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Upg46c Sr2 Unix

Upg46c Sr2 Unix

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Published by: Syed Ahmed on May 25, 2011
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This section tells you how to complete and check the upgrade. We recommend completing the
actions in the order given.

You can use the System Administration Assistant to help you with the post-
upgrade activities. The System Administration Assistant is a program in the SAP
System that, among other things, lists the post-upgrade activities for each
platform. For certain actions, it only displays documentation. Depending on the
actions, you can start transactions directly from the System Administration
You start the System Administration Assistant by executing Transaction SSAA.

You can get more information online in the system. The prerequisite for this is that you have the
current online documentation installed. Then in the initial screen of the System Administration
Assistant choose System Administration Assistant → Display. In the following screen, click the
help button (? icon) for help on the System Administration Assistant.


You have reached at least the PRODCHK_ phase of the upgrade.

Process Flow

You must perform some of the actions before you start operating the system productively again
[Page 138], such as executing the script saproot.sh. Some actions can wait until you have
started operating the system productively [Page 152], or until the next upgrade, such as
subsequent processing of table clusters (for Source Releases 3.0x and 3.1x).

Upgrading to 4.6C Support Release 2: UNIX



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