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PC Maintenance

Name: _Meg Johnson

Lab 1 - Drawing a PC Map

It is essential that you know what connections and equipment are present in a PC so
that you can put a machine back together. To help with this, the following drawings
must be completed before we can start working on the inside of the PC over the next
several weeks.

1 Sketch the back panel of the PC and label all connectors that have cables
attached. (You could use the picture on the next page)

Parallel Port / Printer ↓ Line In/audio


↓ Speaker out
Keyboard ←
→ Microphone in

Com/Serial Port ↑ ↑ USB Devices ↑

Webcam, portable
(Printer, Modem) Monitor hard drives,
keyboard, mouse etc

2 Complete the following table for the connectors on the computer (not the cords).

Device Male/Female Number of pins Sketch








3 Draw a diagram showing all the components and the cables inside the box.
(Don’t worry if you can’t identify the components now, we’ll cover that over the
next few weeks.). Note especially the data cables from all disk drives and the
front panel wires, colour and orientation especially. This should allow you to
connect all the internal cables in the future. (You should use a separate sheet of
A3 paper so you can show the connections in enough detail.)

TAFE NSW Northern Beaches College IT Section

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PC Maintenance
Name: _Meg Johnson

Back Panel


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