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y Nanotech affects all materials. .Why nanotechnology?? y Nanotech has the potential to change our lives.

y Nanotechnology impact.Our goals y With this work we intend to study the wide range of subjects within nanotechnology. y What is nanotechnology and is the world ready to embrace it? . such as: y Applications of nanotech. .

Nanotechnology is y Nanos in Greek means dwarf. y Field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. .

How small is it? y .

History .

y There´s plenty of room at the bottom . y Richard Feynman .

Applications .

Medicine y Nanomedicine y Nanoshells y Nano gels y Drug delivery .

Nano robots y Nanorobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic sscale of a nanometers .

Fighting cancer. y Cancer cells can be killes without the painfull side effects os chemotherapy.. y Scientists are not able to destroy tumors without killing healthy cells at the same time. .

etc ).Space y Shuttles will be much lighter in weight and smaller in size. . y Nano sensors and nano robots(for repairing. y Micro and nano-rovers for planetary exploitation.

y Nano food( protection of food from bacteria and diseases.for astronauts y Better space suits. . preservations of food without the use of refrigerations and such ).

Nanomaterials y Carbon nanotubes .

y Nano robot .

y Nano lens .

mplications y Potential risks of nanotech can broadly be grouped into 3 areas: y Health issues the effects of nanomaterials on human biology. . y Environmental issues effects of nanopaticles on the environment. y Societal issues the effests that the nanotechnology devices will have on politics and human interaction.

Future of nanotech y Eco friendly products y Agricultural productivity y Energy generation y Improved medicine .

. and will provide inspiration and drive for many generations of scientists. y Thus the future generation is going to continue the fantastic voyage with nanotech in anvance level making life easier. .Conclusion y Nanotechnology helps to undesrtande the world around us.

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