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Name of company
Application for an exemption from the competitive
tendering process (waiver)
Nature of contract (eg, Goods
goods, maintenance, services)
See Notes for
completion below
Value of contract (and Capital Purchase
Background to request
for waiver and why
competition cannot be

Name of officer applying

for exemption

Standing Order 32 lists the only circumstances when a waiver can

be considered. These are : (tick the appropriate box)
For building, engineering and grounds maintenance where so provided in
Estate code.
Where emergency action has to be taken to ensure the safety of the
continuity of use of buildings or engineering services.
For the maintenance or upgrade of equipment by the original supplier
where the use of other suppliers would be impractical.
Where external consultants have been engaged for a project AND a new
task has been identified in order to complete the project AND engaging
different consultants for the new task would be inappropriate (you must
provide reasons).
Where there is no practical alternative to the product or equipment.
Where provided for in the Capital Investment Manual.
Where the supply is proposed under special arrangements negotiated by the Procurement
Agency in which event, the special arrangements will be complied with.
Agreed by Director of
Procurement (and if appropriate,
Director of IM&T- see notes below)-
[signature and date]
Trust Board Approval required?
Date of Board meeting
Approved by

Notes for completion:- Requests relating to the procurement of goods, including

equipment and consumables or services must be passed initially to the Director of
Procurement for consideration. The Director of Procurement will recommend the
appropriate response to the Director of Finance. This may include agreeing a waiver for
a short period to enable appropriate competition to take place, or agreeing with the
relevant directorate a strategy for the procurement of the particular product or service.
Requests relating to IM&T procurement will also be reviewed by the Director of IM&T for
technical content then passed to the Director of Finance. Requests relating to buildings,
estates and consultancies should be sent direct to the Director of Finance. The value is
the overall value of the proposed procurement (not the annual value or unit cost)

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