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04 GSM System Overview

04 GSM System Overview

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Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identify

•TMSI is an alias used in place of the IMSI.
•This value is sent over the air interface in place of
the IMSI for purposes of security.

用戶號碼(International Mobile Subscriber Identity或IMSI)。

•要避免IMSI 在air interface 上傳送, 所以以TMSI 代替identify MS itself.

•當MS 開機完成註冊手續後, MSC/VLR 記錄下IMSI, 然後送出TMSI 做為臨
時的識別碼. TMSI 是VLR assign 給MS. 當MS 在這個MSC/VLR 的服務範
圍內, 都以此TMSI 來加以識別.

•TMSI 是用於當MS 到一個new LA 時, 表明自己的身分(取代傳送IMSI),做
registration (location update) 用.

•此外, 當MSC 想要paging a MS, 也會下令LA 中所有的BS 利用PCH 做
broadcast the TMSI of MS.

•Length TMSI is no longer than 8 digits (TMSI structure definedby the
operator), 另一參考書[4] 寫TMSI 最多有32 bits.


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