Name ______________________ Date __________ Per ______ WWII Events Timeline Guiding Question: What were the successes

, failures, and turning points of WWII? Terms: Axis Powers (what countries?), Munich Conference, Invasion of Poland, blitzkrieg, Fall of France, Battle of Britain, Mediterranean Front, Eastern Front, D-Day Invasion, 1939, 1945 Timeline of WWII Events Task: Read p.491-505, 509-511 and take notes on the major events of WWII to analyze the successes, failures, and turning points of WWII. Skills: Research Skills, learning to pause and reflects on readings. DUE DATE: _______________________ (Worth 20 points)

Before the war

___________________________: Trying to please Germany. (1) Secretly forms alliances with other countries to create the Axis Powers (a) ____________________ (b) ____________________ (c) _____________________ (2) March 1938: Hitler sends his army into ___________ and takes it over as part of Germany. The people do not fight back because many support unity with Germany. (3) September 1938: Hitler invades Czechoslovakia and justifies this action as taking care of the 3 million German speakers who live there, who he says is being mistreated. (4) September 29, 1938 ___________________ Hitler promises to respect Czechoslovakia’s new borders, if Europe lets them keep the land he already invaded. Britain and France agree. The Prime Minister of London, Neville Chamberlain, tells cheering crowds that, “I believe it is peace for our time.” Russia is angry because they are not invited to this conference. (5) ___________________: Agreement that Germany and Russia will not attack another; and that Poland would be divided between Germany and Russia. Invasion of Poland 1939 (1) What was Blitzkrieg? What made this strategy so devastatingly effective? (p.491)

Start of WWII

(2) How did Britain and France react? (p.492)

(3) In your opinion, was this appropriate response? What potential problems do you see with this response?

Fall of France

(4) Why did France fall to the Germans? (p.492-3)

(5) How did the French keep fighting back even though they were conquered? (p.493)

Battle of Britain

(6) What was the German strategy for taking over Britain? (p.493)

(7) Analyze: Why do you think Germans thought it was necessary to take this strategy?

(8) Why were the Germans unsuccessful? (p.494)

(9) What lasting impact did this Battle have on Europe? (p.494)