Ketua Panitia Bahasa Inggeris. Miss Faridah) -Madam Agatha (Judges-Mdm Nelley. Miss Edwina Gilmelda . Puan Amira Abdul Razak . organized by the English Department.Members of The English Language Society. Puan Nelleyhamdra -Miss Jakeyah Rajali . To identify new talents for school representatives 4. -Miss Cassandra Cindy Jolim . Miss Edwina (Judges-Miss Aida. Miss Azean) -Miss Jakeyah bt Rajali . Madam Rebecca members of the English -Madam Nelleyhamdra (Jugdes-Mdm Nelley. 13th to 30th April 2009. The English Week.Ketua Bidang Bahasa. To instill interest among students in activities related to the English Language ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Advisor Head coordinator Draupkelley Publicity Prizes Refreshments Certificates Coordinators: Scrabble: (JudgesLanguage Society) Public Speaking: Essay writing: Miss Aida) Story Telling: Spell-it-right: Assistants: -Miss Aida Rosmayanti. To promote the use of English among students 2. To encourage participation of students in school-level competitions 3. offers a number of interesting language-based activities for all the students of SMK Agama Sri Aman Saratok. SMK Agama Sri Aman Saratok . OBJECTIVES: 1.The English Week is held in conjunction with ‘Bulan Bahasa’ .Miss Faridah Husna Abdullah -Madam Rebecca Jolim -Miss Cassandra Cindy Jolim.

1st. . 1st. Form 1C Foyer Foyer Categor y Lower/Uppe r Lower/Uppe r Lower Lower/Uppe r Upper Language Lab * Competitions will be held after the teaching and learning session (evening or night) PRIZES & CERTIFICATES Competit Prizes ion Essay Writing Scrabble Spell-it-right Story Telling Public Speaking 1st. 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd x x x x 2 1 2 1 categories category categories category Certificates will be awarded for participation Certificates *Prizes and certificates are provided by the English Department with the department’s allocation. 1 2 3 4 5 Competitio n Essay Writing Scrabble Spell-it-right Story Telling Public Speaking Coordinato Date r Mdm Agatha Miss Aida Mdm Rebecca Miss Jakeyah Miss Cassandra Miss Edwina Mdm Nelley 20/4/09 21/4/09 22/4/09 23/4/09 26/04/09 Venue (s) PSS Language Lab. 2nd.COMPETITION SCHEDULE No . 2nd. 2nd. 3rd x 2 categories 1st. 2nd. 2nd. 1st.


many other students.REPORTS Activity Total Number of Participa nts 1st 10 2nd 3rd Lower Dyg Narissa (1B) Winners Mohd. voluntarily replaced them. Fortunately. Madam Agatha Abdullah Total Number of Participa nts Lower st Essay Writing 1st Upper Mohd Izzat (5A) Activity Winners Upper 1 1 Abang Shahrailey (4A) Upper-6 Lower-11 2nd 2nd Mohd Iqmal (5A) 3rd 3rd Awg Hazrin Hafizi (5A) Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) Scrabble st One of the main objectives of the competition was to encourage students to maximize usage of the dictionaries to look for words and their meanings which would enhance their vocabulary. English language teachers also need to expose their students to the game. with the use of good grammar. The judges for the competitions were Miss Aida (lower forms) and Madam Nelley (Upper forms). on the competition day. The participants managed to display their talents in writing good essays of a certain standard of the English language. Faeez Atif (3B) 2nd Ainur Husna (5D) Nurfadhillah Zaianal 3rd Nurul Amalina Salleh Abidin (1B) (4A) Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) The participants were assessed on their ability to write original and creative essays relevant to the questions chose and their overall mastery of the English Language. Participation was overwhelming at first as many students handed in their names. However. and therefore should be held every year. . many students did not turn up. Reported by. meticulous punctuation and spelling and quite an impressive level of vocabulary. This game is interesting and beneficial.

the list has to be shortlisted to 20 participants only. However. As too many students handed in their names. it was able to attract many students.number of participants from each class and the suitability of the level of the words for from preliminary to the final rounds. one of the weaknesses is the difficulties if the words to be spelled out in the first round. Reported by. it is to be noted that in future. Miss Aida Rosmayanti Activity Total Number of Participa nts 20 1 st nd Winners 2 Siti Nasuha bt Bedi (2B) 2 rd rd 3 Nur Atiqah Nadira (3A) 3 Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) This competition’s focus was to search for talented students who have excellent mastery of their vocabulary and with the ability to spell out words of various difficulty levels correctly. This is identified as the strength of the competituon.Reported by. resulting in majority of the form one students disqualified at the preliminary round. these two points need to be taken into consideration:. Miss Jakeyah Rajali Spell-itRight Lower Nuraliah bt Kadir (3A) Upper 1 st nd - . Therefore.

Mdm Nelleyhamdra Miss Edwina Gilmelda Miss Cassandra Cindy Prepared by The English Language Department SMK ASAS 2009 . The words students weak grammar and lack of fluency in by the English teacher (Mdm Agatha) to take (4A. although all upper forms students were encouraged to take The main aim was to students handed in their names but most of them had to part. the last minute for involvement in in pronouncing some form 4 correctly. Reported by. It was agreed that a lot of improvement should be done and perhaps this could be done during English period. withdraw most contestants showed difficulty other activities.Activity Public Speakin g Story Telling Activity Total Winners Number of Total Participa Number nts Winners of 3 Lower Participan 1st 1st ts 1st 4t 2nd Abang Shahrailey (4A) 2n h d 6 2n 3rd d r Suziyanti Azira (2D) - 5t 3r h d Upper Mohd Izzat Syafiq (5B) Dyg Narissa (1B) Mohd Azdilla Amizwar (5B) Nurul Dayana (4A) Dayang Khairunissa (5A) 3 Hezret Hamani (1C) Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for Improvement) d Comments (Strengths/Weaknesses/Suggestions for for public speaking among This competition was actually focused to find new talents Improvement) the form 4 students. On the other hand. stage and present individually. contestants should be praised for their courage to be able to be on part. whereby the English teachers could ask students to present more frequently to class. However. Reported by. Only very few encourage students to practice using the English Language. 4B) were reluctant when insisted delivery and uninteresting presentations.

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