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Life Style Without Food by Joachim M Werdin

Life Style Without Food by Joachim M Werdin

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The ability to live without food
The ability to live without food

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Published by: Robert Donald Tonelli on May 25, 2011
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Among fasting people there are persons who ask me: why so much anger,
hatred, irritability etc. manifest itself during fasting? The fasting person
wonders where does this huge flaw of negative emotions comer from and
why. On the other hand family members agree that it is difficult to bear such
a person. That is plausible because a fasting person going through such a
process may be unpredictable. For example, he/she can “without any
reason” throw a jam jar against a wall, explode with shouting at another per­
son, burst into tears. The mood of this person may change in an instant.

Other fasting persons feel psychical reactions manifesting itself through sad­
ness, resignation, lack of interest in anything. To these people the feeling of
“meaninglessness of everything” becomes familiar. On the one hand the per­
son feels like doing nothing, on the other hand the person feels remorse be­
cause of his/her laziness, and also sees “the meaninglessness of life”. Some
of these people say that they have had enough of this life, they see it without
purpose and they do not want to live any longer or they prefer not to exist at

The described reactions come to pass because the psyche is being cleansed.
Fasting cleanses not only the physical body, it does the same to all other hu­
man bodies. Therefore also the mind is cleansed, its toxins come to the sur­
face and blockages get released.

By the way, this mind cleansing makes the person to perceive things as they
truly are. That's why the person can realize the true sense of life, that is ...
that it is just a game, that it has no sense unless you create it in your mind.
What can feel a person who just discovered the true sense of life?

Another cause of psychical instability may be non-material (also known as
astral or mental) parasites attached to the person. Such a parasite is a non-
material being who feeds on emotions and thoughts of the person. Most in­
habitants of Earth feed such kind of creatures on themselves.


Most often these parasites attach themselves to people full of fear, anger, ha­
tred and other destructive emotions. Such a parasite nourish itself precisely
with this kind of emotions. The more often and the stronger one reacts emo­
tionally, the better the parasites feel and the more parasites this individual
can feed. When the person stabilizes him/herself emotionally so that they
does not emanate any bad emotions and thoughts, his/her parasites are starv­
ing and feeling unwell. Fasting leads to softening of emotional outbursts.
The parasite then will push the person to manifest bad emotions, because it
is hungry for them. If the fasting person will not give in for a sufficiently
long time, the parasites will leave and the person will be cleared. Dry fast­
ing, combined with contemplation of Love and Light, is extraordinarily effi­
cient in this case.

Another reason for different emotional reactions is increasing sensitivity to
stimuli. The fasting person will gradually cleanse his/her bodies and their
senses. When the purity of the physical and non-physical senses increases,
the level of stimulus required for perception to happen, decreases. Clearer
senses are more sensitive for stimuli and they function in a larger spectrum
of perception.

The person may not be prepared for this, so the usual intensity of stimuli
may be too strong. Too strong stimuli may irritate the person. For example,
what was perceived as conversation of ordinary/normal loudness until now,
during fasting may be perceived as clamor or even shouting; this may irri­

Besides these emotions, the fasting person may experience also the opposite
e.g. sudden appearance (i. e. as if without any reason) of happiness, feeling
of ease (no-problem-ness) of life, Love emanating from the inside.

During fasting different pleasant and unpleasant emotions, accompanied by
certain reactions, may appear. It happens differently with each individual. In
every case it is beneficial cleansing process, so it is one more reason to be
happy rather than to be worried.

Some people may exhibit so called paranormal abilities during the fast. In
this case the person perceives information from dimensions other than just
this material one. If the person is unprepared, he/she may think that some­
thing is wrong with their psyche. Depending on his/her behavior, others may
consider the person mentally ill, and even use their case to prove “how
harmful” fasting is.


Psychiatric hospitals are full of extra sensitive people. Doctors do not under­
stand what is happening to those people and prescribe chemicals reducing
activity of the brain (they are mudding it). Additionally doctors make those
persons believe that they are mentally ill (the family joins this hypnosis),
creating suggestion which influences these persons so badly. These “ill peo­
ple” need instructions about the worlds (dimensions) other than this material
one, not chemical and mental poisons. Many of these persons are extraordi­
narily developed individuals, who got lost and now need to learn more in or­
der to understand and use their abilities.

Psychical instability may last for a long time, a few months or even years.
Individually selected mental exercises are very useful to make the person to
control the mind and senses better.

If during fasting you experience emotions accompanied by reactions, which
you want to get rid of, you can practice the contemplation of Light and
Love. It is, in fact, the contemplation of passiveness, in which you prepare
yourself for feeling and manifesting Light and Love (of which you are the
source in your essence). The more you allow Light and Love to manifest it­
self through your mind and body, the earlier so called negative emotions
will stop tormenting you and the sooner immaterial parasites will leave.

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