Fractional Loading: Fractional Loading = (Max number of TCH Trx's in the Network / TCH Freq's available)*100 is should

be less than 50 With this we can know the max acceptable site configuration in the network. Let us take we got Max number of TCH Trx's in the N/w are 8 and total number of TCH Freq's are 15. Fractional Loading = (8/15)*100 = 53 as this is exceeding 50 there will be the chances of freq clash in the network. So we can not have 8 TCH trx’s per site. So we will reduce it to 7 Now Fractional Loading = (7/15)*100 = 46 as it is less than 50 we can have 7 TCH Trx's per site. So the max acceptable site config'n is 4/3/3. Like wise if we know the number of available TCH freq's we can know the acceptable config'n. Example; 20mhz - 18bcch-10for indoor-remaining all tch-freq hopping-vats the max config ? and vats the

Ans; 20mhz means 20/200=100carriers
Tch fre= 72 Bcch= 18 Indoor=10 =18+10+72=100

20mhz means 20/200=100
Max no of trx= 35 Note; Trx capacity shoul be below 50 So 1 sector-13trx

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