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Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator has run the following command on R1. R1(config)# ip route What is the result of running this command? Traffic for network is forwarded to This route is automatically propagated throughout the entire network. Traffic for all networks is forwarded to The command invokes a dynamic routing protocol for 2

Refer to exhibit. Given the topology shown in the exhibit, what three commands are needed to configure EIGRP on the Paris router? (Choose three.) Paris(config)# router eigrp 100 Paris(config)# router eigrp Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network Paris(config-router)# network 3

0/24 [120/1] via 172. Serial0/0/0 4 Refer to the exhibit. Serial0/0/0 R 192.100.2. What are two of the routes added to the routing table of R1? (Choose two.0/24 [120/1] via 192.Refer to the exhibit.0/24 [120/1] via 172. Serial0/0/0 R 192.2. 00:00:24.0.) All routes are stable.168.) R 172.16. Each route has one feasible successor.0/24 [120/1] via 172. Serial0/0/0 R 192.1. Serial0/0/1 R 192.0/24 [120/1] via The show ip eigrp topology command has been run on R1.16. The serial interface between the two routers is down.1.1. 00:00: The administrative distance of EIGRP has been set to 50. Which two statements are true based on the exhibited output? (Choose two.168. 00:00: 00:00:24. 00:00:24. 5 .

6 Refer to the exhibit.2. 7 Which statement correctly describes a feature of RIP? RIP is a link-state routing protocol.8.168. Messages are broadcast every 10 seconds.168. The 192. Both routers are using the RIPv2 routing protocol and static routes are undefined.Refer to the exhibit.4.0/24 network. .1.4.1. It is the value used by the DUAL algorithm to determine the bandwidth for the link.168. What is the reason for the ping failure? The serial interface between two routers is down. Advertised routes with hop counts greater than 10 are unreachable. It is the number of hops between R2 and the 192. R2 is not forwarding the routing updates.0 network is not included in the RIP configuration of R2. RIPv1 needs to be configured.1 and 10. It is the convergence time measured in seconds. R1 can ping 192. but is unable to ping 192.168. RIP uses only one metric—hop count— for path selection.2.1. What is the meaning of the highlighted value 2? It is the administrative distance of the routing protocol.

) The gateway for Host A is missing or improperly configured.0.0.0 area 0 R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 192.255 area 0 R2(config-router)# network 10. The entry for 192.255 area 0 R2(config-router)# network 10. Which set of commands is required to configure a single area OSPF for the networks that are connected to R2? R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 192.0 is directly connected.2.8 Refer to the exhibit. 0.0 0. Serial0/0 .1.0 255.0.0. 9 Refer to the exhibit. All interfaces are addressed and functioning correctly. How will this route appear in the routing table? C 172.2 command. is missing from the routing table of R1. R1 is configured properly for a single area OSPF.0 0.255 area 0 R2(config)# router ospf 2 R2(config-router)# network 10.3 area 0 R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network The entry for 192.0.0 0.0. Which two facts could be responsible for the output of this command? (Choose two.255 area 0 R2(config-router)# network 10. The entry for 192.0 area 1 10 The network administrator configures the router with the ip route 172.0/24 is missing from the routing table of R2. The entry for 192.0 0. The network administrator runs the tracert command on host A.1.1.0/24 is missing from the routing table of R2. The gateway for Host B is missing or improperly configured.0/24 is missing from the routing table of R1. and R2 has been recently installed in the network.3 area 1 R2(config)# router ospf 1 R2(config-router)# network 192.

2.16.2 S 172.0. The router sends the packet out all other interfaces. decrementing it by one.1.16.1. Decrease the bandwidth on Serial 0/1/0 on router 2 to 1544. All the broadcasts will be forwarded via the S0/0/0 interface of R2.16.1. The router changes the source IP to the IP of the exit interface. Change the cable that connects the routers to a crossover cable.16. Serial0/0 C 172. The router maintains the same source and destination IP.0 S0/0/0 is run on router R2.0. What are the two results of this command? (Choose two.S 172.0 [1/0] via 172. The traffic from the Internet will be directed to R2. 13 Refer to the exhibit. What change by the administrator will correct the problem? Set the encapsulation on both routers to PPP.16.0. Change the IP address on Serial 0/1/0 on router 2 to 192.0 0.0 is directly connected. The router changes the source physical address to the physical address of the exit interface.168. 12 Refer to the exhibit. The route will be specified as the default route for all networks not defined in the routing table.) The router modifies the TTL field. Routers 1 and 2 are directly connected over a serial link. The router changes the destination IP to the IP of the exit interface.0/22 will be blocked.0.) A static route will be updated in the routing table.0 [1/0] via 172. Pings are failing between the two routers. 14 . besides the one it entered the router on.2 11 Which three statements are true regarding the encapsulation and de-encapsulation of packets when traveling through a router? (Choose three. The command ip route The traffic from the source network 172.2.

16. 15 Refer to the exhibit. the new next hop for the 192.2. After network changes were made.0 network? Enter the command clear ip route *. What happens to a packet that has 172.Refer to the exhibit. What should an administrator do so that the router will use the new next hop to reach the 192. Only Telnet sessions are encrypted.0.2.0 172. The router will learn of the new next hop and automatically update the route table.2. The packet is flooded out all interfaces.0 255.255. 16 The command ip route 192.1. Nothing. Negate the original command and enter a new static route with the new next hop.168.0/16 as the best match in the routing table that is shown? The packet is discarded. Lower the administrative distance for the new path to ensure that it is used first.255. Enable and console passwords are encrypted.168. What are the effects of the exhibited commands on the router? All passwords are encrypted. Only the enable password is encrypted.16. The packet is forwarded via FastEthernet0/0.0/24 network is 172. The packet is forwarded via Serial0/0/0.2 was entered into the router. 17 . Only the enable password and Telnet session are encrypted.

and the other path via R2-R1 will be retained as the backup path. All devices are properly configured and the destination network is advertised by both protocols. The subnet mask for the Fa0/0 interface of R1 is incorrect. 18 Refer to the exhibit. The packets will travel via R2-R3. 19 On a router. What is the reason for this? The IP address of host A is incorrect. Routers R1 and R3 use different routing protocols with default administrative distance values. Which path will be used to transmit the data packets between PC1 and PC2? The packets will travel via R2-R1. The packets will travel via R2-R3. The traffic will be load-balanced between two paths — via R2-R1 and via R2-R3. The default gateway of host A is incorrect.Refer to the exhibit. Host A is unable to access the Internet. The Fa0/1 interfaces of the two routers are configured for different subnets. which actions can be performed in user mode? perform password recovery make global configuration changes .

23 . Load the running-config file from RAM. calculate best paths. 21 You have been asked to explain converged networks to a trainee. Load the bootstrap program from ROM. The subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3. 22 Using default settings. Search for a backup IOS in ROM. A network is converged when all routers flush the unreachable networks from their routing tables. and update their routing tables. A network is converged after all routers share the same information. What is the problem with the addressing used in the topology? The address assigned to the Ethernet0 interface of Router1 is a broadcast address for that subnetwork. Locate and load the startup-config file from NVRAM.view current router configuration make changes to a specified interface 20 The network shown in the diagram is having problems routing traffic. The subnetwork configured on the serial link between Router1 and Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3. A network is converged immediately after a topology change has occurred. How would you accurately describe a converged network? A network is converged when all routers have formed an adjacency. The subnetwork assigned to the Serial0 interface of Router1 is on a different subnetwork from the address for Serial0 of Router2. what is the next step in the router boot sequence after the IOS loads from flash? Perform the POST routine. It is suspected that the problem is with the addressing scheme.

The BOS router needs the network 192.0 is forwarded to network 192.10.0 0. A network administrator is troubleshooting the OSPF network.255. The JAX router needs the network 192.0. The 10.168. A network administrator adds this command to router R1: ip route 192.0/16 on Router2.0.0.0 0. 24 Refer to the exhibit. Hosts on the BOS Fa0/0 LAN are able to ping the Fa0/1 interface on the JAX router and all interfaces on the BOS and ORL routers. There is an incorrect wildcard mask statement for network 10.0. What is the probable cause of this problem? The serial interface on Router2 is down.2.1. The JAX router needs the network 10.2. A static route is established.0/16 network is not showing up in the routing table of Router1.3.Refer to the exhibit. Why would hosts from the The traffic for all Class C networks is forwarded to 172. What is the result of adding this command? This route is automatically propagated throughout the network.168.255 area 0 command.168.0. The OSPF process is not running on Router2.0 0.0.255 area 0 command. The OSPF process is configured incorrectly on Router1.0. The traffic for network 26 Which prompt is used to allow a user to change the IP address of an interface on a router? . 25 Refer to the exhibit. area 0 command.16.0 S0/0/0.0.0 255.0/24 network not be able to ping hosts on the Fa0/0 LAN of the JAX router? The JAX router has the wrong process ID.

DUAL will put the router into the active state.0. Which route will be removed from the routing table if manual EIGRP summarization is disabled the Serial0/0/0 interface of R3? 0. 28 Which of the following could describe the devices labeled "?" in the graphic? (Choose three.) DCE CSU/DSU LAN switch modem hub 29 Refer to the exhibit.0. All packets going to that network will be routed to the default gateway instead.Router> Router# Router(config)# Router(config-if)# 27 What happens if an EIGRP network path fails and DUAL cannot locate a suitable successor? Routing cannot continue because there is no path to that network. All packets going to that network will be dropped.0/0 . The backup table will be searched.

subnet mask 30 What is the function of the OSPF LSU packet? used to confirm receipt of certain types of OSPF packets used to establish and maintain adjacency with other OSPF routers used to request more information about any entry in the BDR used to announce new OSPF information and to reply to certain types of requests 31 Refer to the exhibit. 32 Which two technologies can be used in distance vector routing protocols to prevent routing loops? (Choose two. IP 172.18. subnet mask authentication link-state advertisements hold-down timers Spanning Tree Protocol split horizon 33 .0/24 172. subnet mask 255.0 IP Which combination of IP address and subnet mask can be used on the serial interface of Router2 in order to put the interface in the same network as the serial interface of Router1? IP 172. subnet mask 255.0.252 IP

The no shutdown command needs to be added to the interface configuration. which router would win an OSPF DR election? A B C D 34 Refer to the exhibit. Serial0/0/0 O 172.0/24 [120/1] via 192. An interface description needs to be added to the interface configuration. If the router loopback interfaces. A technician has configured the interfaces on the Router. What is the reason for this? The IOS image is corrupt. The POST process has detected hardware failure.200. The configuration file is missing from NVRAM. Serial0/0/0 . 00:00:17.1.1. 00:00:09.1.1. The subnet mask should be added to the interface configuration. but upon inspection discovers that interface FastEthernet0/1 is not functioning.1. 35 A router boots and enters setup mode. Serial0/0/0 R 172.200.0/24 [110/1012] via 192.0 through four different dynamic routing processes. to the exhibit. 36 In a lab test environment. FastEthernet interfaces. 00:00:22. Which action will most likely correct the problem with FastEthernet0/1? A clock rate should be added to the interface configuration.0/24 [90/2195456] via 192. Cisco IOS is missing from flash memory.16.168. a router has learned about network 172. Which route will be used to reach this network? D 172. and OSPF priorities are configured as shown.16.168.

The larger metric generally represents the better path.200.107.0/16 172. EIGRP uses bandwidth as its only metric.0/24 192.0/16 128.100.I 172.168.) flash memory RAM NVRAM TFTP server configuration register 39 Which statement is true regarding routing metrics? All routing protocols use the same metrics.0/24 41 Which routing protocol by default uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the metric of a route? .40. Routers compare metrics to determine the best route.0. 40 Refer to the exhibit. 192.16. Serial0/0/0 37 Which routing protocol maintains a topology table separate from the routing table? IGRP RIPv1 RIPv2 EIGRP 38 Which two locations can be the source of the Cisco IOS that is used by a router during the bootup process? (Choose two.0. 00:00:09.0/24 [100/1192] via 64.1. Packets destined to which two networks will require the router to perform a recursive lookup? (Choose two.

10.10.0 0. Which host has a combination of IP address and subnet mask on the same network as Fa0/0 of Router1? host A host B host C host D 45 A network administrator has configured a default route on Router_A but it is not being shared with adjacent Router_B and the other routers in the OSPF area. The command network 172.0 area 0 on RTRB is incorrect. what could be the problem? The OSPF process IDs do not match.0.RIPv1 RIPv2 OSPF EIGRP 42 If a router is booting with its default configuration register setting and its NVRAM lacks boot system commands.16.10.0 0. Based on the configuration. 44 Refer to the exhibit. The command network 10. The hosts that are connected to RTRB are not able to reach hosts connected to RTRA.0 0.0. from where will the router try to load the IOS image first? ROM RAM NVRAM flash TFTP server 43 Refer to the exhibit. Which command will save the administrator the time and trouble of configuring this default route on Router_B and all of the other routers in the OSPF area? .255 area 0 on RTRB is incorrect. The command network area 0 on RTRA is incorrect. A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# no network 192.25.Router_A(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route Router_B(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route Router_A(config-router)# default-information originate Router_B(config-router)# default-information originate Router_A(config-router)# ip ospf update-default Router_B(config-router)# ip ospf update-default 46 A network administrator has enabled RIP on routers B and C in the network diagram.32 B(config)# router rip B(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 A(config)# no router rip 47 Which mechanism helps to avoid routing loops by advertising a metric of infinity? route poisoning split horizon hold-down timer triggered updates 48 Two routers need to be configured within a single OSPF area.25. Which of the following commands will prevent RIP updates from being sent to Router A? A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 B(config)# router rip B(config-router)# network 192.) the same process ID the same area ID network addresses and wildcard masks . Which two components need to be configured on both routers to achieve this? (Choose two.48 B(config-router)# network 192.

Beginning from global configuration mode. R1 and R2 are both configured with RIPv1. It reduces the update timer to 15 seconds if there are more than 10 routes. It uses random pings to detect if a pathway is down and therefore is preemptive on finding networks that are down. It uses triggered updates to announce network changes if they happen in between the periodic updates. 50 Refer to the exhibit. what comand or commands will eliminate RIP updates on the Ethernet segment of R2? R2# configure terminal R2(config)# router rip R2(config-router)# passive-interface FastEthernet0/0 R2# configure terminal R2(config)# passive-interface FastEthernet0/0 R2# passive-interface FastEthernet0/0 R2# configure terminal R2(config)# interface FastEthernet0/0 R2(config-if)# passive-interface FastEthernet0/0 .the same router ID the same loop back address 49 What does RIP use to reduce convergence time in a larger network? It uses multicast instead of broadcast to send routing updates.