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Sc cu cls I-VIII „Constantin Serban” Alesd

Teacher’s name: Lazar Andreia


Date: 19th of May, 2011

Title: Street children
Communicative aims: Talking about different life conditions
Skills covered: Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening
Grammar: adjectives, verbs
Vocabulary: homeless, embarrassed, blister, Paradise, to whistle, to seem, twice
Class: 7C
Age: 13
Teaching materials: a picture of a street boy, cassette player

Timing Procedure Modes of

1min Informing the Ss about the aims of the lesson T→ Ss
3 min Ask the children to speak about themselves: What are you? How T→ Ss
old are you? Where do you live? Do you eat enough? Do you sleep Ss→ T
in warm and clean beds? So, do you live a happy life?
2 min Tell the Ss to look at the picture of a street boy. Ask them T→ Ss
if they think he is happy. What is he doing? Why? Ss →T
2 min Pair work: Imagine you are Eduardo. What are your thoughts? T→ Ss
Write them in your notebook. S→ S
10 min Write the sentences on the blackboard in the reported speech. Ss → T
Eduardo thought/said to himself that he was very poor.
10 min Inform the Ss that they are going to get a song text about a poor T → Ss
woman. First they have to fill in some words and then they will S→ S
check listening. Pair work.
5 min Explain the new words: blister, sole, whistle, embarrassed, T→ Ss
5 min Find some action words related to the word STREET T → Ss
Ss→ T
7 min Ss have to answer some questions about the text of the song: How T → Ss
does the woman feel? What about the man? What is your attitude? S →T
1 min Homework: Make a comparison between you and the children of T→ Ss
the street.
She calls ou
‘Sir, can yo
It’s cold an
There’s som