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The Merciad, Jan. 18, 1974

The Merciad, Jan. 18, 1974

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The Merciad, Jan. 18, 1974
The Merciad, Jan. 18, 1974

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yfti XLVI N0.



JANUARY 18, 1974

Fri. & Sat.

Further discussion was heard concerning a proposed *'English Condition" requirement ~at last Thursdays R.U.S. meeting. W At one point, R.U.S. President, Lex Walker, turned the floor over to Sr. Eustace, chairman of the Mercyhurst English Department, who has!; been both coordinator and consultant for the proposed program. Sr. Eustace re-defined the program for R.U.S. members


who had expressed some confusion; about it, and later entertained questions. M Sr. Eustace defined the goal of the program as an attempt "to improve writing competency" of Mercyhurst students. She, and other members of the English Department present, noted that there has been growing concern in most colleges, including Mercyhurst, that "illiterate" students were being turned out. However, Sr. Eustace and other department |members fstressed their dislike for the term * 'illiterate". Not 11 accusing 8 anyone'j of "illiteracy", they replaced that term with an inability to "communicate" properly. $ As the proposal now stands, an E.C. (English Condition) may be given by any teacher in any course who, in the process of that course, suspects that a student needs assistance in basic writing structure^ The student receiving the E.C. would then be referred to a director, to be * hired by the college. After pre-testing cthat student, the director will decide if the E.C. has been legitimately given and, if this has been determined, will work with that student to develop his writing competency. The student? may substitute sessions with the director byl taking a writing course from the Mercyhurst curriculum, but the condition must be fulfilled. It will not affect a student's final grade in a given course, but the condition must be honored before graduatioa Sr. Eustace admitted that, at this time, i no information is available as to the cost of the program. % Our sympathy to Jr. John Daley on the recent loss of his mother. John Thomas Nesbit has been named director of grants a t Mercyhurst College. He had been affiliated with, thej PA. Department of Justice since 1969, mostil^recently* as special | assistant- for operations. -t t> He holds a B.A. in criminology -administration and is doing graduate work at Penn State for a Master of Planning with t an urban emphasis.

Roger and Wendy will continue their engagement at the Student Union tonight and tomorrow night with shows at 9 and 11. II I The three members of the group blend tones to create a unique style. Roger plays electric auto-harp and organ. i Wendy is the singer, a stylist who infuses lyrics with feeling and meaning. She also plays bass guitar for the group. A girl named Sam provides backup on the electric violin• and drums. | *$f?i £ The group performs both their own compositons, which make up about naif of the show, and songs by other artists such as Bob Dylan, Doug Kershaw, and the Moody Blues.* *w*$' " Roger and Wendy opened in the Union last night to an enthusiastic audiences &M. W & The?fifteenth annual scholarship awards of] the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women. * 1 The Awards—Two scholarships will be awarded, a Florence Dornblaser Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $250 and an Emma Guffey Miller Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $250. Eligibility—Any deserving woman student in the Junior class of an accredited college or university may apply. The awards are for use during her Senior year. She must be majoring in political science, government, economics orfhistory or preparing to teach one of these subjects. She must have good scholastic standing. She must'be reasonably active in student activities. She must be a resident of Pennsylvania. She must establish the need for financial aid. And she must possess a Democratic family background or be an active participant in the affairs of the Democratic Party. \ Purposes—To encourage qualified young women to pursue and to develop interests in polities and government. % Ji 'j|£ / Lm To honor the memories of two distinguished Democratic women, the late Florence Dornblaser, who was the first Treasurer of the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic^ Women, and the late Emma Guffey Miller-who was the first woman nominated for the office of President of the United States. Both women left bequests to the Federation, the proceeds of which were placed in a scholarship fund. Additional funds have been added by the clubs and individual members of the Federation. Jgg j * Deadline—Applications must be postmarked no later than May 1, 1974. g i u ifcThe awards will be presented to the winners in person on Tuesday, June llth, at the Annual Convention of the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women at Reading, Pa. \ 4 Applications—Applications may be obtained by writing to: Memorial Scholarship Fund Grace M. Sloan, Chairman P.O. Box 3804 g % Harrisburg, Pa. 17105

D.S. T.

Change Reactions
Although it was still winter on on people with regard to rhythms January 6, our clocks ^ had to that relate to illumination. & "spring ahead" an hour for He also mentioned the dangers Daylight Savings Time. How did of driving in the dark and of ycji react to this change? Here children walking to school before follows a sampling of the daylight. $ $ response to the measure by the On the other hand, several Mercyhurst Community. people shared the view of Peggy Several persons polled shared Flocos, who said that the change we feelings of junior J Evelyn to DST "doesn't make any difBogdanski, who leaves her home ference to me because 1 don't at8:00each morning. "1 don't like ^have; to get!* up early." The locome toschool in the dark" she sophomore 'feels that the ^measure is not accomplishing stated. anything. * * Sophomore Nick larussi said History i professor Mike "w the changed to Daylight ^McQuillen said that "We'll have savings Time was a good decision 1 •«* the time being and that it is to wait' and see' whether the some measure f is} successful in its . *?9 electricity. He ipurpose of takingf stress off f jWied, though, *j don't really generators during the peak hours peueye in this energy crisis. . . . n j '(> J < * <*e s something in it to make Iof5to7p.m. | Dr.tMcQuillen commented that money for someone." pthe measurer will probably not -Psychology professor *John affect Erie that much since it is Mewart said that* the disad the bigger cities which use much vantages of the-measure out- more electricty at that time of the ™gn the benefit of the "trifling day. 9 I amount of energy that is saved." Results." on the attempt to w the effect of DST at this time conserve energy may be forr, Dr Stew rt th^ . ' a remarked "I thcoming in a month or two, Dr. JJink it'$ disruptive to our McQuilien projected. | | bl M ^gicaltimeclocks. Daylight Savings-; Time is e .fi said thai rising when it is scheduled to remain in effect until Sl "i dark has a disturbing effect October, 1975. $



Gary R. Arndt, a sophomore law&enforcement major at Merollege h a s b e e n arded a 8 ? £ a^ three-year Army |ROTC . The sonof Mr^and Mr*. Richard M. Arndt, 169 East 9th Street, he prerii W**»te <* Fort LeBoeuf Higl* School where he was ^siaent of his sophomore and junior classes. 1 U 3 * M awarded the ROTC scholarship in recognition of his ^morstrated leadership abiUties, academic excellence, physical s a d t £ ' ? par^ctoation in extracurricular activities. fJr^noiarshJp wUfjiay all tuition, textbooks and laboratory UB an 2uir a l allowance of $100.00 per month during his remaining *ffil ** H u n t The Erieite was eligible for the award Cofir *** <*«* enrollment agreement of Mercyhurst and Gannon

Dr. Cox pours Ms reaction mixture into ice water.
The Merciad Meeds am/ student interested in writing. Uyout, or general news K r i u Phone 804-3740 or |eav4 message in MIO. Room. I

Producing*an anti-tumor drug for cancer research occupies the fOFFICE spare time of Mercyhurst's organic chemistry professor, (Sword H. Cox. In conjunction NEWS with Roswell Park Memorial Institute I in Buffalo, Dr. Cox is Tuesday, Jan. 22 - U. S. Dept. devoting mam/ hours to the difof Health, Education & ficult preparation of a substituted Welfare nucleoside which he .-will send back to Roswell for further tests. Tuesday, Jan. 29 £ General Telephone Company of The anti-tumor drug > will be Pennsylvania. tested }ior effectiveness on microorganisms first. If the drug succeeds 'in killing the Tuesday, Jan. i 29 - Hoover microorganisms, it will then be Vacuum Company used on rats and later on larger mammals. If it continues to look Wednesday, Feb. 20 - Pittsburgh Public Schools promising, his carefully prepared compound will eventually be tried I Seniors are urged to make on humans. | their appointments with the Dr. * Cox began a * related Placement Office as soon as research project at Roswell in possible if an interview is 1971 as a summer college teacher desired with } the above research participant. Hispresent Recruiters. j £ | project I has resulted from continued contact with Roswell researchers over the last three * — ^Part-tfifte job opportunities can be obtained years. c !' Started in 1898, Roswell was the from the Placement Bulletin first institute inn history to be Board located on the second entirely devoted: to cancer floor of Old Main. research. It is supported by New York State jand government grants. iMlf^




JANUARY 1ft , . , ,

Dario's Divots



by Dario Cipriani, Sports Editor
With more than half of the 19731974 basketball season completed the time has come for the Mercyhurst College'basketball team to begin their run for Kansas City. The Lakers thwarted in their bid {or an unprecedented eighth straight victory by Steubenville now|come|to the point where every victory is of utmost.-importance, I The Barons dealt Mercyhurst a 55-54 overtime loss last Saturday on their* home floor, Down by twelve points at one time* the 'Hurst fought back and for a few moments held a two point lead in the overtime session. The Lakers 2 now show an 8-5 Uon loss slate. Ten games remain on this season's slate. The game against Shaw College has officially been cancelled, so the best the Lakers can do is 18-5. This will definitely get them a spot in NAIA postseason District 18 fplay offs. However, the pressure will be on in each of these contests. They cannot afford more than one loss. y As Ifsee MM 17-6 record could get us into the play offs. The big game of course, will be Edinboro. They will be ranked number one in the district no matter if we beat them on not. Alvictory against Edinboro ^vould almost insure Mercyhurst of receiving a bid, providing we don't get dumped by Walsh, FLock jHaveiv Benrend, etc. Twcmore losses and schools out; waitftill next year..Even if we lose to Edinboro we are taking our chances since both Fredonia and Point Park own victories over us. They are both in the District
I /

With t h e N e w Y e a r upon us, w e ara sure m a n y of you h a v e m a d e N e w Y e a r ' s resolutions and already broken t h e m . As your Spiritual Guardians, w e h a v e taken it upon ourselves to interview various people on what their resolutions a r e . T h e s e people have vowed to stick by their resolutions, no m a t t e r how h a r d . H e r e w i t h a r e your friends' and our resolutions for 1974: Roe 5 ' 6 r t a — \ h a v e resolved to compile m y jokes in a book entitled 1004
wur * i I O K U S oy K. T 'j, T t. ffl

J&&' by candace yanker

and currently have better records than the 'Hurst. There are other schools still in contention for a post-season NAIA -berth. Clarion State, Geneva,Frostburg and Waynesburg all have very respectable records. jMany people will tell you that there are more good basketball! teams in the District this year than in any previous one. i The competition will be very difficult? for |Mercyhurst and it will be an uphill battle all the way to Kansas City. ODDS'N ENDS £ The Miami Dolphins certainly proved they are the best football team in the world. They made a mockery of Super Bowl VIII bv pounding Minnesota 14-7. I feel they are threatening t the old Packer and Brown teams for their claim as the best football team in .history, fWithout any major*, shake-ups, the Dolphins could conceivable win Super Bowl IX and X. Want to see a great basketball game? Watch the|Notre Dame U.C.L.A. clash from South^Bend tomorrow on the tube. My prediction U.C.L.A. (with or without Bill Walton will defeat the| Irish. They beat both Maryland and North Carolina State who were threatening their position as number one). The basketball team will play host to HWalsh College tomorrow night at Tech Memorial. The Cavaliers are currently 7-10 for the season. The Lakers will attempt to rebound from their loss to Steubenville and get on the right road to K.C.

Sport—I have resolved myself to read R.'s book to cure my insomnia. -j* Rick Birmingham—I have resolved myself to look like my idol, Prince Valiant (only his hairdresser knows for sure). '^S^R** I ?1 $<3f* ^ Marypat McCarthy and Terri Feumun—We have resolved to show more respect for our senior idols In Apts. 112 and 113. ? I XML \ • Dave Williamson—I have resolved not to let^the Red Cross declare my VW a disaster area. ? f * \ * < 1 | .V B . P . H . — I have resolved to show the M.U. students that Union dances can be fun. f j*J v *3 ^ £ hj&M* Marianne—lhave resolved not to be bored or bummed out for the '74 year. "4 Bev Welsh—I have resolved to learn to speak English. i.ijg J * Liza Guida—I have resolved to grow another four inches so people can't call me a munchkln. "J M ' Sfb c Margot La Strange—I have resolved to prove to John Voikus that he fell in love with me first. J { ££§ '.nS II *,, *\ Mr. Lanahan—1 resolved to be married by the end of 1974 or remain? a bachelor the rest of my life. ^ %*. #§l£* 4 * 2 Jesse Campbell—I have resolved to make as many points in the second half as I do In The first. 7 w | i | n ^f| $wj * -4 Egan- I resolve to go out on the court and do a cheer with the rest of the cheerleaders. |2 3 SWM I *% -Wt i^S^ & Frank Barry—I have resolved to become the director of a girls' choir. * p Gerry Sica—I have resolved to donate all my left-over peanuts to the elephants in the Erie Zoo and not use them for target practice. J Frank Sands—I resolve that in the year 1974 I will no longer be too young. 1R Emick—I have resolved to be number one man on the basketball team. « Smoke—I resolve that someone will recognize my reel talent artel* I wH|. appear in the coffeehouse as the singing .brother. B | ^BW**^ Bngette—I have resolved to reform my R.F.M.J B j J B f e ^ J B ^ g ^ ^ g ^1^ Kennedy—I have resolved to get a hair transplant M J ? § i ggj . Obie—I have resolved to remain a member of the hurd of brotherly love. ^L Rosie Scott—I resolve to stay off crutches for the rest of basketball season. Mary Drummond—I have resolved to live in alcave in Kentucky and become a hermit. 3 * | l?Ri * S yj § * Bill Guyton—I have resolved not to spend as many nights in the Ramada Inn as I did last year. ^ 1 A I 9 i f And we as your spiritual guardians have resolved to continue with our column in hopes to enlighten and entertainthestudentsofM.il. II Happy New Year, > $ ? &SjffiltM I WS apgjPSSfeS^^pK^ Your Spiritual Guardians ^RtHr jS^SaftBJffiSBwHmSiiMflS?^ 1 P.S. Better Luck this year. J j i -| 13| Wx&L f ^ H E S ? ^ P.P.S. Happy Birthday to Dianne Leslie Pickens for a happy 2 2 n d . x ^ ^ ^ 3

X it was in, it was once 8 f thaH was once in or other 5 through or together * or pieced abominably asunder £ ' was once i was knowing ^andyetlwasnot. : i was growing BB$ - * inward and outward, n ':d over and above. I ^ green hills are black | :: ,a k k,e,are •• Kll?#r f ? «wnal. but flickering throughout c the commencement of tragedy ^^v>. bymartlng.migiioretti -y i want to get out... • ' but i ha ve never been in * ^ r - . . written by a friend "

i |

i i ! ! j !

: * i wanna laugh. J j . i like your eyes. •* \ 3 i like myself in your eyes, when w « you laugh. © i wanna laugh with you, baby jh make me laugh, f I i wanna touch you J s and talk with you, baby. *jg wanna talk. 6 i I ike you. i I ike your eyes. $ ft like myself in your eyes, when ^ you talk with me, ^ baby,.make me laugh. P ^ K written by a friend's friend


please feel free to enter? youi thoughts, in any literary form..: they are always welcome.


Lakers Record to January 12 RESULTS (8-5, Home 2-1, Hoad 6-4)

^ Friday, January 18 after £§ Laker Game g t o liaise Money To Bail ^ 5 J oh u Ryck's dad out ^ 5 . ^ of Jail '-*£ ? I Ad mission $ I.(M) i | n f l | Shots $ .25 ^ B Third Floor Scsler Apts i^S^M' (ireen Door) Sponsored by Mark Musial
John Welsh


1973-74 Mercyhurst Basketball Statistics? \ %1 Thirteen Games (Won 8, Lost 5) | f g fmg-fga Sftm-fta reb avg pts avg
13 108-257 29-53 227 13 69-133 26-33 67 13 54-158 24-34 17 10 36- 83 19-31^ 19 13 31- 58 14-21 .63 13 30- 66 7- 8 47 12 29- 68 8-14 48 12 23- 62 13-17 17 10 19- 49 12-23 46 12 13- 41 12-20 20 3 1- 2 i 2- 3 1 0- 2 0- 1 2 3 2 2 0- 5 0- 0 0 1^ 0- l | 0- 0 0- 0 0- 0 of

Lakers 92 MD-EASTERN SHORE Lakers 86 | a t WHEELING Lakers w 80 at POINT PARK P ILAKERS 59 | a t St. Vincent tgl Lakers > 37 ^at Fredonia State ( 9 R LAKERS 93 Eastern Conn. State ffig LAKERS 72 North Adam State m& ^LAKERS , 90 Shaw (Mich.) m ^LAKERS 75 Mansfield State Bluefield State $ ^LAKERS 72 LAKERS 90 Point Park LAKERS 92 at Alliance STEUBENVILLE Lakers | 54 at Eastern Conn. State and North Adams State • games in Western New England College Classic v Mansfield and Bluefield State - games in Greater Bluefield Invitation Tournament. MSi* i i



Everyone's invited Donations Welcomed



Jesse Campbell Curtis Hixon Carl Jones Willis Cardot *j Bob Repko MikeEmick Jeff McConnell Jeff Davern Steve Albert DanBukowski Dave Wieczorek Bryant Jacobs^ JimMahoney£ Jim Oshlick Cliff Root

17.5 245 18.8 5.2 164£ 12.6 1.3 132 10.2 1.9 91 9.1 4.8 76 5.8 3.6 67 5.2 4.0 66 5.5 1.4 59 4.9 4.6 50 5.0 1.7 38 3.2 0.3 4 1.3 0.7 0 0.0 1.0 0 0.0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0.0 0.0



"The Funnier I Smoke, thefDrinker I Get"
(Note: Due to a lack of cartoon ideas, and a serious shortage of aesthetic inspiration (dope)/ the Fruit Farm cartoon has transcended into literary form this week. For maximum enjoyment* devour the contents of this article wffh your mind while in an upper level of consciousness.) I 3 | sgf f. Sjfi WASHINGTON (UPI) ^Senate investigators were alerted on the discovery of a previously unreleased tape in the possession of Mrs. Richard Nixon in the white house today. Chief investigator Leon Jaworskl disclosed that the tape, 190 minutes in length/ contained predominantly unintelligible mumblings/ which investigators have linked to that of President Nixon and former White House thief of Staff, H.R. Halderman. An offfcial transcript of the conversation has been released to the press, and condensed as follows: J £ 5 S|jP * 2£ Mr. Nixon: M m m . . .ah?, .mmm.. .oh. . .oh.. .mmmmaaahh... Mr. Halderman: NnghM! Nrragh!!! rrrgh! I! g2 Mr. Nixon: Mmmrrbl.. .mmnrgn.. .ah. .mmm. .oh. .oh... Mr. Halderman: NNNGHH! HRRAGH!!! AAHHRRRrrrrmmmm... ^ Mr. Nixon: Aaaaaahhhhh^..!! # * jE| 3 \ Mr. Halderman: You've been eating ruben sandwiches again! * Mr. Nixon: My heartfelt apologies. Bob. •' Acute shortages as of this writing: paper gasoline 'j£ oatmeal licensed harpsicord players acid rock prophylactics ink oil £ m beatniks roa chc lips \ %\ money blacklites electricity peace medals sL horror movies \ marijuana Astroturf natural gas Cream of Wheat green kryptonite sanity Fennec Foxes [ Dr. SchoII's Foot Powder oxygen Hefty Trash Can Liners V j. Actual World Records: ? Longest beard: 17i2|feet, belonged to Hansi Langseth,SBnd was presented+to the Smithsonian Institutibn, m Washington/ D.C., upon his death in 1967. y< & Largest kidney stone: 13 lbs., 14 oz., removed from an eighty year-old woman«Jn London, England, t Most husbands: AI in the case of Theresa Vaughn, aged 24, with in a five year period. Prune eating: 151 at one sitting, by James Hodgkiss, of Litchfield* England, on November 7,1970. Worst tongue twister: "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick." by Ken Parkin, of Tesside, Illinois. Longest song title: "I'm a Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank, on the Streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu Mama, doing those Beat-o, Beat-o, Flat-on-my-Seato, Hirohito Blues," by HoagyCarmichael In 1943. Things that aren't funny anymore: belly button lint aardvarks'* Johnny Carson pubic hairs bathroom graffiti Th ingsthat are funny: policemen • Bob Sutherland "Reefer Rollers"^ 7 he AAarx Brothers
= , u n ,eav v

Anyone who would be interested in "Writing Up" intramural basketball for the Merciad contact Jack Riley, phone 868-2437 or in the cafeteria. ' ¥ . T T


Years of Service
Published weekly during the college year, except Thanksgiving, fersessfofv Christmas and Easter vacations, and examination periods toy the students of Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pa., HS01. Mailing address: Mercyhurst MailroonvPfeston Hall, Box 3*.

shooting moons f B. Phillip Herring boogers Fat Albert %: faking the dry heaves The Three Stooges armadillos " R|Cr0mb« hogs %
u wltn the w o r d s f

Alice Cooper homos dead baby jokes Gnus $' cutt in' the cheese personal vibrators Bonanza «? Star Trek rednecks

The Hollywood Squares Watergate Jokes k Ji I w ^ Buz Sawyer and his pal, Roscoe Sweeney Mad Magazine Your Spiritual Guardians | Gahan Wilson "snakes and rats, real dry heaves Dave Blanchf ield Bugs Bunny Fruit Farm


m Johnson, who said: ***»AK ?2L i tt ii * 2 , o our i m m o r t a l L a k e r s ' Basketball manager, Sa A h , w e l l , a h , a h , yea, a h , I m e a n , ah, yea, a h , ya k n o w ? " Editor: Assistant Editor^ Editorial Board ?$ Feature: j Newsj,- •{ Sports: M % Assistant Sports Drama: '^fe business M a n a g e r : F a c u l t y Advisor: Cathy'Stevenson K i m Wonfenay Sue Weiner Sharon ^Narnar 1 Dario Cipriani Jack Riley Mark Zlne AnneMashinic Barry McAndrew

ACTIVITIES January 18-25
AAovie 7 & 9 JK "The French Connection" Must have \aXSkWL

Coffeehouse" Roger, Wendy ft S a m " Shows 9 & 10 1 B.Ball Home (Tech) Lakers Vs. Walsh 8 p . m .

Coffeehouse f "Roger, WendyA Sam 98.10 |


Baking-Hiking Demonstration Union 11:30 to 2:30 a Bowling Party-Eastland Bowl Midnight to ??

Staff: Paul Manes,?Toni Loupe, PauI'Doran, Diane Pickens, Cathy McCarthy, Dennis Coan, John Sullivan, Ann Condon, Candy Yanker.

M i n i Concerf Union 9 p.m. Gerry Grossman

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