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Hidden Treasure

Everyone has gifts. But there are one of three choices we each can
make concerning them: use them for good, use them for evil or not use
them at all.

Someone once asked the question, “Where are the earth’s greatest
treasures hidden?” The answer was, “not in Africa, India or the Middle
East but in the grave”. The grave holds millions of poems and books
unwritten, songs unsung, leaders never found and countless mentors,
physicians, artists, lawyers, counselors and teachers the world never
had the joy of knowing.

Will you share your gifts with the world or carry them inside you until
they can no longer be used? Will you use your gifts for the good of
yourself and others or pervert their use for destruction?

Your life is a treasure. Buff it, polish it and let it shine.

By Author, E. R. Reid, © Copyright, 2002, 2008 – All Rights Reserved.