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Tiny Tim

My name is Tiny Tim, and I am only four, My so called 'Uncle' Dave fucks me like a cheap whore, It would not be so harsh if one could block out the past, Of him raping my sugar sweet, adolescent arse, I strangely started to enjoy these sordid rendezvous, Until my own damn father gave me a large portion too, They each like to take turns, first one then the other, Then two became three, as in joined my brother. I was as red as a used tampon, and so mentally drained, But they liked it so much, so who am I to complain, See, but all the while they were all in denial, Of the fact they were a trio of pedophiles, But despite their small pricks, I learnt so many tricks, That when I grew up, I got rich from sucking dick, Now I go to public toilets and give old men the sweats, In exchange for an I-Pod or at best a HIV threat. But I'm not at all bitter that my family raped my shitter, And gave it a 'grilling' like an over cooked spam fritter, Despite this I still love them so, I'm 18 now don't you know, And I still 'service' them weekly, in-between being a man ho.