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The Merciad, March 15, 1956

The Merciad, March 15, 1956

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The Merciad, March 15, 1956
The Merciad, March 15, 1956

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Jean Heavey To Reign As Queen Of May Day
Withheld from the student body until this publication of the MERCIAD is the fact that Jean Heavey, by popular vote of the entire student body, will reign as May queen, May 20. | Throughout her four years at Mercyhurst, Jean has taken active part and held offices in various campus r activities. Class'president in her sophomore and junior years, she now holds the title of YCS campus chairman. An English Major from Buffalo, N. Y., and indispensable member of the MERCIAD staff, she also belongs to the college Sodality, Dramatics Society a n d Alpha Psi Omega, dramatics honor society.

Famous Score Joint Number Concerts

» ^ — ^ ^ — ^ » » •••—

Students Hold Sophs Revert Female Roles " P l a y b o y of the Western To Bohemians World" will be presented by Gannon's Dramatic Society in; Prep Auditorium on April 20, 21 and 22 under the direction of Bill Lacey. Two Mercyhurst girls and the male leads of "Dear Brutus" boost the cast. Christy Mann Is played by Peter Anderson, Pegeen Mike by Jo Unger, Shawn Keogh $by Jack Rimp, Widow Quin^by Ann Kingston, Old Mahon, Christy's father, by Bob Kazmaier, Michael James by Frank Fabin. Among the number of townsfolk is Ann Bowman. Action begins early when Christy Mann, a young, shy Irish] lad, murders his ^father and flees to Mayo, a small Irish village. After hearing his story, the villagers sympathize with him and try to hide him.* Just as Christy wins the love of Pegeen, who was to marry Shawn, his "murdered" father arrives. The /following scenes are equally suspenseful and humorous as Christy's personality changes abruptly. Quick, gay and colorful, this famous play of John Synge, considered one of the greatest comedies of our time, should provide an evening of delightful entertainment.

.Featured as this year's joint number in the Mercyhurst-Canisius glee club concerts will be the BARB STONE and MAUREEN JONES rehearse lines as Jo Cianscore from Sigmund £ Rom berg's caglini instructs Nancy Plunkett ins the art of the faint. "Student Prince." Playing hostess to the Canisius men on April 22, Mercyhurst will hold a formal dinner in the students' dining room after the concert in the Little Theatre. FollowComedy, mystery, serious drama and melodrama-will he presented ing dinner and a tour of the col- Sunday, March 18, in the Little Theater, by five student directors. lege, a dance will be held in the "Every night I pray: dear God, help me from being significant toauditorium. day!" Rosie, in Brief Music sets the tone for this comedy of character Canisius will reciprocate the with Just such sagacious remarks. Directed by Jean Heavey, this play gj following week with a dinner- is set in a small girls' college; the time is senior year. 'i The Weird Sisters, Bessie and Mattie, are the younger sisters of dance at the college preceded* by Charlotte, whose adopted children have been dying mysteriously. She the concert in Kleinhan's Music is waiting for Enid, the weakest child, to die, when a new character Jean Heavey Hall. appears. Kay Canada invites you to come and view the outcome. Selections under!• the direction Joan of Arc will appear on the of Mrs. Louise Dolce include "The Mercyhurst stage, just before she Gloria," "Let There Be Song," and goes to war. The savior of the French in the Hundred Years War, Lover". Patti Corrigan, Sheila will be brought to us in the play, Flynn, and Priscilla Hehir will A Maid Goes Forth To War, directsolo in "Mocking Bird", "Gypsy ed by Pat Murphy. Singing waitresses and red? and Love Song," and "One Little CanIs Miss Mannerly Miss Mannerwhite checked table cloths will dle*" ly or is she Letitia Crabtree? Don't "Erin go toragh" and "It's a create the atmosphere of the Mr. Robert Schulz will direct ask Hilda; all she can do is shrug great night for the Irish" are sophomore spaghetti d i n n e r , Canisius in songs from "Okla- her j shoulders! (Charm Racket, a familiar phrases heard around March 20. homa" among other well-known comedy, revolves around a room- March 17. Mercyhurst is not leting house full of older women The gym, transformed that numbers. taking a charm course by corres- ting this festive occasion go withnighty into a cafe, will be ffilled pondence. Pat Maley promises out recognition for Saint Patrick. with soft music throughout the some lively horseplay in her proCelebrating will not be done meal. Waitresses dressed in Boduction. only by the Irish colleens who athe miam style, will serve Di**A good old-fashioned mystery" tend Mercyhurst, for the party is Michael's spaghetti prepared by has been chosen by Jo Ciancaglini. Mary Burns, Ann Johnson, and In Murder at Mrs. Loring's, Celia given by the senior class for the Six IRC members will attend Cathy Misfeldt. His famous salad and a psychologist are attempting faculty and entire student body. the Intercollegiate Conference on and Italian bread with garlic to drive Mrs. Loring mad so that Although the seniors will be Government, this year. The conbutter will complete the course.! vention, which?-'is being helctf in they will inherit her money. Her hostesses, entertainment will be Harrisburg, April 12-14, is taking only consolation is Emma, who is provided by the three under Entertainment, e m c e e d by deeply concerned for her safety. classes, with faculty and seniors Carole Conrath, will follow the the form of a one-party Model Thirty-five cents is the nominal sitting in judgment. The grand dinner. Alberta Hain and Liz National Political Convention. award to the first place winner With Noel Jaeger as the head of fee to discover "who done it"! Wahl, as overseers, will see that will v be a free late permission to everything is made as'perfect as the delegation, Margaret Hirsch, that class. possible for an enjoyable evening. Jean Rocco, In a Smith, Nancy Rachel Shine is general chairman Smith and Bunny Walter will Bingo which was so greatly enjourney to the state capital. of the event. § joyed last year, will be a very The aim of the convention is to important part of the entertainelect a nonpartisan presidential ment this year. Everyone will have All students are Invited to attend candidate, and to set up a party Sister Mary Esther and a chance to see if she has the Sister Mary Andre as mema joint symposium on Mary given platform. Among the feature at"luck of the Irish.", ^ tractions will be speeches by the bers of S t u d e n t- Faculty by Mercyhurst and Gannon stuA slight fee of twenty-five Secretary of Commonwealth and Board, effective on Friday, dents, March 19, seven to eight the Republican and Democratic cents will be collected by the class March 9. o'clock, in the Smokers' Lounge. National Chairmen. presidents before March 16.

eniors Direct *Who one romise aried Dramatic Plots

Party Features ames nzes Guarantees Fun
/ /

IRC Delegates Travel To Meet

JOAN SZYMANSKI SHOWS CAROLE CONRATH and Lois Wledenhaefer the method of constructively criticizing a charcoal sketch.

Artists Wieldi Brushes, Yield Prizes
Aspiring ?young Raphaels and Michelangelos are making Mercyhurst's art studio a hallmark of fame. Their feverish work in the upper chambers has been bringing much merit to the college. Steal 'Everyman's Show' A few weeks ago, these budding artists literally "stole the show." The Women's Club of Erie sponsored an exhibit called "Everyman's Show," and entries were made in three competitive divisions . . . professional, student and pastime artists. In the student division, Joan Szymanski was awarded first prize for her still life portrait. Third prize was awarded to Esther Kissell, and Sylvia Christie received honorable mention. Miss *Delores Fratus, a former Mercyhurst art major and present faculty member, was given honorable mention for her still life entry in the professional division. These and other award -winning pieces will be on display until March 30 in the Erie Public Museum on West Sixth Street. 3-D Back in Vogue In the recent "Litterbug" contest, sponsored by the Erie Chamber of Commerce, Mercyhurst walked off with all the awards. Lois Wiedenhaefer received the Archbishop John Mark Gannon award, or first prize. The second place went to Carole Conrath and third prize, donated by the Erie Book Store to Darlene Friedman. All three entries were three-dimensional posters. Premiere in April If the Art Department seems busier than ever these days, it is because Mercyhurst is to hold an exhibit of her own throughout the month of April. Senior, junior and sophomore art students may enter any work, whether it be oil, watercolor, figure drawing, pictorial illustration, or ceramics. To commemorate the Silver Anniversary of the first exhibit of Mercyhurst art students, the formal opening will be?.held April 11. Art students of twenty-five years ago will be present at the occasion. All works will be displayed at the Erie Public Museum, and is open to the public throughout the month of April.

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l t e « M > M



March I5,fl956


\Jf ^Jwo

Wanted: a solution. Problem: Do we need a Dorm Council or would a revision of constitutions in ^Student Board and StudentFaculty Board suffice? , It is felt that many difficulties arise which come to our student government leaders too late or which their powers do not include.^As a result, Student Council members are looking into the possibilty of a Dorm Council directly responsible to it.las the solution. This' would also f urnish a stronger link between the Readers and the rest of the school. On the other hand, members say the answer might be found in including these "unreferable" problems in the jurisdictions of the two boards. They feel adding another council is adding another burden. There is controversy on the method, but not on the need. Whatever the decision it will be another step towards better school governm ent.

Are you troubled by flying saucers? Do little green men in Buck Roger's suits pop up at you? Then you are afflicted with M.P. (Martianphobia). The symptom of this disease lies in the dread fear that any minute Earth will be inyaded and destroyed by the nefarious Martians. Read this article for your cure. Realizing that electioneering motives are none but the noblest, never for the party (this is a paid political announcement) let's take a look at campaigning in one of Earth's leading nations. After months of indecision, Ike has decided to run again. For the good of mankind etc.—never the party, he proclaimed he intends to do no campaigning but will spend time in golf and resting. • That's what this country needs, a president who can shoot under par! f Dems Thoughtful


One Of Whom? make itvote, that's all you have, so why not count? Consider first what is needed in the one who coordinates and leads most of Mercyhurst's activities . . . the Student Council President. Is she representative of Mercyhurst— conscientious, industrious, and objective? Is she one- who can take advice, follow orders,|and yet delegate authority? Does she have the proper perspective of the Student Council's role in college government . .. and the genuine interest in the welfare of the school ? Describe your choice? Then go vote for her—we need her!

Wake Okal Vote



eJLet 5 aJjo

In the opposing camp, it is The faculty and students ex- elevating to see equally pure ideals. tend their sympathy to Sister Aware of the urgent necessity of Mary Roberta on the death of her a positive, constructive program mother, Mrs. Charlotte Courneen, void of any petty politics, the and to Martha Calvert on the Democrats have initiated theirs death of her mother. with this need in mind. "Eisenhower is an honorable man; so are they all honorable men." But if he lasts through this term, he will be the oldest man ever to inhabit the White House. With his age and illness, another term In order that the laity may par- might be too taxing for Ike. Such ticipate more in the Liturgy, many thoughtfulness! changes are noted this year. U. S. Worried Holy Week observances, while Have you read the list on the Bulletin Skipping the world for scoops, not changed in essence, have been Board of this year's PRAETERITA sponrevised to parallel jmore closely one is confronted with the growsors? Did you look beyond the cast in the the first Holy Week. ing apprehension over the course "Dear Brutus" program and notice the many of U. S. foreign policy; the furOn Palm Sunday, Catholics will business patrons? How about checking the or over the eighteen tanks for see the ceremony of?.the blessing additional \contributors to "Dear Brutus" Saudi Arabia; the trigger-happy of i the palms shortened to make printed in this issue of MERCIAD! | situation between Jews and Arabs room for a solemn procession of in the Middle East; the increasWhy? Simply this. We^have been ex- the whole congregation. ing economic penetration by Comtremely successful this year on our fundAU Holy Thursday rites wUl be munistfChina in Asia. Overshadraising campaigns due to our generous ad- in a the evening. Mass, starting as owing all these is the portentious vertisers. Yes, perhaps they^ do know that close to dinner time as possible, new Communist policy displayed we appreciated their contributions., But, to is to include the Mandatum. in Moscow. For the? first time the businessman, we can only show our ap- washing of the feet AThis ceresince Lenin's death the Communpreciation through our patronage.^ monial was observed In private. in ; 1st ideology is moving toward Let's support the adage "One good|.tum previous fyears. x J world domination with a line deserves another." How about it? Good Friday, for the first time, meant to sound like sweet reason. is now a day when Communion I And this "honey is catching flies" can be received. among the colonial and neutral e Odd oin To be more in keeping with the nations as evidenced by Nehru's exact time Christ was on the applause for Russia in New Delhi. As the headers of the world are striving cross, the three hours' service will Martians Suffer for peace in this age, we hear the cry that start later in the afternoon. What Martian would want to the youth I of ftoday can never fbe "guiding Easter Vigil services will comlights" of tomorrow. S jSmence about dusk of Holy Satur- leave his happy crater and become Have we failed to accept responsibility or day with the blessing of the Pas- involved in a mess like this? Seedevelop confidence? Do we shift it to others, chal candle. English5 will be used ing what we have done with our or merely leave it with the faculty, and still for the first time when the con- domain, it is much more likely "get by?" "Once a bystander, always a by- gregation renews its Baptismal that he is suffering from M. P. stander," so the slogan warns. This is a dan- vows. The climax of the celebra- (man-phobia) dreading £ the day gerous sort of life, for the habit of watch- tion" will be Midnight Mass in when the Rocket Route is finally established. ^ K * 1^^B&& ing instead of acting is not easily overcome. honor of Christ's Resurrection. I t | is vitally important that There is a difference between {being an officer and being a'fleader. One merely holds there is a 'general awareness of the title, the other fulfills the position. It is the liturgical changes introduced this year. The Liturgical section our duty to ourselves and to our country to Did you borrow a book from the develop potential traits of intelligent and re- of the Sodality is publishing a YCSi rack In the bookstore and paper March 19 which I will pre- FORGET to pay for it? Someone sponsible ^leadership. # We can realize this goal by learning better sent all the changes, particularly did! i J f i hffltom techniques in parliamentary procedure. A those in Holy Week.


jk We See Jt
Your Editors $, Commend . . • All the club presidents who have posted the agenda of their meetings. The panel members for the Student Leadership program. Home Ec quantity cooks for their palatable plates. The sophomores for the display of their term^ papers; also for getting them done in time. Your Editors Recommend • . • That silence and speed be maintained in the cafeteria line. That students use their vote in the student council elections and not have it be a shot in the dark. That the entire student body put on their green and come to thee St. Patrick's day party. That everyone take full advantage of (the new Holy Week services. That Jin walking through college hall everyone keep to the right. > That Student Council consider the possibility of a second vice president. That'retreat* be on weekdays so dayhops could attend. yf Students visit the art exhibit. Your Editors Congratulate . . . Joanj Szymanski and Esther KisseUf for ;theii art awards. The Mercyhurst Lily Pons, the participants in Victor Herbert's night. , I S Jeanv Heavey on her first rejection slip. i Sylvia Christi on'her recent engagement. The 1956 May Queen, the queen among queens. § 5 The sophomore panelist of the segregation problem. H H H I M f The pledges {of KOPhi. J V H \ Wa Lois Whelan who will represent Mercyhurst in • the Pittsburgh Press Cover Girl Contest. K§ Sister Mary Esther on the success of her talk to / t h e Catholic Business Education Association. I Your Editors Thank . . . <#$ The administration for the much needed and much appreciated walk to McAuley HaU.

Liturgy Notes Many Changes




Ok 2>


Who Done It?

The Praeterita staff extends its sympathy:to the family of John Cherry upon his death. Mr. Cherry Was an art consultant for the yearbook staff this year*

program in parliamentary procedure wilLinduce a more efficient running of club meetings, and unite the student body in a sincere effort to give important officestto the best qualified students. The choice is up to you . . . a slacker, or one with pride in accomplish ments I

A n Ounce Of Etcetera


Mefcyhurst College, Erie, Pa.

l&k jMember of ^PSESS^ Associate Collegiate Press Editor! | Carol; jKelly Associate Editor % Judy Roseberry Assistant Editors ^ . J ^ K a y King, Betsy Sennatter !Business Editor Helen Kennedy l Editorial Staff Mary Gene Pyne, Jean Heavey, K Bobbie Imboden, Mary McCarthy, Beverly Buerkle, Ann McGinnis, Noel Jaeger, Joan Csernyicky, Barbara Jakubowski, Mary Drees, J Del Dwyer, Lucille Turner, Liz Tatu. V Business Staff Lorraine Enright, Joan Clancy, Betty Schwind, Barbara Cavanaugh, Beth Coleman, B. J. Bisgrove.
" :


9 n_<_

By !j Ann McGinnis •• SiJaJSEBf : state of affairs not infrequently observed. Since the advent of fairer weather, JunWith the wearin' of| the |green|_ comes iors have been forgetting the disadvanGannon's annual f St.4 Pat's Day dance. tages of moving to McAuley HaU, Mercy Enjoying a reputation as one of the greathurst's Sorority house. However, lately est dances, this year's added attraction there have been a few rumors floating will be Patti Corrigans crowning as sweetDisloyalty, lack of Ispirit, laziabout to the effect that next year's Seniors heart ofI Delta jtSigma Phi. ness I Call it what you will, the will remain in the Residence Hall, the Judging from the sprouting j of halos, it box score of the "Dear Brutus" explanation being that their presence is will be ^agreed that Father WendeU's lec- ticket campaign is not a credit to required. Being numbered among those tures were inspiring and original, and the the student body. who have not greeted these rumors with Retreat altogether very profitable. And Exceeding the four ticket quota. enthusiasm, we fail to see the necessity speaking of profitable endeavors, it is io%. ;; of Seniors residing on campus. No real well to mention the Parliamentary ProReaching the quota, 16%. problems J have arisen this year. < cedure meetings being sponsored by StuAverage number of tickets per As to the success of the Friday night dent Council. The lack of proper procedure student, 2.55. £%• open lounges, there've been multitudinous at all meetings make it advisable for all Participation for resident stucomments pro and con. However, to those officers to attend. dents, 80%. I who do not think they have been fun, Saturday night: | Participation for Dayhops, 85 %. there is only this to say: a bit of friendFirst Student: I don't know what to wear The "Make It A Thousand" tonight, I'm so sick of all my clothes. slogan brought in the sale of only liness goes a long way. After all, one shy Second Student: You think you've had 665 tickets. This is not a pretty male isn't going-to approach five or six it bad. I'm sick of everyone else's, too! giggling females, huddled in a group—a Picture I '** i

core evea I s Ticket Returns




March 15, 1956



Page "Three

Every Day's £/. Pat's; IrishmenTTakelOver

Reporter Finds Alumnae Active

Though Mercyhurst alumnae are stationed at points distant, . 1 Sure n Bergorra.^tis St. Patrick's day again, and I'm thinkin 'tis news of them always drifts back a good thing it's here. It seems to me that the Irish around here are to their Alma Mater. k havin' a time of it holdnY their ;own. I'm thinkin' that if every day Mary Jane Odell, a frequent was St. Patrick's day at Mercyhurst,. sure,/n there'd be some changes a Mercyhurst visitor, besides acting made. "". ' ' -f ^\ J ' V wL\ S as her dad's secretary, often subAh, I can see it all nowifWe'd be gettuV up at the top 'o the mornstitute teaches in Limestone, N. Y. in'! we'd turn on the radio and hear *•_- not the "Rock and Roll Waltz," With a BSC degree in hand, Mary but the "Blarney Stone Blues." The sun would be shinin', the sky would Jane has been teaching physical be blue, and the grass**- —even'the grass between McAuleyf-Hall and education a n d conversational school - - would be a bright emerald green. French! Irish Stew WELCOME MAT IS OUT for customers to Marilyn's Goodie Wagon. Freshman jf homeroom and phoWe'd be goin' to breakfast tography club advisor, business and seein' Sister Geraldine "and teacher and Salamanca High's her kitchen colleens wearin' their Hal March, Mary Ann Scirtojihas green?on their sleeves. They'd be been striving toward the abolition fixin' our shamrock ice cream and of gum chewing. Fee for the first "The Church is in deep need peelin' Irish potatoes for bur dinoffense is one cent, each additionof every' single lay person." ner. After serenadin' the sisters al fine being doubled on up to These^were. the opening words in their refectory, we'd go to* the Success at the age of eighteen. No, this is not one of those Holly- sixty-four cents. of Father Francis Wendell. O. P. lounge. Lo and behold! Jo McIn an interview. "The laity," he wood-* Cinderella stories, it's the story of ambitious, hard-working, Washington,! D. c. is the scene Ciancaglini and Patti O'Maley are f of frequent alumnae 'weekends. leadin' the singin' of the "Irish continued, "are the ones who will imaginative Marilyn Callahan. Three years ago on a warm summer evening, Marilyn and her Residents of McLean Gardens, answer the needs of the Church. Street Song." Over in the corner, Of all^ the laity, | the Catholic family sat around the dinner table discussing how in the world they Edie Lauler, Gerry O'Doherty, the Murphy, Cavanaugh, Kelly, college?student is given the most would ever be able to send Marilyn to college. and Marge Williams often get Plynn, Corrigan, and Coyle.iColThat very night a friend asked Marilyn to go to a carnival. They together with Mary Kienzle who to work with. To whom much is leens are sittin' with* their halos stopped at the cotton candy machine. Here Marilyn fell into conversa- who is teaching in Salisbury, Md. : given, of him much is expected." gleamin'. * W^»*$ ff Seated "in the Bishop's parlor tion with the young couple who ran the concession. An idea was born. Mary, an ardent play-goer and Green, Green, Green \, /J& last Thursday evening, Father enTwo months later using borrowed capital, Marilyn bought a cotton indispensable member of the Up in College Hall we .see the thusiastically! discussed his pet candy machine; she was infbusiness. For traveling, he firstjcar was teachers' volleyball team, never history students read in*. about interest, Catholic Action. Father a Pontiac, an old one, which sometimes ran and sometimes stubbornly misses reading the MERCIAD Daniel O'Connell; the home-ecers Wendell, a well known Dominican, refused to run: the second^ls a Nash sport scar, new! from "cover to cover." ' • are makin' green tea, and the is f editor ofjkthe "Torch", the ofAlthough her goal is a Master's There is no reason to ask if the English majors are readin' "Sir ficial organ, of the | Dominicans, degree in speech and drama, Barb Gawaln and the Green Knight/' and iff very active in forming and business was successful. Marilyn /rttCKttGK Klein has not let artistic ability $ 4 ' Down in her office Sister Ga- working l with! Young Christian invested in a second machine and % ' lay idle. Her mural of a Chinese Mercyhurst's Varsity will play Madonna* received special recogbriel is countin' her "greenbacks" Worker groups in and around New she and her father built a trailer for it with a bright sign reading Behrendf Center in a basketball nition and was reproduced in while i' Sister Immaculate is cur in' York City.: | | all ills with green pills. | * ^ k He feels that all Catholic col- "Marilyn's Goodie Wagon." game Thursday, March 22 in the Marquette University's publication. So, on through t h e day. The lege students "should recognize Marilyn sells her candy within a school gym. They are out to win Barb is there on an assistantship and is at present instructing halls are filled with cheer, good the grave need for their assistance radius of five hundred miles of but they need your support. speech arts. will, 'n traditional Irish melodies; in the|lay apostolate work. Each Erie. It is a lonely business' at the "Wearing of the Green'' is per- one should make an effort to find times. She gets home only about sonified two hundred times. As the a~»YCW.' group to join after leav- threeftimes a month in the sumclock! strikes the witchin* .hour, ing college. If there is none J he mer. Marilyn loves people ^and Mercyhurst's colleens close their should work toward the formation makes friends easily so that she is eyes, but smile in their sleep, for of one or carry out the work of never really lonesome. they know that when they awake the lay apostle in some other way. if a student has not been Marilyn is anxious to share her at the top of another morin' sure >n it'll be St. Patrick's^Day brought up to J the realization of success with others and immedim (Next Column) ately offered to bring her machine all over again. .• y. -• to the orphan's party.

World s Hope, Active Laity Goodie Wagon Wins Fame For Cotton Candy Queen

• i

fp&QAs,a Qofa

MercyhutsnGirls Are Talking About
MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . the Dies Irae sung over Mike, the turtle .|. \ PAT MURPHY and LOIS WHELAN— Cornell weekend coeds . . ; MARY DREES who knows Just the place where she can practice her psychoanalysis . . . student council elections . . . Georgia versus Supreme Court segregation law . . . EDITOR KELLY —walking ad for the Vicks Vapo Rub steam bath — hungry, fasting seniors . . . freshmen news bit on Wednesday nights $> . . murmurings about the passage-way becoming a foyer . . . . MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . , seniors drinking holy water or who will be May Queen? . . • freshmen arising at the phenomenal hour of 6:15 for Mass, they're new at this . . . ELEANOR CAVANAUGH, the bull inj the china shop . . . sympathy to SARANNE D.URKIN . . . G. Er party, 1 classical music and Picasso . . p MRS. GEORGE DRUSHEL, a "It's just|like playing': house." .*» . those yearly retreatfresolutions . . . cafeteria line, * women rapt in silence . . .§ large {economy size tea bags . . . rice, patty season opens, or those who are wise wear hip boots • . . MERCYHURST^ GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . the MARY McCARTHY-JEAN HEAVEY switch . . . multi birthdaylgreetings for MARY BACON . . . those five new directors with grease paint in their veins, maybe they'll put on a musical . . . ten cents a chew . . . small member of the apef. family dangling in papier-mache ifrom LOIS YOUNG'S window . .., much merry-making at Monahan's . . . the 1 seniors who discovered that* " the j woman is mm smartah," see PAT MURPHY . . . the botanical garden in room 56 . . . the southern drawl that JEAN CRISWELL hopes to .acquire over Easter i vacation . . . Victor Herbert* being brought to life again £ .^, the narrator, "Kiss me again." . . . f ^ je |. f sMERCYHURST GIRLS A R E | T A L K I N G ABOUT . . . the Irish . . . MARY BURNS, MARGE MACK and JOAN^CSERNYICKY celebrating St. Pat's day|in Detroit] . | | GEORGIA LACKEY, "but Sister, it fit yesterday!" . . . BEV BUBJRKLE'S physiological problem . . . the Pittsburgh Press "Cover Girl" 'Contest " : '." senior passport pictures— L deported . . . new cleaning regulations at l^Auley.Hall %. . DOROTHEA MORRELL and MARGIE MACK spending Easter in Florida . . . CATHY CRUISE. JO UNGER and SANPY TBNACE entering the Miss

Having won scholarships to several schools, Marilyn*^ chose Mercyhurst where she is studying Pre Med|in a hope of getting her M.D. from Temple University in about eight years. At present she is planning on taking a doctorate inlmedicine but may decide to study dentistry. the need of the lay apostle, his education has not met the needs of the day. Father Wendell praised the work which Yes has done among the students Here jat Mercyhurst. But he was anxious;*to point out that Catholic action does not lay only in the hands of certain groups, but is the job of all the laity, collegei students included.

'Dear Brutus' Sponsors
Norland l Furs Mr. andfMrs. Ned Marini Mr. R. J. Wagner Dr. W. W. Cohen

. .4

Erie contests



, ->--


A word of warning to the Mercyhurst girls. The bus company has raised the fare to twenty cents and the state has seen -fit to place a sales tax of 3% on everything purchased in the bookstore. This, however does not include food.

Of course. 'Most everyone does often. Because a few moments over ice-cold Coca-Cola refresh you so. It's sparkling with natural goodness, pure and wholesome — and naturally friendly to your figure. Feel like having a Coke?

"Coke" I i a reg'utered trade-mark. © 1956, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY

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March 15. 1954



The Gavel Falls
March meetings were 'inaugurated with that of the DRAMATIC SOCIETY. An evening of entertainment^ was the result of the t e a c h e r-student performances. Jean Heavey, Jo Ciancaglini, and Connie Renner interpreted prose extracts and Miss Kelly lent her talent to humorous poetry. Mansfield's "Cup of Tea" and "Freshman Advisor" were among the selections. "Medea," the great classical tragedy by Euripides, was GREAT BOOKS* March subject. In Greek legendry, Medea helped Jason to recover the Golden Fleece, remaining with him until he deserted her. She then -murdered her children before their father's eyes and fled to a lover in Athens. This drama was revived a few seasons ago on Broadway starring Judith Anderson. ELEMENTARY ED entertained Miss Virginia Fleming, the head of the handwriting department in Erie schools. A former elementary teacher, Miss Fleming spoke on methods of teaching handwriting. WasVthe Supreme Court ruling banning segregation prudent at this time? This was the problem resolved by the sophomore SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR members. Views presented included data from recent flare-ups in the South where attempts at integration have been made. Announcement was made of the forthcoming television program featuring 1 the tri-college soci classes on the problems of the aged.
* *


pledges and voting on the constii tution. Erie's ^well-known interior decorator, Mr. Daniel Chisholm will enlighten the HOME EC club on March 20 with his illustrative talk. Evidences of his work can be seen at Mercyhurst in many places, such as the Little Theater and Seminary lounge.
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Mural Depicts Dual Subjects
Probably no paintingiat Mercyhurst is more looked at and less understood than the mural over the altar. Painted by Rambusch Bros, of New York.jthe mural becomes lucid after a brief explanation. ; It is divided into j two themes: the Kingship of Christ and the works of the Sisters of Mercy. Christ's Kingship was first expressed by the adoration of the Magi, in the left panel, and next, by the assent to Pilate's accusations, seen in the right panel. At first honored as a King and then scourged for admitting it, Christ proved His Kingship by rising glorified,? as! represented' in the central mosaic, f In the extreme left panel is seen a sister nursing a.' wounded soldier on the battlefield fduring the Crimean War. The next work of the sisters is portrayed jjin the center panel . . . the teaching and nursing J sisters. On one side of these sisters is Archbishop Gannon, as a bishop, who invited the community to come to Erie. Pope Gregory XVI, who approved the rule of the community in 1840, is pictured on the other side. iMercyhurst is shown in the extreme right panel with a sister instructing a girlf in the foreground. Surely this is a fitting altar piece for the Chapel of Christ the King and the center of the works of the Sisters of Mercy.




DSO'S TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE has drawn up these two diagrams illustrating the plans for the parking: lot. Plan A will go on trial on March 20 and Plan B on April 10.

DSO Draws Up Plans To Improve Parking Lot
Under the chairmanship of Pat Kuharsky, the transportation committee of Delta Sigma Omicron has drawn up two plans for an improved parking lot. These plans, drawn up to provide for the safety and convenience of those who use the lot, will facilitate easy entrance or exit at any time of day. Both will be put on trial as soon as weather permits. The most convenient arrangement will then be chosen and put into effect by members of Delta Sigma?Omicron. Plan: A Plan "A" calls for row one at the south end of the parking lot with all cars facing the lake. Row twos will park at the north end OOKS of the lot with all cars facing south. If necessary, a third row Every Tuesday is Quantity will park parallel to rows one and Cooks' day at Mercyhurst during two in the middle of the lot. These the second semester. It is a day cars may face either south or all students eagerly await because north. of the ^cooks' reputation for proH |p Plan B ducing good and varied menus. To Plan "B" suggests that row one park along s the library with all the junior home ec'ers it means cars facing east. Row two will more than simply getting a good park parallel to row one with all meal. To them it entails hard cars facing west. In row three, work from 8:25 until noon, precars may* face either east or west. paring, serving, and picking ^ up In both plans, sufficient space will be left to provide easy access the "tricks of the trade." to the theater, stage door, and Many Advantages the sidewalk leading to the This year the cooks are at a cloister walk. definite advantage in working g Supervision of the lot will then with Mr. Batchelder and the chef be under Pat and her committee who ask the cooperation of all who who are employed by ICrotty Brothers.! Both men havejhad use this area. professional training and have years?of experience behind them. As would be expected, they have many practical hints and techniques to offer in food preparations for large numbers. J With Joan Csernyicky acting as Observations Made general chairman, themrst of a Also included among f the adseries of programs on parliamen- vantages reaped by the Quantity tary procedure was held on Fri- Cooks is the benefit of observaday, March 3, in Mercy hurst's tions made on various fieldftrips. assembly room. These field trips included one to Sponsored by the Student Coun- St. Vincent's newly constructed cil, the program aims at training kitchen and cafeteria, Cathedral school leaders and girls who have Prep's kitchen, and that of Strong Vincent High School. Others to leadership potentialities. St. Luke's Grade School and to I The first | meeting dealt with Gannon College have been schedthe need for a parliamentary uled. program, the qualities of good leadership, and an explanation of Despite the \ fact that Tuesday some of the basic ideas pertain- is a mighty busy day in the life ing to efficient organization. Mar- of the junior home ec students, garet Hirsch, Joan Coyle and they will readily tell of theiwonNoel Jaeger also took part in the derful experience of learning panel. first-hand. The second program, scheduled for March 16, will be a model meeting at which proper procedures and techniques will be explained. Committees for the panels inICE CREAM BAR clude Joan Csernyicky and Ann McGinnis, co-ordinators; the "When, Where, How" committee, Luncheonette and Magaiin Margaret Hirsch land Donna Nashwinter; publicity, C a r o l 3709 Pine Avenue Kelly, Judy Roseberry and Joan Coyle. Miss Garrison is acting as faculty advisor for the program.

Reconstructiveisurgery was the subject at the SCIENCE SEMINAR meeting, which featured Dr. David D. Dunn. A local surgeon. Dr. Dunn studied at Haver ford and Jefferson Medical Schools. The business discussions included fund-raising ideas for the purchase of new equipment.
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Monday, Book s Tuesday,

The timely topic of shipment of arms | to the I Middle East will be contested in an IRC debate chaired by Noel j Jaeger on March 20. There will also]be discussion of the various platforms for the delegates to the April ICG convention which will be modeled on a presidential nomination convention. On March 21, OGA members will meet two speakers. Unable to attend the last meeting, Mr. William James of Allegheny i Airlines will describe the opportunities in this field. The others guest, Mrs. Charles J. Klaus, will appeal particularly to those interested in the medical! secretary field.

Council Starts Panel Series

Interior decoration has caught the attention of two clubs. The In a mellow "Toyland" setting, ART CLUB welcomed Miss Ann the contralto voice of Priscella Downing,! a '54 graduate who now Hehir opened Mercyhurst's voice works in that capacity for Mit3 chell's and Company. The meet- recitaFon March 4. ing also featured pinning of the Fromi there the audience was carried on wings of song f to all parts of 2 the globe l n | a musical tribute to the all-time favorite, Victor Herbert. flyffil||!| ISsi Judy Herman, a senior at Villa Maria High School, and Patti Illustrating " their progress in Corrigan appeared in Budapest to business techniques, the typing tell of "The | Fortune Teller." II class is issuing the "Business Judy's carefree "Always Do as Leaf" on March 21. To the lay- People Say You Should" was folmen (anyone not a business ma- lowed by the fhaunting "Gypsy jor), this is an annual brochure Love Song." |§B|. depictingj- timely events note£ Duet Featured worthy to commercial students.! "Sweethearts," Anne Bowman Artistry in "scope" and layout and Betty Jean Bisgrove presentwork, literary knowledge, and ed the title song and "Jeannette's typing skills will be manifest in Wooden? Shoes" from the famous backward glances at the school. operetta. Ireland was the scene of the traditional senior page, plus Sheila ^Flynn's selection, "Thine any«news in business world ad- Alone", from "Eileen." Then to vancement. Examples, ol such Holland and;"The Red Mill" for news articles are! the Dvorak key- Natalie North's and Judy Herboard testing program, the use of man's |lilting duet, "Because automation in j business and y busi- You're You." ness education, and the 1964 tidal wave of college students,: BLILA HARDWARE The "Business Leaf" is circulat38th and Pine Ave. ed among business majors and Phone e-7484 the administrative members of the Erie. Pa. college.

Warblers Present Travelogue With Victor Herbert Melodies
Paris I was the scene for "Mile. Modiste" and "Orange|Blossoms." Patti Corrigan's rendition of the romantic "Kiss Me Again" was followed by Betty J eanf Bisgrove *s song and waltz "A Kiss in the

Dark." J
America Represented With "Land of My Own Romance" Anne Bowman took the audience to Russia for the "Enchantress." Natalie North, singing "When You're Away," came to America for this selection from "The Old Girl." Still in America, the famous "Naughty Marietta" was presented with four melodies. Patti Corrigan sang "I'm Falling in Love With Someone" and was followed by Priscilla's Hehir's "Neath the Southern Moon", Judy Herman's "Italian ^Street Song." and finally "Ah! Sweet Mystery of life" by Sheila Flynn.f Once again * in "Toyland", the entire;cast* appeared on stage as the narrator, Georgia Lackey, paid the final tribute^ to the composer and brought the audience back to tthe world, of reality.

usiness Lea

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