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Life Style Without Food by Joachim M Werdin

Life Style Without Food by Joachim M Werdin

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The ability to live without food
The ability to live without food

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Published by: Robert Donald Tonelli on May 25, 2011
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Enjoying perfect health, with no need to eat or drink, I am free from the
common belief about the constraint of acquiring, preparing and consuming
food. This means that hunger, starving and related to them problems does
not concern me regardless of my living place.

It does not matter whether he/she is a rich or a poor person without so called
“means for survival”, their body is alive and functions perfectly and they en­
joy well-being. Inediate's life does not depend on food and all the troubles
associated with acquiring it.

The inediate can choose — he/she does not need food to function properly
but they can eat something for pleasure, for company or for other reasons.
This is the freedom of choice which other people who eat “normally” do not


LSWF is one of steps on a path to regaining full freedom by the human.
When you are aware of this you experience more often that one can be free
also from other things, which are commonly believed to be necessities with­
out which the human life is impossible.

Freedom from food automatically means freedom from, among others, buy­
ing food and associated articles, most illnesses, kitchen, toilet.

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