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Introduction to Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a radio technology that allows devices y within 30 feet to communicate with each other without wires. Even we can communicate with handheld devices & computers without any of the confusing & tangling wires. All the things that can be connected by cable now can be connected without it using Bluetooth technology.

 It makes the devices accessible from behind walls without much difficulty & connecting multiple units.  Its key features are robustness. low power and low cost.  The standard defines a uniform structure for a wide range of devices to communicate with each other. with minimal user effort.  The technology also offers wireless access to LANs. Bluetooth is a much simpler cable replacement than LAN & is a radio block that allows devices to talk to each other. PSTN. low complexity. the mobile phone network and the internet for a host of home appliances and portable handheld interfaces .


ad hoc networks called Pico nets. that is connections among devices in the proximity of the user will have many beneficial uses.  Using piconets each unit can communicate up to 7 other units.Wireless connectivity over Bluetooth.  These piconets are established dynamically and automatically as Bluetooth devices enter and leave the radio proximity.  Bluetooth enabled electronic devices connect and communicate wirelessly via short-range.  The advantages and rapid proliferation of LANs suggest that setting up personal area networks. .

The standard is named after Harald Blaatand "Bluetooth" II.  . The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) was founded by Ericsson.  The group is promoted by companies like Microsoft & more than 1900 companies joined SIG. M. IBM.D. Intel.Bluetoothwas invented in 1994 by L. Nokia and Toshiba in February 1998. king of Denmark 940-981A. to develop an open specification for shortrange wireless connectivity. Ericsson of  Bluetooth History Sweden.

where every device provides its inherent function based on its form. So Bluetooth must offer the facility for collaboration between devices.System Challenges  The most important requirement from the wireless link is that there should be a universal framework that offers means to access information across a diverse set of devices. . in the proximity of one another.  In the practical scenario all devices are not expected to be capable of all functionalities and users too may expect their familiar devices to perform their basic functions in the usual way.

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