Day 1 Breakfast- Fruit and Cottage Cheese Mid Morning Snack-Peanut Butter Toast Lunchtime-Grilled Chicken

Salad Afternoon Snack-Nutrition Bar Dinner-Citrus Baked Chicken with Glazed Carrots Day 2 Breakfast-Mexican Style Eggs Mid Morning Snack-Yogurt Bowl Lunchtime-Turkey BLT Afternoon Snack-Berry Protein Smoothie Dinner-Roast Beef Sandwich Day 3 Breakfast-Berry Protein Smoothie Mid Morning Snack-Bagel and Lox Lunchtime-Sushi Afternoon Snack-Insanity Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Dinner-Pasta with Seafood Marinara Day 4 Breakfast-Egg Sandwich Mid Morning Snack-Cereal Bowl Lunchtime-Deli Sandwich Afternoon Snack-Shakeology Dinner-Steak with Broccoli

Nutrition Bar Lunchtime-Black Bean Soup and a Half Sandwich Afternoon Snack-Vanilla-Berry Protein Shake Dinner-Chicken Stir-Fry with Broccoli Mushrooms and Snow Peas Day 7 FREE DAY! BUT BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT!!!!!! Day 8 Breakfast .Cereal Bowl Mid-Morning Snack-Yogurt Bowl Lunchtime-Chicken Ranch Wrap Afternoon Snack-Nut Butter Jelly Sandwich Dinner-Brown Rice Bowl Day 9 Breakfast-Bagel and Lox Mid-Morning Snack-Nutrition Bar Lunchtime-Turkey BLT .Day 5 Breakfast-Egg White and Fruit Plate Mid Morning Snack-Nutrition Bar Lunchtime-Chicken Ranch Wrap Afternoon Snack-Cold Cut Platter Dinner-Grilled Salmon with Asparagus Day 6 Breakfast-Veggie Omelet Mid morning Snack.

Afternoon Snack-Cold Cut Platter Dinner-Turkey Burgers Regular Burgers for James and Jess Day 10 Breakfast-Egg White and Fruit Plate Mid-Morning Snack-Peanut Butter Toast Lunchtime-Roast Beef Sandwich Afternoon Snack-Tuna Salad and a Tomato Dinner-Steak with Broccoli Day 11 Breakfast-Egg Sandwich Mid-Morning Snack-Fruit and Cottage Cheese Lunchtime-Rotisserie Chicken and Salad Afternoon Snack-Nutrition Bar Dinner-Citrus Baked Chicken with Glazed Carrots Day 12 Breakfast-Protein Pancake Mid-Morning Snack-Cereal Bowl Lunchtime-Turkey Lettuce Wrap & Bean Salad Afternoon Snack-Shrimp Cocktail Dinner-Lean Burger Day 13 Breakfast-Bagel and Lox Mid-Morning Snack-Yogurt Bowl Lunchtime-Roast Beef Sandwich .

Afternoon Snack-Nut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Dinner-Chicken Meatballs Day 14 Or Free Day Breakfast-Mexican Eggs Mid-Morning Snack-Nutrition Bar Lunchtime-Turkey Chili Afternoon Snack-Turkey BLT Dinner-Pasta with Seafood Marinara .

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