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Presentations, Speeches + Speaking in Public

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How often do you have to speak in public? Have you ever given a speech or presentation in English? What problems did you have? In your opinion, what makes a good and bad public speaker? What are some of the ingredients of a good speech or presentation? How nervous do you feel before giving a speech or presentation? Do you do anything to help you overcome your nerves? Are you good at hiding your nerves or it is obvious that you are feeling nervous? Where do you normally look while you are speaking? Do you use notes while you are speaking? What type of notes? Is it a good idea to improvise when giving a speech or presentation? Is it a good idea to use humour or include anecdotes in a speech or presentation? Are you for or against the use of Powerpoint in presentations? Give your opinion both as speaker and listener? Have you ever had equipment (e.g. microphone, feedback etc) or technological problems while giving a speech or presentation? Do you always offer people in the audience an opportunity to ask questions at the end? Do you like this part of your speech / presentation? Is it possible to predict possible questions beforehand? Is it possible to learn public-speaking or are some people born with the skill? Do you always rehearse your speech or presentation? How? Is it possible to tell whether you are boring your audience or engaging their interest? Do you make gestures when you are speaking public? Is this a good idea? When you give a speech or presentation do you prefer to stand or sit? How important is it to judge correctly the length of your speech or presentation? What should you do, if somebody interrupts you while you are speaking? What is a ghost writer? Has anyone ever helped you to write a speech or presentation?

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