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The Merciad, April 4, 1975

The Merciad, April 4, 1975

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The Merciad, April 4, 1975
The Merciad, April 4, 1975

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Financial Aid News

Financial aid is one of the foremost concerns : among college students. For this reason, the Financial Aid Office has scheduled a clinic for April 16, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. It will take place in Zurn Hall in the foyer and in the Richards Room. The Financial Aid Clinic is Intended for parents, potential students, and students currently enrolled. •,: The Financial Aid Directors and staff encourage anyone to present! any; questions!,or problems regarding financial aid. The activities planned will be social as well as informative* ifciiill The activities of April 16 will be carried over until the 23rd to provide convenience for those people unable to attend the Wednesday sessions. During that week, anyone is urged to stop imthe Financial Aid Office with any questions. However, the open door policy of the Financial Aid Office will not end on the



by Olivia Longo



23rd. As always, both Miss McCabe-and Mrs. Mazanowski will be more than happy to help all students at any time. If students wish to know about the summer financial aid, those questions will also be answered. The clinic will be divided into three sections. Mrs. Jacque Mazanowski, the Assistant Financial Aid Director, will take care of the PHEAA. grants and the State Guaranteed Loan* Program. Mrs. Sally Schrader will answer any! questions regarding the BEOG program, 5 •v I To interject a bright note, the Financial Aid Office has stated the BEOG ^eligibility has changed, to benefit from the program, one no longer has to be a full-time student Three quarters*and even half-time students are eligible. Students who in the past have

Me rciad.

been rejected because of Social Security benefits will be considered for an award. The Social Security benefits no longer appear under the students assets in the application. Moreover, there is money left over from this year's BEOG budget which will be applied towards next year's awards. Thus, more students will receive BEOG grants. 5 For the third section of the clinic, Miss McCabe, the Financial Aid Director, will be discussing the Parents' Confidential Statementjwhich is thebasic application for any federal and Institutional aid. Miss McCabe has announced that the federal and institutional funds, allotted to the Mercyhurst students has increased; More money will be available for distribution for the year 1975-76. The budgetary figures will be ^published ima future issue of the

Tho Voice of Hie Mercyhurst Community
VOL. 47 NO. 20 Addresses!'Hurst Audience MERCYHURST COLLEGE APRIL 4. 1975

'& A near-capacity crowd of Mercyhurst students and interested Erieites jammed the Zurn Recital Hall on Tuesday night as Senator William* Proxmire (D. Wise.) spoke on the issues which now confront the Congress and the nation, ^g | g In a* press fconference interview prior to 4iis g speaking engagement, Senator Proxmire addressed himself primarily to the issue of South Vietnam. He responded quickly to the j allegation fby President Ford that Congress was to blame for the imminent fall of S. Vietnam. The Senator pointed out that the facts don't fit thejPresident's allegation - America has never done so much for a country the size of S. Vietnam as we did there! He noted that 55,000 men died there, and that the American government spent $150 billion there. "We've done all that we could for a long time.... we can do no more." The Senator stated'that the downfall of South Vietnam was "a matter of weeks" and that Congress should withhold all support, save any humanitarian funding to aid in the evacuation of refugees.. When asked if the removal of the Thieu regime would change the situation, the Senator responded that the situation has moved beyond the point of no return the -South Vietnamese dotft4even*have the will to defend their nation. ¥ * f When asked his views' on the Middle East, the Senator responded that Israel is a far different case from Vietnam. He noted that the country has never needed troop support from the United States, that our military support is negligible compared to that of Vietnam, and that the people of Israel have|proven over and over (hat they have the will to survive../. The Senator was strong in his support for Israel in the Middle East and expressed hope jthat the Geneva conference would be productive. | A.member of the United States Senate since 1957 when he filled the seat vacated by the death of Senator Joseph McCarthy Senator Proxmire has developed a reputation for having a keen eye on waste in the federal government operation. He is best noted for his severe criticisms of waste in the Defense establishment. During the interview, Nominations for RUS officers will be held in Room however, the Senator made it clear that he believes 114, Zurn Hall on April 8 at 4 p.m. that the United States should have a strong military Students interested in seeking the following offices the strongest in the world, but it should be efficient. in RUS—President, Vice-President, Secretary, or He estimated that $7 billion could be pared from the Treasurer .should have one person ^present to present Defense budget, ami expressed hope that this nominate them, along with someone else to second would be the case in the present Congress* the nominatioa I | * Senator William Proxmire (Democrat, Wisconsin) All students who have a minimum of six courses each year at Mercyhurst are eligible for any of the I.E.C." four offices. g Students who feel that they know a qualified person for any of these positions are urged to come to this meeting and make a nominatioa Each candidate will have 24 hours to accept or by Leigh Krcmer decline that nominatioa s This decision should be 1 submitted to the RUS office no later than 4 p.m. April At the end of Spring term, some Mercyhurst mechanisms used in the^English* "workshop" in9. * % I students may be surprised to see an unfamiliar letter clude: a diagnostic test to pinpoint weaknesses, Campaigning will begin on April 9 at 4 p.m. and grade on their report cards—IEC; This new grade tutors available to work with students on a one-to-one culminate on April 14 with an open forum featuring was created and approved at the March 12th meeting basis, and a wealth of ^information on subjects Presidential candidate speeches and discussion at 7 of the Mercyhurst College Senate. ranging from spelling and grammar to the important p.m. in the Recital Hall. \. k Students receiving an IEC grade on their report task of writing a term paper, i Electioasiwill be held in the Zurn Hall Lobby on card are required to participate in the Mercyhurst | Any bad feelings that might surround the practice April 18th.* | English Clime to replace [the IEC grade (Incom- of receiving an IEC from an instructor are totally plete—English Clinic) with the grade that they unfounded. When a teacher gives a student an "Incomplete—English Clinic", it is basically for the earned in the course in which they received an IEC. The Mercyhurst English Clime, founded this year student's own benefit Although the student may have under the direction or Mr. Andrew Roth is a a clear understanding of the material presented in a tremendous asset to Mercyhurst students. Basic class, he or she may not be able to express thempurpose of the clinic is to help students work out selves "with * certain degree of organizatioa difficulties in their writing style, thus becoming Receiving anllEC, therefore, is by no^means a better all-around students. The services is provided punishment, According to Sr. Eustace, head of the English free-of-charge by the college. | Mr.1 Roth believes that if any student has a good Department, a well-educated individual is one who command of the English language and.has developed can speak and write well. In addition, the ability to a concise understanding of grammar^and sentence communicate thoughts through writing is a basic structure, he will be able to raise the grade he gets in skill needed in any job situatioa Therefore, students any course one point on the basis of mechanical skills are invited, IEC or nojIEC, to stop by the English Clinic, which is located on the third floor of Old Main, The English Clinic, therefore, has the potential of to improve their own-ability to communicate their We've moved into our new quarters, and here they are! being a workshop for developing writing, skills and ideas for the remainder of their time at Mercyhurst The new Merciad office is on 2nd floor, Old Main, just off the rooting out poor writing habits. Some ofgthe and then later on in the demanding career world. Career Planning Center—but where's the staff?



/ /

Senate Creates Newt Grade



APRIL 4. 1975

Sexuality Council

Dear Editor: ; • D i s c r i m i n a t i o n ! A n d y o u , m a l e s t u d e n t s of t h i s f a i r college o n t h e hill, b e f o r e y o u tell m e t o t a k e m y w o m e n ' s lib s o m e p l a c e else, did it e v e r o c c u r to you that YOU a r e being discriminated against? I a m referring t o Fathei>Daughter Weekend. A s a daughter, I have nothing against Father-Daughter Weekend, but it c a m e to m y attention t h a t a t Mercyh u r s t t h e r e is one m o r e son t h a n t h e r e a r e d a u g h t e r s . T h e l a s t I h e a r d , t h e c o u n t w a s 645-644 i n f a v o r of t h e sons. W h e n it c o m e s to celebrating the parent-child r e l a t i o n s h i p , m o r e t h a n half of o u r s t u d e n t s a r e left out! N o t to m e n t i o n t h e m o t h e r s w h o a r e left out!T h e p r o b l e m g e t s a flittle m o r e c o m p l i c a t e d . I h e a r d a n unfortunate c o m m e n t ^regarding a social event involving t h e m a l e population and 'their

To the Editor: « D e a r E d i t o r : •*£ ; r ">' Where do we go from here? The changes that have A s t h e e d i t o r i a l s t a f f f o r t h e A g e of A q u a r i u s , r a d i o occurred a t M e r c y h u r s t in a n e a r twenty-year s p a n p r o g r a m , w e wish to extend our sincere thanks a n d since m y graduation a r e impressive. I've w a t c h e d deep appreciation to B a r b r a Ann Hewitt, and to h e r with enthusiasm a s Ithe 'Hurst seemed t o m a k e a predecessor G a r y Dudenhoefer. They w e r e i n s m o o t h t r a n s i t i o n into t h e t w e n t i e t h c e n t u r y life s t y l e c o m p l e t e c h a r g e of t h e t e c h n i c a l p r o d u c t i o n of t h e of c o - e d ' l e a r n i n g a n d l i v i n g . B u t n o w I ' m c o n c e r n e d ^ p r o g r a m ^ f o r t h e p a s t s e v e r a l m o n t h s . I t w a s d u e t o a Sexuality Council? I understand that the Health their co-operation that the p r o g r a m never missed a Services neither supervises nor approves t h e a c - scheduled appearance. tivities of this g r o u p y e t t h e College i s both W e of t h e Staff a r e v e r y t s o r r y t h a t M e r c y h u r s t publicizing a n d housing the Council. | College finds itself u n a b l e t o continue t h e i r I know - " I h a v e t h e right..." B u t e v e r y r i g h t association w i t h P u b l i c R a d i o W Q L N . W e feel t h a t carries with it a responsibility - and conversely, both, as a rewarding and remunerative career, radio e v e r y r e s p o n s i b i l i t y c a r r i e s w i t h i t a r i g h t . I t i s m y j s r e a c h i n g a i w i d e r a u d i e n c e a n d i n t h e m i d s t of a p e r s o n a l feeling | t h a t a c e n t e r of l e a r n i n g t h a t successful a n d g r o w i n g r e n a i s s a n c e . p r o p o s e s t o b e f o u n d e d o n a n d s t i l l s u p p o r t s J u d e o - $ Our program! was sponsored by the College of C h r i s t i a n t e a c h i n g s m u s t b e r e s p o n s i b l e ! t o t h e Older Americans and while its principal thrust was to t e n e n t s of t h e s e t e a c h i n g s a n d h a s a r i g h t t o i n t e r f e r e those over fifty years of age, it was- very low key in w i t h a n y o r g a n i z a t i o n t h a t d o e s n o t s u p p o r t t h e s e nature and interesting to all sectors of the listening p r i n c i p l e s . T o d o a n y t h i n g l e s s , ^in m y j u d g e m e n t , audience. We feel too that it was a worthwhile conshows tacit approval. tribution to community relations. Yes, I know that w e cannot close our eyes and mind We feel that the cost of the continuation of the radio t o t h e r e a l i t i e s of l i f e i n 1975 - t h i n g s l i k e d i v o r c e r a t e s facilities would* about^equah that of one | full time s o a r i n g , a b o r t i o n s c l i m b i n g , i l l e g i t i m a t e b i r t h s athletic scholarship and was a small price to pay for c e r t a i n l y n o t : d e c r e a s i n g , c h i l d a b u s e c a s e s a product which reflected so smuch^credit to the m u l t i p l y i n g , d e p r e s s i o n a n u m b e r o n e h e a l t h college. But "What is written is written", and we oif p r o b l e m , v a l i u m , t h e m o s t f r e q u e n t l y p r e s c r i b e d ' the staff of one particular program wish to express d r u g i n 1974. A p p a r e n t l y * t h e f r e e u s e o f c o n - our public thanks and appreciation to everyone at t r a c e p t i v e s , a l t e r n a t i v e s t o p r o b l e m p r e g n a n c i e s a n d Mercyhurst College who have given this opportunity o t h e r s u c h s e r v i c e s a r e n ' t t h e p a n a c e a w e t h o u g h t . to participate in this particular portion of college life. I ' m afraid too often our concern t o show tolerance Very truly yours, M c o m e s off a s a p p r o v a l a n d o u r o p p o r t u n i t y f o r The Non-Technical Staff freedom gives license instead. Sincerely, Martha J. (McNulty) Cuddy

parents, the possibility of which came up last year. The comment was that the guys of this fair college were not willing to work toward such a project. Now, I'm as skeptical as the next person and when such words reached my ears I shouted, "Infamy!". Surely the person who uttered such a blasphemy was lying. Surely our male; students could not be accused of having no incentive, of being just plain lazy. It's inconceivable. Whatever the case may be, there are a few parents missing from the scene. However, let it not be said that I criticize and don't make suggestions. Why not a Parents' Weekend to take care of everybody? Sincerely Olivia Longo

Twinkling Apology

Bomb Scare
Dear Editor, | I am writing this letter on the subect of the bomb scare that took place here on Thursday, March 6.1, as a student, saw it as a pretty sick joke by someone. I also saw it as a pretty sick thing for a majority of students and faculty to laugh at. Of course, at the end security was both laughed at and condemned for its actions, but ISwould like toil thank and congratulate Wil Sydow and the security department, Cheryl Filley, in Information, Sr. Phyllis and anyone else I have forgotten. They sure deserve it. It may be a 1 to 1,000 chance that a bomb would ever go off but if one ever does I'm sure glad to know that Security will be around. They sure are downcast around this school (mostly due to administration) but I'll bet that if they had more freedom nobody would laugh anymore. And the way this bomb scare was handled proves how lucky we are. So get with it Mercyhurst and let's watch out at what we laugh at!!! Sincerely, I f Number 1 Security Fan

Dear Editor, I heard that!the 'innocuous article TWINKLING, h met with indignance and icy stares. | •• $ : Sorry and surprised to have offended so many (as I'm told) female readers with the piece called TWINKLING, a blurb stemming from an actual incident at Herman's where a college professor delivers a soliloquy on the recent evolution of women's wear. My mother didn't like it either. | * No disrespect was intended. To ^ the contrary, wasn't the absurdity of the article"underlined by its own contents? Isn't it possible to sympathize with the professor for being such a voyeur, or at least to laugh at his egocentric opinions? ^| | | Once again, I humbly apologize to all you broads I offended. | Sincerely, f | DaveHeberle i

To fill immediate vacancy on campus work. | 10% Commission On Every Ad Sold CONTACT: Colleen McManamon 123 Sesler Andrew P. Roth Old Main <


Kditor i Editorial Board: News Editor: Feature Editor: Sports Editor: *£ Layout Editor: Copy Editor: Photographer: Layout Staff: Colleen Mc Ma nam on Pat Weschler Terry Scheib Jim Marzano E Carol Quartuccio | Olivia Longo Stark, Jim Prez, Jeff Best Tina Reichenbach Tony Mancuso Leigh Kremer

Writers and Creators: Darla Ma lone. Kathy Turek. Chris Van Wagenen, Nancy Willis. Patty Mullaugh, Joni Wheeler,^ Rocco Kiazzo. Esther Schreiber Faculty Advisor. J Andrew Roth Business Manager: Joe Castrignano

Over the spring (break, one of the Cleveland television stations was examining the present economy and the current employment statistics. The result ofJtheir findings was:-"...The High School graduate and liberal arts college graduate now are inding it impossible to get a job." Kinda makes you wonder if maybe it wouldn't have been better to drop out of third grade! '; I $|k y '^ This, however, is not a problem unique to the 20th century. Consider, if you will, the case of Prince Hamlet from Denmark. I Hamlet graduated from College at a time when the country of Denmark;? was in a state of economic decay. In fact, job prospects were rotten! Although Hamlet applied to be King, he eventually received a rejection letter;stating that his own uncle (who had been unemployed for years), had received the job. Outraged at this political nepotism, Hamlet urged his fiancee, Ophelia to "get thee to a nunnery while they're still hiring !" ' He then sat down with the placement newsletter from his alma mater, the Wittenberg University for the Borderline Insane. One position that did catch his eye was that of a loan officer at the First National

Bank of Denmark, but Hamlet quickly reconsidered when he remembered the advice of Polonious to "...neither a borrower nor a lender be." ?' By this time Hamlet was desperate. He<sat for days, pouring over the placement letter trying to decide what to be and what not to be. As a last resort, he applied at the Rosencrantz and GUdenstern Furniture and Appliance Outlet, but they were too busy planning their next fire sale to consider his resume. Hamlet finally did land a part-time job for the Bard ot Avon, but this didn't work out for he couldn't sing and really didn't know anything about cosmetic merchandising. I Exhausted from suffering the slings and arrows of ^ a ^ o u s misfortune. Hamlet decided to become a poet. And here, printed in full, published for the first time ever, is his very first poem; There once was an affable bloke Who considered college no joke. I He studied for days For report cards with A's > But though Magna Cum Laude, he's now broke.

APRIU4. Ij975 C. Burchard



The ; first ? half of. the program ?will feature works by Mozart, Schumann, and Debussy. The second half will be devoted to works of the early 20th Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. Charles Burchard previously studied piano at Allegheny College and is now a student of David Hollander, associate professor of music here at Mercyhurst. A native of Guys Mills, Pa^. Charles graduated from Allegheny College, received his Master of Arts from Pennsylvania * State University, and'is now employed by the Iroquois School District teaching math and computer science. '


Mr. Charles Burchard, an Iroquois math teacher, will present a piano recital in Zurn Recital Hall on April 8 at 8:00

Recital i

Childhood Ed. Week
The Northwest PA Association for the Education of Young V, Children is recruiting persons from April 6 to 12 interested in early childhood education. Highlighting the events in the Erie area will be a panel discussion on curriculum development on Thursday, April 10, at 8 p.m. in the Villa Maria College Lecture Hall. Charlotte Garman, Senior Program Advisor for Early Childhood Education with the Pa., Department of Education, will serve as panel moderator. Panelists include Dr. Sharon Cerami, Miller Learning Research Center, Edinboro State College; Elaine Schwab, Curriculum Task Force, Erie Public Schools; Dorothy Christoph, Director of Head Start; and Dr. Elaine Marie, Mercy Montessori School. Students and faculty are invited to f attend. | Other events during the Week of] the Young Child include open houses at a number of area preschool and day care centers. Interested persons are invited to observe in the Mercyhurst College Child Development Laboratory, Baldwin basement, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. each day this week. A series of newspaper articles featuring services for children in the Erie area will appear in the Erie Times. In addition, local television stations will also participate in the Week of the'" Young Child. On Monday, AprU 7, at 7:30 p.m., guests on Channel 54's Info 541 program will discuss the purposes of the Week and of the NPAEYC. WICU, Channel 12, | will tend the general and other special sessions of the Career Day program. The general sessions are also open to all College personnel and the public. One special session in the afternoon, at 2:30, will be for local social service providers. Further information on the Career Day cant be obtained from members'^ of ithe Sociology Department. televise a one-half hour tour of the Children'siLibrary, a day care center, and a public school classroom on April 13. Persons desiring more, information about the Week of the i Young Child activities may contact Rosemary Blieszner, 224 Zurn. i

On The Post
Although the Mercyhurst gates may seem all-toopermanent to those unfortunate souls who have slid into them on icy winter days, they have not always been a fixture on the Mercyhurst campus. The "great cast-iron gates were constructed long before Mercyhurst College ever existed, and for many years they guarded the entrance to the Pittsburgh estate of|Mr. Harry £Thaw - a wealthy^industrial baron. Mr J Thaw is best noted as the murderer of Mr. Stanford White in response to a love-triangle involving Mr. White and Mr. Thaw's wife. Those persons who have seen the .tinovie 4 The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing" will remember! the scandal, which captured the headlines of the -nation's papers in the first decade of the 1900s. When Mr. Thaw died in the 1940s, his estate in Pittsburgh was dismantled and the gates were sold to Mercyhurst College. However, things weren't all that simple)- it seemed that the gates were not high enough to admit the trucks that had to enter the college grounds to make deliveries. So, the gates were altered and ltwo \feet of iron lacework were added to the upper portion, thus giving the needed clearance. Shortly before the college's twentyfifth anniversary celebration, in 1951, the gates were unveiled, a fitting entrance for the college on the hill. 4 Prior to the coming of the gates, there had been nothing to mark the college driveway, except a small white shed, used first as a bus Stop, then as a dog house for Sir^Guy, the college mascot. When one of the graduating classes gave Mother Borgia some money to have a sign made, she set the money aside. It that* Mother Borgia had something better than a sign in mind!

Speaker On i Aging
Dr. Jerome Kaplan, noted American gerontologist and specialist in social work for the aging, will speak on campus Thursday, April 10. Past ^president of the American Gerontological Society, Kaplan is presently Editor-in-Chief of the Gerontologist, a leading professional journal of aging, and; Executive Director < of Mansfield Memorial Homes, Ohio, a model: multi-service center for older persons. Kaplan q comes l*to the College as , featured consultant for a Career Day on Social Work for Aging jointly sponsored by the Social Work and Gerontology Programs of the Sociology Department. IPart of the Career Day will be devoted to finalizing plans for a new special studies sequence in Gerontological Social Work which the Sociology Department will begin to offer in Fall Term, gfln a* morning session, * at 9:30, in Zurn Recital Hall, Kaplan will| describe professional activities and career possibilities in the field of social|work for the aging. An afternoon session, at 1:30, i will also concern those themes. , Students from Mercyhurst and other colleges in the ? rea are especially invited tc at1975.

Spring is here - so they say. Grass is turning green, soon the apple blossom will be on the trees. Even now the birds chirp and each day is longer. It's picnic time, time to hit the beach, make a day of it, pack your lunch and take off. But don't forget the dessert - cherry banana pie, that is. A 1-2-3 method that will never fail. Every good cook can bake'it and it looks so good and luscious when you're finished, so let's start. €• v*-: ?.' The pastry*'is the secret, bufcit's really not difficult to make. Follow these simple directions and you'll never fail. Take one cup all-purposeflour,V teaspoon salt, and put into f e a small bowl. Next, with a pastry blender or two knives, add one-third cup shortening and mix until the flour assumes the appearance of small peas (cut in). It's not hard; it's all in the wrist action. W Sprinkle in two tablespoons water and continue mixing until the dough clings to the blender or cleans the side of the bowl. If needed, another tablespoon of water may be added, but be careful not to add too much. You don't want the dough too wet or it'll become tough when baked. # 1 Place the dough between two pieces of waxed paper and roll the dough until VA inch thick. Remove one sheet of waxed paper carefully and fit the pie crust into the pan Pinch the excess dough from the edge and prick the sides and bottom of the crust with a fork thoroughly. Bake in oven at 475 degrees F for 8 to 10 minutes. Let cool. .• For the filling, take one can (16 ounces) pitted red tart cherries, one cup sugar, three tablespoons com starch and place in a saucepan. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly until the mixture thickens and begins to boil. Let boil while stirring one minute. Stir in one tablespoon butter. Cool. Stir in V teaspoon cinnamon. \ f e i Take two bananas, peel and slice into baked, pie shell. Pour filling over bananas. Chill until set. */, . ^ —In a pinch, don't have the time? Substitute one can cherry pie filling for the homemade filling. jj| —A fancy party on the agenda? Dress up this scrumptious dessert by topping it with whipped topping. So yum yum. Well that's the treat this week. So good. Well, get baking. Remember, with a little practice, today a pie, tomorrow crepes suzettes. ^ * Happy Eating £

Exercising With The Editor
Well Ladies, it's almost bikini time again Remember all those succulent goodies you've sucked up all Winter? Remember ^11 Terry Scbeib's Reasonable Recipes that aren't so reasonable on your waistline? Your day of reckoning has come. Really it's much more fun to exercise in groups so The Merciad is starting this weekly column. The nicest part of the deal is you only have to exercise once a week. This summer when they roll out the-barrel on the beach, they'll probably have to roll you out along with it. J BUT ...at least you tried!!! Our first exercise is the tried-and-true sit-up. Have one of your roommates lower you to the floor. Clasp your hands behind your head and try to sit up without lifting your tootsies off the floor. Got it???? Okay -Ready Up-Down^ Up-Down^ That's It. I Quit. AprU Fool!!!!



FM Programming
Special this week on the M' Hurst FM: Interview with Allan Kinzie who will be interpreting the role of Franz in the Mercyhurst production or Coppelia. Montage, Wednesday, 10:30 p. m. Crime Scene Search explained on Public Fact Wednesday at 10. Flatbush a new country rock band from Cleveland, will be highlighted tonight on Inside Rock with Tim Korsarsky at 9 pan. .* , Puccini—His Madame Butterfly—on Composer's Choice Thursday ni£ht at 10. I The Best otfAl Jolson Monday at 10 p.m. on Sight and Sound.< jfi Rack issues of Billboard and Rolling Wont have been ^ffoH Inthe M'Hurst library for student use. Some issues Br0ad o f t ^ " castSnd BME will remain in the radio studio.

^ " KJ ^ • ^ yo.


APRIL 4, 1975














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George Britton, the many talented master of both the guitar and the lute, will be one of the featured performers at the Mercyhurst Coffee House—April 29, at 10 p.m.*


N M m

Probably one of the most versatile pairs ever to hit Robin and Linda Williams "are two performers with an ability to touch their audiences with music, humor, and Mercyhurst is Kevin Stratton and Judy Agosti—Stratton and caring". They'll be featured at the Coffee House on April 7, Agosti—featured performers at Mercyhurst on April 21, 22, and 23, at 9 p. m. and 10 p.m. 8, and 9 at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m.

April At Mercyhurst—-

Spring term gets off to a big start "entertainment-wise" at Mercyhurst during the month of April. The entire month has been scheduled with things to do, to insure the truth of the old saying "Never a Dull Moment"!* I * APRIL CALENDAR OF EVENTS 1—APRIL FOOL'S IjDAY—Classes begin—Lecture Speaker-SEN ATOR WILLIAM PROXMIRE 2—Classes will be held today, to make up for Monday 4—Laker Baseball: The Lakers take on Duquesne U. at Mercyhurst. Tri-College Faculty Meeting—ViUapIaria College 3:00 p.m. £ 5—Laker Baseball: Mercyhurst vs. Frostburg State, at Mercyhurst d 6—Film: Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford re-create college life in the 1930's in "The Way We Were"—7:00 and 9:00 in the Recital Hall I f

7,8,9—Coffeehouse: Robin and Linda Williams are the 28—Women's Softball:Mercyhurst vs Behrend (Home featured performers at the first Hurst* Coffeehouse of game) the spring term. Two shows each night, at 9:00 and 10:00 28—Mayv4 VIDEO iTAPEr NETWORK PRESENTS ... "Wonderlove", featuring Stevie Wonder ... all week, p.m., in the coffeehouse. several shows daily! , frf 8—Laker Baseball: Lakers battle with California State at California State 29—Laker Baseball: Mercyhurst vs. Edinboro State (Away) Z 3 9—Organist: Carl Stout will be featured as part of the TriCollege Cultural Series. Time and place will be an- 29—Tri-College Film: Jane Fonda is the greatest crook of nounced. 2 w them all in "Cat Ballou"—8:00 Recital Hall. 10—Laker Baseball: Lakers will do their stuff against Behrend, here at Mercyhurst. 11—More Laker Baseball: In another Tullio Field match, the Lakers will play Point Park. § 11 -Soprano: Ms. Roberta Wenstrom will be featured in a performance at the Recital Hall—8:00 p.m. g fl 11 -Beer Blast—9:00-12:00 p.m. (location to be announced)jg 12—Crew—Mercyhurst takes on Notre Dame! (away) 13—Film'."Walking Tall"—Can One man bring justice to a corrupt Southern Town? ... come and see as Joe Don Baker takes the law into his own hands:8Recital Hall 29—Coffeehouse: Featuring George Britton—show at 10:00 And this is only the beginning'... many things have been scheduled that are not on this calendar' of events, and the month of May will be just as big!! $ 4 J; | f £




5.YOUR ADVICE ISJjNEEDED! Tell the Student Activities Committee what movies you wantjjto see next year, and do that quick! -^ Because of (the fact that many schools are competing for the best films, it is necessary to reserve films early. The Student Activities Office is trying to do this by May,iibut first, they have to hear what Mercyhurst students want to see. \ 1|A list of possible films, with assorted movie posters,Jhas been setSup in the SAC office. Stop by,^ and make your choice known! b Usejjthis Calendar of Events as a< quicksand easy reference for what's happening on campus this month. The page has been set up so that you can pull it out and hang it on a wall, paste it on your ceiling, or do whatever suits your fancy .... Just keep it handy!! *v i i L


17:00 and 9:00

Mf W

M %


14-20—Video Tape Network presents—Heavyweight Championship Fights"—films of the 'great matches from 1947 to 1974 ... in the coffeehouse—several shows daily M |. f -i 14—Play: "Waiting For Godat"—special performance by a national troupe... in the Coffeehouse—8:00 p.m. 15—Laker Baseball: Mercyhurst^ vs. Indiana of Pa J at Mercyhurst 15—Tri-College Film: Alfred Hitchcock at his best—North by Northwest"—enjoy a chase over the faces of Mount Rushmore... and more: 8:00—Recital Hall 15—JAZZ!—In the Coffeehouse—a special presentation, starting at 10:00p.m.* [ | | 16—Women's Softball:Mercyhurst vs. Behrend, at Behrend 18, 19, 20— Dance Production: "Coppelia"—an old favoritie at Mercyhurst returns with a new and brilliant cast of characters—Do not miss this! 19 - 20—Father Daughter Weekend—Bring your Dad! 19—Crew—Lakers vs. Buffalo State—Away 20—Film: "American Graffiti"—takes you back to another *world, that wasn'kall that long ago—1962—and|will make you laugh (and cry) for two hours. 20—Choral Concert: 8:00 p.m. 21, 22—Coffeehouse:featuring Stratton and Agosti—shows at 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.;

22—Laker Baseball: Mercyhurst vs. Gannon, at Gannon( ?)

VTN SPELLS ENTERTAINMENT! First Show is the Heavyweight Championship fights (April 14-20). More 23—Classes held (ugh!)—no free Wednesday^ featured entertainment will come the way of | Wonderlove", a VTN show starring Stevie Wonder (April 28-May 4). 24—Laker Baseball: Mercyhurst vs. Clarion St., (Away)



24—Women's Softball: Mercyhurst vs. Edinboro St. (Away) 25—Recital:Mercyhurst Prep Program Recital—8:00 p.m. Recital Hall 25—Bowling Party!! 12:00 midnight—? Eastland LanesLimit 100 people, so reserve your place quickly! 26—Crew: The Mercyhurst Invitational, in Erie! 28—Midterm Grades due Can a drunken gunfighter find happiness with a female bandit? Watch "Cat Ballou". just one of the movies coming your way during April. \

L.about what's happening at Mercyhurst? Feel free to stop by the Student Activities office, located <f the Sttident Unioa Chances are someone there Jf will have an answer for you. i % i * •« | SAC keeps up-to-date calendars of events for both on and off| the Mercyhurst campus. So, next question—give SAC a try!

APRIL 4, 1975



Any girl or group of girls interested in participating in the TalentfShow for Father-Daughter weekend, please contact i Nancy Borowski, Room 122,

Daughter Weekend
Baldwin Hall no later than Monday, April 14th. This is an absolute must, f due to the time and efforts involved in preparation of the program!

The U.S. Postal Service is?accepting applications from persons with Jdegreesan Accounting or Computer Science. See Gary Bukowski for further information, room 205-Main, or you may write direct to: Mr. G.C. Ross, Regional Chief Inspector, Eastern Region, Bala Cynwyd, Pa j 19004. The American Red Cross employs Domestic and Overseas Staff in the following areas: Assistant Field Director BA required, prefer Social Work Major...Hospital Worker Bachelor degree, prefer Social Work Major... Hospital Field Director - Master's degree or one year Social Work graduate training... Red Cross Field Representatives-4 year college with specialization in Social Sciences, Business Administration or Public Administration... Clerical Openings - Contact local office in your city. For more information contact: Director, Office of Personnel, American Red Cross, 615 N.'St. Asaph St., Alexandria, Va. 22314. The third annual 'Changing Times' survey JOBS FOR THIS YEAR'S COLLEGE GRADUATES is available in the Career Planning Center and mav he seftn fnr *h* naiHnu The booklet "1975 Trends in Employment of College and University Graduates in Business and Industry" is available in the Career Planning Center. There are extra copies, so stop by and ask for one if you are interested. The current summary of Civil Service Examinations for which applications are being accepted at this time may be obtained for the asking at the Career Planning Center. If you are interested* in taking the State Civil Service Test, applications may be' obtained at any State Liquor Store or at the Pennsylvania| State Employment Office at 13th and State. Students interested in taking the P.A.C.E. exam (Federal Government as opposedUo State Civil;Service Test) may pick 5 up request for applications forms at the C.P.C.,Room204-Main. ' f t A major task of the bureau of Labor statistics is to gather information on future occupational manpower requirements and supply. The publication most,widely known for this information is the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which together with related materials, is designed for use in vocational counseling. However, the Bureau's ^projections are- increasingly being \used in planning education and training programs. In response to this demand, the Bureau publishes "Occupational Manpower and Training Needs." This report presents detailed statistics on the Bureau's projections of occupational requirements, along with information on the number of persons who receive training for each occupation.'The following table lis based upon information gathered for the report on training needs. J


On February 24, 1975, a survey of the k Learning Resource Center was taken between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. From this survey of approximately 125 students, many had ft- vorable things to say about the center. Some k students' suggestions were made for improvement. These are some of the suggestions: vending machines (possibly located on the lower level), I overnight use of the magazines, newspapers from surrounding large cities \ like Pittsburgh r va.1 «« 1 1 1 1 • and Philadelphia) a typing room for student use and, and ossible installment " of a etter security system.'}_ For our (Environmental Design class) survey, we learned that many" students are not aware of some of the environmental problems associated with the inhibition of learning, studying, and research ^activities. Future surveys and possible action is necessary before any decisive improvements can be made. Students' involvement I is necessary to initiate any type of faction.; We would like to thank Mrs.JCooper and all of those who .answered the survey for their time in helping in this class project.





the Merciad
Join the staff today.

Statistics indicate that Interdisciplinary courses at Mercyhurst have come a long wAy. * So far this, ten ID courses have been given. Results from students and faculty are very positive. Intersession ID courses carried out their own evaluation, and the courses won high ratings. | J But the history of ID courses showsj that this success has not come easily. With little more than a summer of5 preparation, the first ID courses got off the ground in 1970 as team efforts. Students reported liking the variety in professors and some early courses were successful. * Thenjthe noveltyjfwore off. The second year around, some courses were weak ana students complained. A few faculty members gotfburned in their efforts to form teams. Division chairmen were often cool towards surrendering a faculty , member for something beyond their own baliwick. , Word went out among J the students that\ID courses were not worthwhile. But the faculty by and large stood convinced that J the courses were a c good idea. New efforts were made. The team requirement was dropped. An adequately prepared faculty member got

the green light to go it alone. After a hard road, modest .signs of success are encouraging. They indicate that the idea has acquired some maturity. Edges - have smoothed, and some of the brashness of a new thing has gone. Furthermore, this has been done'because of genuine cooperation! from many faculty» members. In a statement on the problems he encountered, the Dean of Oklahoma City University! where faculty spent two years preparing interdisciplinary courses, wrote that he would not advise trying for a program 'without a grant. The program at Mercyhurst had no grant; in fact, it had the most minimal of funds. The regular faculty have carried the great part of the load. Films and library additions have »been hard to come by and still faculty members worked to prepare courses and carry them out. The good reports this year are a welcome relief after'a rough road. And credit is due to the faculty who contributed and thanks are due to the students who did not get hung up on pastTreports. The ID program can and will make a distinct contribution to the College curriculum.

Hunger day at- the college translated the $64.48 into a petition and the collection of was a day of surprises,)most carload of foodstuffs which money—Mike Carrig, Kevin Total Growth Replace-j ProPe 197?. of which were very pleasant. were given to the Em ma us Cook, Valerie Scherrange, Occupational ment jected cent employGroup The day was developed* to house soup kitchen in, Erie. Barb Blessing and Jeffrey Change 1985 ment help raise the consciousness The carload --included 50 Best. Lastly, a thanks to the requireof the campus to the hunger pounds of potatoes, canned Mercyhurst Community for ments problem. Activities included vegetables, canned soups, their generosity .and a gentle 61.2 § 19.3 141.4 24.2 101.5 a symbolic poverty meal held jars of peanut butter, cans of reminder, that the hunger Total i 3 . 81.7 in the cafeteria, and collec- pork and beans. Sister problem is still with us. White-collar tions for Catholic Relief Carolyn, from the soup kit14.6 24.2 38. 37-3 53.7 chen, was very * grateful*for workers Services. 4 39.1 The best surprise was the the gift. * I 7„ i Blue-Collar response given I to the 9.6 4.2 13*8 14.7 32.3 collections. Receipts that day • There were a few un28.6 workers amounted to $123.00. During pleasant surprises during the 6.1 22.2 2.5 8.5 13.4 Service Workers 10.9 the Week another $48.00 was symbolic meal. Some people 1.5 -1.4 .1 contributed, including $19.27 were upset that there were 1.6 -47.1 Farm Workers 3.1 donated by members of the not third and fourth helpings division of Home Economics allowed. A few others, mostly RECRUITERS ON CAMPUS: who fasted > and donated the the 40 per cent who had not May money they would have spent signed the hunger petition, April on lunch. Many people objected to the meal as im9 - Mentor 8chool District (Ohio) 9 • Walgren Company | stopped to talk to the posing on their rights: people 8 - Burroughs Umllcam* Co. Xarox Corporation 10 All majors valc©»«» degree volunteers collecting* money who think this way might 18 • Shalar School District in aclances helpful U.S. Navy . 28 • and a high 1 percentage gave consider that the greatest 22 • Pittsburgh School District something; One family in rights are those to the Hot., Th. m « b - r . h .cho.1 Di.t,lc« . . « - > " » — "> " which the parents are Mer- necessities of life. For many April 22. cyhurst* students heldf a the| basics I in life are still family conference and luxuries out of their reach 8-Track decided to have ; cheese unless those who have much Double The Creative Arts hsaan Roland sandwiches fori supper that recognize an obligation to The Art Division fStudent night. This saved $6.41cwhich share which is based on Kirk Representatives announce The Career Planning and they contributed to the effort. justice and not just on charity. Never used the organization of the Placement Office is con- All the money collected went Creative Arts Club for all ducting a contest for in- to Catholic Relief Services to & The Campus Ministry office students 3 interested in dividuals interested in aid in the*, battle against would like to thank those who Wonderland £ creative and | cultural helped make the day a suc- by Joyce Carol Oates. designing a cover for the hunger, i * [ j events. For further in1975-76 issue-of the Career |J Equally successful was the cess. We appreciate the $1.00. formation please contact: Planning and Placement symbolic poverty meal in the support »»of SAGA :> and La Verne Dabney in sesier Manual. Interested persons Cafeteria. The residents had especially Keith Grouse's Call 864-2295 124. Organizational may | contact Gary a - reduced meal which advice and patience. We also between Bukowski, Room 205-Main. resulted in a savings of $64.48. acknowledge the people who 5 and 6:30p.m. Meeting beginning Spring Term. Keith Crouse of SAGA helped withj the hunger






APRIL 4 . 1 9 7 5

Dave Markey, who was named interim coach of the Mercyhurst College Basketball team when Dick Fox resigned in late January, today signed a contract to remain coach of the Lakers

for the 1975-76 seasoa Markey took over the coaching duties on January 25 when the Lakers had a 10-5 record and they finished the season with a 15-11 mark. Markey had handled the team for several games earlier in the season when Fox was sidelined with a respiratory infection. jj Markey was hired at Mercyhurst College this past summer as both Assistant Basketball Coach uand Assistant Athletic Director. He previously had spent 11 years as Assistant Baketball Coach and Head Baseball Coach at Canisius College in Buffalo, N.Y., and four years as Head Basketball Coach at Gannon College In Erie. j A1957 graduate of Canisius, the 39-year-old native of West New Yoric, N.J., was an outstanding basketball! and baseball player for the Golden i Griffins during his undergraduate days. He also played for two seasons in the Cleveland Indians ? minor league system before turning to the coaching ra nks. !











The raffle ticket above is only < replica of the ticket that may have the magic number to z send you on a night out on the town!!,The Women's Crew Team is sponsoring a raffle to Finally, after a year and a half of beating soundly almost defray expenses. The Big Drawing will be held at the first Home Crew Race April 12. The all of their opponents, the Mercyhurst College Tennis team cost is only $.50 for a night to remember. J I received a * 'vision of reality" as they were up-ended by six IPrizes include evenings at The Village Theatre Inn, Seraflni's, Holiday Inn Downtown, the nine teams they faced during their southern trip this of and the Station Restaurant? * £ past Easter vacatioa t $L i j The squad, which is coached by the dynamic duo of Chuck Dailey and Bob Sturm, encountered numerous obstacles as they tried to prepare themselves • for the District 18 championships in May (where they won handily last year) and tine N.A.I.A. National Championships in June, (which s they tied for 6th in last year). f '•' Thursday, March 20 — Appiachian St. 7 • Mercyhurst 2 To begin with, Assistant Athletic Director Dave Markey Mercyhurst Victories: Singles/Scott Parsons, Rich Birmigham. Doubles none. put together an excellent schedule which included some of • '*>/ Friday, March21 — Middle Tenn. St. 8 • Mercyhurst 1 the top teams in the country plus a grueling seven hours a Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, Rich Birmingham, Doubles,none. day travel period. Add to this poor weather conditions and hardly any time to sleep the night before matches and you V. } itW « Saturday, March 22 —Alabama 7-Mercyhurst 2 £•• Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, SCOTT Parsons. Doubles, Barth-Daly * * " M^ have more excuses than even I needed to justify six losses. Despite all of this the trip was a great success for all in| Monday, March 24 —Mercyhurst 6-Memphis St. 3 * volved. The Laker - players, 'now. after playing tough Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, John voikos, Rich Birmingham, Rick Kobleur Doubles: Voikos-Byron, matches can now begin to work out the rough edges of their Kobleur-Barth, Daly-Parsons. i | £ \ game and prepare themselves for the teams two goals. The Tuesday, March25— Austin Peay 6 - Mercyhurst 3 District 8 championship and a National title. Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, John Voikos, Rich Birmingham, Rick Kobleur Doubles: Voikos-Byron, Kobleur-Barth, Daly-Parsons. ' | The matches down South also spread the name of Mercyhurst to places such as, Muffreesboro, Tenn. and Emory Va. 1 Tuesday, March 25—Austin Peay 6-Mercyhurst 3 In addition, it gave the team a chance to play against Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, Bill Byron, Scott Parsons. Doubles: Parsons-Daly national powerhouses in the likes of Alabama (12th in Tuesday, March 25—Mercyhurst 9 - Vanderbi It 0 N.C.A.A. Div. 11974)|Hainpton Ins. (5th in N.C.A.A. Div. I Mercyhurst Victories: Singles: Voikos, Byron, Parsons, Barth, Kobleur, Birmingham. Doubles: 1974) and Austin Peay (24th in N.C.A.A. Div. 11974). Voikos-Bryon, Parson-Daly, Kobleur-Barth. ff* if? ?pj, In spite of this strong competition by the opposing teams i .Wednesday, Magch 26 — Mercyhurst 9 - Emory F. Henry 0 everyone gave a good account of themselves throughout the Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, Birmingham, Barth, Byron, Voikos, Kobleur, Parsons. Doubles: Barthtrip. A big bright spot was the consistent play of Freshman Kobleur, Byron-Volkos, Daly-Parsons. J Scott Parsons who tallies the best overall record on the ; Thursday, March 27 — Duke 8 - Mercyhurst 1 team. Jack Kaly turned in a 5-4 doubles record. John Voikes Mercyhurst Victories: Singles, John Voikos, Doubles, none. * lost a couple of heartbreakers but had many flashes of brilliance in his matches. Barry Barth started slow but was playing much better by the end of the trip. Bill Byron finally put away his books and settled down and began playing at the level he is capable of. Ricky Kobleur was impressive throughout and was a strong asset to the team. This writer, in between taking pictures and filling out scorebooks managed to come up with a 5-4 singles record. The racqueteers now must begin 2 months of practicing and training with a few matches scattered in. On April 9 Slippery Rock will provide the opposition at the Rock. It is hoped by the team some Laker fans will attend and cheer them to victory. Unfortunately the only two teams which Season Totals 1975 Southern Trip play us at home this year are Buffalo St. on May 5 and those Contact: Fighting Scots on May 6. So again this year the best way to Brim Ingham 5 wins 4 losses 9 wins 4 losses watch the team is to buy a Greyhound Ameripass. j * Colleen McManamon . NEXT WEEK: A complete Spring Training report of the Voikos 7 wins 6 losses 4 wins 5 losses Parsons 8 wins 4 losses 5 wins 4 losses Spiders from Mars. * ' • Byron 7 wins 6 losses 3 wins 0 losses Sesler N 2 3 1 I P.S. I didn't choke! Kobleur 8 wins 6 losses 3 wins 6 losses Barth 6 wins 8 losses 2 wins 7 losses

Tennis Derailed Southern Tracks

Tennis Results


# * * M t e * » » •<*•**(

Individual Records

Sports Editor Needed

DOUBLES 1975 Southern Trip Byron-Voikos Kobleur-Barth Daly-Parsons

This Week Games
3 wins 6 losses 3 wins 3 losses 4 wins 2 losses 1 win. 2 losses


4-4*75, Home, Duquesne 4-5-75, Home, Frostburg State 4-8-75, Away, California State 4-10-75, Home, Behrend


4-5-75j Away, Dillingham Cup
4-9-75, Away, Slippery? Rock

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