The Russell Wang #18

Chapter 11.2 East Asia and the West
1. _____ was the big evil empire. (This is not an opinion, there is a real answer.) a) Great Britain b) USA c) Russia d) North Korea 2. _____ is now the big evil empire. (The country that colonizes other countries.) a) USA b) Great Britain c) China d) Taiwan 3. Why is GB selfish? ________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 4. Who is the hero during the Opium War? ____ a) Commissioner Lin b) Chinese Emperor c) Hong Xiuquan d) My Great Great Grandfather 5. ____ started the Taiping Rebellion. a) Hong Xiuquan b) Hong Shiaoshan c) Hong WenHe d) Hong Shiulan 6. What was Sun Yixian¶s belief? 7. The Treaty of ___________ allowed American ships to stop at 2 Japanese ports.

8. Emperor ______ united Japan by forcing or shoguns to step down or kill them. 9. What affected China the most?

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