJ' ,!II 1. i ~,ard i~u'td, a lnb,a, 1 ,f ~,~ i,re: ]j,:F£1l :~ !j,HTI ,,.., He '~h,~, ~,s; ,~,1d;a,'en

(This, li't,e:lI!:',~ll'y' 'rne~,n.'t il~lomeQn,e: be:l~w' ground'i'l' Sli:T,i,~, SUTlt-'W - - ':(\,~, be~ hi-dlde~n OIl: s'~'~,:ret

:S,iH:S!' ... 'l,b t,ake ~ :s:'e i ::Ii!:le II :s:~a t"c:h # 'c,a r. r:y O',L d::rra'9 ,~w,a'l ~

to drag out" to transport (Depicted &y a ii~ard a~d ~ hand) S If:!,ETS-M ~T ~, T'O '~v,e r't h rQW

I~ ,~p,ie t,ed by' 1 i~,a::t"d, anoi na,qd ,~,~'pe.a, ted :~

,SHT~I .... ' Ii T'o 't,a k,e .!5i lIt.'Ia, It ,Ito ~I~! i z,e' ~ 1101 :~~ '!li1i1 ektj. llCl' ~I~~~ l/Jiii '~'

" - • - ,..:I' L '1 . -.41,.:::1' '10.. .iii '~ -!" Iiffi"""'''' I/W-- -- Ili:ii w-liU'i ru;il--- ~ - Ittir - -.;;j; ~ - ..i_,-

'I :DJ~'p.lc:t,ey '!;;)l'!l II Ji,:!.:z;~,lr."Y ~,n~ ,~ n~n'4oll W ,~, .l.---,g. __ 1I;Y~, ... _._'_. ,'III'i~i!l!' ·.ril_.,.,F""""!' ~o .... , .... S:

~"~'m"J1' Iffl'i ~ .... ' '11 f ,Ii:! f 1-' :t- '!i O~!', m djh~lii!mb@~'sl '" 'ba,t ill!!) !5I,V'-,ill_ [to af[irr-.e:n_ .. ~_ i

ii;I'iiI'-:.l ",", ... ' .11., ,.]. ;6",]. e ,0 ,a.n, Q i.L. , ~'- a.ib "ii '>:1;,...

_~Dep1cted by ~ lizardt_ @ b~Dd and upright flgur~1

To f~rth.~r eo'n't.~Ql the ,Beta'st., t.he HOU,s:e,s, 'olf O:bedientl'e of P'r ince m41~L!L'j- 'wh~rle 'ItJ~I~ Deas,it; '~islted cve::ty' ~~'~Ien,t:h d~,y' jf'o~' ,~;b~,al,e:nc~: le,s5'oH~" we:ar\19 't:,!II'~en ~i"""e':!" bry 'the ,s,s';A, ... :TA",. DiOl!;'t,:l"'i:nes, 'wh iC'h wo~ ld ~'~,pp'O,:t' t '~:J~le B~pi ~,e :b(!:c,a~~ ,diog,ma.;; T'be tecac~,l:!:i!!q:~: I' t:he' '~'~y:~ o,f EAI, became, e'vil a~1;d, 'ttH~: ~Qr,ds of ,!j laem,Q:n~, :EAIf.' g 1 i f e: ~Igr i v,~, [i'g 1:,- D [[ <; ... ;]) 1 b~~ amce t llA, ... EA :eA ... EL I' (-e~"I!'~ to'l:" EA", Lo,;rd

"""' .... ,,·til-...,.-- I, ~'M-.- ~'~"; 1 n 'II ,",'io. - ~ iJI1ot- '~~'l· .An - ,I' '.

,1Ir " ';;;;0, • !;~'"",,r "I!",J-~e: jg.'!i,!I',:a". Vo,e"~, '",",[]Ie 1IbI', a,~· ,1. c 'V~,!.e ~,

:DlaJ't, the ,:S:EI'.ET:~ Iwoi~l-d lea'~ :~ot:b i [a,g ,to ch-l;;u~.'(:,e ", Stl'Duld an i:n:I!l:I'Qlt;:19n,'t, lola',' 'ta,bleft siurf,a,ee wi'th ,a, 13,t-iOI"Y ,o,f ,a:lm!c!e:llt. :~e'i:ng:s"" IUill,l:f ... man a,~,d h.,illl f,..,b~"a:5;'t;' ~t~~' be,1n.lg:5, '~,h,a:t fl,e'w 1;0, the ~'kie:s: o.r a :r.e:be lllou,~, God I~'D ,N/C'-U;Il't Cly',mpu s" .. ;; 'th~:s:e, w,~ ria 'the f,abl;Ei:s au,d m,yt:;;h,s; I~lf a.r.ilJ i:ma,g iDa. t,,&.'Y~ p~,i~,i ,t i,v'e m'Wl ~ Th.'e:s~ W~J1i'~ t,al,e~ Q,f' fanta,s;y,;, :no.-thing mo're.~ T,be ~r,a,t,i-ona,lill ,Ma:n" tb,e 'l'wo,r':~,iflll,9~ H~'n i ;s,h,QU l,d, ~(!'t CO~Cl~1n :h,1m;~ie'1,f ',",ltth 'th-e 't.b.i n;i1',~ 0 f chlld.ren ,.,

'T,be, der.dLa..l ,0:£ 'tbe, 'world, bef'ID~e: [.oI"d lUtA w,~ s eem;p,l,et!ei:;;

SIEl" .... :! lL.i,z:a,ir,ds W20' haa t.at,efl! ,jiB ,a,'ctiN'IB, 'pa.rtt .in, 't~h.'e 'takie'Qv'e'r' ,B'Rd, ~,e: ... p,r,('IgrammiDg' w:,e1t'e: ele'Y',a:tetiJ, 00' tii:e s,t;,a'tu:s: lof' 'Orve~ ....

''m'' ."'!" ... .;!Ila,;:;,'r,ioAII 'iiiIJ ,~ .... i' :n';;' s- .. """'''"''',L' .... · .. s- .... C .iCI;,"!i.!"'i "",,," 'liFii'ii1'li ''''''I!J!'a'' Diii'iiS-' ... " ... ,~ lab· ..... .....,;;5;.''"''',...,

.:&i.J.~,~gl~1 ~.J;~-y ,nIIUJIi.,l'l_ :i' ,1iIiI .~~'liiiIl'~fIiw.!I",:.1 ~l~ '~ .. ,~l~ fI;!!!I'~1 ~~:~ll~'~~....Ji' Iwll~.U ,.", '-~&!~~I~iII

. !ii!i,L~.,·,.- ,,;C .. :it.. - .Q"!i"WiII'iii' ''Ii.'!U' '!I' _~.:::il . , , . .:i; 'u. .. .. ".- - .- -. ,. - n.--"i' -:- ..... "'"

.. .:I."~: 'cr,lj, '0,,,; ~~);Q !!ii:!I'~1I ~~~, ,iI,lii,Q ~:a,g'l!l,.Ie~S ~S go.ne,,", ,~J:',·,n""",,,,,

.' ... LIL,I the~ :LD~a. 0,:£ th,re, MOird j ~~B gQDe ,!ill IT,be [,1 GOlden ~ erac lof

'gJro,wt:h a~d, d,evel.enmen;t, was ,il'f'C~e;l;'

'_' ,ElI:DIlf'" a 'p~'tmlt;1,~' glOl'; :s:1s:tem IdeYiel'D~ea ia'to a 8:t..~q, ... , b,ola, :by a ,1:1:0,9 'cd! t:_b,'e~ is'tar S:t~'1 ua;;: mmtJ" a 'p!~Re't, ~'i,~'tual,Ly dJe:s'troy'ed, ill, ~ 'W'a~ ,~f R'~bel,l.:ion lied by 'M":~' ::tgt'ld 1,01' .. 10' I~ I!e:,u:s ) and, ;r'@-coDstr.l.le't@d.by' ,c;e'DlI!i,5.i s 5i(';,1en:t i,s't,s ~' mlDO'; 'tbe f'1~5;t,

As, 'iIt:'lliru)BiJIj,'~:' ... 'QiDtiR ba)d, ,do""l""'!: b@'fo.re, 'th,·m. th'f!i ,SIIH'iLI :be;08n: 't,~'

,.,.. A.@H ~_..,.,. !,~",", ,_,. . ,~. " ,.,. ~ ..

,:t,i£lC~'~I~ ~!i~ t'h,e pi[;Od:IU[Ii:~:rt:i@;1'ilIJ ~ Da, e;~:f :ii,c'ig~,C!' !C1I:f: 't; h~: 'Op'e~',a;t,::& on '!i 'ffiili,

a dltll:tti Oll! . , 'ho~e'~@1":' ~ t,~ e~f 'e n t,er.IM~ i ~,t'o 'tii:i ~ de ~,e,]Lo~me'l'idt iifnd 'ttl-e:

,~: .~_.l.,' _. :.'~ ',_:-" _.l ..... !I;, .. , l~. J'" ••. '. [.-:\ ,J, .• - ,_ .. _ :,- _.- ~_._.'.' t' :",,~ i r!!'. l _ ~i ~ J .'-. ~ ,J, .. " u.~.

p !'oeh~~:t 10 n o,f ift ,r:Ni~!~ e·Ci!Mlim~d 1. t, It i~, ,(tt"lli,UJ !~lQ, ll,e:gj \6 -iM '",' 'O~'Ci~' j[t,

a d r, !J,gi' u:5,ed ,~(~.l y :by ~ji,ng5 I' thi~ 'Sj~=e I be~ an '~'g ~)~k'~ ~,!'i!td ~e:];, 1 'tihJ~, q~ll9 to, a)ll, t.~,e, ~,a,:t.~::J;;:;r ,b'E1ld_~'g:~ ~ lhi"',ofi:.'t"G ~o;a,~e!iS: and 'L,ord :ID f'a;5; lit be}c'aiEll'C eiJilij.'e' 'ai '~'tjj)e.', w~a 1 t ~ ies·t :l:i"n,g;s :i'r:Ji a,].l 'It'h'e :~::i nth ~ee't:i.\).1tt: ~' Wi th b,i~ ,~m~~,sed. r i,cb@:~i" :~, ,b!I,f,W.1 'Jl;t, il:~, ,Blmpi"fi~ ~;~~. a I'll ,~~~, SieC1!On(i, t1;C, iri'Cilllllile,~ ,n i ~ ~"ll"i,am~@ ~jdt'h 'it;:h@' SiSA,-!TA h'~;Mj: !mI 'ii v;e!1l 'LO!tid. ,fUll t'h'~i 'W'ne!t.7 ewi 'it. hal 'li:iQ '~!ee;p tJtu~' 0,='1] arnd o'ith:e,~ W,jlr~'~ Q1"':S

"''''' .. , .... €'II. ~ .. '''''''' l-' -, ~t·., '1\.;.,,,;, 'iilI!,' , 'Iii' .. , '~"" ,,0::1, iPl,.;...,.A, R' fi,.':,iIio' 'iL'., t ' ',.~.' '11 ,~i.' "'i '~." ';."" .""'" ~ ...... , 'I!"'''''''''''l'",,"'p. '.

'!;;;,~\M";II'''''' """ 'o.!!~,.s, ,~" ' :L;!l ...... J~. ~ilJl\rltJ, '!I4:Ii"""'!l;,II "~ '!PI" u,lllY. 011.,,,, 1!1' ~ .I, """~,,,,;;, "". >;;:;;~'" ,2,

.0.1" 5 0 :~~ 'h~(p~ d '",' ,~ '!!'

'Th!~ Gl:\@,!9I:t, LQr,(J, !~'tul :RRA rJ~ l~~ !!jJ!:i 'ffi:;,1] ,Ia,n, :i"r~r~, h~:~d,~ 'Ij;;'he w'a,',$ of :th e A:SII.' ... UI: 's't;"ji 1 ,m ,:h1i ~.':fu~, !iljI',e,ilm,S,~ 'i b e ,SH!~'-':I 'm,i.ni.:~"t,~:~,c d, t,o t~e, ~H,l,e, ,o:f. 'i'RJiD"1j ~ <ejf"f][,i~i~~'t,l, ,anld, 'c'oldly.. :B~,t :Lar,C] :!IU, d,id '~ot t:Z"'u:,~'t; 't'Jl.:@ ,S\IIB~,-,:J[', .. , 1 f' ,th-e!:y' ~C!UJld [:n;il!'tr-a,~' t[h'ed;,r ,Orwin' Qu,(!:en'if" tL~e:r' w'O,u/m d hot, ihe;S,,i t;ladt: e' tQ' Dert'tay ,]k,o'Edi RRI"i'

T:~lH! ,:S1J~'1I!' ~e'l"'e' !~Dld:- ~!,1 O!O!a,~;MJi ::f,lept,i, 1 e's, ,~, '~"ifrn'~~rur(p\~ tb~'t,:i~' 'tJ~i a\1ii1:l\!' ,r,a~e,~ ,Irul i!l" ,e:ve-:~, 't'hlCfug':hi :It:u.~ '~\ai~, G'~ci" 'RU, W~,S a:n ,ail1't,:s,id'~,!f,~

',~Iad"r )?gl~,:t,i ()~~ih,l'iP I' thei ir a 1.1 ji,~n!O'~ ,j! '~'~,~ btU ~ 5. ~I~;[S:S ,a,nJ~, :no 'm~'!r~

';f"iCi,:r th'~m,~, lUlA, kn!0'~ cth@:y ,could, D,Q't b@ ,t'E'~,'st@d~,

If:li~, .:SQ' li.ord R:RA mO''I,\I1ea to ~ 1 a,e:e :h 1, 5' ~ s t, tr. U,S t,ea: p~ 1~s, t-S ~'

C!Nlilld h,i,5: c"b,:i ]l.tlJr.~~, ~ i w.' O~\lfjjt l"Oil i~:f t:l:l~ Em;Pi'ii 1':'e' ~ :m:n!iO~,n, ,toO a"ll, a,~,

~ at-D, ~ " '~i '1titI, t 'tbl@l' :lkQ~d F'aJ:tlh~~' ~ ,r' :~rEl' i,n ~:t~u Cit ed b.i s ell,1 ~l d'ir'~D

,;:: '''',k ~ ".. . t" It lib "'11i>;,1n,· ~ "",,~ '9 . -,oil! ~ ~ :t:'ih -, ,.. ., ..

~'II, '~~L~,~' :mJ!arrcma!~emi!2j:'m,.. ~,,,, .. ~il e ~!eN;l' '~:~II!' !@i:~, ~~Li.'e ,~~~ ~~'.... ·,S, :: . ~',I' we;ir,e

~,;:;;,.:;"-=: Hn,;rt;;,A ,!b'~ .... ;jl,.... n .... 'e:'.jj, ":'" ~''''''n",",. ';"'~'""',;!ill' 'b.".C,;;,;r ... ..,., ih.. ....... fW!lI!'iii 3'S. ~ D:iI." ... ;r~_M'!!!, I ,a

'.~ """, ... ,,;II;'·':I!,LjJlli~Y !~illlIG,..L,oiL ,1"'"""",~',,.·I!j,., ... ,'I;,;P~'I,a,iI!' l!.r~,~=, .... ' ,~~,,:__,~"!I'; ,,",IJI,"'""'," ,I!.~. ,._J'._' '~"~ ' .•. ' ,t: '.'

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'The uni'ver.$,all :t"e'port:s o.f .mi old :1rrI,aiTIlJtlP,ulatio,m~. '~Q.J[llplete: a~d un s bc;p[Jlalbl@· body ~ ,~,h:~ t.,-,dow,n !i j lrorem,or'~' 1,mlp,l,a n ta 't,io:n ,j],'nd !mEU]i,OE "/' e.r~~,~l"'@s, !~ci!rn.Jfi·rlr!j t.b~t the~ an.1ci,e:Dt rolethod:s of ·t.h.@ aSA-iTA 'Illa,v.e Q.o't. bee ml my 'I:h ,~,caJ" b~ t tin f a~'t i' ,a,r·e ·t@:c'hn"i,Glu,e S l!Jj ~:~ d. by' GUi¥:5 't·ad a" ,~ Li k'~w it :s,e" ,t h,e S\HET~ ,I ! ,i z;~.:!r<dJ'~ a:fie 'NOoT my 't;,b, i'c,a 1 !be Ji.n;g~, ~O~~ of t~,@ irrn!a.9·1:i:ID:~rt.ioDiiJJ ,gi,f ·a e.i,'~·i Ii ~at io:n tih'cnl:s,j3,n,d:s 0:£' y\e,~u:,5, ago~ they are real~ ~nd the, reside alorngslde qS~ ~atchin, @v,~ r ~ S t pe r f o,rm,i.ng ,iilbdrrJ {; t i.Q-n sand ,e'ira:5 i:n 9 eu r m~.m~'J; i es 1. i ke a video tape blank~~~~s it s.~ves their purposes~

We ar~ th~irs~~~

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Ov€r tbe lQst t~o thousand ~e~r~i several atte~pt. bav~ :b@'~'n m~,de to, t,'ry t,o uin,.@]e,nr.!lll].:fIIIoe 'th,e ~ t,17iUlql e ~ ~H:t!l a 0 f 't.b~ ~e~beJll ,r,~:pt i 1, i.an SSA, .. ,~:A '"' IGnle' ,of 't'he ~1i'H)~:'t ::r~l~M:~e~n tad, 't.empts ~a s 'by an ,~U:m of' 't.he S;SS: mmpi,~~ it,$lelf.. liy 'pj@'n.'e't~,a:tin:'i 't'be 'ele:ct,~oni'c

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I f 'the,," ,t!QQ ," a~, ,t,~ l:Qg 'tlCl t~]I;re 'QV,I'eit. :Ealr"dl as t'~e Allth~Ji' :~~,qg'ers:'tiS " 'th~n, ,~ r~t,~:r..n t<o ,f'u~ .. en,~ 1..1 ~ro ~bQuld, ,al,slcl'GcQUl";ii Tho~,q~ 'tt:i,'E1; lmaqe: 'o,f' t]"le ,a;lli!gel as, proteeto:l':s 'Of' ,Ma:~klm,a, bege:n, w.i'tlD.' 'P.Eince _~u,j!' ~ at';"",u",:ms.: II ,. [' L<)ms ,m' ,D .... :I:I [ill (: BId, ," - ,lil.'te.~ pow-e~~ ,of 'tbe Ch'u;lt:c!'lb removed, 'thle aage'l :f,:t,pE'e, ,f'rom P,E',itlC'8 BI, ad as,sltned 'to' ~,'t:s 01iP:ll, ,do:maJ.:n <I' TO, e:s;tab.l,ls'b .I ltself as, ,the only S~l va:t,:l~'n ,of M~U11' 5, 'futu~e: '", ,th~: Ch,'I.1rn'h. C',U:A-,ltRIt 6:y:s:t~l) [' 1n, t:b~! f'(i,~~, :a,n,d, image 'of u;u,grel S w',i 1 JL aPIP,eat": ~v~(~Ylib,e1f~' I


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1,fIiIi t,h~: ~~'~ld, '~p~lLa;CJe:if g:,ii:~I.,.,infg jl'u:st,:[1,fi,(;,~,t,1,'o(Q to'~ ~"imiin~' ~.nitJi.. .. ,

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beji,ng ~,~.J:lt ';' Th:81l ,R:t'~ :c',~,ll.,ed. ~I e~op' 'Ct:t,el'!2,s ~[ lIil

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S,:il,:r,Jtii '91'WJe'rit:1Y;:~, jl' -'h:~t,tl40iii:" ~t,~.'~ifli ~ :k~'Q:w tJlQ:,' .~l ~~: ~ot ,flt)£9Q"t,t'e:~;; 'C:~\Q!p ,~;ji,t"'<;.lI~:S, ,~,:~"t,e:nd!e!tl! !~O~' 't,h:~ IJt[' .... ,M' :f',oj(:iC'~:S; (),~tt:~:iTIIi, b~,C~\~' ~

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wa:~t,ing' t:C! ~ :~::a.~y on. 't;,h'e s"i<i.:e-wa,l,:k [~ 'iil O:tbe;~'s, ,sLr,~ ,~.'el"ib@'lI;.~'t:;~:l'y a..i'te'~~'ed: c:ro'p' - I~,i.:i;c:,le·.:m: Ii d.i,:~ .. t .. o~rt.~rd, ,[bIY QU,];" I~~n 'gg'v'e;,['o;JCI enJ'[;,$ Q~' ,a,~, 'l1ig'EIHlr::y' :l';b~'I:",ec~f' ,~' to, :p~,~I~,~,~:t "t,o~ :~~c:'h i Qf~,~~~, t,i.'Oi~ [~: f ,[:Q:m beLl'~I91' :~le,l:e'a.:$~{d t'Q tk'~, p~'b~ll..i,e' ',"

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,set: ;"~:!i;ltr!i' ,~I .. :~.\iIi,6. '~:h:"'lIilibe·1.:1'"nj f:D~' ,a, 'm,A_;-iiI'iii,iIF: 'lI: 'iiI::' ''_';Ii;- (- -, ;II:, - ,- ''iII:!~tW'

_ ,',," _ "'~'::!II Q!~,I.U.-.;o ...... Vi ,. ~ ~'!I'~; _ ~_""",,,,,,,Jeblil,l!ii.,if .1",:';: 'l!iOi(illiI;! m ,;iii, s a ~ g "

'CIf nCin ... ,ln.te:!ff'e~-eR,~e if' are: 'DiOt ab.iuet !Jofli,:S a v'l.o;lLat,ion. '0£' 't;baft 'V'eE)l 6~ft\'e J:ul,e't J::f. ,II.OOr\l,ctl,,olns; ,~;~,e. 'iba!me.o,l'e'nt.;, '~:by llI!.~e WO(l"l~a, Ee~\I,!tb~D't'B' DQ.it ,~O,yt~ea. of' tQ,e·l'E' 'w'Olld'e\EQi\ls belllefi"ts,t BooM .~, :o,Ot; ,E1jaih, 'tlo be' Ii tr'e"l'ted II! ,liIiS a'bliQicte>e:s .~e:t

Se1t,tl:Q·iJ ,a;s::ih ,aWlUlet.l'0D9, ir ,11 'U1.~e i,iS ,:a l~ar.. ,pl."le,Vtsni.tlng e,

'bene,,,(~\leiat. £X'tra,-te~resrtr Ul. eOtilita'ot it WQu.'l0di ,1!I,ot :tore '-r ,J1eiE's

'o!f m! 1.11i~'s· !iiJf' hr~.:uDa'n iba'im;q$ as,it i:I1!i1a1' fo~ I. ,dii,w lHe i~i.'tJerwDt:ieD!Ii'

':~,l,~,:~:g:D;'~:!~\:i'::~::::a'::~~!~b:::~jR::~':':~:~"=d. '::t at~,e,'t~=i,q:::'

,:[\orm~ alit fo,11oweaJ ,a.p:p~QPar.·,i,at.e ,eh.a;n-nel,Bi'

'.' :1:f tlu!1f' are t r u 1 y be:n8'volen t ';' co,:nc'er'i[H!d 'with. t.n.'€; wel f a r'e of "~,rfk"l!l1Jd~, t'h,e no'n ... ,,:tn t,@',rf,erEH!!lee, ,c.l,au,s:i! f,a 11 s to, ex,p,l a i n 'wby 't,he', 'he,VIe nioit mad.'e con tao'lt w'1 th us ~ J'n f ac't;, tI" no II' Ira t ji,,'o:nal i a,E9I!l!imen't; f'ol':' n,()ll'- c:Q:Il't,~,c't, pres:ent 5, ,t t ~e.'l, f' ~'

,I s 't:he' ,~.u"t:t~Q~' arg'u 1 fi9 tba t UFOS, and, ET:so a,~',e 'Uiia 1,evQ,len.t '2' No ...

Tbe'y are ,5 e 1. f '= se,~'v.1 n,'g ~ Be:ne'V'iQ! 1 e:nlce or' ma, 1 e YO ll"en,c,e ,:L& in

the eye=Qf the beholder~' If ~an secves tham well~ h~ shall b@ ~re .. 'w,~,rdecj '", 'Tha.'t is, bene.'v',o,l e,nce .' :1 f' ,M,a,n. ehQQs@s in:ot 'to, :be: 0:£ ~er:'v l,ce' I .he wi 1,1 be,come ,e:xpe:ndabl e'.~ 1,5, thart ~~ le:,v"Ql e:nee l' Or indifference?

Is 'that the lot, 0'£ Ma'l:il:, to ,s,e:l"ve 'God" ~!iHarve: 'COIIJ.:mit.zo'y; a,M ser'lj!l"e E::<t, r,a, - t e:rr.,e,sdt; :f'l.al s 1,'

Me leave the Reader with one last p1~ce of th~ $tory of ,B~,h(!Ti "

Ma~ ha~ o~e othe~ QptlQn~ He has the right to claim the 'Nor ld 0 f E!R,I'DU f.or. h 1, is cwn,~ Tll,o;g'yh born ('J,f Be,a Sit S ill' ana bred, 't,o :5le:rVle" ,,.tan. waS c::f@,at,ea by 'P:[' li.J].'C@ BA. " a Gen:e s i:5 s c't en,t:1:s t ~ a 'C',t"',ea'tQ~ ,Q,f L,i fe"~ wh.'o, ~,ad became.' an.g-:I,,}" a'f;. t:h@ :Erop'ir~ ,of 'the ,A$A-,lUt~ if a:s we 11 ,a s the.' Emp,i r'e ,of 't: be MI, ... ,AN' ~

P r,i:nc'e EA:i S :irLeven.91E=" W'B,S :~,J.,mp:li.'e r ins tead ,10 f. 'lJS,i, ng' ~eill'~!Ii't,1c 'ina teE 1 a 1. ~s 'o,f B'n JunftJMAK,I w(liirke r ~,pecl:f i.'ed! by Pri,]]oe EN ",'LIL " P'r'3i.:nce ,EA u,s~:{l, H:I S O.wN __ BiLOOP" 'I'n at,her' wo~d 51 " H~n., t 'he .pe: .... , bea:s:t ji W'lUf 'cre:art@:d, w'.! t:l;', the blood err th.e Royal :House cd:' AM'-U In h"i, is, ~e 1 n,s " Ma n ow'a,s 'the son. o,f ('G:,.."D') u.~,,~ ~ ;a,nd as s'U.'ch" ,i s e,fl!j"f; i 'I:, 1 e,d to ,cl a.too 'th:~.. 'f:tu;,''Qn.@ 'of ,a::tbU"

'This .19 t,ha ,s,t'eu"'Y that :m'U,st ibe, ,su~lpres,sed ," Th"is, is t;t~I,e t;,r.u til ,t,ha,t ,1I!r1l s:t;, 're:ma i:n hi,dde:1J II; Man Cal nrtot cla i m tbe Th raGe ," ,i f' he' flo.es I"U'Jlt k:no"" the're is, a, Th:rlo;ne ~ ,H,an c,anno,t, wres t t.he Tht'Ofue ,away :from Ex,t~~"..,te~,r.e.str.ii"a.1s, .1:f' ,Ma:n d~:n,l'e.s, ET '!' 5 even, e'x,;!i"s,'!'; !

.' SiQI .l,o':ng aJ s Ha'rlIJ ac'Cepts 'Ov'er .lords a,nd (lads Ii he: 8 ccept's, an exis"t;:e'Doe' 'o:f s,erY'ltUJd,e,~ ~ When, Ha,rii flm,all,y re,membe.'E',s, tha't;, !hi:!;, k.i.n~dom, b,as be,il~!lJ~ t,ake:n, awa:y' I wbe;~ ,Ma,,",, f 1 i\a.l, l,y l.oot,s, to, h ;1,ro'" ,;s;e 1 fa,s b ,j, ,8, Own OV'8r lord O~ Ged, thein, a ~a @':nly the'Ql Wil.l"l Ma:n: be t,rE;:s 'of E,T Ii is a,nd Goda, '.'

T.he ,1,'ll't,'bQr a~fks t'lle Beag,er 'to ,1,nve,st19,~te tor bim~elf lor :her~se 1 f, th:e, In,f,o~a'tl~ pre,se:'ll't'ed in "t,'lu3,se 'pa pel t",s ,~ Aeoe'pt mOllie 'of 1 t" Cilla 11,e':n,g6 a 1.1 ,of .1 t, oil, Decidel E,or' yoursM8,1,!' 1 f ,tbe, Words of :Be:k'I:''l1, aE'ie.. true '. '1'0,\11 are y'OiUI" ow God It y,o:g, are, tl'U!1 kste:r of' 'you:r [)es,t i,ny. ii' 'Il :1,!' you ean ~eJl_e1Ibi:t; ,the !J'l"'~:th.

Pursue, 'your pas,s,i-on ........

>!! '~ '" ::l't, is FOllE" ,keY>r' yOiur. G,:I,,'ft 'G':! th,e, Feat:be~ ,.,

I I' ('


I l

'we a~el DOE, alone.

The ,l1istronOlllers are wro1ng. The s:c,ientists 8r'1ewro,ug ~ 'They' ,~~e ber,e, blilt we CaD!!!!O;;, s:ee ~h@m bec,ause 't-b@y h.i,d,e.,

'TIley :hl,de ... ~i:n 'p,laio sight,.

We lare their servants'l 'we ar,e 't:heir s.ll.aYle:s ( 'w,e a.re tbei:r' property ~ ., .• ,W,E!: are theil'S.


The Hi,dd~n Hlst,ory of Flan,et Earth ' •• ' • con t jl,flIu e·dj

DI·I!)UIJ8..~'i1:r 9a1a,xy r is ''t.h!e: borne o,f btll :i!.,on~ (l,f B,ein'gs, St,ar ;r'Q,ces ,asvalC j,eO! a,s the ~d!;arstbelm,s€;lvei5, but 'e.ach race .bo,rlfll o'f 'the same evolutionary :formll.l,a~ :r:Il:,~m ,t.:he find: s~a:rk of ,Lif,e to the ltiji,;rth. g,jf a sj.,nqle 'cell; from the, 9;plitting o.f the ,cell, t,o 'the ,f.ormation 'of sirnple-eelled a:moeba.s and th~n t:c high.ly complex 'W'Gj,ter creaitil!l,r-e,s; f,rom UI,e' fi:rrst large fish

I be:i!.ngs; t,o the @rnerqe,n,ce of la,nd CJ;'e:ature:5, each rac'e of Star n PeopIe,s h .. u.: E!l:>sE!otiaJ!.ly fo,lloWledt'he siilI.mepa,'th. •• ,. fromsim:pl,e e,ellular s't;,ru,etUI"'@ to' com,pi,ex: I: oumanoid I ,,:'iH.IDch 1.5, the Il:lo;r',m II at our '9a,1,axy,. .Humanoid is tBmi,e ,r1l!:le,. N'OTlthe @xc€:ption.

Star Rac:€!:s, a"re a.escend@dio,f Reptiles" Ins'elcb;,I' Birds and cther fO~1\'I5 'of life M,ankind c'o'U,H'IJ n.ot beg)!'n 't.o imagi,f[!B.. 'Two ra,ces of Star Beinq~ m.QD.opollze the h.i stc,ry of ou.r g.alaJxy •• _ a.n.,a OUl' Ear't:h _

In the Nirl'th S~,ctor I 'Cine oft.he ol.ale;:5tStolx Ra.,ce~· J!.!:! the, rept1.!1an MlII:-,M;!., ,DQ,se.an,deo, fl!t"OP1l<l1n.os,au,ri'iiI!~ ,~:nc,es:tors" the ~I'-Mf Queens; bava create,(] the sing:le..;mQst pcw@rflcl!l q.!ilact.ic Empire. in thi:s s,ec'i::ore,f ERl.II».NUS. PQ5sessied of W~rr.iors of unma.tche-d .f'@L"o(:ity ,a.nd bz:"av@ry I( refeE'reJa as the M-K o~ M-(H I the ARI'~,AN :Empi.rew,Hs, une·qualedift power aQIl :!lIi ze.

Mil,liQn,5, 'of ye:a:rsG,t c:ountl,en battles had :ho,ned 'the '~a:r SCI'ences oftb@AIu~AH' Empir,e: t,c :neaE" p@rf:e:ct.lo:n.. New meth.,-

cdclo·gies, bad b~;u~n. de,v'elop@IQ,. IC'Q.n·ClIuered popula:tious, ·w,e.re a,~

ass,et ra th.e.r thana ii,ability ~ R·e:~~15,tanc,ewa.~ e,l.iminateg by simply lC'e~p\rog.ra,mm,iI.:n9' the m,i:nd~ Qf 'Ule I,t'lliffiou.l t ,o:nes t • An able-bodied ~n:emy ,e,f t.he !'j;tate he,eame an Qbedi@mlt ~Ier'\!'ant. Of the 'Fhrcme. wi tbtlut a, simple operat,io]1 .•

The hold 0·£ t.t~leABI"'AN' CI'n tbe N1:llliilt,h Se'c:to~ 'vas virtual.ly tot~lj and mOist definitely 'uny1e.ldi.n,g.. Until "tb'E! tj;me of a,1Il unex,pec::ted evo,lY'Eitml!e:nt. o,1f ye,t ,,:n,ot.her Stars;;stem.

This B,eoanai Star Raoe Wa,S, one, d!eso@nd~d·of d,og-C'lbeat:ures sim.U.ar 'tio wolves,. ''r::hey we,re knOW,1iI as: JQNI:S, liollf Be,i,ng5 ,of the Sta~ sy.lji,tlemSIUOS I:·tbe Dog Stal;").. ~n,el~ Emip,ire was Plot .!1I,S 'old! nor as, ElYlolved as t:be ~-M K;i,:J!I.gdom, but- the ,fe:t'V'Ol:', tbe fie:r'Cenes·sof .;L1tsWBrrlo1i6 U;:non, as the D-K, '(lo1." Wi..K),.was v1clQUiS ,and bar'ba:t.'ie" :su,fflc,iently so' as to co:ru::ern. e:ven 'the '!nost IdiisCip!l1.l1Ied olf .I.R:!-AJI ... It Warr.to\l'G. CU'tt:.iJl,gt:bE'Diiligli!!. <Ill, lefi,emY~6 arndes urnd then stopping t.o devour the fl~sh 0;( t.h!e fa.l..lien" t.:h,$ ,D ... I{ 501fd1ers prov',gJ,t;!Jd, thei:£" IU;ng'i!!i wi t:h (l1i;'Jlriliquest



u!pon conqueaz , As their Bmp1re gre·w" thel{ANUS Kings began

to' concer-n the, }WI-AN Quee,ns,.

A ~ Bt~l!' Lane II knQ'wn as the PlESU:-IlETEN HUnt,h, p~$sageway)

was a vital $uper-starway linking the inner central Stars ~o the outerrmol'llt ed.ges ofl:.h,e, ,g<il.lGi.x.'Y. ay Icont;r,olliJll'9'l:.hh S:t$ll;' Lane~, the. M.I=,IN Que€!itiS ma,:a:ntairjlo!e:apawer oY,er th,e.:iL' :Ellflpir,e" coUected l'~venues r o!!l;nd in.f1ue!nc'iEldl:h.e politi'cal a .. f.fairs of 'It:he Central Stars,. The expansion Cl,f the Siri,an Ki[lg~ beg,an t,o e:ncro,acn en th'lfil PUB! METENi" a iP{)~$ ibility the Queen::. were not wi l.linq ,to permi e ,

The Qu~en.~ appr,oaehed the Sicri.an Kings with an ,offer :fer ana,ll,ia:nce., If the RANUS: Ki,ngswQluld. a,gr@@ 't,o pledg,e th,eir loya.lt.y to the ARlr-AN Qolleen,5,the Que1ens would a.l.lolW th.~mt.o m,aint,a in con.trol of 'the outer !portion of the St.arway r :!'Ilg.kip'9:

PI"Of:it andl wielding PQweJr over- ~~,ssage"",aytraf£ic~ Shou][d ,1'31 rej'ect,iQn oftlla All,iance ofie'l:' be the :result, the 'Queens, of YI-,AH 'IIo1o'u1,o have: .no ,ehoice but ~!o obli'teral:.e the g,;i:r:i!IlS t~a.r 'orces ••• and the 5ir~u$ star 5,s~em itself.

Tbe Sir Ian King5 recognized the power granted them in an ,alli,afloc,~ wi'th the ARI-AN 'Qu,een:!>1 and. .quickly accepted. Thys, the All jo;l,l'lc,e ,of :Rept! li~.;,,~. Qu)a~~,!i _ ''1l_ndl~p~~i:sh lq .. nJ3'~wa 5 born. M,=K Warriors and n-K. W,arriors would fight side !by sid,@ •• ,. the

'. star :sy,ste'ms· 'of ARE-AN (Orion} ;3,nd SIRrU:S w'e:r'e allied.

And for a tlmel,p-eac:ereignf;j!d i.n th.e Nint.b g,ec·tor.



The! new' stat" $yst.e'mwas: born, very nearly on t]h,e Star-way" i't:5 pos :itt,ion ve~ycllearly a, place frOi!1ilwhich the Si.r. ian .l{;i,[lg c'Oo.lLd. f'l,u:tbJ,e:r st~!]:9't:h,en. liI,is hold ern th.e flasi5a~'ewOll!l and make hh pos.:JLtJl.on mo're 15'!1il!li;U:lie in. the ~tf<llir.s rof' theg,a,.la .. xy. New

.~ world!>, oiii'!lre, ~lsQ s,c)u%:',ees ,of u.iii:ta:pped pre:cious w@,t,als and aries a.swell ,a.s 'vital eleme'ntal co.rnpounds •.

Th@ 'sirian King quickly cl~imed the new s'ta,r begali t'o ex'ploH:. lts ;t"e:SOlll:'5E!S.. Tin@, :st,a,r sy~·teim a crucia 1 ,ou.tpQst tOI !both t:he Siria:ns and o'riOii:S '. wEi!,a,lth,for bo,th Em:pi.res,contin:l1€'o. ,to ,g;r.@w.

Btll':!:' a.coup in tlh'i9i Sl.riafl Royal COilliirt fo,reea tbe King whol had, bee,n, respcm.s:1ble forthredevel,opment of the: new sto1'll);:, and its worlds to f lee for h isli f,e ~ ~es ide nt,s of' the new sola:!" syst,em eag'erly g;r1eetl€l!d.th.e.lr bemefactor" iiI'ra.nting hiim haven. And ,in !rd,:~co,lony 0Illt:p¢st, the King continued 'iI:!1.7) ,d.lev@.1.op thE! 'worl,ds a,nd mOQn,s' lo·f SAUl.,

Stl"U::ing 'up a~ agreement w1.t:h the. Ori.on, 'Queens I ,the King' ,agEsedi. to 'pay t:r1:b'\1te it-Ol bo,tb 1It:he ARI,-Ali ,;Jnd UNtJiS 't:hroD.,e,!1j,t .tin e~~h~:Qge foE' hi:!;! :s,a:f.s'ty.. 'Though. the new S,i.rian. K.1:ng. AN " w~nted the deatb of 'the c:I:'e.pos,ed Ki.nq,,' be W,aJS f,Q,rce,d b) obey" ·to accept tbe ,agr'ee.meint.f,olE'cell :UPQ~l- ,h;i;m byt:he Q'U'Q'ens ~

And aq,adn., (o.r ,i!I sih.o'rt, time,. 1.~P$i!!·C;;:Q: t"eig'n,ed~



~y$te'm and BAD b,ecame Pow@~ and



'Tbe: wa]' '0'£ CanqQe~o:r:5, d,emandscQns:tan't v'ig11anlce ~ Pawer 1.5: l'u:),t li@~eatbed .• ~ .. ,it :1s, taken ... , ~IQ!l;" lost. ISu<:b 15 the, war 'o,f bort,h, Orion, ,gnd S:±.r:i,a.n .. gm;pr:i. Ees, '.' '':rhier Il:ln,g or Q:qJ.'e'enwho1s c:'a.ugh,t, t ;d'eepi ng II 'will mas t 1 :ike!:r :rem1&in u;sleeiP' ~.,. f or:ei''I,iI'el' ..









l>~i.llion:5 ·c·£ ya~~s la.ter, Kin'9 A~ w'oll .. b:l dispa.tch hi~ ~on" a Gen.esis::,a;:ientist to ~@~tl'l1ild t~e de;!Ot~o,y,edwQl!:'lQ$.. Much D€:¢rled reSQUlbc'e;,5and,the .~t.ra't'egic va,lue oftbeo.uilt.post. staib sys te:rnwa:5 fa rt10 e importa n.tto a 11010.1' f tto :rema.ll. n d'01!C:rn~n t .'

ThroUo9!ri t~e.effo)['ts ,of tb~ 'yaung .:Prince, OJlJJ~ p.llJ..anet fila.s Ibr,c.n:u,llbt back toO lli i f e • 'rile young G€ii n,es is Crea tQ:r b:rQugh t the ,atmosphe:!!':",e bac:k: t,o JLi:f'e" t,lriIe SA;l@j~ on,c:e W.01i'~ .Hi.lledwi.th life aTld IHlOv'em'en t •. p'.la.:[l,t, s "I:: !:"o@'@:!;i,and!lowers a pp@a.r,edo:n.slllfri,ace l~.md!5~ crea:tlllre:s 'We~e ,hybJd.dlzecL •• life ,on,c,e again~,alk@d on. the\'o1orld 9iv1e'n up for d'ea.di.. !ERIDUro,$!~trom the a.she:sl

WQiIr]!;;@~.~ ana tech nio:;:Jian,$ cam€lW i ,to the:i I:' f·"MlI! i ,[ i €: S , e i ti~:s flourisbed, th'~ r,ecC!velfY o'pe,rat:iQP$ for prec.:tcu5 lJII@t,als~ Ol's a:ll,del ement:5 beg@,Qto It,hriv~. S,et tl@'~5 ca:rnIJefJ;QIt1i many- pa.rts ofth,e NinthS,ector t'g beC!OID@ res.idents ,of the ne'W' \ll\o:r1l!.d.,

'The yQ~n9Pri.nC'e~Oli'ltlnued t.o fab:ric,ate. n.e'w c.:r;;ea:'ttl!17Ie;,S; to. 1.nhabit the pla.Ii!€rl::. I' Cine. ~ ~,anape-be:a:5t, by!;io;r;.:i,d. It,,~ o[il:e.and Qnly PU!irp05,e 'W,i:U' to se:~vle the [,Qirds, and ,Mast@lI'i:'~,,,,to s,l,o;Ijve .in, th:e f;i,.e.;I,l,,~.$~nd mines fen:" a.heav1enly @fi1l:pi.re ne@d.!l..nqplree:i(lU5 met:a].:5a:n.d ,ele!!lH!!ilnt:~J' such w'o'j),stbe ta.te, of tile .Biea:5t~

Sit"lan J:1ngs, l?~ince:s ,and P!I:'ifllce5:5e'5 e~me to goV'el"W! Qver' til'.l'I! fWlf!W WQt" Id:!ll ~ ,Jea,l,ouiS.:l:y, c;:r,eed,!:!Indi t'he way of - C()'ngueroirs came '~Q :bep.a:rrt e,f life: gn ERlmU~ 'The J;oun.gPE'inc;:e CrE!N!:I.'OO!I:.F t:~e GenesiSSCiti:nt.lst who :had l'eb~ilt the:~c'r.ld,~ W,;;l,;S removed a:sLo~dI 'QiDomi n.ion ,.,T,be £mpll:e ,the :5'l:u:.:taifDJi 11'9'o'f the very .sy,st.,em. 1..1;;; self ~ 'WI!i sp.ar!1li~.olU:nt~ ''thec~e,ationQ.f 1.1 te , ex:per'i~ .me-nt,sexplori~q the po'tentia,ls 'of ~ n,ew c;:reatJtt~efwou,ld! .blilive tQ be iSleta,sUit! ~

And! 50 the Y'O:u;n:9' Princ'ewa:srep,.l,a.ce.d" by h.i s ,~ brcit:iler

a:s t:heLard of Dominion,. Afid:il:Qtoo, 'the: SQ,g,!}' (I" the Be~Gt t th:eEn11'gl:d::e:rwment <II.na 'tt!l,e E:ns,la:ve:mentQt Man,. e,Q.nt1:l1iJue.s., ....

Thed~at:h of the d@I)Q$,e,d.Ki .. ng in titH~1 01ll'tpost. wo.rlds gave tbe SiJr1an!Kllin.greason tOirejoic:e.l' h,i~ lGn.gti.~@ ba.t@d .r.i.'v'al we.:!> 9,one. El'utth@', g'l!:.andson- o:l;'the now~silel"lt: de:posedK.:1l.ng~ ~n a~'g:r Y ym) nq PI" i nee. a.scend~~H;!to powe r •••. a nd 'W i til In: i m c,~rrn,~, t.he 'Gr'ea.tReb~llion i •

Lor,a :ZU, J;::n.owfl. a.s ZIlI-Zlli ,[ l::UZ) I threw 01llt the Si:rllii3l~ King and! the D~KW.arriQr5. Tihel.oy.",lty 0'£ 'the BAD, peoples and an unCGiDny k:n.a.lck 'for b~ttle, 'permi it't.ed the .Lordi KiI'lg Z'llZ tOW±1l a9~instthe tarawaysta:!:,,!l> of Siriu:s.T.he!,GoJlden Ag.e i of an

~. ,.uu;lient Godz:urZ Oil Mount JlL-AMBU-Z, (OlYllilpu~ )Wia5 at band:.

Bllt t.1r:ne WClt! ld work :a,'ga.ifil:5t;,ttle youn'g l{ifDg. Th~ forces,

o f both till e O:r i on ,~ndS 1 r i ~ [!! E!mp.t.li:'ie:swQul dj oi n aga. i r! ~ t hi iii • The: 5;oJLaI' ~Jf~tem~D! would :5;ti!,ffeJ; the, full fo~c'~ ,of the Wat'= Shi.p~i andtheirwei!!l.ponry. Every t:r-Gil::e, of 't.he rebel UQ1lll5,a,nd tl,psta:!;'t: Lora J<in~ ZUI w01ll1d b~el.iminated • Entire w;o,rlds and their peQplre:s were destr'oyed#, moons $!!lldtnei:!:' small cQ.lon.i.!es 'were be cernoU:shed" T'l'le wr;a,th 'of the Kiin:g! AN was merciless ~nd 'to'tal, thiElre, 'would b~ no re!fl.a i 111 5 .•.•• ana no prisoner5~

!T..I1.e Go·l d'!ll !I'! Erta. of ZOZwas ove!b .•

Prince E'A f OU ndthe Beast in the Ga rd en. a t the: ctilnt,e~ Q f the Biol-A:9t'icu.lt.l!,u:a.l ,c:omplex. The cI:'@aturewould be thetK'@Y thatwo,uld llnd'o EN-Ll:L,"S domin.ion on ERIDU., The I,east CQuld ,ma.te only unde:rthe s,tri'ct.e~,t ,of conditi'oilS t a,:fia only with a. :sp.ec1fic,allys,el,ec'ted pa.r·t:ner., 'The ,genetic' br,eednq prog:(',.ufi'S had. to be ca.reful1y c'o:R'tr'ollea,. The Empi,re Q,epend@.d on work f,orces cornpos€u:J of sub$€lrvi€lnt and. abedi,ent la:bor,e~5.

The @;!'l.gry .l?rinc'e 'dlecide:d to ~h,(ilIke tb'Ei! v~r':J found.aUo.n !IIIII. of t~he ,n.ew ie'ole.n:}!, outpost,. H,e '~ouJLdI reyealto th~Bea.st 't:h,e; :;;,E!!::'re'l: knowled.ge ,of 'the God.s .... ,ma.ting] could be e:n.g,aq~(l in ,i!'! t ii!i.ny' time, and f,or the sh.eer p"le'i!n51In:eof' it,. Wlt:li Le the s;lav'e:s, must place l<:!i.bor be'fo~'elall els'~, the Lo:r;ds pl,EI.ceCii plea.sli,u;,e.s· above ~.:U. ,s,ervants t.oil,ed e!1lgi~:s,slyso that .!Mas;1i:eI:'S could: rle,v,el in the iint:oxicat1ngl'pleas,ur@5 of erotica. 'l'h~ Beas;ts were given th,e kn,ow'ledge - of "knowing!' e'il,c:h othe:rat wi lllL '.

Th.e Pl"inc'$ tau'gh't the cr,eaJture .hO'w to hav,fj ,a c'l,andestine ren,dev'Q!.1~, hew t.Q hld,e from over-s·ee,rs"and w~'e.:r~ to 5'earc,h jf'o::r. hi,dd,en, places to, enjoy their .newly ,ae'qu.ired knowl@cl<ige •. And the Beast enjoyed hlmself ••• and ~Djo,ed himself.

But: the :Oe,i31.st would be discQv,ered., His tr,;u:1I,s'gr,ess.iio:n, a crime: ag'ain.st t:.h~ St,Site'" could n,c,t be biodio,en,. His nak'ecine,:s,iS, e,~5j,ly rtt;:'vehaleEl h;i_~ .ii;i'I;.~te of arousO!I.l,. The Guar,dia.n.5 h.ad no diffie'ulty in eatchin!g t~e 't~,ansgre::ss,ors.. Eve,n th.e: fe!males dIsplayed outward si'gns ~ tbo!J9h 00 afiiu.ch more subt.le sc,a,le:.,

Tbe oftel:'lJdlng Be.asts were ejected from, the 'Ii,j:a,rd'ens" the,! beci\:I,me knO'Wll. as the .mA-HUS, the Imons,t.er (;t'eature51" ..Loyal Bea:iiits t:em~.in~df they we:reknoW'n ,as ·theADAPAS" '!'wi:s;e ,ones· .• TheiS'ElI Bea:!!,.t wo'rk'ers were .allowed to :stay in tbe Ga.rdien,. ' •• but 'I:be Commands u:n.d·e,r wh,1ch th,ey WQlUld live increa5e,d in number and seye~t.t y ~ Pun! sh:rne Irc becam,e !Dore :bzo'uta 1 ..

• ' f'x-inee:R1\ be¢Cl!me the ,embodiment of Bvil it,seilf~ 1my ,a:nd: ,allLl works ,e,f th~ Prin'c:e '~',ereilabelled ~ an .. tl~Sta,'I:,e ~ "t:hu;s, the wDr:ks Qf t:he w(n':s'l:::, c:drmimal., ·DAt-D .. ~Th.fi!: 'CJ:lea't·or ... EA); D.-EL, (.Fa:th.EiI'r-I.Ol"d~ Qnce t.neli,oOrd !,,'a;t'hel"Cl"e,atoli D bad De,came ~bEl lIA-R-BI..-EJl. (Dlablo-tie:vl1.): "the lEvU. One 1 ~

Ft::i1" sever·a,l. tliiotis:and, y,e.al"s" thl,E! t:un:l.oi,l:eon;tJl.f;i;~.{!di~ LCir(i, "dn,ceEAwo,uldi p'ay a p,rice f'61f' hi.1s c1"1:me, but: bel was,f1rst sant.Q,tbe .1:10.9' birnse:J.f.. The D,ffendin91 Beasts h~d been seRt iub) exi.le, ce:rtai:n idearth awa1t,ea them. Princ:!e Dc 'Would not bel all.Qwed. 'tbe powe::r be Ollll!l;:e had" hi~ honors 1St, ea. 'On,ee '. plioo,d P~!nc.e" he 'was al.l'Q'wed tic) :I'Ulain in. 't'he COl 'onie,s b'l:It w(l,uJ!.d. n.eve~ ,~qal'nbe a :fQ~Qe: D,f Inflwenoe.

'Thou'gh. p!Owerl,ess, the P~ll!1ce oon,t.inulsd: his 'WQ,t:k wl.'tb the

1"Elljl'eJc't'ed Beast,., In these w~et~h'edc:J;:e,a,bn: .. \es, h,e ealllJ,lt1l :::!i,e,ea,

., ......... __ ~


il I






I ,(


I ,(

I (

poss:ibiU ty f life, !Jnfett;:ere~ by ,01 syste!'nl,. L,i fe pUI"sui.ng t.'lls path of ~t!1l chi,oi.ce, life livin9 for- 'the sake o,f life~

Instrllcted: to create s;pecial s·c'hoo,li5; 'tote:ClIch the loyal m1niC1!1S D.f P,rinc,~ EN-LIL Ln 'the sec,!b~b; of the SCi@:nces; the beatenP~oinC'e £1. began to build tbe 'I B1!"o,ti'lel"ho'od" r ti:1o,s,e who wO'1), l d becom,@; 'th e adro i n i s tr a to rs ,.Hl,d PI" i e s It,s 0 f I.e.I'd BR,-I.I!..

Tile symbo,l 'of the Sci,enc·es, and. Knowledge its,elf ,W~S an

• e:a5ilyrecognlzed s@:['p~n.'t. (a tribute' ,tOo the-rept.lUan ,ARI-AIN

QueeniS a.nd the Empire i.ts,elf ~.. Thus Ii:.be l"i t:iat,@s 'of these

schools b@·c~me, kno'W'n as 'the' ISroth'eribood of the: snake ",

Bu.'!:. the schools, .. gav@,-princli :n-.--an- idea,. ----T~e Bea~t;. !;;It,ould be 91 ven th'e opportun.1 ty to learn t.he sec.ret=:> a~ well!

Secretly' the Prin,ce;i:leld meetings wlth Ute, Beasts :in t!h,e hil1:5 :1 d,e I ea."" u ~ 'I '. Tib e. e ~\i'e is be ca.·IIM~ k mown as t h'e' I' TefiE -L,~l'JS I' ~ 'l'he ,1.,1iord-Plaee-of ~ I Plac€ 0:£ th,€! lol'ocd or Te,acnilil'9s!) .• ' Over the many years of s@e~ingly endless travail, the ~'che-l-us·

" ~ C.he=,:!:'-,ush /S.tieil"osb !Church}> 'gave hope to the Be,a.sf:: • ,Stories of the lost para.Qi::;·ewer.e often spoken of I bil.1:: the nH~l!1o.ries weres,odist.ap't th.at t.I:iL@l had be,come, ''i,i''a,gu~ at b~,st.

Sc~oolin9 Q,f the Beast began wH;h si:mpl@ les,Sl)ns in SU~~ vlval~ cooking with fire and hu~tin9, creating $helter, making si.mpl@ t1!;:a:ps and aVOiding Ul,e ,d!~.n9t;1]ts of th,e 'w:Hds. 'The Bea.,st learned and be9anto pass nis skills ,on to trdLs 'Young.

'To, the, plea.s.an.t ,51ilt"'prise of tbe Prin.e'e.,. sOrnleB@,a::9t:;s were able t,o learn qui,ekly and ,eag'er.ly sou.ght mO:I"e l!mo,wJledqe~ In excited anticlpatie'n.. the Princ;:e - began. to illl,5t.;r:'I1Ct the .Beast. in the: :11.i ddJen ,~i!t' ,t:;,i I:Mi~ ha d beg un to teach hi EN -,LIL ' s ,l'!yst,€.l;r'"Y scho,ol~. A.nd thecl"!l?iatllr,e lea.rl"l.e:d!

'The c<3i.ve .IlM~:etif!9s remain@c. ;5,ecret.~ith,e Be,a.,~ts who .shc:we,d promise ast.e.u::hers ibec<fIm,e known. a.s i EA.-SU' (I'B,1!i-W15E.l Ones, i) or 'iC:nUdren G,t: E~/C:n,Hd~en ·ofth:@ Serpept I ., ('Fhe symbol (j,f prince' EA~, a G,ens:d,s SCi~fitlst r 'Was a p'a:ir. ,of steI'pe:nts,,~ot

: the si!!ll9J,e serpent ,oftheBrotherilood.PripceE:A; blm.s,elf. l waseall@d "The L,ord S~rpen·t ijj o~ j''iE''h,e S'~1i':p,e:n,t II., He was t:.bu,s; ;1::0 become tn@ S,erpent. Sl@ducer in Ed,en.) -

Th@ E1l.:-S,[) beg.an their m1~s1ons·,to te'ach otner erea.'t.'Q~@;:s wha.t tb'ey b,ad l,ea~p.ed f,ro:l!oitb'e 8e;rp,e:n't. :Pri.nc~. As UU;!:y mad€! 'e.neir way' 1nto,t.be wilderness" P.rlnc@ EA stood p'.r,ou,~ny"t,hey" bad learned and had. be.colI!I,e Te.a'Cne.l:'5 in th.@i:r Qwn ~i'9ht,. ',h.e EIl-SD could help l@,ad the way to a lLfeo,{ h'-,ee w.ill~

S,ut PE',irlil~e' D-L,IL lea:r:ne" ofth,e hidden s,chooh a.nd i'mm'~ e,d.ia.tel'y impl.ern.ented, h,is own. plla:n,s ~ D1,spa.t(:lhl:n_9 lQya,lBeast h'ybl"1a~ ~:t;eateaby .hi.s awn: Ge,ne:si;s 5'ci,e:nt1s't:;" P,rlnc,~ D~LJ:L 1f1fl1tl"atedl the C'8ve scho~,l5;o lMa,5qjUiifl)':aJldi.ing: as U~,SU!!' ~-LIL l,oya,li:!;.ts cr.,eatedt:lhr6.ir 'Q'w:n II'che.iros.h II, ~Q'nfusing the Be,a:s.ts,

lan,dcrela.,t1ngdJ.s:s'ension~ _ . TheF'XJ.,R.c:e. of til €i.'. W'o. rd was_pll,ea.s:ed w,lth bios mln~Qn,s,r they ha,d oonfus>E!:d, the (:j['Ie,at.u.res ~ Wi tb 'th'e l:fa,l,:sie BIl ... SU wol"d:s, the Beasts ClQ"ula ,n,g, l.ong:erunJ3.er:stand :ODiE' ioommIl.JD,icat.e with eac'n (I,tber" •• 1t was, nomo" t'hanba.bble~.

'Tbef~l:s!e _ .. SfD am,n,ed, 'the true ~SU wept ..


I 1

[ I I





The tak@:-,OVElE lh,ad been success,ful. Lord FJ;"in,ce MAR-ID'UK" first scm of th~ );eviled c.rea,tor 'God EA" had become tbe I!One aDa Only~., ,.S,lilIn G:cd RAil. The ,SQ:!E,TI 1,i~~rd,s had re-programm@Q all :rem~imli:n9i subjects on, :ER:IDlI'. !:he :!rebel SSA ... 'fA 'Queens 'of !the ARI-AJl' urlide:;r,;,g,:t"Oililnd worlds b,~d 91 'lien, supportf'kAR-DT}K 'w:u.h the ul!lJdersta~dipg t.lla t, SlIE'l'i Ul!Hlrd::l, 'W'Qil.1,ld becQrne tbead.m.in~ istrators of the new :Empi,re. Tn-ey had done tlielr jobw,ell" MAR-,DWIK wo,uJl.d 'k.e'ep thern a.rouli,d. _ • fo'ra. while.,

With their memories gone, the Beast~ were lo,yaJ!. and very ea,ger servants., Ol:he:r Si.r.ia,n fam,i.ly memb~~5 <'.1..1,5'0 gave fa,ith and alleg.ianc,et,a n,r they' too had iQ,s,tth~ir me:mori.es.. And ,s'c Hi;' was tl1:l a t 'the E,liIp,i ::l:"~ ~ D t,ere d .a 9 1 or i au S iP,has·e, ev'er'yon,e a ~,.p'i !!red tot he s~ine 'goa I • + • to [:u:"a i sean(l, serve the Su,o God.

~ ThE! .Mys'l:ery Behc,cls ,bJecam~ - tbe .so'u!r'c@ a,f p,rie.~t.s, who bad bl:l,t c'ne t;ho'U.g:ht, to prai:s,e th.e :iL,a,X'd RI" fE:'Q"liii: ""hom <11,11 'I;.hl!.'n.gs" al.! be,ing;s,. all w1s,aom h,ad. come,. The. secrets Qf th,e ga.l.a:x,)!' I an.d the fJ.nivers~.. came,±:hr'cu'gh. 'Il:h'emc,uth of RA~

,A.i:'id sO too, the 'I'ehel.rash I became t,iillrqets of the Lord RA ,and the SHE'l'I~ Wbere, 'OrJilce the tea,chlngswece 't,ho~s'e 'of ,Lord PJeince:lE:A" now theY' \II'ere of !IRA~L!l:G-U1S.i ('JRA-i.~wsJW'CI!r,d~.-of".~

,r 'Fl.a ee o:f the Wo,rds 0 f ItA I. ~: RA~ le.:9._-: ~ slR~l l'g.i,on ) ,;. Her'!! too I' t.be purpose of the pr1e:str.oodan!di Ibr'C),the,:rthaod was, to perpetnat.€! the co,nfusion~:nd k'ee,p tbe trutb ,aw,ilY from bo,th Beasts ~nd 8, i r1an:L,ords a H.~@.

WbeE"e 'O"I<I;e aLI ll:ea 5 ,t sa,nd: S 1,r i an s:u.bj ec t.s were f ore'ed to pra.,:!Ii.,se the Si.r.,;t~I1ILo'rd5, a,D!d u.ltimate.ll!:r qi.vE!. gr@at~r honor to thel ARI-AN 'QueenstifLo:rd .RA,., wltb t;,lil,e a:pp,ra,vala,f the SSA,-TA rebel Queeiils ~ be'ga,nto' systema.ti,e,ally' :I"emQv,e ,all "traces of a

I Moth@r Go~des" 5 pres'ene'e., HienC!efQ,rt,h!, 'the OiIri~:tP. Q't~nt. ... ()f.i~ _wa,s a. male ..... tih,e ,Sun God M ht:rnsel:f ~ Males 'would domil!lJat::e 'everY' a.s;pecd: of ,H,fe" l't va.s t.ime fQJ: female::;: ,to r,elinquish their eJC:aJ!:ted p,lac1e of ,pow,er_


I I -I



I (


• Th,e SHETI lJ1zards" wi,th th:eiJ: CQ,\tsinHEH'fA l:h:ards,were ,or. i'ii,l:n,ally re~ogn.i zled f'Cl'r thebe 'IIulcaMyabi 11 tj.e s with S tiQne ,cut U. ng- ega! pmeFlit • [lisi '[i,g thelt:' sound (:;ot,te:rs and :head: beams, 'with incredible acc~liacy~ tbe 11:i!l,iu:ds,wi'th iQbot-like preci,'S-.Jl.OO 'C!ould 'prod~ce sibo':!le struetur'es t'ha,tneed'edi no mOI.;'·t!1!lt' or b:t'nd.ln9' age,n.t 't,o, k'eep t:hemtQ9'e't;:h.er.. These creatUl:'leS", SJfB-lII 00'!i<l ~,. l.i z:ard br"X'-i,d.s" c:ru(!l,al :to tlIie m1D,ill,str8J,tl'@I~ _ 'D,f :Lo:r;;d Sun G€id RA'I s· Empi.re" were the Q~1g1:nal I s,tcme"'ma,so.f),s; ~ '.'


[Roll:ie ... T.I1e Bgypt.l,a:u glyph foE' bSIQD is • UlliN_V'I., 'IB!tmI t is the roo't "Q~d meaning I J.,::I:za:rd! I '. 'BUN-Ill' is U .. t'e:r,all.y I (One who .1.&" ,of' tn,€!: Li za,rd!s 'I D


'The SU.n 'God hadbe,(:ome I'Tih,e o.ne and Only Goa-,King'l '.

But "The Ki.n,g ~ was ,eo,ncEllb'!!l,ed with the li'':;aJras. T.h,ey had b!i!icome t,oo, powerful ~ No ,a,.spe,ct of th,et .Empiir'e was untouched by thei~ hand, .no' positio'til o.f· a.O:min.istration wa~ devoid of a S,HE'l':I.I:HEN.TA pt'esen't;::e. With care an.d s,ecl"@;C'Y, the Sun. God ItA I;l.I:t.em,pted to shift the wealth and po,we.]!." .a,wayfrCl'[ll the, 11,zard

~o,nt!:.Q11.,e~5,. ' •• .bue to. no' <lv,aU. ItW'·i\iIS t.'oo la.te.,

Th,@. 5HE:'l'J:/HiElINTAand SAi"A rebels SI;!j.zed the8rnpire ••• 'Wi th no batt,l.'es~ with iDlO Wleaponfire .••. '. t,hey sim:pl'y shut ev,erything 'off.. Tn'a S,,",m God CQluld not comml!.uli.ca.te with aJllyonej>theSull God c,onllid :n,o,t, ,issue ,or'd,ers~ 'the Sun G,od 'could. 'I1Iot lbule,.

'1"h~·S~n. God was und.on,e.

With little l!;·e't;::CNJlr:;:;e. t:be Once, ,anO! o.nly King fled in his sta:l;~hip baek to t:t~e heav~'i'ts.

T,he SHET'! liz,ards changed no,thing,. TlIl'll: EIln.pirecontinue,d fiJ.'llil.ctioning ,as H. :had! be'f'ore.. ~hougli! the :sub;ject.:5 of ERIDIl bad been progt',iI.mm,e,dt;.o fo:rg,et t.h.eir· his:tory" the accepta.nc::e Q f' Qn,e; Omn ipot:ent GCJ,dj ''"'au I dnot be'a 1 te,EElili. lIi. t s~1t"ve dI qu i t,e 'well the needs of th,e liz,!i!rds. They ass.l],med the ;l'\ol,~ of the .Lord of th@ word .EN-LiL" tn-ey took oy'e~ the r,C)le o.:f th'!2 .Lord of Creati,on Prince EAand they set Upl all in.stitutio,ns w,hich would gQVeE'fl Man, h.is lifeanc his destiny .•

The S'U:n GC)d was qone" the Llzard Kings w@r'e in ,charge.

,'" Mystery schoo,ls were clo:sed b:~'" 'l"hU;lG.-mos.e ,r remai.ninq ope.n. only ,to a; select few~ Only theg'tone~mason ,o,ff-sp:rtin.g coul.Ci par'l:.icipate... In ,eve.ry c'orn'er of the re,al:ll1l!t the r<!a.s,onswou.lll.d eootro,l the secret,s and hidden k:n,O/w'ledg$o:f tb,elilnJ:ve:t:;5e.

S!r.ian descendants o'f t.he 'origi,nal rt.tBIRU Lo~ds beloame a t.arqet for the New .E'mp.ire. The~;!;'" w'~aU:h and. 'pow1er'., inherent birt:h-,rights, .b~gi:llbo be str.ipp·ed aW'a:~,. They a,re viewed as IPQtentiaJLthre.ats ·t,othe State. 'Th@ 6-IBIRUI UB.I.RuJBEB:REWi)

! a!!:"e t:reat,ed a.s u.ndesirables a,no are ensla.vtiil:d by th'€! E.m:p.i,r@!1 s , New Order« The stage: for !Exodus is set:: •

. Moses, an l::e,R;oUieh;r'ew) (:h11d, is ,set ,adrif't. in a :rive.r ~ ,A." att~ndl,antto the P:rince,ss.,. d.allg'ht@:rolill: th:e P.h,a,r1oah:i" finds ell,s c'hild .flQatin,q in t.he reeds. Sbe~e5c'U,'e-shim an.d t.akes. to th.,e Princ'ess.. The Ro,yal ma.,iA9Ie:n takes h.t:m to her cha.mbe.rs ,and !!;',aises him as her awn., G:rlorwn ,~:~d a: yCUifit ma:I1.~, Micse~ bas an OPIP'Ol"tu.nityt-ol ~t1,l,dy .intb(!, • Hystslry Schoo,ls·.. ile l'@aJ;'lls tbEil_ ~a:ys of ,the RasOJ:'ls;brut is t,a.ugbt. to believe .in One ~d.

:In. time Mos.e:s ,ais'coY'er:s:fiistrue :lCaen"lt.y.. ile.e.l.i..ng t'h,at he .15 bet.:ra:yed, h.e 5'trlL~e5Qut at ,a. 9~ard WOo ba:5' th~eat;iil:n.ed an. :IBRO' slave .• , 1"he: g-uat''' dl'es, Moses beoomes a cast-out.

In the ge5~rt m;Q1,l'n.t.a.i·RB,be encolUl'i!~ersil!i.small 5,h1p~ it:s br.ig'ht:. liqht:s. are !blinding., - 'Thoe crew .is comPQI!;i~a of' S.h·ian.s wb,o Geiek: :re:vengel on tl'Iie IJi.:zal"ds., The: CQIDItla,iDder. :s:peak,s to a;11 awe,-s truck M(:u5,eS.. He: proll:i:se:5. Rosles th'l:! Ioord 'of the W'Qr(i i:s 'Wl11 ill,g' to support h1m~ if he mo-ves, atgain,s:t. tbeP'h:aroahi ~ 'T,he Conuna:nde.r and ,cr·e'l;!! SEu2ik ee free the: tra.ppe,a IBJlilJl descendants flf'om tbe,ir opp.ressors.

M!ose~ re:tu:rns to the, 'falace", 5callted ,but lConV',1,llced th1li't: ,ill, pow,erfulL GOlD ,113 .behind :hilill. The crew of 't.b~ s.i~b,n ~.lti,p and a ,5~rna.l1 back-~p s,qlJladron dies,cend on tbe Palace and its, a,rmed. g'U,ard~,. '1':ney~reate Oil ~!;H='lt'tes '(!If di5'tra,eti(H1S while l!lio'se~ 1s Ig~tberi,:n9 tbe U!RIll peopl,e b;)'gether.

" Deat,h, rjilJins down frQ~ th~ :sk,Y' on t:,h@Ph~rolah l:so people ~s the TBRO' fl'ee wi t.hM'05;e,s,in the lead ,.T'be .s:ir~an :;;h.i.p;s mo,v€,: gUic,kly'and aec:isivel,Y,. They VOIW to, give ttleir des,c@udants ~ c'h@in,ce to 'E!S ea pe • As the Ph.a rQ,ah I s armi es :;1 VEl C h. 21 is e't the Sir,ian sh.iprs a.ttack with d:estr\H:;:t1v,@ laser l.ighi::s. with~me final effort, the Star-shiLl's ,pa,rt the w~ters ,of the sea wbic,h blocks, the Ex'odliJ.$". .'N'henthie j['BRU have .p'<!issed,l, the. wa,t,e:r~ o"f 'Ithe ,sea are allow,ed to c,!!I,scade bac:k '0:11 the pursuers.

Tih,e sto,r'y ,of 't'he part,ing of 'the w,~'t'ers i~s tr,ue, t.he :I,BRU I escape because 'of extra~te,rrestri.a,l a,s~istan.e@. The Si,r;i(ans , leaY1e", tll:l.e,Lt" t:GI~k ~u;g.QmlPl ished" TI'i@ Ii zCirdsilll~,e uoco'l.':Icerned with the effort~ they are still in cont~ol.

MoOs'as contin.I.H~:S to' tie conta,cl;'edi by th,e Sir ian commander 0, "Ell is told about. the Lora .of th,e 'Wo,rd and thl~ ,evil b@ing;s ,in. conh'ol 'of 'the Erupire., MOS,;@J:5 i.nstructs til€: ,I,BRUto cast t,ne bron:z~ 5;:1;;atueQf a s'e,rpent, the galactic symbol ot Knowledg@ ,~u'!d ~h,domr it is call,ed ! NtA-iJtU:SH-'F!AN I. It is a sign to the, Sirians:King a,md the Odon Qut!,e'n,sl:hat the IS,RU remain loya,l to the trueE.o:rd Q,f the 'Wot"CI.

'" The: IBRU!Pat.ri.lil!l"ch is !j,ulftlmc,n,ed ,to the m.oum.taintoP,r there "1:11;;1 I:'e:ce:i.ve Qnc'e aq<1l,in 'the Oommands i5s1l:led"':~,y' ~P:rd.:n:e'e EN-'L:IL,., MO'l;!e.s, is q1v@'fi two flat crystals, 'ea,ch w;[th a libra:I'yo·f 'the histo,ry' 'of Ea'('t.h. Noses br1ng's;the crY5,tals d!own ,and. or(i.,eE's his, f.Qll,orwers to cre,at,e a '9 H,d,ee 00::< to house the crystals •

; '/Wihen placed in, the "1iRK!' ,r the 'two ,cJ:ysta.l Ii .become C'IIctiveand 'j' b.ecome .''''.'. comm'U;fiic,a.tJ..",,;n d,evice.~ TW'Q-. han~le,rs co,m,e t,oo, clos€ , and! 'touch tnl@: Ark w:hen it is 'I powering 'up II. The.y short cir-

cui ~ the bro:xafid d.EH5'l:,;r,o), 'the 'crystals.

'il' Th,e Commander carln,¢t a'ffo,r'd addit:i,Q:!1,I;I,l 'c:rY',5t,a:l~. ~oses,

fe~,11ng: res'pon.sibl,e, punl.sbes him.self f' v'01ilf.in.g not :to pr;oce,ea intQI the Promise,d. L!a!nd '1'ihent.h,e nmlD' arrive. His £0110\<;1le,r5. believe. GOD has pun1shed ,M,Qse~ forhi:s If:;,il11n9 of theguiiJrd.

Th,e ,Ex'odushas ,cau~ed the New Empire 'to 3Ie.!u.:ch ,out. - ~h.i.p.s fr.:;:iim, S.iriu:s OJ[' 01iri.on~ The Comman.d,er- and his 5q~H;i.d:rc,n .a~le in, j eapo,rd,Y' ,!il:nd a.re fo!:C'edto .l'E!io)ve., til i ttlOyt calOOlun.ica ti,on a.nd s,uPP'Q·:rt·'f Ho:ses, andt'h@ :I,BBU ""a,nd'er th.ltolaqh. the de;:s'ert 1,andi:5" 'tryln'g 'to ,ava,l,a detect10',nii.;nd s'eekinl9' s,bieltoeJ[' .•

11\ p'i1rc'bed a~tdl, la:nd, 1"sf,Qundwihe:r@ the tribeos, (Jec'ide ,to s,sttl,e,. ~h,e liz,ards he,liev@: 'tllie IBR!1JI a,re (lot wo~t::h piur:suit, 'thay l.e,a:Y'e tbe:m 001 ,di'E: :i,nt'he de,se:rt. The' DRO de,s:eendan.ts" tired a.iI1d llunlgry,. ,(:,a.rve QIlI,t 111, fl,j,oe'ilet whe1"le they 'wi.ll h!l:ng 08,.,



'[ r

[ [


[ [

iPA g!"O"Q,p Qf nJ:-Alt .6 Walt:r1oirs, who aban,d'one,d th.e Q1!J.eens ,in power ,in tbe, Orion Sta:rs 'to' jc,i:lfilI. 'the ~Urj,aillf'ot'qes, ,lle~v>e the' !Netw' Empi~e tlO' 6);!:'m ,iii ,colony of' their 'CiWfi i'n. 'th'e 'lr'Ilow:at,aJLn





region.s, of wha.'I::. isno1w l~dj.a., TiJuJ1Jl:g:h One'!! Sir.:1.an loyalls,ts ~ t.he,y @ire :knQwfi as 'Ute '.ARYANS'! ,.Llght-;sti:n.n'edand poss,e.s;:l,ed of Ii 'Wal::r'ior'" s blood, the.y IIiIOve south tQwards the pl,a,t'eaus, ..

We 11 s ehee 1 ed i:n Sir :ian s ecre:'t5 " ,t'h~y ,e:s t anIl 5 h. I My 5 'te,["y schg,ols I of 'I:.he ,1. r own • Promi;!:Iin-g nQt to cha.llen'9,e 'Of' u:nder~ mine th,e :I':lie'w ,Emp,l,re" they ,agre'e! to shareth,e,j.r knowledge artd seC1"'e,bl' wi tit tbe Has,on in.itiates of the Egyptla,n, ·Emp'ire',.

In :\\iec;ret,tl·u~dr loY,atlty['em~ine'd 'w'ith the ,S,i,rians~ Tb'e ! ~:h'ia~ __ S'~alt . ~e~ng:sar,~ -kno~,n _ as, AS~:",U{' ~.iriY5'-'T.h.o'seo,f!)_

Th'eARYAN :r'el~qJ!,'o.n p;ral.~~$ the Heavenly B@J.n9's ,ea_lle'itl MUM. :f'a,U::hful 't.o, the: 'w~ys of the Sir1ans it the:!i '@$,tablish wh,at bas : come bl known. as the I'cast,@" sy:stem,. ,8 'w,ay inw.hich power i:~ loent,e.red in th,e EUqh Priesthood ~nd the ~i]Ui,te. 'T.h.e: warr.i,o:r

class"'T1elds,~owers,eclOnd 'onl,y :to the elH::e. Th,@ ,ll,dm,:li.nisil::l"" .:1It,o:rs foHnw" with the be,a..stiyundesit"ables at the bottom ,of th,e h,eir~:r-~lt:y. Obea:ienc@i is stt"€ss,e:C)" fa!t:hf'ul executi.onof 'one I 51 du t ie·s 'wi 11 berewa.r'de:d i.n tb,e f'u. t u rei 1, i VE!$ .' A Sl§;arcn :fc,r s,p1l"i t'tta.l ,~nll'9ht.enll1ient 1~ di~,coura'ged, onl'Y servicEI to the, 'Gods, is the way to ,h.e,avert,.

-,-II! lI:~p.Uca 'of ~Sir ~',~L.iw~y~ t Hin!Qui,sln i:s born._

l'ho,uqn COn:fused ;a:nd misd1recbQd~th,eMlYAN :t"ei,igiofi uses, 'the symbol of the combined .Empires of Si:rius ,and. Orion as an emblem of its, O:W·I1. W'b~ll the U:I .. J..fi Queens and fdiJe Conquero'l:" Kings 0:;[ Si.riu,sjoi:n.eIQj in aU1ance" th.e:r adopted the 5ig'O of

I a :5w.irl.1·Rg 5i't.,a.r '9'a.~ l,axy. ,a;stheir roark. The f'our-a_r'meld gal.:u.y m~rkwas called. ".sSS'-UAK:-U' I (' '! .SSS.-flA'g .. ,of II:: SwasU,ka) .•

The: Ih:illIil::d admlnistrato.I:s watched! ""'~th wary eyes bu:1: Idlid, not:tnte:t'fere ""dtll 'tt..eAR'lfAHS 'ef'fo,rt to 'Els't,abl1sh the'l'Iseive;s

1nERI.D'U. Ac .. d1tiQnalrelig'iol!s in ER:I:OO'dJild not concar n 'the reptiles" c'OJilfusion wo·rked to their advanta9,e., C~t off fl:"orn '. hea "lien 1 Y' ~ 8:upipor t. , :",0, ERI:OU f ac't ion w,11:5 a th,re at-,

The!r :r.:ard.sw,er,e ,1.1'1, ,c'octrol ..

Sh:i.an DAlt WarrioI'~ who had!:)'Rc,e st,oed pro'll:dly be5i.d~ an all.-powerful SUfi God R.A were :known as the jIRA-IH~ (RA-a.t,the :side of 1)1,. Po:werful and. c'our,ageo'u.s"tlle1r me'!itQr'ies .r~mo'v',ed., th@:y lE!liave Eqypt to 5,~t'tle, in land!> on the north.el'ii1. sh.Ol!."!iEI o,f ·wha,t ,1iS nowtne :M.<edi, te t"r,a.nean,. Called DAKAN,g (heav,enly-OAK)

lor DRAKMS,th'e,)( became k,j'i;Q,wn as ftR.USCANS. Th.eyestabli.sh

t,h.e land. that W iJL Ibeca,:U eO. Italy;;

'lI:"her D-:IN, be:g:1.n. t,o ib~1,la tbei:E; 'own :Emplre. Di;sta:n.'t, !Q:ng Lo,st. mem.or1e-s of'tw:o brother,s (P';!:.1:nce D an.d P'l"'inee P-LI:L,} ," both ~a1:5Iedin t,'be :[!:!riusways a:nd t,'he ,eo.-four.u:lier.s 'of mn:rnr, lJ.:ltIi.ge:;r i,n 'tbJB ~ind,s Qf tho€! P. .. :rM. 'The dim ~IIiI.o:rles 'Qfthese

'-priru::,e;s . .is __ tbe .t: .•. ,oU'nd. Idt.l.~on of theRA-~ Uw.m.·iJ.':n) ta:l'e,of Helin. us, ,iomulus:,. Th:'E! l.'eqel'll.dary ee .. foun,ders Qf Rome" Remus and R,Ol1biji .. _l.U5ilE"e said ,to bave :been s,uck.le:d, ,i;I:.l1id raised :by a ,She-wQ,lf, •. '~h!B BA-IM l'e~dw.;fi' bu,i.ld a r!Stron9rEmp.t:re a:nd bergin U1' 'w~r

with the Egypti.ans,~ The: lizardsi are un:eancefi'.p,ed., Tbey :h.a,V1e cwD'trol!. ,8Jod deMit p:rerve,l]Jt Bomam. e~nsi.'on... They mam.1pllollLate 'thel lead,eril:;'hlp of tb .. e :RA ... IHglOvermPen.t thl'ouqh. mind ciO,n't~IO,l. Coenfu:s.ion wc:rks, w'ell .f'OIr' 'tbep<u.rpcs,e.s olft:tiie -:U'zard:s.,

R.o:m:e is firmly es:t.ablLlsheda:s an Emp:1r,e ..




!O The SS'S-IH C:ElSS:mma at'e: schooled in 'the Arya.n. (ARI ... MU 'Myst@:ri,es:! • They kee,pto themselves in the d,es@rt laD.'os 01£ th,e ancient M,iddl'e ga5t.~ The! In1t!iL.a.tes belieY,e one of the1t' own can as;c,en:dto ~h,e 'th;'!;(;Ule 'ofEa.~·th. But tbe 1l.mJ,lnt.edOfl,e

II mU$~ I?e ~.e::;;'~~nde. d of the ;Lord = o,~ 't.h,@ WlOl:.d (S~:.:ia:nl., a~d m.us. :t;' be J'ol,ned w1.th a de~,ce'ndan,t o,f the' ~~olther 'God.dess (Ot',lQ,n). T'ne SSS-IK inn~t' circ'le b@:9lil.~$ its s,@iiu;'ch .fora possible ,can"t:1date ~ ·The. fubi.!!.H! King ,rnustbe an Ini'tiat,e I s'chool'eg ;ill:'!!

the !.r1:Y,$terles i ,. ~ .,and one, of tbemg.

[ .
[. I
[ I
I ,
II- ;0 Aseco,nc g:it'QUP' of In.it.iiLa.t@s, ,!;!chool@d in "~'lys;t.eI".i'~:s· .,

J 'o~f t .. he Si.ri~ilS •.. :!!;>.ecr~tl'Y. '~Ugt! tbe,!!selvE!!s wit:~~ AS'/!IR <: siri us JI 'F'h,ey are the N-l\5:AR-I:M: (.Of ,He:aven-slri.us ~ o!' Pazi;n:·enes.'l'h$ ,N-,AZA'R.-IIM l!/nd lfiRU Initiates v,/ with each o'ther fot" power.

A baby is born .iIlUu~am(:ien,t !Udd!l@Ea:.;t" he i:sborn of t.he Sir::i.ian 1 iJ'l:e through. the HQuse of D'avid.. O!l"lon Ini,tj;at~s f ee.J! he; a l.oflgwi th ,5.E:'v,era: 1 '@ t.h,~.):'$ I iii: re :polten 'I: i a 1 c<!i.nt.:li..da tes ,forl::he :IUng'ship of Earth... 'Fbe Or'.ion. MAG:I ~M-G,) come to pa,y 'their re:spec't.s and to plant. 'the .sleea of bis possi.bl!?l future. •

. A.s a. young's ter ".Josh ua 1 i V"f! s;a illo,r'mal 1.1 f e '" ~u t.u:pon 1:1.1::;;, (:om.inq of ~.9re, he i.s 5,en'tt,o the Ea.5t,ern "M.y:~t'ery i schc.ol~" t.ber'e to ~~ceiv,e: hit.s .schcoling~ JQs:i:l!,:l;;t learns w!ITII,at, th,e K.i.liliq .must know' and!w'hat he m'llS'!:, do.. He is t~u,ght tha.t h.e !i~also the 'Son of GOD"', tbe Om;! a,nd Only 'GOD. He is bein'9i 'gi.:t",oomea fot"the P:r 1 e·!\j;t lrIDoad eli nd, a pas:1 t 1011:1. 'of power •.

'l'he IIMY$te.ry'school,s: cOfltinl!:!e to pe,r.petu,ate' the myth of One GOD" that. ~ewa:~,d co:m.,es upon Id@ath,.- • Salvation I is based rulpc'n s,ervic'e to the Chn:rc:h ~ sacrlfl'ce (;Itf ,sel:f and unw.av,eri,ng faith.. The .foun.dation ()f the lizard Emp,lr,e Ls bas'ed! upOQ. a.n u:n:guest.iQning O~Bd1en,ce arnd lack of rQ,hal1 e.nqe. tQOOD, :for' in falcct,. ,It be liza.~~.s, ,!ilay~ ,assumed the p,l,aoe a'nd 9u.i .. se QfOOD.

Josbua be,CQmes an Ini·t1ate but. fin,ds hJLmself ,quest-toning tha~ 'which !h,e :b~u~ been' t,a~qht to SQlll.et:hl:nq i3 not qu.i te right a.~d a feelin,9' tbi1!lt there 1,s mo're 'th~:n. w:hat. be 15 be,i,n'9 told, :haunts hilll!. '{a que, :memo~:1e:~, rae.a thr()i~.gh h'lLs mind, f"ee:lln,gs, 't.hQI!I.qh.t:~, 0'£ bla:spliemry ,and sac,rl1egri,oiils ·t,.QptC5. fl·ood his 'very ~il1g,.,He s.eeks- tb.e,' solace ot the de,se:re"p'a~ba,p,s therEilthe ul1!easiness will abaf:e,~ He feEdLs h.e must, ,e'.i,egIlSe bi.s soul.

iill 'T,h,e Qe;s,ert 1,s lO!!lel'Y ,~t,ni9bt.. 3Qsb:ua Is ne"Q~:s". When the g:~do,wy fi.qu~e a.PPJ.')Nrdied! :him, 11,e, 'Was ready to f1.ee.. .M tU'!Ifa:milJ.,aJ;' reco~l t:ian soothed blscon~el'B,s,t, the :st,ran9'e~ in Ir :nig;ht. was an ~ ... ~D" _ one oft-be fewremain1n'91 t'e:ache:r'5, of t.ne i secrets Qf PrUlC€I EA.,



.111::;; t.h.e 'I',e~ch,elr $at dowfl :n~:ict t,o hlm" ,JQShlUi could aenae his l;1few'as about to (:h~n9'e,. 'Fo,rthe' next .ho!ilirs.ji the dar'k. 5't;ran'ger beg,an to s,pe.ak of thfl 'Mys:tBrli:es I " ;J~'s·bu,a 'was ,5'om'e~ wha·t ;relieved, he ·too wa,5 an In.itlate,.,

But as the hour~ passed by, the st~anger added pleC8$ to the pu:~:z:le th,iiI't J05,h.ua bad n,ot heard bat"ore~ Joshua .felt an U1':'g'@nt hun'9'er to be,s!:!::, mo,re~ The strangercontinoe.d. ,As ehe hou::n~ 'tU);;,lIle:cli into daysl' tn.e day:sturne.d 1";1;.0 '\o1l~e"':!;ii.

When th~ ti.rn'e' caro€l:l t.be 'l['eac:he:r- sbo'od up_ J'osbua was in a state of exhila.rat,.:iQfl afiid ,a:n.UcllpatiCJ,n. A!Ild as, gnic:kly as he hag appeared!! t;h,e $,I:::.ranger s.Uently wa,lk@d ,away. J,Qsi::l'ua" h.i.sworl.d turned U!bHLi'd!~ dowo,sat down and wept., The wca;,ds· o f th'~: 5 t.ranS@ilr we:r,e tt"ue: ; fI'e k a::Nil:w't.h,;a't, .,h,.;i crled b.eca IJ,;s'e: a wo,rld tha.'t was Il:!nawa.re, ,asle'ep 'to the 't~utb, was bef,ore him.

,Jio.:dlua had be'!i!1il bl,ess@J,cl and cursed., Knio'W.l~dge, unus ed is ~nowledge wasted. Jo~hua had been plac@d in a situat~cn not of ,hii!ij c:l1o'OS.1,nfl. '. ,. at ,l,east n<ot .in thiswo:l"'l"d., He wQuld have to mov@, baveto, act., •• or: be gu U ty Cl,tth,e: crim,e of it'lact.io'n and aiding! th'ecPPl:'e;$:sors of I~~an'dfid.

1irlle EA-S[I wo,uld c;,ome to t;,im a.gain~, J'05nua kllecw t:hat, bu t any 11U;:;:1;: 1 0]1$; 'i:a,ken would have to com@ from ,J.O~h.lIi,1li him.:s,el f" .A t.iiJru~ woul.d c'om@ when h.@w:ould ha\"eto .;ii.ct I for now he-would have to make' plCiliniS. :It. 'Would take yeat".~, he ·t~ol:lght. hut it would Wlo'l."'th the w€l.i't~ Joshl.la was t a. .. f'ter all, a !'Chosen One I was ,h'e: :not? He bad wo.nde.red iW'hy't.ti.@'Il.ame had been selected, .n,ollll' ,h,e ·kn@w.. He was .IESU ••• .be was· ElhSJU te,o .•

l:.ESU had heard thatth@~e was, a.noth.er I Ano.i.llted On'El: I n.ot ! far away in the ,d'e:s.@:r-t( IBSU '!:;Q,uld sym.pa'th,1~~' '. It w,a_:5 not

l' a gr'Bat 5,~:rprha;! when .h~ "i5CQveredthat. the ',o'~,heL" ,one" . ,:"as also o,f the same' bloodilJl.l'1lE! a.s he W~l!;'m It' wa!!l; 'w'l,th some: d.Jl.~" lmay" h,c'w,e,vert that ~'H3: fo,lu.ld 'out Ul@ 'Q,ther '()fle" wa~ e,lder to 'IE~U .. 'thusre'Qui:ri,ng IESU to !i;,1:;.ep, asHle ..

• But fa't.ewaa with. lESt[~, :forth.c;'llgh J'QIirI:n t~he Ba:p't,ist took pri'ority beca.U!iH~i ,;of :hi,s ,age,. John~$ reputat1,oln would br.109' a quick endt,o h.ise:xi!ll,t,e.noe. On 'he'a~1n9 'of the behead1'n'g ·of his ,co'blsi:n Jobn." Hl:SU ,~o,.ntinlJJ,ed to pl.a:1iiI his, futur'e,. It, had beEU) fort tU.n:a tE!, th.at. Jo:ttn had baptized him.. ot:b:e,:!';'s wOll,l,,;] f1n,d it :muc:h eas,ie;r to ,ac(::e:pt hi,:s rQ,l.e a,s ~ Man of th,e 'c.l.Q't:h.,

.. To :become ,~ Rab.b;!', - h.'e 'Wou.ld h.aV'E! 't'Q' bema:rrled, t.h;a't was the Tra,d.tti'o!naud Law., But tOI (lI,ll£'UL1 the p·~ophecles", 't'h,Qse :requ,i"re:men:ts f,or 'the t ,li:nolnt,eil, Of1i!,$' die;manded 'th,at be be ·wed. 't,o, - a de,s;oend.ant of the Mo,{,;.h,(;n; IGoddess ne:E',lSlelf. To that ena" IESUf()u:nliJ, a:ndtQQ:k to, hfssldE! ~ Ha:ty .HJa:!gda.l.ene.. .

They were wed and shE! bor.e ,ch..U,dE'en.,~

res,,, had be,eQmefull ... £'ledg',e!i3l, Rabbi,. with all .pp'J;'opJr,iat,e .rights ana ns:pon~i'bi,11U.es,., Hie. was, botbi, ,an In.lt,;L,at,e. al'!!d. ,an honol"@d Rlilibi. Th'fl earl.y rleqttJ;~emenbs of t:he pil!'O,pheci.eshad

belen fulfilled.. - .

It wa,s n:CiW t:tme to begin 't.lhe. :fint!i/,l ;st,ages ~


- -

~ ~ ', ... ~~ ~_'.:::=F-'J~(~.!! ~ \- ~--3..l!;~r..a::.rlli. .il"c:~J or ~ ~ ~~ ~- ~





I I ~.

I l





IEBO' knew he would! need puhli·c supp·ort... Caiaph.a.·5, Headpriest of t.he T~mpl@ .• and even Pon"i;.iu;s Pila'be, would f.ind it diffi·cul t to atl!:ac:k .eI :rnan who had tbe p'~'opla';s s)rmpa thy. It WQyld be ·eve n 'wars e if bewa.s a he 1 y .roan.

llElSU mO!il,ed ·thr,ollJgh 'the c·c.u.:m·l':.ry.side I ,a.cting as ·eo·ycsel,or r b'ea,l'e:t' a:n.d people 11:51. advoca.t.e. The maSS'!il:§i lov~d him .a.nd his. 'ge,[jtle waY's~:But itil s.ee~et,r b~. aU,<!i;cke,OJI:h.e RO.!illii:!:n 9uar;d ,anO: s. t r i PP'@Icl. th@,m '0 f the,jL r lOl'e.apofi S • As t i·DtH!i pa s s.ed " ]) €Ii q a tbe.l"~d ,a. small group of followers. Though don<li.t.1ons wer'~ earning ill tiC support bis cause the funasr.:!'el'e 1:;,005.m.a11 to ~UPPQ~t an 1ncr,e,as!n9 band. It WQi$, w.ith some tr·epidJation. !that he m.oV'ea tQa t tack th.~ moti.eychan.ge,t'!I,~ t.a.bIes 1 n th.e, ma:.;ke tp,la.ce 6 Th·e plan wa::; :simple,. IESU himself would create the di·~t:t'action# his, f.oll·(~l!'wlers would take t.he mOine], from the .money-lendel:t's. -

IESD :s!'trod,e purposefully into tbe 1Ii.~r;.k~·t.place ~ Everyone felt tbat "tb,~ IJiQrTh,ey-cnang'e;r!:i were pra,cticing liC:@::liis·e·CJ! thievery,o but !"lith. the 'sanction Qftne Temp.le ~ the ,l'!Ion~.y.-,change.r:s could do as th,ey wi.shed. Assl!.lred tl'iia't th,e public!W!lolJ.ld give him SUPpOlrt~. [,ESIU b·egan t,o ove.li:"tllrn th,@ t.ables o.f moOn.ey.. ~<5: the pe:QP~e eh~¢i"ed .hi.1iII on , his fol11owers gr~bb~d up the co.lin that theyeouldl,. th.,@[) scat te["e;Cl Ji n. a.ll ,Oli re:ctiOf!5 ~nEH'lI Rioman. guards I!I.p·pe:arerl. As IESU' had @.;;lp~cted, the publlic3uppa·rt,€id hisactionw1th great, .favor." The Temple Sanhedrin, however, s·aw hdm as an Qutlaw that. n,eeaed to be d.hposed of.

The plan bad been flawles.s, but th,eactuBll ,~);et::iIllIti,on had resulted. in oiiIirJi ·I:m.expect.@d O'lItcQlDle. 'The eldest 50'11 of- IESO" in his excitement, had not noOticed the 9uards~ aErival. The re.sult 'w,as tlli:l.at he: had he,en ca.pt.ured. nrsu wa.S ·w'Q.r.ried.f tt.H~ Head Priest cou~d put his san to death. His plans were most a ISs'urad 1 :." d,~.ng'@!·1r'olJl.s • h.e h a.~. be,e Ii':! re,a.dy 'till '91 i v@ up li:Ii s 1.1.f,e, if :!'li@·c,@ssax·y .. but to llos,@ hh ~:O'D would be t.OO' much. IE60!'s death \lr,'l'ould net, prevEmt b,ls sCHl~1<:!J1m.iD9 th,e 'throne" but th.e • dea,th of bi:s; elde:st son wouJ.d meilin the thronE!: wOlil.ld be lc);!st" gon.e forever,. to· everyo!n.e in his; family'.

A:nd s,o', lEBO' planned to fre~ Ill.!> son; The Sanhedrin h..ad long been searching .for hi~>i IE5U would give th.em tbe chance to find him.. !He called~ for hi~ .most t~u:!:rted dis'cip.le JudQ.;!!i,. and hiild€l him go to Caiaphas., r.lig:h P'ries,lt 'Qftbe Temple, and pr,et@n.d to .betrayIESU.

Reluctantl" Judas did ~Q~ playing his role to his b~.t~ T.be ''l,em~p'l.e ,guar'd ar:rested IESIIJ~, taki.lil9 h.:iIi.m to' .POf.l'ti:U5 pi.l,a.te f·ore.xecution.,.. But PU.at'e 'w'isheQi nQ. pa.rt of tb~ ~11't:ic:s ,of the .J'·ews:~ He ba,d. been bial~q h.!.s time u.ntil he C'~lllld 1"fIl.tu.rn tORome~ Any' t.rllOub.lI.e .in his Qut-:post wOluld :refleict .b'adly· oln Pillate,. a:nd so be rej e'cted a.ny pa.l"t '~If the ~ .S.ul!h,edrin I s· pl'Q,t

to killL IESD.. -

Caiapha~ would not be: defli·~d,... n:e de$cend~d on R·arod a:nd demanded. ·tbe -,Ii,eatih of 't:heupst~rt~ Du·t: Herod did DOt 'want iii! p~Qbllem w1t:h th.,e Roll'i~ns.. Ji:f P'il,i!t:e wouldh.iive l'l!Qt.h.lng 'b) do w1·ththe ,ex.ec-ut10.n.,he ·toowould :not .bow t'ot'~e demands ,of a: boi s t;·e:rou:s ,sa:nh,e(lr i n,

'Turn~d awa.y a9a . .in, Caip'has I:etu.rj'i.;S 't,O P11,a:teA

.[ [










L [



,He threatens a ,revolt ,oftheent:JLrete~ri1to'ry should th,@ e~ecuti,onof IE'SU .1;s de.nied h1roaqOlll.1:n:..BU't::pila.t@ b~1f.Ei:",e.5 he caR outwit Caiaphas. Ee fabr~cates an o~f~r of clemency .becaus~ ,of a vagl,l!,~ h.o·lidaY~H'~ ofiersto free'a:ny pri~,one!", anyone ti:1U:i mob ·choo,s·es.. He ·a:S.sumes t:hey will Ch005E! IESU, a

, r abtl·l e l<i fig. I ESU 'i S fa 1 ]Lower 5 iromedla:t.@ly ea U f·ot'" DRRABl!I.S

, ~urpr~Si.n9 P~h.'i· tie.... 8ARRABA.':S; i.s t.he f.ir5t .born S'IJ!'!. of I.ES[J •. (BlI.R-RAB,B.I, - Son-o·f Ut@ Rabbi')

Caiaph,as. i mob a l se t.C,lke:5. up the chant. ,for .B1!.RUSAS·. 'l"l1e death g·f-l:E5U i.5th'eir goal.. The pri$one.l" is fr,~.edJ# IESU's

SQfI 1.5 safe.. eli·t. t.he :mob .is n.·ot. satisfied" they oar-,e paid to call fo,r the execution of lEBU. R.eluctaotly.. Pi late ag.ree.s to wnip .IES:U t.O appease the t:.hi:r:·sty erie's folt' blood ...

PUat,e' whip's IESU. .his; .fo.u.lo~e;~!:i'!iiee,p. "F'.h~ is i·gh.t of his bl,acN:3: feeds; the' f:r;@nzy.. The riots pro!l'llis:,ed by Cai~phas are aDQiJ·t; to explode be.t,o.re Pilabl. He begs IESU to recant hi;$ cJL.a.im to K.in.g'si::llp of the Je·ws.. lESU 'will not., TIt:I~ Qr.ig'in,al pJlan had been to· have jLE:S,u banged 'on t!hecr'o5.s f'Q:( c'riumes\to the Roman :state.. Here5Y wQlll.ld suffic·e if ·the puni.sn.rnent was the same.

• W·h.ile studying .int.he far e.ast,. IESll had learn€ld e,f many medicinal herbs ..~u th thf? help o:f Jo::septi. ,of Arin'lathea., IBSU hiSld .iii plan to be,at rCie:ath on the CrQ:55. ~ lj .. t·l:.le k.:nOIlill':n herb, ",ben, inqeste:a" !!<!QlI,:JlQi cause t.ne d:tifikeL'l:.o lapse into a faint. s;i:rnilar to, death,. This wCl,uld be t.he s·e·ct'€:·t ·that wQuld a.lllc)'w him to. become r,e.surre,c·ted as 'CiI,r.lly a God C'o~l'd.,

:EESU Ls tak'en to the hillside and cru.cif.;iied. Joserph has

Ib.rlb~d.: the 9.uardS. T~adition.all'# th~ criminal ha~ his leg~ brot·en :SiC! 'I:ln at he C01iJ Id IHJ t:. S UJ'ppcn."t hi S '!if€d g-h t .. Th i s .i 5 not dot!@tQ IESU.

Onagiv@n ClllH'I, 'one ,of th'e: brib,e;d gua.rds pl.acei5 a SPQn'9€i: inb:! t.h.e prepa~ed coneoce :tc,n. The ~pon'geh put on t.hce ,end Q:f his l.a.n.ce ana. is 'exteoded to ZEBU to, drin:k:... ''Ji'hQ;s,en,earby belie'vE!l U, to be wat,e.t", but it smel.ls .:st.1"a.n'gely ,oi viJl@qar •. ·

lESU ~d~inks greedHy'. Within moment.s .. lhl:;; head falls. fh:!, is uneenaeaeus , ·eve.ryone .believes h.lm ·de,u3.. A ,guard who bas nC.I't be€r.I br.ibe,d test .. s to se.e .:U' Ifl'$U;is a.live by thru5t!:ng hislanc~ in. hi.s· side. As th.e spear pei.:r·c,es the side 0'£ I1:SUI, blood flows, freely.. His ~till beatl.ngheart causes, an out"'pour.1nq Qf blood,. IESIJ is still ,alive.. 'To th~ horror ,@,~ JO,!:H;fph and th€! d1s,c.1ples, h€!: bas beensta:bhe:d ...

'Ii Quicldy I Jo.se,pb ·comes for'W'al",d ·to claiim 'thE!: body :fro:m ·t.he gWla::rds ,c'ladimJing :IIl'SU is dead.~ But. HebirE!w tradi.t10n. farD8Jde any,onet,Q, to'Q.cha ,dead body ,eV:9n loved one:&;.. ;]osep.h know's, :IESD Is alive, no ·tradition cu:: l.aw is, v.l,olat..eej. .I1lut IUD' 15 w~::llu1ided, . .it is vital ·th.at Uiey m01VEl b,ll.rn t.Q iCiJ. c~ve wb.erre.th,ey oan t::rea.th1:m in secre:t ..

'T,hey' mOve the :bodJ.if tiC ·a cave ina Gardeo'th,at belon.grs ·tD ,Jo'S'l1!:ph • A b::nil.,del!:' 1.&. roo·vsd. to, CQver ·t·hie e:ntraftc1e, ,a h.ld1dlen ,doctor waits to tend to, :I_D.. .He i;s alive but th,e wOlur;u;i has 6'e~1'(iI~;sly injure·t'!I. h1:m.~ .HePlU,s·t be moved, t'Q ~ sa:f·e:r lOC!latlon where he elan. heal.



: ... ;~-

'Under tn'e co,'v,er '0:11' dat'kne:S5,; ,IES;U is moved,. The caVe !s f a,unci em.pty t:ll.e. J'!!E,xt mOilt'fl i ]l,g ,I:ESU. is 'gon,e. 'The I,eg-e.nd ,o,f ,a :resurrected, Son oliGo-d. is a~out. to, be bOll:iil.

Canvine·eel th.eRabbi is $.~f,e", J'ase'pih D10,VEN5 'to plI:'o'tect the f,am!,ly o:f J::ESU. preparat,iotls, had al:r€lad,y :been m.a,Q€!l ,to wh1s,k MaJrY and th.e elniLld,r~n ,aw'a.y in a hir,ed :tll~l!a,t:., As t,h@1 boat a~d it~ ,cargol de:parts" :rESt!' i,$ to.),d they are on t~heir way,. They will be 8afe~

• ,Josepb m~ke5i, hh, 'way too, the, :/l,Quthe:rn sh:ores Q,f whatW'111 becQme knQw'R ,a'sF~an.ce. follow@'I'5 'come 'r!iI'i'l:.h tiTh,e :fa:mily~t.he J;ews, establish a collony. I'I:St.'- bad wan,t'ed to. ·claim th.!:! 'throne (lfE'alt'th :f'or;:' M.ankind .... and it,s ,ch.il,dr@n., Hie had intended,t;o discard tlil.e. II ;syste1l!'i.·, to wake:n Mankina t.'Q 'thei l.i~ards .• , 'Time bad 'wQm:k,eg ag,ai.n:st him., IEBU dledin the far east" h.is 'w.1.fe aniJI. cnildire'l'nJ were w~11 r th.e' blo,ed of :n:sUJ survjLved.

The lizards W€l.re ~ti 11 uncQne'@rn,elil# t.heIOID!!:!ipobent 'GOD!I eeneept, i:s l,Ulchalleng·ed. The maniPIU,laU.on. of mind,s and tn.e, re~.pro9'rali'l.I:tiin9 continued. Nlcthing had chan,gE.d ..




250 A,.D.

f'o,:U.OWiers of :IESiUJ are. ,d~cla,r.!!d enerni.es: ,o,f tile T;empl.e ·and thelhl1ib.rew f,alth. The Hebr'eW frIm) perse;cut,e th;€i; CI:u;istia.Jls (N:3R) ,. ROI1l!~ is ,pe:r'5u.ad,edthe Ch.ristian.s are. en!em.ies of tbe s'l!::,o1!ite a,s well. Fol.low-'ers of lESO a.r'e: .hu:nt~d dow-n ~

''Phe d i:5 eli.. pIe f'ii U ~. r n,at well a.::::c:e:pted, byo,t:he j::' eli i s e 1 1'1'05 i' ~~s;es hi's (;o,rnnetion~ in Rome to s'PQre. hlm:s'el.:f.. H€i, s,Il.Jrvive.s a IpUirglo th.a.t '~tb~r5' do :n,ct. He m,a.nip,ulates the: 'te,c}c:hin9~' ,and i,wo,rd.:s: 'o,f lEBU for his Cil'Wf!! poli tic~l pU.rpQ$'es. His w:r,i, t1rng:s I,atllc] ..l:n'terpretatiOf!l:S fD'~lIil the ,fou~dati.'Q:n, of th,e e,a.:r,ly ch.urcb.

'i'hre,~ hund~E!!d ye.,al'oS later; Con'sf:ant:1n@1 belie:vJes! tbattbe Hebrew' prophee;!,es of a,h,eave:n.ly M~S"d,ah are not :f~lf,iJ,le'd by I:BSU'~ Even the Je:ws, d101 notal~oe:p'thim ,as 'thiQDeliver,er~ In hi~ elf'as:, he, cons;tantine, is :1Jl\lcn 'close~ ·t,o belo; th@ true Messia.h. 'tkan I:esU ever was., W.l.th his I!IJ:::m1es, ll.e. Elad s,e,l~ed a.llthe la-nds 'of inflllJe:ooe and ~r. Only 'i;:$e 'powere:lLUi,!.lt~d him" 'the tbrQ:fi'e, 'of Ea,rtb... ,H~tul'ni5 b!ll 'Chri:s,tia~1ty,jlif:l.,Qiping th!\1tt the: ,ch,gll;,cn w1,ll decla~,e hi;mt:he tE"ae: S:av:1'o;r Mes:siall~

He eon-vene:s the COunci,l. ,ofrttcea ~ :I'ts t,as:k i.s toga:th.eE' ' .. t(lget:be:Jt" all ,the. s'bo!:!l:'les Glf ·the ·p.l'ophes.i.ed. n:eb~iEuil' [1'Re.s,s,lab.' .. Co1t5tant!:iDe: belLieves the ,co\l11e:etio'l'!i will s,u,PPQlrt biG cop;tentl.olnthat be should ,lie the X:1:tIi.gQf Eartlh !l'hQ~.gh the Ob~c:h beCIDme:s ,extremelypower.f'u] wi.t.1I1 :hise,l'!/doXBeimen''t, t.b,e, 'decla~atiiQiJ:iI tha:the is the He:ssian is, :not ,fo~theom1ng .• , Elev!}'ti:ng



'Constantine t:o the st.at.u;$ (l,t' 't.h,e San o.:f' ,God '!liQuld fo-r,ce :relinq,t,l,bbment of newlyacqu.i,red PQwet'.j' ,5,om:etihJin!g.tne Chu~(:n is not. re.ady to do~ IESIlJ Ls (ie,ad."the ChuL"'c:1:I. i~ his ,agent.

'Th@ Church is unaw'a.re (j,€l5c'endallts ,of IES[Ii ~re,alfuv,e,.

'!; MOBAMMED (M.-:K-.M'T') is vi,si.'t,ed as b@, ~l'ee:p::;., ,111 ne.aven,ly

be.i:n'9' ent:'et"s hi.s 'djrearo,s and :rev,eals<l pla.n. fo,;ra. ne\<\1' f;13li t.h. An Ori,on iM,-K faction bas fi'IISI.nag-ed ·to sr.u~,iillki~bo, ERIDU., The,ir 'ta.rq,et is a man. who could poten.'tlally s·eiz@ the ''!'fu;.''one. The rieligli,rm o.f "lsl,am'i is bo:rn. it: me,ai,ns "sl!ir:ren.d,@r~,. I:!ilam is d~ma:nd.i.ng" it tot~lS1il1l':rend'@r te, GOlD is man.dat,ory,., Mohammed Qr!"qOllni:tA1!,S the Moslert'l.s, int,o' a mH.i't,OII.t"y powe.t. 'They moVe in'to ,a:nd c(;l~que:r the, Holy Lands ,_


1000 A.:O ..

, '

'T:he :me~~a.9!'e oj' the maverick rssu is twl,st·ed. Christian,Hy under CQnstantin.8 be,comes a po,li tic,al power,. 5UPlPo!t"·tin.g thevl€li~'y 'system,s "thatIESllIhad t,riedto ·I.m,do •.

Off-,s'p:r!:n.g (If IE'sUreturn to tbe .ElQl.y ·Land. It is 'their i:ntElnt t,o de,c.1llare, their -d',""scendancy a,nd ,elpi:m theplac'e that ,istr:llll.y Und:rs;. The Ch.::dstiaD Ch~.n:¢h .1!!l, horr.ifi@d," .sh:ould th.eo,ff:'s'pr.ing 'pt",c,,,,e, tb~ir 1 i:n@,i3gE!" ,all th.e power and r.icbes 'lOfthe Church would have, to be r~.Unqui.;:,hed '"

•. 'They launch a hunt fOlt tbe ,SAN'(;d ~ REA!. ("Blood-Royal.')" theR.oyal BJi.,QQd of 1:l!;;S:U. CrlU.sC'l:diers n'!i5~i,nt'et'p'ret the 'wlOrdsl, they bel.ie'Vetbey s,ea.reh fOol" t:h'el SAN I 'GltAAL,jO a .Holy cont,aine~ oft-h'e blood, Oof Chr ist ~ Tille fi.rst 'Crusade 1s ~fiI- a t,iI:;.empt to hunt dawn tne Cbur'ch I 5 'g'·reates't;t.nrea. t, 'IEs:tr! is children.,. It,

I~Si c.lahl:ed th~·t the Ct"t1.sad'e::01 ~~e lauric;::bed be ,seiz,@: back HIJ.ly ! Land'ait,aken aw'ay' by ,ther Moslems.,

'" 'The Kn.i _j:"emp~ are 9' a;t.be~ed to'ge th:er to pEo'te,~t 'tb,~

f.ami.ry of cc. ~ Tbey di.stii!l'9Uish themse.lves and ga.1n 'wealth.

;and. poweE', all 'Ii;,ne While keeping' 'th~lr secret.. When forc'ed to k1s5 the CJ;'tu:if'i:x in later 'tim.es, tbel refUge., l'h.-ey :spit 'o.~ 'ther ~QiSi!;!: ,and 'tlr'ample i't mn.dier-foot.,., or.bey knew 'ttil:e ChUElcb w,as based ,on f.alseb,oQd.. 'TIle cbildren 'of I:BSU arel alJLve,,' tnle Chur·ch. is NOT ,tbe t.t'lt15:'io.ice, Q,f ,G'Od .. ,

.' ~hE! 'IUSASSiIHS:'1 ('·',SEUS-EN1: lo.d.oin.,~Lords; o,f" are ,8 se:~ret :i!I.ocietr t:hat. iU,se:d ,dr~g$ to 1:ru:1:uce hl"lpnot.l:e 5,tates.. M!Ln1p,u~ l;a:tJ .. on o·f t:h.e mind istb.e corDers tone ('.I,t 't'helr ,c::ult.. 1,;.~13, .by a 'Mattl, w11l0 bu beeR, ~i!ltaQ'ited. b:y ,g;p, Orion PlIpt:lll,a:n iSoldte'[!;', ·th!e ,UauSIN c~lt, proV'e:5, 1b~ :be a ~wer'f"u,lf()lI;'ce in the Wars,

'l,ag'~lnst .t·be Cru.s.:~ .. ,(Jers .. __ AD _(l'Jt~Qn-cfact!;,i(ii11l. :llib,l.dJEM!lI .CI~ ERI.i)'Ur 1~. t~·i~·9 to :pm:tecft ·thee~b11dreB 'i)f IESIlJ. Tbe bl.ood of 'Quee:n~

• ru.n,!; in til,eil" vein,s ~ . .


',~. =. '

The Jiz.ard Empire isstillunconc'e:rn,ed. Wars andpolit.:!i ea lco:rll f'u5"ionworks to tJl.Ei!: i r advant.ag-e 0" The (limn i po'te nt; One GOD' cO'Dce'pt, :remains u:nehaU.eAged ,their hold on.lthe world ,is ;9,tre,ngl'.. :!'lIO, one, knows tlley play the r.ole QfGOD'.

Germanic. Power 1:5; een't~al.:Ii..2ed, ilfi Hesse. (Ss:sa ,. one, C),( the :rne'l:i·t powerful St~t~5 in Germafiy~ c~a;rl,ema.1gne ,estabHshes ~41 5,~cEelt ~¢,cletj' e'al1~d '~o:sier~ei.;llfi5:. They ar'l3l an Qlrcler .Ofi 'th,e ; Jl!bot.h~r.bood of the ,snake I ~,!!'id later liJecome known ,!;itS tihel "Orde':t' of th~ Illum:lin,ati I, the !Elllli'9h:tenEld One~'. .

Th~: Chlllrch is CCil::lfVific-eiJ 'tbe 'th,r'eat cf th,@ (JIesc@ndan'it;s of EESU has be'e'n. elill'llina:ted ~ Pope Inn.o,cent IV' ce.:l,t.ral.i :ze,s the power of th@! pa.pacy Ln tp€!, c:ap,itai cit.}.' of ROlli.e~

Numerous, penetrat.i-cms ,o,f ERIUI) by Sir'ian a.nd Orion crews W\orrie~ tn.e l.1:za,rds., S,ev'eral· S~lc:ret So,ci@tie,s· bave :formled ll.Ilode:r tbe inf.lue,ncle of the'se ere'.".,'!;;., The l.l:~a.r·dl5, begin hunts for: the " undi~r.9'round ~ crews. 'though the One God institu.'ti.on is still. stron'g', too man,Y new iIEn11g,nt.@o;ea Ones~ bec]'in to be

Olipp~.li',erft. The lizards camnolt: 'tat,@, i;iJ Icha~ce t.hat 'the I ''['r;ut'h II

.OJ leaks out , The Hunt and InquJ.5itiol[l ar,esimlultalUlO1Li.s., Sky and ea. r it hare, s;co'urg,@:d .• ,

Ba.ttles in Ithe .sikie$, allre ~een over Bu:t',oiPe~ Des,troiyed in ith.e ski.Els" s,:t:di,ps break ap~.Jrt~ CneHl'licals, a.nd alien bacilteJl:'ia. ':rain dOWn from til,s :sky. 'Tbe Bla.ck pia.Que breaksouit. La~ge ! ~1'l:1 mbe r ~ '0 f UFO 5,1 ghU '11.9 51 a.ccorn.pa.WI'lf .1 a t~ 1:::' oU.tbr'e,ak.s of P 1 ag'u@ iirn aU are~$ olf ,Europe an.d. lUllia.

The 1 i or;al"d. h1lJ.I:ilt:cQnt.in~es fo)!;' hlilrildr,ed:iS ,of Y@<I!I:S" battl,e:s

• ~,~sult .in the dle~truetion ,oft.he Ori,on and Sir-l,an. c:~ews tn.ad:. ha}."e tried to 'w'Oi!i:'k belli n.o, the seene.s t'o bre,ak the l,i:;;:,a.rd. N'e:wl' Empire. F~ ll-,ont ;f;r;om t.be war infects, the t:nll~a!l popUlation,s w'1th a,lack Pla:gue. Ove:!;'~ 00 million, die in. the ~'U)O ,e,all:'s; of .U~ard :retali~t.ion~ Hht·ory ean:!'H)t. ex:plain. the .sporadic and sti:.rang,e: sud!den, ,a.ppearanc.es and d1s,a.ppea.r,ances 'O:f the, Pla:g',,",'e.,


Title Chris:ltlan C'burich. bJLame·s t.ne .J'ew:s ,I IB,It'lll] f'~J: th.e o~t ... · bre,aks crf U:i!li~ B.lae~ Pla;glU,I;!,., 1':he-y are expelled f:[,lom Europe. Whe,n Oinee,t,i:ie :Reb1rew' Ie ::rSIU per'sl@:curted. itn,s Christians '(6'SlU" n.ow tbs eh.ri~tlan,s (H'SR) pe!'s~cliliit·ed.tliille .H,ebr,e'W C IBR),.

* 1500 A~D,"

Til,!! Me.d11,ei fam.ill' 1~ q:iv·en t,he ,pow·er tOI(lQl1ect due,s; a;ndi feesf,olI: the, Chut"c-h ;Oif Ronleutule::r;' :P1ppe J'Qh:n XXIII.. T:heiy an t~st beco:minl9the m05't p'l'omin'en;t "~nkersin Europe.

~_ =----w- .,[1
!r "
[ , .
I • · ~ ._

rJ; , -

I;" ... (,l .

'~ ~: Tbe ei31n.k of ,Amst~l!:'Q~m is formect. It i~ the f.i(:$t: ~hank'i {" ~hailt:, in~titlltes the ,8C'.1,enoe of ,Mooney, iss1!J.,lng note:!:l i;I.'9a.inst

ai$se'ts h"eilc!, of't,ent:i.lmI,es mare [totes thana.ssetli,i!',al.u,e~

The ! ~::a,ori,cnJs .Re'vo.ll;ltion 'puts WUU.a,m Ill: of Orange ... of t~e Ge:.rman HOUSE of O~,ange-W~~:;;;atl,On the '!IJi:rone of .England ~ wilt llJi iil:m .l[' I,lE ill eo ~ .!F~ee;ma,s,on,. TheGe 4!."m.an HoiJ:;;; eifl!arnuf;:liCb.nre s a ""'aEaJ~rainst England, 'th.e:n, rents ~i~@d sQldi@rs to .England to .fight in 'l:.hel1ll~ Tmi:s:is repeated se.ve.raltt:.imest the Engll.sn

tre,a,.su.ry . is loot@o. -

Thle~~:Qk 'of Enq!lLandl is f'O:t"m~G 'U.l'J!i~eJ;' a plan ~T!§.01I.t.~c:;I ~r a

Scotsm~nt 'iilil];i~rn!!I?ate.rson", a Ma~lNO'!'!. The B.a!4k Qf F"ranee is fm:l'l'lled.u.:ndcer the 'plan cr:eated!by <ll![Nltber sootsman., ,John La.w. He! too a s OJ ,Mia~'Qn •.

'l'b€; lizarCi~ inteinld ttl so.UdU'.i.yt:b,e:i.l.'" hold on. the wealth of the pJt.ao~t. Si:rianand Orion c:rews that sl'!!'eakin cannot be allawed.:I::,o 1'\O$,5U::I11" underm:1.nEl :t:il::leir power base. Bank:lll"llg'

.rnU.S t be ce.n:t r a 11 :il"ed ,. - -

:Ra9~ta. _, frustrated Eu::t'"'C'peans:flee t:C'the New 'Wo:t"lLdin ,a del:tl)erat·-':" - leave behind tbelsy'stem·1 th.a.t perse,eutes them a:nai €!:m.pti@:sth.e,i,r' coff·er:!li: •.

'The li~a.rd.s; se,e' an QPpm::tmnji tyto @xp.loit n@w l~!'1!di1i.

In.~1 69'4, :~N;u;:.;i,.cC1!t'lJ;c:!L~n le~,(lerserea.ili:e a colony ,in Pen:n.sy.l!~· 'Va.n.ia ,in the New World.

In " 730, ,Danie.l Coxe i:9 appoin.ted Gr,and M.aste.r of J[.oO!g,es in Ne:w Y,ark,l ['flew Je:lIrs€lyand P'@'nQ~y.lV"aHi.a ~

In 1 iJ,3" HElI:'l!:ry P:r±ce be:c'ome5, Gr;u1d~as,teref'th,e B'os'tc'n .L;Od'9~ in Mas sa.cl:Hl.Se tts .•.

I D. 11 II S:2 ~ !Geo:r"e~a.~h.i rng'tOI'!. is i nit: i ated :i :1'1.'1:;0 Pr~@'rm.a~ o!'l!ry at the ag~ c~ 20.

Fr,eemas on;5 :1 n tbe .R.e!yo,l u:t i on,ary Wa r i nc 1 ud,e :

GeQ~ie~a5h1ngtoin,tBenj am1:n .Fl::a.liIkUn ,( .is.,i.nCie 1131 JI, Alell;iafi:d.e~ Ha:!I'Ii It:on,, P.at.~ lck Henry" He1!!}.I"j{ .KnoX" J~ijiesMaQi soti and Grand Ma,ste:rs;: P~U!l lRre!ver,e"James Cli.l1Iiton ,and Ji'c·lrn.H;,:ulIc'c,ok ~ (Bot:h, Geo!rge iilash.1.n,9tQnand ge:r.!.jl am1n F~anklin werellil!"j,O' Maste~s:.) Of 11 -4, , 'O.g off iloe:l"'S .in t';h'~ Conti fI:€lntal!11!nII.y,ne;!i.I!l'" 1y .21 OliO were Free.'fl1c;};s;ons '"

ll!~ran.vclnS te'uben., a G:erli'l!larl,sold:ier'w~!O all sci pii ned.a.nd t;rail~ed Wasnin!gton 'stroop,iS ::il.s a .F.reema5o.n.~ u: MarqY1~ de' La f';aYlBt:t,e ,as:iklll'!Iild mil :1t,a:~Y!JIa n 'wh.Qsail~dtQ Aro~!rlcato aid the re:volut:.1lomaE':1;e.s ,i.&aFFeemaSiGn~ .F.Eed:r,i1ck Oir pruss.ia., an aE:'aent s:u:p(pQ~'te:i' g,ft,he oolon:li.,:!;it.s, W~:!;I ~ Free:ma:l[OO!lh

TbeBQs,ton Tea Pa::r;o'ty Is; led b,Y' !IleMEI'1"S ·Qf t:h!9 St .... lm.d~ew KaS,(linic Lodge on 6 De,~eimbet' '~ 113 ..

The l'ia,501ll:5 ha:v,e ,a. firm hold. on, thileNew WOil"lld~


''fhe do,ll1:u: b jL 11 is de s i gnedby William ,Ba~to:n,. ''J;''h~ "All Seeing Eye I is .;I F,reiema~o'.~ sYl'IlIbol.. l:t. pe.!:petuailtes 'I:.be !lIlY,ttl of the Omn i pot.E!Qt God ~ 'I ~(Jvus D.RDO ,s.EOOlLQRUM" .i is w1r it.:ten in t.he ba.!1!1.!g!lr a.tthe oottOIm r .i trl'i~an,5 II Beg'i.nIling o<:f a New OrCi,eI: 'of A:ges I! (The New World order) ,0 It 1.s, a d.il:"E!ctreference: to, th~ New Ernrpire. of the lizards. An innJ~·cellt lOQking [P!f]tOi.lt'llid. )[@present:sthe tdhr,tiil place ,@f tbe Ma,;~ord.,c 91lllLlds. it is the ~ symbo~. of t,beod,,'gj.n1;l.1stone-c:utters .'F:t'!,e @~gle!i)n tbe ba~k ,of the bi]l 1I'.IQJ5 originally- a ~ phoeni..x ~ ,0Ii. c,re§l!.turewflic:h ha.s ri~€lI'11. from t.h@ ,<'I.51'1,e,5.. !ttoo, ref~~:5 to' Ule :1i:'1se ... ~ ,of a New Empi~e frOifli! th,~. bu:n:lIin!gawa:l' of the 'Qld. The I ph@~nh:.~

is notrepla.ced. 1l:Intil~' t!41 .'

'Tbe Bank of tb,e 'Unit·eel States.is chartellC€!d hy A.l~'xander

Ham H ton .l.nl? '9'1. he 1 :!li;a Plt,~ema son. I fl! ~ 86:3 ~ the 13,ank wi 11 beco!'ll@ !the Federal Rce5'Ei:.ll:veBank.

Presid'ent~ who h~V'e :been 'o~ ,CI.re Fr-~ema50nS . .i:l'u;::11l'ldie:

Georg'e. Nasbi:ngto'llJi, J,~me5; A Mi3Jdis!i:l"!'1 r Jiames MQnroe ~ Andrew J ac.k 5 c.n , oJ ;:tifii€l:5: PIO lik: ~ .] am€;::$ !31;1I;:ha n a f! , Andr'ew . .:roll,n s:Qn ~' Wm. :McK i n ]L,e11' $ J~me s.Ga r.f i ~ld I i;)l'leddy ,! R.~os~;,ve re If iHQw.a,~ d'lI'a.f t Wa~r~iI!l ]larding~ .FrSl.:nkli!'l!RoG1s'ev€:JLt" H'at";r;y a,. 'FJi"uma.I:1, ,and

Ger~ld FlQI.l"'a. JT., Edg.arHi;l·over wa~ a Iso a .Fr,e,e'!1llason.

1aOQ A.D.



King G'~orge ! of EnglLan.dwas ali:anncrver {a German.lniQI:lI.se ) wno did no,t $,peak. engli:~h ~ :i:le bel1.'ev,ed his ~'hl'qnewas out,;a tempora.ry pOEdtion. until, .~e 'coula:!;~t'l1lr~ntQ a sea.·t of pOIf,!J'Elr ~.n (;~rmany. Wb:Ue be, sato'~ 'the~hr·olne of Enql,amdjtIDis mind and foell.s cCHiilti Du~d t,o [b·e;Of:l! G~rma n :b<U!!iil1l,e s si;lf:fa ,:l."rs. P,rcm 1700 unltil 1 '9'011 #' a 1J:'Qyal ofth~ House of lli1l:nnove:itC sat 911 the t.h.rone of .En.glarnd. e'i,i!'~l!:':f year ..'lhe .Ho'USIO!! of Wind~o:lt' of: Queen EUz: abe II; b i ~ d!illJ s,cen.di,e:df:r;om the Hou:s e of Hannover.

,~ lit is the p'r;ac;;'Uce ,of tlile Secret Sc;cieti@ffii, gui~:l~d by a[1l UflS,E!;GJI'"l. lizard ba.ndi, to creat~ wars and prD!V1,de both si,ch~s am ar.my for hire. an,dlora.1Ii ars,enal. ~a:r i$ profi,t, .•




In~! 8,3,1)". th!~ iLe,a9il;]~o,f the .Just ~ .is .anot.ber' Qn~ c·f tbe Secret .S(l¢!~e,t:ie:5 begun bey a Mason ~ it is th~ :t.1rs:t_ ,s:o,cl,et:y th.atKa:rl .!lUli'r'~ j,o,ins:., - He is: ,dilt"ected ~J'Hl ,guided tQw,a:rd;:;;, tbe con,cept of a a.nE!! world 'G.rdle:t'r aeupbemi.;:;;m, :for' a,tG,t,a.lit,ii'U:i..an ~u.l,e b,yt!hie l.iza.~ds.. While he ,is a membe::r;; oflt:h.e L.~!ag:~!Ji!~~ he

w,ritesthe, Com:m,uf!i~t ,Manife~b::;_ ~

Th,e, II Leag'ue o,:ftheJi'lls,t 'be~omes the ~ OolllXiluni:s tLea,glu,e II., Comm.u:nism declares that eve:ryone.is e,~ulJlf,t:ha.t :nO'Ciline, owns a::rwythln.91 ~ t.hat eve~'rQne5ba~e5 equaJl.y f,EO:~ at ooIDmlur!!lty pool of !g'Q(·Jili.sbut, 't:hat -the ,f,i,rs:ts:t~p ~bo this ideal stat.@! must be ~ pa,l!t:tc~l aJictatiOl~.s,h.i!p,.. (,This - is:j'~~t.l.fic!a"tiof.l :f,c:r a total control b~the lizard :!Empire .. ),

,t The RounOi Table, a ~,e(:lret society pil!itterned, ~f't~rFr.;elemaSonry iI' w,as e,stabl1.5,bed by If~c'!,l Il:h!od!es, a diamond, ~~d 9101d




[ [



mi n i ncgrmag'!lo;!, t e .• OU~,od.e,s 5 eno 1 aJt:' shi ps iJI.:I::'·e named :f Q~ him)H j;:i; altrlli~tic ia.ea.sf,ara5sisti!l!9 t.herna5:5es!a~$chaJJi.g~d by hl.s ~E.rnuie3 en t:l'I'i~ .RQuod. To;tble 'to become 'methods by wh,i'cn m,a.rSses c(l,nbe ~~!'lipu.la,t,ed. The Round ''I''ahle becomes a central ga.th= ~rin9f,o!t powe.r· full or<] an i :;!;a.1:.i 00 S such ~ 5: the Ca zne g:t eUt~ i t.ed Ki nqdom 'l'rlil.st., n.tl:1l'l e.t'ous J". P • MJo,rgan. aa SQ~.1a.t, i on ~,V' i r'tual1:y !!I.URQcke:feller or9ani~a,t,ion!:l ,ei!;;C:. llil.the Ulii::ti.'t.ed St~·t,e,s, a newlyfQ:t'med ~ OOYHci :!lorn Forei91l RelatJi,on,s ~ b~,come:s: tb~ W'OI:k:i!'i!9 front for th.E:: Round'ill'able.

80Y s ton ,st,ewa.rt Chamber 1<1 i I:l wri t'e·s theE'QuliI.d·a t III o!the

~ineteenthc<§ntu.irYr e.. W'oil'k suqgestingthat _iG~rii'iaJilY ~ ea:s;,il'Y

t.hebe.:st na'tJ,·on. suJi.ted to, h:dng ~bC;)~t: mami:f,est::ation of a New (l!~r,d'el!:" .;i,. Q .J1iu:rop e , Ernpe:r'or' WilL lh e 1m pta i.serQf Germ~.:n.y en.doI"s e:'!! t.he work~ hi:s ·effo~t~to establish II 1!.lICy.an SU!prema.cy~' be'9in..

'The manipulation of th,e Sllllcret sO¢.~·etie~ GQntirH:~!e~bya',I'I uns€:,erii. 1.::i..:ll:.ar!Cl h,and.A~ ,a::;j5.as.sjj,.~ fram tb~ EI.:lLaek HanOi Soei~ty 'of central!. E'g::r9F@, mtJ.rae't's A.usl::rian Arc'hd!uk'e Ferdinand.. Th~ iuc;:iden't s,pa:rks the beqini!ling a,;f·Wot'ld. '~ar .lit.

J~coh Sell iff~. an Arner.ic,g.n citi~e~ li,:Rked.to the PQwerful GerID~"n. ROUSE:: 5 and tb~ .Rtlt~sch..ild fam:i .. ly"ffnanc€:i!> 'the effort k:~o"..n g~UI!e !lol!;;'hevik!Relvo~ ution.LeWli~i5 given. h.is start O~ the w~rld stale. It is 1917.

After the R~VDlutlon. the Secret Police io Rus~la are in v.i.:E:"tualt.o ta 1 pol iii: i eta 1 con tt"o.i.I tla t,er .be·GiQ:trnE:: s the KGB.

The f'iv@ Y·E::arp.:I.~n i:s .in5t.i tuted in RllSsia~ L<;iI.bor· e,amps provide chli;la"p labo,r fo;tthe' MJas.t€l"s" ~L~"d a.n.d p]!!:'op,el::'ty 1:51 !colle.cti vi ~.@d '!. Thirty-five to ;forty :mi.llion peoi[J,.l,edie if.!

tI1!!E:; 1 abe.t' ca.~.ps .f r(Hilll !in 7 - 19' 5, 01 • .

- . -- - I

• I


'The repU,lian Que,ensof O)';1o:n hadbec'!iJme impa:ti,ent. 'Th.e SSS-'T Counc1,ll, is ordere:d ,to dii;lipatch an eli tel teaJ!'I: of P'syc:h'irlat"t'io'rs, to BRIDUI;.Q ,attempt a,take-ov'eE". 'l'h.@ii~ task is: not easy ~ They muS't l,oe,a:te ,iB, - human being! wi tin Ipower:ful (:lOnnec." 'tio~sthat can b@ mlt:ld-ilIManipu,.la,t.ed into, a, t,ake-·C)vEili' att.e'J:!lp'l; aga,ln,st the: ,re:bel 1,1zardlmp~,:!;e. The, O~iQF.i te~m arr.iv,e;s" it ut,iLi,zes hidden c,.lV'ern,5 oaee uisedby tbeir ,ances:tors .as its: basI@' of o:p€!!Cation,s.. The ,se,arch f@X' the righ.t ca,l1Itldate :rnllst begin i~mediat,ely.


In his ,early twen.tie,i$, Jj:jlQlph ~U't1er 'was a devastat,illlg'ly

pooit' young ma:1:'fiJ ~ H,e u se,5 dl':'I.'l,'9S to ,achieve • h.i9ihe(' leve 1 s 0 f

eOl'lscio'Usn@ss ~ • S:rrne!i!t P're,t'zscne, a mY,Sit!C ibookstore ,~cwnerr is: descr,ibed.as Ii tc,ad-loo;king!. UI,e .is a 11z,a:rd! hybrid' ~ He int.rodu.oes Hit,I'eL" to Germ.an mystiC;Lsm ,and H,err v'o,il List I ene !;It' !i;;u;:cu.lt:isfi'L ~,s ![ilOSt voca.l '!;Ii a.dJvQcate:s+ He als,o be11'E!'ves an Ar'yanrace .e,f' super-b@i~.9'S l:':e:s i des: bidd,en de'ep lnthe b(1we:ls of Ea.r'th. It ,is t.hey who ,guide Ma,n.,

Adolph Hitler enlists in. World. liar 1, and earn:s 'tbe I Ir'QA Cro5s.-Pi"r.r;;,'t; Cl,;a,s~ ~ as a Q'crpora.,L He is injur,ed by mu:sta:!!:'d tJas ""n.dli~ ltospi ta,Uz,ed.. While.t.h.ere" he is: tr@;~.t:@,(:l. fo'J!: the symptoms of psYc'hop,ath.ic hy':s,teria. His doctor'~ Nm. F'OJ!;'s,t;,E!'r" 1ils,es: indiuo@d visio,ns to relieve Hitle,l"~ ~ blind:ne55,. Hi'tler

'f .i. sre ~e:a5e,d != ured, co f 'I bys t.e:ri'e:a 1 bl i ndnes ~ II by't.t:5 ,con-vi neE d - that be is the Mess,ian.. He also b.el!eves: that t~e Ary'an:s of .- Ge.rmaoy .:!I:t'IE! dest,i'ne,d to become th~ MastEl'r Rac,e ,of Ma.n!ic.:t.nd.

Hitl'er b8gl'ins ,espi,olnagiiat dru.t!'Ei:S in ,Mun.icn,. :H@e'Cl:li:!lS his po,s,i t ion in the ' :p.(i,Jli tical' d@pa:rtment Q.f the ArmyD:i st1!."ict Oommand,., He, Clssassina.tes G,e,rma:n 'off:iLc:j!"ai5' wlh,Q' ;5:U,E,rend:e:re'd, d:U)iifl!,q H~n .. .ld iINIaJ:' I" ,an. a.e:the, QOlJls.id'et'st:o' 'be ,iIt bat,rayal ,of the Gentan people .. , T-h,e- le,litel j'i'iiiembe;l;s o,f the Army D1a:tr:1ct CoDml_8;n,d, are' membel':S of 't:h.e l'I'bul,e .Soo1'e.ty' .. a qrolllP 'tha.t 1,5 supported! b,. t,'h.e Ge:m~ Bifgh CommeulC1i., C''!h,€l" 'lba.le soeie~y' 1,5: r'eoogl1.b;,ed as ,aJ Society c'! A,SsOls:s1:n,s; ~ )

I,n: 1':9'20" .Hltle~ d'ee:l,ar'es 'the ,fQ.~,mr!1:~!on c,f 'the inf,pou:i!i. :Ha,zl .'arhy a,t iii ,ral,ly ,1n ,Munich. Rudolp.h. H,ess is appol~t.ed Mi'nis,ter rof Propoga:n,dla .. , Be:1,IU':1C:h :fU.mnl!Jl:E!!~ 19, apPQitll,t.ed! -'Dd Oit the Gestapo .. , ,Utlerand hi:s: h.enchmen, feel- tha.t somehow' ~be seel"ot pol.i.ce... 'the' IIOGt.pDwe:rfu.1 ~'mI 'of the Tblr<l I{QJ.>CiIl wO'lll,d,ibest be callii;!!d tbi1l 'I s:s~,.

'The Aryan I BS:' .~ •• the Psyeh.~'Peam, s:mil@s '.


.I.~ e II S is Ii s aJ. s,ect""El;'t ,:lj 0 c:.~"e t "i 'compr 1, ,sed. Q f membet's 't:I:'ia t mu5 t be in.ii tlated. It:: is call,ed the il SCfluh,l:ita ff@JL ~ .' Only pure Arya.n soldiers aJ.r'e per!rni'I:. t~Hdlto j oln.. - at U e'r Ls p:rIl)'C: I aJi rn,@dthe' Ge rrnan Me 55 i a h 'of p'r,c ph ec:y .by St~waI't Chamber laitl,the ailiUn€: ma.n wh,g i ['I,n uenceo the Kaiser to begin :his GI,ryan 5u.p're:ma.cygoals years ear'lieI'~

r, G. F"u:ben ii' a qili.:amt German cne:lililical C'omlP,iiul,Y" ,ente:l':fii in. to iii .business reloill; tio'n:;sf.ii,p with tile • 55', pnlv1d::1ng the 9<1.,$ and Gh.e.rnj_c~ .. h for the ext$i"minati'Q~ ,camps begun by H.imrt11Elr.

, A,l..SIO wQrk.jlfT!g wi t:.h I ~ G:~ F' rbem as· bl!l!Sirless, partners w:Uth the Thi:r:dl .Reich I~ aft·er war 'was cle,cl,an~:dI W }I wer,s: ITT and G'e;ne:r,al Elect:r i.e. Both ,I1'Talld GE oDntin.u.e t,o' proivia,e 'ele,ct.ldc:.:IUIt.y" commutrlicat:ilonsystems and neces,s,af"Y materi,aJl:s. bo th.e Ge·Jrma.n ;5'ta'te:.. ro~d MQiI:;o'J." c1omp,u"I,i'e!s j.n Ger['J)atil( con'ti:nue 't.o prod'u,c-e V"enicll.,es ror Aao.llph.Eliitler,.

o~ 'the: I ."G .' F,arD en Soard of Pi rector s a :r,~ ~ l'~a x a nd P,;;lI~ 1 Wa,rburq r b,oth lil.ead5 ofb~oks .in GIl'i't:'many andin$trument~J; in the beginn.ing of tIle: F,ederal. ll:ese:r've: ~,Q)"}!: in the U.,S,. ;H.A* H.etz, ID,irectoir of t.h~ Ma.nhatt~:i1 Rank ('a; Warbut"g Bank la'ter to be,co.Ift.!:! 'the Ch.ase Ma·nhat't,e:niBank.-aRoc.kef'.elJLer linkJ; the D,irecto;e of th.eF·e:deral .R.'eae.:l:v,e .il~;rlik I~f New Yo.rk. and of th@1 Nati,ona.l City Bank .• C •.. E .. M,itc'h'e:ll;: and ,Monta9'u'eN.ig~man.,the

Dir~,ct,or e,f 'the :Bank ,o.f .E'llg1a!:1ld ~t5elf! -

~ Prin.ce Bernhard, Citiother ~@!mber ,of the House of Oi!i:aog1e, is a mefmber ,of the' ":s.S I an'CIi an ,em.ploye,e (l,f UIII! I. G,. Farben 'Ciompa,flY~, Aft'erth.e wa.r he be~o'fil'e:5; Chl:tJLrftl,alfio:f 't;lte:lBoal"d crt;' Sbell 011 ~ ''F'hePrincew111. later .farm the "~i.lderbergers', a.wd 'ch.a,irs the meetin.q~ 'll,n.til 1 '910.

'!rh~ {II!' i (:1[1 P's,ych =·!',e.ill;llIl b·i3!;$ pill t 'tog'eth~'r a :rn.,oveme 0 It f o:r:med of some of th'e mos e po'w'e!rilll.1 peQP..le. and. ept;,it1es on E'ar'tn .• The Th.ird Re,i'ch appears hea,died f'ol[' successful tat,e-OV01r o:f the ent.irE!!world., 'The .Psych-Te,am ha:v~ sl:lIcees8,fun.y wo,rri@d 'e:he 1 i -z a rds .'

Hi tl,er r1elies beavi Iy on. the '~e'cret ones' to guide hi:m in his movem!e,n.t;s. ''l'h·ti;y hav·e p.l"Qte:ct:.ed h.1m lroI.QI."\e 'than once~ rescD,:in''3i him f:r~m e,ert:ain aeat .• '. But,. dU!~inq th.e O(JII.u':'se ,o,f thewa,r ~ .H 1 t1 e:r cens 'tan t 1 yU5Ei 51, ,coc.aine", morpib hl.e , 5 tJ"ych~ln!l1i, ,p~lnk111e;[l:'s:ands;e,dat:i.ve5. As the war pt;'og:~e,s,s,es, be irt,c,reases hi:s 'd~lJg use' t,o, ~,el,i'e've t.b.:s'tress~ T.oough be is, s;t!!.l IijIUli,di.ed. by 't~€1 t,Sec:ret. Ones: ~ I' 'the ,drqs :mak·e. him think he: ca:n ,goee!pt 'Ci,E:" J.'ieJ,ect tbeiradv1.ce as he'plea:se,Sl~

'T,he P.:s:y,eh .. 'Team ,15 worrled .H.i.tl·e:r~tilLl de,~t.roy tbe;i.r war plans :to~ ,~ take-,c,ve~ '.'

• IUllt:.l-e!J!:'" 'Gberi:Rg, H'ess, and IU.lIIIIIller ,CIIl'Ie all :mem'be~:s 01£ a Se'er-e,t; Silii'cd.ety.,PD'R 8I!!d his S~eQelSSQr, HarryS. 1J'.iE"'UmanaJ;"eJ , both Freemasons. Ja.panese ml1:l t,ary' le:aders are .members 0'£

f:the iI,l,ac,t :Dragon S'oi~l'e.t,y.. 'WQI"'1d 'Wa;r l: I pits :memb ers of 'the worrldl's ifliQst power'ful :secret sOicietie:s: .against eilch otJu~r,.l 22




[ ~
[ ; ~
[ T'b@ cOr:lf1denC'~ c,f the l1il:zaf'd5i.s shake'll. ''r'be take-ov!~)!;' a.t't'~mpt is dQ!!)gero~~ly clo5e.t,Gl ~·l!l.c'Q€':ss,. Il: b~~!li(;:c;nlle,~'cle·al!:' 'they must 1,1$:~t~':I'!dr .mo5t. powerfu·JI.~~PQn!;;:Q~Hd t;hethr~~t.,

'i'he War is '90iI'l!g badly .fOT Ellrop'e~ Though. the Amer1ca:n leal!:ler:s,h i p h~~ q ili.v:e'n. suppo.rt I it i5 filOit enough,. 1E t i~v~ry clea,:r t,h~ people ofth.e 'Un.it;,ed. :St!lt.e~ dO~Qt. wafl!ttQent,e~ 'tJ:I!!:''!w,a.:r; ~ It:, .15 n,e,c'es sary 1:0 f .ind a !t'ea ~,olnthat wi 1 JIl crea fe ~, :strong! des.ire In. t,he ~,e,ople to' jQi~ th@ war.

1'bePres.ident 'i1!Ind 11.is milItary adivisQ,rs a,:r'e awa:re of an at 1;;·l;I,c:I.:, pi a~ned on.P€!l>iiiI.r I Har.borby the Ji.apanes e. ,. ill,stead .of wCllI:'rd.ngtbe Il~w~.~ i~~ !'Ni.V'·al f\'o,r(:'!1i$~' tb¢y d~g:~.d~ tl~""'.!ilt.~-hQlg the i n fo,I':miIl~.t iOin. .1\.:0 attac'li:;oni?earl nat'bolrcol!J ldju s t i.f ya aeclarat i.on of' .... '~n,..tbatwo'la.ld be :5Jt.rofJ!g'ly suppo:r't,ed .by the AIDer ic;:an plIJbHc.

Ea;rl.y morh.::Il.:1l9 Dec'e:mher if 1!l'41!" thel Jo1iI!Fane~~: ,att~.ck.th~ n,a:~al ba,:!;,e <Ii.t Pearl lEJia.rbol;. The Pl!;e~ideJ'it and bisa:G!vilscliJ:s tDi:ilO!erestlmate: th,e:' stl'~'!1'gt.h of the Jap!:I.nes,e fo·,rc,es" the bas,e is, v1rt~,al1y desFt!l:roYied., 'F'lle d!evasta.tlon le:aves 'iI::.~.,e Wle,5tern coa:5:ti:;, aft-be U,ni't,ed Sta;t,es, ne,ar.ty d~lI0~n5@le5'3,. Hoth.,ing (l:~fi st,o,p th~ ,J'apiilI.ne'!;iie U: t:.he'ych.oo,$,e bo !nQl!leQnt;o CO)l .. 1t':@i.!;':I'1!.:!0).",

1'h:e !j,z:a'f"ds are able to bx'eak t.hr!Oiug.h:th~ Ori,e:nP,s,ych .. ''l'ealJ:rn Ii sd,e fe!1!s,es ..'lr!beya re, abl e t:oFEinetr at,€: ifit(ll tbe mi r:I.(] of Ac1im~:ral Ya;rn:a.motoa:n:d i.:nstruct h.im to ttl!!:n ~r01!J£Jid.,

Admilt"al "iamalltQt,o' ine~!plic~.b,ly ~urfls h,is: fleet arourli.d: .• Hi:sa.dvt:soJl:$ try tal pe.rs~~.d0h.im tOI ciOntin:~,e his: ,attack a::rI!Q move:;l~:i~e:the! H'1!twai1~iUll,c!il'1!ds. He ::refU,SE:5 to dQ ~,o, ,no onle undet"st.a:nd a, :8e is sa,ld to be act;,in.q (:.Qnt'1;D!.~i¢,{l ai!1d v~I;y dazed.. He is al.so, :said to have ut::'te:redt!h,@ fo.ll,owin9~ ~.~

I!~ '. ~ .~ I am at ra i d we ha,v,e ,i;liWi1lJ.kii!'I'!!E!.da ~ 1,e1eping '9 i a,nt ~ ill

ijlnk:nQw:ll.nqly ,be h~,seor.rect:ly as,s,e55ed, the :5it!(lat:1!Q;n,a.5 f~ existed.. 'T:he l,iza:rd Em:pire na.d.neveJ;' .~E!.u,.ev·e,d it W'Quld be t:m:eatlened~ Its hc!l!d bad.heen~Qtal anti QOOllplet.e, ~. -wa.l'" e,f tate-elver wa,s QOr.!.slldered.Jl.:nconG!eJl...,.abl@ ~ 'The Emp::!l.:re!!Ila.dI" in fact" hl)dbeen a.wake:ned, f,rolt1l .its i5.lumibe:r5~,

'Tile t.r.gedY!Q:f the 't.Da,of 1:n.faD'!.y,!Ii pelJ'f!~a.ded the: people of' t:he Dln1t.ed Sta;tea t.('.I ,jIQ'~. th'El: val". The!, feel. betr,B:yed,., t'her eage:rl.y&eeik It''eveng:e ..The .l,argest and. riChest cQ~n.t:ry

in the w,ot'l.d ±'sIll'Qb.i,lll!,,1.l;ed fQ·r wa;r.. .

'!I!'he President sanctions the, star'l: of tw'o ,s'eeret weapon proj,ec'ts:.. Th~ first one withs,o,lidi ,t',esults wi,ll be choaen for fuilll development a.nd c:omplet.iQf] ..•

The "Manhatten Pro1j,ect· I led by R:obe,rt QPpen.h,e.imer, W;;t~ be!9'un. in 'earnes,t in t~.s .Alamos, New Mex.i-,co~ :lt~ :purposs is tQ dev"elop a, -.su.pe:r-bo'mb" :fo,); ,lIlIse aga.in.!i'i,t; ,the ,Japanese, ,the Italian$ and the Na2is.

Th~ '.Phi 1 a.d.€!Jl.pbia Experim.Bnt"" 1 ed.ln:iLt:,lally by Nl"c'ob. ~ 'I'~sla .. be.qins· to research a 'i.hyper-d!:meru.,j.onal '! gi,enerator" ,iii. device w:hi .. ch will permit warshi:p~ 't.o, tr,avel thr:o'llJ;1ih space ~nd tim!;!. Th,e co'velr' st,o'.I"Y· claims that the p1"o'j1ect s'eeks 1tIO ,d,!!v'elop "radar invisibilil!y" for rJav~l ships .•

The Orion P'syct!-'t:eam 1.5: bein:s underil:iiined hY' H'iUer h.imsed f , Drugs cloud hi.~ ,j ud'gme:nt, he h.a.s begun to make 'wr'Orli91 d.ecisio!1s, :b@U,evln,g' :he is lnfaUibl@:. Th,e: Orion 'l'ea,m mU5t ma.te a cbo,jl'ee., ,elimina,t'e Hitiera,nd repMa,ciil! him, Olt' att.e:mpt, to ,cl,ose d.Qwn. one ,of' t:he' 5eeret weapon pl!;"ojlects in t.be U.S .• o!l1.e o,ft:he P:IiQ j eot~ i.s: ,di,an,g'erOi;] s, t,t eeu .. lI. d c:a U.5'e ehaes and ,die$:tr(l.ctionthat wQuldexte'od far - beycM'rId. the limits ,of the solar syst'em ..

. Hitlh:!\t' is too' far qo'ne;· tiThe at'te,rnI,ptie!d.ta.k.e~crve.t' is los:!;; becaus,e o.! h.i,s, d::rug-Iils,e. '!'he .Pll!ych-''F'eam 1J111!.:I5,t; leav'e; but it is d'eclded 't'oter:rninateth.e p,rojeet which ,is dange.l"ou.5 .•

,. The Mafla approaehes the United Sta,teS g'Q1ve:rn:m,e.nt,· they 'c,ffer a.ssi:6tanc'e .i.n ,:!1i,i,ei,l,y ,and Ita.ly in, excha:n:ge fOil" ,Lu.cky L;1lI,ci,a.nQ'~s releCll~e~ The barg.ain. is ~,t~ll.ck" Luoia.n.Q Ls 'i]i'l,ll'en .bisf're·ec1,om. 'The Mafia slo,w,s down mtW@Iri'H:1t O'.f sU,ppli@:5 on thll!: doeks iiI'! Italy" Mli!!lSi:~N:)lini is dlli!:la.y,ed~ Patton ~s mo,ve on Sicily is aiai2d Dythe Mafia. 'They p:rovidel fu.el and: 'Ur'e~1 ,at.tacli;; behind the lin,es and :pass ,O'n v.H::al informa.Uon.

Th.,e United States and the Maf.i,a, are allies,.

R'einhart 'G@bl,en" be'ad o,:f as Int~lll'genc.'e i:'lipprQacbe,!'> tn'e ihea,d of the 0.S5 '(Office Secr,et ,S,em:vices.j, Alle:fi DilJUes.. He has'es:tabli shed,an.ent:irel ~pY' :netwol:"li;; i.ft Rus,sia. If tn,i!les wi.ll off,e:t' l\i:5 '(1e,s't:;,apo ,amnest·y" Gehle:n and h,is en'tir,@! qroup 'will w()r.;k for tbe Amer'ii.cans:a9i~j .. n5t. th.eRu:~si,a:n.s ~ Everyoine d.istrusts the SQVJAli:t Uni,O'D., 'G:ehle:n"'s offe:r is a.cce:ptea~

Tbe Un1 t6d. ,S'tai'i::.e.s ,and tbe Gesta'pc ,al'~ allies ~ -


Th:e ,OSS, laun:c:::hes, ~opeir'at.ionP'ape:rC'l:i.p,m.. G'e5:tapo i!i:gents

scient.is'ts are 'taken 'Out of 'Genna;ny.~, .;'V.l,8 the Vat.ican! T,h'E! 'Unl'teid sbates and 't:.b'EI va,t1e~:n. a~'e ,all,ies".,

In. 191t:5"tbe: OSS: (.la.t.e1('t;o become :the CIA) "thefillf!:fi!!l" I' S,S 'f Ges'lba.po ana the, V:aJl~1(i!an a~e ,i!i 11. allies ..

The P,sych~Tea:m ei1l:.n dOl no, JQQre.. 'T,h,ey ,depart"'

On ,April 3,,0', 19',45 .H:1"tl,er oOlnmtt:G 5·ul.c.la,e '"

The take'-Qve:r a:t:.t;,empt is ,OViE!:E" ..

• _ ••• ~ • ...,.- ~.-!"""'!!I -~~~I"1I _ •• ~

T;tte, 1,iz;!l!!r(J,~, b.a,v,,~t"etained clil:n,trQl of the Empir,e., Their: 'u,tiH,:zartion oft!l'.!,e United S'l::,a,t,e~ military for,ees a.nd 'w1ealtih, has ~tu:;:c,eeded.. B;uttne take",o'l!@,r attempt by t!l1e O~ion, Iteam had. come Ele~ilQu:sly clc,se :!t!O undoi:l'lIg'tbe E:rnp,ire',.

'Th.e sei:z:uJE"u 'lO,t ElUDU byt:.be N'ew ,Empi,l"B l1za/,rds had been t,cl'ta,Uy ille'9a,l~ Full ,r,i'9hts o:f d"evel,opm@f1t :had been ,awa,r~ oed. to the :Sir'ian Kings whe:!li the sola,rsyst€m was born,.,

B,ut, BRIDO had beensei zed ;f~om the ,Sihrians by MAR~DUI<. A.nd tbe 11;z,a:rds h,ad s'eized ,it: f:r'om MAR-DUK~

,.Galactic:' .law 5:t!1i,t;,edl:hat 'the dcevel(lpm!entof any race ,of pe'O"pl es cO'ul,d nJiO'1:: be inte'riered 'With in any way" u:n..l .. e5s the be,:tng'5 tJiN~ms,elvie:s sp@c.ifically invite oth'e,Ji;' bei~'1.'gis to£01,1Y' participate in tlh'~ir buS,,iness, Q!r e:vollvement.

Ti1!e - residents c,f ,ERIPQ werle Q~i9i:na.l.ly ,o·fSi17ian blood.

T~e sei.:;i:,'U.r,-e ,of tihe :;',01811" syste:m by 'tn.!!, 01710,n lizards w,as an illeqal ,a·et~ ''l'hU5"tQ :rernain l:n ElRI.DU, to .ha.ve a le,galand proper pr'esE!'tlIoe in tne,sY'5fi:em lCe,gu.li.;;etd an.i~'Vi taltion by the maj'o'f' portiolil of tb~ pcp~lace ,(llf -Ea.rlt.h~ Without the ,a'Ppro'priate :inv,U:,a't.ion t the G~lL,a'c:ti¢C:ou!:,·t could fi.:n(lJtb@ lizard Empl,r'e . .illegally' present .if! the' solar systf.i!'UiiI and! dji:5pa,t~1l1 a Guard.1an F·orea 't,e 'fQt'(:i:bly t.€:o.rrnin,aitetheilr p:re5e.n(;e~ If ,!;tn, i nv ita t.ion.frcm the !n~ jor POP'll.! aee , G,r 1'I:srepres,ent.at i V,I;! , was, @xtend.ed" the 11z;·a;tQis CO\:l,l(1 .stay.. Even tfi.e ,s:irian Ki.n.g' w:o'uld have 't::o re,lipq:u:i.sb anYf#xI@V"ious; d@v@lopm@,l.1!t rigbt:s, ~

A 'P.r,eaty l:nvlti.flJg 'the li'z;a:r,ds to stay wa~ nle,ee:$Sal:"Y,.

~, A new re-pr()g,:ramffli.n.g ef:for,t be.gins,. ,It w:J,11 b@ crucial. tihl·a t, the n.umber~s, (If h.liliwans I i!!,:!-,th,e~:kn.ow I be :a!:"ed~c:ed tOil1'ea::r zerc·. ''J:':berem!a!5t be n,o tra.ce:able ev,:lLdsfi(;:a of .mfIJn1pulat.1on." tamperin.g: or .inf.h~en.(:lnq O.f til:l.ehuma.n. ra.ce tor t:he - ~'cen.cu:l0 tb,at is, 'pl.aru:i!!@:(j, t,O si1cceed ..

Tlmie st,age .is' ~e't ...... it be,9i:~:uj].,.

On Feblt'uat'y 2,0 I 1954, .1P1r'e.s.!den.t Dw!'ght ,Da,vidE£se,nhO'w.er was in Palm s:plr!n.gs. .~:e is fH~'h.edw,led to, hold, a. pns,:scon:f-, E!:renc.e but !cancels: i t ,~t the la.s;t, :m!:n'<i'OO ..His p,res5, :5eCr"B'tary advises the :mE!idU.,a. t:hatlhie bas a.woth a..cbe and. caD n'o,t appear.. In t;e.a11ty, hewaswh.h:ked ,~way to Muroc;Air F(i'l"ce

Base (l,atw bi.Q-Q. a,s,lW,m;ews) ~ .

(),Q the nnwa'y,G! olf t.b.e ,i)ir baJ~e" along w.i.eh his, mfU.tary ~d,vi8ors Md. ~ :Sielect: few' ,c.iv111,an.s" the PresIdent w:at~h.ed, as a ,detail 0,( 'Sie,velial!. ext~a .. .'t.e:r~E:!fI::tiral snip.lS, ,a,cpp~'Ca.ebed:,., 'For 't'he next feW' m.o:m~Dt:6", Ul.oa s~.ucer-U.:li:.e ,d,i.:~:t.B 'perf'Qrmed, ,tt

r r



[ [

L [




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:3,er i E!$ of rn!~ !:1!'iJ¢veJcS 'I;:.ha t bQth~t. u:rmed and sUirplr i ,sed ,@a,en cd 'the o'Iil'""loo)i;;~rs '. 'liIi t,h,aHnal demlonst:rati,o,n of inV'i:~d!b&.H.t,y a:n,d] '1:0: pla.ce~ski pplng' I, ~th@ $b.ips sudde:llly (:'.;imetQ1;I bOl, 1 L

l\st he Pre is id'ent ~:;; c'ont i nlg~iQCy conti llU edtQ w~.tch., f rQ!I!l.

SE:1emi.rJ1g.ly :n,owbelr'!I;! ,a doo:!:' QP¢n~('I. :in the cl,o,sest dis,1{ and an i:nl:.in1i:l"datin9 figure rncve,d :iolt'ward ~

.. 'l'tl!e grey B'el.ir'lq .is ~.~<I.rly s::l.xfeet tall,. B.ies bead is <lIJ,n odaity, it is very 1,<lJrge and posse~~~I~t:!IofO lat.'9Ei: bla.ck eyes that dQliIIif.!9;t~ hlsf.<'l(l'e., 8i~ ii;c,!:j,e .is: .lIlar9~~ his l[iJjout.h, ears and ch,ii.,[1! dis-p.ro:portion.atelysmall,.

lis he Ittoves forward" he :re,a"ch@$ into a ::iIinl,aU!. box en his che~;t: ~ .He remov:es 5,o:methingfromth:e box iOli~('I. with a si'P11ple 9'e5ture~ beg.1.I:i1s tOI ,cQmmuniQ·ate w,l.thl:h,e PrEs:idi@ot' S p'art,~

!heE.ein.g identifies himself a.$ J!l;m:.Ltan erois.sa~y from ancth'tir planet. KRL:E.aClivises UN~ Presitlent that his pe'op!€l hav~ be,enw.at,chi:n.g E~rth tor qui te some time. ''rhoughtb~ilr. race ca.nO.Qt comprehend QU~ animal i.::;:t:ic b~!b,aviQ'Jr ,.t.hey a.rle,

n,onet.b.~,lf1!$~.~ impress,en ,'dith h.uma.n beings,. -

:!KRLt., ,eKiilLai~~ to the Pr·esiOent tha.t they .aJr:19 imp.['e:$!!M:l:d" ~.S :It,o unded " will th rt; h~ ~e:n,e t i,e: IIDiiak.e .. 1J;I.p of h!!u!'Ians. HlI:!m~u~sa£e h.ar.tl.y and surprisingly adap't.able... !!:lI ad.d.i ti.Qn., they a.r'~ .~.~ e.x'i:;.;t',ao,t:ditlLa.ry species Q:~p~.b'l¢ of living and b!,lea.th .. in~' in an a.tifiols:p~~~e compos,ed priirma.!!;'11~ of n.i,trogl@n, apois,Q[)ol1S '9'a,s~

''JrnI.L h~~ been instruct,eo by his pe.orpleto ,corne toiartn and ,ex.ami.:n.e h1!.lm~nbl(!:.llifl:g 5: " re.t Ul!:.IQ.i JIg W.it..h 5 ampl.'El:s o.f gen>e tlil,,~ c,ellular mal.t:eri.al. :![n - ~:z:ch.anqe., he i~ 9Juthoiri.~ed to offer f l.y.ill,ng Q.!!,.~.~.t:,echn o,l!09'Y a,nd d.l .~.i.n t e9i r.a.t i.on 1 ig'b tWi@aporl)rY' t.O t:h.@ 1,eade::!!:'ship ·of Earth. :It i5;th,eir hop~ to1dienti.fy a.rJi.Q .1so1a.t,e: thlegenelt.il;;; ceJLlular mat,eri,a15 whi'OD iUlil,a.y help thei.r own J:'ace be'Ciome st.:ro:nge~,. :lRLL cO:lltinue:Sii f ex:pl,~:Rf!lj,n:9 ·that th¢y carn.e:frIQm a dying liiI'Q·.~ld. and hope. to ifi;t.eg1r'~t.e both ·o,u:" genet.icll1Jate.ri~.1$anG.tliii,e1rs tocreat,e a hy.b.r.id ra.ce which 'will ,<I, l.lo:W'them tOe!n.eilLt'B ..

T.lle, Presid,ent is horrified,. It 1a .inconcei'll,abl@ to 'bim tbat he clOuld p€irmi t r. ... :unan. b-~jll,Q.q:s to :bedi~isecbed ••• for ,;;UiLl' ,~e'i!ls,o(n:! ,EI:e irnl_medi~ toelyrefu5·.es th~ 'offer ~

'The 'taJllaU,en :respo'rnds.. He ,assul;e~th.eIPi!:'i8,!!!.ident t.bat no bam will <;!o.rL'ile to ,any lt~ma[l be1:J:liq lexamined~ All individw,a, 1 s se.l,ectedwi 11 1Jl ndergo ele~t:rQni,c ~ n@r'ye,~d i ;5,C10inneo t 'I. 'l'.heywlLt feel, :nopa1ti1. .In, a:d.ditiQf;!" they will ha.ve t.beir Q'!e!'llQ;!'ii>esg:is(;Qn~,e!;tE,d:, thU$ plrev:ent.ing anyt;r,aUima to t.h.el.:r

.. pSJche~ Asf~I:'thE'l:r iPireea'UtiQ!~, t:hey willibe i:mpl,ant.'Bd wi't.h.

1 'I! screen .' meanC.II"i.E!!S: I'i' . a. - 'tet:'D. Inigu. e .WDi1I,1dh. . wI 1IL 1 ;rna ~k any meIDQ~.i~·5 . of the ill1llc:tdent" et'le;jjl!ting'the~ll~:ll::1Qln that ~n:y !l'IiIlemory that mi.gWil.t. re,s;lu·;t~!.';:e .is ]lIii!st a ,atreiam~

]~dl v,id!'1i.!i~dl,s:1lelec·te,a fo,.r eXaJltli.na.t iL,aHW1 11 betC!!ken aln Iy under 'th.e mOist discX'eet,:5i1.t.ua.ti.I.l!n.S:" the ma,jo:r papu.lal~e 'will not. .be aWaJlCiE!: of I!: he ,abd~ct:iofiS.. Tko,stl'l who .a~e: I"emovedi w:U 1 bere:t;urned: ·to thesiaime lo!;ati!l!lDthey we<l'e bkienft"om .. 'their \01'i 1 1, h.av;e no me:mory !!Of th.e e:ven't" ,only missing' 'tiLme.

- ---------

~s=t ~Ji .,,[$:C, - ~'* PI •• - ~.:\

'The P,r@sident 15 still uiIl,c:on"llinced. ,Ex,amin .. a'l;iono,f any J:M,unan being; Wi.thOll't t.hei:r (;jj.PII?'.rov,al ,o-r knowledg~, i5'eems to be a vi o]i.ati,on. ofthe:iE" p'ri v~C'Y' and t'Ji.9h.ts ~ lie ag'ai,n rei'I;l!!;!,e!s, ~ HI S ,mi 1 itar:y adv.is.;f!!lrs argue in faiV'O'l:' ,of the Tre,aty ~ ,O;eoat@ and fQ1I;c-e,d quiet a:rr'!;l'Ulrilents oontinue., Finally!!,oR@ 'General ,mak.es: a fjClinttJna.t: d,~cirde,s the ,i,s::s:ue .' If t,heal1e,n' 5, of'fer 1,5 refrus~d. ~ .' how 'would Mankiiild prevent. the ,abdud:ions from. ,ocC'uring anyw<;lry'?

The Presl.'dentc:a.n. see no alternative.

He asks f~r Q1n1e aJdd.i tional ,c:onside~,a tioln Ito !be pa.rt of the Ciigreeme::Il·t.:. a g:rc;up' of h.uma,n, medical ad,V'i8ors 'woi 11 take pa.rt in every' ,exam.in,ation.. T:hey 'will ebserve a,llclinlca.l [p.r,oce!au:r~;s a.nldl wi.llbe 'qi yen unrestI' H::ted access tQ Gi.ny a.nrd all as,pecits iQ·f the abtl!u:ctioD pr'o~'e$i,5,., They will r-epQrt an", viola. tion,s t-o, both humansClfid .al ien,,$ .A:n:llsl!.1.ch viola.tioDs, will terminate the Treaty~

The alie'n aqre,es ~

c;. The paot. irs kn,o'W:n C!rS th,e Tri-lateral. ''lreaty~ It ba~ an I:ln'pa.ra.l.le,lecil impa,ct Oill, tbe a.ffairs· ,oft-he 'glc,be~ Qn. bebalf of phu1.et. Barth", t.h,e P't',€tslden,t of the U'ni t,e,dStat,e:s, undenia.bly the mo:::;t. PQwerful man in 'world a.ffairs" has ,ex:teudiea an i'liIIvtt:a'tio!l1, fOir t.be liz;a,rd,s" n,owkno·wlJ.I as th~ '! GREYS! ,eo· particJi..pg,te in our wo!r'ld I'S d.E!:vE),l,opl11llellt.,

T.he lizard Empire i~ legally 'present on Eat"t.h.! None of .. : the prit1lcipal:l:!, in- w'Orlrd ,g'o:v~JrDfI'Ie:nt ha,y-,e m~m,Qr.i.e5 Q,f ea~lie.r arrangeme'nts. .A handfll.d. be,come, part '0'£ the nl,ddeo SHm1: o,r ;~ .SRMU 90ivernme.nt (the: II sbadow '90vernme.nt"}i ~


The PrelSidemt re,qu,ests th.e, fO.rmation of' an alien supe'r- 11 .1.s!o.ry board.. some ,rep·o,r ts .1 i at its na:me as ,MJ - '1 2, ,o,thers o;i5,siqn it: a, dif'f'e::r'~li:it n.a.-mls ~ It:s ta.sl<: is til) mOt1:U:ol7' ,all the abductions an,d report tJa1i;;:k t,e, the President:.

TtoIo 'undiEu::'gr·O'und ba's,es are pl,ann,ed... 'T,b@ fir,st wi l, I, be a. largE! fQJ(;!11t.y' for' Uni.t.edl Sta.t'El.s military' 't,o use b:i! d'€il:velop and be,com,e familiaE w1'tn UFO teehnoiQqyand 'W',eaponrY',.Tbis base .is b,uilt b,e,l"ow a. gunnery range Jl.ortb CI,f' La:s, 'V:e·g,as~ ,l.t i5:vi\lI.r1.ousl.y ca.::!I.l'eid, Area. 511 andm:ea!ll!land ,. The s e cQ'nO: base is llull.t ut,iI1:dn'9i the ca:v~rns under 'the Four Cor'ners, area, nea.r a ;s.m~H, t(ll~ ita 11 edDul,ce ~ :i: 1: is to be. us·ed b,y a.liens for the examina.1:.ioli!! of 1!:heiJ:;' buman abduction s,ubjl,ects,.,

HULmans and G:reY5 'w,or:k, band in :hand.











The. d~ug QPe.ra,tle'tl:a: ,~~eextr.e'lllelJ" luc'1':a:tive" burt Dlac'k Ops :muil:eds mo't"Elmone,y" ,an,a, the: 'sha,Qow - g'Cl1ve:rrullen't I s1mp,ly' is gr'eeCi.y ,~nd wants mQlre, mon~y OJ "2he I GQld'e,n Tr1iuilgle I oct the :f,u'-east l:s, 'ta:rqet,edl.. 'The: i'rell~hbave, race,nely lQs't a,~:Eili,gh c:ostw~J;.. Wi tbQQt their pres'ence"plane:8, ~D beflo~, into t'he f.1'ii!'Ji.ds o(f C'~dlia and Vi'E!:t, 'Ha~, 'd:~ut9 8~,9g1,ing hegi.ns. ,i TilliE! :s,uc'ces,s of 'the, dlt:'ug ,tr,ade ;I,ncr1ea:$,e:3 ,r - 'greater numbers of air £l.ig.ht;:s;[.s 'il::100 dlfficu,U:, 'til) b1d,e, ,a, eQver .1~ needed~,





Mon@y 15 need,ad to finan,ee the dev'e:,JLQp,ment Q~ th,e new'ly acquired, weaponry a,nd U:FO' 'te,enIlClI1Qgy" t.ib,e so-called t 1Ua,c:k I, Pl"oj ect,s '. ThE I shadolw government' ifi'fluen.ee:~ the P:r'e~id@fit. Cl.fl!Q, those wJ:ios'e mif,il'Cis h,av@, been $,a.nit:.i:z:ed 0, 'Th'@:i argue-that 'tll.@i public mu~st .not: be 't;,r:!ld of'the a.B,en conl;a,'ct, the p:<!Ini!1 th,at would e1'l:Sll:E!: would be ,disastel~us .. pa~t;:tC:Ullarly if tb.ey 'w,ere t.o f.ind 'Out thoe ,a,liens wer,e I,mcontroll~.blle,. :Funds, :for t.lte 1 ~l ~Cl!:: O'p.s ~ .l'fi U.S t notC-Orne f rorntaxa:t i on t' they' mU!!it c:cmi.fl: frif[ll'j und,@'tiElctable sOQ.];ce5 ... ~il!lindlthe amounts neede·ClWlould be va$t in q~antlty.

The I' 5h~dow 'giovernme.nit' itta:5, no (!I.e sire tQ' 5:ee the "Black 'O:p$11 succ'ee('J .. but H. has "'0 q'ualms, .in making a proUt., Tille "sbadow gO"lleJ!.'!riIl1@.nt' prln,e.ipa.ls :;>ugqesttu.r:n.i:nq eo an I, a.11y II of' ti:u~ unit.li!!d States in World W,ar 11." •• th,€! .Mafia. Th'01l9lh a m:i'nor pr'G,tes:t 1,5 made Ij:ly S,Qlitlle b,iqh ,o,fficia,]ls,.l:bel Maf.1a is "', onceaqa.i,n. tbe partn'e~ ,6;f IUn.cle S,am.,';F'he mobs,tel: lords .1!I.re quickbJ' sQ99'elSt ,a.n, ar,rangement, •• ~.i.nille'gal d~liJigiS.

• The, £'irst phag,eo:f the ail@ra.t1on cO'llcen,trates, on. e:xisti 1.19" f le:.lds of [p©pp,y .1 liIi. Turkey ~ 'T'he Maf ;i,,;aw:U.l 'b~ Ire:speiRS i - blf3,fQ~ bring1;n,9' the ,cbttl!95t,O thew,aters oiiltsldetbe: Qo,a,stline:s Qfthe Unj.'tea, 5,tates.. Th.e CIA w.1.11 bring 'th,!! illeg,a.! dru,9's into the ,r:o.untr'y •.

The Mafia fin,Ci5 a- young 6::teek shipp.iiH9" magna,t;.ewbo w,U,~. bring tn'eir contrablln.d in h.i~ ~hip5 to AnJerican :$e,a.s.. This, y,oung' man be~o,m~s ~ 'tycoon. He i~ A~i!?b::)'U.e, Ornassis ~

The ClAunt,1112.es the talents of an l:d:sh bootleg-g'er"" a man-who ha.s Mafia co n'n'e:c t.iQn:5 ana, is, ,a):.pe:rie:n'c~d in Rlt:lvin'g "booty i from :s,mlall boats, at. :sea ,to ~,f,r1endly" l.Q!!lgshcu:emein ontbe: d,ocks.. Pram, there they ~~¢ transpoI'·ted on t!l:U(fk~ to ,a, 11 ma.j or c i 't!es. Th i s ma.n is ,Jo,g,eph P '. K.eJ1n,edv ~

The .arlJl.gs bEl'9':'i.nto .flow" !i:l'uge amQunt:5 of mona,]" ls s,p.l.i't up .bet'ween tn:eMafia. aud.tbe CI,A~ Blact.Ops is flJn,ded.,t.h~ 'shadow' 'g'QV'e~nmEm:t, I ~,Qld:5, t:her~1ns.. Go:veinmen;i: off.1':::i,als, " now cQooe,cted, ,tQ' 'the Mgf'la, !i;an be blL,ack-mal1ed and ,ea.sily (:OInt.rol.led ••• 0'1' e11mina'i!:!ed ...

The GU] f o,i Tontin is c\cliJ:rtl'iv~d 'I;.Q :pJr;'()V'id.e a .. reason :for wal:'~ Wa:t' deman.ds ai.,r flfgh.ts into the d,fu,$treS5ed a.r,ea ..•

,I) .D!r~gs ir·om t;beF. a.rE'a.s t ( Cambod i ~ -v jj ,et: Nam) ,tiI)!;'e broQi9h.t ill by Air lMfl¢r~~~h o;l! CIAf~@;l]t., 'fh~ V';i~t ~~mW'aj[ i~ ,~d·r."g9 smuc;J~.li~9 i':m:o!l'lt~ Bod:y ba9~s .n:',e pa.cked, lI'I'ith drugs, soldiers a.:r'le: hooked SOl that a malr.ke:t will be exist for the paylo,ads .. Vi.et Namp'ro'll'ides the prodll!lJct. and t,beu:!;N~:rS.,

BIa,ek 'I)p~ :flln.d i n.g .;1,. !:1lCl!.':e:@' ~e's ,th.e "s.hadow gQveI:'nmelil t! i:;; not sa'tisfJll~d., they wanlt :fiii!o~~ p,rofH: _ Tbe !offi¢i~l giCrve]ftiment cOlltin~es:t::.c 9,et in deep@rand ,de@p@.r.

SQ]!:!th ~meric.a ~5.;;1" bOl!lnty (J,t. .c),rug:;; ~ The previous iP,h:as,e w-hich. u.sed :;l~1;a!991e~!;; j;.~ p~tl,:ntGo!;lj~~a9o;l!iH.~ 'i'r.I¢ (lI:'1;]9 1<;l'ii!;:G!~ o1fCien,tr,a:I~nd South A:mellCica. !blri~9' th@dlrealt'g'oes to a small oil cQimpany in tlfl,e Gulf oft<:lex!co. O'i.l pla.t.forms 'wn:lich ha,aJ beBQ, ::;:end.1.ng mominal amonn.'ts or c1rud!e 0.11 .111J. ba.rrel.511l.ea.]['Iy dOl;lbtlet.be I:IIllJimber 'Qf'ba~r:els they $end init¢ ·the l[li .. s; crlld.~ oil occupies CNr:lly balf gf the b~.r~els, dl!':u'3Is ~i,"e sto~ed in t h.eotll@:l:S ., T.ile rn05 t !liUC cess f u: 1 ,opera.t.1 (J,n e:en tjer~5 a,t;1ound a. young lOll corcp.olI.ny c,a.ll,e:d Zapat.a {l,U... It.s yCtl.JJ:I.g CBO ma.kes a n,i3ITi1ef·C)·r h::i.msEllf., 'T'be 'operat.fon .is so .~lj.'cc:e55fu.t t.he yOUlil.g rn<i!~be,comes, intim<;l;l;;iElJ w.it.b tn.€! ClJ!!.. He:iis p!::1;!5@nt, in. n.;!,j,lal!> on H'Qvemb~r22 .. 1'£11;63. He advisE!sthie FB,I ",pire.·vioustothE fateful d~y, ,of a i &loss,:l.ble proble,m!1 .in the per:501:il.a, ,o·f ,Lee HaEVey Osw,ailld, who ma.y be: pot.€iriLtia.l th~~Oil.t to JFK. 'Th@ CIA HilI':; bec'Ome:s .$0 :1!tJ;Qog-that i~ tiline .he, is appo,!l"nt,e;d to the Direet:o::r,shJ.p.. 'ill''he yo'ung: CEO is named GeQrgeBush. ~ ,(Georgie Bush.h ,gIc·tu<.'!Jllya, se.c'rlnd clousin toth.e QUEllen 0,1 :Eng:land.)

"Blaek Op.5!· ana: ! Illrug Ops! have be(;:O'ffiI~ one and the siame •• '. the Mafia' a~O: t.he ,C:[A a~e in9ii~t.i!lg:l;d!>h.j!bll,e., + ,. the, 1[!I'n,ii,f;;ed S·tat,e!s GoV'~rnlrn,en.t and th.e ! Sh,ai!!:1ow GOV1e:Ullme:n't ~ a.re e'nmes:h.ed ~ Tn.@y ~,.~'e ttl e pe rpet:r'a to,r S 0 f cri m>e:s again.s t hUllha.n,i t,y .... ~

w'e arelthe vlctims.. .-

~ [
[ ..

Pat:ria.:ilrcb ,j'til'!!i.e:phP., Ke'i'i.nedyprcl'poses a de!al to 'the C'IAMaft,a, PQwe:r;s:~ :If' theyasBist in the el'@Jct.iolii of hi:s ,eld'e.st. :;;;0,[1,1::0 tbe Office ,of the P,res;.1d,ency" h"l,s, ;raQ:~ in r,etll~n 'w'ill! obey the dictates 'Qf his t\a thelli OJ I!1 ,e.ffec:t;., ,t.he:,Pre,sldency ,of the UnJiited ,State$ w:i.ll be under the ,control of the l'ia.f1a ,and erA ..... ,cO\rIlpletely.,

'The I :sha.dow·goV'ernmenit' smll es.

J,oseph Ken,R@'dy's ,el,;l'h:l:st SQ~ is ·k::ll.lll,,'eg 1.1:1 at ~mJsterlous I accident.. J05.eph ,a:5'su.re::1i the CIA~Maf fa that h.is ot:tl.er son, John F1t;.;z;,gerald" will abide bl)!' the s.cE!:fia:rio, that,,]i'Clseph bas P'l'oposed ~ ,J,oJU"II is un,awa:t@: of oJ. s fath@r' ,5 ~ dreg 1 ! " he i,~ an. int,elJ.1g,ent Y(Hll:ng !Dan. but has an ,In.ces::sant, eye fOilf women..

Th@:- election. is ri.g9l'ed r JFR. is U!'1;l new Pre,siden.t.

John £0.110""',:5 his :f.,t'ther·s will, DutthePat,riar,ch ,falls j"ll '" Sudde,nl:y John and hts ~I"ounqer DlI."'ot:he!' Bobby" find 'the .. pat.h befoJ;Ei: them is open ·t.@,their Qwn d.i::rection,. Pos:se:5s~d of consci,ences, th.ey ,be.gin bJlpu,rsue thei~ own.CQ,ul::se.

Awaret,(;j some degree o,ft:tle~,:r fat:t.e,r ~~, con~:Hi!!cti()l'lI:s~. the full scope o·f the a,rr,anglemeril'l:: with th@ CIA-·Ka:fi,a was beyond t.'heireornprehenslon.T~ey dlis,colv@rt:h@ ~ Black Ops II a.nd the! dru,glt.ra.ff1ck,.:ing. '. ~,and the (:I,A=,Mafia H,iIlk~ T'he two, feel ,a:n O'verwbelmin,g s,enS,B ,of be.t:raY,!iiI.l tc th~y are pa.i':'t of t.ih.e system of :hdust1<;:E: 'they have tak@flJ a '''''O'w ·to fight against '.'

Jo.hn p't"'omls.es ''!'@ disbandJ the C:lI:A and the drug' t!':,a.de.. A committed Bobby goe:$ after t.h~ Mafl,a." Bc,th '9rQ~'ps fe~.l the agrre,emen't is bl-Q]l;;,en,. The 'l'e,x:a5 ,oil !con~'ortiUim h,a.;:!;> its 'Very f'Qmtdatlcm th,:r\e~t,ened., ''f'b4;l: mili tary :itself f,eels, t.h.e,i::r war ,ef'f'oEt in~he Eiay of Pigs h~s, been b€lil::ray,@;d., 'Tbe bli.1\~' YOiung meR bave ,effec't1'v'elythrea.t@,ne,Cl theifio:stpow~r;tl!ll o:rganiz.a-

U.ons in the world.. '

,an November :22nd .. 19163, at noon 1n Dallas,,7Iexa,SJ,,;: John

Fitz'gerald KenDedy' lsas:sasslna'te,(3.. ,_' _

On JUne 5'th,~ 1I9lj.8,in Los Angeles, C'a_,l1 f'O:lli'll;i.,a , while o.n a. P,r,e,sia.entl.aleamp·ai.gn, RQbe!rt Eell!D,eIa:~1.5 assQ,s,1na.'ted ..

!'be: ''WO:J:'ld 'c'r.i,ed . ., nat :bec~u!(I,e most, ,;J,9reed 'w:il,t:h 'th,em, burt beH;:!a~Se ev,eTyone s'omehow kn.ew ..... we los:t· ·one, of OU:!';" Qwn ..

, I

Wi =: p_

.. - 'I~~ •