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The Maidensof Jannat (Paradise) October 2002 March 2004

Chapter 1: The greatest pleasure in Jannat? Chapter 2: The superiority of the pleasures of Jannal. Chapter 3: A person's every desire will be fulfilled Chapter 4: Introduction to the maidens of Jannat


Chapter 5: The adornments & features of the maidens of Jannat 25 6: The beauty of the maidens of Jannat.. .. 31

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Chapter 7: A continuous increase in the beauty of Jannat. .... .34 Chapter 8: The beautiful voices & singing of the maidens Chapter 9: The perfect and most loving wives Chapter 10: The number of wives Chapter 11: How to gain more wives in Jannat. 39 .41 44 .47 .48 56

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Chapter 12: Intimate relations

in Jannat..

Chapter 13: Will there be childbirth in Jannat? Chapter 14: Shahid (Martyr) with the maidens of Jannat. Chapter 15: How to achieve Jannat..

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the beauty of the women of this world will appear pale and insignificant before the beauty of those stunning damsels of Jannat. Abdullah Nana of the US in compiling this beneficial book and may Allah ~ inspire him to produce many beneficial writings in the future as well. the youth will feel a renewed vigour to fight the carnal desires and strive for the pleasure of Allah ~ by doing righteous deeds. This is the constant struggle that exists between man and his desires in this world. In this book. Therefore. The possibilities of faltering and sinning are not remote. and hence this book fulfills this requirement in a captivating way. For the youth. there is little that can control the desires of man. I would recommend every youngster to acquire a copy of this book. Was-Salaam Mufti Zubair Bayat Stanger. wideeyed beauties .lI11lyslTks carnal gratification and indulgence or ils desir-Los. and ponder over its contents. his resolve to control the nafs becomes stronger and more vigorous. All of these strict restrictions wcigh heavily Oil IIIl"I/(/j. There is not much authentic literature on this specific topic. Furthermore. the struggle is even more intense and great. to read it. By reading and pondering about the bounties of Jannat and its beautiful virgins. Temptations are many and man is weak. (Shllll has ordaincd very strict laws and mallY rest ricI iOlls 10 ell rIa iI Ihc unlawful. The 1/{{j. If he is reminded about these rewards. To maintain a high Icvel of moral ily. some of the rewards of the Hereafter. Allah ~ has promised immense rewards in the Akirah (hereafter).6 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 7 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT Foreword The temporary life of this world is a great test for man. any limn of illicit affiliation with the opposite scx is slriclly I()rhiddcn.of Jannat. South Africa 1 Rajab 1423. especially those relating to the gorgeous.III be likened to riding a strong. 8 September 2002 . Almighty Allah ~ placcd various rcstrictions upon man in this regard. I[ C. celestial. carnal desires of maII. If the sexual urge of man is left unchecked and unregulated. have been Set out in a clear and concise manner. May Allah ~ accept and reward the efforts of MI. Besides the promise of these eternal rewards of the Hereafter. especially the desires of the youth.the hurs . wild horse. To control and rcgulatc lhis desirc. For those people who restrain and control the desires of the nafs in this world. there will be total anarchy and mischief in the world. Of all the temptations.'V COllsl.of man.To control the wild desires of the nafs is no easy lask. Man sometimes forgets these rewards and becomes inclined to sin. the temptation relating to the opposite sex is thc highest.\' the bestial self . It becomes easier to sacrifice the desires in view of these great rewards of the Hereafter. Amin. Eithcr the rider will keep the horse in check with great effort or thc horse will throw the rider off.

For example. he will always become thirsty again in a few hours. and out of all the desires found in a person. the greatest test for a Muslim is how he fulfills this desire.1 This test is even greater for us today because of the generally evil environment in which we are living in. and he will live a perfect (lad ever-lasting life. Rasulullah ~ said regarding the severity of this test. i. If he uses these items to prepare for the hereafter. In order to motivate us to pass this test. to know what is the reward for controlling one's desires and staying away from evil. he will be successful.i. if he devotes himself to fulfilling his desire for these items and forgets about his purpose in this world.I ~ Lal ~I ~ ~ ~ -J HJSJI ~~-J . Once a person comes to know of this. It has become very easy to commit evil and it has become somewhat difficult to do good deeds because of this environment. Similarly. transportation (cars). But. Allah ~ has placed in every person the natural desire for the opposite sex. Jannat (paradise). a person will be able to drink as much as he desires and quench his thirst permanently. Jannat is a place where a person will have all that he desires. he will be amongst the losers in the hereafter.8 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 9 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT ~)I~. It becomes very easy for a person to undergo difficulty and hardship to carry out an action when he knows what reward he will receive for doing this action. As Rasulullah ~ predicted. . it will become very easy for him to stay away from evil and work towards the hereafter. silver. in the hereafter. Allah ~ and his Rasul have given us a detailed description of the reward for controlling one's desires in this world.. land. holding on to the commands of Allah ~ and staying away from evil during this time has become like holding on to a burning coal. No matter how many delicious and tasty beverages he consumes.e. and other items of this world.W The Maidens of Jannat (Paradise) and other bounties in the li~ht of the Quran and Ahadith Introduction Allah ~ has placed in every human being the natural desire and inclination for gold. The test for a person is how he responds to his desire for these items. the women of Jannat will be far more superior than the women of this world. Each pleasure of Jannat will be far more superior than the comparable pleasure found in this world. Sahih Muslim) . a person in this world is always drinking liquids to quench his thirst. "I have not left a more harmful and severe temptation for men than women. and a person will be able to completely fulfill his desire for that pleasure. it is very important for u<. Similarly. or pass this test by remaining chaste and fulfilling this desire lawfully through marriage. money. This book contains a detailed description of these women I (Sahih Bukhari.. He can either fail this test by spending all his energy to unlawfully satisfy this desire. For example. In the same way.. a person will happily go to work every day and tire himself because he knows that he will receive his paycheck at the end of the month. On the other hand.

It is our fundamental belief that Jannat and Jahannam (hellfire) are already in existence and a person will fulfill all his desires in Jannat both physically and spiritually. We should not read this book as a fairy tale or a fantasy. at least one chain of narrators of this hadith must be free from a narrator who is a liar. Imam Nawawi says in his introduction to the 'arbain' (40 ahadith) that the scholars have agreed on the permissibility of using weak Ahadith for describing the virtues of actions. Hafiz ibn Hajar has further fixed three conditions for using weak ahadith. The permissibility of using a weak hadith for describing virtues of actions The majority of the ahadith in this book are authentic ahadith. i. However. The classification of the ahadith by the eminent scholars of hadith has been included with the hadith in Arabic. I have also included weak ahadith because thi~~is a topic related to virtues. ========================. Ahadith. but he should exercise caution in this regard2• Only those weak ahadith have been included in this book. or is known for making great mistakes. which is established and acted upon."'~'"'. rather we should understand that the contents of this book are a reality for which we should all work towards. The purpose of this book is to motivate us to work towards the hereafter and to control our desires in this world through marriage.10 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 11 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT based on the verses of the Qurfm. One is that the hadith must not be very weak. which meet these conditions. is accused of lying. and stories of the pious.""----- 2 (Tadrlb Ar-Rawi Pgl96 Qadim Kutub Khanah. The famous Shafi' scholar.". the third condition is that the person acting upon this hadith should not believe it to be established. The second condition is that it should fit under a general principle. Karachi ) . tafsir (explanation of the Quran).e. Finally.

Allah ~ will say to them.ilt..I'\ l. All\ w:i 3 (Sahi'h Bukhari.Jr+:.J ~ 6Jl# ~\ JIlll Y : ~I JIll'J ''.P .IWLA ·. "0 people of Jannat..J.~ i"\Y'::"'..i:i ~!~.. (5649) If.r::()4 \~\ cl\j ()4 (7140) ~.J _ • . how could we not be pleased when You have given us [those bounties] which You have not given to any of Your creation?" Allah ~ will say. . His enjoyment of these bounties will increase when he knows that it is iplpossible for him to lose them.s.i.l§ t.)A..4 A person will only be able to completely enjoy the bounties of Jannat when he knows that the owner of these bounties is pleased with him and will never become angry with him.J\. Sahi'h Muslim) 4 (Sahi'h Muslim) .J ~ 6\ ~ ~ r:.l.." They will answer..II ~~ J 6Jl-.P ~.jl - J All\ 61 : JIJ ~ All! J-.9¥ cl\j oJ2.~(..J ~ J# ~ J# ~\ U'" t"J'.1 - r All\ J-.1.'~ . "When the people of Jannat enter into Jannat...J.• _...y.l. "I enter you into My happiness and I will never become angry at you..9"-".l:J ~ ~\ ~\ ~ ~ J j(.:lJ1 UJ.9"-". U::. " Should I not give you something better than all this?" They will say.~..J ~ (.J\ / Abu Sai'd Khudri narrates that RasGlullah said that Allah ~ will say to the people of Jannat. 'Did you not brighten our faces and enter us into Jannat? Did you not save us from Jahannam?' Then. .: ~ l.r::.oII Li:. 'Do you want anything else?' They will say..1uJ _Y.J . '... " What can be better than all this?" Allah will say.1! .if.I W ~G.J..l.:. \" _ J ..I..L w_ ~Y.u. t." Allah ~ will then say to them.." 3 (449) ~O\3.12 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 13 ~. THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Chapter 1: What is the greatest pleasure of Jannat? J-A: ~ -.6.j::. "0 our Lord.:lo.j ..)! ~I ()4 Suhayb narrates that RasUlullah said.J..l..J... Allah ~ will remove the veil and they will not be given anything more beloved to them than the sight of their Lord.l l..r::--... "Are you pleased?" They will say. we are present and all goodness is in your hands.II I.J ~ J u~.ll ~ 61 ~\ r:.J ~. "0 our Lord..J WI' (.~~ _.I ••• ~.l. J-A: JIJ ~\ ~I JIlll ~J Ijj JIJ ~ \" ~I\ lA ~J ~ • - \" u~.ll ()4 ~\ ~\ ~I ~ ~I~.IULj J ~II •• 1•• .lj J .i.:l~iLd.

r 3 '1 ' ·~l (7132) ~ (3244) t?)~.8 From this hadith we can understand that no one can fully comprehend what Allah ~ has kept for us in Jannat. ~. did you ever experience any good? Did you ever experience any comfort?' He will say.) ')/3 ~ u-u): ~ JA y.:.§ : ~l J--".) J\. 6 7 ~.lullah said.:.Q ~ {p ')/1 rs... Rasu. my Lord.lullah said that Allah says.Q. did you ever experience any difficulty? Did you ever experience any hardship?' He will say. Recite if you wish.lb . 7" . Sahih Muslim) . (7088) ~ 013').) J\..§ ~ .§ : JIJ 4l~'u-JI ~~\ {p ("-J:! ~): u-uW1 ~4~..~ Anas narrates that Rasu..•• .. Otherwise. ~ _ u::. 'No.) ~ ~l 4 J~ ~ ~ .J:! r-: M ~\~ ~1 J--". I never experienced any hardship and I never experienced any difficulty.1~ ~1 ~~ ~.14 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 15 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Chapter 2: The superiority of the pleasures of Jannat One second of Jannat is enough to make one forget all the difficulties and pleasures of this world .ll ~\ J--".) J\.) l. . \33.) 4 ~13 ~ J. He will be asked.ll~ ~ .§ : J\.) 4 ~ 13 ')/. '" 5 ()A l. -# ~ ~ ..i..w.lll Comparison of this world to the hereafter o-. that dweller of Jahannam (hellfire) who had lived the most luxurious life in this world will be brought and he will be put in Jahannam for a second and taken out.•.§ :J\.)Wl ~\ ()A l.J:!~ ~I {p This hadith gives us a comparison of the pleasures of this world and the pleasures of the Jannat."a1 ')/ 0. Hurayrah narrates that Rasu.lll - \. ..:l: JA J ~1.J.\\ AbU.r (j'l ('T' a .?-~\ ~ ~ o\~. "The comparison of the world to the hereafter is like di ~ping your hand into the ocean and examining how much water you have taken out from it.. This is because the pleasures of Jannat will last forever.. whereas the pleasures of this world are temporary. 6j\ 3 d. the pleasures of this world are not even a drop in the ocean compared to the pleasures of Jannat.. I swear by Allah ~. 'No. no ear has heard. The actual pleasures and bounties of Jannat will be far more enjoyable than what we can imagine them to be. (Sahlh Muslim) (Sahih Muslim) (32: 17) 'i 8 (Sahih Bukhari.. He will then be asked..ll\ ~ ~ ~ l~ ~l....~.) ~ ')/\.rw~W (.l~ -rr-.lullah has compared the pleasures of this world with the pleasures of the hereafter using a concrete example which we can understand. and no human being has ever imagined.Q / "-. my Lord.) ~ (". all of us should work towards those pleasures which are everlasting.. "No person knows the joy which is hidden from them.\pl : ~~ ~I J\.0.)WI ~ ~ ~~): \.~ ~ ."".i.\.ll ~14."". '0 son of Adam.u. Therefore. The pleasures of Jannat are un-imaginable UpJ~1 ($..· •• ~l .\ \.6 In this hadith.u-.. I swear by Allah. that dweller of Jannat who lived the most difficult life in this world will be brought and he will put in Jannat for a second and out..lullah said.' Then. A person who enjoys the pleasures of Jannat for just once second will forget all the pleasures and difficulties of this world.J:! -J y.i.l.:l: JA JIll .. "On the Day of Judgement."".l.J:! : ("..:.u Jt:¥ ~\ ~ ~ ~ ~I ~1 o~ ~l.# ~ o~ ..~\. '0 son of Adam... "I have prepared for my pious slaves [in Jannat] those comforts which no eye has seen.Q • ~l ~.)~ \.§ y1.Q (7197) Mustawrid narrates that Rasu.: ~ ~ ~ ')/ 3 u.

.• . .(jAJ • Aj J . "There is one tree in Jannat which will bear fruit similar to a pomegranate. love horses. so he said to RasUlullah will there be horses in Jannat?" RasUlullah said. the tree will automatically present to him 70 pairs of clothes.?.1. 'Wish [for whatever you desire].' Then he will wish [for whatever he desires].9 - 4 ~\ ~ ~ J1.d'l h which is directly from Rasulullah :i'ii..)iuJl J1..1\ ..w.• UI3" ..j C Y-":''''..~ \. 'Have you wished [for whatever you desire]?' He will say 'Yes..?ill (. you will receive double that which you had desired.) Jill 4.l\ _.. "You will receive what you desired and ten times thereof.ill U '\j ~~I ~ ~.u . ~\ cl: ~ (p ~ JAl 4.2 II (Ibn Ab'i Dunyfl) of a Sahab'i narrations of topic which is equivalent 9(43:71) 10 (Sah'ih Muslim) Note: Hafiz ibn Hajar mentions that the saying (Companion of the Prophet) who did not take from the the Jews and the Christians which discusses such a cannot be determined by a person's logic and deduction to a h·. 6: ~.j ~ .9.. Allah ~ will say to him.9 ) ( :..Y'~ o~ ~ 6:4 J1..-::.A.10 A person will receive everything that he ever desired in Jannat and more.3" •. each with a different colour.• ~ 0\).) ~ 0!1 ~l::JI ':L".518 /4'.11 J"..• L.1~)IJ u ~fl J~ ~'U <..) J1.J..) ~I ( '-l) -»! (.11 .i. <-..... 'j Lou4l.:i <lll:>-.-::.•.?-' ywII l-.J:'.ill u\.. and you will stay there forever.'JI t~ yJ\ JG.4I.~ ~I J ~~\ ltiJ ~'JI ~ 1..--.?.1\ u! : Jili Jp...) 4 ulli J.JI))I~) uli> <lll:>-. 'Definitely. "0 Abdur Rahman.--.9 .2 ui u-ll ~~\ jS~ ~I ~) <..Jko ~\ (p Aj J .9~Y' 4i..' Then Allah ~ will say to him.) ul O.P..:.•••• Chapter 3: A person's every desire will be fulfilled Allah ~ says..~.c..u.?-'~I ( 53'.9j ~ J1..J. When a friend of Allah will desire clothes.. '\ J-:li J1..?-'I 0!) 01).I..1. the lowest position of Jannat which one of you will receive is that Allah ~ will say to him.lG. UJ.. [After he has chosen what he desires.4.:l.2J1. ~ ' -.a.9 / ( ·.i~4(jA"I.u..il .oj t •.J:I.w.Y'. "[Tell me about the] clothes of Jannat. .JI . if Allah ~ enters you into Jannat." Ibn Abbas answered.)- J .)iuJl J1.16 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 17 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T A : •. CJ-"'-' <ll uc h~ ~ l.ll u! : _ . '" Abu Said said..::.::." -011) ~ J1..oj~l oy!. JySJI l. you 4. ~\ (jA ...A.lCL.S ~)\ l. .~ ' J .4 (451 ) Abu Hurayrah narrates that RasUlullah said.] the tree will return back to its place.l.wls ~ ~ Madinah after he had lost his eyesight and he asked him..lI ~\ U..Wl\.:i\).J Lil .S W j-»! .ll o~ ~...•.1 \ ~ u..•.J-o JL.•. .. Abdur Rahman ibn Saidah narrates that he used to "0 RasUlullah....JIy.II.r '\.i.: ~. Thereafter.. Jili IJ~ US 1..&.l.ll\ . .. ~~ .-::.lll> ...4 Ja.I\) \j~ uLA. J ~ J1.) Jill ).2ui u-ll4£A ~ J ~ 1.ell ' ") .l..iS : ~ Jill .2 ~I J". "II .::. Y LlJ' C Y-":.WS.J-=' :. (p ~\ Jb W ~: J1.. ~4-0.' .••••.l1 (.1\ ~ .:~ ~:..9 Everything in Jannat will be in accordance with a person's desires and wishes..::....)A .2~ O.wI dlA..)J 1.oj <.) -# ub~ .::.-:: U ..J\ ...'-' .A. LlLU.Y'~ 6: .0 •• U"' • . ) Jill 4..l.) Jill ~.. ' ul ~y...s.l.1ll.413 / 10 : .oj clill\j I~ (..4 ~ J "And in Jannat will be whatever the inner-soul desires and whatever the eye finds pleasure in.l.) ( 545/4: '-:4 yJI) di> 4.::.. J=-" Simak narrates that he met Abdullah ibn Abbas in ." ~\ ~ l004 : (:-!I)I ~I) d. " j-'-' j .) l......~ .A. 'I c.)..ll: ~ I.::W 'j ~ 'j.) ) ~\ybl\ 0\)..u...l.C:. "Definitely..1\ &3 . j \ W U .iAl1 .\1 ..

uo-3'JI) L»ho 0!'&1 -¥=~" 0! ~ ..J1 -3 ~j..::J1 .b..• ~\~ ~.!:J~ yl~\ ~ J1j .9 ~ J....13 A person will drink a pure wine in Jannat which does not intoxicate and does not cause head-aches.-?. "The extended shade (mentioned in the verse 56:30) is a tree in Jannat.J\~1 J 4. JL.IJ~I "'0"""'"' J1..-? ~I ySl)1 ~ (2348) (. He will drink from this glass..I JJ¥ J~\ J~\ ulS.uJ1 •.-?.lLl...J D. 0!1 ~ ~ (.JJI u\ ~I ()S...:~'41•..-lIE ~ D. " 14 u! : ~..l1 ~ j ~l:.i~ Jl ~ 4J\ ~\ .':'11 1 •. ::11) ~ (. They will talk about the amusements of the world and will desire them..) 3 - ~40.::..J:! 0! J! G...A.J.J j 1.(JJ-l .:H ~14 L9~~1 ~ u!:~ ~I J~..l.?)I 4l.. Allah ~ will say to him. .~ \. .? D. but I love farming. and in a split-second it will grow tall and be ready for harvest.::..u ~ ( 524/ Abu Umamah said.J..' (T abrfml) 13 (Ibn Abi Dunya) 14 (Ibn Ab'i Dunya) (Sah'ih BukharJ) 15 .-?.yJ\ (06) ~... ~ .o ' j ':l Jt!.::.I-J'Y ~ ()A J.).J 4.. Allah ~ will say to him. -3 lJ..JJL9: JL9. causing it to re-create all the amusements of this world.' He will plant his crop....I 0J~ J..&I -3 fl ~ r ~ J UY'-' U'" WI uC .A... -\ y.::. .l -....Iy1 J1j I 4.fll ~ -3 (987 : ~I) e:Jt.l. .4 .J~ JL9t.1 ~\ ~:J4..<:09 (.lA. ~ ulS ~ ~ L9:1..:..9y§ cl\:.] it will return to its original place..9~yo ~ ~l.~4-i..l1 u\: (. ('-.~ •• Q .-?i..J"ujLJ.J ..lLl.uy§ lJ.llI ()A J~\ L 0! ~ ~)I lJ.JJ j <-.. ~ 11' ~. I.. yll~'&1 0!1 J1j .rb .. ~ ~ -3 -3 0! ~ l.-?)~I DI-3..l.A.l.o ~ ~ 0!\ ~)\ -¥=-) 4JI ~. ..l\ DI ()A~. . .5""!i JL94.J ~y:..) j.J.~.o .J ..\~ . J1j -3 (...l§ ~\ [~ ~ . a person from Jannat will desire the drink of Jannat." 12 ()A to each another.• • 0"Lp 6:l\ UC 1..J o.J\ ~ -3 4. ~j~"Jr~1 4l. Allah will send a wind from Jannat which will shake this tree.o f4-aJ1 lJ.o ~I uSJ ~i.u CPI -¥=- pi ~ ~y:.rb lJ.J...A.bJ\ ..Yes.J ~ 0!1 ~GJI I~ ~ ..bJ\ ( 81 : . Its trunk will be so long that it will take a fast horse-rider 100 years to travel from one side to the other..:..~ 0:'\ '&1 ~I" yly1 4. ~ J1j ~ UC ':l) •.I411 ~ JL9~ oj~1 ()A J. The people of Jannat will leave their rooms and go to the shade of the tree to talk ~ ~p .18 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 19 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT will receive a horse made from a ruby which will have two wings. Then. 'Don't you already have whatever you desire?' He will answer..J.J..l£..J~\ UC yy1# o..~..-?i..u= ~.9 4.lLl..] this crop will be as big as mountains.J ~LA\ iftl (.i.w. J""' ::\\ l.l..0 ~ (.---..uo}:ll) ~1y1J\ ~p\ ~ pi (~) '4Ic Y> -3 ~ ~-3 ~u lJ... Q ~~"....u -3 ~ '-..j1 : JIJ ~ 4J.F '&1 ~..b. a glass will appear and fall in his hand. Rasulullah said.(' y~ ..Gc -.J ulS ~ u+1Jl u\ • oJ:!~ ift\ UC 4: ~yJl) .ilj 1". This horse will t1y you wherever you desire.\ \. (. D\-3.\l ~ <\.5""!i 0!\ J1j u.4.'" 15 - yo 4.• JS ~ I"~ ~14 J .l.o ~l:.lLl.1:.l1~ jS~ (.J.:.. [and after he is finished.J ii..iJ..?.! ~ C-" -3 . ~ ~I (""' J1j ~.' ~():l (3 0 :\"'1/ WI jDjY"': .. ~~....... "Definitely...I16:l4cl.:>. [After it is harvested..J\ J _~11) -"'" ~y ..d:.....o ~~ J!l:>..& ..::..i:.... '0 son of Adam. take this because nothing will satisfy you.l .9 ':l 4..u.. J""' .1J" ~ o~1 \..rb lJ...:>...Jj.\ .o ~ D~ pi ~.J Abu Hurayrah narrates that RasUlullah was speaking whilts villager was sitting by him. JIJ"IAII... Ibn Abbas said... .. "A person in Jannat will ask Allah permission to farm..?YI~I ul J4>yl J •..b ~ .u ()..~ Jl1S t....:i~ upl .9 kl ..J~I J1j - 4-i.9 ..!~. ~ ~\ ~ 0~ -.lI (520/ 4: ~yJ\) 4..':< ffi 0! ~ (. kl J.

l\ ~ ~\. If they do not like any of them. a special man will be created for them (similar to the hurs) and Allah ~ will join both of them in marriage.19 Allamah Alus! also mentions in his tafs!r that a person's wife in this 17 (56:35-37) (Safwatut Tafi'isif 3/309 .20 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 21 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT Ali narrates that Rasullah said. Allah ~ says. Allah ~ will make them all beautiful and good-looking in accordance to the beauty of Jannat. but there will be outer appearances of men and women.Co \ -J lS. loving to their husbands.:z.J" o~ .. there will be a market-place in Jannat where buying and selling will not take place.• s:. he will immediately take the form of that appearance [temporarily].t.. what will women receive? He replied that the wives of the believers will stay with their own husbands. No matter how their appearance was in this world.jl . Women who never married in this world will be given a choice to get married with any (unmarried) man they wish.. 18 What will a woman of this world receive in Jannat? Mufti Mahmud was asked that if men will receive hurs.0LLlWu\ ul "We created them as a new creation." 16 Chapter 4: Introduction to the maidens of Jannat The two types of women in Jannat 10 Human woman The first type is the human woman of the world who will be re-created according to the beauty of Jannat. wI Lil w 0.~& 0 . V1r . equal in age.Darul Qalam. "Indeed. And we made them virgins. When a person desires a outer appearance." 17 Allah will make old women into young women and nonvirgins into virgins. Beirut) (Fatawa MahmCtdiya 5/298) 18 19 16 (Tirmidhi) .0.

.ll ~jA4--a u-bJ1 ~\ 1.JJ~ (274 It is narrated from Ibn Abbas Anas Abu Salamah and Mujahid that the hurs will be created from saffron. beautiful.9 . Hilrs What is a hur? The second type of women will be those celestial women specially created for the people of Jannat known as the hur a'yn.al)\ c} ~1y.llw) c}) .9J~1 LS..9 01~j.L w. ~.9 ~u : rl-.l124S ~I ~J ~I ~ ~!~ ~ 0J~I ~ ~I J~\ ()A ~l y.22 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 23 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT world will remain his wife in the hereafter. women and we will never become sad. We are the women who will stay and we will never leave....lWI ~ ~ yAl.9jA of ()A two ~I Sahabah J~l ~ l~ -.i.llI ~~\ J.. Saffron is an orange-coloured product extracted from a flower and it is used to add colour and flavour to 2\ (Tab ranI) 20 ~~~~~~~~~~==~====~~=======~~~~~===--~-.9~~ -.. Their incense-burners will be made of pearls and their combs will be of gold.9wy. fasted.6..ll•.Daru! Kutubu! A'raby.. Allah will put light on their faces and silk on their bodies..)._1. which is also considered a sign of beauty. ~ .J J12~I J.. [The human women] will be fair in complexion and will wear green clothing and yellow jewelry.I1 -. Glad tidings to those men for whom we are and who are for us. Listen.~ j Umme Salamah narrates that she said to Rasulull:lh "0 RaSlllullah.. 6:\ W -.. Or it could also mean that her beauty will dumbfound and astonish others. _ -.9 u-JI -.lJ\ U""""'-' •.l~\ -.9Jj ill ()Al ~~ 0! uL..9~~ J12 \jIA: ~I JY-"J Y ~ AJ\J¥I ~ ~~I ~ 01~1 ~ J:!~l ~. 20 The love between a Muslim husband and wife is a true love because it will last forever. fair-skinned woman with intensely dark eyes.i ~ wW:-WI'·' ~ .lkl~ -. and worshipped [Allah].ll::. Beirut) n (Hadiyul Arwah 259 .: ~ wL. They will say.3'11) JG- l:J pi \~\ ~ ')Ij wy.' -.9J~I ~~-. "The women of this world will have superiority over the hurs just as the outer lining of a garment has superiority over the inner lining. "0 RasUlullah. "Because they performed salah.9 ~I -.9 (j.9 (j. we are happy ~p ~\ 0lS -. attractive eyes. 'We are the women who will stay forever and we will never die..:. Another interpretation is that there will be a sharp contrast between the whiteness and darkness of her eyes which is considered to very beautiful.JI ~" L. The meaning of a'yn is a woman with big.l.i J~I u-u:J1 ~..J.Dar Ihya At-Tawrath AI-A'rabi. Wherever in this book the 'women of Jannat' are mentioned. Beirut) .J JY-"J Y ~ : w. are the women of this world superior or the hurs?" He replied.hJ\ 013.i. We are the women who will always remain in comfort and we will never undergo difficulty. A hur is a young. Superiority of the human women over the hurs ~\ ~I y.Ui.l." Umme Salamah then asked.Jil1 What will the hurs be made of? The following is a narration (Companions of the Prophet).l~ -.J 2.ll•.l.. 22 ~I (418/10 ~\) ~.21 Allah will make the women of this world more beautiful and attractive than the hurs. what is the reason for this?" He answered.9'~ ~I W ~ -.l.l. (RClhul Man125/ 136 .JJ.9 ~~ ~ LS-.' .l. both th ~ hurs and the human women could be meant.l ~ wl.

malice. A hadith in Sahih Bukhilri and Sahih Muslim mentions that the hearts of the people of Jannat will be one and there will not be any difference between them. 6~1 )3). 24 It is normally the case in this world that co-wives have quarrels and arguments which make the husband's life miserable.a . j.~ (!l-Jjl ~ ~ J "And they will have pure wives in Jannat and they will mentions that these stay there forever.. they will not have within them the smallest amount of disobedience to their husbands.. .. JF. ~ ~ There will be no jealousy between co-wives Another interpretation of the verse "equal in age" is that the women of Jannat will all be equal in age.llL.l. excreta..UIJti..24 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 25 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT food. swearing. The lovely skin colour of the women of Jannat Allah ~ says..-J "And they will have fair females with big. . ~ ()A ~ JJ. then you can imagine the beauty of women created from saffron! 23 Chapter 5: A description of the adornments and external features of the maidens of Jannat Internal and external purity of the maidens of Jannat Allah ~ says. 6~~~1S "[These women will be delicate and pure as if! they were preserved eggs.. -J. etc. hypocrisy.28 The women of Jannat will be like fresh pearls because of their cleanliness and fair skin colour. They will also be free from all evil internal qualities such as malice. in Jannat there will not be any jealousy. lovely eyes who will be like hidden pearls. Thus. and saliva.. 257) (56:22) (37:49) 26 23 24 25 (Hadiyul Arwah) (RCihul Mani 13/220) 27 28 29 (7:43) .1S ~ \ Allah ~ states in another verse. . However.29 (2:25) (Hadiyu1 Arwah pg.25 This will ensure that all of a person's wives will get along and will never become jealous of one other.26 Qatadah women will be pure from all external impurities such as menstruation.) La ts. When the present creation of mankind (which is created from sand) has the best of forms and beauty.i -J "And we will take out all [mutual] hatred from their hearts. 27 lH. evil character. or hatred between the people. urine. . which will ensure that they get along with one another and make the believer's life peaceful. Allah ~ also says in this regard.

A person can see through a ruby and know what is on the other side.. then how will the rest of Jannat and all its pleasures be? Also. .l J ..l1 ~i l. 30 Allah ~ says. "One morning or evening in the path of Allah is better than the world and all it contains.lli.ll J 1# 4J. whiteness... 64-~1 J w~~1 ~LS these women are like rubies and small -1# 4J.JI..:::l'lI ~-J'lI1 u-ll ~I » » yJl) w~tWl ~ l..llI0A» ~i-J~ ~J ~-J~J~LA (2796) l.4.:0.?JL. If one woman of Jannat were to glance towards the earth..IG J ~Lu•.iJ ~ ~ (Ruhul Mfmi 22/89) (55:58) (Safwat At-Tafasir 3/301) 33 34 (Sahih Bukhiiri) (Tabrfmi..)J . she would fill the earth with the smell of musk and [her beauty] would overpower the light of the sun and moon. A hand-span or a whip's length of Jannat is better that the world and all it contains.33 If just a smal~ part of Jannat is better than the world and all it contains. the hurs will be clean and free of all impurities. ~ o\.:lI .Y'Lp 6:1 lP ~lA......:::l'lI 4.-:1".l1 -J~I ~I ~I 0A 51jAI 61 -Jl J 1# LAJ 4J.d"j~4 J ~w J. ~.. In the same way.. she would fill the space between the earth and the sky with light and perfume.llI .:z. "If a woman from Jannat were to look towards the world.~I J ~I s:-~ "[In beauty] pearls.J ill! 4..lj. a person will be able to see through the hurs because of the cleanliness and delicate nature of their skin and body.?J~ Jl§ .J... . .) 4i..=.Y'~ ~\. Allah ~ has also compared the hurs to small pearls because of their softness..J Sai'd bin Amir says that he heard Rasulullah ~ saying. The scarf on her head is better than the world and all it contains. 30 31 WI. .J ~4-0.ll~~ .. 61 -Jl : Jili LA-J:! ~ ~ ~ ~~ oJ~ JI ~I ~ ~ uA ~J) ~-JA Jl : Jt:! ~ ~I JJ"-"-J 61 ~ u-J1lP LAJ <l.F. In the same way.J1 ol. so they are clean from any dirt or dust..u~ J ~ (998 : ~\) ~ lY'~ 'J o.J ~4: US : Jt:! ~ (.llI W ~-J'lI1 4J ws:-L.. The comparison between the hurs and eggs is also made because of the yellow-whitish colour of both.J 5\jAl 0A ~j'lI ill I 4.)J.~~ Jt:! ~ W.JI 0A 6.. Bazzar) 32 . which is known to be the most beautiful skin-colour for women. ~ ~ ~I.bJ"-" ~ ~~i (.\ ~I ~j s:-t. Another explanation for this comparison is that the parts of an egg are known for being perfectly proportioned and conforming to one another....)J Anas narrates that RasUlullah ~ said. if just the scarf on the head of one woman of Jannat is better than the world and all it contains.=.26 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 27 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T LAJ Allamah Alusi explains that the verse refers to those eggs which human hands have not yet touched. then how valuable is the woman herself? ~ ~I JJ"-"-J~ : Jt:! ~ f':!~ 6: jA~ 6: ~ lP J ~ ~':u ~-J'lI1 w~ ciy.lli....llI U'" 'lI ~ h...J-u= o...32 61 -Jl : J~ )j.) I?I ~ ( 533/ 4 : ~ \ The perfume and radiance of the women of J annat 0A 0A w~L.Jl.l..l\ Jl§ ~.31 The comparison between the hurs and rubies is in transparency.l.34 0A IJ. In the same way..) ol.o~-J:lj J oj. and pleasant sight.l .. all the body parts and features of the hurs will go perfectly together.

a ~IJ-J (7147) ~ Abu Hurayrah narrates that Rasulullah said.j.J:Hfl\).l.J.a uw.. He will see his face in her cheek as clear as a mirror.J.=o. she would fill the entire atmosphere with perfume.)L:.::. Every person from amongst them will have two wives and the· marrow of their leg can be seen through their skin [out of beauty].. The 'crown on her head is better than the world and all it contains. the whiteness and the rings of the hand would illuminate the earth just as the sun gives light to the world..a ~Y-" ~ I....a 1+lL. AM Ya'Ja) 37 35 (Ibn AbiDunya) (Tabrani) .. ...lI.lU\ ub.uJl~ ~.:>.) uL.l245/9 : uL..J\J J~l U:!-: J .P ~ ~~.:>.35 Jannat] ") She will be wearing 70 [different types of] garments..l.l~ ~ u~ i..J.l..illj ~l-JJ ol_u .l\ ~ ~ U. She will greet him with Salam and he will respond to her greeting.p.I: ~ illl JY-"-J J~ :J~ ~ ~l (. (This will be due to the clearness of her face and its brightness).h.: ~l u..jb (418/ 10: ~\) ~ Anas narrates that Rasulullah ~ said.P The beauty of the crowns ...J.a ~iJA\ Ua.. 5ahih Muslim) I I II IL . "And we have more by Us [for the people of J ~lA.J ~ .&\ <I.&\ W.a 4:!-~. The smallest pearl that she will be wearing will fill the space between the east and west with light.a ~ ~i-J ~ ~U\ / 4: ~yJ\) ~ o.. so how beautiful will her white face be when it is adorned with a crown.Jl ~ ~ J ~I .. She will be wearing crowns and the smallest pearl on these crowns will light up the space between the east and west" 36 ~\ JA\ ~L.a ~f ~.l\ u.. .JI.J. "If the hand of one hur were to dangle from the sky.. 'Who are you?' She will answer..o..$..J..l .~-J~ 1SJA\ .! .ll u.)fI) .Jkl u-:I (...) ~ ~\JA\ lA ~~ . The next group will have the appearance of the brightest star in the sky. (3254) -J.li u1 J u~\ ).~.A...JI . There will be no unmarried person in Jannat...-?-Jil.J (532 ~jl\ ul : ~o ill \ JY-"-J J~ :J~ ~ cS-J.~ JIj.16 (Ahmad. ruby.sJI o.:>.j. 'I am from the extra.l u-i...)1 01.lI. u-:\ (..l.l\ J l:Ji u~ u. ~ ~J <li1 ~ u.l ~ cS~ ~\ J -J-¥ll ~ u~\ U~Jj ~ ~ lA . "The first group to enter Jannat will have the appearance of the full moon on the fourteenth night of the month...a u\ J~ o~ ~ '\A~:~ ~.38 .-J ~\yJ\ JIj.). He will ask her.h..l:!jA.bJ\ o.. Then a woman will come and tap him on the shoulder.::...~ U:!-: lA ~~ .i.J.::.l.bl ..) ~I JIj .. 0!\ ~ .u.' (This is referring to a verse of the Quran which says..I\ u1 ~ ~ ~ ~\J-J ~ J .J:H ~\ y:..Ail\.l.P 4t. or on 70 cushions before he moves.J ~\y..J\ lA ..~ u::=jJl . "If one woman from Jannat were to glance towards the earth...lI.. pearl and emerald? . ~\-JJ u." 37 JIj.&\ 4.-J J \'''':U~ .ii..! <I.J (w.J.S~ ~ ~ ~.J .18(5ahih Bukhari...543 / 10: ~\ A person in J annat will see through the clothes of his wife ~ ~l ~J:i ~JAj JJI ul : J~ ~ ~l ySfi ~ ~I ~.\ .J~~\ ~ u\ J ...~jcl ~\ J ~l u.ll.u\ lA J ~.J ~l ~t.o.h. ~ ~I J ~TyJI u.J\ / ~ 0ll.:. What I said was just regarding her hand..l ~. "A person will recline and relax in Jannat for 70 years..P JSJ (419 /10: ~\) ~ Abu Sai'd Khudri narrates that Rasulullah said.J ~ ~ J-M ul ~ ..Y.J (w. and the lowest garment will be red and made from a tree in Jannat.. He will be able to see the marrow of her leg through the clothes.:iJ) ~ o..ju..-?.h. (..28 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 29 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Ibn Abbas narrates that we were sitting with Ka 'b one day and he said.

) i.~ ~1~1 0\3.!C... BayhaqI) 42 (Hadiyul Arwah 267) 44 . oj \.~.~I J~ oj\..))~ j\.4U~Jj THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT ~ .=.l.I~ 31 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T ~l ~ I ¥ lP ~~ .p ul ~ u! J \..e ~ o+ill :.iu.l. ~I 'J J l.42 (Tabrani) (Mirqat 9/576 .iu.'J :u.J'" ~. "Every person who dies as a result of miscarriage or of old age or of middle age will be resurrected at the age of 33.. ~ ~...~.)ii. -.&1~.4 uLS u'J t1.. If he/she is from the people of Jannat.bl.) J~ 3 ~ : ~\) ~ -': . I ~4-j..) . a person may consider it repulsive and disgusting to see the marrow of the leg of the women of Jannat.:1 \. :11)' : '-..iu..I1Jl.).-9:! &. and the marroW of her leg can be seen through these clothes just as a red drink can be seen in a white glass.~ ~I 0\3... ~I yss ly.It. and the heart of Ayyub 43 40 41 (Sahih Muslim) (Abu Ya'Ia.r.b.?~~1 J~ -.elti1 All I JY-"..U\ W1 The large breasts of the maidens of Jannat Allah ~ states.. you will never die.:I·I~~ ~ l~ ul ~ u! J 1.) ~I 3 (334 110 : ~1) ~ whl 0:!j\.b.4LA: Jt.1 CJ.-.ILi:! : Jt." 39 Outwardly..P~ .iu.p . MuItan) (78:33) i.) .&\ ~.h. clearness... Every wife will have 70 layers of clothes..J ul 5.J ul ~ 'Jl cl\j ~ ~ . I :..J1 :..II ~ ~ 6LS ~l J~ 3 (501/ 4 : ~jiJ\) ~ oj\.e ~ CJ. and the delicateness of the women of Jannat.&\ ~.013')~ ~ cS".). you will never experience difficulty.?.1 j\.4 '.l.S~ W~.l.u.4~I~...iu.&\ <1.J'J1 ~ ~1~1 0\3.JL \i..:J\ 39 Miqdad narrates that Rasulullah said. tb: 3 ~I~I ~1U CJ.JA~ ~ l~ i.IJJS.117 : .AI-Maktabat AI-Haqqaniyat.ll 1.\ 0\3.4y. For you is good health.-J.Si.44 ~\.J1 ~) L~\.u.j . 'Definitely. a caller will announce.)~I yly1l1 cS"...&\ ~. 4\jil Y"I-'p J "And the people of Jannat will have full-breasted women who will be equal in age..u ~ I~ ul ~ u1 J 1.) 3 .41 The breasts of these women will be round like pomegranates and they will never sag down because these women will never become 01d. / J \. For you is luxury and comfort. ~. for you is life.. "Every person of Jannat will have two wives from the hurs. \1 Chapter 6: The beauty of the maidens of Jannat The permanent youth inhabitants of Jannat and beauty of aU the ~ u1 . ...y.30 CJ..). the appearance of Yusuf ..) 3 ~ " ly.r..J\ J~ . 6:¢tj J ~~ ~I ~ ~I JY-".4 ~\3 ~ (u::>y.. then he/she will have the form of Adam ~\.:11Y-"L.iu.&1 <L=.?..43 Both the men and women of Jannat will remain young forever.J~ J ('.L. For you is youth.) ~)1 ~520 110: .y-9:!1 ~ J u..l1 ~ u~ ~~I ~Jj J. not because of some defect in her.t . one narration clarifies this matter and mentions that he will be able to see through her leg because of her beauty...l : Jt.. However.j .) .40 Another benefit of being able to see through her clothes is that he will be able to enjoy looking at her beautiful clothes and what is underneath at the same time.)ii.. .. The purpose of mentioning this is to emphasize the softness of the skin.jG.l.?.y. Ii 03...) y.J\ (529/4 j~ J~ 3 (u3~ ~\.1 J ~. (7156) rL-o Abu Sa'id and Abu Hurayrah narrate that RasUlullah said.... you will never grow old.b~·~ i.""L.~\ .ll ~\ ~j-o .JA:J .?.:1 \~ ~ I~ ul 0\3..l.) 1 (411/10 Abdullah Ibn Masud narrates that Rasululah said...:. you will never become sick. "[When the people will enter Jannat].

277 u4~ ~-J ~ '.JP.in his infinite knowledge and wisdom . "Do you have any desire for the hurs?" He said. "I have heard that a light will shine in Jannat. . there is a particular hur in Jannat upon whose beauty the people of Jannat boast and brag.ll fi~ JI~4 (41 I) ~ 0\ j.J ~ ~I p. they would die because of her beauty.b. we can conclude that each man and woman of Jannat will have the beauty of half the people of this world.-.47 (Sahih Muslim) (Hactiyul (Hitdiyul Arwith pg. 277) Arwith pg.48 The beautiful faces of the women of Jannat Allah ~ says." The man fell unconscious and was taken to his home. The wisdom behind this age is that a person is at the height of his physical strength and his body parts are fully developed.~ "In these gardens there will be women with good character and beautiful faces.' The narrator Salih says. 'Where did this light come from?' It will be said to him." Hakim then told him. "Desire them. 'One hur smiled at her husband. Someone will ask.has described these women as beautiful. because the light on their faces is from the light of Allah.. J\j ~ ill\ J~-J u\ ~ ~I LP J\j u\ u-l!~..-J:H wi Ij~ Anas narrates that Rasulull:lh said.. he/she can experience maximum pleasure from the bounties of Jannat. Therefore. as they will always be increasing in beauty.1 ~\ ~ y. "46 Hakim met another person and asked him. 277) 47 49 '-- .. If Allah ~ had not allowed death for the people of Jannat. so we can imagine how beautiful these women must be! / 45 46 4R (Hfldiyul (55 :70) Arwith pg. "I came to Yusuf ~\ and he was given half of all beauty. Then which of the bounties of your Lord will you both [man and Jinn] deny?"49 A human being has his own understanding of beauty which is confined to his limited and deficient knowledge. The narrator of the incident adds· that we visited to this person for one month after this incident [to console him during his sickness] . Ij! -J u. "No.45 4\: Ibn Abi Dunya relates that Yazid Ar-Raqashi said.. and every part of Jannat will start shining because of this light." A man from the c'Jrner of the gathering started screaming and continued to scream until he died. This will be the minimum beauty of the people of Jannat. A'ta Salami said to Malik bin Dinar "Definitely. By combining these two hadith./1 ~ ~ u~ ~. Allah ~ .32 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 33 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T The people of Jannat will never grow old and will remain permanently at the age of 33. .

1 3 '-?~~ ~ 4li3 ~WI Jl9 3 ~j '"-! 9: u~':ll) ~ ~1j3':!1 l.j".a ~l II .~ '-?~ii. causing them to increase in beauty.S~ ':11 <liJ.' The dweller of Jannat will say.i.::>...u f-l J'J t.5...# ':114. ~~~ .5...ji~ 'J~ ~I ~ 01:J'J ~I J~J 0\ ~ ~\ tp ':114.r::..... .-a.! ':l '-:-l:!y:. W ~\ •• 1\ J(..:..51 50 (Sahih Muslim) 51 (Tirmidhi.# ':114...~ '-?ioyJl 3 ( 4...fi~ ~I J~ ~ J'J ~ ~J ~ 4. Ibn Abi Dunyft) .ljl ~ J ~l ~! 0~~ J u. and before they finish speaking...~.ljl ...l.' They will also say to their wives.ll. there will be what no eye has seen.. you have come to us adorned with more beauty and perfume than before.. I Rise to the honour which I have prepared for you and take whatever you desire.l~ ~~..il:. ~ \ ~ _ ~~ ~ ~ ~l LA J .J-!113~ ~ 3 G\ii j\..l . u...Ill ~\J ~\ J 0~. The second person will like the clothes and appearance of the first person.1I' .y'l ~ ~Ifll LA 6A r-SJ LA ~ ~.35 34 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T '-? io Jl9 3 Lw. ..GS. ~ -\ LJ ~ _ JS4-i.: ~ J'J ~ ~.j\~.l!C '-.l.l..S.4 ~ ' J J~\ 6A ~ 0\ J d-:.ii\. They will take whatever they desire without any buying or selling.. "Definitely. _ Jkl\~ J~I .J ..uJ1 . A person with a good appearance will come b. (JA ~_ .a.. .. LA t~ ~..:b.. 'Welcome.~I ~ uL. They will be enjoying themselves in Allah's company when suddenly a cloud will come over them and rain upon them a perfume which they will have never smelt before.. j~j i.WI Jj '\..o. you have also increased in beauty _.j LJ.. (f'. 'We swear by Allah.:Q . so it is rightful that we return in such a [good] condition. J ~~J ~ ~ J~l ~:u ~ ~IJ ~~I ~ J.:o.a. f. ~I 4. Y. The people of Jannat will meet each other in this market.l.iJ~ W~ ~~l J'J .1~lj3~1 3 <-. f..\3~ ~ 3 ~~ 0 ~ ~ ~ Y.:. 0J..\ LA~! \-..ii\.JA u.o.i. LJ~ LJ 'i ~ "':11 4.l.J u. "I ask Allah that he joins me and you in the market of Jannat..':114Anas narrates that Rasulullah said.::>.no one will have a bad appearance.JI Jl9 3 (264/ i.S~ LA ~J~~.u... u y.l1 ~Ij.:.i.?! ::\101 ? 3~ _ \. lJ. ~)I . Their wives will say to them.- WJ'\. 'Today we were in the company of our Lord.u... I They will find a market surrounded by angels.I¥ ~IJjlul-a\~.l . r~\ ~ ~ ~G.1 \J~ ~ ~ ~ ~~u ~~ 6A A.J-!1 ~ <-. the inhabitants of Jannat will visit a market every Friday.l. ~ _ ~ J IJ w u-- t.J-! ~)I .fore one who is less beautiful than him . and no heart has imagined.l.p....l 3..said to Said ibn Musayyab.?!\ I~ l. ilJI <L=... They will then return to their wives after having become more beautiful than they were before.l. J.Ill ~I J Lp.9A~ ~ J ~ :F-~J J~ ~ J~ ~! 0~\ ~ ~\ J:. t~.J-o':lj wy. his appearance will become better than the first person This is because it is not appropriate for anyone to be unhappy in Jannat.. Then our Lord will say to them.-J\:jSj1 ~ Jl9 ~ 0yP 3 ~ y.11 ...*yJI) Abu Hurayrah . •.• '\.50 ~ .JC 4i.5..J u.u.. ~\ LA \J~ 4 Chapter 7: A continuous increase in the beauty of J annat ~ '-?ioyJl) ~~I 011~~ u4=:. U:'I3 .. __"\ (541/ 4: ... 6A ~ Y ~yJI ~j.JL 686/4: pL:.l$.J1j\ .a\j J <li..ll \.:lJ\ J ~ J Y J" III ?'~ u.a\j ~ J (.ii\.! ~yl J 01S~1 ~ J:¥ J'J ~ - (.lj\ . you have definitely increased in beauty.1 Ii Y.. 3 ilJl .-=-...J'J.l...':ll <-..I \ ~ u..l!C ilJI <L=.Q t_ 'L..lly ~.. ~.l\.:...:o..Ill (7146) ~ 013~ .J u.Jbu\ . HJA 41 0\ ~ ~lj ~ ~ ~ J'J : J'J 01 ~! ~.. no ear has heard.l!C ~ 3 ~ 4. . Then we will return to our houses and our wives will receive us saying. A northerly wind will blow and it will spread [goodness] upon their faces and clothes.:. ~ 'J~ 0J~ ~ ~ J'J J tl+.:: ~ ~ J 0\ ~\ JL... In this marketplace. Definitely... 'We swear by Allah.Q ....

.U~ .I)A Y> J ( W· W~ \~ ~ • ~ \ ~ •• 0Y-.~~\ ~ ~Lu. ~ ..I\ 4J~ 4lS ~I~\ ~.u \--.ALA\ ~ 37 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T ~ ~ ~LL • ..l. ~". J ~ ~ cl.I.&\ .u~ .\ lAlJ:!~~! l...i. ~\ :\+&JI (341/10: o?1 o~1 52 (Ibn Abi Dunya....?-I 3 lc. It will be said to him.. and keys will also be made from pearl....I\ Y> lA: ~ ..i.~ '"I\"::"" ~ : ~ ~I ~ • J 4lltl.}"ls. locks.* JS ~ 1..U ..J'&\ .. oJ:.!r" -.hl\ . fruits..3 ~ '&1 I} I o-lli..J..l\.:! LA ~ '..~ " ~ ~~ J clly J./\ ~ AlII 0\ ~ 0.# 4. then how will the highest level of Jannat be?' Ka'b answered.J ...47/ 10: wG../ ail r&'Y r-lJ\ ~~ \~ ~.~ I. He will be in a hollow pearl and the roofs.J away from her.? LJAlW..ll\ (.. didn't you listen to what Ibn Masu'd said regarding the lowest level of Jannat..lli..b hi JL.llh (. . y9 .36 Jt.k. she will ~::em 70 times more beautiful to him.1~ \. She will be wearing 70 layers of clothes through which the marrow of her leg can be seen.* ~l ~ 0Y-...Il .Sy...? [If the lowest level is such].A:>.J:!-'ll Y J~ ~~I ~ ~~'JI J ~I~\ J [IJj'J\ ()A ~W LA 1# ~ 1).11 . I have heard that Allah has created a house and placed in it as many wives.J ~. Hakim) '-- .b.* - ~ .u. ~L. Every door will lead to another green jewel with an inner lining..>A.•.) J1l0LA~ lA.... The lowest wife from amongst his wives will be a hur with large and lovely eyes.J 0:' Jl.:j)) ~ 4W\ y1\.r.'.h~1...I! ..ulj4 lAl¥ 4J.A:>..J \-I -J w • _ --:r-::_ -7'" III ~ I.'~~...I..S J:! 4.2"Ji.1 589 /4 : (J.i..3 (W3~ :i..Jl W I. ~L./ J ~\-J c.S ~ 0~ 0:L~ JS ~ J [IJj\ J ~I~\ ~ y4 JS ~ l:l: 0~ ~ o. .uJ~ ~.~" ~ ~\\ ~\y. 3 ~':1\.~ 'i.J '-?.52 Ijl: Jili ~~I \~ • ~1..b. 'Your kingdom is the distance of one hundred years which the eye can see.A:>..FI ~ ~-.. (There will be complete harmony between them and their hearts will be united in love) When he turns J'.hl\ J.JY-" ~Jw ~ ~':l 4J J.:.JI yC ~\ ~..:I..J ~ -»'-'" yll JL9 3 (:is.~~I ()A o~ '.3 ~ y -l.~ Jt... 0~ ~ . and drinks as He willed.a J .?-1 \). Then he sealed it shut so no one can see it...&\ 4.I..•.J ~I ~l: .lLu..11 '..:. not even the angels.JI .::o.ll cllYJ J# oJ#.l:l ~ <ill.j .}"ls....... J..I~ 0:l1~ o-J. and female slaves.2~~ o~ I"'li 4JLA o~ &la Jj Jt:¥ u~ u~1 ~ '.1 ~..}"L.lj ~ ~ ~\ (.p 01 Y J# ~I ()A ~l: .I.u Jt:¥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~..1 0b..Jj ~ ~ ~Li.* ~l ~~ ~IJ...b...uL.r---::-.Yo ~ <ill. "[The person in the lowest level in Jannat] will go forward until the palace is opened for him.jA.SY> ol-J\j~ JJl31~ ~-J ~ ~ ~ UJ\ ~ 0LA~ UJ\ 4. cl.9y.1U.S _ I &) ~\.J~"oJ#..I\ '.J\) -lli.lj4j 0A dl../ LA ~)..1 ~ o. "That which no eye has seen and no ear has heard.p 1"'\ 0:l\ I. ~ J ~~\ ~.2~\ Aj ~ w • UIe THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT ~ 4.b. J ~\~! 1.J~\ J-?'&\ uJl .../.. Every jewel will lead to another jewel with a different colour.J .r" 0 0~ J#.i.3 ~I y.?-"" kJ 0:'\ . Then it will be said to him. In every jewel there will be thrones.u ~ ~ lAl .....i/\ ~ JL9 JL9 ..2oJ#.J 0 13.:J.. ~ .l~ • 0:l.I 1[1 -. 'Look' and he will look .u ~ Jt.. ~ I." Ibn Masu'd says that Umar said.9J...~ Jt.S¥ J# ~41II~ ~.l1J# . Her inside will be a reflection of him and his inside will be a reflection of her. ~I-JJ ()A ~Lu.~ 4..?"\ rSl::J\ JL9 ~ ~ w~yo o-.... LA J# Aj ~ I..l:i..J:iC '.) \~ .): ~ r .J1JL9 .* JS ~ ~I~ 0Y-. ~ 0Y-._ j\ ~ . ()A..'J1 o¥ J ..20\ ~l ~~\ ..ll\ .::.jS~ (.~'.l\ 12l! .I\ ~J:! ~ 4-l\~! ~ ~ J ~ ~ J1lj ~ ~ ~I (.'.:i'.?"\ yb Abdullah Ibn Masu'd narrates that RasUlullah ~ said.:.&\ 4.2Jt..A ~\ ~ \ ~..." 0 Ka'b./ j.I! J:! W lAl \ I.I~JJ J [IJj\ J JY-" 0Y-.!1.. -\-IW ..J . doors...F\ Ijl t+l1j4 ~ Jt..l...I\ ~-J )./ ~.jSj 0:'\ o\.3 4i.:I. This palace will face a [large] green jewel will red lining in which there will be 70 doors.Ijl ~I-.uL./ J Ji.J"-'-"A 0:'1 LP 1 ~ rSl::J\ .I\ 01 ~---4.j ~) ~-J.S.UL. Tabrf:mi.l\ C? yC y .. .J\) wtlj .&\ 4.lJw ~ ~~ J~ (..A:>./ 01 J# ~ iillW.a.}"ls. wives..\ '. .J~\ (342/ 1 0: ~\) 3(503/4: ~jiJ\) ~ Y...

' He will say to her.a~\ 0Yt""'"' 0~. Then.-11 01 . we will never get scared.J.J (419/ 10 : ~I) ~I J4-.' . we will never die....l:l~ 6~1 . 'We are the immortal women.b. .('Ifi [IJj'lll. '0 My slave.hu.J ~I Jl9 3 4iJ\ ~1lJ.. it is possible that if I enter you through this door.""'-'--3. Weare the wives of noble husbands who look at us with the coolness of their eyes.\1 ~ ill\ ~. a door made of green emerald will be opened for him in which there are 70 doors.ill\ ~. 'I take the oath of Your majesty and grandeur that I will not ask You for anything else. We are the women who will always remain forever... 11 . 1'0':13.38 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 39 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT Abdullah Ibn Masud narrated this hadith to U'mar ibn AI-Khattab "A door of Jannat will be opened for [the last person to enter Jannat).P J~l 3 ~\ ~ 3 .JiLJ\ Jl9 3 ~I 3.54 ~ ~ ~ ~I. the wives of the people of Jannat will sing for their husbands with the most beautiful voices that anybody has ever heard. 'Are you not my Lord?" The person radiating with light will say.l::1§ A.46! J 6~1 .\ ~ LAwl~\ ~L: ~IJj\ lA.. ~II wG.' She will be wearing 70 different pairs of clothes through which the marrow of her leg can be seen.' In this way. In each door there will be wives.~ ~ ~ ~l ~l [IJj\ : A. he will be greeted by a person who is radiating with light.JP-lI ~ w~1 ~ J.v . The contents of the first door will. . and servants. the dweller of Jannat will fall in prostration before him. 'We are the women with good character and beautiful faces.' AW'th will tell him.' AW'th will tell him.ull. 'You have also increased in beauty 70 times from the time you gave me this cup.JL. 'I am just one servant out of your thousand servants who oversee your one thousand palaces.)il\3 J4JI cs9-~\y. he will enter four more doors. "Definitely.hu.i ~ WWA~I ~ J ~ ~ wljJG..53 Chapter 8: The beautiful voices and singing of the maidens of Jannat 6! : ~ ~I JY-"-JJ~: J~ ~ ~ 6:1 r:.J l5 .!\ 3 ~I ~ Jl9 ~(419(1O: ~ lJ.?y.. Upon seeing him.i ~ ill1 ~.J ~.J ~ ~I) ~3 -II 3 . cushions.l.' Between each palace is the distance of one year and he will be able to see the farthest palace just as he can see the closest palace.b. enter me into this door.J Ibn U'mar narrates that RasUlullah said..P lA.' He will reply.b.J ~\ Jl9 3 (538 /4 : c4jJ\)~\ 0\3.hu.-. }11 J4-.u.J <\J4-...hu.i ~ . }11 cs9 ~I y.' Another song will be.. The person with light radiating from him will ask the person.J illi"~. enter me through this door.~ . She will say to him.' I take the oath of Your majesty and grandeur that I will not ask You for anything else if You enter me in this door.eem trivial to him and he will ask Allah again..46! J . and he will say.. we will never leave. '0 my Lord. another door will be opened.~ 6s~ ('Ifi ('~ [IJj\ 6~\ wl.)l1 3 (477/10 I I III1I 53 54 (Ishaq bin Rahway (Tabrani) ! i L . Then. One of their songs will be. 'Didn't you say that you will not ask Me for anything else?' The person will say..You have increased in beauty 70 times from the time I gave you this cup.' He will enter this door and while he is amazed with what is in this first door.J ~13. '0 my Lord. each time asking to be entered into the new door.l\ 13..ll ol.. He will then sit with his wife and she will give him a cup [of wine].) J~l 61 : ~ ~l J.:il) -.. We are the women full of security..!1~. 'What is the matter with you?' He will answer.J-'"'-J J~ ~ u-U1 J~: r:. you will ask Me for something else.

!.1i ~.&I ~l La.l-J~ W ~ u~~ ~. -J l. and we will join them with the hurs.:.. ...J ~ ~ -J 0"-i~1 ~ -J ~l 4J\ ~~ ¥- ~i CP 0A i. so you will reside forever.J JtJ : JtJ ~ ~L.l~\ ~t.Jl ~141 ~i-.1I1 y4 ~ F~ ~ ~\ F4 J19 -.i!) ~ -J ~l ~ (547 / 10 : 0..'uJ\ o. 'We are beautiful women who have been given to honorable husbands.ll.).l.-.l. "The angels will Jannat on the door of Jannat and upon you.. You have done well.J J# 3 ~ .&\ uk . I ..59 Young 57 55 greet will enter boys (464/10 the dweller of say...J~\ ~t. "Every slave [of Allah] who enters Jannat will have two hurs sitting by his feet. ~ JF>-: ~-Jj J~I 0A ul.&\ 4.l1 ~! ~ i'~\ ykl~ ~ J~ 4-:4~l ~ i'jkJ~ (~\16a':"-:.u.U - Aill U"':l~ -J. l?'1.56 "And so it will be.l\ ~A.ul\ wl.JS.ll ~l ~4 ~ ~4.)1I\ ~ and :P .J:!-'l1JA:' -J ~l F -J ~ ..~ 19b.ll..&\ ~I AI u~~ ~I &.58 The hurs I eagerness husbands ~-.r.S ul.h.) 0!\ O\3J . They will sing with the most beautiful voices that humans and jinn have ever heard.u. ..J ~ ~4 4.l\ J19 Abu Umamah narrates that Rasulullah ~ said..l-J ~~ ~l-J-.S -J \~dl ~\ -J lls dl .l~ u\.l1.r.&\ -J J~-. but it will comprise of hymns of praise and glory for Allah.l.iIJ:.:~~ ($.l1.s. ...:H ~...~\-.:Qt:.&.l.\\ fi~ \.::.l. 260) (39-73) 56 L .A:.. Their singing will not include musical instruments from shay tan. the meaning is that Allah ~ will make the women of Jannat perfect pairs and partners for their husbands just as one shoe is made to be a pair for the other.: r+l-J~ -..J l?'~yl\ :OJ . Rather. "The hurs of Jannat will sing.JAj ~\ ~! u~\ ~)l.J . "Peace be Jannat in which will also greet (Tabrani) (Tabrani) 58 59 (44:54) (Hactiyul Arwah pg.:.J~\ ~)l. -J : JtJ ul ~! ~..h.55 14 : Chapter 9: The perfect and most loving wives A wife who is a perfect match Allah ~ says.&\ o~\ o~\ wl.i..57 Ibn Qayyim mentions that the contract of marriage between the believers and the hurs is not meant in the verse.J jQ:l\ l.~ ~..~ ~\-Jj\ 0A 4sj.lL...lG.:Qt:.'j ~\ -J dlls J ~\ yhJ\ D\.&l ~ o.:Jl 4.Jl ~ t~yJ\ ~ Ali narrates...J ~ (J-"::J u¥J1 -...A:..40 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 41 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Anas narrates that RasuluUah ~ said.& \ desire to meet ylLb ~\ their CP -J ~ -J J~ ~ &: ~ 4. tA~.J)) J4-0 ¥ 4.. J ~\ y.

what is with you! He is only a temporary guest by you.....l .h...J u1 ~ ~ u-:\ r:.J:! ~.! .A. Abu Dawud) .iiJ1 J)j.lj u1: Jt.J:!-! MuMh woman among wrong and he ~ narrates that RasUlullah said.60 and will not even raise their eyes to look at anyone else besides their husbands.:i.uJ1 U _ LA JLa .JA 411 ~I 4. 'All praise is for Allah who has created you for us and has created us for you. 'Don't bother him. "If any troubles her husband in the world. They will inform the dweller of Jannat of what Allah has prepared for him and will go around serving him as friends would tend to each other in this world.i.2 <l:~ ~I J~\ I....2 .Jj. .l ... One young boy will say to the dweller of Jannat.P olJAI (.2 : Jt.' No one has received what I have received. She will be overtaken by joy and will stand on the doorstep saying.:.. .J Jt.J U"-'-"..J J)j . u.b.:.»-") ~ .2. (464) ~ol..JA dtt.J .\ ~ \ LA J-# Jt.oyJ\) o.J.J Jt.de rA~ ~ "And they will have by them chaste women who will restrain their glances [on their husbands only] and will be of equal age. I He will say. . 'Did you really see him? ".. .2 'ill 4-l....iJ\ (")\.A.Jt.\ If.... 'Be happy. will soon leave you and come to us.:>. he will enter his house and his two wives from the hurs will come to him.~ t.)4.JJ~\ Abu Sa'id narrates that RasUlullah said.lli.' Then the boy will go to one wife from amongst the person's wives and tell her that your husband so-and-so has arrived (using the same name which he had in this world).ill u~\ ~ Ul d~l ~ ~l U'r~ ~J 4...l.. ~_ • ~J '-""'" ~ __ '-""'"_ f'".SjJ:i 'il: ~ ~\ Jy.l\ u1 d.2~I Jy... The women of Jannat will also have the same age as their husbands so that they can relate to each other better and have a perfect relationship.J ~ • U:I"'-' J~ --'I' 0A o\.J lSioyJl ~! ~JLi..JL.l ~ . because Allah has prepared for you this-andthis.) ~~j ~ .cl . his wife from the hurs says to her. "Then..2~ J.l ~l 0::.J..P '''_'1 t.... They will say. Another interpretation of this verse is that these women will be so beautiful that they will keep their husband's glances fixed on them only. 63 The love and attachment husbands .J - ()A ~~j fi~ ~.61 (u.)\ of the hurs to their j~ r:.iiJ1~. They will not desire anyone else (Ibn Ishaq) 60 61 62 (Sahih Muslim) (38:52) 63 64 (Ruhul Mani 13/220) (Tirmidhl..l (407/3 ~ : t. 64 Women who will desire and love only their husbands Allah ~ says.b ~ill LJ.: 'il ~~ ~ w! ~ j' ~h.ljl.62 Allah ~ has made these women devoted and loving to their husbands only.o 47 / 4 : "4-y.?i.. II ~. yljil u~1 ~y.42 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 43 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T them who will be like preserved pearls and scattered pearls.

~I 3 ($.... This hadith also proves that one's wife in this world will remain his wife in the hereafter.~\':~ .) ~ yly1 ~Li1JS~ ~LiJ4J~ A.l ~I ~\ UA ~yl 61 : J~ ~ h:L.$i. ~ \\.fi'.~'.. J ~ o. U:!:! ~ ~ yo:"" .::. and every plate will have a type of food different from the other.l y-.1l1). 6~ Lr. Abu Hurayrah narrates that RasUlullah said.bi ~ ~jl J.j..?JiWl o.65 ~jy F "I c2.ill l. 4..) ~ 6J.i.) J ~\-..a'l1!~) 0\.c ~I .w! J ..> -wti j 0:1~ J-! ~ j l.~~ J 4:4J1 6:hlW .? ~ ~ 1 U:' \ I .··.l\ ~ .. if you permit me to feed and give drink to all the people of the world.l~ LS '-..J.) l.a 3 1.wI J (5~~1 ." .' 1.u 61 J~ ($. A palace made of pearls..i. He will have sexual intercourse with each one for as long as he lived in this world...lUJ ~Jj ~ w~ 4J~J.000 servants and 72 wives.1l1)k.-'>l> ~ Lr.ill'.l1 ~j J.l\ 61 :J~ ~ ~\ Jy.. Abu Ya'li't) 67 l .ji\1 01 . [JJ:I.j.:>.l ~ JS w il~! .?~~\ Jl9j(400 / 10 : ~\) ~ ~ ~ (484 / 10 : 0 ~I 0 y. '0 my Lord.ll 61: ~ ~l Jy.:IJJ.->:lj J . .l ~\) "&-' 1 . u: ~y\ ~ (P .u UA JJj.-?i.J.llJ._ -.A.J~: J~ ~ ~ ~\ (P ~ ~ . and 8.l1..:>..S.u A.44 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 45 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT Chapter 10: The number of wives How many wives will a person have in J:mnat? .ili\ <I..-. 3 (212/1' . He will ask Allah.l\ 3 c.'lll .~ '-.::.:y1~\ ~ ~ ~9 L.J ~I.?JhJ1~ ~i L. He will enjoy the taste of the last plate just as he enjoyed the first.?i.tJ~ .ili1<l.ili1 ~J ~\ Jl9j ~i 013J..llJj . He will also 300 servants who will bring him 300 plates of food in the morning and evening.l4 ~l ~\ ~. The servants will also bring him 300 glasses and each glass will have a type of drink not found in the other.0.=>.i '-?'L.1 Jj4l.::JI Jl9 .u ~ J ~Jj 6~ J 6t:ill1 J f'.000 previously married women.1l\~ c.ll ~~ ~ ~\yJ\ Abu Sai'd narrates that RasUlulah said...:.) yAj (.JJIL=.(.u 61 J ~L.~~\ J~I ~ ~ ~w ~ .) .illy <-& u'l1! ~W 3 ~ \.A. Ibn Hibban) 65 (Ahmad.lL.J\ ul. ~\ J ~ .iA ~I (fl....hgI..I 3 ( 509/4: ~ j.." 'l11 J~ ~\ 'l1 J ~ 4JlAJ~ f'~ JS CIJ:! J ~ (5~ UA!J ~J\ ~ w L1ll~! ~ . ($.A.J p..uJ Lr.-.? .JI ~~ J t.'\\...::..:j)) w~ <G13J ~I 3 ~ 3:'\ 3 The inhabitants of Jannat will be enlarged in size in order to gain maximum pleasure from the luxuries of Jannat.u-.llJ.a d\j ~ (563 : J3~\) ~ Abdur Rahman bin Sftbit said... "The person in the lowest level of Jannat will have seven stpries and he will be on the sixth story below the seventh. and rubies will be raised for him [whose length and width] will be the distance between Al-Jabiyah67 (A city in Syria)' and Sana' (A city in Yemen).~\J JS J.lc." (.~.~I~I 61 J 4l.I~ ~\ (P f'.J§ 013J.ill:£ 3 ~ ~ ~j:i.u-.. .. ..' The person of Jannat will also have 72 wives from the hurs besides his wives from the world.d\.J l.000 virgins.(Bayhaqi) (Tirmidhi.ili\<l. '-. "The person who will be in the lowest level of Jannat will have 80.).J1 ~ J ~4--. emeralds.J~ : Jl' ~ .::..>1 uSJ 3 ( 695/4 :(..i.l &'-" ~ ..ili1~J l.'. '-\t-..?4J~ o~ )L ~ ~ J 6. this would not decrease my kingdom in the least bit.. a person in Jannat will marry SOOhCtrs.uJI ~ '4-IJ) (5y. r ""1r.S.9) .J ~ L.3)y> ... and one of them will have the width of one mile.4l.u 1I\ .c"...611 JJ).>\ 3 c. ~ 3 .ill'.:>..UJj 6J-iW ... ~ lA.':\ 3J L9 .i L. He will enjoy the last glass of drink just as he enjoyed the first..::JI c.hgb:J\ 3 ~I -':. "Definitely.h..U! .LY»n ~ ~-. .c CI).. The plates will be made of gold and silver. j) J ~...

u~ .l. Hafiz ibn Hajar mentions that one interpretation of this hadIt11is that two is the minimum number of wives a person will have.U·(JA ~ I..6g Mulla Ali Qari says that the best interpretation is that the two wives mentioned in this hadith refer to the women of this world and each person will have a minimum of 72 wives..)A : Jl§ ~ A ~~ ~l ul ~ -..9 ~~ . The believer will have wives in this mansion and he will go to them.. we should try to do as many good deeds in this world in order to enter Jannat and thereafter gain as many wives as possible..lYo! 01..s:-W:.JI..150 kilometres. "Every person will have two wives.71 Good deeds Imam Razi mentions that Allah ~ will give a believer as many wives as Allah ~ desires for every good deed that the believer does. Beirut) (Mirqiit 9/600) (Sahi'h Bukhiiri.S. ..9 .) ~l • \+." However... Thus.¥ ~ (. .9. _ ~ ~- ~. Sahi'h Muslim) 69 70 II (AbCt DiiwCtd. d .S ~ .J-J ~l o\.--.=:. Mu'adh bin Anas narrates that RasUlullah said.9 <lj~ ~I ~l 6: jl£. Thus. the meaning here is not to fix an exact amount and limit for the number of wives a person will have..70 (.•• . Another interpretation is that the number two is also used in the Arabic language for a large quantity and greatness of something.~I-.Tirmidhl) n (Tafsi'r Razi 15/168 .pJ o~ JL§ j t?~y1I.. ..Darul Ma'rifah.ili\ -JJl§ ~ ("-J:: t. in Jannat there will be a mansion made from a hollow pearl whose height in the sky is 60 miles (111 kilometers).t<""_ WI/4.• Jl§ (j. we can imagine how great and big this palace will be! 2.'.J . ~ (ft'*' (j ~ (f"'-JA lfJ-Jb JJ~ diilt I.-tl ~ '•. (JA..l. ~ .J. 70 from the hurs and 2 from the humans..). In Sahih Bukhari it is mentioned.--.)A o~ ( 3 72/ 4 : t? ~ J-'-''-:-l:!. Chapter 11: Huw to gain more wives in Jannat Controlling one's anger -.1.l.. -----~ u~ '. 72 The exact number of wives for each person will vary according to a person's obedience to Allah ~ and his level in Jannat. "He who swallows his anger despite being able to express it... there is no contradiction between this hMith and other ahMith which state a person will have more than two wives.4 -J~l (.) . (7158) ~ Abu Musa narrates that Rasulullah said.r UA~ ~ .:tl'\ . Allah will call him in front of the entire creation and allow him to choose whichever hth he desires. u~1 '(3243) ~ s:-LwJi .··1l'I..l~1 i. "Definitely..j J.4 UC ~4il1 <Lo..11) : '-l:! ".S (Fathul Biirl'6/325 . (.:..Daru] Fikr. Beirut) .J"-.::. These wives will not see each other.~ ifl1 u.9 The ahadith mention different amounts of wives for each person in Jannat. i.9 Where will a believer live with all his wives? ~~ ul uk~ .r '..46 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 47 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT The distance between these two cities is approximately Thus.b ..!. ~.

o.:.1 oJ:!jkl 0-:1\ ~j (p o~ ~.J ~ ~ ~I\ . J~.1 ("l2 o~ ~ The reason for these women being virgins is because a person generally derives more pleasure in having sexual intercourse with them.\3j~) ~. (56:39) (Hftdiyu] Arwfth pg. [Sexual intercourse will be with] hard pushes.=. ~ J~. "Will we have sexual intercourse with our wives in Jannat?" He answered. Allah ~ will also make all the human women into virgins in Jannat..JS. " L:lyl L:-. .1\)'&\ 4.=.hi\ ~ \.iiJ\ .1 - ~l ~ ~\..-l\j... Imam Razi also says in the commentary of this verse that Allah ~ mentions sexual intercourse of the world with indirect words.iJ.. "A person will have sexual intercourse with 100 virgins in one morning.74 )j..78 J(..S 6i" oJ::-: ~ Jl2 ~ "Loving in nature and equal in age. she will once again become a virgin and a pure woman. 76 .) u~l. whereas sexual intercourse in the hereafter will be perfect and free of all faults.?~ ~.h9L::J\ Sexual intercourse only with virgins Allah ~ says. Then which bounty of your Lord will you both [humans and jinns] deny?..::JI IiA.) u4-=>-Abu Hurayrah narrates that RasUlullah was asked.!§ : Jl2 u.1 ~'iT ~ ~ 64.. As mentioned above.1 Y 1. 266) (Tal'slr Ruzi ]5/130) (i\hll Ya'lft.48 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 49 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Chapter 12: Intimate Relations in Jannat Loving nature of the women of Jannat skillfulness in sexual intercourse Allah describes the women of Jannat as.5.) W ~\ ol.77 He will find his wife a virgin every time he comes to her 1. ~ oJ:!jkl 0-:1\ (p Jt.J\ /10: r.5.1'&1 ~. One interpretation is that they have intense love foc their husbands and the other interpretation is that they are skillful at having sex with their husbands.P and their mentioned the sexual intercourse of the hereafter in clear and direct words. in this verse he has 73 74 (246/ 9: u~'.&\ ~J yC ~I ~ Jy. .75 Abu Hurayrah narrates that RasUlullah was asked.i. When one of us completes the task of intercourse with his wife.1\ l. Bayhaqi.1 ~ ~ :Jl2 ~ \j\-9 ~. However..J\"':") \ ~ Jl3 j (417 (485/2: ~\) ~ ~ 3 '-. 01 ~ .1 (.i·013. "By the oath of that being in whose hands my life is.) - .&\ 4.) \.l1 . rJ 6L:ki ~.. . (lhl1 Hibban) Tabrfml.5 (300 : ("\3.?'"". ~ l.)'.) ~\ Jl3...J..\\J 3 ~ J. Bazar) 75 (55-74) II IX . yes.. "Will we have sexual intercourse in Jannat?" He answered..i..'i J ~ u-Jl ~ "No human or jinn has touched [these women] before.) 01\ . The objective of this is to show that sexual intercourse in this world is not free of faults and is not perfect..b y:.:"" ill\ JY-".73 Some scholars have translated the word u'rub in two ways. ~y\ 3 ~! ~\ iiI\ J Y-".JiJ1hl)1 ~ ~\ybJ\ J~...5 ..1~ tiLa~! o~l~\ y.\\J ~\ ~ :Jl2 ~\ - .1 .?.

ll ~ .c l.cL.ll U'" 0A ~<~<L..9 ."'\I..l..o yJ Muhammed ibn Ka'b Al-Qurazi narrates from a person of the Ansar (people of Madinah) that Rasulullah said..9:i~ \ik.~llJ...IS ..\ '-.l. \1~<...': .-J LW...1 ~ V"'-' '.! 0! c-9IJ0! J.1 ~..1l Ul '.1 c-9\ J oL:w J olJ .: r::-....l..1) oy ~~ '. '1.i\ J ~~I J~ JlJij (473/ 10: ~~ 4..b. [They will be on a] bed made of gold which is adorned / (570 : '::li J.y.b. ll.I 0 _ •• \1j If....b.=.w\ '-.&1 A..hl\~~...' J ~ 0! ~ LJ:."cIUI fl\ ~ 7<) (AbC! Ya'la) .11 . [While he is in this condition].o.o.ll ~ ~! 14 ~l: ~ 'illl ~ : JL9 Ul U.1\.l. ~ ~.1>..~-J ..i ~ J rW\ ~! ~ ~ lji.a _ ~b ~ ~I t.1.. His inside will be a reflection of her and her inside will be a reflection of him.l.l\'~.uJ\ ~ ~I .~ Sljl\l: ~ ~j l...·l· l. she will say to him. cr. ~! .JA lj~ ~ ~ 4\.h. ~ I 0 IJJ ....l...lUS· Y....l.11 A.JAUllb ~ ~ ~ ~ .! ~ (JJ'.L. he will find her to be a virgin.ll4 Ls:wl ~ ~"~)I ul ~ ~ 'lI -fij ~ ~ J. 0~J-'"j~'<1\ . Both the man and woman will not experience ejaculation of sperm..h9loJ\ LJ:- I~ with pearls..l~ ~~ ~I ~ LA~ ~ ~l JIJi J .J:H . there is nothing in Jannat more beloved to me than you..=! ~ ""-! ~ J~ c1c~I:\. 'We have known that you will not get bored and you will not make her bored.lt:.J If..io 4.. wll ~ ~ ~ ""I 14 4.1 I_:-=..wl:..::.1 ~ ~ cr.11" .\L9O.l\ 0!\ . ~ ul ($ .jiJl JIJi j ~ 0!\ JIJi j (534 / 4 : '-.. The human wives will have virtue over the [hurs] because they worshipped Allah in the world.\.b.l\..(j~.. V"'-' '..:i!) ~ 0\.\j j.j1 U2~.. '~\I'\ ~.ilil Jy.\~ 9-4 t..:l:....:>.l1. \It:.l~ . he will not become bored of her and she will not become bored of him."" \<'.I ~ ~.'." yo J <\.YO j ('L¥ ~j1l1 ~) Y~j~ 1.. i' U:' ~ JIJi e'\J ~ ~I ~ 14 ..79 4..t::..-.iY c-9\) cr.. He will place his hand between her two shoulders and he will see his hand through her clothes.b.~.. A person of Jannat will come to 72 wives which Allah specially created in Jannat (hurs) and 2 human wives ..e..! 0! -':!)1 0! ~ LJ:jy.1\ J ~ L.l~l.t:.I' jl ..5"" 0P ljJY 0\ JJ - ~ .l.J ~ . 9-)~ 0A llll.ilil l4l. 4.OJ\ . ~"I ~•• n~(· -J 0A •• I.e...u.l..:l: : J~ • i. ~ v~J).!Cy1I) ~..~·W\'.·'it"' 1:A If.14.JA W y::- 0\.~ r.50 -----. 0!1 J ~U J ~ J y>o-=>- 0! G ~. .J' v.L.'.l.r"" .1 ~ ~ 14 ~w ~ ~ ~I U.l.! .2 ~~\ l. .1 ~ 4..! '.::l· 0 . someone will announce.~. Whenever he will go to a wife.. cr.t.u 4~j u~ ~ 1 .I !. L~ L~ ~..b.J\ JIJi l)fi.' He will go to the other wives one by one... J ~. yJI JIJi ~ - '..h.. j <Lo~ 4.: S...ho . "1 swear by Allah..JA~ ~ ~f'..~ t_ ~t:.S (wjY:'~1 )j-141 : ~~\) ~ L:.·.J.1 "0~I J l...j~j cr.JA-J:!Y-"~ ~~l. Every time he comes to her. . ..ili1 ~ ~~~j ~~ ~~':. you are not more acquainted with your wives and houses than the people of Jannat.I.. and flesh.JA~J UC ~~I ~ 6: ~ UC ~~I fij. u... This bed will be made of 70 different types of silk. .J:! 'i ") JJ. ~ "...l. j ~ ..-JJ\.J:!-'-"=' j tiL:.UL~ .r c-:cw..w ~ ~<L.JI) wG:. "It will be with a powerful desire and a \.ilil~ w.ic -JA ~ Sly <U llll¥ ~ Sly 4J o¥ w~~1 ~ ~ ~I ~ '.1 . He said.J ~ ~ -j 4J1 '.i.l.-J.-Jt6J\ ' U:' pi t?'JW\ ~ JIJi. ~ 1"\l'":'_ ~ • 'lIllll.1\ ~ ufi. He will see the marrow of her leg just as a person can see the thread inside a ruby. He will be in this condition.'::!\ "O.9:iLJ:- ~\:jjl Jl.1.\ ~<\.wl ~lu...y 1".&1 ~J wlii 0! J ~.. ~ ~I~j~ uJC~ ~.) t?'JiLJl j~) . '4.b9l:. ~ r- r ~ .LJ:-" ~ [~ llll~ 4\~Ji ...\ J" (41 : cy:u llaylham At-Tai and Salim bin A'mir relate that RasCilullah was asked regarding sexual intercourse in .?.. skin..!-l.. ..a "'" ~-J'L•• 4..k.JA~~.l.1 ~ ofij ~ 14 9-IJ~ llll~~ '. You will have other wives besides her.t4J1 ~ ~ \ •• _\ ~ llll...1) ~ '...ll ~ yo 0! . U..h...--- THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 51 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Complete satisfaction of sexual desire : JL9 ~ ~) Aj~ S-J:!~ iftl UC Jl.. He will come to the first of his wives in a room made of rubies.\ JJ lY'.y.o ojl1u) ~ 0\.. His sexual organ will not tire and her sexual organ will also not experience any difficulty.I~ o..ll'....=."II··'e.1 0 j\ Y! . 0!1 01JJ A.:r ~ __ 1.A. II ~.l.JA.~. "I take the oath of that Being who sent me with the truth.IF!.1 ~ ~ J .~ .=.aJ"j1 l../(IIJWII.".. 4.! cr.S't""' U JA ~..b..ilil Wul l.1lls.b.

.) J r-~I dl:i .1 Ii 'I J-H tqJI LJ. u! .:.'i ~lAi J~ dlj ~ ~ ~ p. A horse will be brought to them with a saddle and reins. LA'Jl ~ ~Lu.81 IjLa II IIIII !I Ii.'.' Then.. Then.~ I~ ~ 4JJ:IS~ J~ 'J J ~JY'J 4. [During this time].:b. suddenly a woman will call out to one of them. RO Hafiz bin Hajar ~ says that if the Tabi' (Person who saw the Sahabah) sometimes does not mention the final narrator of the hadith. ~:..)-'\ 0: ~ UC J~ JI..yy 1.! IJp.r.' He will say to her. They will keep proceeding on their animals until they reach the place which Allah desires. 'What are you and who are you?' She will reply. He will have sexual intercourse as much as his soul will desire and his lmah." (Harth bin Ab' Ab! Hatim) u~ RO 4~ 0A O! : J\] ~ ~I J~-. wull\' W:.: ~I D.3 y.9¥ 4b ~ dlLA\ ~I WA1c ~lj.b9.9JLi:j olyJllj~ w 4~ \"'.=:. .uJI ~ ~~ l. Allah will send a gentle wind and it will spread mounds of musk on their right and left. This horse will not excrete and nor will he urinate. ~ILA ~ ~ ~ J\] ~w ~I oj ~ LAJi . then most scholars of hadlth along with Imam Ahmed do not pass a judgement regarding this hadith because of the possibility of it being acceptable and un-acceptable.h.J 01 ~La 0: ~ UC ~ 0~3:! r+JI J ~I J y\. he will not turn his attention elsewhere and will not leave.ll RI (Ibn Ab! Dunya) .jP.)~ ~ J ~J:P.JI ~ OJ-. but it is known that he only narrates from those narrators who arc reliable. horses.':'11 ..llJi ~ (..:.! LAJ lJ-o 'J <. "II '..J ¥y (jA dlj (. Ibn eyes will find pleasure in. Each man will keep his hair as long as he desires .S .lJ3\ cY4:- t... ~\ ~L. I~ ~.. 'I am your wife and beloved.JIdlj ~ ~ ~ La(f.52 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 53 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T penis which does not tire.u~1:".. However.A::.l# ~ oj! 'J J wl-.JJIJ.yj. o-..\ ..!\ D\-3J ~lfll J (543/4: ~jiJ\) "LF" .JI ~ . the followers of the Mftliki school of thought. '0 slave of Allah.) cl.A.!l..101 OJ..jSLAJ . The cloud will continuously rain upon them [whatever they desire] until they receive that which they never imagined.ft 0A ~ . The people of Jannat will ask this cloud to rain upon them [whatever they desire].'J LA ~ 4. Definitely... [During this time] he will not move away and nor will he tire. J-.:i:! J. Then.0JI (.JI 0A ol : JI.Jl?J~\ Shuffi ibn Mati' narrates that Rasulullah said. ~-.. p-\ u ~yJl w.J J . they will come to a cloud which will contain is what no eye has seen and no ear has heard.? ~) - ~.J UP. (It will be ready to ride).. 'Didn't you know that Allah said.j~ ~ ~j)A ~ dlj ~) JSj J ~Jj-.L.!) .II J ••~~.. ~ ~I r+JI ~I ~\ ~ t.. II n~'.ll~ ~~I ~L: 4..9~ _ J ~ 1. 'I did not know about you. '" He will say .. and according to one view of Imam Ahmad. 'ill ~ O~ ~ r-Sp.' She will answer. "No person knows the joy which is hidden from them as a reward for their deeds. and the rest of their clothes...ll\ l..J ~ J ~.~~ J ~ .. They will ride this horse until they reach the place which Allah desires. This musk will stick to their hair.1jlS..:01\ 4.! 0.9¥ o~ J~ LA. don't you have any desire for us?' He will ask her. t?~l OJ.?-'i J~ 'J ~. Then... They will apply this musk on the foreheads and necks of their horses.•. a person will have sex with a woman for 40 years.. ~I"'.r- dlj ~ ~ 0A ~ -3 ~ ~ ~ ~\3J J ~ J-. They will also apply this musk on their own heads. it is possible that he becomes preoccupied with her for 40 years [having sexual intercourse]. 'Yes.:. "Definitely. La J-.1.. His only concern will be the pleasure and honour which he is enjoying.J1 JIJ:! W ~ OJJ.:G.rr . .Y.~ ~W 0C J r+J~i 0C ~ 0A \. such a narration (known as mursal) is accepted un-conditionally according to the scholars of KOJa. I swear by my Lord..\. one of the bounties of Jannat is that the people of Jannat will visit one another on swift animals.b~ ~I ~\ .l .~~~I (jA .r-._ J ~i oi ~l La~ .

. "S4 Since a person will have many wives in Jannat. . every person in Jannat will be given the power of 100 men in eating.J! 3 ~13 ~Wl 3 (.)~ ~~\ '+' r:).-oW.Ji:. "By the oath of that being in whose hands my life is.?..:1 4..-JL:lS) bye 3 ~ (.J1.~ 3 ~I oI3~'&\ ~WI oI3~illl~.) yp\ ~ -J JS>:II ~~.. ill\ ~ }.l 61/)~ '-:-':!y:... ~ ~ ill! ~J (..32 H3 . "0 Abul Qasim.2 4ih ~) 6: . I will definitely ask the cloud to rain for me beautiful women.) ~\ r-t-! ~ . and sexual intercourse.:i!) ~ ju. yo ~ lY> t~yJI ul 'Jl (...11 J6.y> c:l).) ~~ ~4-0... ::11) .:iJl ~ J~ 1:05.. "If Allah gives me the opportunity.~ 'J L"" oy.. 3 Wi ~ J-" )j- <.. 82 83 .o':fi.) ~4..jL.lll-J -J ~! ~ yWSJI ~l (}'l ~.. Bazzar.13. Nasal) . drinking.4 o~~ ~. Ahmad.:P ~I ~l 6! ~j:i ~W\ 1.):uJ\ Jl9 3 (677/4 : (.) -J u.}-!-' ~ ~\)\ .w~jA ($.J::J) J.. ..'-J ~j ~I illI ~J ~~I Jl9 / (u3J:!-:l ~I ~I 486 : ~yl '-..JS the people of Jannat will eat and drink.)ll I ~~ (._.." Kathir said.. -II 3 (769/ 10 : ~I) ~ Y.j r. 6~~ t~\ • .-i 31 '-:-':!J." 'J 3 ~I UC 'J! h~ Ul.u. '-J.54 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 55 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T )L." Rasulullah said.~~W\ ju. 3 ~ 0-! 4. you claim that (Ibn Abi Dunya) Hafiz SuyOti says that the saying of a Tabii (A person who saw the Sahabah) in such an topic which could not have been determined by a person's logic and deduction is equivalent to a hadith which is directly from Rasulullah except that it will be in a mursal in his right.l.. I! Jl93 (524 / 4 ...J1 ~I) ~ w6.r c-::--...:Jt.?ioyJI ~W\ . (100: (. Allah will increase the sexual power of the men of Jannat so that they can completely satisfy their desires..?"-J1.?31)1 Kathir Ibn Murrah says.2 u-J-:y1.?ioyJl) i 3 J I. "And we have extra by Us [for the people of Jannat] ") is a cloud which will come over the inhabitants of Jannat.~I J4.!ncreased ability for sexual intercourse ~ : Jill ~ ~ o13~ - ~I ($.ii Jt.1l\ Jl9 ~I~I Jl9 3 (882 : (540110 LJ#WI Zayd bin Arqam reports that a Jew came to Rasulullah ~ and said.::.. 'What do you wish tl at I rain upon you?' Whatever they wish for will be rained upon them. '.}.~1 0!1 oI3~.?IYJ ~..J.. "Amongst the 'extra' bounties of Jannat (referring to a verse of the Qurfm which says. The cloud will say to them.?ioyJI Jl9 3 )j..li:. 84 (Tirmidhi.

they will immediately receive children.?-"'- Abu Sa'eed Khudri narrates that RasululHlh said. -4.. This is why there is no ejaculation of sperm during sexual intercourse in Jannat because it would end the pleasure. he will see his place in Jannat. He will be in security from the great fear.lJ\ ~ 14J -.)41I~) ~ o.9~-.9.. "When a believer desires a child in Jannat.lJJ ~ ~\ \...l:!.u.2 LASI.:J\ "'-=-..) 3 ~\ -.e.9~ .S.9 ~l J~ u.IIc will marry 72 wives from the hurs..9 ~ 'J ~~ 61 cl.u.) atl "'-=-." A Shahid will have 7 qualities when he reaches Allah: 1.J:! -J\j 4i.l) UA ~ ~ 4.\\ >'-ll: 4-l4 -.9~ UA LiL.4 J4i.....) ~\ .P Chapter 14: A Shahid (Martyr) and his special virtue with the maidens of Jannat ~ -.. 2..:.ikl k\ <I. One I'llhy from this crown is better than the world and all it L'( lI11ains.l1 ~ Jl§ i.u..-J ~ l.ll) Y-1~ ~ ~.. A crown of honor will be placed on his head.9t. "xs The scholars have differed on whether or not there will bc childbirth in Jannat..\1 Jl§ 3 (293/5 : ~I) u~ ~I pi 3 ~I J4.j 3 ~\pl 3 ~I 0\3...1 ..:. -. However.... He will receive protection from the punishment of the grave..:. 3...e... when the people of Jannat desire children.J:! y\ W --9~L..9~\ ~ ~ 61 : ~ 0~ kl 1..s W\ ~ UA ~~ r:.i.Aj UA Wj -. "Tawus.~ \. Tabranl) 1'1.! J-?~\ tjil\ \.::.. birth.>: jliW\ r:..2 4i..-:1 68 ~\ r:.) atl ( 1616: t?...0.J.i. This is because Allah ~ has said.' I 'I.)~\ Jl§ 3 Jl§ 3 (512 : ~\) ~ o. Ibn Kathir says...::.9-J ~ W ~L.) 4-0. "They will have in Jannat whatever they desire.l~l ~.l. X6 ! ! j II ~ I ! II II 'I ~ III .:! 'J jl.) t?.""-J JIJ : JIJ ~ -.lli.9~\ ~-.4 ~ : t?~yJl) ~ '-:-1:!y ~ .. lie will intercede on the behalf of 70 of his relatives. i. i.llj ~ G"h l~ at! Jl§ 3 t?~ 013') 3 . whereas in Jannat the objective is lasting pleasure... His sins will be forgiven upon the first drop of his blood.j at! 4.')..J:! JIJ ~ ( 6~51 4: t?~y.>:l JIJ 1 (145 J ~ l..lJ~\ ~\ Ijl UAj. 7..b.9 0-"-.-:=i lj! US-l-..lJ\ 61..9j -?Jj ~J ..lli.J (187/4 6~')I! :(h I" Miqdad narrates that RasUlullah said.9-JIJ~\ UA 6JS..56 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 57 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Chapter 13: Will there be childbirth in Jannat? ~ .lJ-J.. and IbrahIm An-NakhaI' hold the view that sexual intercourse will take place in Jannat without childbirth and this is correct.~ . Ill' will be made to wear clothes oflman (faith).9 <I.~ &lj:l) ~w ~\~ ~ 013') - ~ ~-JIJI ~-J.!'J ~\ 61 ~~ J ~\ J ~~ F 4-: J"..-J ~iWl ~\ -.. In this way Do We reward the people who carry out Our commands and refrain from evil" (16:31) ~ o..9 ~~ ~) ~\ ~ I 1.S ~ cl.. day of judgement.""-J JIJ :JIJ ~ 1. the pregnancy.u. Ahmad..>:'J ~\ j (320/2 : ~y\) "'-=-.ikl -.:ill\ >'-~ ~\~\ ~ jl~1..·' " "11 .\js 6J>'.. Childbirth is necessary in this world for the continuation of humanity..4 ~~L..0.lli.9 >'-~\ : ~ (.94.) atl 4.A.u ~ -...\j J..S~y... ~ t?~ l.. k \ UA )..J\ : ~ k\ J". ~ ~I ')IIo~ ~Ip\ (146: ~ l.u.jJ ~ ~ r+l ~ULi ~ \ ~~ JIJ ~ ...9 yfi ~ 1.l.. There will not be childbirth in Jannat because there will be no need for it...A...9J:! -..!1 ~b. and growth of the child [to the age of 33] will be take place instantly. (1. II 85 (Tirmidhl) 0(' (Tirmidhl.P Jii J -J ~\ <I.lJ\ ~ ~ UA4 y\~ -J~\ J 6L:ill ~-..P JJI UA ..>:'J ~ ~ -..A.-J JIJ ~l~) by. Mujfthid.41"-.l..·' j r .9 ~ .. ..:.ikl -.S~ l.b..l\ 01-..

Ill LJA •..iJ\) ~-'"'>.""....U'··· o.)'\ ~ JIJi ofl (93 II" X7 (Ibn Abl Shaybah.l:: -J JIJi 3 cs-i1y..l.hl u-"' J:j I:..\ • ~ Jll2 ~ ~ .Y 'WI - -JIj ) ')74(/ ~ - (.::>.lAl~ lP lJ (f...~ ~\yh11 013-J jul 0-!\ JIJi j (294 / 5 : ~I) ~\ J~-J w. W 'i Ij ~ .l UIJ§.lA..>. Trey say to him.3 ~ 0-" ~Iy.. ~ JWll.s\ -J . ~.J..J.(j]\ ~ 4.l. Each woman will have a pair of clothes in her hand which will be better than the world and all it contains.l.\ \~ ~\ J~I 0:/j ~ -J <UA~l J~I I-J~ ':/ -J 0i[j )~\ ~I ~ 9 .' The first drop which is spilled 01 the fighter's blood wipes out all his previous sins.. .<:l :w> ~ II / ..u.' He says to them.i 0.4 The hurs eagerness to meet their martyred husbands ~ ':/ : Jll2 ~ ~I Jy.i yl> ~Ls o~-Jj 0-J~ ~ ~II'.I:!J:! 0LS -J 0·1..-J . Another interpretation is that the tenderness and compassion of the hurs for their husbands will be like that of the mother-camel who .-. The hurs beautify themselves and watch the battle..-J Y : Jll2 ~ ~I ~I ..9 ~Y' ~ (.ll J-' u..:i.~ Mujahid narrates that Yazid bin Shajarah .:i 4) -J JJ-..... i.u ~.JA.>' r. "Before the ground can dry from the blood of the martyr.uJ~ 19~Y' 01j)1 .::w) (U3Y-! AbCI Hurayrah narrates that someone mentioned the martyrs by RasUlullfth and he said..Q.I\-J Jll o~ -..lLA j..::>. When a person heads towards the enemy. they conceal themselves from him and make dua' to !\ IIflh to forgive him and to destroy the enemy..l..\1) ~-J 0. don't disgrace us..1o t?-J~I oJ-J3\ - 0-!1 j ~ .4 $> o~ U:./1 t -J l.. II 0\ 'J ..\ ~-J 0\ ~ u-JI lP .bl\ 01j-J 3 C~ (743/ 2: &~'.l1 0~-Jj J.=... his two wives rush to him as if they are a breast-feeding camel who has found her lost child in an empty and barren land..c..lnllil'cd for you..?-'i 0-!1 0\3-J ju \ ~ -J ~4-0J._11 (j-"WI ~ ~ ~ -J -JW1 yl3:1 \jl..a.lQ\ l# LA 322/ 2: ~ j 4.4 ~ 0-!1 JIJi 3 ( lY-=. (j.Y-" 1\ .u.c 0\3-J <2lJis:.::>.. 'May our parents be sacrificed for YOII. His two wives from the hurs come down to him and wipe the dill from his face./I. .jl1. "May also be . they make dua' (invocation) to Allah to help him. ~ ~'. .ll'li fil'l'd for you.9\\~ JU -J d.u jSj : JU $> 0-.11 .0J.~)\.l. the doors of Jannat opened and the doors of hellfire are locked.::w)~ w..JI yl3:\ o~ U: ..one of those people whos~ actions agree with their speech delivered a khutbah (sermon) and said..4 j:J1) "lJ-C" ~ ua}il t:l.J..:u ~ ~ WI ~ jul ~-J ~I ~ ~yl ~i \j~ ~I-J J.. \~ue .r.>.l:!J:! lP '..)1 3 jl1..i J~-J ju\ ~-J jl1..J.••• ~9 \.58 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 59 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T lP yl~1 0~ ~I J~l i..IY to the fighters.~ JS ~ <\.I:! ~ -J ua}JI i.i (517 : ~\) 1j~Y' ~ Jl1.J\ t-Jl...u~ J~ -J i.-!-9. 'May we be c..b...1~1 01~ ~ ~ 0':/jiJ -J ~-J ju\ ~-J ~-J ~\ LS-J~\ ~4.?-'i 0-!\ 01j-J jul ~ -J ~4-0J.l.\-...88 JlJij I ~) l.\.l\ jj! -J o~1 ~I -J ~\ ~ lS~ I'.protects it from the sun in a barren there is no shade. l~t.I. .bl1 0\3-J - LUj Ul~ d.l-J JS ..S'.-.4 I Ag \~~ ~I-J-J ~ -J ~1 J ~jjl i..u.i.J:u.l ~ i.4 J-Jl 0~ ~I " \ ~c..). When a person runs away from the enemy...\ )\.u..• \ :-..• ) ~:u.~ 1~ 1..2 .J..l-Jkl lP 3:1 i.l o. •• ~ill ui -7.jQ.l1 <yWI .0JI Jy..out of her love for her child ..r... Ibn Majah) xx (Tahrani) :" II .) : .r JU ~ ul '~3j U.\:ju ul 0lj ~ JLA':/ ~-Joll ~ ~yl 0W ...J\. land in which A Shahid will enjoy his wife in his grave JlJij (321 /2 : ~j.ly.<j..u.jJI 0-R--Jl~lj. "X7 This is an example to show that the love and excitement of the hurs for their martyred husbands will be like that of a breast-Jeeding camel who has found her baby camel. "When the people are arranged in rows for Salah and when they are arranged in ranks for combat. The hurs S.u ~I ~I ~ •.~I\oulj u-"" (~ ~ (.~ ~~ ..ly.l\ <yW\ (j"L::uJ\ t -J L.:l.':/~ u.~\ ..lc •..l. J ~ ~ lJ -J JU 'LS -J ~I y\3:\ -J •.

y::.• ~ I.J\ J~ ) ~\ ~40.! <l:~\ ~ ~U . ... " Indeed Allah has brightened your face.. and then he turned away. . I c1on't have any wealth." The bedouin then fought the enemy in the battle and was killed...60 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T 61 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Anas narrates that a black man came to Rasulullah and said.a\y::. "0 Messenger of Allah.! lill L)-"WI 0:>\ ~ -3 J '.2~ ..J tA tAl JI1e ~ ~y::.Iill\ J-.e Y t?.a.J~\ ()4 ~\.j (767/2: Jly:..h..'.) 01)..>Po." He then asked.l1 <Lo.U i1~~. ()4 ~ JI1e ~jill 0~~J.:0~. "In Janna1.l11· .::. The Prophet came to him and said.. "Definitely I saw his wife from the hurs take off his wool cloak and come between him and his cloak.y::.J t.. made a good smell emerge from your body... and I turned away because his wife from the hurs is by him now.) 1~. We said.?. and has increased said to him or to someone your wc(l!th.9-'-"..l.. The Prophet was informed about him and came to him.J~. He sat by his head smiling happily.\..9-'-"..l\ t.J l ofiH -J-i~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ u-J oUl o~ ~ L9.J~ - 4. and joined RasUlullah and his Companions. "Are they acquiring wealth?" Someone told him.j ()4 ~Jj lill <Lo. tied a rope to its leg. Rasulullah thereafter said.) - 4. "Allow the person from Najd to come closer to me.l\ lil\ <Lo.h.. because .J~l oj\." So he fought until he was killed.\ ~~ j4 u+U\ 0\ ~ y&- 6:\ CP .! <l:~\ ~ ~ ~ i...?.M.l\.90 I~.".J.~l ~.' \~ ~~\.I~~<l:~\ ~ ~ ill\ J-.l\.l.l tAl ~ ~ J ill \ ~ ~J.J I1e J 0~ 4i. The bedouin lifted the side of the tent and said..J~~ J~ JI i. "Who are these people?" Someone told him.) J~ ) ( 273 / 2 : ~ fll) ~ ~l:!-".' 0~~J..llI~ L9~\ .9-'-".. "RasUluliah and his Companions are on their way to a ~9 (Hakim) 'II} (Baylwqil .\ ~ ~ 0\.he is from the kings of Janna1.J ~lfi ()4 ~I.'.ft\y::..j ~ly::..." He said.9-'-". He tried to bring his camel close to Rasulullah but the Companions prevented him. and then you turned away. I am a black man with bad body odour and an ugly face.::.J ill\ J-.) o."n~ ~ .til l am killed.)il..J ~ 0\1\ ~l .) ~jil\ u:c.\ ~ ...)'JJJ~ ~\ i.- (520 : ~\) ~ o.JS...:\\ cll~ llIJ3' ~ • .) ~ Ibn Umar narrates that RasUlullah and his Companions once passed by a bedouin's tent on their way to a battle.u ~l ~ ~\ r:.JLu.· . We saw you smiling happily. "0 Messenger of Allah.ll 0~ o.." The Prophet else...by the oath of Allah .J~ ~ <iJ ~ I. where will I be? RasUlullflh said.. If I fight against these people U' .::.. "I was happy because of the great honour of his soul to Allah ~..J ~ Y ~ u:c.....1~ ~ \.»: ~ ~ ~Wi. They are acquiring booty and afterwards it is distributed among them.i11 i'ftll ~ fi: ~ battle.. ~ ~l Jill ~LpJI ()4 ~\. "Yes... " He immediately went to his young camel.wU..)L::u.h.....89 ~!Iiill\ J-.

.. . One hadlth in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim mentions that a person will do the actions of the people of .?-J~l ~ .~.J.. Therefore.b~ ~-J u~ ~ II .1:.B~ d Y -.J OJ:!Y ~1l.J ~ narrates from .=..J : JIj ~ JIj l.=. "1 make "How do you make dua' tashahhud and 1 say.-J -...j1ilI) (. ~~ S I I ~y it.. I.b.. ~ :""1 cl1t.J Allah.(. .ll J~ -J ( 450/ ~ -J AlII ~-J 6:1 J~ -J 673: ~I) (184: ~ 6:'J ~\~) I AbG Hurayrah narrates that RasGluWih said. u+U1 J\l cl...J-.J1 JL9 .ll. S says..l4....J. so enter him into Jannat."..0.i.JC 1.J\ .Ju... ' .B~ The importance of worldng towards Jannat No one from amongst LIS has a guarantee that he will reach . -J. "When a person seeks refuge from Hell seven times.&14..iJ1 Jt.0JL9 . it is necessary for every believer to constantly work to in order to die with iman..?. Your slave so-and-so asked for me. Your slave so-ancI-so sought refuge from me.. I )...b~ ~ o.' When a person asks for Jannat seven times.u-..93 I Allah ~ al~ says..l ' "'I yb. 1 ask you for Jannat and 1 seek refuge from Hell..S " ...&I 4.Iannat. Hell says to Allah..9 u)l9 c.. J ~ ~"1.1 .J\jjl 0 We should try to learn this simple dua' and use it to ask for J annat.lw(l(l) "I (X\:.. 3 17/ I : ~~yl ~ ~4.?"iyJl wi yJl •. Jannat says to Allah..J'-.1 -'I ~ .>-!I .=.JCJ! ~ L~..)1 "And for this let all those strive who want to strive.k~ ~ .? ~ y..J\jjl C:Lu> Y ~I ujlj ':1) i y w ...::l u-:l cp & U~llliJl cill~~ j i ~ ~"lJ\l ~. '0 my Lord.Iannat until he is only a hand-span away from .. what is written for him will overtake him and he will cIa the actions of the people of Hell until he enters into hell.w:ll ~ J .l.§ .i.F C:Lu> -.::. '0 my Lord.."" • .9:11 ujlj ':1 wi y ~l ~ JL ':1 J -. 1111.) y:>-=>-l..) (. but no believer has a guarantee that he will leave this world in a state of iman. Dhakwan one Sahabi that I I ..I III Rasulullah in salah?" ~~ asked a person. )._----~~===~===========~=~====~ l Ii 'II II . : ~ iiJ\ Jy.Y-! ~yJl ).Iannat.u.lI J~ -J ~ ~I) wo ol-J-J .j9 -J ~ "I CP u1fij ~l.J (u. Then. '0 'I' (/\hlll).. He said.J '-lJ.J..! ( 11l.62 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 63 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T Chapter 15: How to reach Jannat The importance of praying for Jannat 0-<>~ ~ 01 )~I l.)1. j'.Y-! .183 : Abu Salih L~) utli 4..l-..i.-J -.l..3 u)l9 c.J1 : J\l it..J.92 with you )~I L. . ~I cr..J:!-! LJ\. please Allah Allah I 1 1[11 4: ~ ~ ~ -J (.()) 1 I t 91 (AbO Ya'Hi) "". It is true that Allah has guaranteed to eventually enter into Jannat anyone who recites the Kalimah with sincerity.J ( u.9 ~L ( ~l. . so give him refuge.0 J-!I01.9l.~I 4..'" 91 I II.~I 65: )Sj'1\) ~ ul:.)"&1 4.. There will be more blessing in this dua because it narrated from a Sahabi who recited in front of Rasulullah I ~-JliA.l~! AlII o·J~J AlII ~-J ~~. .

.oc\ ~J'J\-5 w~\ THE ~'IAIDENS OF JANNA T 65 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT ~y ~ ~ '''~': -5~J . and the Qurflll. He went on a journey with his friend to Makkah. "() my brother. he would fast.10) (Hildiyul Arwilh 436) 'II (II) . 11S Allah wealth Jannat wealth. When they would cat. Where the building finished. "In my dream.h 'I" ( l): 04(3:133) 05 II I) . I saw a·palace from Jannat. '. ~ _AI <Uk.J-U-":: -3 U~ '.JI ~ "And Jannat will be the place of residence for that person who fears standing in front of his Lord and restrains himselffroin evil desires and lust.'. and with and will Fulfilling one's desires in Jannat can be achieved only hy controlling one's desires in this world Allah ~\ says..' -3 oljjjJ\ U.. and for a Jannat prepared for the pious..w. ~ ".I TI' [transactIon 'J' IS t he true success. why are you doing this?" He answered.. They fight in the path of Allah. I am working towards the pleasure of Allah to reach her and this is why you see me fasting and performing Salah. comp Ietee.:. so they kill the enemy or are killed.. U.' \-3~1.95 "Definitely. ~\ \':liJ . ~-31 I J+.9 ~l ~l "And hasten towards forgiveness from Your Lord. he said to him. .)11 -3 ~'.u ' ' \':::.." Ibn Abi Dunya narrates from Sulayman Ad-Darani that there was a youngster living in Iraq who used to worship Allah in abundance.-3 U. She said.11 0-<> oyu~) 1y.Y-' . Then.11 ~ \. as wide as the heavens 94 and the earth.9I.S~ :'\ ~I . 01. deserve has made Jannat the price for the lives or the believers. Who can be more true to his promise than' Allah? Be happy with the transaction which you have ..lJA-3 I.J r~ Wb. .64 w.4 ~ 'd\\' UA I.. Allah has purchased the lives and wealth or the believers for the price of Jannat. Please tell me. and he would perform Salah when they would rest." 97 Price of Jannat Allah ~ says.S~I uc ~l ~ -3~. She was wearing silver clothes which moved when she moved.. ~JA 'G _All \ -3 ~ "1 ~y.... 'Work towards the pleasure of Allah to reach me. there was a balcony made of ruby and a balcony made of emerald. '\ I. Allah has made this promise with truth in the Torah.S).' By Allah. Between these two balconies was a hur standing with her hair loose.)_uJ-5 j~\ ~ ~j -3 ~ ~~ <Jill ~'..k. \'::: . Gospel. His friend put up with him until the journey ended and they were about to go their separate ways.96 ..\. lJA o~ lJA -3 01. i. AlIilh ~ is the buyer as His price and we are the sellers of our lives When we spend both in the path of Allah. we this price.' U. There was a brick of gold and a brick of silver.e.

the chaste person strived against his desires for the sake of Alliih ~. I will guarantee him Jannat.g ~.A11 ~ -JJ ~ 01SJ - l..>:-:Yl ~-J ($.Hlir Mn Darul Ma'rifah Beirut) .ll "' o~ J ~ ~ J (~J~ 187 : ~I WlA-J-: . Although this love could occur because of looking and hearing.. remains chaste. ... The person who remains chaste despite being afflicted by this severe love and thereafter dies will receive the reward of a shahid in the hereafter.:&\ ~..11 C.'~JI fij o~l ~-J ~\~l 4.0 •. conceals this [from others]. -Jw.l1 JI ~l ~ AlII ~-J ($..).: ~Jjjl ~-J "'.. \ ..Ai. .. J ~I "".:&\ ~\ J~J .. \ .•. "He who guaranlccs me that he will protect his tongue and private parts (by protecting them from evil and fulfilling his desires lawfully)...\kl4--a DC -Jl. ~l «($." Munawi explains that the love mentioned in the above hadith refers to a love with a woman with whom marriage is possible and it is such a severe love which affects all the body parts.0 ~l..:US ~ ~JA ~ ~LS Jt1e~I ~WJ\ 6A~~wLSwl ~\j-Jyl ~~I ~ 6A ~~J11111 6A J~~ J~ ~ ~ ~ The need for struggling and undergoing difficulty in order to reach Jannat . The great reward for controlling one's sexual desires in this world lJ.A y:iS..:G.31 ~l ~WI J\j J ofij:UI ~ ~l-~-J :~\ ~ (7130) J~J JIj :JIj.••....JII J\j . J ~ ~ .. -3 w\~~ ) ..:& \ JJ-Ul) JIj : JIj ..\ \ 66 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT 67 THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T L»• '.:G..••..k. ~ -3 ~ ~ U:H UC ~ \ I.c.lb.JI ..Jj 0-J~I ~ ~I ($..~ ~ ~~ ~W ~ 0 IJ-J ~ ~ lc ~ JA .I-J..JG.0JlS.<l : ..99 The youth especially should strive to remain chaste in order to gain this virtue..:&\ ~J ~\ UC LIb..98 lbn Abbas narrates that RasnIullah said. The rank of a person who remains chaste is similar to the rank of a person who dies fighting in the path of Allah ~ because hath have sacrificed their pleasure for the sake of AWih Just as a fighter sacrificed his life for the uplifment of [he religion of AWih.J~ 98 (Sahih Bukhari) ..i: C.c.lI ~~ ~Wl J JL.u..\ I ~ 6A ~. 4J' ~ JIj: JIj~ 4.. J..i.agbjj ~ Y.:& ~ J l.0 0A ~1~1 ~t¥1 ~ ~l ~J.i"l4c ~\ UC ~ -..-J~I Sahl bin Sa'd narrates that RasfIlullah said.:J\ LIb.~. "The person who falls in love.WI' ~~ '. '".?' DC .:&\ J 4. ~) t:.HIofij ~Wl "' ~l J~~ )J ~J..• (1':lydlllil (). (6474) ($. and dies is a shahid.H AlII [~~l ~I ~-J ~yt. this is not necessary because AlHih ~ can place this love in a person's heart without any apparent cause.' A).JA: ~. : rL -3 ~ ' (6487) '-:?J~\/ ~ ~ .

Iihr:liI .1\.l4.1:11111:111 \\. stand in salah. III 1:111..LJ c) ~\.llf'.J~ .11111111111 hy difficulties. J\l Ahn (320 AbG I-lurayrah Allah Jibrail ~ created that RasGlulHlh and Jahannam 'See what "When He sent prepared Jannat (hellfire)..jJ o..II ~.3 .:. and d ilTicul1 y.F uJ ·\_. wI . ~ ~ ~ JC ~ .J-Ul. every person who Iwars :i11lI111.J .&\ J ".u. ..u. Tirmidhi) ..~\ 0)\ J Hurayrah ~ :a J (633/4 : . it is 'cry easy to follow one's desires and reach the A smart person will undergo the temporary hellfire...!y ~1l.J J\lJ 4.llIllat now.3 4::J) pI Jw J1~ J.h ~ and said.JS.111 '--jj\~ ~: ':11 ~ . This requires him to go against his desin?.JJ19 : J~ 0J:!Y> ~\ l. ~ ~jj\ ~..i.I~~..1' I.returned .11. .J4-1\ ~) ~ ($.ll '1'111<: MAIDENS OF JANNAT (':111Wand saw what AlHlh desires been covered with difficulties.J\.. C?'YI I~•..) ..11 fll 1.J\. A person has to worship Allah ~.. Jibrail of Your returned honour.1 Jj. fear than 1111 IIII\' \\'i1II'1I11'1 111111 .111.ll\ .ll\ ~) ~j\ J19 ~ \j~ ~ 4k'1'&\ ~l L. 11111:1"1101111'. He saw 111. By the oath I fear to hI 4h~ 1 •• 111.:.. III\' (lalh of Your honour.J! ~I ($.3 JG.1111.lll ..P 4k '1 ~ w. difficulties of this world in order to gain the eternal pleasures or the hereafter..toUI came to Jahannam and I for saw .I .J :l) hI ~ ~ ':1 y\j .C?'J"~..J ~ . ..1:11111.~ ..1:.3 1.I c:lli.J J J (190 : ~ ($.. ~ prepared for the illll.J . cat only that which Allah ~ has allowed.1..1111 said.\1 . i.' IIIH:11I .11111. I.:?~jll\) ( 308/ 4: ~-J~\) that RasUlullah ~ said.' Allah ~ commanded :lIld ..'.Jl ~I nalTates ~\ 4.1.!annat. and many other obligations. has 69 for its inhabitants. (II' .1111 were riding on each other. ... and strive to please Allah ~.3 Jw ..:t.111 ILld prepared for its inhabitants.:.\\.J~ I L.YI.11 SllITOLlIlded by hardships II':I~.'1 \'lllW will ent~r into Jahannam""lOO ..J \5.:.J .l\ JC .ll." (Bukhari.IIIHaj I 8':5!l1 to go to J annat once and saw that now :lgaill :llId It) 1'\:1111111\'II lit.lA->U1) 6:'i ~\ ~ 4.. II cs-'.l. :·Il..' Allah then said to I have prepared 111111.Jl.ill c:lli. .i1\II:IIII~.9 ..'.&\ 0h LJ:~ ..~) j 4::J)p19 4::J) C?') ':1 u ~ " .u. On the other hand. \j~ C?'~ J19 ~ 4k '1 w.11111:1111 see what ' :lIld II'. '--.I:lIlllal will enter it.11111.l..9 . ~y \j 4.'II\.c .68 Anas "Hellfire bin Malik has been narrates covered THE MAIDENS OF JANNA T that with RasUlulHlh and Sahih Jannat Muslim) said. Iii I 1'llfl'IIII)' II. of the night to Jannat and said.\\ I!:::?.. .&\ ~ ~j.J ~ 6:1 J\l J . ..1 01J. 1..S . '.J ':1) hI ~ ~ ':1 c:lliy:.ili\J. I. JG. Illid .. The road to Jannat is filled with difficulties.u.J~ I L. "-w ' J19o)..11..q ~ 4h.?' w.1:-..\11. :....3 Jw I!:::?. "He O\J.A. A II:III\\I~.&\ J~J JIj: JIj ~ o. spend from his wealth..>.3 ~\ . and said.. \ ~ .J ~ 6:\ ~W\ said..q U JC. ~) .111. ' Itv III\' (lalll of Your honour.A) ~ O.LJ\ ~ ~jl u-a. He returned to Alla.11 .\111'1I1111"'d hy desires.. ~ ..<.J~\ L. JIl ~W\ narrates . I have 11111 (Ahmad. ~) .q 0 ~.:...4h.lA->u\ (692/ 4: / 6 : ($.1".' hI I . it'd He returned to /\11.'I \' pnson who hears about Jahannam will commanded and Jahannam .J". who fears will travel during the first portion alld he who travels during the first portion of the night.3 ~) p19 .' .~)..~jll\ o\J-J ...A.lS J:! I".• 1. :11111 .&1 ~l L..' Allah "d'.3~) ~ "-~ ~ 4k'1 ':1c:lli.111 :Illd '.'1 ~ . "By the oath of Your Iii II Ii 1111 I \ . (. He 1IIIIIIll'd III :\llall. .lI.:1111.A.

w -.Hill' .l:Jl ~I ~t.~. long rivers.rul u! 6~ 6:1o. .J-3j ~.aid..::J\ ." \ I III"v.W.i.70 THE MAIDENS OF JANNAT Listen.. '\/11\' '''/ilt 114. confined to his limited and deficient knowledge.IIIIr11l1rooms.~I..1Iwill he in] an eternal place where there will Ill' 11. ~ 1'/l'iI\lIII' III tillS world and grant us a death with fman.IVIII III\' IlI\'\'/.. \\ .111 king has his own understanding of beauty WillI" I:.. lxpensive.\ 1111/1\ I Ilk I ill 11\' Wlilt . then how much more sacrifice should be made for the permanent life of Jannat? The purpose of hearing about Jannat is to turn one's attention to the hereafter Ka'bah.ftl ~! ~¥ u! ~lll Jl. I 1. and many clothes.f/f.c.lI"(ls Jannat. J~ ..JI~~I ~~ ~I 6: 6~ ~~l .(II!wd the women of Jannat as beautiful.... I take the oath of the Lord of the :I.II.' (Ihn MfLjah) .1 ~ . \.l. brightness.. Allah's merchandise is Jannat. "fin/11I1's.~ .s.lid.'\11...illt' how beautiful these women must be! 1~. the real \01'11'111\\ I'. he undertakes difficulty and hardship to secure and protect it.:." RasGlullah 111\'11 ~.III Jannat. Jannat is a lighf WillI II ~. "Listen..# 3. III\' 1I111'Iliionto make the herafter the P'"I"I'.--.' ~ >'~ 1t/'II'III(a 'mill ..102 WI\III' It I'.J W 1..{ul ~. . in his infinite knowledge and wisdomhas dC'.' ..IIIIIl·S. If people are willing to sacrifice years of effort. III \\1111.) r. <.. time. and money for a good life in this temporary world. the traveler on the journey of the hereafter should sacrifice his desires and comforts in fulfilling the commands of Allah ~.\1\'.J3 ~I JY-"-.ii'" Ill..j. Therefore. lofty mansions. so we can 1I11:1!'..i-.• -.IIII1I1(\h said.fJ4 g1't1111 liS the ability to strive for His ul9 ~ >'~ ~ ~-3j '11 : ~ 3~ .'.'~a\ /111.'+' yJlj'.J3~ <l.. there are fragrant plants which .. said. His pleasure and the sight of His -3 ~.Illw.L '1 ~l9 ~ -3 j~ ~J ~ uc 4." (Sahih Bukhilri) 101 (Tirmidhl) 10..J : JIj ~ ~LI JIj \r~ .1111)111\':. is for J annat? [Y ou should all .d. The most valuable object of a person is Jannat and pleasure of AlHih ~ in the hereafter. The scarf on her head is better than the world and all it l"lIlIlains.l1f'~ yJ~.' 4.LiIllT towards the earth.4 I$.d('.\ 111111I..S ~..mls Jannat. :.111 will do sol if Allah wills. . . [He will alld live illlhi).) I$. "If one woman of Jannat were to !'.P--l \ .# Jh -3 ~ .I. IThe d\Vl'lkl 1)1 LrIIlI. guide the Muslim youth to 1I111//'I'!III1t! (I/(' reality of this world and the reality of the /1/'111. she would fill the space !wIween the earth and the sky with light and perfume.) J 4...ihJ .: grallt ellery Muslim the highest level of IIIIIII/If. \."1.~~I J\l J '4-Lo 6:1 olJ.i1dl' In learn about Jannat. All the readers "III!ldd . Allah's merchandise '[he meaning of this hadjth is that when a person has fear over losing something.y4j '1 U. "WI' will \\1111"10w..JSj J J~ ~Ut.iA ~ j~! 1 ~ J\l J ~1J:jj~~1 J~.~'JI (359/2 : ~~jll ~~) ~L: Usamah narrates that RasUlullilh there anyone preparing prepare for Jannat] because no one can imagine what Jannat will be like.. U3~ . May Allah iff grant us the greatest /lolIlI(ln 0/ Jilllllllt.. kalilifllI wives.Jlj JY-" ~. ".e."lOl is 71 '1'111<M A mENS OF JANNA T will reach his destination.. ahllildilllllqll' 111111.'. dlI\IIW.Wdh .~ ~l ~\." The Companions ..1: . -.\/\.

especially those relating to the gorgeous. some of the rewards of the Hereafter. there is little that can control the desires of man.the hurs . the youth will feel a renewed vigour to fight the carnal desires and strive for the pleasure of Allah ~ by doing righteous deeds. especially the desires of the youth.72 THL MAIDENS OF JANNA'!' If just the scarf on the head of one woman of Jannat is better than the world and all it contains. . celestial.of Jannat. have been set out in a clear and concise manner. wideeyed beauties . Furthermore. then how valuable is the woman herself? It becomes easier to sacrifice the desires in view of these great rewards of the Hereafter. In this book. and ponder over its contents. and hence this book fulfills this requirement in a captivating way. I would recommend every youngster to acquire a copy of this book. the beauty of the women of this world will appear pale and insignificant before the beauty of those stunning damsels of fannal. to read it. Besides the promise of these eternal rewards of the Hereafter. By reading and pondering about the bounties of Jannat and its beautiful virgins. There is not much authentic literature on this specific topic.

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