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Published by: Madhu Reddy L on May 23, 2011
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Cool Attitude Status Messages!

I'm sincerely not fluent in Dumb Ass, Asshole, or Bitch so on occasion I require a translator. Don't look at me like I'm the one that has a problem! 0_o If you didn't have time for me while I was alive, you don't have the right to cr y for me when I die. That's your cross to bare, not mine 0_o i's mouth apparently gets them into trouble! but do i care?? i think not!! 0_o Little to the left up and to the right now down just a bit, slowly, slowly, now STOP ! Yes that's the spot I just washed so you could kiss my ass! 0_o Remember one thing you MIGHT be a player, but I AM THE GAME!! 0_o my whole life I've been told 'if u cant say anything nice don't say anything at all' but then people are sitting there wondering why I'm SO quite all the time 0 _o If you don't like my statuses or anything I post, you have three options. 1. Hid e me 2. Delete me 3. Don't f'n read it. Simple as that. 0_o If you can read this, then you have not been deleted. Congratulations! 0_o Why is it when I am actually being nice, people ask "what's wrong" with me? Am I really THAT evil? Lol. Geez, I do have some kindness somewhere :-) 0_o I am not a dog, so don't expect me to sit up and beg, but if you keep rattling m y chain you'll find I am a Bitch that can bite !!! ~A.S 0_o my horns keep making my halo go all crooked! 0_o I have been told by many people that I have a BAD attitude. In turn I tell them YES I do and it is mine, get your own. 0_o U have a problem with me? Well, why don't u go to my website www.kissthedarkpart ofmyass.com. There you can get helpful tips on where to stick your attitude! 0_o I may look like a sweet heart on the outside but on the inside I'm can be a real bitch if u piss me off. So watch out! 0_o is asking everyone who wants to f**k up my day to please form an orderly queue th anks!!! 0_o

So my advice to you is don't piss me off or hurt me.Heaven won't take me and the devil's afraid of me so i guess i will just have to stick to making this earth a living hell :) 0_o "We cannot change the cards we are dealt. just how we play the hand. because trust me. I will!!! Your time's coming!! 0_o Attitudes are contagious. 0_o ." 0_o Says: I don't need your attitude. Mine might kill you 0_o Those who truly know me. know that my true paybacks can be hell for the person r eceiving them. I have one of my own and trust me mines much w orse 0_o thinks you should go play a little game of hide and go f**k your fist! 0_o Do you ever get that f**k OFF feeling?! 0_o Don't say and do stuff just because you think I'm not gonna do anything 'bout it .

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