1A Robert Frost is one of the most celebrated poets of America.

He has appealed to readers
worldwide with his impulsive utterances, clarity of diction, lyricism and the significance he imparted to man. Lyric poetry is usually a short poem expressing personal thoughts and feelings. It is meditative and is spoken by a single speaker about his feelings for a person, object, event or idea. The essential

feature of a lyric is its musicality, and a lyric achieves its musical effects by traditional techniques of meter, rhyme, and stanzaic patterns. Frost not only extended the subject-matter of lyric-poetry but also brought extraordinary sophistication and originality to it. Frost's poems
exhibit a realistic approach-a conglomeration of the metaphysical and the symbolic. Poems like "Mending Wall" and "Birches" exemplify that a poem must begin in delight and end in wisdom.


CONCL Stylistically Frost¶s poems are excellent. The birch trees are transformed to girls on hands
and knees rendering the imagery coherent and convincing. The stanzas are in blank verse; and are concise and precise for the situation. As Mr.Bower asserts the voice has an upward and downward movement re-enacting the movement of thought. The verses move as the birches do in perfect synchronization. The temperament of the two poems differ: while "Birches" hinges on Frost's philosophy, "Mending Wall" is a subtle criticism of a social and psychological barrier. His statements are proverbial, anti-thetical and thought-provoking. The influence of his being a poet and a teacher are prevalent in the poems as they aesthetic, and also aim for moral upliftment.His purpose is only to make the natural seem more natural with a unique insight.

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