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A meaningful study of the electronic reachability of communes and schools in Switzerland

Survey period: 2009-2010 Publisher: X-Event (Designosophie), Berne, May 2011 | Projectmanagement: Stefan Rovetto The information were related during the fundraising activities within the project OLPC / Ondalivre Translation – German > Portuguese: | German > English: Stefan Rovetto

100% = ALL Swiss communes (pol.) 100% = ALL Swiss school communes
Inquiries by telephone to communes/schools..
What about a request by e-mail ? Is there a contact e-mail address on internet? These are.. However..

In percentages 100% 100% 54.60% 95.10% 87.70% 12.30%

..Conclusion – the accessibility by telephone is excellent!

..of all CH communes/schools publish their e-mail on the web. ..of e-mails working fine. ..of the e-mails does not work. The recipient can not be achieved. (Reasons: Spamfilter, to restrictive SPF record, old e-mail addresses, incorrect firewall rules, no redirect...) ..immediately they are answered competently. ..will be active, respectively they give a response writing an e-mail , when the customer asks a second time. ..of all sent e-mails reach the receiver, but the customer will never receive/get a response. All of these questions will lost in nirvana.

Of all transmitted e-mail requests.. Further..


6.80% 10.10%

Summary – there are..

88.90% 83.10%

Conclusion – the result from the analysis of data, there is no doubt, these institutions has insufficient information skills using electronic media. Themselve will not reach to achieve the necessary qualities and wont see the importance and relevance in handling with the new medias.
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