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5. S.K.R.I.P.S.I

5. S.K.R.I.P.S.I

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Published by Rizkiana Kareema

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Published by: Rizkiana Kareema on May 23, 2011
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Context: Holmes, Watson, and Irene are in the sewers. They see a chemical

weapon, kept by Blackwood¶s followers. That weapon is a mean weapon that will

kill all the people in the parliament. Holmes and Watson try to stop that weapon

but it is not easy. They have to fight Blackwood¶s first. When Holmes fight, he

cannot handle it, then he asks Irene to help him by shooting the enemy.

Setting: Sewers - day

The Participants: Holmes and Irene

Holmes:Shoot him! Now please!

Irene : (Shooting the enemy)

(Film script page 70)


Holmes, Watson, and Irene have arrived in the sewers. Fortunately,

Holmes prediction about final location of Blackwood¶s crime is right. Those are

very many Blackwood¶s followers who stay awake keeping something like a

dangerous weapon. That weapon is a dangerous chemical machine that will kill all

the people in the parliament. Holmes and Watson have to stop it. However, they

have to fight Blackwood¶s first. When Holmes fights with one of Blackwood¶s, he

gets difficult to handle it. He screams to Irene, ³Shoot him! Now please!´.

It is very clear that Holmes uses illocutionary acts of directive

(commanding). Directive is the speaker who wants to get the hearer to do

something. In these utterances, ³Shoot him! Now please!´ Holmes uses the word

³Shoot´ to instruct Irene to shoot the enemy quickly because he cannot handle the

enemy anymore. He asks Irene not Watson since he knows Irene fights with none

and of course, she has the gun. He also uses the word ³Please´ to entreat Irene to

shoot his enemy quickly because he does not have much time to stop the weapon

and clean up the enemy.

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