Vienna Eagle Single Wing



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1491 Wingbacks.1497 Tailbacks.4263 (426.1693 Fullbacks.568 Total Rushing Yards-4018 (410.1212 Wingbacks.2) Tailbacks.2344 Fullbacks.1339 Wingbacks.31 TD-43 2003.1738 Wingbacks-1234 TD-60 2004.1844 Fullbacks.8) Tailbacks.Total Carries-573 Total Rushing Yards.766 TD-46 2006.1035 Wingbacks.2144 Fullbacks.517 2005.4322 (432.986 TD.Total Carries.587 Total Rushing Yards.Total Carries.41 .583 Total Rushing Yards.1362 Fullbacks.928 TD.VIENNA EAGLE SINGLE WING T-SERIES Season Offensive Statistics Running Single Wing 2002.Total Carries.Total Carries.3) Tailbacks.5116 (511.3894 (389.6) Tailbacks.4) Total Rushing Yards.

Blocking back as an extra blocker. Unbalanced line (over & fullback wide ) d. Play action passing game off every series. Deception. e. f. k. l. No blitzing or stunting. J. I.line splits eliminate this. . Time consuming drives. h. Blocking concepts & rules. Backs can be interchangeable.VIENNA EAGLES SINGLE WING T-SERIES REASONS FOR RUNNING THE SINGLE WING a. Other teams have a hard time assimilating offense. c. Not an offense coaches see every week. No passing quarterbacks in the program. b. Can run against 8-9-10 man fronts. g.

We intend to put defensive players in a conflict situation. Example: Strong safety (run support player 1st ) 9/8 hole Defensive end 2nd 8/7 hole Misdirection slows flow of linebackers Threat of pass off each series puts Db¶s in . Need to understand this theory didn¶t start with the wing-T people.VIENNA EAGLES SINGLE WING T-SERIES SINGLE WING OFFENSIVE THEORY I.

pull though with multiple people.VIENNA EAGLE SINGLE WING T-SERIES BLOCKING SCHEME CONCEPT We are going to double team-trap. *If we can¶t get 3 ½ yards by using this scheme against the other teams BEST player we need to get on the bus and go home because we aren¶t going to win* Example: 47 power .

ball carrier or area of attack 3rd digit. Numbering system (base formation) A. 50¶s FB full spin. Backfield alignment (draw) Play Calling 1st digit. 40¶s TB straight. III. T-9.Letter of back who is moving-# area he is moving to Example: F-1. Motion.series (who ball is snapped to ) could be ball carrier 2nd digit. & wedge . Line splits B. 70¶s Buck Lateral. & B-2 IV.area of attack *difference between 2 & 3 digit call Example: 47 power & 423 wham II. 60¶s Pass. Play Series Teens= seam bucks.VIENNA EAGLE SING WING T-SERIES I.20¶s T. 30¶s FB ¼ turn.

Best. but can be smaller than 8 #4.Boy who just wants to play and will work ( a good one here is a major plus) . must be able to run #5.2nd best.Needs to be more physical than a typical split end. Each offensive lineman has different skills we are looking for.Can be an offensive tackle who can catch #2.Biggest & slowest #8.VIENNA SINGLE WING T-SERIES OFFENSIVE LINE BLOCKING RULES a. most agile #3. b. good trapper.Best trapper and power blocker #6. In order of importance#7.

Fullback (potential problems) III. 247 2. 232 6. Backfield Alignment II. 20 any (2 0r 8) . Steps/Footwork/Ball Handling a. Plays in series 1. 244 4. Wingback c. 233 5. 221 7. Tailback b. 20 Weak Flood 8. 245 3. 20 BB Screen 9.VIENNA SINGLE WING T-SERIES 20 T SERIES I.


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