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Maintenance Commands for Avaya

Maintenance Commands for Avaya

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Published by: satish_hyd on May 23, 2011
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ipsisession [-d] [-k] -c cab#carrier | -p IP_address | -?

Use ipsisession to enable:

lSecure Shell (SSH) remote access protocols through login/password authentication on
IPSI circuit packs that support SSH

lTelnet on IPSI circuit packs that do not support SSH

Use ipsisession -k to remove the known hosts file in Communication Manager and enable
an SSH session on the circuit pack. For more information on dynamic host keys, see reset
ssh-keyson page514 and ssh-keygenon page748.
Once the session is established, the user is prompted to accept the new keys. First, verify that

lA new host key has been generated.

lThe IP address or hostname of the IPSI has changed. Use list history at the SAT to
see whether reset ssh-keys has been executed on the CLAN or VAL circuit packs.
If neither of these conditions has occurred, then it is likely that another server is posing as the
IPSI (rogue server, aka man-in-the-middle attack).

ipsisession command options 1 of 2



Qualifier Description


Remove known hosts file and enable SSH on IPSI
circuit packs that have changed dynamic host keys.
(reset the ssh host public key).


Disable the telnet server. Default is enable the telnet
-c cab#carrierThe target IPSI board with the specified cabinet
number and carrier ID.

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Communication Manager Release 5.0 Issue 4January 2008689

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