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The Merciad, Oct. 3, 1970

The Merciad, Oct. 3, 1970

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The Merciad, Oct. 3, 1970
The Merciad, Oct. 3, 1970

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male students

Vol. XLII-No. 2

editor raps freshman initiation mercyhurst - maltreatment!!
MERCYHURST COLLEGE Saturday AOct. 3*1970

Fellowships Offered:

W. Wilson;
Woodrow Wilson—The twentyfilth annual fellowship competition of thefwoodiw Wilson National Fellowship Foundation was also announced today. Dr. H. Ronald Rouse, National Director of the Foundation, made teh announcement. He observed that at^the present time more than 6000 former Woodrow Wilson FeMowis are serving on the faculties of more than 900 colleges and universities. The Fellowships were established in 1945 to attract outstanding young people to careers in?coilege teaching. This yearlthe Foundation will award Feflowshipsjto 250 American and 50 Canadian students. In addition, 700 candidates will be designatedlFinalists and recommended to graduate schools of their choice for financial|ald. These Fellows and Finalists will be chosen from an anticipated |l0,000 students* who are nominated for| this honor?" by theirl prarfessors, Dr.. Rouse said. The selection |is made by 15 regional committees of professors representing a crosssection of colleges? in the regiohs. The committees receive andfread the nominee's applicataonglmaterials, interview the most promising candidates, and choose those who show the greatest promise of becoming outstanding college teachers.


Inquiries about the Danforth Washington, D, C—The Na•Graduate Fellows hips, to be tional iReseareh Council I has awarded $n March 1971, are in- been called uponWgain to adOn Saturday, October 3, the Watermelon Ballroom will featvited! according to David De vise the NaitdonalfScience Founure "Moses", a heavy new rock group that is rapidly ibecomSante, Placement Director. dation in the selection of candiing well known in the Cleveland area. | * The Fellowships, offered by dates for^the Foundation's proThe group has, been together only six months, yet they have gram of graduate and regular the ^MDanforth Foundation of already played back-up for Sly and the Family Stone and also 'postdoctoral fellowships. PanSaint Louis, Missouri, are open Allan Watts.*However, they perform mainly forftheir own maels of ouitstanding scientists apto men and women who are senterial in the ^belief that such an approach is essential to develpointed by the Research Couniors or»recent graduates of acoping their own style. |^ cil wiiU^evatorate applications of credited colleges in the United The ability to entertain, too State s,^who; have serious inter- aM candidates. Final selection 4 will be made by the Foundaofitenl missing! in many of toest in college } teaching^ as a tion, wihitt awards to tbei anday's "Let's get jup there and career, and who ;plan to study nounced onjj March 15 J 197t jam for an hour" rock bands, is gforja PhjD. >in a field common the most apparent quality of to the undergraduate college. •Postdoctoral and! graduate "Moses". All from the CleveApplicants may be single or fellowships will be awarded for land, Ohio area; the members married at the time of applica- study in fche mathematical, are $Brian iKdnchy, Dennis Cartion, and| may not have under- physical, medical, biological, leton, Randy KHawon and*! David taken any graduate or profes- engin land! certain sciAlexy. ^ sional study ]beyond |the baccal- ences,|and in the history and/ iBirian's ttieatrics combined aureate. or philosophy of science. with Randy's excellent lead guiAward's will not be madei in Approximately . 120- Fellowtar work make them one of the clinical, education, or business ships|wiil be awarded in March most exciting audio-visual acts l&elds, noriin history or social 1971. Candidates must be [nomin the east. They rely on almost work, nor for work toward medinated by liaison Officers of all original material with a few ical or law degrees. Applicatheir undergraduate institutions updated 1950's rock tones jigbq|niade gby* college |*y November 1, 1970. The ithrown| in 3or fgood measure. seniors, graduate students workFoundation does not* accept diThe originals, mostly hard rock, ing *in a ^degree |program, and rect ^applications for the Felare written mainly by Dennis individuals wishing* to do postlowships! andji Brian although the whole doctoral work. All applicants 'Danforth^ Graduate Fellows band con/tributes to the final must be citizens of ^the United aref eligible for ffour yea»s of outcome of the songs. The is constantly changing, never States and will be judlgedi solefinancial 'fassi&fcance, witfi a ly on the^basis offaibility. purpose of f • the v'band doing the same show twice^ ^ maximum annual living;stipend is to communicate with the Thetshow begins at* 8:30. Adof $2,400|for single Fellows and In jthe ^postdoctoral program audience through their music by mission is free for Mercyhurst $2,950 for married Fellows, plus only, fellowships will be offered totally jpnvolvtinig |them^ in what students and fifty cents for nontuition %ndf|fees. Dependency for appHed and empirical* stud- Students in (the humanities is going onion fstage. The band students. allowance are available. Finan- ies in the field of law which em- and|social sciences are eligible, cial need is notla conditionlfor ploy the methodology of the so- as are those |in the natural sciGannon Symposium cial sciences or which *interre- ences and mathematics who consideration)! t Danlorth Fellows may hold late with research in the natural demonstrate a clear interest in Ecology, mob violence, racial!unrest,! human freedom, and certain other fellowships such or social sciences. Also in the college ¥ teaching. Candidates human behavior are some* problems which will be|discussed|by as Ford, JFuIbrigfot|| National postdoctoral program, a limited must^be nominated by a faculty nationally-known scholars in the Gannon College Symposium, Science, Rhodes,? etc. concur- numiber of|award«s#will be made member nof later than October "Man and His Contemporary Problems," on October 16th and Wsl 1 17th* atjthe fniew Zurn Science Center. The Symposium |will be rently andlwiH be Danforth Fel- in interddscipHnary areas. Per- 31, 1970. lows without stipend until the sons holding a doctorate in one held in conjunction with the formal dedication of the Zurn Cenother awards lapse. Danforth field and wishing ^to undertake ter and will be open to students and|facuity members of Great fellows also may!be designated higlnlevel work infanother area Lakes Colleges^ £ ? Jof study supported by the NaWoodrow Wilson Fellows. The scholars and their topics taking part in the Symposium The Danforth Foundation, tional ^Science Foundation may are as follows.' 3 I IS created | b y | the late Mr. and apply in J this* competition. j Friday, October 16 Applicants for the graduate Mrs| William H. JDanforth «in 1 IPRiINC5ETO»N, N.J. — Educa10:l5|a.m.—Henry Lee Smith Ph.D. awardsjwild3e:required|to take 1927, is|a phHantropy concerned tional Testing Service announc"Linguistics as a Behavior Science" the Graduate Record Examinaprimarily |with people and valed today |that| undergraduates 1:00 p.m.—Clyde F. Herreid Ph.D. ues. Presently |the Foundation tions designed to test scientific a n # others {preparing tot go to "Can Man Survive?" focuses its activities in two ma- aptitude and? achievement. The graduate ischool^ may take the 2:30 Richard E. Farson Ph.D. jor fareas, education and the examinations, administered by Graduate -Record Examinations "Paradoxes of Human Behavior" city. In these areas the Foun- ihe Educational Testing Service, on*any*of six different test dat4:00 fp.m,«—Leslie Dewart Ph.D. dation administers programs will befgiven on Decemlber 12, es during the current academic "Linguistic Presuppositions of and makes grants to schools, 1970 Mat designated centers year. the Conceptions of jFaith and colleges, universMies, and other throughout the United States and in certain fbreignicountries. The jfirst testing date for the public ?and private agencies. Religion G RE 7:15 p.m.-—Samuel D. Procyor Ph.D. The annual stipends for Grad- • H f is?October 24, 1970. Scor"Education and Achievement of uate Fellows arejas follows: es from this administration^ will ! Goefz's Heiress $2400* fori the first-year level; be reported* to the graduate Community ii A search for iovesby anfawk- $260fr*for the intermediate level; schools*ai>out Decemlber 1. StuSaturday, October 17 * ward maiden and a plot for re- andl$2800 tor the terminal-year dents ^planning to register tor 9:30 a.m. Jack Schubert venge is *he stfbdect of Truth level. The toasic annual stipend the October test date | are ad"Why Science^ Fails to|Protecr foil Postdoctoral fFellows! is vised that applications ^received and ^Augustus Goetz's drama the Public^fromfEnvironmental * tw by ^ETTS atter Octotier O^wil^^inRieJ Heiress" which will per- $6500* Dependency allowances Hazards" cur a $3.00 late registration^ee. formed py j£he (Mercyhurst and^allowances for tuition, fees, 11:00 a.m.—Dedication of the Science Center and Kroitedfteavel w»Hlalso|b6 (Alter October 9, there is no drama ^Department as its fall 12:00 Noon—Luncheon f V provided in? both programs.? guarantee that* applications for presentation.rnie^playJ! suggest1:00 p.m.—H.L.P. Resniki the October test'date can be ed by Henry^ James* novel Further information and ap"Observations on the|Psychology processed. "WaAington Square^ was se- plication materials may be obof Mob Violence" . -| lected las one of theltoest plays tainedlmwn thejFellowship Of- The jjother five test dates are 2:30 p.m.—DavidJjBidney Ph.D. | of 1948. f [ fice, National Research Council, December 12,11970, JanuaryJlO, "Concepts of Freedom an Relation ^ 210lf Constitution Avenue, N. Wg February,27,,;April 24iand|june The director|Wl I be Sister to ModernfAnthropological Thought" Washington, D.JC. $0tt8. The 19,| 1971f Equivalent late fee and Mary|Jude Yabtonsky, O.S.U. 4:OoTp|m.-John Sallis|Ph.D. m deadline date for the submte- .registration deadlines; apply! to instructor «in speech and drama «i Philosophy Addresses Itself to Sciencei* I (Continued onfPage 2 ) (Continued on Page 3)

Watermelon Ballroom PRESENTS MOSES


» »

(Continued on Pago 3 )


Saturday, Oct. 3


Page Two

i by Bob Parks lfB8^^^fc^^|| By Jeff Helfand ? Is the Freshman class being initiated or just the Freshman girls? Why doesn't thefschool keep a Daub's man at Baldwin at (INTBRVIEWER: Will |you night? With the |larger enrollment of students at Mercyhurst brieiBy explain JEtUSf aijd the doesn'tfthe school need a larger cafeteria? How about a PAVED College Senate from jaj structparking lot behind Zurn? Are, the cooperating!Erie school teach. ural standpoint. ers cooperating with the Mercyhurst student teachers? Hw o •ROOHELiLE: RUS is ootoposabout a sid'ewalk from the Baldwin Dorm fto Zurn? §Shoul<li^ ed t)if ,one-jthird of the entire Mercyhurst have a sign? advertising all the activities on campusf number ,of faculty members of When will the roads on campus be repaired andirepaved? Are the College Senate. The stuthe one-way road signs necessary on campus iff no one obey$ dents are selected £rom the -RoeheHe^George : Junior, sophomore "and fresh 4h&m? Shouldn't the-floor offthe^gym befwashed^and swept at 4 By Uz Carroll man^s-tudents afethe end of win; the |major objectives of RUS leasts once a week. I^n't that included Jin the janitorial staffs Calling a l ^freshmen! jkre jobs? Why aren't the pillars in gym padded.* to|provide somejdeter term. These students serve for this year? on one t of the eight ^standing •4iR09HEiLB»E: RUS is concern- you still ihomesitok? If so, you're gree of safety for basketball? playersT How* much'longer wn i <»mmitftees of the Qpllege* Sen- ed with |bhe social ^atmosphere, not f alone. AJfter interviewing there be dirt mounds*in front of Zurn?PMmffimil)iiW if atei incoming freshmen, . al- for ^Mercyhurst students, fjn several people the predominatel tJiough$fchey ibave*«no representa- fact, we are responsible for the ly missed were friends from are J contained ^in Ithe^lWo.7r tion until elections winter term, snack *toa.r a.nd beautiful sound home. GRE Information Bulletin. The ate^encouicagedJto come to ou£ sysftem in1 the Sitfldent rUnion, Personally, I think this school CContinued from »asre 1 ) Bulletin also contains forms and ,, meetings. The RUS meetings The|. students should be aware is extremely* "friendlly but, a tiheseWates. Choice of test dates instructions for requesting tranare, jat| a minimum, once a thaitfothds is their money. *We are ^rierwjsjup is very hard vto at- should be determined by the|re- script service ion? GRE scores month. But, they can|be called open to ail ideas and-^gitfeyaric- tain when everyone whom is a quirements of graduate schools already on^ile with ETS. Tliis whenever necessary. RUS also es concerningjfche social! life*at freshman is ^adjusting to j their or fellowsW/ps to which one is booWlet may! be ^available o n new home. | 1 applying. Scores^are usually ^rehas aiisocial chairman and NSA Mercyhurst. youifleampus or mayibe order-j coordinator. \AM members of | : mrm. VOPBWIJR: ;Do you The first few days we . were ported to graduate schools five ed from: ^Educational Testjng exposed to friendly gestures weeks after%**test date. RUS are ^nominated and* chosen have? any • personal projects you through the and.smiles. There was a lot of The Graduate ffeecord Ex- Service, Box i 955, « Princeton, by the entire student body. wouldwke to get iENTTBRiVIEWER: Now that College|'Senate? f ' i running around trying #to itfind aminations include an Aptitude New < Jersey fOS540; fEducatiojal f RUS ^and£ the| College . Senate BOOHiEMM Personally I'd companions. L It often happens Test O general scholastic abil- Testing Service, 11947 Center er have §been in ^operation |for a like J to see the students take ^a in ^.strange *place, when you ity and Advanced Tests measur- Street,.^- % kdeyv;|gCalifornia term, have youjrun across any mature! attitude about jj the up- don't know anyone, you uncon- ing ^achievement in 20 major 94704;^ Educational Testing Serunforseen structural problems? keep of the College. 3That frs, sciou^lyilean on people for se- fields of study. Full detailsjiand vice, 960 Grovel Street, Evan'i| registration-forms for the G»RE ston, IHinois 60201.fi fiROOHEZLLE:• * Unfortunately littering-|and ^unnecessary dam- curity. the CoMege Seisate has ^not con- age of school property. Well frosh we've been here a vened this term.jf The first BOTERVEEJMER: & Do y o d little over two weeks. Doesn't meeting is Wednesday, October think that the large enrollment it seem so much longer? We're S 7. One^roblem concerns Senior of -. (male students will dhave finally settling down and now is Representative^ - who fstudent much of an effeeff on • student the time to sink, your, teeth in teach or are involved in place- govefnmeftt, and if so, what? j the books. Alsoiyou'll begin to ment/ They cannot attend these ROOHEflUfctE: As far J as jj the discover home is fading a little meetings, ^and the Oonsrtatutaon male population^ goes, I find it more every day. This is your states that attendance is man- hiard to gender a decision* be- home now andlthere are many datory—no alternates aWowed. cause |I have not mingled with people begging for your friendI Jeelfthiat|a special amendment ttiem yet. Student teaching and ship. I hope? you're hiappy, be: must be added for first term various meetings leave me litfele cause I am. 4 .M # $ ithat wi£l *aHow alternates for * time to* observe. I gwouhfcllike And where we love isvhome, S these people. to comment on this in $a later Home that our feet may leave, INTE^VIJEWER: What are isisue. Jbut not our hearts; The ch^in may lengthen— . Ibvit it never parts. Oliver Wendell Holmes I readly didn't feel that I ceally would; become homesick b.ut M really hit|me when* my parents left and there was no one around to£ta!'k to.'* Carol Carion a R.U.S.! Meeting My first id'ayjhere I was excited andt anxious. I wanted to meet eyeryone and get. along with them. Everyone seemed «3y|(EUiott L. IStroul * teaining and beHef," or mayrin- too nice to be real. I thought Who is a Conscientious Ob- cflude other |vieiws w^en&consfd- the people were insincere. Mayj\ jector? By ..definition, a CO. ered in|Ught of a recent SJI- be they aren't. I sure hope not! is one who $is conscientiously ,preme Court decision quoted Dolly Beers JJ opposed to vwar in any foijm. /below. ^ 1 "I miss-fay dog, my two best ittiere are 40,000^ (XO.'s and-the |'4We certainly ^;do not; thanj friends^andfi'being ablelto drink -number is steadily rising^at an that (the rLaw's) exclusive or at 18."' 'J u I \ I increase fof 1,000 per month. those persons with 'essentially |Barbara Betzold j Therefore if anyone has qualms political, sociological, or philoj (I, % haven't? felt this fulfilled about social implications of this sophicafiviews or amerely perl and happy in a long time. Mike type, ^there* are| many 140b op- sonal moral* code' should!be; Mercyhurst but s^iU miss my portunities £n the U. S.f and read to Exclude tho^efwho hold 1 friends, ^mjy "own" room and i abroad for C.O.'-s.^ There are strong beliefs about, our domesdog." M| g|-two types of CO. drajt classi- tic and foreign affairs or even 1 iKaren Myer 1 fications j | 1-A-O and 1-0 J those conscientious objection to fl'/m giad Em going home 1-A-O is afperson who is op- participation in all wars is thisyveekend because then I can ? posed to participajtion in war fotfnded;' 'fThe i»aw)$ exempts 1 be ayittlej girl for^a few days fout^is willing to^serve in a non- from military service^ ail those l again." , * combatant status in the armed whose consciences, spurred by . %. . Joyce Landermen F forces (this is usually a medical deeply held moral? ethicali or 'jMost »of |ail I missi Jimmy. eorpsmen). f religious beliefs, would give It's strange giving ^in a place 1 • is a registrant who is op- them % rest or peace if they —) wherei.youldonMiknow where to posed to participation in the allowed themselves to bcome 1 #0 ifi you want to go off camarmed forces as well as war in part of an instrument oflwar." us. I wish I had my car agaift." i any form. |A| person classified Weflsh^vs. ?U^S.,|£une!l5, 1970. f |Cathy Intoccia 1-0 is required to perforin two •For more information on ConI a miss jmy family an<L the years alternate civilian service scientious Objection and allj in the ^maintenance of the na- other aspects of the Selective gecure roots you have at home. i I^feel|a part „of^thiS4sehool but tional health, safety or inter- Service System the Erie Draft i .not attached." I I est." This would inelude work- Law Information Center offers i QaroifFinn ing in hospitals, poverty pro- complete impartial, objective J [ miss myifriends anc£ famgrams, ecological operations, counselling I Located at 1031 ifer places*r that you ielt free forestry or one of many other State Street on the second floor, to be completely yourself. I'm Jobs here in the U. |S. and the Center is open Monday adjusted but not attached to abroad r | thru Saturday, noon ti/11 8 p. m., ^chooll. A ohallenge must be (His position and basis for his land. can be reached by calling met^and I'munot alfraid. claim may be "by .religious 45Maoi -— fflSl Janet Bailee

Rochelle Interviewed

Fringed leaves sheltered us, ifrom the lucious drops f We peered tfarou>ghjj .them. Bursting; drops of rain, . and they danced. On £ the mirror lake Jto the music Of our •whispers. ? ibyf Patricia Kerr

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OCTOBER 12«h«ome lucky student will win ft he fearless) \ stuffed dog ion display!! A free chance is given away with* the? purchase of each Supplementary Paperback!


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Saturday, Oct. 8, 1970


Page Three

AVhyiis it many of the day students don't evBn know thatfit exists? i > ,| Why, if it isd'such a tradition, hasfthe program been so medlocre, haphazard, and unorganized -vatcomparison with such schools as Be^rend Gampus? 4 I also haverbeen under the jfenpressioni that jMercyhurst is now a co-educatiQnal College. Perhaps - Ifm, wrong. However, if I am correct and given the fact male students are^a minority, I was outraged Ho learn upon Freshman initiation could very .well be an ^extremely tenuous arrival at Mercyhurst that some Situation. | $ of the females were upset" over by Alf Messina H A aiumber offethings, could result. Thefmale students might my living on campus. It seems ivsject the game ^nti^ely anditell the 4Sophomores (mostly fe- that the male element is*look•Recently tl;^ Sophomore class at {Mercyhurst ij conducted a male) to go-to heU.il must say I cannot^deny^the possibility of ed-*upon as some s^rt of threat § class meeting. The essential concern of. the meeting was to desome sort of cooperation, but I find tt^igVy improbable. to the sanctoary^of a previously I termine the utility. of $implementing a (Freshman initiation proConversely, it is \ quite conceivable )the rgirjs wilU make it segregated ^school. "Having chat. grain. | } * their own project and confine jjt essentiaily to tfe^dormitory. ted with some *of Hheigirls I A ^historic occasion it was^not! g ^ •M._ $n either case .L • I i /^ # I found that£fche ingmtes were dn •2*Phe Iprimary^ coneiern/ of the «ieeti^igi. was to consider? the Tradition is for all, Not tor just a few!} I F *he minority. ^necessity of developing a WaWe|Ere»hman^i^tia|^m tradition? ^ iPerhaps the mostf contradictoryijusfcjication for the pro- These rnanf haters seem tc^be a^tradition that ^has been dissipating fin the. past tfewfc years jfcand gram,^ an idea|that also recejved majopte support, was the im> selfish dolts 1\Wth little expeiv «n the verge to total abatement. £ i plioit belief that such a program |j|9uld bavie a cbalesdng ef- ience wtth ttic masculine genHit Is, therefore, my opinion fohat this tradition has never fect on the college. 1^ f T $ J der. 4fA#hough -they *often|Tebe^ii very I string atjMercyhursfc>and an attempt at kits revitaliIf *pchool^un% 4a f their primary ^intention—why jrn,ust, jth^y semfeteiithe samef) z$tion woidffifo&|]toflg}ly unwarranted. j make^ltjaiSophomore class project? Why not give consideration 1 must askfforgiveness from JMftny justifications were4put*forth jby^ various .students |at to^unforfcanid Senior participation? Such an approach will serve the majorityiof the j.women |on . the meeting, ideas, that for the j most party had ^consensus sup* $o c o a l i n g eff^ect.JIttis my cpntentionjas an act of good faith, thtej; campus. \l fjjiave ^ great ^pprt. pojvever, it is^my conl^BtiJon r that t^e|ja|guments#pre5entf the|i^unior and Senior classes should *at least be notified! that it deal of respect for the people ^ed by^the Sophomore class in;support of.thefproject were eith- i|s going^to be a Sophomoresclass project. But even under these who are|smiairt enough to know $F^Gonfcradjctory or jpetty. i # # aroumstanoes itfwillfserve no unifying function. their4 place.jit's tru 1 yj unfortun•?To sieek unity is a noble endeavor—but*theoreticaily this com ate that your sisters do not tOne student| asserted, while the|rest clamored in supportive j ^ f ?$l unison, j that an initiation iprogram 4would 4 h'elp I assimilate the cept refers to all, not jlist a few!! have the intelligence to see that In linal^analysis, it is my conviction the decision of the Soph- our presence will prepare th^m [inew students into theilife of the College.*Even-a fool could posij lively affirm | that absurd physical * actions (imposed), duress, omore class £.to institute a Freshman initiation programiwas the for their IxHe in later life, i and humiliationlserve little or no assimilative function. J resulty ofq indecision, lack of enough constructive discussion f,on To |you. who are preceptive the^isg^e/i pet^y motivation, and general ^nisunderstanding of 1 Without question, many students would not consider this!a the^alidifor of the pr^ect. enough Rto see what is in front : t HJstressfs!tuati-&n, and hfence, there would*be no serious reper? of your noses I offer you this yThey ,were>unable,*in my opinion, to develop substantial and s uggesifcio n: Telfl| your co nupancussions. iHowever, many would indeed approach ^the situation intelligible evidence that thefprogram was warranted. ions why you ^really came}to apprehensively and it vould \ undoubtedly have an adverse efIn dosing I would like to thank Marie «01ivieri for allowing -college. *fect on them. i me to express my]r opinions, concerning t^e| program, at the I Furthermore,^ if ifce Sophomore* class As so .^uiamanjEiy t con| Sophomore* <4ass meeting.liSheiwas v^ryfeonsiderarte, despite my As for those poor misled creatures I would offer the folcemed about assimilating new students they should be\ willing vehement oppositions ^ -? lowing advice: to welcome! them openly and ^extend a warm hand off friendship. iJVhen the -message of this • editorial breaches rthe readers^of lit is through - welcome rather^ than . frivolous Ramies !,that the MERCIAD, Freshman initiation will, in all likehood be ^com- "MUstress know thyself; down .best job of assimilation can be done. Moreover,liUis through weir pleted. Tragically, #he re is no visible^ way of^knoJwing. Yet I on your knees, come *and greeting that^man displays his* basic . empathy and still find theibasici tenets of this esasy of vital importance to the And thank heaven, fasting, {or lafgood man's love; T |i compassion. for others. f College in reconsideration ofHhe issue next year. Specifically, what, new students need most is your, help and This year^lhe Sophomore class acted with much emotion, For>lsmust telj youJinendly «in v\ your ear, (jconsideration, not .your ludicrous*games! $ and jvithljjtttte reason.fHopefulJy, the question will be approaches It is important to note, however, that| Marie Olivieri stated to the future with energy, deoisiviness and reason, rathei^thari SellVvihen you can;, you are not emphatically] that there would be no |physicai| harm Involved. confusioh, petty> motivation and lack of energy. ifonall markets." . -She* re-assured; everyone there --that* the class had ^no malicious .--^hakesipeare ^intentions. M it E itA-^I^e'sfVlewpoiiit i The Bird With The| Crystal Plumageit Yet the question is not iwhat;* the program will not do, but My^fellowistud^ttits of Mercyhurst, L rather what it,a in fact, will do. g ' 'You may think this column is a curse. Another student affirmed, with relatively .frlarge support of MARCH FOR VICTORY .Every is^uefof the*MERCIAD, | ^ ^theifdass, thatf initiation helps peopled grow up. I can onlytsay By J^nne 'C^. Pearson I'll have-'seen a movie good or or bad. * p| that 11 have never met a person who grew Up in one $week. iLast month,rpte(ns "were""made The story«andjfits interest 1 1 relate, *1 Growth lis a lifetime ^process, ^agprocess that isf hardly stimTo seeilt^Qr not wilbl>e|your debate. for a*<Vietnamese railly in Washulated by submission, anxiety, and absurb/*role playing. Yes, ington, | D. C.| on October $ . Ef there is a time if or good naturedi clowning, butinotiwhen it in^ ^n^ItaJlian thriller like *pitchcock's fame, Evolves the emotional stability of an individual thrown Into a Sponsoring and organizing the 'SThdBird With The Crystal Plumage"»by toame 4Hovel situation* V demonstration was Rev. Oarl AniiAmerican writer .published a book, dt s'eems to be a popular ^American misconception to believe *By*. accident happened to turn and look. | Mcilntire *©f New Jersey. ^Mcpfthat disciplined,.- stress situations have *a f maturation effect with A young ^beautiful woman he did see Intire invited South Vietnamese f ^respect to individual growthfandSstability. -Beipg murdered,gjby«fwho could it be? vUce-^President Nguyen Oao JKy ^Ironically, ferMhe most|part, - the individual has a tendency toiaddress ^the rally and Mr. Fort«naJfly,JJhi^Jass|<lid live. ' 2 |&%o>epress anxieties related to a%stress situation,,* and, fin recall, Ky accepted. i Others, how sad, their lives didlgive. euphfemizenhemf away. The human mind, it must be rememberPervertedly murdered^>y" someone sof cruel, ed, has an amazing^ffinity^for consciously forgetting or euphe: J£y, pressured by President .Inspired by passion,ipaspively cool. Nixon, members of the United j$inizing*that wMcMis unpleasant. .g £j£ .Throbbing music, passionate ^breathing, States! legislature, many! priTo |fully |compreliend, in retrospect^ our ffieUngs and vate citizens and political These are our hints of his coming and leaving, j [^thoughts of pleasant experiences is difficult enough. However, groups (including Rennie Da* to recall an unpleasant situation that has in all probability been Like in Hitchcock, we are forewarned! .k JJ vis, one ofnhe ^ChicagolJSeven" repressed, and to reconcile it as a positive experience, is a rare |By gruesome scenes, subtly adorned. defendants) made formal his gift. MSome believe Freud could do* it.) ^Why coveirlthe knives with a red velvet cloth? decision to abstain from makItfgives' me great comfort to know that*our Sophomore class |why doeslthe artfctieatkats in his loft? M ingJthe trip—thuswise |preventdisplays* suchir^re talents of perception. Who is the|girl and the psycho at war ing any anti-war demonstra| | | Afterjjjalrrgdidn't they grow up last year after they were iniIn that ghastly painting anithe antique store? tions which "might overshadow tiated?^ pi J ^j& 'I Who is the|murderer, sh,all we.|guess? ^ ' ':? the win-the-w^r ?tenor of the . {With {respect to the assertion that Freshman initiation, has A ra'Hy." M T[s it the anthropologist, no or yes? j been a tradition at jMercyhurst, ft would like to pose a few^quesBut why try to kill his best friend's wife? tions. i ' W ' How Mclnitire could have asksucn a He'd surely be condemned for lifeS fit initiation^ has| been tradition \ at Mercyhurst, and ed Mr. Ky to speak at (he r a % Must be the art colleptor, oh stefcboid; the|verbal consensous supported the assumption, ttoenj why was is beyond the comprehension of iHe'ld killfhis wife, shoe's ^ growing old| it necessary* to vote onjitsfjjmplenientation for*the coming year? many political theorists land •jThere should be no question! 1 i '*& moiralis-ts. Certainly, repression Macabre laughing for every scene is not the way to Meal* wUh Before the victim's final scream. i "The Hedress'l will' be predissenters. 'Saigon jails are I think you'd better Jook around \ sen ted Nov. 6, 7 and 8 in the full of political prisoners, many Aren't there footsteps on the ground? 1 of whom are torturedicruelly Mercyhurst little Theater* , (Continued from* page 1 ) ^Lurking in shadows igrey and black, (. .Liwooden pegs are driven Just keep ^running, don'tflook back. at Merayhurst and famed direcintoi their fears land .some are tor of last year's musical sucforce-lfed live cockroaches . .)." I'llfend^this column for today, t cess 'Man of La Manc-ha". By condoning the repression of T^ere^S|not much more forjme to say. ( Con tin ue d *f rom f page 4*) f j The other members of the I (prisoners, in South I'll warn*the freaks to stay so straight^ id sion of applications for gradJalf include! Technical DirecViet NanM Mdntire^> a man of This movie your mind^will surely break, Jtpr, Denis Andres, Business uate fellowships is November God, showed' complete advocago see this movie for the end, I 30, 1970, and for regular^post^Manager, Mary Gosgrove, and tion of a corrupt political sysThe truthfullfacts your mind will bend.C| doctoral felowshijps, December fAssdstot Business Manager, item. *y C. JM 7, 1970«. i Carmine .Sciancalepre^







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Page Four


Saturday,fOct. 3, 1970

Intramural Game Results Football First Game Scored The Pack 31 I Tappa Keg 21 All resident students with Touchdowns: The Pack; Pettinelti (3), Gerhart (1), automobiles are requested by Weise (1). I Tappa Keg; the Treasurer's Office to park in the McAuley parking lot. f Moske (2), Hoyt (1). Student* parking is restricted to Extra |points: Pettineffll (1), the McAuley,fBald!win, andjnew | p Toros (1) Safety:. I Tappa Keg (2). Zurn parMng^lots. No cars are to be parked onSany of the cam- •Second Game Score: Rebels 26 Baldwins 12 pus roads. Any .oars in viola- &. tion will be fined $1.00 for the Touchdowns: Rebels; Sortino fiirst ofifense, $25.00 for the sec- I t t(2), MoDoland (l),£"Ramond offense, and will^be barred fly (1). Baldwins; P. Beck $rom campus and receive a I (1), T.fBeck (1). $25.00 fine*for a third ofifense. Extra ^Points.; Sortino (2).


..• •

October 2; Friday 8:30 P.M. Scheduled Enferfainmentf Rock-folli .. 1 I J Boofhill I October 4; Sunday 18 30 P.M. Bergman < Film Series I | October 14; "The jSeventh Seal October 25; "Virgin Spring


• '

Fashi ions

1920 East? 38th Street Erie, Pennsylvania Telephone 864-7011

Distinctive Styles fin
Dresses Sportswear


i ~



people and visiting! other colS , ]By iDopierella leges J That islthe basic differThis past* week, your sports ence we Jiave^with boys' basketeditor had the pleasure to talk to some o!f the coaches whojwHl rtff This vis not to sa^ we don't run their respective it earns in Want |to "win, because we J are Meroyhurst's revitalized athletic veny determined this year. Last pograin. year we had a^'fun' team that had five games and lost all of (First was -la visit to the them J We >aren't^ doing away coaches of the^golf J team, Miss with*the 'fun' aspect•<• this year, Jean Forsythe and Mr.' Barry in fact, we hope to "build on the McfAndrew. They revealed their Ifun. S However, -, there a will be plans for the coming season, almnorei dedication and interest though some of these plans are this year tin taking the game somewhat uncertain at ffchis more seriously." *. t^M MissVPrice itme. In I talking about tlifc-. year's ei 'Our schedule is still being worked on, fbut we know of at phasize. \ Ouriteam is farffrom team land %the; schedule*Miss •least six matches for the spring. being set. We would invite any- Picejstated herantentions. "We Cannon Athletic Director "Bud" one who is interested in going will v hiavel a*' pliable > roster. Elwell is setting up our sched- out for the golf team to contact Right! now 'there «are' eleven ule this year sdnce|this iste new one of us as soon as possible. girls at practice, which started experience for us. We plan to We are planning on winter last Tuesday. There wlllbeja set up our own schedule next workouts, so we hope that any- dozenlreguliars but*anyone who one who wants to participate shows up I will have an fopporyear." would get in touch with us be- tunity to play. There is no first The subject of this year's fore fttoat in order to benefit or second string as such. Credit team was brought up, and, alwill fbe given I where credit is from thisipractice." though far from being ^settled, due, but one can't go overboard five names were mentioned as in their praise. We hope to have being lin the running for posi- Next was a visit to the coach a team iwiith lail IplayersJ the tions^ on the team. They | are: off this year's basketball* team, same, not just revolving around Rich Magner, a transfer stu- Miss Janet Price. Miss Price one 'star*. We want tolmix up dent Sivosm^ Greenville; Rich revealed the "new Hook" girls' the playersSandljhave them play Ohman, a transfer from Erie; basketball we'll have this year. adequately well with^all. 1 John Boback, another transfer | As you| know, girls' basketfrom Erie; Dario Cipriani, a ball will resemble the boys' We will have 12 new uniforms freshman from Erie; and fin- game in certain aspects. They with green and white as the ally, James McPoland, a fresh- are in having eachjteam only colors. We haven't chosen a man from the Buffalo vicinity. putting five players on the court name yet but thatf- is being The coaches said that Boback, at one time, andf playing full worked on. Ohman, Cipriani and MoPoland court with unlimited dribbling We hope to schedule Hfgamhad some schoJarship'aid given allowed.? This wfll maker the esithfs year and? a teyr strips. to them for their talents. gametfaster and more skillful Ons is planned to Olean, New York, to play St. Bonaventure's Aslfor the future, Miss For- than fbefore. syth ?and Mr. MoAndrew want "We are lucky in this area and possibly to Buffalo to play their team to develop in a in having qualified officials for schools in th^t area. In the%"'fully competitive" atmosphere. women's basketball. This is one ture, we might have the privgoin** to build up of the few areas where ofificials ilege to host a College Tournaa "We are take a test in order to officiate ment for the girls' teams in tins our schedule to play 'class* area." I | girfls' basketball." schools and* want to be able to compete on even terms with 'Miss Price then told of how IMiss Price also stated a posithese teams. We fwant to have she plans to run tills year's tion of hers that is anf importfall and spfing matches, hope- teamiandlher ideas^on competi- ant one in all college athletics. ''We started our workouts fully by next year. For oitr <tion5in the girl's sport.* matches, Lawrence Park will "We are not having a team early so as no&gto put undo presbe our 'home' course. Event- structured as a boys' would be. sure on the players'rschoolwork ually! we hope&o get a South- We are not * pushing for the later. There are r.no scholar^ 5 ern tour in the early Sipring." win, vbut for good sportsman- ships' given, so if grades arent At the conclusion of^the inter- ship, a competitive spirit, and that good, we don't-* think they view, both coaches had one im- for the t sociafe benefit the gMs should play, &>r academies portant fact they wanted to em- will receive in meeting other comes .sfirst in any college.'*j One final comment Miss Price made, tells the whole sftory °^ whether any ^ of the sports |at Mercyhurst will succeed in their goals or not. c J We hope to have support for 1 the girls, and hope they will g& m out and support the other teams here." (Thank you, Miss y Price I) P





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p-FridayfCat on a Hot Tin|ftoof SI—Sunday Patch of Blue 6—Tuesday* The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 11—Sunday The Odd Coupler All filnurwiil be shown in the Zurn Recitalfl&U beginning a i «
p.m. ?

Miss Forsyth

Corner of 38th St. andfPine Ave Erie, Penna. 16504


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