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The Merciad, Oct. 8, 1982

The Merciad, Oct. 8, 1982

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The Merciad, Oct. 8, 1982
The Merciad, Oct. 8, 1982

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Chapel Tower I j To Be Lit

The tower of Christ the King Chapel and Old Main which is a landmark of the college will be illuminated by floodlights the end of this month. | The tower will be | lit by two floodlights which will be placed atop Weber Hall. ' 'It will be f visible all over southeast Erie," said Dr. William P. Garvey, president of JMercyhurst College. Floodlights will shine on the tower seven days a week from sundown until midnight, said Garvey. Approximately two 400 watt metal highlight bulbs will be used to accentuate the Mercyhurst landmark, according to Bill Ducz, director of maintenance.


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Library Hours May Be Cut Back
By Fran Moavero rro The Mercyhurst Learning Resource Center hours may be cut back one-half hour from \ 11:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. because of the rising cost of electricity, said Dr. William; P. Garvey, president of Mercyhurst College. Few students use the library facilities during losing the library earlier, utility costs will be reduced," said Garvey. Attendance patterns will be closely examined during the next few weeks to determine if the LRC should close earlier. | "If the library is benefitting enough students, we will keep it open," stated Garvey. % "It is a waste of college money and student money for three or four students," he added. Joanne Cooper, director of the LRC, disagreed with Garvey's assertion and said that she has never witnessed only three or four people in the library. A significant ^number of students are in the library after 10:30, she explained. Cooper claims the LRC is used substantially ^Sunday through Thursday. \ "The library is not used significantly on Friday '"afternoons, and all day Saturday," she added. '. If any cutback in the hours is to be made, Cooper said that the hours should be cut on Friday or Saturday because these are the days when attendance is low. Cooper is aware of the attendance patterns because she said she takes a physical count of the students in the library at specific times. According to (Chuck Straub, operations manager of WMCY, the campus radio station, if the LRC hours are cut back, the broadcast hours of WMCY will also be curtailed by one-half hour. "We depend on access to the library for access to our studio area," he stated.

"Chicago City Limits", a comedy and improvisation troupe who visited Mercyhurst last week, performed "On The Subway" as one of several outrageously witty skits. £^.



College Asked To Share j Union Renovation Expenses
The Criminal Justice proposal introduced last week was discussed at the MSG meeting Wednesday. Bryan Doherty, criminal justice major, explained the procedure of the disciplinary committee. According to the proposal: **The role of the Disciplinary Committee is to hear the facts as they are presented and on the basis of these facts to make a judgment as to whether the student is guilty or not guilty of the charges brought against him." Further discussion concerning the proposal and its adoption will be brought up at the next MSG meeting. f Another topic of discussion concerned the proposed renovation of the Student Union. 4 Rich Lanzillo, president of MSG, said bids are being compiled for the project. j Currently, MSG is responsible for all Student Union expenses with the exception of S1,000 plus the Student5 Union director's salary which is contributed by the college. The government discussed the idea that the college share expenses with MSG for Student Union renovations. Mercyhurst College President, Dr. William P. Garvey, has been invited to attend the next MSG meeting to address this issue. In other business, Wydetta Carter was appointed MSG representative for the Communications department. According to the MSG constitution, in the event of a resignation, the position is awarded to the runner-up in the election. Former Communications rep Carla Anderson resigned her position last spring after la potential conflict of interest was cited with her position as Merdad Assistant Editor. > Gina Frisina, MSG treasurer, said check cashing is available to students Monday through Thursday from 1 -3 p.m. and on Fridays from 124 p.m.

Dean Assistant Named
By Karen Merkle Sister Marcia McDonald has returned to Mercyhurst College after a 12-year absence as the new assistant to Dean David Palmer. From£1957 to 1970, Sr. Marcia served as the Mercyhurst Director of Admissions, and for all but the last two years of that time she was also the college Registrar. Upon leaving in 1970, she went to Washington, D.C., where she worked as the director of administration with the National Catholic Research Organization and later with two private consultants involved in developing programs for .third world countries. In 1978 she returned to Erie as the director of development at Prep High School, and remained there until last spring. Sr. Marcia was one of two who applied for the position, and Dean Palmer said he is pleased with his choice. "She's excellent at the job because of her experience here," he said. He added that most of Sr. Marcia's duties as his assistant will include academic research, work on scheduling, and helping with records of other offices that report to the dean, such as Adult College and the Corry Enrichment Center. Sr. Marcia, a graduate of Mercyhurst College and the University
• --w «

Con tes t Con tin ues
One Week Left i \ \ Rename Apartments
There is only one week remaining in the contest to rename the "Sesler" Apartments. The entries have been minimal 10 far, so everyone is greatly encouraged to enter the contest. Remember, there are three $50.00 prizes up for grabs. To update the reason for and rules of the contest, the main ojective. is to come up with three separate names for the former Sesler Apartments on the west end of the campus. When Mercyhurst purchased the apartments from the Sesler Real Estate Agency last January, they retained: the tags, "Sesler-1, 2, and 3" and were not given newer, more, appropriate names. The Merciad is now sponsor* ing a contest in which all members of the'college community may enter. Three $50.00 awards will be given to whomever submits the best names and reasoning behind each name choice. Hie winning names will-* be selected by a committee composed of representative members of the college, 1 If there is an insufficient number of entries, the contest may have to be cancelled. There is no limit to the number of entries submitted by students, faculty, administrators, and Sisters of Mercy. Along with each entry, contestants should include a written explanation describing why that-particular name was chosen. The contest deadline is Friday, October 15, at 5:00 p.m. Entries should be placed in an envelope and should include a name, address, and telephone number. They can either be mailed to Box. 57, Preston, or taken to The Merdad office, 307 Old Main* : *; Good Luck!







Sr. Marcia McDonald of Pittsburgh, said she is happy to be back here, where she has spent most of her professional life. "It's really not new - all the work I'm doing is something I've done before," she said. "I'm just eager to :get acquainted with the faculty, staff, and students and get into it . . . to really become part of things again." Sr. Marcia added that the greatest changes on campus since her" departure are * "only the changes that come with time?' She sees the addition of men at Mercyhurst as "a good thing."

An Incongruity Brought To Light
After only one month of classes, the Mercyhurst College administration has determined that the Learning Resource Center hours may be cut back due to a lack of students using the LRC facilities and rising energy costs. At face value, this set of reasons is completely valid. However, when this rationale is examined more closely, something is definitely wrong. Namely, its timing. First of all, it is a bit early in the term to be taking head counts of students in the LRC between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. For the average student in the average class, the workload of reading, tests, and research paper deadlines is just beginning to mount now. It is only logical that during the first few weeks of the term, the library attendance, especially late at night, will not be record-breaking. T Second, the timing of the publicized concern for the high energy costs in lighting the LRC could not be more out of sync with another recent administrative decision: the lighting of the Mercyhurst Tower. Although only two floodlights will be used to illuminate the east end of Old Main and the cost may not be comparable to that of lighting the library for an additional half-hour, energy costs are energy costs. If the administration maintains that now is the time to be more thrifty in college energy use, then now is not the time to undertake a project which will cost the college money to initiate, plus money for monthly kilowatt expenditures. In reality, lighting the tower and curtailing the LRC hours may be spheres apart, but what matters here is how the college community perceives those actions side-by-side. A prevalent perception would be that the college image matters more than the education of its students. The issue of the library hours itself deserves some further comment. In the past two years, the closing times have stretched from 11:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to midnight and back to 11:00 p.m., depending on student and/or administrative urgings. Now, with the probable adoption of a 10:30 shut-down, the late night, library yo-yo pattern continues. At a college where academic distinction is stressed, the hours of the campus library should parallel that goal and extend until 11:00 p.m., or better yet, midnight in order to meet student needs both now and in the days and weeks ahead.


1 ric» , v.u MOV HEAR ABOUT THE * WAf j ™-M»i .RAPPED ! -pieroM THAT CAFETERIA? t IN THE *

THE MERCIAD welcomes the expressions of its readers in "Your Opinion . All letters must be signed and should contain an address or telephone number to be used for verification purposes.only. Contributions will be edited for grammatical or spelling errors. Letters must;be submitted by 4 p.m. Tuesdays preceding publication.

Mercyhurst Student Government

W A N T E D : (3) Freshmen Representatives (1) Geology/Petroleum Geology Repr (1) Commuter Representative (1) Medical Technology interested People NEED: A LETTER of I N T E N T submitted to the STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICE (209 Main) byT MONDAY, OCTOBER 25.
I $ •L__

Elections for these offices will be Nov. 11 & 12



Donna J. Peterson i Editor Carta J. Anderson Assistant Editor Fran Moavero News Editor Martha Camp Feature Editor Rich Forsgren Photography Editor KathyKohnke QregYoko Sports Editors

t ^ ^

v* ,**£

*x f V **

Lynn Pope Cindy Hurst Chris Stark Mary Jo Allen Teresa Tracy Amy Woodwortn Noni Hess q Brent Scarpo *.! John Broderick. Karen Merkle ChrieDorazlo




Mathew Duska Rena Zicarelll JayneCudzll Jennifer Typtefs: Rena Zicarelll SueBalogh <%j Rozanna Snyder Dartene Nolan Amy Wood worth CopyEdHoc Kam Kublnlec Faculty Adrteoc Mr. Richard Garcia Admitting Manager; Kathy Toscano Athmmtig SeJeer Jack Holland • flus/naee Account* Ken Rohler Qr*phic9 Maneper JeffVona

Tlta tforclad Is tha Stutf«nt-«dtte<J nawspapar of Marcyhurst CoM*ge, 601 East 38th Street En« P M « syt^ia,t664aOlficaiofThellsrc«adam»o^^ * W 1 , *"•• " " ^ nxi tJ&SZaVESrV*^? »!~w*f^J*^™*n^to*m*#1hi*uamA body or the centra. Contenta^dadltorial policy era datarmlnad by MM adrtor In concurwic* wfth th« Mtttortal rx»rd. —»"**w AdvarUalne rates are •vaMatta upon raniawt •(ton, prfntad el aVown-Thompaon Nawapapara In Union CHy, Pannaytvanl*.



Dr. Michael J. McQuiUen Is there a ''dense pack" in your future? There will be if the Reagan administration* has its way. What is "dense pack"? Some might think it is the name for a new type of concentrated six-pack; others might feel the term applies to a gathering of side" economists. But for the President and his advisors, "dense pack" refers to the latest scheme for basing the MX missile- that poor nuclear orphan born in the Ford-Carter years but still without a proper home. Not "that the Reagan Administration is unwilling to pay - and pay handsomely - - if a suitable home can be found. Indeed, anywhere from»; $30-50 billion and up is available to the builder of an acceptable shelter. There's only one catch. It seems the Soviets are determined to destroy the MX and any home that is built for it, so the Reagan people are looking for assurances that the MX's new home can escape swift and total destruction. The Carter Administration, after studying over a hundred different plans, opted for a com-


plicated mobile home system known as the "race track." Two hundred MX's would move about on an oval track shuttling back and forth between 23 different shelters each. (The 9,200 warheads the Soviets would have to expand in order to ^destroy these 4,600 possible shelters would "soak up" virtually their n entire nuclear,, arsenal by the mid-1980). * However, when western ranchers and * sheepmen loudly objected to their proposed new neighbor and a host of other critics raised various objections to this scheme, then-candidate Reagan in the 1980 election campaign branded the Carter iplan "idiotic" (which it was). Don't get Ronald \wrong. He most certainly wants the MX; he just has to figure out where to put it. Having ruled lout the option that most experts saw as the most feasible ("race track" plus SALT II), President Reagan has found himself sorely pressed to come up with an acceptable alternative. Congress has stated that it will not approve funds for the MX unless Reagan comes up with a^survivable home by December 1.

Dr. Michael J. McQuiUen S e c r e t a r y of D e f e n s e Weinberger has pushed for giving the MX a home in the sky - flying it around in a fleet of new planes able to stay aloft? for days at a time. The Air Force considers Weinberger's "Big Bird" solution to be as childish as its name. Others suggest hiding the MXs in huge tractor trailers that would wander about our interstate highway system. It now appears the President will propose that

the missiles be "closely packed" together in? underground silos somewhere in the Southwest. The idea here is that, if the Soviets try to attack'"dense pack", the first exploding warheads will destroy later incoming warheads (called the "fratricide effect"), thus ensuring that most of the MXs will survive. No matter that the experts have 'noted"all manner of ways in which the Soviets could circumvent^ this problem (*' pindown" strikes, laying delayed action "nuclear mines", etc.). The MX must have a home and this home will have to do. • Why, you might ask, do we need the MX anyway? Simply put, the MX is designed to destroy the homes of Soviet missiles - and we do not have enough such missiles in our current arsenal to suit the tastes of Reagan and his advisors. The Soviets can threaten the homes of our missiles so we need the MX in order to threaten the homes of their missiles.

It is bad enough that the President is obsessed with what I con* aider an unrealistic threat (a surprise Soviet "first-strike" on our land-based missiles); it is even worse that he is determined to waste billions of dollars on a solution that is both unworkable and dangerous. The President's proposal will prove to be a setback for arms control efforts and will lead to a new escalation of the arms race. jNot only should "dense pack" be rejected, but Congress should act as well to cancel the entire MX program. It may be too cynical and harsh to argue that the Reagan Administration seems far more troubled by and has devoted far more attention to the problem of the homeless MX than it has to the problem of homeless Americans. But then again, maybe it isn't. f
Dr. Michael J. McQuiUen is an Associate Professor of History at Mercy hurst College.


Heard In The Halls •
Topic: Exploring Contemporary Male/Female • Presenter. Christine Gagliano Assistant Professor of Social Work Tuesday, Oct. 12 7:30-8:30 p.m. in Baldwin Lobby Lounge % Arranged by: Office of Freshman Studies All Welcome! I I t
it #Roles f Y ^ *

The Alpha Phi Omega jService Fraternity i
will have an ;. organizational meeting Tuesday, Oct. 12,3:30, Heritage Room.

SHUT1U TO THE MALL Saturday, October 9.1982
Leave Baldwin: 1:00 amd 2:00 p.m Return From Mall: 4:00 and 6:00 p.m

1210 East 38th St. Ph. 825-2511

Pick Up: Mall Cinema
Cost: 5 0 ' One Way

We Deliver - 7 Days

5 Till 12

Delivery Charge Pizza * Subs * i Dinners!* Salads
* No Minimum On Pizza Deliveries


(Carry-Out Only)
Good Till 10-14-82
• « ,

* 4 . * ,


Movie Review

Amityville II Is A Real Zero
v by Pa trick Cannon Before really; getting into my review of the latest haunted house horror Him to invade Erie, I wish to recall for the reader two important and successful movie years 11979 and 1982. Back in the summer of '79 a highly publicized scis released entitled Star * Trek-The Motion Picture. Being an enthusiastic trekie, I eagerly bought a ticket for the show, only to wish later that I hadn't bothered. Those of you who can remember this box office flop, need not be reminded of the writer's ineptitude at creating an interesting sci-fi drama. Later that summer another highly publicized film entitled The Amityville Horror, a \ cinematic adaptation of the novel by the same title came to town. With great personal acclaim for the novel, I went to the theatre with high expectations, only'to find : that this film tied rDawn of the Dead (something which may have seemed impossible) for the worst horror film of the year. Nineteen seventy-nine, which was an uncommonly^ good year for Hollywood, was laced with two very disappointing duds. Now, we come to the summer of'82. In June audiences saw the return of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock In Star Trek II - The Wrath of Kahn. I bought a ticket early for this production with bold confidence; feeling that Hollywood would learn from its past mistakes and not give the world two boring and bad Star Trek movies. My confidence paid off. Star Trek II was a success both, commercially and critically. Its characters, unlike the first, were well developed, and its story, with a few kinks, was interesting. With this pleasant surprise in mind, I eagerly bought a ticket for Amityville II; hoping that, as with Star Trek, Hollywood would learn from the past, analyze the first script, and not give moviegoers two bad Amityville movies. This ; time, Hollywood betrayed my confidence. In Amityville'II, an innocent, unsuspecting Catholic family moves«into a demon-possessed house in an upper-class neighborhood in Long Island. Sonny., Montivelli, the family's oldest son, is slowly brought under demon control, after hearing mysterious deep voices on his stereo head set. These voices compel. Sonny to destroy his entire family. Amityville II is trying to be a cinematic depiction of the November 1974 Montivelli family murders (a true story) which was committed by a possessed and insane family member. What the film ends up being is an endless procession of second-hand ideas and gimmicks (and I thought Bladerunner was the year's number one copycat film). Some examples of borrowed gimmicks are: flying household debris, straight out of Poltergiest tidal waves of blood that flow from underneath doors, that I recall in The Shining; a transformation of Sonny's head late in the film, resembling a scene from The Beast Within; and, most obvious of all, the words SAVE ME mysteriously appearing on Sonny's arm, directly from a
HW;;.WW Atf
T ,Nl/P

scene in The Exorcist. Also, like (The Exorcist, the invisible demons get their jollies from attacking religious objects. We see no bleeding statues in Amityville II. However, we do see the dismayed look on the family priest's face who after a nighttime visit with the Montivelli's returns to his car only to find that his Bibles have been reduced to r confetti. *& The film's only real strength is its exquisite camera direction. The camera is dollied out from within the mysterious dark room and leads the viewer up the stairs, symbolic of evil spirits coming out from Hades to haunt the innocent family. The camera work makes this scene especially creepy to watch. ,5. That same skillful camera direction makes Sonny's first night home alone in the haunted mansion seem like a real nightmare. The persistent high angle shots from different directions give the audience the fearful feeling of being alone in a haunted house with spirits, always invisible, looking down from all directions. Despite all the excellent camera direction, Amityville II doesn't earn my recommendation. This is not only due to its use of unoriginal ideas, but also its repelling taste of showing little children, the younger Montivellis, being gunned down by .the possessed Sonny on camera. Not even a good camera work can make up for such revulsion. In my opinion Amityville II is a real Zero.

Campus Paperback Bestsellers
1. The World According To Garp, by John Irving. (Pocket, $3.95.) Outrageous story of T.S. Garp. 2. Real Men Don't Eat Quiche, by Bruce Feirstein. (Pocket, $3.95.) A hilarious guide to masculinity. 3. Thin Thighs In 30 Dayt, by Wendy Stehllng. (Bantam, $2.95.) How to tone up and thin down 4. Cujo, by Stephen King. (NAL/Signet, $3.95.) Another tale of horror from the master. 5. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, by William Kotzwinkle. (Berkley, $2.95.) Novel of the popular film. 6. The Soul Of A New Machine, by Tracy Kidder. (Avon, $3.95.) Behind the scenes at a computer company 7. The Hotel New Hampshire, by John Irving. (Pocket, $3.95.) Latest novel by the author of "Garp.

8. What Color Is Your Parachute?, by Richard Nelson Bolles (Ten Speed Press. $6.95.) Career and Job guide. 9. The Cinderella Complex, by Colette Dowling. (Pocket, $3.95.) Uncovers the roots of women's inner conflicts. 10. Color Me Beautiful, by Carole Jackson. (Ballantine, $8.95.) A how-to book for women
CompiWd By Tnt Cniotvc-ol Htghf I auction fftMilMormabon


tHroughoui D M country SvpL IS. 1M2

Letter To A Child Never Born, by Oriana Fallaci. (Washington Square Press, $2.95) The story of a woman coming to grips with pregnancy and the struggle between society's demands and her own desires. New Rules, by Oaniel Yankelovich. (Bantam, $3.95) A study of the cultural and economic forces charting our future. Working Wardrobe, by Janet Wallach. (Warner, $8.95) How to more than triple your wardrobe with two-color coordinated dressing.. T


IM mTuewtoNfr cuss!
j. UN A* V6 you M£AH



^OUltt INTHEVfAoNfc-CUfS YouvfcfeE€NcomN6 H£«t

TNIf I1NT A W X H I t i S . ! ™<* 15 frfOtOoy f ^ | * T L L , I r TOOK You


rriN* w r o ! I 1

Trj606HTTr,l$ W A j SOftC MCtf K U > UJ ***ii I V%*S SU«* I WA* COMA B6MS(f».i SH6UU& STMLrTAXiHt *WES S H O V t W r | 7 • •

ft* CV6A A MffJTU fcJoW



WY cuius, voyou






For the fun of it 3 Courses of



"Erie's Most Elaborate* Game
Also a Snack Bar.


For thefun of it


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3 Courses of - \t Ii Purchase of One iI 3lCourse Ticket li
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Purchase of One 3 Course Ticket

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Mercyhurst Adjusts To DID:Phone System
The new phone system, Direct Inward Dialing (DID), is now 15 days old, and there have been no major problems in the college adjustment, according to John Nesbit, assistant to the president. "There are no major problems, just a few minor ones," said Nesbit. There is feedback in the spen with every call, just some of them, which causes difficulty. He added that GTE is checking out all possibilities to correct this problem. j John Nesbit * Nesbit said a final listing of all college phone numbers should be reason for the delay is due to peravailable by mid-October. The sonnel and room changes.

Emergency Student Loans I Available ThroughiCollege Dean's List Dinner
By John Broderick ^ ^ ^ ^ Students needing emergency out and will continue to loan the loans can now pursue the CARPE money out as it becomes DIEM EMERGENCY LOAN available. FUND or the iBARRETT C. The Barrett C. Walker loan is WALKER STUDENT LOAN of- "for upper classmen who are finfered by Mercyhurst College. ding themselves in an emergency The Carpe A Diem i Emergency situation for winter or spring Loan Fund came into existence term," said Cathy Crawford, last year. The Carpe Diem Society financial aid director at a its members contributed $2,000 Mercyhurst. •Students who find themselves to the college and is distributed by E. William Kennedy, director of short of funds their senior year, student services. can apply for the Walker loan in Students applying .for the "the Financial Aid Office. > 90-day, interest-free loan get up to The loan which has an interest $100. "Students have used it for rate of 9 per cent, "will not be usevery reason imaginable, from ed in place of State Guaranteed books to glasses," said Kennedy. Loans," said Crawford. Both loans are exclusively for Kennedy stated that all the Carpe Diem ^ loans are presently Mercyhurst students. ?
WMCY Broadcast Schedule • Fall. 1982
SUNDAY ••.••„,.••, 3:00 to 5:00 PM -Stephanie
Hultbero (Top-40) 5:00 to 7M PM-Ktlth PottertAOR)* V WJS 7:00 to 9:00 PM • Clay Neilson (MOR)* 9:00 to 11:00 PM-John Broderick (WMCY Top-20) 3:00 to 5:00 PM • Tony Sepe (MOfVDiscoJ 5:00 to 7:00 PM • Candy Benson (Soul) 7:00 to 9:00 PM - Jeff Vona (AOR)' 9:00 to 11:00 PM- Mary Oar* (AOR)* 3:00 to 5:00 PM • Dr. Robert Maxham (Classical) ; c j 5:00 to 7:00 PM - Cathy MartzfAOR)' 7:00 tofcOOPM • Uura Waitinas (Soft Rock) fcOO to 11:00 PM- Scott Mangold (Top-40/Rock) 3:00 to 5:00 PM • RlCk Wendt (Top-40/MORr .J 5:00 to 7:00 PM - Dr. Robert Maxham (Classical) 7:00 to 9:00 PM • Missy Hurlbort (New Wave) 9:00 to 11:00 PM-mark Hutchinson (New Wave) 300tp5:00PM• Kenny f Kightlinger (Classic

Hy Amy Wood worth said. The Mercyhurst Co-op EducaCo-op offers a job placement tional Program has received a Co- seminar bi-monthly throughout op Educational Grant of $64,000, the year, stated Moore. This gives plus a supplement Co-op Grant of students an overview of what is $2,215, to boost their total work- expected of them and all the oping budget to $115,298. The grant portunities co-op has to offer. was awarded as a result of a pro- Many jobs include fringe benefits, posal submitted to the United travel, and the probability of perStates Department of Education. manemt placement. The Mercyhurst Cooperative With this new grant and the coEducation Program is an off- op staff of Jim Infantino, assiscampus learning experience -that tant educational coordinator, offers a meaningful supplement to James Connelly, also a co-op class work and an opportunity to coordinator, and Vicki Weidman, apply and test classroom ex- secretary, students are encouraged periences, while earning both a to plan ahead and take advantage salary and credits, according to of the invaluable services the ofTyrone Moore, director of the co- fice has to offer, said Moore. op program/project director. This program is not only open In spite of: high nationwide to seniors and j u n i o r s . unemployment figures, "The Sophomores can participate with Mercyhurst College co-op pro- permission and recommendation gram has been highly successful. from department heads. Last year's job placement was a For information concerning corecord high since the program's ops, students should contact the On Thursday, October 21, there establishment in 1978," Moore co-op office in 202 Main. will be a dinner given in honor of those vstudents who made .the 1981-82 Dean's List. According to Dr. David D. College Hour 3-4 p.m. Palmer, academic dean of MerRegular Happy Hour 4:30-6:30 p.m. cyhurst I College, this dinner is traditionally held each fall, usualDally ^ ^ ly Jn October, for students who have care on the Dean's List. Mon: Ladles Nlte The Dinner will be held in the Tues. Spirits „ , ^ ^ ^ ^ _ Blue Room with refreshments Wed: Oldies J beginning at 6:00 and dinner at Thurs. Draft Nlte 7:00. A guest speaker will follow ^ ^ ^ ^ Popcorn after dinner. Weekend Entertainment Each student is also presented with a token of appreciation from Proper I.D. required Corner of 4th & Soss. Cable T.V. Sports Dean Palmer.

The room changes in Old Main are as follows: Helen Dougherty of payroll is now near the entrance of Egan Hall; Bobbie Surnmerson, switchboard operator, is located in ithe basement near Maintenance; vMaureen Walsh, secretary to the director of personnel, now occupies the old information room; and the faculty secretaries can be found in the basement near the mail room. Bobbie Summerson, switchboard operator and purchasing agent, said, "The switchboard I like, but the actual use of the phones is difficult." 'iShe added that i basically the system is good, and that it cuts down on her work load considerably. She also said that with the new phones, the maintenance costs are less.

Co-op Education Program Receives Federal Grant !

Clipper's Cove
Menu W e e k of 1 0 / 1 1 - 1 0 / 1 5 Monday: BLT and Mushroom Soup Tuesday: Stcakum and Hash Browns Wednesday: Sloppy Joes and Salad Thursday: Bacon Cheeseburger and Chips Friday: Tuna Fish Melts and Tomato Soup
A Belated Happy Birthday, John Wolper*





Only 1 Mile East of Campus

1523 EAST 38th ST.




5:00 to 7:00 PM • Marcy ' NabertAOR)* 700to9:00 PM -Charles Glandino (AOR)' 9:00 to 11:00 PM-Laura Waitinas (AOR)* I 7:00 to 9:00 AM - John f""' Broderick (MOR/talk)'




9:00lo 11:00 AM-Kevin Armstrong
(Funk/Rock) \ 11:00 to 1:00 PM- Tim Tome zak (New Wave) 1:00 to 3:00 PM Chuck StraubtMOR)*.

Dinner 1.95,
Get One FREE
Expires 10/14/82


'1.00OFF For Every Large Pizza With 2 Items
Expires 10/14/82

•AOR • AlXum-Oftmtod Rock -4iOR • Middle*!ttw-Road WMCY Studio Phone Number • 826-0216

'Hurst Grad

Conference Center Director Named

Mercyhurst College really believes in its graduates, and to prove this is true, many alumni are hired. This is the case for the new Conference Center Director, Conine Halperin. J? A graduate of 1980, Halperin is pleased at the chance to be working with the college. "I love the college," she said, "It feels like coming home. 1 really do feel that I've always been a part of the college in one way or another." The move back to the 'Hurst was a logical step;for'Halperin when the position in the Conference Center opened up. "It (her new position) draws on


/ /

Conine Halperin

my background in my YWCA work," where* she explained, the was planning workshops and conferences. Also, she admits she had "a desire to be part of the college." f As the Director, Halperin is currently working with the "Good Morning World" Breakfasts, and planning workshops and seminars for Spring. While Halperin likes the atmosphere and facilities at Mercyhurst, someday she would like to see a separate facility for the Conference Center. She explained this would, ^"better serve the needs of the community and college both." | But right now, Halperin is satisfied with where she is, and said, "I would like to stay at the college. I really like it here, and I'd like to grow while I'm here," she adds, "Not necessarily up."

Advisory Committee Established For LRC
A Learning .Resource Center Advisory Committee has been established by the Mercyhurst Senate to study LRC needs. An Ad Hoc Committee, it will serve as a liason between the LRC and the Mercyhurst Community. The< group will report to the Academic Policy Committee, a standing committee of the Senate. According to Joy Kolb, Senate President, the committee ^was formed "in response to some of the comments in the Middle States reports." "It will be a place to coordinate different concerns for Media Sevices and the LRC," Kolb said. Members are: Dr. James Heaney, assistant professor of Special Education; Peter Benekos, director of Criminal Justice; Dr. Robert Maxham, assistant professor of Music; Dr. George Garrelts, associate professor of Theology, i Also, Richard J. Kubiak, professor of History; Dr. Paul A. Edwards, associate professor of Chemistry; and Chris Crawford, an Elementary Education major. The group will be rounded out with the director of the LRC and the chairperson of the Academic Policy Committee. The appointment letters will go out to these people next week, Kolb said, after Senate committee chairpersons are selected. These people volunteered for the position or were asked, at the suggestion of Joan Cooper, LRC director. They represent a number of special interests, Kolb said, ranging from computers to the archives to graduate programs. Although the committee will have no official power, it will be able to use Senate influence to air their suggestions. This should provide "a more concerted program" for the LRC, Kolb said. complishment and the promise for special leadership. Mary Catherine Lieb, a 1942 graduate of Mercyhurst, died this past summer, leaving a scholarship available for upperclass business students. She received her degree at Mercyhurst in Commercial Business.* 1 Lieb was active at the college since her graduation, and was President of The Alumni Association (a national organization) for six years, j The 1982-83 recipient of the Mary Catherine Lieb Scholarship was senior, Patrick Paparelli.

Student Handbook Compiled
By Lynn Pope In January, a student handbook will make its first appearance on the Mercyhurst campus. Paul Urbanowicz, an administrative Intern,J is compiling the handbook under the direction of John T. Nesbit, assistant to the president. The handbook will contaiom academic standards and dorm living to how to obtain a parking sticker. Nesbit characterized the handbook as a, "codified collection of rules and regulations to govern students." The handbook will not only pertain to residential students, but to all Mercyhurst students. i i b "It is an effort on our part to keep the student better informed about Mercy hurst's responsibilities to Mercyhurst," said Nesbit. * At the present time, if a student has a question concerning a school policy, he has to go to a specific person or office to obtain an answer. Even then, he or she may not get a satisfactory answer. The handbook, slated for distribution around January, is meant to give the student an immediate and informative answer without the- "runaround," explained Nesbit. Paul Urbanowicz, a 1981 graduate of Mercyhurst, said that the work on the handbook is going very well, but he stressed the fact that student input is essential. Urbanowicz stated that students who have questions or concerns about the student handbook should send him a short note in Main 210 by the end of October.

Business | Scholarship
Mercyhurst College has received funds for a scholarship available*to upperclass business students, explained Cathy Crawford, acting director of financial aid. * The Mary Catherine Lieb Scholarship is $500.00 given annually to an upperclass student in the Business Division. * The scholarship recognizes ac-




Virus Hits Campus
The student Health Office has been "busier than ever since September," said Sister Joseph Mary, R.N., director of Health Services ? 3 * Sister explained that she has been treating over 36 cases daily since the beginning of September. "The reason for the rise in sickness: is due able weather changes," stated Sister Joseph Mary. Most of the cases deal with upper respiratory infection, sore thorats, and flu symptoms. "Everyone needs to get adequate rest, maintain a healthy diet, and reduce stress levels," she stated. £ She explained that it is essential to get a flu vaccine shot. "We advocate 75 per cent protection against further sickness for those who receive the vaccine," she added.





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New Fall Hours:
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38th And Pine } Presents: Its 3rd Annual Autumn Celebration Thurs. - Frl. - Sat. "Specials" • All Night Long "Kegs, Bottles & Glasses"
Function At The Junction This Weekend

The Junction

9:00 to 1:30
Cover Charge and Proper ID Required
J fliiiiiinnit tiUHiiiuiiiiiiiiniiiiiinnii



OCTOBER 8,1982


FOR RENT Room and board reasonable, few blocker from college, call825-2350. i ANNOUNCEMENTS The last: party of the summer! Saturday, October 9, 8:00 p.m. at Townhouses 5, 6, 7, 8. Live Music, refreshments, proper attire required. Proceeds benefit Erie Food Bank. Benefit of Avila House: Win two tickets to Notre Dame vs. Pitt football game. November 6,1982. Pitt Stadium . Drawing October 22, 1982. Donation $1.00. See Toni Kaliszak, Education Office ext. 446 or Joan in the Security Office. I PERSONALS Shelbert & Roy: We make a heck of a team!! Antoinne Smilin' Jack: V.N.A. Love, Sunshine Dear Mutt: The thought will always live on. T.Y.K. Pedi Kevin: Welcome back - we've missed you! Lesa and Grace The games people play! Cathy Adams iin 312 Baldwin, pick up your grilled cheese! The Snack Bar Flan: You're Jealous Because I'm A "Woman"! Moon, Unit,,, Frank, Dweezle: You're all "Otay"! PORK SALE: October 8, Egan room 39, all welcome! Donna - How's your shoulder now? Guess Who Frank-Cheer up! We luv you! Moon Unit, Dweezle and Omit

Who is faster than lightning, able to run out of 3rd floor Baldwin at a single bound. None other than super Ed Kendle.

What's 0n
Poetry Workshop
A poetry workshop will be held Wednesday, October 13, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. The workshop is located in the lower level of McAuley Hall, in the Writing Center. The*guest poet for the workshop session is Robert Hoff. Students, faculty and administration are invited to attend.

Steak does sound good! Bruce: Want to go to Niagara Falls when it freezes? Guess Who!! *f Hey Mr Pool "You loser" Have a really super weekend and don't miss me too much! Love "another loser" Bea, Happy big 20th! Hope it's great! Sharon

Bake Sale
Campus Ministry will be sponsoring a bake sale on Thursday, October 28, and Friday, October 2 . The sale will benefit the 'Emmaus Soup Kitchen' in Erie. Food donations aire needed. For more information contact Campus Minisrty.

Glamour Contest
Glamour magazine is sponsoring the top ten college women competition '83. For an entry blank and information contact Carta Anderson at 825-7812. ~ Q.L .

Cookbook Available
A cookbook compiled by the American Cancer Society is now on sale for $10.00. For a copy of 9 'Once Upon A Table , contact the American Cancer Society Office: 54 West 8th Street.-

Uncle Jack - what happens after There will be a mandatory HRMA the bird eats the honey out of the meeting on Wednesday, October flower? ft 13, at 8:15 p.m. in 114 Zurn.? Did you pay your taxes? Mommy-what comes after the blouse??? your kids

HRMA Meeting

Mercy Lotto

Table Tennis Club

THB, TH, Kel, & Amy, Hallo- Join the Mercy hurst Table Tennis ween's coming, time to crack out Club. Practices are held every the boo's!! S. 322 ^ Thursday from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. in the Student Union. For more Laura: Who's your best buddy? information, contact Pierre Donyegro at 825-4413. Who's your best pal? Antoinne Maria: You are so beautiful!! Love, Antoinne

The Association of -Black Collegians wiU be having a weekly drawing beginning Saturday, October 22. Tickets are 25 cents or 5 Scholarships for $1.00, on sale in Egan, McAuley, Baldwin, Sesler, Briggs Students looking for supplemental private scholarships, grants and the cafeteria. The holder of and loans should contact The the winning ticket receives $5.00. Scholarship Bank*. For further information, send a stamped, selfaddressed envelope to the bank at 10100 Santa Monica Blvd. 750, Egan Scholars Los Angeles, CA 9006? There are The first meeting of the Egan over 6350 new scholarships Scholars will be held on Monday, available through The ScholarOctober 11, at 8:00 p.m. in the ship Bank*.
Blue Room. All program members are urged to attend.


Sweet Heart: Will you stop suckMercyhurst College is offering ing my finger! Love, Antoinne spring term 1983 abroad. Five weeks will be spent on Mercyhurst Peacoats should be the college campus and five weeks in England uniform. and Scotland. For further information, contact Dr. Jewell in 222 Steve, Chuckypoo, M.J., and Pat Preston, or Dr. Cooper in 124 (Erasermate): Hi! From „your Preston. favorite instrument, Stoot Dave M. Wish I had a black pair of Shoes like yours!!

Spring Term Abroad

Accountant Contest

Health Careers

Any student contemplating a Mr. Marshall, Would you health-related career should con"please" quit ragging on me? tact Dr. Lutton in ^112 Zurn Terrie immediately.

Bobby O. Phillies went far this Omit-We've decided * you can't year - didn't they?have any potatoe chips!!! or dip!!! B.C. no. 1; Play offs here we I Up in the air Junior Joy! It's been come! Enjoyable Joyning you on this Happy Birthday Vicki - From the Joyous Occasion Women's Tennis Team Brent: Stop trying to be cool! E.T. Phone Ramada! Elliot (smile) Antoinne Antoinne: Stop trying to smile! (be cool) Brent Dean, Go-Cart courses are one way.. Chris you're funny Me Twan, First a steak dinner, then dessert, and a pair of jeans, what next! If you can not play to win#| then don't bet.* ATTEtmOfi 'i^OHTORST! Laura Copney made it twice to class on time this week! Ed Kendle is alive & well & looking for Maria W.

Football Televised
Televised broadcasts of the home and away Mercyhurst Laker football games will be shown every Wednesday'at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union. Admission is free.

The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants is Egan Scholarship sponsoring its eighth annual StuThe Egan Scholars are offering dent Manuscript Competition. $1,000 scholarship for the Spring The purpose of the contest is to '83 experience * abroad, to anyencourage college students to adoutstanding member of the dress issues that affect the future scholars program with a 3.0 of the accounting profession. The Q.P.A. Applications can be pick- deadline is December 31. For more, information, contact > the ed op from Dr. Petronio. Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 715 Grant Building, 310 Grant Street, SAC Events Pittsburgh, PA 15219. ' SAC will be sponsoring an Ice Cream Social on Saturday, OcIf your club, organization, or tober 9, at 2:00 p.m. in the Back department would like to have Porch Cafe. Sunday, October 10, an announcement printed in "What's on Tap?", please conat 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. the tact Carta Anderson, assistant movie Arthur will be shown in the editor at 825-7812, or the MerBlue Room. SAC meetings are ciad office. Announcements held Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. in the are due by noon on WednesBack Porch Cafe. Get into SAC, day. No fee is charg ed. , \ it will be good for youl! t

Fran: Get a real telephone, one Monday Tuesday Hey Ernie; You're the best part- that you can operate.*'^ Wednesday ner, Bert Thursday Dave M. Don't forget to mail Friday r your schedule. / Mr. Mess, You look great in the Saturday * Sunday {. morning! Mrs. Mess To the mysterious phone caller: I WEIGHT ROOM HOURS Rich L., Need-money. How much don't get mad, I get even!! Greg Monday 8:30-4:30 PM ya paying people to eatiyour 7:30-10:30 PM Party-Tonight in 113 Sesler. j Tuesday 8:30-4:30 PM spaghetti?! Totthe girls in 114:,Thanks for "Thumper" Wherc've you been all my life? f everything you have given up.
Wednesday Thursday


7:30-10:30 PM 7:30-10:30 PM 7:30-10:30 PM "7:30-10:30PM •CLOSED-CLOSED 7:30-10:30 PM SAUN H O U R S Monday 8:30-4:30 PM Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Laurie: I hope this weekend is less The Eagles better • than the Friday adventurous than the one before, Steelers? You can't be serious! Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday but Just as funic . t Shellie, Erbetha, Lisa, when will it ENNrS COURT HOURS snow? Not soon enough!! Tammy: I will miss you when you Indoor tennis courts will be available by reservation ONLY beginning NOV. 1 leave. - Not the person you think. THEMERCIAD

7:30-10:30 PM 8:30-4:30 PM 7:30-10:30 PM 8:30-4:30 PM 7:30-10:30 PM 8:30-4:30 PM -CLOSED' -CLOSED7:30-10:30 PM ,

" 7:30-10:30 P M 8:304:30 P M 7:30-1030 P M 8:30-4:30 P M 7:30-10:30 P M 830-4:30 P M 7:30-10:30 P M 8:30-4:30 P M -CLOSED,-CLOSEDI 7:30-10:30 P M

Hurst Football Evens Record
'-Last Saturday, the Mercyhurst Blue and Green stalled at the 12, Laker Football team traveled to and Bob Tirpak came onto the Frost burg, MD.'to take on the field to attempt a 29-yard field Frostburg State Bobcats. The con- goal. Tirpak, however, never got test proved to be an offensive the opportunity to kick since the struggle for both teams. snap J from center sailed over Each team could muster only 11 holder Mike Tighe's head. Tig he first downs with the Laker gaining alertly retrieved the ball and 218 total yards and the Bobcats scrambled away from the Bobcat onlyn quarterback Jobie Waldt rush and threw a left-handed intossed a 24-yard pass to tight end complete pass to avoid a large Kevin Theis with 12:40 remaining loss. on the clock in the first half. The The fourth quarter featured the half ended with the score defensive units of both squads. Frostburg 7, Mercyhurst 0. There were seven punts and two interceptions in the quarter, as t The Hurst received the kickoff at their own 21-yard line to open well as the fateful field goal. With 5:49 left in the game, the the second session. Laker fullback Jeff Jones took the first two han- Lakers took a Bobcat punt and dofft handoffs and rushed for 17 began a drive from their own yards. However, on his second 39-yard line. After a one-yard carry of the half, Jones went gain by running back John Moore down with a knee injury and was and an eight-yard loss on a Qb out for the rest of the game. John Loshelder sack the Lakers Jones' replacement, , freshman were faced with third down and 19 transfer Darren Blackwell yards to go. Loshelder dropped (brother of former Mercyhurst back and found wide receiver Lee hooper Bobby Blackwell), took Barney over the middle for, a full advantage of this opportuni- 27-yard gain that put the ball on ty. Blackwell kept the 'Hurst Frostburg's 47-yard line. But, on moving down the field and even- what some consider ,a questually brokethrough the middle tionable call by tne coaches, of the Bobcat defensive line and Loshelder dropped back to pass put a few moves on their back field on first down and threw an enroute to a 42-yard touchdown interception. -The Blue and Green didn't give run. Bob Tirpak provided the PAT for Mercyhurst to tiejthe up though. The defense forced the Bobcats to punt after three plays. contest at 7«7,g The Lakers had an opportunity Frostburg punter- Mike Hersh again, minutes later, when they lofted a 44-yard punt to the Laker recovered a Bobcat fumble at the 8-yard line, so the Hurst took Frostburg 27-yard line. But, the possession with 2:21 remaining in

the contest. After three consecutive attempts to run up the middle, the Hurst faced a fourth down and six yards I to go from their own 12-yard line. Dave Sawtelle kicked a 30-yard punt which was fumbled and recovered by Frostburg at the 33-yard line, with the clock showing 1:25. .•, i Frostburg quarterback Waldt, who is ranked Sth in the nation in passing efficiency, then began to march his troops. Waldt completed a 13-yard pass to put the ball on the 20. On the next play Waldt fumbled but managed to recover his own miscue. After another completed pass, this time for 5 yards, the Lakers let loose a defensive surge and > sacked the Bobcat signal caller to set the stage. Frostburg had a fourth down and five-yard-to-go situation from their own 17-yard line with 0:07 left in the contest. Frostburg mentor Dean Patterson sent Mike Lippold onto the field to attempt a 34-yard field goal. Frostburg's snap from center was perfect, and their offensive line stopped a furious Mercyhurst rush to Lippold to put the football over the upright with gave the Bobcats a 10-7 victory. Blackwell finished the game with ,.127 yards on 22 carries for the Hurst while Frostburg's quarterback Jobie Waldt finished the contest:with 13 completions on 24 attempts for 139 yards. The Laker defense held the Bobcat rushing attack to 39 yards for the game. Mercyhurst travels again this week, this time to West Virginia to face Division I opponent Glenville State. Mercyhurst upset Glenville last year 14-7.

Beats Pitt Loses To Rock
The freshman connection of the Mercyhurst Soccer team provided the Lakers with a win last Saturday over the University of Pittsburgh. Matt Whelan and Tom Mulligan gave the Blue and Green their two goals which accounted for;the 2-1 victory. The 'Hurst played well together as a team and dominated the Panthers throughout the contest. All of the scoring took place in the first half of the contest. The Lakers defense was strong and never really let the Panthers; threaten in-the second session. Tuesday afternoon the Lakers traveled to Slippery Rock to face the Green and White. The team was totally outplayed. Mercyhurst

On course for the 'Hurst, Hyacinthe Coolibali (11). had no punch and wasn't playing their< usual aggressive ballgame. The Rock beat the 'Hunt 5-1. The Laker Soccer team now sports a 3-3 record. i S The Laker squad travels to Grove City next Wednesday for their next match.


Spiker'sRecord 5-611 AftenTough Competition
The Mercyhurst Women's Volleyball Team ran their record to 5-6 after a tough week of competition. The Spikers traveled to Geneva to pick up two wins on the road. The Blue and Green downed Geneva 15-12, 15-3, 15-11 and turned around to beat Car low College 15-8, 15-12. The 'Hurst also participated in the Brockport Invitational Tournament over the weekend picking up one win and three losses. The Spikers beat the University of Buffalo 15-11, 15-4, but dropped matches to Nazareth College 4-15, 7-15, West Point 15-9, 3-15, 10-15, and Brockport State 9-15, 15-12 7-15. The Lady Lakers then returned home to beat Behrend CoUege 15-4, «I5-12, 17-15 then were overpowered" by Slippery Rock CoUege 5-15, 9-15. Lisa Jacobitz, Annie Burbules, Heidi May and Sherry Putman all contributed to the Blue and Green's consistent floor play. The Lady Lakers return home Monday, October 12, at 6:00 to face Villa Maria College at the Campus Center.

10 Convenient Locations
* 1311 Broad Street • 4319 Peach Street • 2170 East Lake Read * 1115 Sassafras Street *4316 Buffalo Road * 909 Peninsula Drive • 2650 West 26th Street * Imperial Point Plaza, * MHIcreek Mall l'x * Girard Interstate90 ami 97, State St Exit

X-Countryl Places 9th
The Mercyhurst Cross Country Team placed 9th out of 10 teams at a meet held at Fredonia State CoUege this weekend. Allegheny won the meet with a time of 133.08. while Mercyhurst finished with 145.58. | Darryle Rickard was the first Laker to cross the finish line for the 'Hurst with a time of 28.02 placing him 32nd overall. Floyd Campbell finished 36th at 28.08 and Ken Dyer was 42nd with the time of 28.15. The Lakers will once again be on the road this weekend at the University of Indiana at Pennsylvania.

Women's Tennis 4-5
The Mercyhurst Women's Tennis Team saw their record drop to 4-5 this week. The Lady Lakers defeated Thiel CoUege by the match score of 7-2, but dropped matches to Robert Morris and Grove City by the scores of 4-5, and 2-7 respectively. The Lady Lakers also faced the Lady Scots of Edinboro, losing by the score of 7-2. • The doubles combination of senior Joanie Podolinski and sophomore Terri Thompson have supplied some offense for the 'Hurst by teaming up to remain undefeated in five starts. Tile Lady Lakers will face Behrend College at home on October 13 at 3:00 pan.

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