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Adverbs Of Frecuency Exercise

Have you been to London? Have you ever been to London? Peter doesn't get up before seven. Peter doesn't usually get up before seven. Our friends must write tests. Our friends must often write tests They go swimming in the lake. They sometimes go swimming in the lake. The weather is bad in November. The weather is always bad in November. Peggy and Frank are late. Peggy and Frank are usually late. I have met him before. I have never met him before. John watches TV. John seldom watches TV. I was in contact with my sister. I was often in contact with my sister. She will love him. She will always love him

Can Lucy drive? Yes. you help me. Where Can 6. she can . can't you play the piano? find my keys.Can/Can´t Exercise Completa con can o can't. please? 8. 7. Where are they? 10. Principio del formulario can 1. she can . Where can't I see a good rock concert? 2. I can. Can 9. Yes. I . Can Lisa speak French? No. Can I invite my friends? can Yes. you do? can 3. they Can come. I buy a new camera? you read in Portuguese? 5. What 4.

Final del formulario .