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How to Write a Movie Review

How to Write a Movie Review

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How to write a movie review

By: Jasmine Jakobsson

Contents What is a review? Why movie reviews are written The First Steps to Writing a Movie Review Writing about the Movie Writing the Review Conclusion Bibliography 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


What is a Review? A review is when people, mostly critics, write about a piece of work someone else has done, such as books, movies, music and plays. When critics write a review they write down their own opinion of the movie or the book. They criticize it, hence the name, critic. Reviews are usually published in newspapers and online, where readers can get a hold of them very easily. If anyone ever wants to know about a certain movie, book or play, they can go online, search after a review on it and very easily get a lot of information about that piece of work. A thing that is important about reviews is that the critics write their own opinion, if they don’t include their opinion, a person can’t really call it a review. It then becomes more of a summary than a review.


Why movie reviews are written Most people love movies, some more than others. Many watch movies just for the pleasure without analyzing it too much. But If you learn how to write a movie review you can raise your interest and appreciation in movies. You can also prevent people from wasting their money on a bad movie. When you write a movie review you have to tear the movie into pieces. Think about characterization, plot, style, appearance, music, special effects. Write it all down on a piece of paper. After that you ask yourself questions: What is the main argument of the movie? What is the topic of the movie? How has this movie helped you to understand the subject? What has the movie accomplished? Would you recommend the movie to anyone? This is a step by step book on how to write a movie review.


The First Steps to Writing a Movie Review
1. Go and see the movie The first step of writing a movie review is to actually go and see a movie. Even if you’re pretty sure it’s going to be bad, give it a try, who knows, you might like it. Also, you do not just want to go and see movies that you like, especially not if you’re a movie critic. 2. Research! Before you watch it, make sure to research about the movie. Ask questions like; what have the actors and director worked on before? Is the movie based on a book or is it based on a true story? Dig a little and see what comes up. This will help you to appreciate, understand the movie better and write a better movie review.


Writing About the Movie
3. Always remember to take notes Your job as a movie reviewer is to give opinions of the movie. To make this easier for you, take notes during the movie. Write things that interest you, things that catch your attention and things that you don’t like. Write down anything that comes to mind when taking notes, even if they seem really silly. These notes can and will help you a lot when you’re writing the review. 4. Take a chill pill After watching the movie, wait a couple of hours and let the movie soak in before you start writing a review about it. You don’t want to write too emotionally. It’s always good to wait a bit, and if you want to make things even easier, start discussing the movie with a friend or a relative. They can give you loads of new ideas and new perspectives of things you never even thought about. After this, you begin to write your review. Try to come up with a topic sentence or a thesis statement that will let you know what to write in a general perspective of the whole review.


Writing the Review
5. The beginning of the review You now have to write the review. Remember to always include the information of the movie, what year it was made, who the director is, what actors are starring in it and what genre the movie has. The rating of the review is optional, you can either rate from 0-5 or 0-10, or you could just leave it, it’s completely your choice. Also, to make it even more fun than it already is, when rating the movie, you can use stars!! 6. Introduction; what is the movie about? In the beginning of the review, talk about the movie. What the movie is about. This is important because you want your readers to know what the movie is about. 7. The body; I wonder if the soundtrack is any good… You then start focusing on the details, the environment, sound and picture. Was the movie properly filmed? Did the music fit with different situations in the movie? Did the actors act well? Ask yourself these types of questions and include them in the review. Another thing you can think about is the movie’s message, is there a message or a statement that the director want the audience to benefit from? 8. Conclusion; what did I really think of the movie? A review is not only a summary of what the movie is about, you also have to include your opinion. ALWAYS. Your readers are reading your review because they want to know what YOU think, so always remember to include your opinion. What did you think of the movie? Why? Exactly what was it that you liked or disliked?1 Don’t forget this, it’s very important!! When writing a review make sure the review is compact and it has good structure. Before you can become a famous and professional movie critic, your reviews must be professional and formal.


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You have finally reached the end! Hopefully you now know how to write a movie review. Just remember to have fun while writing it. You’re probably doing it because you like movies, so don’t forget that, you love movies and hopefully this will make you love them even more. However if you are forced to do this as a homework, just look at it from the bright side, your homework includes watching a movie*.


Or you could just tell them to bugger off!


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