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Marijuana Conspiracy 1

Marijuana Conspiracy 1

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Published by: Anpu999x on May 23, 2011
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The Marijuana Conspiracy

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And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land.  -- Ezekiel 34/29 Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies, alcohol, tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations. Various big businesses, with plenty of dollars and influence, have suppressed the truth from the people. …POT IS ILLEGAL BECAUSE BILLIONAIRES WANT TO REMAIN BILLIONAIRES!

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 The Marijuana Conspiracy - Part 1: The Real Reason why Hemp is Illegal (this article)

 The Marijuana Conspiracy - Part 2: Media Manipulation  The Marijuana Conspiracy - Part 3: The Sequel

The Marijuana Conspiracy The Real Reason why Hemp is ILLEGAL
by Doug Yurchey

Did you know, it is estimated that hemp has approximately 25,000 uses? From food, paint and fuel to clothing and construction materials, hemp is used. There are even hemp fibres in your Red Rose® and Lipton® tea bags. And several cars made today contain hemp. The oldest relic of human industry is a piece of hemp fabric (canvas) found in ancient Mesopotamia dating back to approximately 8000 B.C. The oldest surviving piece of paper was made over 2000 years ago in China and was also made from hemp fibre. In 2500 B.C. the pharaohs used hemp in the construction of the great pyramids. Hemp was so important in England in the 16th century that King Henry VIII passed a law in 1553 which fined farmers who failed to grow at least one quarter acre of hemp for every 60 acres of arable land they owned. There was even a time in history for over 200 years when you could pay your taxes in America with hemp. In 1850 there were more than 8,300 hemp farms in the United States. Every 3.6 seconds someone in the world dies of hunger. Hemp seeds are the most nutritious and economical solution to end world hunger. With an 80 percent concentration of "good fats" our bodies need for good health maintenance and protein with all eight amino acids plus optimum dietary fibre, hemp truly is a "perfect balance" food source.   
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natural.healing-source. tobacco industries and a large number of chemical corporations..1669). cholesterol and sugar free. often with hemp oil based paint. raw shelled hemp seed . vitamins and enzymes on the planet. Online source of hemp foods: http://www. In 2001 the "Hempcar" circled the North American continent powered by hemp oil. it would create an industrial atomic bomb! Entrepreneurs have not been educated on the product potential of pot. natural. essential fats.uk Nature has provided the essential nutrients for restoring and maintaining optimal health in a power-packed seed that is gluten. One acre of hemp can produce as much raw fibre as 4.com Nature has provided the essential nutrients for restoring and maintaining optimal health in a power-packed seed that is gluten..com/HempSeeDee/hempfacts. Safest.. Over 50 percent of all chemical pesticides sprayed are used in the cultivation of cotton.coolhemp. Ads by Google Improve Your Grow & Use Mongolian Charcoal: More Effective Than Australian Charcoal. Kindle http://www.. Marijuana does NOT pose a threat to the general public. cholesterol and sugar free.. Pure. would ruin their companies.. The facts cited here. Where did the word 'marijuana' come from? In the mid 1930s. if used properly.com The first diesel engine was designed to run on vegetable oils. with references.com/BestQuali ty Source: the Hempola Trivia Trail http://www. Marijuana is very much a danger to the oil companies. the M-word was created to tarnish the good image and phenomenal history of the hemp plant.the best single food source of protein.thenaturalgardener.shtml The real reason Cannabis has been outlawed has nothing to do with its effects on the mind and body   "MARIJUANA is DANGEROUS". The truth is if marijuana was utilized for its vast array of commercial products.1788) were painted primarily on hemp canvas. one of which was hemp oil..BlackMountainInsulati. 1974. The paintings of Rembrandt (1606. The super rich have conspired to spread misinformation about an extremely versatile plant that. Hemp can grow vigorously (up to 16 feet) in 100 days without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. vitamins and enzymes on the planet.Thompson-Morgan. Natural Hemp Insulation Warmest. Pure.The Marijuana Conspiracy Page 2 of 6 PLANET Earth . www. Hemp is eight times stronger than cotton and more air-permeable.the best single food source of protein. Huge range.waltons. Hemp Paper Reconsidered. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) and Thomas Gainsborough (1727. In the 1930s Henry Ford produced an automobile composed of 70 percent hemp plastic which also ran on hemp based fuel and oil. award winning supplier of Plants & Seeds.c.justbenzo. Pot is NOT harmful to the human body or mind. have suppressed the truth from the people. raw shelled hemp seed .com/marijuana1. using hemp as a raw source for paper would eliminate the need to cut down our dwindling old-growth forests which contribute to climate control and clean the air we breathe. healthier for your skin and the environment. Also.a Moving Target Pole Shifting Earth’s Axial Tilt Derivation Incognita Archaeoastronomy Ancient Astronauts UFO 2012 Doomsday Tunguska Explosion Crop Circles Dating our Past Tornados & Hurricanes  T&M Flower & Veg Seeds UK leading. essential fats. Creation of Fossils Global Warming Wind Energy Preserving Ancient Solar Cycle & Wars UNIVERSE The Big Bang Asteroid Belt Gravity Gravity Mysteries Solved? Nuclear Energy Metaparticles Cold Fusion Black Holes & Quasars Space Vacuum Cosmographic Data   COSMIC BLUEPRINTS Benzo All Products in Stock Free next day delivery www.htm 08/04/2011 . with plenty of dollars and influence. are generally verifiable in the Encyclopedia Britannica which was printed on hemp paper for 150 years: * All schoolbooks were made from hemp or flax paper until the 1880s. Various big businesses.. Easiest to install the only UK factory tel 01745361911 www. Jack Frazier.as you will read. Mycorrhiza Fungi Magical Plant Growth Improvement Just So Naturally ! www.1 acres of trees.com Fix Up Your Allotment  Make Your Allotment A Happier Place With 100's Of Products From Waltons www.world-mysteries. alcohol.co. Try It! mongoliancharcoal. Pulping hemp for paper would produce a strong paper that lasts incredibly long and doesn't yellow with age.

* In 1916. 1850 was a peak year for Kentucky producing 40. The following information comes directly from the United States Department of Agriculture's 1942 14-minute film encouraging and instructing 'patriotic American farmers' to grow 350. Feb. Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers GREW HEMP. .. the U. hemp for tackle and gear. * Henry Ford's first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and the CAR ITSELF WAS CONTRUCTED FROM HEMP! On his large estate.. Betsy Ross's flag. * George Washington. Van Goghs as well as most early canvas paintings were principally painted on hemp linen. * Rembrants. Jefferson smuggled hemp seeds from China to France then to America. Gainsboroughs. drapes. Washington and Jefferson Diaries.com/marijuana1. For the sailor. clothes. 58.. * REFUSING TO GROW HEMP in America during the 17th and 18th Centuries WAS AGAINST THE LAW! You could be jailed in Virginia for refusing to grow hemp from 1763 to 1769.. For thousands of years. refuting claims of other government agencies that the 1942 USDA film 'Hemp for Victory' did not exist.000 tons. Government predicted that by the 1940s all paper would come from hemp and that no more trees need to be cut down.S. hemp for mooring ships. Government studies report that 1 acre of hemp equals 4. http://www. the War of 1812 was fought over hemp..Now with Philippine and East Indian sources of hemp in the hands of the Japanese.. * Benjamin Franklin owned one of the first paper mills in America and it processed hemp. Just as in the days when Old Ironsides sailed the seas victorious with her hempen shrouds and hempen sails. hemp for tow lines. Napoleon wanted to cut off Moscow's export to England.world-mysteries. Hemp for victory!' Certified proof from the Library of Congress. although hemp industrialization probably goes back to ancient Egypt. hemp was indispensable. testimony before Congress against the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. Webster's New World Dictionary.The Marijuana Conspiracy Page 3 of 6 * It was LEGAL TO PAY TAXES WITH HEMP in America from 1631 until the early 1800s.S. 1941.. hemp for countless naval uses both on ship and shore. charts. The USDA Bulletin #404 concluded that hemp produces 4 times as much pulp with at least 4 to 7 times less pollution. Hemp was the largest cash crop until the 20th Century. maps. this plant had been grown for cordage and cloth in China and elsewhere in the East. 12. The word 'canvas' is Dutch for cannabis. Emperor Wears No Clothes. For centuries prior to about 1850. 'grown from the soil. Department of Agriculture * Quality paints and varnishes were made from hemp seed oil until 1937. Popular Mechanics.. Government Archives. were made from hemp until the 1820s with the introduction of the cotton gin.. American hemp will go on duty again. LA Times.' It stated that if hemp was cultivated using 20th Century technology. 1981. Popular Mechanics. G. Hemp cultivation and production do not harm the environment. no less than the hangman. U.S. Ford was photographed among his hemp fields. 90% of all ships' sails and rope were made from hemp.' It was the first time a cash crop had a business potential to exceed a billion dollars. hemp was already old in the service of mankind.. Aug. and the rest of the world.(When) Grecian temples were new. * The first Bibles. Also..American hemp must meet the needs of our Army and Navy as well as of our industries. * Hemp called 'Billion Dollar Crop. * For thousands of years. * Oldest known records of hemp farming go back 5000 years in China. all the ships that sailed the western seas were rigged with hempen rope and sails. M. The car. 1938) published an article entitled 'The Most Profitable and Desirable Crop that Can be Grown. State Archives. bed sheets.. When that is gone. fabrics. Sherman Williams Paint Co.1 acres of trees. etc. Herdon.' had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. found by the research of Jack Herer.000 tons of hemp seeds were used in America for paint products in 1935. 1938. the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were made from hemp.htm 08/04/2011 .000 acres of hemp each year for the war effort: '. . linen. Hemp in Colonial Virginia. * The first crop grown in many states was hemp. it would be the single largest agricultural crop in the U.. Jack Herer. even then. Plans were in the works to implement such programs. * 80% of all textiles. * Mechanical Engineering Magazine (Feb.the Navy's rapidly dwindling reserves.

if not made illegal. Patty Hearst's grandfather. nylon..Part 3: The Sequel  Hemp Farms  www. would have brought America out of the Great Depression.Part 3: The Sequel     The Marijuana Conspiracy ...com/index_gw.ratical. For their dynasties to remain intact.It can be grown in any state.htm#Yurchey     Related Links      The Marijuana Conspiracy . Dupont patented the processes to make plastics from oil and coal. which were never replicated -. Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. shrank or destroyed brain tumors in test mice.. Feb. . Natural hemp industrialization would have ruined over 80% of Dupont's business.  The Marijuana Conspiracy . etc. stood to lose billions because of hemp.online sales of hemp foods:      HEMP SEED: THE MOST NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE FOOD SOURCE IN THE WORLD http://www.alternet. Synthetics such as plastics.healing-source. could now be made from oil.hemp.The Marijuana Conspiracy Page 4 of 6 From Popular Mechanics.The long roots penetrate and break the soil to leave it in perfect condition for the next year's crop.Part 2: Media Manipulation READ NEXT    Marijuana Conspiracy . http://www. In 1937.until now. this new crop can add immeasurably to American agriculture and industry.org/story/9257/    http://www. chokes out weeds.com . These men took an obscure Mexican slang word: 'marihuana' and pushed it into the consciousness of America.world-mysteries. THE PREMIER RENEWABLE RESOURCE   http://www.Part 1: The Real Reason why Hemp is Illegal (this article) Copyright by Doug Yurchey All rights reserved Presented with author's permission Comments and questions are welcome: dugx@sbcglobal.. The Hearst Company supplied most paper products. rayon.html     HEMP.world-mysteries. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises.net More articles on this website by Doug Yurchey: http://www. This single resource could have created millions of new jobs generating thousands of quality products. cellophane. The dense shock of leaves. innovations in farm machinery would have caused an industrial revolution when applied to hemp.htm 08/04/2011 . But the DEA quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results..com/marijuana1. Anslinger.html     Pot Shrinks Tumors. 8 to 12 feet above the ground. Harry J.org/renewables/index. Hemp. hemp had to go. methanol. the active chemical in marijuana. William Randolph Hearst (Citizen Kane) and the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division of Kimberly Clark owned vast acreage of timberlands.' In the 1930s. Government Knew in '74 In 1974 researchers learned that THC. celluloid.org/renewables/hempseed1.Part 2: Media Manipulation  The Marijuana Conspiracy . to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. a destroyer of nature for his own personal profit. THE CONSPIRACY Andrew Mellon became Hoover's Secretary of the Treasury and Dupont's primary investor. Dacron.ratical.. 1938: 'It has a short growing season. He appointed his future nephew-in-law. Dupont's Annual Report urged stockholders to invest in its new petrochemical division.

because the rest of the Western World is already catching on (hemp is being grown in Canada in and all over Europe now). oils. pot has anti-carcinogenic properties.cannabisculture. smoking marijuana shortly after having a stroke prevents the swelling of the brain -. energy. as most of the American people .The Marijuana Conspiracy Page 5 of 6  Major government studies on cannabis  http://www. 10 tables. miracle crop. just as it has become high-profile news. the essential claims of this book remain unrefuted by the disinformation campaigns of the anti-marijuana lobby. and medicine. soap. I say America. It is also perhaps the most important food crop. with supporters such as Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson. In terms of price. hemp could lend a much-needed hand in saving the planet. whereas China. textiles. expediency and insight you can't go wrong. Yes. Japan. Herer shatters cannabis myths. Herer thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry's plot to outlaw this renewable source of paper. hemp treads much lighter on the planet. shampoo. it is used as natural herbicide). and furthermore by using hemp to retain soil composition in areas were erosion is advancing (hemp can grow just about anywhere). Photos. and many other eastern countries never forgotten this miracle crop. with hard data that: pot has absolutely no toxicity to human tissues.world-mysteries. paints. we could begin to restore declining ecosystems. rope.especially the DEA . although greater in proportion than tobacco.  Health Benefits of Hemp http://www. Marijuana. A review by a reader: Although some of the historical data can be called into question. canvas.seem to have trouble understanding the practical value of industrial hemp and the spiritual and medicinal value of its psychoactive sister. cosmetics. as it stands supreme as the planet's single most nutritious source of protein and essential fatty acids. he shows.and consequently much of the brain damage and loss of function associated with strokes. as it usually does not require pesticides or herbicides (indeed. illustrations & charts.com/marijuana1. is completely water-soluble. The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Authoritative Historical Record of Cannabis and the Conspiracy Against Marijuana by Jack Herer Product Description Jack Herer has updated his authoritative history of hemp's myriad uses and of the war on this plant. and coatings. Such is certainly the case with this Cannabis Sativa. Hemp can be put to just about any use: It can be made into wood. Without understatement.htm 08/04/2011 . and its fast-growing roots and self-mulching leaves can even rejuvenate undernourished and eroding soils. paper.) Moreover. DVDs   The Hemp Manifesto: 101 Ways That Hemp Can Save Our World by Rowan Robinson Sometimes it is only through the pithy insights of a pocket book or manifesto that the world can fully understand an issue. fiberglass. In effect. twine. inks. This book was a real eye-opener. It can even be made into auto fuel!! (Visit Colorado's Rocky Mountain Institute's website for information on this long-known property of many carbohydrates.com/  What-parents-need-to-know-about-marijuana   Subject Related Resources: Books. the tar. by converting to hemp paper and woods products instead of felling old growth and dwindling indigenous rain forests. putty. food. Magazines. clothing.

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