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Unit Title: Information Report on Thai Aquatic

Animals ( รายงานเรือ
่ งสัตว์น้าของไทย)
- To be able to write a report and present it orally
-To be able to summarize the main points of the
information with a concluding statement
- To be able to create a sub-heading
This work (oral presentation) shows that the students have knowledge of Thai
aquatic animals such as shrimp, crabs and fish. The students, in pairs, found
information from books and recorded their finding on e-Mind Maps.
Then the students organized this information into sections. Finally,
the students wrote concluding statements and created sub-headings
for each section.
The students worked cooperatively in pairs in order to
produce an informative poster. Most importantly, the students improved their oral
presentation skills. In addition, they have learned about the lives of various aquatic
animals and how to conserve them.