MahaPurusha Yoga Bhanga An Attempt

By Subramanium Shastry, India
“Every astrologer I meet says that I have got Malavya yoga in my chart. I have read about the great effects of exalted Venus in a Kendra from Ascendant. Is this the Malavya yoga? But, sorry man, it didn’t work in my chart.” The above statement was by the native of Chart 1, put to the scribe. The native is an official working in the Department of Revenue, GOI. Out of curiosity, the birth details were asked and promptly noted down. The birth details of the chart 1 are December 4, 1964, Bhopal.

Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas are the combinations that produce 5 kinds of great people. They are namely, Hamsa, Ruchaka, Bhadra, Malavya and Sasa. The classical definition of Malavya yoga, one of the Pancha Mahapurusha yogas is “placement of Venus in own or exalted house identical to a Kendra from Lagna or Moon”. Accordingly, Hamsa, Ruchaka, Bhadra and Sasa yogas are formed by such placement of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Saturn respectively.


the question of how the Malavya yoga became defunct was remained unanswered till a verse came across during the cursory reading of Chandrakalanadi or Devakeralam. bitter enemy of Venus? Though there was no prediction given to the native. 27 reads as under:‐ ु ु जीवे शिनयते े माळवीयोग़ भवान ्। भृगफलं थ गृहिेण किशतः॥ 1 “Devakeralam” in 3 parts tr. 8. the yoga giving planets give the results in their Mahadashas and Antardashas. Part I. Sh. in younger years of our astrological journey. in ChandrakalaNadi 1 Devakeralam (Vo. the Venus dasa is going normal. Santanam 2 414 . Also. didn’t give any results? Aspected by Jupiter.. The verse referred. it is not rare to have these yogas in one chart.e. most of us ascribe great success to a native to MPY present in the chart but actually that success might be happening due to some other yoga present in the chart. 1 Something important must first be mentioned. in own house. Usually. Page 5 and verse 26) describing Malavya yoga and its results. II. The classical definition of Malavya yoga is satisfied in Chart 1 by the placement of Venus in Lagna as Lagna Lord. Venus dasa is running presently (at the time of writing) from 1988 January to 2008 January: Maha Dasas: Merc: 1964‐01‐24 ‐ 1981‐01‐23/Ket: 1981‐01‐23 ‐ 1988‐01‐24 Ven: 1988‐01‐24 ‐ 2008‐01‐24 According to native. This point must be kept in mind before we venture into testing this proposed theory of MPY cancellation presented in this paper. By Shri R. nothing extraordinary. The next verse i. Why Venus.The verses from some classics defining Maha Purusha yoga are as under:‐ Manasagari: ु ु ै गह तगाय के  सं ैोपग ैवाऽविनसूनमः  े ंु मेणयोगा चका भ हंसा माळ शशािभधानाः॥  svageha tuṁgāśraya kendra saṁsthairuccopagairvā'vanisūnumukhyaiḥ  krameṇayogā rucakākhya bhadrahaṁsākhya māḻavya śaśābhidhānāḥ || Jatakadesha Marga ु े ोेगतः के ैः कुजबधिसतमैः  ै चको भो हंसो माळः शश इित माोगः॥  svoccasvakṣetragataiḥ kendrasthaiḥ kujabudheḍyasitamandaiḥ  rucako bhadro haṁso māḻavyaḥ śaśa iti kramādyogaḥ || Ch.

while giving out the combination. Malavya yoga. due to which. At last.S. 3 415 . mahapurusha yoga generated by Venus is cancelled. The verse was duly noted down and was discussed for much time with our editor over the years. malavya yoga is cancelled” Sri C. only ordinary good results be 2 3 Vide his book “Navamsa and Nadi Astrology” page 76. New Delhi ‘Managasareejataka Paddhathi – Ayanachandrika’ Commentary in Malayalam by Shri M. Mr Patels explanation has been discussed over the years by many & experienced of us knows his explanation does not work in toto on all charts where MPY is present but not working. This gives a clue as to why MPY.Patel was another question. The good results of exalted Venus does not materialize and the native is troubled by the blemish” The same verse is repeated in the Kerala Nadi by Mysore University with the addition of one more condition:‐ ् ु ् ु ु ु जीवे शिनयते े माळवीयोग भवान । शे के तयते चे ुमाळवीयोग भवान॥  jīve  śaniyute  dṛṣṭe  māḻavīyoga  bhaṅgavān    |    śukre  ketuyute  cettu  māḻavīyoga  bhaṅgavān || “If Jupiter is conjoined with or aspected by Saturn and Venus is with Ketu..jīve  śaniyute  dṛṣṭe  māḻavīyoġa  bhaṅgavān    |    bhṛguruccaphalaṁ  vyarthaṁ  gṛhaccidreṇa karśitaḥ || “If Jupiter is conjoined with or aspected by Saturn.Patel . But no hints came up except another verse was given in the 13th Chapter of Manasagari while discussing yogas which is reproduced in Devanagari here:‐ 2 ु ु ु के ोगा यिप भूसताा मााड शीतांशयता भवि।  कुवि नोवपितमापाके  यिते के वल सलािन॥  kendroccagā yadyapi bhūsutādyā mārttāṇḍa śītāṁśuyutā bhavanti |  kurvantinorvīpatimātmapāke yaścantite kevala satphalāni || Manasagari3 Chap.Krishna Pillai. one reason is here for the non‐functionality of Malavya yoga! But applying this rule common to all the MPYs’ as suggested by Shri C. do not give prescribed results in some natives. 13 Verse 9.S.. sometimes. gave the reason as “.Probably. The gist of above verse translated is “The conjunction of yoga‐giving planets with Sun or Moon leads to cancellation of such yogas. the association or aspect of Saturn over Jupiter or conjunction of Ketu with the yoga producing planet stunts the growth of beneficial results. in spite of MPY.C.” This combination is present in Chart 1. Sagar Publications.

And one day. The shloka in Devakeralam was always there in the mind. Planet – Yoga Lord of Exaltation – B Venus – (Pisces) Malavya Jupiter Jupiter– Hamsa Moon Mercury– Bhadra Mars ‐ Ruchaka Saturn – Sasa Mercury Saturn Venus Lord of Yoga for cancellation Neecha sign of B Saturn Ju + Sa or Sa aspects Ju Mars Jupiter Mars Mercury Mo + Ma or Ma aspects Moon Me + Ju or Jupiter aspects Me Sa + Ma or Ma aspects Saturn Ve + Me or Me aspects Ve (Mercury being aspected by Venus is astronomically impossible unless the theory “Aspects in Divisionals” are accepted. waiting to be deciphered. it can be seen that Jupiter is the lord of exaltation sign of Venus while Saturn is the lord of debilitation sign of Jupiter. in younger years of our experience most of us ascribe great success to a native to MPY present in the chart but actually that success might be happening due to some other yoga present in 4 416 . the effects of the yoga‐producing planet stands nullified. OR/AND 2) If the yoga‐producing planet is conjoined with Ketu. the following table was prepared. it was used as an additional confirmation of cancellation. Eg. which will be discussed at a later issue.expected in such planets’ dasas or antardasas”.) This theory was tested in some horoscopes for each yoga‐planet separately. Initially. conjunction of Ketu was not taken but afterwards. The combination was tested in some charts but the result was not so convincing. not the other way round. Note: ‐ The cancellation occurs only if the neecha sign lord is aspecting the uccha sign‐lord. If the above Devakeralam verse be carefully analysed. Something important must first be mentioned.. the effects are nullified. It was inferred from this point that 1) If the lord of exalted sign of a yoga‐producing planet is conjoined or aspected by its neecha‐sign lord. the second condition viz. suddenly the inter‐relation between the three “Venus‐Jupiter‐Saturn” was *flashed* in the mind.. Saturn’s aspect on Jupiter will cancel the Malavya yoga not Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn As per the above point.

the charts are given for each Mahapurusha Yoga (MPY) in which cancellation occurs as per the theory. This point must be kept in mind before we venture into testing this proposed theory of MPY cancellation presented in this paper. in which the for cancellation of Malavya yoga clearly seen and was more visible than any other chart.20. Malavya yoga from Lagna. E. Born 4/12/1964. 23‐16 N condition the effect interesting over Jupiter there is no Bhopal. The point is the planetary conjunction or aspect of Sat is repeating in D‐1. 4. Chart 1: Malavya Yoga The details of chart‐1 are given.the chart. As a starter. 77‐24 5 417 . D‐9 and D‐10 though in D‐9.

Saturn aspects Jupiter by its 3rd aspect. Note the sign where this planet B is debilitated and take the lord of that sign. we can see that the malavya yoga in dasamsa is cancelled by Jupiter in 10th house being aspected by Saturn from 1st house. For astrologers who use yogas in Divisional Charts. was only marriage (7th house) and birth of a baby girl (Jupiter being Putra karaka). Chart 2: Hamsa Yoga Bhanga ‐ A housewife In chart 2. there is Hamsa yoga thanks to Jupiter being exalted in 7th house. working under Department of Revenue. Jupiter dutifully forgot his duty! 6 418 . So. Saturn in this case.This native. the best thing happened in Jupiter dasa which was from Jup MD: 2nd June. take Jupiter. nothing else has happened. Here. Beyond marriage and children. even the characteristics as described for Hamsa Yoga are not exhibited by the native. 2009. of India. As per native’s own version. had not been promoted so far for the last 20 years which in itself is a rare case considering the fact that the native is known for his intelligence. Saturn is in Kumbha and Jupiter is in Aries. Govt. 1993 to 02nd June. Malavya yoga due to Venus’ situation in exalted or own sign identical with Kendra reckoned from Lagna or moon gets cancelled as the Saturn aspects Jupiter by his 3rd aspect in D1 & conjunction in D9 respectively. lord of Pisces as B. Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Then we see that Mars is aspecting Moon satisfying the condition given by our postulation & thereby cancelling (bhanga) the Hamsa Mahapurusha Yoga of Jupiter. now take its exalted Rasi that is Cancer so its Lord Moon becomes B & it’s (moon i. Of course. he was promoted as Manager during the fag end of Mercury Dasa Also. 7 419 . Mercury’s placement in Virgo. probably a subject matter to be dealt with at a later date. the 7th house was not so exciting.e. B) debilitation sign becomes Scorpio who lord becomes Mars. Chart 3 – Bhadra Yoga cancelled. the results are very much convincing. This chart is of a Bank employee who was recently promoted as Manager. just out of curiosity.Here hamsa yoga which is by Jupiter. this principle was extended to Sun and moon and tested in some charts.

S. Mercury and Venus cannot aspect each other in Rasi charts. this is impossible except in divisional charts) English translation by Shri R. But. Vedha should be assessed suitably and only then good and bad effects of planetary transits should be declared.Sun Mars Moon Ma + Moon or Moon aspects Mars (just reverse of Ju ) Moon Venus Mercury Ve + Me or Me aspects Ve (just like in the case of Sa. their conjunction is the only point that can happen in Rasi chart which leads to cancellation of moon’s exaltation. referring to the rules for Saturn. Moon’s exaltation gets cancelled by aspect/conjunction of Venus and Mercury. This could be one of the techniques for cancellation and not the only one. Endnotes:‐ The Chandrakala Naadi verse and Shri Patel’s translation “  . the lord Venus gets debilitated in Virgo. Though it is premature to say that this MPY bhanga yoga works always. “Navamsa and Nadi Astrology” by Shri C. The good results of exalted Venus do not materialize” led to another parallel observation of exalted planets and its results on similar lines. 420 . “Devakeralam – Chandrakalanadi” – Original Sanskrit shlokas with ‐ Sage Narada The planet subjected to Vedha (or obstacle) will not produce even an iota of good effects.. Moon gets exalted in Taurus. Santanam 2. it is seen from the experience that this theory holds water especially with the additional Ketu factor being taken into ‐‐‐ References: 1.Patel Well. The predictions of an astrologer who does not consider the various Vedhas will be false and he will become a laughing stock – Sage Narada. you will find that Saturn gets exalted in Venusian sign Libra and Venus gets debilitated in Mercury’s Virgo. Like that. another Venusian sign. The yoga can get cancelled in divisional charts by aspect/conjunction. So. Hence. It is requested that the theory may be tested in some charts and the feedbacks/suggestions and/or brickbats are most welcome at admin@saptarishisastrology.

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