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Share your view of Northern Manhattan and win a prize Why photographs? (GHH) is a website that provides health information and resources for residents of Northern Manhattan. It is also a social networking site, which means that GHH is a place where users can post events, blog and share information. We want to feature visual images of health in Northern Manhattan—the people, places and things that affect our wellness. Who we are: GHH is a project of the Harlem Health Promotion Center (HHPC). HHPC is one of 37 Prevention Research Centers funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and affiliated with Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. We are located in the heart of Harlem on 125th Street and have been serving the Northern Manhattan and Metropolitan New York City community since 1990. GHH was launched in 2008 and the Northern Manhattan community has been engaged in all aspects of website development and planning from its look and feel to content and marketing. Theme: What does health in Northern Manhattan mean to you? Description: Through your photographs you can show what it means to be healthy in this community—or the health challenges you face here. Where do you walk, run, jump rope? What gym do you go to? Where do you buy your food or love to eat? Do you love to cook? What kinds of things do you do to keep your spirit and mind at peace? How do you get social support to stay healthy or to take care of you when you have a problem? How do you keep yourself healthy overall? You can also provide photographs showing what these topics mean to someone you care about. Deadline for photograph submission: Friday, June 3, 2011 Email photographs to: How to Enter 1. Who is eligible and what does it cost? i. The contest is open to everyone over 18 years of age ii. There is no fee required for photo submission 2. What you need to fill out: i. One Contestant Contact Information form per Contestant, see page 5 ii. A Photograph Description form for each photograph submitted, see page 6 iii. If photographs include discernable individual(s), Contestants are responsible for having a consent form signed by the individual(s) photographed, see page 7 3. Limits i. Each Contestant may submit a total of ten photographs


ii. iii. iv.


No more than ten photographs will be included in the judging process from each Contestant should a Contestant submit more than ten photographs Winners of the contest may be required to show identification of being the Contestant who submitted the photograph (GHH) and the Harlem Health Promotion Center (HHPC) are not responsible for lost, late, damaged, or corrupted, or misdirected submissions All photograph submissions with the exception of the winners and honorable mentions will be discarded

Photograph Guidelines 1. Photograph specifics i. Photographs should capture people, places, and culture around the Northern Manhattan neighborhood that show how you and people you know stay healthy, or find barriers to being healthy ii. Photographs should capture your interpretation of the theme: What does health in Northern Manhattan mean to you? iii. Photographs shall be saved in the following image files: GIFF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF iv. Files shall be at least 300 ppi v. Files shall be emailed to vi. Photographs that are inappropriate, indecent or obscene, as determined by the staff of Harlem Health Promotion Center (HHPC) shall be disqualified 2. Copyright i. Photographs must be submitted by the original photographer ii. The original photographer must be the sole owner of the copyright of any files submitted iii. Alterations and manipulations of photograph is prohibited except for cropping, red eye removal, and or contrast and brightness adjustment iv. By entering the contest, the Contestant authorizes that A) He or she is the author and copyright holder of the submitted photograph B) The photograph is an original work of the photographer; and C) The photograph does not infringe any other person’s or entity’s rights 3. Ownership i. Contestants retain the copyright to their photographs, and all rights thereto, except as follows A) HHPC shall have the right to edit, adapt, and publish any or all of the winning photographs, and may use them in any media in association with the Contestant and or the promotion of the GHH website and any of


HHPC’s events and project, without compensation to the Contestant for an unlimited amount of time B) By entering the contest, Contestants agree to have their submitted photograph used and displayed, either singularly or in combination with others and in any size without compensation to the Contestant, on the GHH website, HHPC office, and any other locations deemed relevant by the HHPC staff C) Photographs will be credited to the Contestant named in the Contestant Contact Information form D) In the event that the photograph ownership is challenged in any manner by any person, HHPC may disqualify that photograph and will discontinue use of the photograph. Judging and Results 1. Judging criteria i. Photographs will be selected on the following criteria: A) Displays people, places, and culture of Northern Manhattan i) Northern Manhattan is defined in this contest as anywhere above 110th Street to the tip of Manhattan at Inwood, and from river to river; see map on page 8. B) Portrayal of the theme of this contest: What does health in Northern Manhattan mean to you? C) Originality D) Technical quality E) Composition/artistic merit F) Subject matter 2. Judging Panel i. Photographs will be judged by Web Development Group (WDG) of the Harlem Health Promotion Center (HHPC) and HHPC staff A) (GHH) WDG consists of community members who participate in a monthly meeting to provide ideas and feedback on the GHH website ii. Judging will take place on May 25, 2011 iii. One photograph will be selected as first place winner iv. One photograph will be selected as a second place winner v. Ten photographs will be selected as honorable mentions vi. Each judge will judge the photographs anonymously based on the contest judging rules, see page 9


vii. Designated HHPC staff shall count the points each photographs receive and determine the winning photographs (First place, second place, and honorable mentions). viii. All judging decisions are final 3. Results i. Results will be announced on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 ii. Announcement will be posted on website: iii. HHPC staff will also contact the winners via email iv. By entering this contest, the winners agree to: A) Be interviewed by HHPC staff for a ―Profile of Hope‖ article to be posted on the GHH site B) Submit a photograph of him/herself to be featured on the website Prizes: First Place Winner (1): A $200 gift certificate to B&H Photo Video Your gallery quality prints will tour gallery sites at Columbia University and in Northern Manhattan A ―Profile of Hope‖ article featuring you and your photo on (GHH) Display at GHH redesign launch event and special invite (VIP) Second Place Winner (1): A $100 gift certificate to a photo related business Your gallery quality prints will tour gallery sites at Columbia University and in Northern Manhattan Honorable Mentions (10) Your gallery quality prints will tour gallery sites at Columbia University and in Northern Manhattan Two movie tickets to AMC theatres


Contestant Contact Information Name: Address:

Phone: Email: Date of Birth:

Would you like to be notified via email for future photo contests for Yes or No

By signing below, you will give us content to use your photos for promotional purposes on and at our events. (Typed signatures are accepted)



Photograph Description Please fill out a Photograph Description form for each photograph that you submit. Name of photographer: Where was the photograph taken?

Description of photograph, including why it is relevant to the theme of the contest,
“What does health in Northern Manhattan mean to you?”

*Photograph ID: ______
*For administrative purpose, please leave blank



Date : ____________________________________

The undersigned hereby gives permission to the Harlem Health Promotion Center at the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University in the City of New York and those persons authorized by it to take and use the name, picture(s), video(s) and audio recordings of________________________________ on the website as well as in any publication, film, podcast, exhibition, or other form for educational, public relations or any other purpose they wish. The undersigned hereby releases the Harlem Health Promotion Center and Mailman School of Public Health Columbia University, its employees, agents, and other parties from any claim, liability or responsibility whatsoever in connection therewith including payments of royalties or other compensation.

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________ Name (Print): __________________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________________________________

Harlem Health Promotion Center Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health 215 W. 125th Street, Ground Floor New York, NY 10027 Office: 646-284-9726 Fax: 646-284-9729 Email:


Northern Manhattan
Above 110th Street, extending to Northern tip of Manhattan at Inwood


Photograph Judging Criteria

Photograph ID: Please judge the photograph on the following criteria, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest score that can be assigned Portrayal of theme: What does health in Northern Manhattan mean to you? 1 2 3 4 5

Technical quality – clarity and resolution 1 2 3 4 5

Composition – some techniques to consider: viewpoint, balance, symmetry, patterns, depth, cropping, and framing 1 2 3 4 5

Originality in portrayal of theme 1 2 3 4 5

Total Points: _______ / 20


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