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Operation Paradise Orgonite

Operation Paradise Orgonite

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Published by: Orgonite Man on May 24, 2011
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Pleased to meet you
Hope you guess my name
But what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game
From “Sympathy for the devil” by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Interestingly, this small elite of an
estimated 300 families that are said
to be in control of the world’s
financial, military, economic and
political affairs, all believe in and
use magic (or rather “magick” as
they love to call it), while peddling
blatant materialism or sanitised

spirituality in the form of the
organised religions to the masses.
They are all connected through a
network of secret societies that
pervade all outwardly visible
structures of world society. Through
the minions and unwitting foot
soldiers in these numerous and

Sympathy for the devil


multifaceted organisations, the
agenda of the secret core is
promoted in an endless parade of
seemingly unconnected events.
These people (if one wants to
grant them that honorary title)
engage in the most gruesome
rituals, including human sacrifice, in
order to boost their hypnotic
stranglehold over humankind.
All this is well documented,8

I’m not attempting to write another
book about the Illuminati,
Freemasons, Jesuits or “The
Brotherhood of the White Light”. An
important point in this context is that
this group is working with exactly
those aspects of reality whose
existence they officially deny.
Sounds a lot like “preaching water
and drinking wine”, doesn’t it?
Materialism is for the cattle, the
ordinary Jim and Jack in the street,
as is organised religion and its
newest version, the manipulated
New Age Movement.

Masonic symbolism on the US 1 Dollar bill

What is now the difference between
“Magick” and spiritual healing,

between true spirituality and
The legend depicts Lucifer, who is
often identified with the great
adversary of God, Satan, as a fallen
angel, an angel that is in rebellion
against God. In his arrogance, he
sees himself separated from the
divine and will use all “magick
tricks” to maintain that separation
and draw power from promoting
that same separation in others.
He will promise an individual who
is willing to enter a pact with this
consciousness, power over others,
wealth, and success, just like the
Mephistopheles figure in Goethe’s
most eminent work “Faust”.
In many spiritual traditions this
arrogant attitude of an individual
mind or soul entity is called the
False Ego. By separating itself from
the flow of divine will and energy
the satanic consciousness is
casting a shadow. It can only feed
off negativity in others and is thus




In analogy it can be described as
Wilhelm Reich’s DOR on a spiritual
level. DOR is blocked life-energy on
a “proto-physical” level. Satanism is
blocked divine energy on the
spiritual level.
True spirituality is humility without
being feeble. It is the joy of
experiencing one’s individuality as
part of and in harmony with a
greater whole, the creative
consciousness that is also known
as GOD.

Unfortunately many of us who are
awakening to recognise a larger
reality beyond the truncated views
of school-book physics (the true

History and theory


borderline research in physics is
much more exciting than that of
course) are landing in the wide and
sticky spider’s web of the various
New Age cults and new religious
belief systems.
Satanism is often very well
masked as spirituality and you can
be assured that the purporters of
this spiritual attitude will rarely
confess to it openly. A few
exceptions like Aleister Crowley,
who was proud of it, break the rule
in this case.
Getting an illuminated member of
the Great White Brotherhood to
confess to being a satanist is about
as difficult as finding a self-
confessed white racist in modern
South Africa. They have all
“disappeared” with the advent of the
“New South Africa” and it’s linguistic


correctness. Next time you are
approached by some members of
the latest New Age craze, just ask
yourself the following questions:
Do they talk of an elite of initiates,
only whom can understand the
deeper secrets of their doctrine?
Do they make it attractive for you
to join by flattering you that you
could belong to such an elite?
Do they flatter you further by
telling you how stupid 99% of the
human herd are, and how an elite
has to direct mankind’s fate
anyway, and again that you could
be part of that elite?
You got it!
They’re all in it. There’s no major
cult or religious movement out there
that is not in part created or at least
deeply infiltrated by the New World
Order gang. They constantly try to

do this to our spontaneous and
unorganised Network, but have not
been very successful so far. Maybe
that is because we have nobody
who is willing to play the role of the
“all-knowing Guru”, the source of
endless wisdom.
The negative energies conjured
up by magic ritual cannot be
sustained in a strong orgone field.
This is the reason why we
continuously gift the sites of
negative magic ritual with orgonite.
Sensitives have continuously noted
how not only the atmosphere clears
up, but also souls or spirits that
have been trapped by such ritual
become liberated and set free.
Apparently black magic uses a lot
of parasitic techniques, where the
energy of another soul is used to
achieve certain ends. This is easily
understood once you’ve grasped


parasitic nature of satanic
It can – per definition – not
generate its own energy and
therefore needs to spoil the life
energy of mankind in order to tap
into the power of those entrapped

Hence the mass addiction to
drugs, pornography, violence and
all kinds of perversions and
deformations of the human psyche
constantly and tirelessly promoted
by this ruling and highly hypocritical
elite. In their public personae, they
will of course support “The War on
Drugs”, while actually being the
drug pushers themselves, or will
devise Visions of a “World without
Violence”, while being the driving
force behind every terrorist

Money makes the world go round


organisation that they then venture
out to “fight”, in massive and
inappropriate wars of mass
destruction and cruel conquest.

It is a strange world out there!

Massive orgonisation of the planet
will break the hypnotic spell that this
group holds over mankind.
Due to the parasitic nature of their
game, their power wanes as soon
as the energy that they are used to
tapping into is withdrawn from


This is well within the scope of
humanity’s short-term options given
a sufficient degree of awakening

We have found the extraordinary
effects of orgonite on the human
psyche demonstrated again and
again. People disengage from
fruitless conflict and become
constructive and cooperative in the
presence of strong positive orgone

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