First Round Number Question What are the 4 colours of the national flag of India Answer Orange,white

, green and blue Who directed the 2005 Bob Dylan documentary No Martin scorsese Direction Home What is the us state capital of Washington Olympia Autumn King and St Valery are which types of carrot vegetables? Traditionally, oysters should be eaten when which R letter of the alphabet is in the month? Which playing card is known as the 'Beer Card? Seven of Diamonds The moons of which planet are named after Uranus Shakespearian characters Who invented the revolver (handgun)? Samuel Colt In which country was cricketer Ted Dexter born? How did soul singer Otis Redding die in 1967? What is the birthstone for April? Which actress appears with Jarvis Cocker in Pulp's video, Common People? Launched in 1960, what was the name of the first US communications satellite? What is Bill Clinton's middle name? Who succeeded Sir Clive Woodward as England's rugby union coach? Which country has the international car registration RA? Turin lies on which river? In which London pub did Ronnie Kray murder George Cornell? Apart from a battle, what did Nelson lose at Tenerife in 1797 Who invented jeans? Which month was named after the Roman god of war? In what ocean are the Pitcairn Islands Gingivitis is the inflammation of which part of the human body? Who became leader of the British National Party in 1999? Which team did manchester united sign brazilian midfielder anderson from in 2007? Italy Plane crash Diamond Sadie Frost Echo 1 Jefferson Andy Robinson Argentina Po The Blind Beggar His arm (right arm) Levi Strauss March pacific gums Nick griffin porto

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