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6.4. Example Spectrum Analysis (Command or Batc Method)
You can perform the example spectrum analysis using the ANSYS commands shown below inst GUI choices. Items prefaced by an exclamation point (!) are comments. /PREP7 /TITLE Seismic Response of a Beam Structure ET,1,BEAM3 R,1,273.9726,(1000/3),14 ! A = 273.9726, I = (1000/3), H = 14 MP,EX,1,30E6 MP,PRXY,1,0.30 MP,DENS,1,73E-5 K,1 K,2,240 L,1,2 ESIZE,,8 LMESH,1 NSEL,S,LOC,X,0 D,ALL,UY NSEL,S,LOC,X,240 D,ALL,UX,,,,,UY NSEL,ALL FINISH /SOLU ANTYPE,MODAL MODOPT,REDUC,,,,3 MXPAND,1,,,YES M,ALL,UY OUTPR,BASIC,1 SOLVE

! Mode-frequency analysis ! Householder, print first 3 reduced mode sha ! Expand first mode shape, calculate element

Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates

DISP SOLVE FINISH /POST1 SET.SPECTR SRSS.. All rights reserved.SPRS SED..ELEM PRRSOL.15...005 SOLVE FINISH /SOLU ANTYPE. table ! Spectrum values associated with frequency p ! Mode-frequency analysis ! Expand 10 mode shapes.3 FREQ. freq. Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS. and its subsidiaries and affiliates .YES.SPECTR SPOPT.44 SOLVE FINISH /SOLU ANTYPE.44. Inc.1. Inc.0...10.10 SV. calculate element st ! set signif=0.F FINISH ! Spectrum analysis ! Single point spectrum ! Global Y-axis as spectrum direction ! Seismic displacement spectrum ! Frequency points for SV vs..15 and displacement solution requeste ! Print nodal solution ! Print element solution in element format ! Print reaction solution Release 12.ON MXPAND.mcom PRNSOL.Structural Analysis Guide Page: 2 FINISH /SOLU ANTYPE.005 ! Square Root of Sum of Squares Mode combination ! with signif=0..LIST /INP.MODAL EXPASS.DOF PRESOL.1 SVTYP.1 − © 2009 SAS IP.0.

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