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Fault Diagnostic System With Sms2

Fault Diagnostic System With Sms2

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Published by: Paulami Bhattacharya on May 23, 2011
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Supervision Made Easier

KVS Technologies is a partnership company

promoted and managed by Kalpesh R. Vaghela and Shankar P. Sapavadiya.  Main area of interest is with pharmaceutical industries.  KVS Technologies Provides Validation, Services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device Industries.

OUTLINE:  Introduction: What is Fault Diagnosis?  Importance: Requirement of fault diagnosis ?  Components: What is involved?  Overview: How does the Hardware Work?  Algorithm Details: How does it Work?  Scope: Fault Diagnosis in Different Fields ? .

. Fault Diagnosis is nothing but the detection of any fault in a given device or system. Hence .What is Fault Diagnosis?  Fault: The partial or total failure of a device or a system.  Diagnosis: The ability to recognize where exactly has a failure taken place in the device or a system  Detection: The ability to recognize that a fault has occurred in a device or a system.

 Determines the Health of the System  Improves Operation Reliability.  Reduces Operational Cost.  Improves Maintenance.Need of fault diagnosis:  Pinpoints Problems. .

Need of fault diagnosis: Cont .  If Faults are recognized earlier they can be corrected and any damage to the system can be avoided. ..  Accidents and Loss of Productive time can be avoided.

Need of fault diagnosis: Cont . ..  With a SMS system attached to it the supervisor and the stations close by can be directly alerted without any wasting any time.

List of hardware used: Components  MICROCONTROLLER AT89S52  2X16 LCD  BUZZER  MAX232  ADC0809  GSM MODULE .

BLOCK DIAGRAM: + N1 N2 230 V - + - LM358 AC V AC A 2™16 LCD CD 4093 ADC 0809 230 V AUX POWER 5V 12 V AT8 9 S5 2 BUZZER MAX 232 D2 DRIVER RELAY DRIVER GSM M ODEM N2 N2 N2 N1 N1 L M L M L M N1 .

PCB Layout: .

Detail Circuit Diagram: .

 This digital output is measured by microcontroller and measured values are displayed on LCD.  ADC measures this DC voltage and gives digital output.Block Diagram Description:  Voltage and Current are sensed by terminal PT and CT respectively.  Detector circuit gives DC voltage proportion to the AC parameters. .

..  We can set voltage and current limit using switch board.Block Diagram Description: Cont. alarm is created and load is tripped and a SMS is send to other station with the help of the GSM modem.  If the voltage or current parameter measured value exceeds the limit.

the respective transistor conducts and output becomes low.  This is sensed by the microcontroller and the status is displayed on the LCD.  It also generates a local alarm and sends SMS to other station through GSM modem.Block Diagram Description: Cont  In addition we are sensing the status of three fuses through 3 points. .  If fuse failure is there.

highperformance CMOS 8 bit microcontroller with 8K bytes of insystem memory. programmable Flash .Functions of the blocks used:  Microcontroller: AT89S52 microcontroller is used here to which are attached an LCD. Buzzer and a relay. AT89S52 is a low power .

 Buzzer: It sounds when the value of voltage or current increases beyond the predefined value or when any of the fuse fails. the voltage and current status.Functions of the blocks used:  LCD: A 2×16 LCD is used for displaying the fuse. .  Relay: This part is for the purpose of disconnecting the power supply when the balance reach zilch.

. It gives the digital output which is read by the microcontroller and displayed on LCD.Functions of the blocks used: Cont  ADC0809: CD4093 is a Schmitt gate and a 10k resistor with 1 F capacitor gives 10 µsec clock which is required for ADC0809. ADC reads the DC voltage from the voltage detector and current detector .

Functions of the blocks used: Cont  MAX 232: Max 232 is required for interfacing the controller and GSM modem  GSM Modem: It takes serial input from microcontroller and sends SMS to the telephone number programmed. The GSM system is a frequency and time division system. each physical channel is characterized by a carrier frequency and a time slot number. . A GSM system frequency includes two bands at 900 MHz and 1800MHz commonly referred as GSM-900 and DCS-1800.

Flow Chart: Start Configure LCD Declaration of Variables Initialization of Ports/Variables 1 .

1 LOOP Delay 20 ms Measure AC Voltage Measure AC Current Read Status of Fuse 1 Read Status of Fuse 2 Read Status of Fuse 3 4 2 .

2 No Is SW 1 pressed ? Yes Send SMS No Is SW 4 pressed ? Yes Set Limits No Is AC V >OVLIMIT ? Yes Give OVALARM Send SMS No Is AC V <OVLIMIT ? Yes Give OVALARM Send SMS 3 .

4 No 3 Is AC A >OCLIMI T? Yes Give OCALARM Send SMS No Is Fuse Failure ? Yes Give Fuse Failure Alarm Send SMS No Is Parameter OK ? Yes Reset Alarm CLS Display Parameters on LCD .

communication.  System modeling and identification. sensors and actuators as well as hardware and software implementation techniques all require fault diagnosis. . computing.Scope:  Fault diagnosis is a complex interdisciplinary research field that covers a wide and diverse range of engineering and science areas. signal processing. reliability and risk analysis. applied mathematics. control.

:  It also has a very wide application area including many safety critical . chemical and petrochemical. and mission critical engineering systems in aerospace . mechanical and manufacturing . computer. life critical. .. medical and biomedical engineering etc.Scope Cont . and software engineering.electrical.

:  In the drive towards good manufacturing practice and towards guaranteeing safe and efficient operation of end products under disturbed or fault conditions.Scope Cont . .. support to and automation of fault analysis is essential.

 Occurrence of faults or equipment failure is a major cause of suboptimal operation.  There is a growing realization that maintenance of the equipment and the control loops in the face of such fault is the key to achieving long term economic success.Scope : Cont .. fault tolerant control has attracted more and more attention in recent years.  As a new emerging area in automatic control. .

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