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34 Freedom Fighters ( EU-Parliament )

34 Freedom Fighters ( EU-Parliament )

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Published by Tay Za Thura

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Published by: Tay Za Thura on May 23, 2011
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The Honorable Mr.

Jerzy Buzek President of the European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60,1047 Brussels, Belgium Date: May 23, 2011 Subject: “Congratulations” to your intervention to release 34 Burmese prisoners in India Dear Mr President, We are the activists struggling for freedom and democracy in Burma since 1988, and currently residing in the EU nation states as political refugees. First of all, we would like to say “congratulations” to you and your leadership to free the 34 prisoners of Burma, who are fighting for their equality and democracy in Burma, in Kolkutta prison in India. Due to the magnitude of the Indian army’s blockage and infringement to the legal process in this regard, there is no way possible for them to be free without your power and influence in the region for sure. On behalf of these the activists fighting for freedom and democracy in Burma, we are very grateful to the EU government and all its member states that involved in this case. If we revisit to their case, the conspiracy by the Indian army, which had involved in the killings of the six leaders of the prisoners, had dragged the local governments’ legal process to deny their releases for more than twelve years without any substantial charges. The Indian army’s fear in this case was that the cover up of the crimes the Indian officers involved will be out in the open if they were released. In addition, according to the activists’ claim, the Burmese Military Intelligence officers had witnessed the killing scene as well. This crime replicated definitely some sort of conspiracy between both governments of Burma and India behind it. Thus, the Indian Government, which somehow involved in such controversy, simply would like to tone down the case that might be an embarrassment for the largest democracy in the world. Our worries go beyond the freedom of these activists, knowing that the Indian military intelligence will continue to do more harassment to them as an attempt to marginalize the outbreak of the conspiracy- the crimes their army officers’ obviously committed. To prove our worries, in their letter sent to us, the murdering of the attorney, who was defending their case was brutally murdered in a broad day light, is one of many examples for us to be aware that the local governments and authorities were involved in blocking the trial process on purpose. For that reason and many others, we are very doubtful that their lives will be safe remaining in India even if they are free as of now. We remain in serious concern about their safety no doubt.

Therefore, we would like to appeal the EU Governments to grant them to migrate to the EU countries as political refugees on the humanitarian ground.
Anticipating to your prudent intervention in this regard,

Sincerely yours, Co-operative Organizations 1 ) Overseas National Students' Organization of Burma ( H.Q ) Denmark Tay Za Thura General Secretary E-mail : tayzathura@gmail.com 2 ) Burmese Democratic Community ( Netherlands ) Ko Myat Thiha Political Department E-mail : myatthiha101@yahoo.co.uk 3 ) International Foundation for Burma National Congress ( USA ) ( I.F.B.N.C ) Ko Htun Hlaing Director of Political Action Committee E-mail : kyiwayphy0@yahoo.com 4 ) National League for Democracy ( L.A ) Netherlands Ko Hla Myint Naing Chairman E-mail : hlamyintnaing@yahoo.com 5 ) Burma Bureau Germany Ko Sonny Aung Than Oo Foreign Affairs E-mail : atoburma@web.de 6 ) All Burma Monks Representative Committee ( India ) Ashin Thavara General Secretary E-mail : abmrc.delhi@gmail.com

7 ) Burma's National Reconcilation Action Committee ( Norway ) Ko Aung Htun Central Executive Committee E-mail : bnracf52@gmail.com

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