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Using Picture to Improve Student

Using Picture to Improve Student

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Published by: Anjar Sabishii Aroniero on May 24, 2011
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Lailatul Habibah Marita Lailia Rahman Raudatul Jannah Siti Mutiatun Ulya dwi agustina Dewi niswati hutami Ziaur rahmi Elly kurniawati

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According to M. vocabulary. reading. In this case. writing is essential features of learning a language because it provides a very good means of foxing the vocabulary. So. the writers focus on writing skill because writing contains a lot of many language aspects like. those are listening. And the twelve grade is preparing their national examination. The using pictures stimulate students to describe things into composition. In writing learning students have many problems to operationalize idea into writing. At this grade. students more have experience than tenth grade in learning process. The writers take sample at eleventh grade of MM 1 class. There are four skills in language. spelling. the writers have solution to solve their problem that is using picture to improve students’ writing skill in descriptive text. spelling and sentence pattern. As stated by M. It becomes an important aspect of students' expression at higher stage. Patel (2008: 125). In this research. the writers take place in SMK ANTARTIKA 2 SIDOARJO to apply the using picture to improve students’ writing skill in descriptive text. the writers choose eleventh grade as sample in this research. RESEARCH QUESTION How is the implementation the using picture to improve students’ writing skill in descriptive text at eleventh grade of SMK ANTARTIKA 2 SIDOARJO ? How far the result of using picture to improve students writing skill in descriptive text at eleventh grade of SMK ANTARTIKA 2 SIDOARJO ? HYPOTHESIS . Patel that picture is one of type guide to help students make composition. and sentence pattern.F. So.SURABAYA 2010 INTRODUCTION Language is how we communicate with other people in this world. speaking and writing skill.F. grammar.

Dr. collecting data use research instrument. metode penelitian kuantitatif kualitatif dan R & D. classroom research is intended to investigate what actually happens in the classroom. analysis and quantitative with the purpose to examine hypothesis which is determined. doing action research in English language teaching. p. CAR begins with a question about classroom experience . And action research is part of a broad movement that has been going on in education generally for sometimes. It is related to be ideas of reflective practice and the teacher as researcher. Sugiono (2010:7) a study could be categorized as quantitative research if it has numeral and analyze using statistic. 2 2 Prof.2 The Setting and Subjects of the Study This study was conducted AT SMK ANTARTIKA 2 SIDOARJO which is located in Buduran Sidoarjo. METHODOLOGY Research Design The design of this research CAR (classroom action research) Because it is intended to identify and describe the real activity that occur naturally during the process of teaching and learning in the classroom. There are nine classes for the eleventh grade. It is reflective process which helps teacher to explore and examine aspect of teaching and learning and to take action to change and improve. or challenge.1 This study also could be seen as a quantitative research. All of the classes are divided 1 Anne burns. 2010) 1st published. According to Allwright and Bailey (1991:2). Dr.8 . Sugiono. (New York and London : Routledge.The general hypothesis of this study is that positive progress students’ writing skill in descriptive text at eleventh grade in SMK ANTARTIKA 2 SIDOARJO. And it used to analyze in certain population and sample.2010) nineth published. issues. (Bandung: alfabeta cv. p. According to Prof..

Then. the result of computation indicates whether there is progress students’ writing skill in descriptive text. this study was conducted close to the end of the first semester in SMK ANTARTIKA2 SIDOARJO. the writer will use some techniques :  Observation: is used to get data about all of things are surround in the class and activities that support using this technique. Data analysis technique The writer uses the data analysis technique one sample t-test to measure the improving of student’s writing skill in descriptive text: t= t : t score that counted X : average : score that hypothesized : simpangan baku sample n : the sum of sample’s member The formula is very important due to finding out whether or not the hypothesis nol (Ho) or hypothesis alternative (Ha) is accepted in this research.into three part (AK. In other word. The researcher chose MM1 class due to the limited time of data collection. TKJ. The writer chooses MM classes because of the students are cleverer than other class. Collecting data research To obtain the valid data. . MM).

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