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The Merciad, March 3, 1978

The Merciad, March 3, 1978

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The Merciad, March 3, 1978
The Merciad, March 3, 1978

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VOL. 50. NO.



MARCH 3, 1978

by Terry Kelly It all began back in November when basketball t teams are shaped and molded into what would hope to be a good season. There are a lot of teams that have mediocre seasons and many that have poor ones but there are few who achieve the ultimate successful year. * \ For the Mercyhurst Lakers, the word success has been thrown around Erie about as much as the weather condition or local politics. "|-. Last November Coach Dick Fox predicted that his team would jj lose \ no more than six games and up until this point he has been correct. With the district playoffs just around the corner, Fox has his | Lakers working out for the possible trip : to Kansas City. As the all important opening round starts Monday, let's take a look back over the season and see what the fans will be talking about for awhile. In early November the Lakers traveled to Canada to capture the Wilfred-Laurier tourney and opened the season with a big win at Edinboro over the Scots. They then dedicated their own center with a tournament, which they also won. f ^ f Following his thrash of wins, they reeled offwins over Clarion, Wheeling, Pitt-Johnstown, and fi Dyke before losing to Westminster by two in overtime. Their second winning streak thus followed and saw Point


Park, Geneva, St. Vincent, PittJohnstown again, i Edinboro again, inja commanding 103-73 win. Eisenhower, Buffalo State, Gannon, LaRoche, Central State, and Behrend all came before Point Park evened the series with the Lakers' second loss. They

closed out the season with wins over Alliance, Central State again and Robert Morris. % The whole season will unfold Monday night like a story book. The tremendous season will all be. history and the fate of the Lakers' future will be on the line.


Still Plays Basketball
Remember Jesse Campbell? The name is as immortal to Laker basketball as John Wayne is to westerns. In his four years (1972-76) as center on the Laker squad, the? all-American set records for everythingfrommost points scored (1750) to rebounds (1370) to f most • personal! fouls (314). *f I jg Campbell was spotted by David Thomas, associate professor of earth science, ati! the Buffalo airport 'last Saturday night. Thomas I was returning to Erie from a conference he attended on international studies;, in Washington, D. C. ^ He said Campbell told him he has been playing basketball for a beer company in Istanbul, Turkey, for the last eight months. He [had played Jin Holland last year and was presently enroute to Michigan, his • home 'state, where he plans to apply for employment in the area dealing with probation and parole. I He said he will return to basketball, Ithis jjtime concentrating on playing somewhere in France, if the job plans are not met. * *


Hurst's" Homestead Project Is In Planning Stages Now
by Lisa Manendo f The Homestead Project, a four credit interdisciplinary course offered this spring, is a fine example of offering students not only book knowledge but valuable experience. ^ This is so because the Homestead Project will give students an opportunity to design and build an ecologically -integrated homestead. According to Dr. Alan Lewis, assistant professor of biology, who with Dr. ^Wolfgang Christian, assistant professor of physics, will instruct the course, the trend today is more people migrating from the city back to the country. * With the Homestead Project, students by instruction and experience, will learn how to survive in the country - *how to provide as much on their own as possible. The purpose of Project Homestead Is "to show "con* fidence in all of us that, yes, there is information out there that we can put together * to have an ecological homestead," stated Dr. Lewis. An ecologically sound homestead, i*, explains -. Dr. Lewis, "is reached when an area, in this case a homestead, produces its own energy its own , food, provides a cash flow and recycles its own waste." During this course, Dr.| Christian will head energy production - the examination of wind and solar energy. Dr. Lewis will be in charge of the building andj planning of the house and also plan food production. The course offered in the spring will deal mainly with the design and planning of the Homestead. Part two of the course, offered most likely in the fall, will deal with the actual building of the Homestead. Presently, the instructors are planning to construct the house behind the apple orchard here at Mercyhurst. j* "However," Dr. Lewis states, "the first step is to come up with the design plans, then getting permission from the Sisters of Mercy to use the area behind the apple orchard and then receiving a building permit." Also, another factor to be considered, explains Dr. Lewis, is funding. He is hopeful that through donations and funding the house can be constructed. The goal of the Homestead Project, which is a brainchild of Dr. Lewis and Mr. Daniel O'Connor, instructor in environmental studies, is to form a non-wasteful system. Dr. Lewis feels that it is important that the Homestead Project become a reality so people wUl be able to provide their own needs.




Wolfgang Christian


{jn&phr R.fa*. ifopm^


With the extinction of the Koehler beer dynasty, so was the end of a landmark that has been with Erie residents since 1847. rf Koehler's significance to Mercyhurst is that the company sponsored a yearly outing for the seniors in the form of a beer blast. & if * Although I'm not an avid supporter of Koehler beer, I was looking forward to having a couple beers at Koehler's Rathskeller. Randy Mink says, "Maybe we can gather some seniors together, jjhead to Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh, and drink some beers at the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, makers of Iron City Beer." 'f But still, it is a shame that the brewery couldn't have been saved. As one of the last family breweries in the U.S., Koehler may not be remembered as putting out a first class beer, but at least some of their commercials will be rememv bered. ' 5*

. . . And of course no birthday would be complete without saying happy birthday. So Happy Birthday to Gregg (Grogg) Yeager. You may know Grogg from this summer at R&B's. He was the bouncer who always had a beer in his hand. l . . . News writer John Bruno and I met briefly with President of the College, Marion L. Shane. Dr. Shane's efforts as an educator can be felt around the institution but I doubt if any of us can appreciate the work he's done. Recently, for example, Dr. Shane accepted the highest position of the Conference of Small Private Colleges, on Monday, February 26, in Washington, DC. Besides belonging to the CSPC, Dr. Shane is on the executive committees of the Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities, the Foundation for Independent Colleges of Pennsylvania, and the Northwestern Pennsylvania Planning Council for Higher Education, Regions 9-10. He is also a member on the board of directors for the Erie Conference, a member of the Erie Chamber of Commerce, United Way, a former director of WQLN, and an incorporator of Saint Vincent Health Center. , ; ; . . . 1,000 tickets are on sale for the N.A.I.A. District 18 play-offs to be held]at the Mercyhurst Campus Center. Tickets are $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for students. The reason Mercyhurst students will be charged has to do with the cost of running the tournament.

.. .Anonymous No. 1

To The Editor: Students of this college: YOU are being laughed at by an entire city and the college down on Perry Square. The support that you gave to the basketball team on Feb. 21 against Alliance College was extremely shameful, and disappointing to a team that has compiled 22 victories and a scant 2 losses, by only three points. Not only does it show that very few people on this campus have enough respect to go and PAGE 2 THE MERCIAD MARCH 3.1978 support their team, but it also negates all the hard work by the team coach, school and the little people who have worked so hard to build what has come about this season. With yourfickleattendance (only when you're in the mood), why should the team keep trying to improve and work their way to Kansas City? If they were not such a dedicated group Dear Editor: This letter comes to you in response to criticisms raised by of hard working people, I seriously wonder if your on and off Ms. Delores Jablonski in your Letters to the Editor of Feb. again support would help 1 17th, concerning the consistent use of degrading humor and If any college in this nation had a basketball team with the art throughout the pages of the MERCIAD. j . I record we do, you would not find one seat empty at their Dear Editor: I also feel that Mercyhurst is being run wrong. Not only do I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Jablonski home games, whether it was against a top team or a weak they take your money and spend it for trivial things such as for her apparent interest in this publication. However, the opponent. Now I am beginning to understand why people in this town have been asking the question, "How can a college four newsletters to the same department where one would remarks made by her warrant dome remarks of my own. First, let me assure Ms. Jablonski that as both the art have a sound program in only seven years?" The answer is be sufficient, but whenever < you go to ask the certain "leaders" of this college, no one knows anything about editor and creator of "Hassles", it has never been, nor will it very simple; we haven't. Grant you nothing is wrong on that be, my intention to produce art or humor at the expense of part which has to do with players and their development, everything. ? that has been proven by the success this year. But the area My quibble involves one of my teachers. I share many of someone's character. I would only be degrading myself. Secondly, and most important, is ifte fact that Ms. Jablon- that still needs work, and plenty of it, is that of the fans. Most these feelings with many of the fellow students in my class. This teacher not only does not know how-to teach the ski, as well as myself, is aware of the existing internal of the students at this college do not know how to support a material, but when you are permitted, you ask a question, problems plaguing our institution presently. But just being winning team, it is not only at the critical games, but at she repeats the lecture and leaves you dangling about what aware of the problem is not enough, not as long as we have every game. You, as a student, must show your appreciation she is trying to say. Could you understand the delicate prin- the capabilities of doing something constructive about it. It for that right to brag to friends here or at home that we have ciples of ethics and jurispudence while the teacher jumps is my only hope that I'm accomplishing some good through this great team. That appreciation comes with support, not from this issue to dentists, to ethics, then begins a whole new the use of my satires and strips, not by "adding to the fires of in your rooms, but at the Center where there is a home territory;If I can'tfigureout how to collect this information unrest'' but by adding a little smile to someone's face. game.. I Patrick Dunn > The shame and humiliation that this school brought on itin a reasonable way, into my notebook how can I understand self the other night by not showing up for the game and the it. iL ' T • u 4 I * honoring of the six seniors who have devoted several years When I say if you are permitted to ask a question, this one of their life for that privilege of saying we are No. 1 will not teacher'• refused to answer the cry of a mixed-up student be forgotten for a long time. I would really like for everyone, \ drowning in the material of a mixed up lecture. Not only did Dear Editor: before they start boasting about how good the Lakers are, to Just a reminder that the end is quickly upon us to buy that the teacher only present the material at a rate of 50 miles start showing up. To be worthy of that right, you must earn per hour, but she refused to yield to questions because she 1978 yearbook. Order one today if you haven't already done it, and you do that by getting yourself over to the Center and wanted to get to her goal which was presenting the material so. try supporting the team no matter if it's Alliance or Gannon Seniors, pictures deadlines have been extended until Mar- that they are playing. ? in time for a test. I was told that questions were not to be asked during ch 15. The pictures must be 3x5 or 5x7 black and white. You I personally would like to thank all of the team members may contact Patti Nestor, room 41, Egan Hall; Mark Spenclass time so why do I do so? Since my other teachers use cer in Townhouse I, Arfax Studios or other independent for a very gratifying season as a fan. I think that you have class time for questions, I couldn't iigure out>why this done something that very few teams at Mercyhurst in the photographers. „ teacher never took the time to explain that issue to our class. future will do—have the chance to win 25 games, which, for Solicitors will be selling books in the cafeteria at dinner Questions are a means of understanding feedback. Schools time from March 6. You may also send money to Matt Hill in any school is some feat and you should be extremely proud are for knowledge and learning, but how are students to of this even if the fans seem not to be. There are some very i learn if questions are left unexplained? I was taught to ask McAuley Hall. There will be a yearbook meeting at 1:30 Sunday, March 5, loyal fans who show up for every game and I hope that for questions to show you understand. I feel if they can not anyou and them that goal of Kansas City becomes a reality and swer the question, they do not know the answer. If they don't in McAuley Lounge. All interested students are invited. this time, I know we're going to win the whole ball of wax!! Thanks, know the material why are they teaching it.. Again, thank youfromthe loyal fans for a very exciting and Matt Hill, editor memorable season. George D. Hammill Jr.



.. .George Hammill

Letters To The Editor;

11 .Patrick Dunn

.. .Matt Hill


Dear Mr. Van Wa genen, I am a member of your "silent majority." In the last issue Editor Chris Van Wagenen of the MERCIAD you asked for me to speak out. I have News Editor John Bruno Feature Editor Darlene Keith never expressed my feelings to this newspaper before, but Sports Editor Terry KeUy here goes. I think Dean Trimble does a fine job for being in a very difGraphics and Layout Darlene Keith, Terry Kelly Writers and Creators: Vicki Martinago, Bob Derda Jr. ficult position. He seems, at times, to have to play the role of Mark Cipriani, Chris Tomciak, Alda Walker, Judy Anania the scapegoat for both Dr. Shane and a very unsupportive CoUeen Hottel, Amy Chizmadia, Lisa Manendo, Sue Fuss/ faculty. If you, Mr. Van Wagenen, and the faculty would try to be of some help to this college, instead of being so and Mary Beth Barrett J negative and thereby destructive, Mercyhurst would be a Photographers Sue Carlson and Randy Mink Business Manager Darlene Keith and Lisa Manendo much better place. I would also like to see the faculty spenArt Editor Patrick Dunn ding a little more time with and being more concerned about the students. Often these instructors seem to be too conFaculty Consultant William Shelley cerned with themselves. I would like to see more positive The Merciad accepts, in fact encourages, the submission elements to aid in building the college and thereby eliminate of articles, letters, and stories from any and all members of some of the deteriorating attitudes currently present at the the Mercyhurst College community: .students, faculty, adHurst. '"\ ministrators, trustees, and friends of the school. However, As for you as an editor, I think you are too quick to as responsible Journalists we must reserve the following rights: criticize. However, that is the nature of people who think as 1. Therighttorevise copy Into standard English; you do—they are the last to see their own faults. 2. The right to revise copy Into correct journalistic form; And finally, a contribution for your "quote of the week." 3. And, finally, the right to revise copy (but not change An old philosopher once said that is is better to remain silent meaning)tofit layout design. and thought a fool, then to speak up and remove all doubt. In addition, Letterstothe Editor must be signed, must be Your opinions in the paper have, proven to many of the factually verifiable, and must be written In good taste. "silent majority" that you are Indeed a fool. Names will be withheld upon request, but false names will Anonymous I > not be used. c


.. .Anonymous No. 2

.. .More Letters on Page 3

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MARCH 3,1978



. . .M.b.u.
To The Editor: £ I would like to thank all those who made the volleyball marathon the success it was. The efforts of the students, faculty, Saga and the Merciad are what made it such a success.;^* , Speaking from a personal point of view, let me say that this past weekend will go down as one of the fondest memories I will have of Mercyhurst. Thank you for showing me that we can all work together and further, that we all do care about our fellow man. f ^ yj Sincerely, George Venuto M

.. .St Marks
St. Mark's Seminary will be hosting its annual Weekend live In Retreat this week. | The purpose of this weekend is to give the young men who are going to join the seminary a chance to live with the seminarians for a couple of days to get to know some of them and what they do. But this is only one purpose. The main reason for it is to give a college student a chance to spend a weekend away with some great people and to have someone around with whom they might discuss their future plans or anything else they want to talk about;. Any young men who are just plain curious about what goes on in a seminary are welcome. The format for the weekend is very loose and yet there are to be some unusual planned activities. Be assured it is not in any way designed to sell vocations to the priesthood, but is intended to help clarify * vocations to Christianity. The experience will begin with registration and living quarter assignments at 7:30 p.m., Friday evening, March 10 and end after dinner at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 12. r £ § jj |,, i J • ^ If you would like'to attend, either notify the campus ministry (Rm. 212 Main), or call St. Mark's (864-3005) before Ma rch 3 for a reserva tion. ,

For Sale
1964 Hondo (305) motorcycle and 1961-VW Bug. Both ore in running condition but need work for inspection. $75 each or both for $100. Contact Dr. Detmar Straub, Box 57. f

Attorneys from the Erie area will speak; on Monday, March 6 at 6 p.m. in Zurn 202. Open to all. * Law Enforcement Club members are urged to attend.

Law And You


v.'.- -. . * ' . • * . • . • ' . * . * • " < • * * "


MARCH 3,1978









"feNS •




-J=I?-c; X-r








MARCH 3,1978

by Mark Cipriani seriously i. and that is, Finally some people • • There^BouETbe an alter- desires. But also they should not native to becoming }a The match was close. Ij£ women and * their > par- can't face the fact that the am not the greatest tennis ticipation in sports. girls can become good cheerleader. While a strive for unification of cheerleading program is programs, not' just yet. player by any stretch of Sports > have athletes. the imagination so I was traditionally been for men Separating the sexes?is vital; to most schools this The main issue should be only struggling just to f keep > and girls could either not always the right thing sometimes becomes a equal but separate : within shouting distance. watch or get lost. to do in sports. Obviously bigger ego trip than being programs. I lost the first set con- Many males have scof- this should be done in hard an athlete. I found out the hard way What this all means is vincingly 16-2 and this set fed at attempts of contact sports like football that the girls should not be but unless they choose to was close but I was down organizing girls sports and or wrestling, where the men usually exhibit much denied the opportunity to be, the girls aren't as frail 5-4. f &; $ #v" some even believe that the compete in sports if she so and helpless as you think. more strength. My opponent was ser- girls shouldn't compete at But in the non-contact ving. I was tired but tried all. sports girls can compete to concentrate on the serThere are three major evenly with the guys* if ve. ^ '-; as&n 3024 Pine Avenue PHONE BUSINESS points 'that are trouble given the chance. I watched as the first !;Erie,Po. 16504 456-2508 serve whizzed by me, for spots for women's sports. In the case of my tennis an ace. I returned the They are (1) The miscon- match, I didn't take my reakiron euJe lers, (IC. second into the net. I rap- ception that sports can be opponent seriously and ped the third out of bounds harmful to girls, (2) the decided to "take it easy" F I M Ear Piercing 8 and before I knew it I was large shadow of men's on her at the beginning. Piatt*** with the purchase of 14 KT. Gold down 40-love and ready for sports that the women I found out quickly that EARRINGS must live in and (3) the she is much better than me the final nail. f Je *eiry $700 The fourth was hard but total separation of the two but, didn't want to admit Special it. The score did however, I actually returned it. ?I sexes in sports. vttvg Specializing in Double Piercing Many, in fact most doc- i In l the high schools kept the volley going for awhile but my opponent tors agree that sports do recently a law has been placed a winner along the not provide any special passed that] prevents Ithe and unique dangers to boys teams from exbaseline for the clincher. My opponent was very girls.| Sports do not en- cluding a female from happy and SHE had really danger girls' reproductive trying out or practicing organs as many people felt with the boys. earned the victory. This non-discrimination I had lost tennis matches they could. In fact boys before but this was the fir- are subjected to much idea lis good but if the st time I had been beaten greater danger. schools also have a by a girl. I admit now that The doctors all do say separate girls team, a boy my male ego was hurt for that the breasts should be cut from his squad could a bit but I got over it. protected though. conceivably go out for the I Any way it is jbetter gto Other | findings include girls'. So this thing works receive a kiss after a game jThat sports will notimpede both ways? than I a few beers. I'm *menstruation, unless the presently planning a girl normally experiences return match. cramps she can compete But seriously, this is during her period, a girls' something that many, bones are smaller so are males have not taken not • as fragile and they have a much lower injury rate than boys. The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Another hurdle for the girls to clear is the ;fact Heart of Mary, Scranton, Pennsylvania, ANTHONY'S that all the attention and offer a program-for women who are V i'% most of the money goes to searching for meaningful, productive L0UN6E the men's sports. i?# lives. It is an opportunity to explore your12 East 5th Only in professional circles are the women self in relation to religious life—without I 454-9363 commitment, but with guidance and dimaking significant gains. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT It is in the amateur ranks, rection— an open-ended search in the Wad., Thurt., Fri. and Sot. high school and college, Affiliate Program. No cover charge if you show your where the gains should be college ID. If you have considered being a Sister and made. Girls, like the boys, have would like to take a good look with the just as much a right to the Sisters of I.H.M., complete and mail the fun and competition | but attached coupon. the odds are sometimes stacked against them. I You can't force people to t DETACH AND MAIL watch or follow the female teams but if, the budget was bigger and more time was spent the programs could grow on their own. Sister Margaret Potthast The situation is slowly Director of Vocations getting better all the time but it has been overdue. Generalate of I.H.M. Scranton, PA 18509 Dear Sister, information realize there is no obligation on my part. Immaculate I





• •


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• •
* •

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* -

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e • ••* * f*

« t i t t t i i t a « 1 7 • • # * * • • • *• •

MARCH 3,1978



The ^health office recently became the St. Vincents of Mercyhurst last week after averaging from 48 to 52 patients a day. Russian Flu? "No", said Sr. Joseph Mary Kosarsky, R.N., R.S.M., chief health practitioner at Mercyhurst. ' n According to Sr. Kosarsky, the major complaint of 99 per cent of the patients was a severe sore throat resulting!in difficulty in swallowing. \ \ Sr. Kosarsky pointed out that those students who recieved flu shots in October responded more quickly to the medication^being provided, which was Robicillen. Sr. Kosarsky also pointed out that those students who did have the Russian Flu were told to force fluids, get plenty of rest, were given an analgesic to relieve the aches and pains which accompany the flu and were given Robicillen in an effort to combat respiratory infection. As of this week, the health office was happy to report that the number of patients was down from the previous week at 23 per day. " % I I "Symptoms of the Russian Flu, described by Sr. Kosarsky were D a severe headache, - 2) • sore . throat and 3) a lack of appetite. In fighting upper respiratory ailments, Sr. Kosarsky said that r the Robicillen is the best in combating infection because of the advantage of how many times 4 it's :, taken daily. With some prescriptions, the patient must remember to take it four or five times a day, but with the Robicillen, it's taken only twice a day.* '"*. ( i one way or another, if the Russian Flu had hit the 'Hurst, it appears that the worst is over.

ft by Sue Fust This week's column is devoted to a few ideas that weren't long enough for a whole article, but are still worth the mention. There are all kinds of awards these days so why not the first annual Mercyhurst Paper Awards highlighting the wisest and worst use of paper. : | ' First prize for the wisest goes to Mary Etta Mauthe for printing posters for her art show on small pieces of paper. They were large enough to say what, was necessary, but small enough to avoid a lot of wasted space. - Honorable mention goes to the Chess Club for doing a lot of their signs on the back ofscrap paper. In the area of worst, first prize goes to PACE for typingfivelines on a single sheet of paper and distributing one to each student. Runner up is the student elections - each candidate has more signs than there are active voters. r 3H I I 1 noting the need to cut down on unnecessary energy uses. He encouraged community members to report any energy waste. Well, has anyone noticed that the cube on the front lawn is lit all night? I wonder how much it's costing me to have the big "MC" blazing for over 12 hours a day? Does the'campus need a night light? For those of you roasting or freezing in Egan and Preston the thermostats are in and seem to be helping a bit. Maybe there's hope for the heater. I saw Becket wearing my gloves. ? The Environmental Studies department held a seminar on urban problems earlier this term. Apparently the turn, out was good. I hope that soon we can come up with something geared for the students and the average home owner on a practical level.


I Friday, March 10,1978 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8,1978 Classes that meet Final Exam Time Classes that meet Final Exam Time
MWF 3:30-4:50 P.M MS 4:00 5:50 p.m | 3:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.

MWF 8:00-9:20 a.m 8:00 a.m. | ^ Does anybody go up to see the pond during the winter? I wonder MWF 9:30-10:50 a.m 10:00 a.m. During Intersession, George what it looks like, frozen and MW 10:00-11:50 a.m 10:00 a.m. m. 1 1 Kidd sent a letter to the editor snow covered? MWF 11:00-12:20p.m.. J . . . . . 12:00Noon Thursday, March 9,1978 MW 12:00-1:50 p.m 12:00 noon Classes that meet Final Exam Time 2:00 p.m. 3 T TH 8:00-10:00 a m 8:00 a.m. | MWF 12:30-1:50 p.m MW 1:00-2:50 p.m 2:00 p.m. TTH 10:00-12:00 noon 10:00 a.m. MWF 2:00-3:20 p.m 4:00 p.m. TTH 12:00-2:00 p.m 12Noon MWF 3:30-4:50 p.m (See Wed, Mar. 8) The LRC will be open TTH 2:00-4:00 p.m 2:00 p.m. MW 4:00-5:50 p.m (See Wed, Mar. 8) T TH 4:00-6:00 p.m 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, J March midnight MW 6:00-7:50 p.m 6:00 p.m. T TH 6:00-8:00 p.m 6:00p.m. MW 8jpO-9:50p.m.Jlil.. . A ... M . . 8:00 p.m. and Wednesday, | March TTH 8:00-10:00 p.m 8:00 p.m.

Classes meeting at irregular times should take their final exams ty arran structor. Instructdrs are asked to irregular exam times J I n •

The Thursday, March scheduletfor thel Easter! break Spring J term and posted at the LRC and at the Iroom. Happy Informat you



MARCH 3 J 978

j •

By Mark Cipriani When you think of leadership everyone Just about the same supremacy), entering the Top pressive bench. The quickness can be best you have to think of Paul Young. On the basis of a 24-2 season, way. We will use our man-to-man Ten in the NAIA national small defense and will be ready for college rankings (No. 9), the typified in leading scorer, Ed Young has calmed his team down the Mercyhurst Lakers have earned the number one ranking anyone. Of course we will know third trip to the NAIA District 18 Jones. Jones possesses speed when they most needed it by Friday who we'll play and that playoffs and the highest seeding along with his quickness making throughout the year and would in the upcoming N.A.I. A. District gives us two days to get ready for in those playoffs yet. him a premier all around effectively guide his?- offensive 18 playoffs. I'm extremely proud of our penetrating guard as Q well as a and defensive units. During a specific team. That is plenty of The number two seed was many games it was Young who kids," said Coach Fox. "I am scoring threat. i awarded to Westminster College time." fcj ?> £ • > very happy with our season up to The jumping ability is evident sank the key basket or made the last Sunday in Butler, Pa. by the As the "second season" is district selection committee and about to begin, Mercyhurst ended date and hope we can continue to with Bruce Hennings and John clutch free throw that put the j win." Burrow often skying well over game out of reach. as a result the Lakers and Titans the regular campaign with two If you need shooting, enter Continuing to win is what the their taller opposition to clutch receive byes and won't compete close wins at Central State (53-51) Kevin Bradley. It would be hard in the preliminary playoffs. and at Robert Morris (65-63). ^ Lakers have done all year long. valuable rebounds. The team is physically sound and ft' The defense is scrappy. The to find a better pure shooter than The Laker accomplishments so The preliminary playoffs were far are a school record 24 wins, a seems to have all the ingredients Lakers are always hustling, Bradley. All year long he would brought about because the rest of necessary for a winning playoff trapping, and playing an in- break up troublesome zone the teams considered for the 3rd school record 12 ' consecutive tensified man-to-man defense defenses with his patented 25victories, two tournament team. and 4th seeds are so closely Mercyhurst is quick, can Jump, that is hard to solve. Don Jackson foot ers. championships •( Wilfred-Laurier bunched. I can shoot, can play defense, has perhaps more than anyone 6-9 Joe Ford J provides the and Mercyhurst), a first-ever win The N.A.I.A. Judges teams by a over local rival Gannon College, excellent leadership, is strong exemplifies this tiring yet ef- needed strength under the system called the Litkenhous boards. Although taking a and to top that off has an im- fective style of basketball. the Big Five title (local.college ratings. This is a point total physical beating during the awarded to a team based on season Ford had another strong record, comparable strength, campaign. etc. £ The Laker bench has been on Mercyhurst has a 80.5 rating call all year and has usually met followed by Westminster at 79.6. the challenge.' Bill Link, Dick The next six teams, St. Vincent Brickell, Greg Powell, Greg (76.0), Clarion (74.2), Indiana Kurt, Jim McElrath, Walt Clark, (73.78), Waynesburg (73.68), Dan Brown, and Gene Thorpe Pitt-Johnstown (73.67), and Point have all performed effectively Park (73.64) are so? tightly when called upon by Coach Fox. grouped the committee felt all Add this to the excellent deserved a chance. coaching jobs done by Fox and Last Wednesday Waynesburg his assistants, Dan O'Conner and playedjj Pitt-Johnstown and Tom Barringer, the Mercy-hurst Indiana met Point Park. Tonight Perhaps the greatest asset of special thanks to manager Janie Lakers are not Just an ordinary By Chris Tomczak \ Clarion will meet the highest these two ball players is that they Nestor, score keeper Kathe ball club. ; As I sit here writing, it is dif- are successful on! and off the Lowry and Mary Mahon for rated winner from Wednesday If the., Lakers continue their ficult to believe that the term is basketball court. while St. Vincent battles with the giving their time and spirit. unselfish team, play along with almost over and more incredibly, lowest rated winner. All these»i the basketball season will be filed Robert Louis Stevenson once their tremendous desire, there games have been and will j be in the record books. wrote about success. He stated: should be no reason why Mercyplayed at St. Vincent. "that man is a success hurst won't be one of the 32 teams 1 who has lived well, laughed To complicate matters further, There is always a bit of sadness in Kansas City on March 13, often-and loved much; the lowest rated winner of when things end. During the vying for that NAIA* National who looked for the best in tonight's games will be the fourth season there are many ups and Championship. others seeded team, and will play downs, highlights and low points. and gave the best he had " Sometimes you wish the season Mercyhurst on Monday night at 8 Good luck,:Sue and Val, in all would end tomorrow. .But more REMINDER: Mercyhurst P.M. in the Campus Center. often, you are eagerly an- your future goals. The women's final basketball students will have to pay to see The highest rateovwinner from ticipating the next day % practice. game of the* seasoif^ias the Monday night's playoff game at tonight will be the third seed and The Lady Lakers have excelled Lakers tangling against Geneva For me and a group of team defensively in almost all their Thursday, March 2« at the the Campus Center. Since this is will meet Westminster Monday members, there is[ always next ball games. a NAIA sanctioned event and at 8 on the Titans' home floor. *$, j Campus Center. The* winners of these games year. But for seniors Sue Fagan f .In Conference games they have Sue Fagan*s 22 points and 19 Mercyhurst is only supplying the and Val Ferro, their basketball allowed their? opponents 50.2 rebounds led the team to a 53-30 building everyone attending has will vie for the District 18 crown days at the Hurst must end soon. points while they have scored a Keystone Conference win over to pay. 1000' tickets will be Wednesday night at the home Westminster, Monday night. allotted to Mercyhurst as well as Sue Fagan is a native of Pitt- 56.4 average. court of the highest seeded team The team pulled out to a 31-18 1000 to the visiting team's school sburgh, Pa. Her name would > Overall, the Lakers gave up (8p.m.) appear in the newspaper as high 47.5 points per game and scored halftime lead land outscored Unsold tickets will be sold at the If there lis someone who un} Westminster 22 to? 12 the next door. Tickets are $1.50 for Laker scorer practically each 52.5 points. derstands what* is going on it is game. Sue played as a leader and The real! killer has been of- twenty minutes. ' students and $2.50 for adults. Laker Coach Dick Fox, who paid inspiration to her teammates. fensive turnovers this year. The Amy McNicholas scored 12 They can 'be purchased at the tribute to the • committee and Her rebounding and defensive team has averaged 18.4, much too points and grabbed 18 rebounds Center during operational hours. many to control a ball game. their selections. enroute to the victory. iBarb If Mercyhurst wins Monday, the ability were also a key to her 4 Coaches Ronda Carlson and Sweeney added 10 points. 'They have always tried to be game. Jim Kann must have^gained a fair in the past, like they were High scorer for the 0-5 West- district championship game will Cortland, New*York's Val gray hair each time someone minster team was Lindey Gilbert be held at the Campus Center on this year," commented Fox, Ferro played guard for the walked with the ball, fumbled it Wednesday night at 8 p.m. and with 14 counters. "I'm Just happy to be-number Lakers. Val could control the or threw the ball away. LADY LAKER STATS: all the same ticket information will one." came with her ball handling out statistics as of Feb. 16. j 4 be in effect.': Who will the Hurst meet on front. She would contribute to the Thanks to all the supporters Sue Fagan leads the team in and fans of the women Lakers. A field goal percentage with a 42.9 Monday? "It really doesn't scoring and excelled in steals. matter." said Fox. "We play per cent as she made 73 out of 170 shots attempted. Second on the team is Amy McNicholas as she made 43 out of 101 for a 42.5 per cent.* 5 I Coach Dennis Ranalli gave a Sue Fagan also leads the team On Saturday, February 11, the Mercyhurst College Tennis Team lecture and demonstration in a with a 17.6 average followed by was invited to participate in a coaches clinic held earlier in the Amy McNicholas with a 12.7 points per game average. Pennsylvania - Ohio all star day. * Leader in free -throw pertennis exhibition against the U.S. 1978 Spring centage is Marv Ann King as she Naval Academy. The exhibition Tennis Schedule was held at the Shenango Valley Sunday, March 12 College of hit 24 out of 32 freebies attempted W L Racket Club in Sharpsville, Charleston 3:00 p.m. at for a 75 per cent average from the Spastic Spikers 4 1 Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Charleston, S.C. line. Second is Sophomore Sue Oedipus Wrecks Once again the Mercyhurst 4 1 - Ohio all star team consisted of Cavalancia with a 70 per cent Monday, March 13 Flagler Crew Team picks up their oars the top two players from the f • • • *i • • v* ^ t'^ average as she hit 7 for 10. " Whatever . College 2:30 p.m. at St. in an attempt to retain their •. 2 3 following colleges: Mercyhurst, Augustine, Fla. Leading rebounder of the Spunky Spikers J excellent reputation on the Univ. of Pitt, Duquesne U., women's Laker team is Amy Tasmanian Devils . . . . . . . . 1 4 Tuesday, March 14 George water. 1 4 Westminster, Grove City, Slip- Mason 9:00 a.m.? at Flagler McNicholas with 96, followed by Release Valves This year's season will ofpery Rock and Youngstown Univ. Sue Fagan's 89. • College. I ficially begin with a week of Only representatives of the training beginning March 15 Thursday, March 16 Eckhart inMary Ann King leads the team Mercyhurst and Youngstown steals with 39. Tina Tomczak is at Morris Harvey College in Colleges came away victorious College 2:00 p.m. at St. Peter- second with 23. ^ fi Charleston, West Virginia. sburg, Fla. >f v The team is currently in fourth against a strong Navy team. Rich Friday, March 17 Seminole Jr. The Lakers and Lakerettes Birmingham played in the College 12:00 noon at Sanford, place in the Keystone Conference will have triple practices daily race, with a 4-2 record. J number one slot for the all-stars Fla. and a scrimage with Morris ! and was defeated by Navy top Saturday, March 18 Northern Harvey on • March 21 in netter Gene Miller 6-3, 6-3. Tom Fla. Univ. 12:00 noon at preparation for the GoverChybrzynski, playing in the Jacksonville. ; nor s Cup on April 8. number 6 slot for the all-stars lost Sunday, March 19 Georgia Apr.8 Governor! Cup Charleston, W.Vt. to Bill Radford in the most ex- Southern 9:30 a.m. and ArmW L Apr.IS . • Colgate U. .. Preaque Isle Bay citing match of the day 1-6,6-2,6- strong St. 2:00 p.m. at Statesboro, Hardies 6 2 Apr.9 Mercyhurst Invitational • \ 7. He had the crowd on its feet Geo Sassy Second floor 6 2 ' Findley Lake Monday, March 20 Coastal when he battled to 4 all in a 9 B.O.A/S ."......* 5 3 Apr » Caianovta Invitational Monday, March 6 point tie breaker in. the third and Carolina 1:00 p.m. at Myrtle Peer Pressure . . . * 5 3 Cannovia Like 8:00 p.m. final set. Birmingham and Beach. ? Egan Scholars/. 4 4 M t y t . ; MACRA Regatta.. Marietta, 0. Campus Center Tuesday, March 21 Hampton Chybrzynski then teamed up as HoopShooters . . . $. .S . ?.. 4 4 May U,... • Interaquad Cup Race Come out and cheer on our num Institute 1:00 p.m. at Hampton, the No. 2 doubles team for the all "A"Team 2 6 Preaque Isle Bay ber seeded lakers on their way toi stars and defeated a strong Navy Va. | May aoGrand VaUeyGrand Rapids, Mich Cedar Wax Wings . (Dropped Out) Kansas City. team of Miller and Baylor 2-6,6-3, Wednesday, March 22 Towson May 21 Mich Unaing. Mkh State 8:00 p.m. at Towson, Md. t 6-2. t

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