Hyphens Practice

Name: _______________________________ Date: In the following sentences, insert hyphens where needed. Then, tell what rule supports the usage: compound word, compound number, or dividing syllables. 1. Rolanda’s dad is thirty seven years old. 2. Does James have a sister in law? 3. Basher is my well trained dog. 4. The book Martian Chronicles has twenty two chapters. 5. After dinner we visited my great grandmother. 6. On our way to the vacation of our dreams, we noticed sev eral hitch hikers. 7. When you are proofreading your writing, always remember to put punct uation where needed. 8. When Susie was twenty nine years old, she got married in Costa Rica. 9. The student who studies days in advance usually does excel lent on a test. 10. There are many people that feel self confident about speaking in front of large crowds.

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