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Cain Can

Cain Can

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Published by victorluebker

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Published by: victorluebker on May 24, 2011
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Cain Can!

Not even close to ready to make a formal endorsement or start talking at length about a single GOP candidate for the 2012 Presidential race but I am ready to talk up Herman Cain in advance as I feel he has to be part of the national ticket, here’s why….He is Reaganesque! Cain represents all that is right with America in all categories: Business, life, values, affirmative action, leadership, and love of country. Some point out his weakness and what appears to be his only one as no political experience. Friends, that’s not a weakness and even more reason to like this guy! Politicians suck in general and have proven they can’t be trusted at large, exceptions do exist but on balance this is not a place we find the most noble and virtuous among us anymore. I feel this is one of his stronger qualities given he could take the easy road and run for an office he would surely win like Congress and become one of the pack of jackals that currently serve. Cain is different and his success as a leader in business is desperately needed given our #1 issue is an economy in stall and an administration that is hell bent on destroying capitalism for some new social hybrid of economics and social change rolled up together that is based on thin sliced groups of victims. Further, there is a full scale attempt and plan by the racist white left to paint any attack on Obama and liberal politics as racism. Cain nips that in the bud as an example of a color blind America that welcomes with open arms all races, colors, and creeds as conservative, freedom loving, self determining people! His ability to put these very aggressive, and openly racist lefties in their place is invaluable. Cain is a must watch in the 2012 race and is sure to drive the MSNBC kooks nuts because they run the risk of exposing their asses if they attack him too hard. Further, he has the resume to do the job! Take all the political pluses he brings to any ticket out of the equation and just look at him on balance as a leader and American success story with deep insight and intellectual ability he is head and shoulders above Obama when it comes to depth of experience and accomplishments in life. Cain is a must on the 2012 ticket, where he ends up the primaries will decide; however only a fool would not pick him as the VP if they win the nomination.

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