University of San Carlos – Technological Center Talamban, Cebu City Department of Computer Engineering

February 3, 2010 ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Dear Sir/Madame: We are Computer Engineering Students currently taking up English 23: Technical Writing. It is a requirement in this subject that we conduct a research related to our course. We are working on the Feasibility of Electronic Voting Software for the University of San Carlos Computer Engineering Council Election. Right now, we are on the state of data gathering in our research. In line with this, we would greatly appreciate you participation in the interview for our research during your free time. Since the validity of the results depend on obtaining a high response rate from appropriate respondents, your involvement is crucial to the success of this study. We are hoping for your favorable answer. Respectfully yours, Researchers: NOTED: Dustin Diasnes Mrs. Kray Chaves Jose Irvin Sebache Kirby Cumba Marco Gerardo Mempin Mark Christian Fernandez

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